Tactical Voting

When you’re Spoilt for Choice?

Teaching the Oligarchy a Lesson.

Well – here’s the second Jersey Election Special. And as I remarked, I’m going to do a post each day in the build-up to the 15th October.

I promised a while ago that I’d offer a guide to tactical voting – and make my recommendations as to which candidates to vote for.

I also said I’d perhaps be placing a greater emphasis on what candidates I recommend you don’t vote for.

People often suggest that there ought to be a negative vote – whereby you could put your X to cancel out a vote for the candidate you most despise. Whilst I can see the attractions – I’m not sure about the practicalities; just imagine – tallying-up all those tens of thousands of votes against certain establishment people? The counters would be there for days.

But – I’m not sure such a mechanism is actually necessary. And this is why you must drag yourself out to vote – even if you’re an anarchist – even if you wish all politicians to the furthest pit of hell.

In these Senatorial elections, we have 21 candidates contesting for 6 seats. Now let us imagine you have taken sufficient interest to read a little of what each candidates says of themselves – and you think every, single, solitary one of them to be utter clowns.

Now cast your mind across the ranks of the 21 and think of those individuals from amongst their number who you detest with the greatest passionate intensity. Then imagine them being elected.

For that is what will happen if you do not vote.

In our speculation, we’re imaging the entire slate to be a wretched, sorry shower of buffoons and imbeciles; people with the IQ of George Bush and the ethics of a Wall Street short-seller.

But – no matter that it causes you physical pain and palpable revulsion – you must cast your weary eyes down the ballot paper – and vote for those you hate the least.

Because if you don’t do this – those you hate the most may get in instead.

Think of it this way. Voting for the least-bad amongst our hypothetical toxic 21 may well seem a deeply unpleasant prospect – a bit like having to get a gangrenous toe amputated. But if you don’t go through with the unpleasantness – the result will be the rot steadily climbing up your leg.

It’s a question of the lesser of two evils.

So having established why you must vote for the least-bad candidates amongst our fictional slate, let’s turn our attention to the 21 we have before us in reality.

When voting in the Jersey Senatorial elections, you have UP TO 6 votes. A maximum of 6 – but you don’t have to use all 6. Perhaps there are 3 candidates who you quite like. In which case, you might usually cast only three of your 6 votes.

In some circumstances, there are attractions in voting tactically in this manner. For example, if you cast your 3 preferred votes – and then go on and cast your remaining votes for candidates to which you are semi-indifferent – it’s entirely feasible that the candidate you voted for, but only as a 6th choice, could go on to prevent the candidate who is your 1st choice from getting elected.

So sometimes such tactical voting makes sense. But these are interesting times.

So those three votes you, perhaps, wouldn’t normally use? Instead, regard them as 3 ‘negative’ votes – of the kind people often wish they had.

The down-side of only using a few of your 6 votes is that you leave the way open for those candidates who you hate the most, to maybe wriggle into 5th or 6th place.

So my first recommendation for these elections is use all 6 of your votes.

Even if you struggle to identify 6 candidates you like, regard a vote for them as, in effect, a negative vote you can cast against the candidates who you most want to fail.

But – on this occasion, when considering the 21 candidates we have contesting this election – I actually regard it as an unusually strong field. I could quite easily vote for 10 of the 21 candidates. But – we must whittle our choice down to 6.

And we’ll start work on that task with tomorrow’s post.

I’ll finish with my second recommendation for voters.

The States of Jersey needs to be taught a lesson. The fact that sitting members are so rarely thrown out encourages the sense of invulnerability that enables the States to so arrogantly trample over the wishes of the community.

None of the 3 sitting Senators should be returned. All have badly failed the people of the island in one way or another. And it also happens to be the case that the 3 in question are exactly those kinds of members who feel so invulnerable, they only take notice of public opinion during the 5 moths before an election.

Let us get them out – and teach the States that no longer will the community passively accept being treated with contempt by a complacent and haughty establishment.

I hope you found these recommendations helpful.

See you tomorrow.


The man who laughs in the face of defamation actions.

35 thoughts on “JERSEY ELECTION SPECIAL, #2

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  2. Anonymous

    have you got any defamation actions? In the words of a grossly stupid senior civil servant, bring them on !! Only in your case you would be justified.

  3. Anonymous

    SENATOR Philip Ozouf has the election wrapped up, nothing you or those idiot bloggers can do about it.

  4. Anonymous

    Quite right you must use all 6 of your votes. This is the way I tell people to vote if they can’t be bothered. It is also the quickest. Write down a list of all candidates in order of the most hated first (my most hated one is standing down this time) until you finish off with your least hated one. Cross off the most hated up to and including number 15 the remaining 6 are your chosen candidites well done, you have done your bit to get the establishment people out. If all the average Joe’s do this you have a landslide against the establishment and you won’t get shafted. If you fail to do this you will get shafted and the establishment will take the p!ss out of you behind your back. They would then have to resort to artist license to try and get their men in. This method of voting is good as you can cross out your most hated ones with venom and gusto.
    Go on you know you want to. You must stop the likes of Phil “don’t worry about Tibet” Ozouf and Alan “I haven’t a clue” MacLean or else you will suffer the consequences and it won’t be nice. I would also be very worried if Ian Le Marquand were to get in. Get any GST supports out, Sarah Ferguson, Peter Troy, Paul Routier. Mike Vibert I don’t like at all, he has come across as bad in the hustings so far which is great as far as I am concerned. I love his site by the way everyone should look at it and see how good he is!! Give the new people a chance especially those not joined at the hip to finance, this is why I have to say no to Adrian Walsh. I also worry that Nick Le Cornu won’t be the right person for a Senator. Thats nine not to bother with as far as I’m concerned what do others think?
    I am now down to 12!

  5. Anonymous

    I like Monty and Jeremy Macon
    bright young and good heads on their shoulders.
    Alan Breckon a good bloke to have in your corner.
    The rest oh dear, no idea apart from NOT voting for the GST gang, which by his own admission at St John, includes Ian Le Marquand who thinks it is a good idea!

    I also worry about some of Le Marquand’s comments.
    Right wing Christian fanatic?

  6. Anonymous

    “SENATOR Philip Ozouf has the election wrapped up, nothing you or those idiot bloggers can do about it.”

    Ho ho – fighting talk

    So what can voters do – six votes x 19 000

    Hmm maybe it’s bye bye to the smug faces on the posters and banners that pollute and litter our island.

  7. Anonymous

    “SENATOR Philip Ozouf has the election wrapped up, nothing you or those idiot bloggers can do about it.”

    How very brave you are to call everyone on these blog idiots however it has been comprehensively shown throughout this blog in particular that those who write comments of a negative nature simply show their own ignorance and feel the need to rant when the pressure is getting to them.

    It’s ok my friend we all understand your little problem but its time for the adults to be serious now back in your play pen!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Tomorrow’s event at the Town Hall,”Meet the Candidates” – whatever that means – has been advertised without mention of its start and finish times: 12 to 3.30 p.m.

    St Helier Hustings: Monday 7.30 Town Hall.

  9. Anonymous

    Tomorrow’s event at the Town Hall, “Meet the Candidates” (whatever that is) has been advertised rather unhelpfully without its start and finish times, which are 12 to 3.30 p.m.

    St Helier Hustings proper: Town Hall Monday, 7.30 p.m.

  10. Anonymous

    when this island is run buy crooks and corrupt members then its time to get them out! let jersey breath fresh air , and be done with these arse lickers, who spend tax payers money on jollys around the world ! lets get back in the real world and get shot of the old network once and for good!! i say let the uk judges in!! if there was nothing to hide that is!!! something tells me this goes to the very top !!!

  11. Anonymous


    You sign yourself off as a someone who laughs in the face of defamation actions.

    Interesting development – I hope no public money is being used to hound an elected States member

    I can’t belief the brothers’ Grim would allow such action to proceed. They may end up having to explain actions under oath or lie!

    Let justice run down as waters and righteousness as a mighty stream.

  12. Anonymous


    May I give you some advice having been fighting to prevent chaildhood suffering for many decades? You are still young enough to change course, so just give up as there is no way that you will win. The abuse survivors will always bottle out no matter what they will vehemently state; and the abusers will always have the power and keep on abusing as they still will be. Your so-called experts are just using the situation for theit own agendas. I won’t give up as I am far too old to do so, and too determined. I know you wont take any notice of this advice, but at least you can use it as you wish.


  13. TonyTheProf

    Yes, spoilt for choice with some really good candidates this time. Do you think “honest” nev will take bets on how many failed senators try to use deputy elections to creek back, and if they do get back to their old jobs?

  14. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart,
    I happened to be near the Police station when I noticed Mr Wills??
    the thin guy- I’m sure he works in the A-G office block. Then I saw you….. By chance was today the day you handed yourself in? No doubt when you do, that development will make yet more fascinating reading.

    Thank you for everything you are doing for the survivors and the wider population. You must be exhausted. I hope you’ll reach the summit soon.

  15. Anonymous

    SENATOR Philip Ozouf has the election wrapped up, nothing you or those idiot bloggers can do about it.

    It is possible that there is a huge block of silent Jersey out there that is going to back Pip on the 15th but I think that it may be unlikely.
    Looking at the hustings, the attitude was not that positive and I know a lot of older voters who are not going to vote for him on the grounds of his support for GST.
    Turn out will be piss poor, maybe 40% at the best.
    If the antis turn out then Pip and his mates will be out and trying to squeak in through the Deputys elections.
    You probably think that is democracy 😀

  16. Anonymous

    I would say that you should not vote for any of The Malignant Seven so that is Ozouf, Routier, Vibert, Ferguson, Troy, MacLean and le Marquand out of the way.

  17. Anonymous

    “The abuse survivors will always bottle out no matter what they will vehemently state; and the abusers will always have the power and keep on abusing as they still will be”

    Stuart, I would never like to put any pressure on you at all, but what you are doing is fantastic.

    The abuse survivors will most certainly not bottle out – some of us have been fighting and shouting for all we are worth for a very long time, it’s ridiculous to suggest that if we were given half a chance to air our stories oin TV, radio or the newspaper we would not jump at the chance! Some of us have writing hundreds, thousands of letters to try to tell people what we have been put through.

    As for the abusers – they are going down!


  18. Anonymous

    The sea change I hope for may be bought about by the core voters – the pensioners – Daphne Minihane was given very little coverage of her meeting at Communicare, however if the 150 who attended the meeting can galvanise other pensiners change may just be on the way. I hope so!

    With reference to the power of the blog some commentators have attributed the run on the stock market to a blog comment on a BBC journalists ( Robert Power?) re a meeting of Bankers at Downing Street before Black Monday, Tuesday etc etc.

    It will be interesting to see how close to the mark we bloggers are in these elections, do we convey the mood of teh electorate are are we just idiots as one cretin has suggested?

    Roll on election day……………

  19. Anonymous

    Well done Nellie.

    More evidence of bullying, Below is a comment from Nellie Macon taken from the “Jersey Forum” from yesterday, regarding a recent hustings meeting when she was threatened by G Rankine.

    Nellie, I hope you do not mind if I have taken the liberty to cut and paste your comment to Stuart’s site, but it is so important it deserves as much exposure as possible. I admire your strength.

    Nellie Macon: “Yes, last night Glen Rankine threatened me that if I didn’t stop heckling he would not only start heckling Jeremy he would also distribute printed copies of the verdict of a court case I was involved in. This was in relation to my sueing my landlady for the £50K she had conned out of me but the judge didn’t like the fact that I was taking a “little old lady” to court, despite the fact that I had 4 children to bring up. His summing up commenced with “I had made up my mind about this case before I heard any evidence ” which gives you some indication of how likely I was to get justice. We did actually win the case, although the judge only awarded us half of the amount we had lost with no explanation. The JEP though, came and talked to the opposing Advocate and refused to print our side of the story – despite the fact that we had actully won! The appeal was heard by the same judge. Justice in Jersey? It sucks!

    Anyway, all of this is public knowledge so I couldn’t care less about Mr bully (B) Rankine’s threats, I have nothing to be ashamed of. What I was furious about was the fact that he would blatantly try to sabotage Jeremy’s campaign. As everyone already believes that B Rankine is writing the speeches for two of the establishment candidates, this type of cowardly behaviour hardly reflects well on them – ie that they are so afraid of competiton from a youngster that they have to employ a thug to try to undermine Jeremy’s campaign. I don’t actually believe that anyone else did know that B Rankine had this in mind – or maybe I am being too naive? I was quiet tonight but not because of BR, the constable had threatened to throw out any hecklers so that was the end of that – still, there are more hustings to come! “

  20. Anonymous

    “Write down a list of all candidates in order of the most hated first (my most hated one is standing down this time) until you finish off with your least hated one. Cross off the most hated….”

    Better not to this on your actual ballot paper! You might not like the result !

  21. voiceforchildren

    If anybody is going to the “meet the candidates” today you could always ask Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert if any of Stuarts allegations concerning “the pinball wizard” and co are true.

    I’ve tried asking him but instead of being given an answer he has threatened me with an harrassment charge. Oh! and told me Stuart is a “lunatic” and a “mad man”

  22. voiceforchildren

    I see in the rag (online version) they are “reporting” the Howard League of Penal Reform’s report is going to be “damming”.

    “Have your say”?……………..What do you think?

  23. Anonymous

    “Stuart is a “lunatic” and a “mad man”

    Trying to physically push someone off their chair because you disagree with them is a sign of madness, I reckon!


  24. Anonymous

    I am going to vote for Philip Ozouf, not because I like him, I can’t stand him. I just think when the mess that he is the main creator of such as GST and being dependant on offshore Banking all comes crashing down. I want him in place so he gets all the flak not someone who was not responsible for his mess.
    Mike Vibert the only people who will vote for him are people related to him. Paul Routier? Who is he? I won’t vote him because I don’t know who he is and he is a friend or relative of Vibert.

  25. Anonymous

    Off shore banking. Remember all offshore bank accounts are not covered by the parent bank. Therefore if you bank with any of the top four, you haven’t any security because you will not be bailed out in the event of failure of a local branch. Why should they, they are a separate entity and only share the same name nothing else! Therefore I say we haven’t any top 500 banks over here, if they are subsidaries, because these subsidaries in themselves are not top 500 banks. Its like having a top name only with no backing behind it. These financial wizards blab on about top banks but omit to mention all ours are subsidaries or am I wrong in what I have said?

    Anyway this is all irrelavent now as top banks world wide are collapsing so a top 500 bank is no guarentee of safety. The way things are going under the matress will be about the only place your money will be safe, as long as burglars don’t get it before you. You think the 1930’s are a long way off sorry but they are just in front of you. These so called gurus have made massive mistakes which will cost us all dear, regardless of what Mr.Ozouf says. If you don’t believe we are on the edge you are in an alternative reality. I wouldn’t want to be any of the government figures when the whole lot collapses completely. Riots on the streets would be an understatement. Cross enough people on money matters and you can forget about law and order.

    This whole capitalist scheme is a con to keep people working, it doesn’t work, it only pretends to work. When people see the reality it all collapses in a puff of smoke. An ardent captilalist believes in the survival of the fitest companies the weak go to the wall, so why are these beliefs suspended when banks are involved? Are they not businesses like anything else? If they are badly run why should they survive? Why do capitalists suddenly become socialists when the sh!t hits the fan? Maybe because they know deep down socialism is the correct model but due to their greed getting in the way it isn’t allowed to work as it should.

    It would be good to see a banker come on here and explain all this rubbish to me I’d love to hear their answers to all this. It would be fun.

  26. Anonymous

    “I am going to vote for Philip Ozouf,”

    No reason is good enough to waste a vote on him

  27. Anonymous

    Quote 1;
    ” An ardent captilalist believes in the survival of the fitest companies the weak go to the wall, so why are these beliefs suspended when banks are involved? Are they not businesses like anything else? If they are badly run why should they survive?”

    Could someone ask ozouf, mclean and routier about this?
    We have given a massive tax break to the finance companies and that’s fine by them. But at the same time they seem to despise the idea of helping working people in any way at all.

    Quote 2;
    “I am going to vote for Philip Ozouf,”

    No reason is good enough to waste a vote on him”


  28. Anonymous

    I’m voting for;
    Montfort Tadier and Nick le Cornu. They took a stand and protested in the royal square. Something that most of our elected “representitives” will not do.
    Southern and Pitman. Geoff has been grit in the ruling partys eye, so thats enough for me to vote for him and someone who has the same political outlook.
    Alan Breckon. He stands up for the people who elected him (that shouldn’t be noteworthy but it is).
    And finally Daniel Wimberley. He says the right things about social justice in his manifesto and is a new face. I have nothing against the other new faces up for election and would be happy to vote for them in the next senatorial elections. But as Wimberley has been involved with social and charity campaigns in the past he gets my vote.

  29. Anonymous

    I appears an anon Ozouf supporter is threatening people by saying that Phil will look into the bloggers after the elections. A touch of 1984 about that if you ask me. Free speach, not in Jersey, because we will sue you if you don’t say something nice!

    The arrogance is shocking I implore people not to vote for Ozouf, if this is what his supporters are like. Not that I would ever vote for him anyway. I hope people are getting p!ssed off with his bigger and better posts everywhere. Anyone who thinks big posters will get you elected doesn’t warrent a Senators post. Let him try at the deputies elections he needs knocking down a peg or two if you ask me. I implore everyone to vote, to get these people out, or we will have another 6 years to endure. I ask have you not had enough of all this? Vote for those who care about people not those who love big business, finance and the rich. There will be no help for us lesser mortals if these sorts are re-elected. Get off your @rses and vote! you will only change things if you vote! Vote for a brighter future not a stall continuation of all that is bad about Jersey. If we have to endure much more I would prefer to see Jersey sink beneath the waves this is how much I am p!ssed off with all this greed and me, me, me, bullsh!t culture is this what we have become? Anyone with moral or ethical outlooks would agree with this. Anyone who sides with big business will hate this view, as they won’t want change and have to muck in like the rest of us mere mortals. Vote change get them out now!!!

  30. Elaine

    RE: SENATOR Philip Ozouf has the election wrapped up, nothing you or those idiot bloggers can do about it.

    Already admitting that the elections have been rigged are you?

    Calling Stuart’s blog readership ‘idiot bloggers’ only goes to show what an uneducated idiot you are. We are blog readers, Stuart is the Blogger, and a very very popular one at that.

    How sad that you have to come and comment on Stuart’s blog to get yourself heard. So what’s your name…
    Philip Ozouf by any chance?

  31. Anonymous

    “SENATOR Philip Ozouf has the election wrapped up, nothing you or those idiot bloggers can do about it.”

    If it is Phil he has shown himself to be an idiot, if not this person has made Phil look like an idiot. Either way its an own goal for the Ozouf election campaign.

    To Phil Ozouf could you come on here so we can ask you some questions please. I hope this blog is not
    1.too scarey for you or
    2.beneath you.

    My first question to Phil:-
    Is Glenn Rankine your speach writer or someone else, or do you write your own?

    Please remember us voters like potential Senators to be willing to answer questions from us, as it is the voters who put you in post, and the voters who will remove you from the post, and the residents of Jersey you are meant to be serving.

  32. Anonymous

    A publication given away with the RAG has an interview with Frank Walker and I quote
    ‘………..But Jerseys reputation has been dragged through the gutter and that is someting that matters to all of us. Bt the truth will come out and Jersey will be seen to have acted properly and appropriately in all respects.

    That quote is in respect of the child abuse enquiry and the ‘appaling publicity’ which ensued…………

    What an inappropriate comment, the matter is under investigation, what a slap in the face to the men and women that have been abused.

    This is the calibre of our chief minister – do not vot efor any of his cronies………..PLEASE, to do so would be yet another abuse of the people whose lives are on hold. Thank you

  33. Anonymous

    Sooooooooo its vendredi (sorry hic friday). Did I miss something? All I read are comments about sad things! But why? When everything including time is on our side!

    Ok, the Jersey elections (hee hee) Nothing to be upset about! We did fantastically well. We cut the Ollys vote on average by 52% ( A Victory)! And not a defeat as they would have us believe. The writing is on the wall Stuart. You/we are winning! Never, in the political history of Jersey have so many owed so much to `One man’!! Keep going, cos you/we will win! Democracy always does. If you have any doubts just reflect on the former USSR!

    Writing from excile


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