A Candidates League-Table.

How I Will Vote;

My Recommendations

And Assessments.

Well – it’s a day and a half to go until the election begins. And as promised, in this post I’ll be ranking the candidates in descending order – from the good – to the truly appalling – and be offering a few brief observations on each.

[Post-script: Went to St. Helier Hustings – couldnt get in the building, as so many people were there. Though as we chatted outside we could hear a good deal of angry booing. Sounded good. :-)]

I’m going to the St. Helier hustings this evening – so you’ll have to forgive me if I rush through my comments on some of the candidates. Those who are a known quantity – or who come into the ‘promising’ category – will only get a passing reference.

Instead my comments will focus on those who I will be voting for – my recommendation, as it were.

And – those I wouldn’t vote for even if it was under pain of torture.

And in case you’re wondering – I’ll try and say a little on the Constables’ elections in tomorrow’s posting. But for now, we’ll just focus on the Senatorials.

Before I begin – a reminder of my general recommendations.

The field of candidates is unusually strong – I could easily vote for 10 of them – perhaps more.

In an Assembly of 53 members – we are electing only 6 during Wednesday’s Senatorial election.

Do not – therefore – swallow the establishment spin and propaganda that it would somehow be risky or dangerous to vote for a raft of new candidates. Even if all 6 of the candidates to succeed were non-establishment candidates – still, the great majority of the Assembly would remain unchanged.

So, far from being dangerous or a gamble, such an outcome would have an immensely positive effect on the public good.

It would be exactly the rude-awakening – the slap across the face – that the Jersey oligarchy needs.

The establishment States members always display a degree of haughtiness and arrogance – ignoring both public concerns – and frequently their own manifesto pledges – because of the sense of invulnerability they feel.

They are complacent because it is so rare for sitting members to be slung-out.

For the good of Jersey – we must deliver a real shock to the establishment.

Of the existing States members contesting this election – only two merit a vote, Deputies Breckon and Southern.

Use all 6 of your votes.

Too many clever attempts at tactical voting – such as using just three of your votes – leaves the way open for the establishment candidates to get in.

This time – we need a massed-vote for non-establishment candidates.

Actually make a real effort to encourage friends and family to vote.

Do not think ‘why bother? – We can’t change anything.’

Yes we can – especially this time. But people must turn-out to vote.

Low turn-outs are what the establishment likes. The lower the turn-out – the more likely the result of the election will be business-as-usual for the oligarchy.

Finally – remember – even if you despise all 21 candidates – you should still go out and vote.

Vote for those you consider to be the least-bad.

Because if you don’t vote – those you hate the most will get in.


Best First – Last Worse.

As I’ve said previously – I consider the non-establishment candidates to constitute a particular strong field these elections. I’ve found it difficult to whittle my choice down to 6. But – one has to make that choice – no matter how difficult.

So here are the 6 candidates I’ll be voting for.

1: Mark Forskitt.

Mark’s name will be the first I put my cross against. Those of us who love Jersey and do not share the crazed materialism of our ruling oligarchy are sick and tired of seeing our beautiful island wrecked. We need to stop being conned by the usual fake environmental claims which the establishment trots-out at each election – only for them to carry on with environmental destruction. Mark is a genuine champion for the environment.

He also recognises the difficulties faced by the less-well off people in our society. He, like the other non-establishment candidates can see just how crackers it is for a government to be taxing food and domestic energy costs – right at a time of immense financial difficulty for people.

Unlike any of the Jersey Establishment Party candidates – Mark recognises the huge challenges we face because of world peak oil production – and the imminent decline of that resource – upon which modern society is so dependant. We need politicians who understand and face this reality.

It is certainly the case that all of the above comments could be applied to the other strongly environmental candidates – so forgive me if I don’t repeat all of the above observations – just take it as read that the others show the same degrees of awareness.

So why place Mark as my number 1 choice?

Mark has valuable experience of being a Lib-Dem Councillor in the UK; he understands real-world politics – unlike most present States members.

But more importantly than all of the above – Mark had the experience of living in-care as a child. He is a founding member of the Jersey Care Leavers Association.

At this moment in our history – Jersey needs – and I use the word deliberately – needs – to elect a person with some direct understanding of the lives led by vulnerable children. Firstly – today’s children in care need a States member who can empathise with them, and secondly – Jersey as a community needs to show to the world that we are not an evil place; that the malfeasances of our establishment over the decades do NOT reflect our values as a community.

Electing Mark will be a powerful means of doing just that.

2: Chris Perkins.

Chris, too, is a highly intelligent and well-informed person. He is articulate, tough, and determined. He has a powerful record of campaigning for real environmental protection for our island – as opposed to the fake kind we hear once every three years from the oligarchy.

Understanding the real-world difficulties of raising a family in such an immensely expensive environment, he has a far more realistic grasp of day-to-day struggles than the average States member.

Chris has also long-recognised the mathematical absurdity of endless population growth as a means of growing the economy. In essence – for all their pretensions to “realistic” policies – the Jersey Establishment Party has but one idea in its collective head, namely, ‘growth is the solution to all our problems.’ With some basic demographic information – and some simple maths – Chris has shown the oligarchy’s ‘one big idea’ to be a dream-world fantasy.

We need politicians who will face hard realities; something the Jersey Establishment Party has shown itself to be simply incapable of doing.

3: Alan Breckon.

Believe it or not – there are actually about 10 good States members amongst the current assembly. And Alan is most certainly one of them.

A working man from humble origins, he has, throughout his time as a States member, shown himself to be steadfast and consistent in his work for ordinary people.

He regularly champions the cases of individual members of the public in their battles with officialdom.

He has reliably fought for the interests of the poorer people in Jersey. And he has been a fine Chairman of the Jersey Consumer Council – in which job he has shown himself to be deeply irritating to the powers-that-be – which has to be a good recommendation in itself.

4: Daniel Wimberley.

Daniel has a proven track-record of selfless and committed work for social justice and environmental issues. Very intelligent – a person who makes sure to be well-informed before coming to conclusions.

As remarked in my previous blog post – Daniel absolutely nailed the attempts of the Jersey Establishment Party to spin and con the public with the so-called “Imagine Jersey” event. In a devastating and concise (I must ask him for lessons) letter, he exposed the exercise for the attempted example of “opinion-management” that it was.

Not one of the very expensive spin-doctors or civil servants would answer Daniel’s critique when I sent it to them. They knew they’d been exposed.

Daniel – as is true of all the candidates I’m voting for – will perform as advertised. Just how many more times do we allow ourselves to be conned at election time with the same old lies from the Jersey establishment? They treat the public with utter contempt – completely disregarding their election promises once in.

Daniel will be true to his word.

5: Nick Palmer.

Once again – a highly intelligent and very well-researched individual. If Nick needs to learn about a subject – he will do the necessary work required to make sure he’s properly informed.

In the early 1990’s Nick fought a lonely battle against what is today known as the Transport & Technical Services department. Long before it became fashionable, Nick was battling against the filth spewing out of the waste incinerator.

And believe me – it was not a battle for the fainthearted – given the attitude of the management of the Public Services department, as it was then known.

Nick is brave, determined and resourceful.

6: Montfort Tadier.

Montfort is a principled, well-educated young man who is not afraid to stand up for what is right – even if it means being abused by the Jersey oligarchy for his efforts.

It is also of fundamental importance that we have a few younger people in the States.

Intelligent and articulate – he believes strongly in social justice issues. He sees that we are a very wealthy society – yet we are a divided society – with the gap between the haves and the have-nots getting wider all the time.

Taxing food? Taxing your household heating bills? In an environment where people are already subjected to a cost of living as high as that in central London? Montfort can see such polices for the madness they are.

Unlike the average States member – he actually understands the struggles faced by real people leading real lives.

He is courageous and determined; not afraid to stand-up for what is right – even though he has been subjected to the predictable barrage of pro-establishment bias and lies from the local media, such as The Jersey Evening Post.

This is what happens to anyone who the oligarchy perceives as a threat. I know – I’ve suffered it myself for 18 years. Comical levels of pro-oligarchy bias from CTV and from BBC Jersey – and, of course, the predictable unvarnished lies from The Rag.

The JEP could not, for example, even bring itself to print accurately and honestly the campaign précis of people like Montfort, and, indeed, some of the other anti-establishment candidates – instead preferring to make a load of “mistakes” in a comically obvious attempt to sabotage their campaign.

But be it lies in The Rag, fake, manufactured letters written by Phil Ozouf’s spin-doctor or startling degrees of bias from the local broadcast media – Montfort has bravely resisted all such oligarchy intimidation – in order to stand up for the interest of ordinary people.

The above 6 candidates are those who will be getting my vote.

But it hasn’t been an easy choice.

There are a number of strong non-establishment candidates on the ticket – many of whom would be getting my vote, were it not for the fact that the Jersey Establishment Party is being challenged by so many good candidates.

Ranking this next category of candidates has been difficult, and I couldn’t say I’ve necessarily placed them in the same order in which I’d vote – assuming my 6 preferred candidates weren’t on the ballot paper. But, I’ve made a quick attempt at ranking them anyway.

Make of it what you will.

7: Geoff Southern.

Geoff has certain strengths – strengths which also happen to be in short supply in the assembly. Namely ability to research matters on a detailed basis – and produce cogent, well-reasoned propositions, amendments, questions and arguments.

He also has a strong social conscience – having constantly and reliably fought for the interests of pensioners and the less-well off in our society. He is politically reliable – what you see is what you get. He will stick to his election pledges.

He is also regarded as a deep irritant to the powers-that-be in the States – who do not like having to deal with his well-researched arguments.

8: Jeremy Macon.

Young-blood – which the States certainly needs. A well-educated young man who takes a genuine interest in his community.

On the election campaign trail, he has already shown himself to be unafraid of standing up to the thugs and bully-boys of the establishment.

Some may feel 21 is just a little too young for a Senatorial post – but I certainly hope he does well enough to not be discouraged. I’d most certainly like to see him as a Deputy.

9: Trevor Pitman.

Would work hard, display a good social conscience – and – crucially – be politically reliable.

What you see is what you get. Should Trevor get in, in this election, or as a Deputy – you could be quite certain that when he next stood for election he will have stuck to his election promises.

I think it is an important quality in any candidate. I may not agree with the views of X or Y politician – but just let them be honest – that’s all I ask.

But, sadly – as we all know – it’s not something we can expect of the Jersey Establishment Party.

10: Adrian Walsh.

I know that some people will regard this as a strange recommendation from me. But look at it this way. If – as may be inevitable – the voting public decide they want a few centre-Right people in the States – who would you prefer – Adrian – or Philip Ozouf? Or Alan MacLean?

See – it isn’t a difficult choice.

11: Cliff Le Clercq.

As I said in yesterday’s posting – were it not for the fact we’ve a very strong field of candidates, I’d be voting for Cliff.

But this time around, I think it would be good to see him challenging as Deputy – maybe in St. Ouens?

12: Nick Le Cornu.

As is well-documented – I don’t see eye-to-eye with Mr. Le Cornu. But in politics you have to be able to set aside personal issues and make rational judgments instead.

I would say of Nick that if elected – again, in complete contrast with the oligarchy candidates – he will be politically reliable. He has a social conscience and would battle hard for the interests of ordinary people.

13: Mike Higgins.

I’ve been told-off by a few commenters that I was unfair to Mike in the previous posting – where I predicted – given his background – he would naturally be an establishment supporter if elected.

OK – maybe I was too hasty in reaching that judgment. For example, I said he had been a member of the Financial Services Commission – when, in fact, he had simply been an employee of said body.

Should he get in – I look forward to being proven wrong in my assessment.

14: Michael Pashley.

I’m starting to struggle now. As I said in yesterday’s posting – what do we know about Michael? What are his policies? What are his political views?

He did say at one of the broadcast hustings that he wouldn’t run as Deputy if unsuccessful. I think that’s a wise move, as I feel he needs to establish himself a little more clearly in the public sphere before people vote for him.

He could be a perfectly decent candidate. But we just can’t tell at present.

So – those are the candidates – in the very approximate order in which I’d vote for them – were it not for my 6 favoured candidates being so good.

Those who I know about – either through their record – or detailed manifestos – I could be reasonably confident about. But some of them are unknown quantities – so I’m taking a risk in not placing those in the category below.

But surely anyone who hasn’t disgraced themselves deserves to avoid being tainted by association with the next category?

I would sooner face a firing-squad than vote for ANY of the following candidates.

15: Peter Troy.

Nice guy – but a total dope.

If ever there was an example of what a load of cobblers membership of MENSA is – it’s Peter.

In any event – do we really need yet another millionaire property developer in the States? No. We need to clear some space for someone fresh – who understands reality as lived by most people.

16: Paul Routier.

Like Peter – another nice guy, but what has he actually done in all his years in the States?

I’m afraid I find Paul altogether too weak for my liking. He is, essentially, one of those members who will simply be told what to do be people like Terry le Sueur, Philip Ozouf, Alan MacLean – etc.

Very much time for some change in his case.

17: Alan MacLean.

Representative of all that is wrong with the thinking of the traditional establishment heavy-weights. A vast amount of hubris and presumption to power.

A rabidly Right-wing market-fundamentalist who personifies the whole ‘greed-is-good’ mentality which has got Jersey into such a mess.

A vote for MacLean is a vote for yet more of the same – yet more of what you’re already sick of from the States.

There is also the important issue of his total failure to honour his election promises to the voters of St. Helier number 2 district. He pledged – in his written manifesto – that he would support the exempting of medical costs and children’s clothes from GST.

But not only did he fail to support those policies – he actually made a rabid speech against them mere months after getting elected.

His posters actually carry the slogan “Honesty & Integrity”.

Alan – you’re having a laugh, right?

But perhaps you like being taken for a mug? In which case you might vote for him.

But ask yourself – given all that has gone so badly wrong for ordinary people in Jersey – do we really need yet another multi-millionaire, estate-agent and property speculator in the States? A man born with a silver-spoon in his mouth – and who owns a “country estate” in England?

Somehow – I just can’t see this man having even the faintest notion of what reality is like for most of us.

18: Sarah Ferguson.

Busy selling herself on an entirely false election-pitch.

Campaigns as “Mrs Efficiency – the person who’s going to bring accountability to the States.”

Voted AGAINST holding a Committee of Enquiry into the toxic ash dumping disaster.

And voted ON THE SIDE of those senior civil servants who were attempting to cover-up the fact they had been running an “illegal and abusive” solitary confinement regime against children in care.

These are – categorically – NOT the actions of a person who is serious about sorting out inefficiency and unaccountability in the upper-reaches of our immensely expensive and bloated civil service.

These would be grounds enough to most definitely NOT vote for her.

However – following the revelation on my blog that she – along with another States member – interceded with the Attorney General in an attempt to prevent the relative of one of her constituents from facing criminal justice – we have to go further.

We have to ask – “is this person even faintly fit to hold any public Office?”

Personally – I don’t think so.

19: Philip Ozouf.

Well – what to say? A text-book example of exactly the type of States member we’ve had all too much of over the decades.

Arrogant, bullying, scheming, Machiavellian; a person who is the arch-manipulator of others. Attempts to keep himself out of trouble – whilst steering others into doing his dirty work for him.

Possessed of an entirely obsolete and redundant world-view – it may as well be 1983 as far as his politics are concerned.

Intrinsically juvenile. And like his running-mate, Alan MacLean – yet another multi-millionaire, spoilt-brat trustafarian who has inherited a king’s ransom in property and businesses – without having to do a day’s real work in his life.

He’s got to go.

20: Ian Le Marquand.

Whilst Ian Le Marquand would always be well-down my rankings – as Jersey needs change – not merely more of the same from yet another production-line Jersey oligarch who espouses essentially the same policies as people like Frank Walker, Philip Ozouf & Terry Le Sueur.

However – he would be far higher up my list of rejects – (that is, into the less bad region) – were it not for one thing, namely his profoundly alarming, openly-espoused wish to bring the Police Force under direct political control.

Just at a moment in our history when the Police Force – like every other Police Force the length of the country – has been able to be free of political interference – and has – finally – exposed decades upon decades of the most appaling child abuse.

And if that weren’t bad enough – we’d have to note the sheer, arrogant presumption of his position in blithely stating he ‘will become Home Affairs Minister when he’s elected.’

I’m sorry – but anyone displaying such hubris in taking the public for granted badly needs bringing down a few pegs.

It is also deeply concerning that he even thinks it would be appropriate for him to have anything to do with Home Affairs – whilst his recent close-colleague is under investigation for potential offences. (Not related to child protection – but still serious issues.)

21: Mike Vibert.

This comment will be brief.

I’m going to be dedicating a significant part of tomorrow’s post to Mr. Vibert.

I’ll just say this.

Of every singly candidate amongst the 21 – this man – more than any other – must be utterly rejected by the voting public.

His incompetent, ignorant – and frankly utterly dishonest – response to the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster is a stain on our Assembly.

This man must go.

So – this last category represents those I consider to be so utterly toxic – and thoroughly bad for Jersey – that none of them merit voting for; on the contrary – I strongly recommend that none of them receive votes from decent people.

Hope you’ve found this interesting and helpful.

Right – I’m off to the St. Helier hustings. Should be fun.

Check out my election eve post tomorrow.


The man who laughs in the face of defamation actions.

68 thoughts on “JERSEY ELECTION SPECIAL, #5

  1. Anonymous

    This is so helpful to me, because, although I do not live in Jersey, I know what to pray for now!


  2. Anonymous

    Ok Stuart- I will go with your 6.

    I had concluded the same except voting for Geoff rather than Daniel.

    Nevertheless for the greater good,
    I will take your lead.

    Hopefully Geoff retains his seat as a deputy.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you Stuart. There’s a real desperate need for information out here. Instinct isn’t enough.

    And without being in any way uncritical “followers”, it’s genuinely educational for us that you have shared your point of view.

  4. Anonymous

    Let us consider that committed democrat Pip Ozouf tonight.
    As a supplement to the Rag tonight we had an extensive leaflet.
    So in his own words, or those of his spin doctor :-D, his thoughts on government reform.


    I want to see the number of States members reduced. I support the retention of an Island-wide mandate for Senators and wish to see Constables remain in the States. The number of Deputies should be reduced to 21. This reform is best delivered through an Electoral Commission.

    Reducing the number of Deputies while retaining the Senators and Constables would make the ‘House’ a lot less democratic than it already is.
    The distribution of Deputies redresses the fact that St Helier has a third of the population but far less than that of the political representation in terms of Constables and Senators.
    Also Constables are often seen as unpolitical and returned unopposed
    despite the fact that many of them are safe Establishment votes.
    So all in all his ‘reform’ would be a good way of entrenching the status quo…
    But a credible Electoral Commission would never agree to this scheme.
    Sadly the rest of the leaflet is packed with similar half witted drivel and this man wants to be Treasury Minister 🙁

  5. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    Very helpful, my list is in your top nine, though wouldn’t vote for Macon. Just been to the St Helier Hustings and his initial speech was ok (probably written by his mother) his answers to questions not impressive. Following the hustings I’ve changed one of my vote for Daniel Wimberley, he was impressive both in his prepared speech and also his answers to questions. Sorry wasn’t so impressed with Palmer or Perkins (though would have liked to have been!) Think my line up will be:

    Just to add last senatorial election the one and only vote I cast was for you – normally don’t engage – and some of the above normally I wouldn’t consider – but these are very different times

    Use every vote and make sure NONE are for the sitting oligarchy!

    Thanks for your views Stuart – helps with the decision making

  6. Anonymous


    time to stick together now.

    I’ll go with Stuart’s six if everyone else does…
    who’s in ?


  7. Anonymous

    Please lets stick together with the voting otherwise we may get a split vote which will give the oligarchy a better chance.

    Having decided to stick together, the next thing is to ensure you get all your friends to vote the same way. I am dragging my partner to the Parish hall with a list for him to take into the booth.

  8. Anonymous

    Zoompad- if you want to come to Jersey, you are welcome to come and say with me. I take it you are Zoompad from Mothers for Justice. I think we have a lot in common. I will try and get in touch with you but I couldn’t find your e-mail.

  9. Anonymous

    Pip Ozouf is such a fool that I really cannot resist this!

    On the back of his leaflet:


    He was one of the key members responsible for pushing ahead reforms recommended by Sir Cecil Clothier. Phillip proposed the introduction of Questions without Notice in the States – one of the key ways that ministers are held to account

    He also supported the cherry picking of Clothier that has created the present almost unaccountable Ministerial system that we have today and he fought bitterly and successfully against all electoral reforms that would have resulted in a representative House.

    Would it be fair to get going on his equal opportunities policy tomorrow?

  10. Anonymous

    So our rainy day money is in HSBC, that’s HSBC Jersey I presume?
    This is probably a stupid question, but if anyone could enlighten me i’d be greatful.

    What would happen to HSBC(Jersey) if one customer were to withdraw 520 million pounds, or any sum suitable to bail out a local financial instituition?

  11. Anonymous

    What about the Jimmeny Cricket Perchard CET referendum?

    Bet you at least 85% vote No to CET and loads of spolit papers with it.

    Whats the bet it comes back again at the next election?
    Any hidden agenda???? I suspect its to do with making Jersey independent.

  12. voiceforchildren


    A great post. I was at the hustings last night and make no mistake the establishment took their biggest kicking out of all the hustings.

    It will be interesting to see how our local media report it. There wasn’t one boo or jeer for any of the progressives, or non sitting states member.

    All (without exception) boo’s and jeers were aimed at the establishment candidates and dare I say it, in fear of Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert reporting me to the police? but not only did he recieve the biggest kicking from the crowd but a few of the candidates stuck the boot in on him aswell!!

    If the hustings are anything to go by then it is going to be a landslide victory for the progressives, Zoompad i’ll be praying alongside you!!

    The horrible truth is, if we see no change at this election, then the oligarchy will be given a green light to do with us mere mortals what they please (as per)

    Please keep in mind the child abuse scandal, Walker shafting Jersey internationally, the Harcourt fiasco, GST and the Bayleafs political interventions.

    For our own sake and that of the youger generations, we owe it to bring about change and put an end to this dictatorship.

  13. Anonymous

    My other half and my dad are trusting me to pick their votes 🙂

    That’s three more for everyone!!

  14. The Moving Finger

    Chris Perkins is a very nice man.
    Is he too nice for the battle ahead?

    Southern is the better choice, IMHO.
    Chris Should stand for Deputy.
    I also feel Jeremy Macon deserves a chance.
    Jut my 1p’s worth (exl GST)

  15. Anonymous

    I only hope that those in your list between 7 and 14 run for deputy (or in Geoff’s case remain). They all stand a hell of a chance of getting in and so will all carry a vote in the Chamber.

    In three years time we can oust the rest of the scumbags and reclaim the government for the people.

    These elections are only the first step. Keep the momentum going.

  16. Anonymous

    Yes, I am Zoompad from Mothers for Justice, the lady who dressed in the yellow and green curtains and went to Downing Street to tell Tony Blair off about putting children in danger of institutional child abuse.

    Please do get in touch with me:

    We’re only called Mothers for Justice because we started off as a group of mothers. We’re not a “feminist” group for women’s rights – we are about HUMAN rights for everyone – fairness and justice, and, especially, rights for those who cannot fight for themselves, children. Men are very welcome as there well, some of the people there are men.


  17. Anonymous

    An excellent hustings last night. Plenty of spin from the establishment figures. Plenty of boos and heckling from the crowd all aimed at the establishment figures. The no-establishment crew were cheered and clapped. I’d have to say Phil and Alan took a good beating they were booed at every opportunity. I’d even go so far as to say Phil look like he was losing his rage at times. He looked livid with the stick he was getting. He denied responsiblity for Radissons that got boos of derision. M.V. looked the shakiest of the lot, didn’t perform well at all. S.F. waffled on about what she’d done and what she proposed to do. P.R. and P.T. didn’t do much better. If these hustings are anything to go by we could have some big surprises in store.

    I was most disappointed that the main attraction didn’t materalise, no handbagging by Nellie of Phil!

    All in all if those in power don’t realise how bad people think things are they must be stupid. I did like Phil saying Jersey was well placed to weather the financial storm! Jackanory comes to mind. Lots of good questions as well at the end so a good night all round. Lets hope and pray that we get all the establishment out! I do hope that these elections are true and fair. Good luck everybody, get out there, you know what you have to do. Kick @rse and get all your friends and family and neighbours out to vote. Make sure you do it. No time to bottle it now!!

    Remember the states are there to serve you, not vested interests so get those out who are not interested in helping the ordinary residents. Get the GST party out then we can all have a party! These are probably the most important elections since 1946, make sure it goes the right way, we cannot afford more of the same. A continual deteriation and things could well come to a head. Let us prevent this by doing the right thing now.


  18. Change Senators, not clocks

    Once again the BBC covers up the general disatisfaction with the States. No mention in their news of the lively hustings, so listeners won’t have any idea just how much we made our feelings known to Pip and the Ollies last night!
    Boooo BBC, shame on you too. Can’t afford to report on the main event hustings, or don’t WANT to? Better to send a journo to cover pointless cricket instead?

  19. Carbuncle cupcake

    Shame you couldn’t get in, Stuart, it was a classic.
    It’s interesting to see who natters with who before and after the meetings.
    I’ve noticed Higgins seems quite pally with Routier.
    JEP “Glenda” is well in with Pip, Alan Toothpaste, and Guy Dismay who made an appearance after most of the crowd had dispersed.
    I was puzzled to see Troy offering to buy drinks to the JDA table in the pub afterwards, as well, as was Le Connetable’s friendliness to a variety of non-estabs.
    All very fascinating to watch 🙂

  20. Helen

    This will be the first time I have voted I am ashamed to say! I am so angry about the way things have been going over the last few years epecially HDLG and GST My list was the same as yours Stuart apart from chris which i will change. Like another one of your posters my partner is being given a list for tomorrow!! We must stick together and get rid of these halfwits!!

  21. castlecaretaker

    Stuart, I’m not sure if you have previously given the url of Mike Vibert’s ‘official web site’ in your posts, I hope you will- It’s really worth a visit:

    Regarding web sites/pages etc:

    I have contacted as many of the candidates as possible by email to ask one question. Some of them don’t seem to have hot links (or any links) to their e-mail on their web sites/pages/blogs and some of the web pages are hurriedly thrown together or don’t work.

    But in the end I mailed most of them and all responded except for three: Philip Ozouf, Mike Vibert and Alan Maclean. I even emailed Philip Ozouf using both govt and web site addresses, but no joy.

    We have been encouraged to ask the candidates questions, examine their policies and use our vote.

    If candidates seeking election don’t bother to respond to a straightforward question on where they stand on a given policy, what hope is there for us, if or when they get returned?

  22. Anonymous

    “Unfortunately for Ozouf they were greatly outnumbered and so they had to clap very loudly at the speed of light in order to be heard.”


    Did anyone capture any of this on camera, I reckon we’d all like to see a YouTube vido of last night!


  23. Anonymous

    “Once again the BBC covers up the general disatisfaction with the States. No mention in their news of the lively hustings”

    They obviously couldn’t afford it. You should have taken to the streets and done a bit of tin rattling, to raise money for the povery stricken BBC a few weeks ago, to raise money to provide a reporter


  24. Stuart Syvret


    Yes – BBC Jersey couldn’t possible undertake a task as demanding as covering the key hustings meeting of the elections – in the most densely populated parish – of the most important elections for generations.

    I mean – if they did stuff like that – how on Earth would they be able to send two reporters to different locations around the world – to cover a small-time cricket tournament – and some other sporting event – the importance of which is so great that I can’t actually remember what sport it is now?

    It’s all a question of priorities, you see.

    But – this little episode will be yet more weight to the dossier going to the BBC top-brass in London once the elections are done and dusted. I don’t think they’re going to require much persuading to take action – as they are already aware that they have unit on their hands which has “gone-native” – and is disgracing the good name of the BBC.


  25. Anonymous

    Todays phone in on RJ covered the rantings at the hustings last night – several callers complained at the perceived bad behaviour but equally several were in favour of the cut and thrust they’d witnessed. Terry Le Main phoned in to complain that he’d never heard anything like it in THIRTY yeasr of political life in Jersey………….well he’d better get used to it – the peasants are revolting!

  26. Stuart Syvret

    ‘Le Main has got his coming’.

    Yep – sure has.

    It seems to be pretty common knowledge.

    What adds do you offer on him being in the jug in, say, 18 months time?


  27. Anonymous

    Does Dudley know Rankine?
    That could be why the BBC is so biased towards the establishment.

    CTV given the Rankine link, no chance of fair reporting.

    Saw Rankine bigging it up with Maclean and De Faye, he really is a repulsive creature.

  28. Anonymous

    I’ll also vote for your 6, mainly because it’s so difficult to cut through all of the noise, there are so many candidates, we *need* to have this kind of guidance from one person whose views are well known and principles trustworthy.

  29. Nick Palmer

    One of the guys videoing was Stuart Lobb who normally does wedding videos. A friend of his seconded Nick le Cornu. I asked him who he was filming for and he said “that would be telling” or similar. Make of that what you will

  30. Anonymous

    Last night McLean stated quite emphatically that he had not lied or gone back on his word.

    Lets examine this.

    His 2005 manifesto says quite clearly on the subject of GST:

    “Medicines and medical services should be exempt as well as children’s clothing.”

    On 25th October 2006 a proposal was bought to exempt or zero rate medical services and products (P86/2006).

    McLean voted against the proposal.

    On 10th September 2008 a proposal was bought (P103/2008) to exempt or zero rate school uniforms (most often worn by children as clothing).

    McLean voted against the proposal.

    On his current 2008 manifesto he clearly states:

    “In 2005 I supported exempting Medicines and Medical Services and Children’s Clothing.”

    The voting record, which can be found on the states website, shows this to be unambiguously dishonest.

    When you go past his posters and read his campaign slogans, remember this.

  31. Anonymous

    Is the Rag worried?

    Why we must turn out to vote

    I must say that is about the most hands off, vote for who you like editorial I have seen from the vile Rag for some time.
    Obviously a decision has been made at Rag Towers that it is vital for its survival to keep away from the hot topic of politics or at least adopt a more even handed appproach for the time being.
    If the Jersey Establishment Party loses tomorrow I think they will quickly find that their friends in the media and elsewhere were essentially fairweather birds.

  32. Furry Carbuncle Cup

    From the-jersey-forum comes this gem – an hilarious email Terry allegedly sent to the press and assorted Senators and establishment, in which he wrote the following :

    Good morning Friends and Colleagues

    As we well knew, a part of the audience last evening were solely there to jeer and mock existing Ministers etc….this was set up by supporters of the JDA, Mrs Macon who detests current Ministers etc… ( using her son as the dummy to do her dirty work ) and of course Le Cornu / Tadier etc…there were people in the audience like that Corby woman who are there to destruct etc etc….I recognised several people who are just quite mad…McMurray and his wife and ilk etc…remember that the majority of the people last nite were related or supporters of candidates…the good sensible electors ie those we rely on were not there…there were good people around me last nite who will be supporting you good people, t they trust you..… and these people were surprised and quite upset at the agression of some of the candidates etc…

    On last nites performance everyone around me thought the three of you held your own well and came out with statesmanship and dignity etc….well done chaps…even people like Breckon were aggressive and rude by calling people by their surnames… bloody rude…in all it was expected that some of these candidates just fell on their “swords ” brought on by aggression and threatening behaviour..they will end up bottom of the pile…

    The one disappointment we all have is Mike Vibert…is he well because his public performances have been very poor and the twice I have seen him his deliverances of his policies etc have been very poor and non existent…I am very worried for him…

    Anyway the three of you did well…congratulations and best of luck for tomorrow..

    (bless you Ryan for sharing that with us!)

  33. Quite Mad

    The rag wants as many people to vote as possible, because its readers are the kind of pro-establishment brainwashed that suit its agenda.
    Simple. It doesn’t even have to appear biased to get its own way on that score.

  34. Anonymous

    i’ve just received an email from philip ozouf with a link to his website, asking for a vote. it’s a bit surprising as i didn’t know he had my email address. i wonder if he got it from the economic dev dep, who i’ve been in contact with about my business, or one of the small business clubs. i personally don’t mind, but i expect there are people who will see it as an unfair advantage that a sitting states member gets a list of email addresses.

  35. Anonymous

    I agree re the rags leader tonight – it really is most strange! They could be trying a Sun type blag, tomorrows headline being in anticipation of the progressives getting in –

    Will The Last Person In Jersey Please Put The Lights OUT!

  36. Kraków Crapaud

    I can’t describe how excited and full of hope I am at these elections.

    Finally there is a chance, a real chance to rid our Island of this entrenched ruling elite.

    A chance at last to end all the lies, posturing, bullying & complacent arrogance that has blighted us for so long.

    I cannot be in Jersey for this historic day but my heart & thoughts are with you, the People of Jersey.


  37. Anonymous

    Hopefully the Jersey Electorate are sitting up & taking notice! This is surely the “winter of our discontent”!!!! If we don’t get out there tomorrow & vote for a new breed of Senator then we have no-one to blame but ourselves!

  38. Ellie blampied

    A bit sad that some people need to be advised who to vote for. Surely any intelligent person can make up their own minds.

  39. Stuart Syvret


    No – everyone is “advised to how to vote” already – throughout the election process.

    The candidates themselves are – through all their election material – advising people how to vote.

    The spin-doctors of the Jersey Establishment Party candidates are advising people how to vote.

    The oligarchy’s media is advising people how to vote.

    People like me are simply trying – in our own small way – to offer our advice. No one is obliged to take any notice of it.

    We’re a free society.

    In functioning democracies – people are allowed to debate their choice of candidates.


  40. Anonymous

    Ellie blampied said…

    A bit sad that some people need to be advised who to vote for. Surely any intelligent person can make up their own minds.

    Not everyone is so well educated on politics, and a lot of people who have been abused are struggling just to get through another day, becausr of the depression that goes hand in hand with institutional child abuse. I’m very glad to have this info, I’m fairly intelligent but I don’t know everything by any means!


  41. Anonymous

    Did any one see Channel News to- night, virtually nothing on the husting at the town hall

    No mention of the drubbing the establishment politicians rec ieved in fact no sound track at all

    Stuart you have a dossier on the BBC bias can something be do about CTV

    Our media are a total joke

  42. Anonymous

    The rag wants as many people to vote as possible, because its readers are the kind of pro-establishment brainwashed that suit its agenda.
    Simple. It doesn’t even have to appear biased to get its own way on that score.

    That is not true.
    A lot of older people read the Rag from habit and I can tell you that they are well tickled up.
    Perchard is now viewed as being almost Satan’s spawn for trying to move Emmerdale to 8pm through his crazed CET proposal and it will get them out in droves, luckily for him he is not standing but they will get him next time round.
    Pip is viewed as being the chief architect of GST and they have it in for most of the rest as his allies.
    I would stake money on le Marquand doing best out of the Jersey Establishment Party candidates, mainly because as a new boy he is carrying very little baggage.
    The rest are likely to carry the can for the last three years of muddle and failure under Frank and le Sueur, the only question is if it will be enough to sink them.
    Anyway you will hear the cheer echo round the island if Pip is sent off for a early bath a la Portillo! 😀

  43. Stuart Syvret

    “Were you up for Portillo?”


    I’ve been waiting for someone to draw that analogy for ages.

    I’m very much hoping to title Thursday’s post – “were you up for Ozouf?”

    Fingers crossed.


  44. Anonymous

    Nothing about the hustings on TV tonight what a surprise a mention on CTV and BBC. No film of the event I wonder why? Nothing about the drubbing that the establishment got last night. This is darn right censorship by those in charge. Is this Zimbabwe I ask? Why no real news? It is obvious that the establishment are worried if they have to stoop to these levels, it would be so funny if their candidites don’t get elected tomorrow!

    Ozouf even with his new hair to make him look more electable than that bald android look was, struggling to keep his composure. He was wriggling like a worm on a hook he hated the Raddison jibe from some of the other candidates. MacLean was ineffectual no better than his master.

    Vibert is one of the walking dead he wasn’t there his mind was elsewhere. Ferguson was not much better plenty of bluster but I don’t think the voters were taken in by her spin.

    The new candidates can across very well I was impressed by Montford Tadier, Mark Forskitt and Jeremy Macon. Anyway get out and vote it is time for a change.

  45. Anonymous

    “i’ve just received an email from philip ozouf with a link to his website, asking for a vote. it’s a bit surprising as i didn’t know he had my email address. i wonder if he got it from the economic dev dep, who i’ve been in contact with about my business, or one of the small business clubs”

    I am seroiusly concered that, if true, this is breaking the law.

    Is there not something in the data protection law preventing misuse of peoples personal details?

    If so, this needs to be brought to someones attention BEFORE the election!

  46. Ryan Morrison

    anonymous – you can read my ( report on the hustings

    Unfortunately it is a second hand report with quotes from callers to the BBC Radio Jersey phone-in (most of todays show was about it).

    I couldn’t go as I have three small children and a wife that have barely seen me since the start of the election – so going out to the hustings was one thing to far – I wish I had gone now though.

  47. Anonymous

    To the anonymous poster who received an unsolicited email from Ozouf.

    Might I suggest you email Ozouf back to ask where he got your email address from.

    If you have not agreed to this kind of ‘marketing’ and Ozouf is sending out generic emails for this purpose – i.e. using the States of Jersey, or other official database then he is breaking the Data Protection law.

    It is a very serious matter.

    You can contact the Deputy Commissioner for Data protection at for more info.

  48. Anonymous

    Get in there get this person sorted he is not above the law. Do not vote for Phil he is not interested in ordinary Jersey, he is too detatched from reality. If Raddisons was his baby we are all damned. Maybe a stock market melt down will convince the finance people he is not to be trusted. He got well canned last night at the St.Helier hustings. A great night, wish we could have one everynight beats TV any day. The more I hear from him the more I realise he knows nothing. Spin, spin, spin, blah, blah, black sheep. This guy will stop at nothing to be the next but one chief minister do you really want that? I feel he couldn’t argue his way out of a plastic bag. I suggest people ask him questions as to why he is happy to do business with the likes of China? Couldn’t be anything to do with money could it?
    I am fed up with the States they don’t do what the public wants and have been shown to be useless for the average person in the street. Get these idiots out now, enough is enough, time for a big change me thinks. A new millenium a new way forward.

  49. voiceforchildren

    Senator Terence (GST28) Le Main has just earned himself his very own Blog.

    He appears to court contaversey on a fairly regular basis and I believe has captured the imagination of the General public.

    Along with being touted as a bully on various blogs and forums and indeed at hustings I believe he deserves to come into the public domain.

    I intend (as I believe it is known in the trade as) “doorstepping” him with my camera.

    In order to put across a “journalistic” report I should like to ask the readers on here to let me know what questions, you the electorate would like me to put to Senator Terence (GST28) Le Main.

    You can e-mail me the questions in order not to fore warn and fore arm him.

  50. kaspar

    Thnks for the list Stuart…

    Re the press and their summarised coverage of the elections… I find it surprising with the technology available that all of the hustings have not been made available online as mp3 recordings. Something to possibly take into our own hands if it is still not taken up at the next elections?

  51. Kaspar

    Another thing…

    “Anonymous said…
    i’ve just received an email from philip ozouf with a link to his website, asking for a vote. it’s a bit surprising as i didn’t know he had my email address. i wonder if he got it from the economic dev dep, who i’ve been in contact with about my business, or one of the small business clubs. i personally don’t mind, but i expect there are people who will see it as an unfair advantage that a sitting states member gets a list of email addresses.”

    This is very worrying… Hope the advantage doesn’t pay off

  52. Ryan Morrison

    Kaspar – The St Saviour hustings are available to listen again at – our system crash meant the recording of the St Brelade husting (which went out live) wasn’t available to put on listen again.

    Unfortunately it’s only available as a Real file not an mp3 as I have to ask special permission from the team in Birmingham for long mp3 files.

    All the candidate manifesto recordings (Constable and Senator) are available as mp3 though.

  53. Anonymous

    “Were you up for Portillo?”

    I was and I intend to be listening tomorrow night as Pip and his do nothing mates in the Jersey Establishment Party take a serious crunching.
    After that I will be moving on to the Deputies elections.
    Bags of targets there!

  54. Anonymous

    I see Walsh was second from last. It appears his link to JTM has done him no favours. I liked his posters though said a lot about his ex-website!


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