Your Opportunity – and Duty – to Help Put Things Right.

Well – tomorrow (or perhaps today if you’re reading this on Wednesday) is the big day – so make sure you get out and vote – and persuade a load of other people to do the same.

My next posting will be on Thursday – when we will examine the aftermath of the election – and reflect on the outcome – either as freshly optimistic as bailed-out bankers – or as despairing as a cold, hungry pensioners, paying tax on our food & heating.

So just to recap, a few, quick words of advice.

Go and vote.

Encourage others to vote.

Use all 6 of your votes.

Even if you don’t like any of the 21 candidates.

Vote for the 6 who are least bad.

Because if you don’t – the ones you hate the most will get in.

For my reasons, see the previous posting, but briefly, here are my favoured 6 – and below them are the toxic 6 – which I strongly recommend people to avoid.

This is how I will be voting.

1: Mark Forskett

2: Chris Perkins.

3: Alan Breckon.

4: Daniel Wimberley.

5: Nick Palmer.

6: Montfort Tadier.

My 6 X’s are going next to those names.

However – I’d rather do 5 years in jail than vote for the following candidates, who I’ve arranged in descending order from Paul Routier – who’s a nice guy – but, ultimately a hopeless and ineffectual establishment poodle – right the way down to Mike Vibert – who of all 21 candidates is by far the worst.

The toxic 6:

Paul Routier

Alan MacLean.

Sarah Ferguson.

Philip Ozouf.

Ian Le Marquand.

Mike Vibert.

As I said, if you want a detailed explanation for my reasoning, check-out the last posting.

As I was writing this post, somebody showed me a copy of The Rag they’d nicked from work – he like me, never actual buying the wretched thing anymore.

As expected – The Rag’s pitch, the angle it adopts, is pretty much as one would predict – with the possible exception of an unusually tame editorial comment.

They’re obviously beginning to get frightened by cyber-space.

However – there are several hysterically funny items in The Rag today – admittedly, most of them unintentionally so – which makes them even funnier.

Amongst the intentionally funny material are several letters as printed on page 6. Michael de Petrovsky’s letter raised a laugh.

As did this letter from Ernie Mallett, printed under the title, ‘Send in the Clowns’.

“In Guy de Faye’s comment regarding election banners being a distraction, he says that he ‘sees elections as a little bit of fun’. Is that why we have so many clowns in the States?”

Well – the only two “talents” anyone has been able to identify in respect of Deputy de Faye are his pretensions to being a stand-up comic – and a truly quite awesome capacity for booze.

So whilst only metaphorically a clown – his natural metier would, indeed, appear to be as a third-rate pub ‘entertainer’- in a sleazy back-street gin-joint.

Hell – hopefully that’s what he’ll be doing in a few weeks time. We should get him a little placard made, written upon which would be: “will recount “amusing” anecdotes for drinks”.

Obviously – another deeply entertaining feature of today’s Rag are the election adds of the oligarchy candidates.

I explained in Election Special #3, just how funny politics can be, and sure enough, reading Alan MacLean’s add on page 7 had me roaring with laughter.

Meaningless, vacuous bullet-points – which bear about as much resemblance to reality as a Lehman Brothers profit-forecast.

“Population – must be controlled to keep Jersey special and protect our natural environment.”

Coming from ‘go-for-growth’ millionaire property speculator MacLean – that assertion is almost as ridiculous as his “Honesty and Integrity” slogan – given just how much commitment he exhibited to his manifesto promises of three years ago.

But he then has the sheer gall to go on and make a pitch for the senior citizens’ vote – saying that ‘senior citizens should have their interests looked after’.

Err – would that be by doing stuff like getting elected on a promise to oppose GST on medical costs – and then speaking and voting against your own ‘policy’ – just as soon as you’re elected?

Is that what qualifies as “looking after the interest of senior citizens” in MacLean-speak?

One of my readers makes the same observation in respect of his reliability, and cites the detail for us:

“His 2005 manifesto says quite clearly on the subject of GST:

“Medicines and medical services should be exempt as well as children’s clothing.”

On 25th October 2006 a proposal was brought to exempt or zero rate medical services and products (P86/2006).

MacLean voted against the proposal.

On 10th September 2008 a proposal was bought (P103/2008) to exempt or zero rate school uniforms (most often worn by children as clothing).

MacLean voted against the proposal.

On his current 2008 manifesto he clearly states:

“In 2005 I supported exempting Medicines and Medical Services and Children’s Clothing.”

The voting record, which can be found on the states website, shows this to be unambiguously dishonest.”

Though I think the reader makes a slight mistake in this last sentence. For it isn’t dishonest of MacLean to state that “in 2005 he supported exempting medicines and medical services and children’s clothing.”

He certainly did “support” such policies – which were written clearly in his 2005 election manifesto – supported them just until he got elected, in fact.

The shameless, brazen dishonesty is in the fact that he pretended to support such policies to the voters of St. Helier #2 district – and then repeatedly voted against them once elected.

And though he can speak proper – like what I can’t – and sounds plausible – you really have to wonder at just how much actual stupidity lays beneath the cut-glass accent and the immensely expensive education.

I mean – having been exposed already as a politician who blithely casts aside your election pledges just as soon as you’ve mugged enough people into voting for you, like some kind of East Village grifter, you’d think anyone with a brain would learn the lesson.

But no – not Posh Al, he, like an idiot, draws attention to his 2005 confidence-trick – by referring to the same “promise” this time around.

I guess that’s what comes of being thick enough to use Glenn Rankine as your spin-doctor.

Still – I’ll say this for him, he’s nothing if not an optimist. He concludes by “hoping that you can trust me with one of your six votes.”

No, Alan – we can’t.

You have proven yourself to be utterly untrustworthy.

Do you really think the public are a load of fools?

But for a whole new level of particularly grim black-humour we turn to page 35 – wearing suitable protective gloves, obviously – and we come to Mike Vibert’s add.

He says, “Experience, integrity and a record of achievement, a safe pair of hands in uncertain times.”

Hmmm……Would that be the “integrity” required to lie to the public and the States in a particularly cretinous attempt to hide the fact that we were operating a solitary confinement regime against children in-care which was “illegal and abusive”?

Perhaps attempting to cover-up the fact that children in custody were being transported to court in the same van as adult prisoners, represents an “achievement”?

Maybe it takes “experience” to keep your Chief Officer at work and not suspend him – even though you’ve received a Police disclosure notice that he’s under investigation for child abuse?

Would it be the case that the island’s vulnerable children can feel secure under the “protection” of such a “safe pair of hands” as those of Mr. Vibert?

It’s kind of funny – but in Vibert’s case – only in the most Becketian of ways.

This next piece has to be a strong contender for the funniest thing I’ve read all this election.

Towards the bottom of page 9, The Rag has printed the following disclaimer – following a clearly very angry objection from one of their advertisers:

“We have been asked to point out that the juxtaposition on page 9 of Saturday’s JEP of advertisements for a presentation by organic grower Alan Schofiled – and for the website did not imply that the former advertiser is a political supporter of Senator Ozouf.”

You see – Pip Ozouf has become so toxic people demand corrections if their ads have been placed on the same page as his.

And quite right too.

Having your good name and you business associated with Philip Ozouf would be about as wise as trying to sell Jack Daniels whiskey in Mecca – during the Hajj – whilst wearing a George Bush mask.

Sensible chap, Mr. Schofield. I’ll have to go and purchase some of his, no-doubt, excellent produce, and would encourage others to do likewise.

But – as enjoyable as our unintentional comedians are – there are very – very – serious issues to which we must have regard. But before we get to them, let us remember the other elections which are taking place tomorrow.

In my last posting, I said I’d offer a few words on the 4 elections which are taking place for Connétables.

In St. Clement, there are three candidates, Gerard Baudains, Len Norman and Edgar Wallis.

I know nothing about Mr. Wallis – other than what I’ve read of his election campaign. Might be a great candidate – might not be. I’m in no real position to judge.

I think it fair to say that I’ve had my differences with both Gerard and Len over the years.

But if I were voting in St. Clement, I think I’d go for Gerard Baudains. He is contrarian, stubborn, independently-minded – and generally a pain in the backside in the Assembly. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind – even though what emerges is sometimes horrifying. It was he who brought the censure motion against me – for writing a satirical open-letter. But – one has to be prepared to let such things become water under the bridge.

In St. Lawrence – I know very little about Mr. Tindall, so couldn’t offer any strong views on him as a candidate.

Of the two, I feel Deidre Mezbourian, as a serving Deputy, is best-placed to become Connétable.

In St. Mary – I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Renouf. I don’t know the first thing about him. But I do know about Juliette Gallichan – and just how rabidly ambitious she is – and how she cast aside all pretence at being “independent” the very instant she got elected – in order to crawl to people like Frank Walker, Phil Ozouf etc.

I wouldn’t mind – if she had a genuine political commitment to the ‘Greed & Concrete’ brigade which forms our oligarchy. But in her case – you just know that if the States were dominated by Lefties – she’d be there – if that’s were the power lay.

In St. Peters, if I were a voter there, I would feel compelled to vote for John Refault. Again – I don’t know anything about him. But in the case of Deputy Egre we know that he – along with Sarah Ferguson – interceded with the Attorney General in order to prevent their constituent facing proper criminal justice.

I’m sorry – but we either have the impartial and objective rule of law – or we don’t.

So – those observations out of the way – we must deal with Mr. Vibert.

Senator Vibert was one-third of the States entity known as the Corporate Parent. He held this post as Minister for Education. The other two-thirds of the Corporate Parent were the Home Affairs Minister, Wendy Kinnard – and me, as Health & Social Services Minister.

I won’t rehearse all the history of events now – as they are well-documented already. But for those who may not be familiar with the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster, briefly, this is what happened.

During the early part of 2007, whistle-blowers began to approach me expressing concerns about less than adequate performance in the child “protection” systems of Jersey. Initially – these concerns were not too serious. But as I investigated – and spoke to more and more people – I had to recognise, by around May, that Jersey had a catastrophic breakdown of its child “protection” systems on its hands.

Whilst my investigations were continuing, in July, I was asked a question concerning Social Services during question time in the island’s parliament. To which I gave an honest answer, by saying words to the effect that ‘if I’m being asked do I have any confidence in the island’s child “protection” systems, frankly, I have to say no. And I’m going to commission an independent enquiry.”

Within two hours of me giving this answer – as I discovered only much later – my own senior civil servants had set about engineering my dismissal. They did this in the belief that if they got rid of me as Minister – they could carry on with the culture of concealment.

What I didn’t know and they didn’t know and the other Ministers didn’t know – was that the States of Jersey Police Force were conducting a covert investigation into historic child abuse.

The senior civil service and the rest of the oligarchy still thought, at that stage, that simply getting rid of me would enable them to carry on concealing their gross incompetence.

Two Ministers were particularly rabid in their determination to get rid of me – on the supposed grounds that by criticising the service publicly I was “undermining staff moral”.

The two Ministers in question being Philip Ozouf and Mike Vibert.

In the case of Phil Ozouf – it was simple political opportunism; he wanted me politically eliminated from his little fiefdom of the Council of Ministers – he being the “power behind the throne”. Indeed – this was his second attempt that year to engineer my removal. Earlier he had manipulated other Ministers into a state of near-crises – because I had written a satirical open letter. His plan to get rid of me didn’t quite come off on that first occasion – but it was only a matter of time.

But of Ozouf we can say he had no political responsibility for child protection issues. It was merely cynical political opportunism on his part.

But Mike Vibert? – That’s another matter entirely.

As one third of the corporate parent – and Minister for Education, no less – he had an unambiguous duty and responsibility to put the interests of children first.

He didn’t.

Instead he chose to side with his senior civil servants – who were desperately trying to keep a lid on the child abuse issues.

This is beyond forgivable.

But what makes things even worse – is that we cannot put his actions down to mere ignorance and stupidity.

The evidenced facts – even back in August & September of 2007 – before we knew of the Police investigation – were sufficiently well-documented to show the truth and accuracy of what I was saying.

The plain fact is that through a combination of fear of his civil servants – and his own wish to adopt the ‘anything-for-a-quite-life’ approach – he simply lied, concealed and dissembled in respect of child protection failures.

Can such behaviour be regarded as remotely acceptable from any politician – let alone a Minister for Education?

One of the issues of concern I had raised was the institutional abuses of vulnerable children in Greenfields. These practices – which were drawn to my attention by Simon Bellwood, the whistle-blower – involved the manifestly illegal use of long periods of punitive and coercive solitary confinement against children.

In an e-mail of September 5th, 2007, which was sent to all States members and the Jersey media, Senator Vibert made the following, utterly untrue, assertions.

“From: Mike Vibert
Sent: 05 September 2007 15:50
To: All States Members (including ex officio members)
Subject: ESC Minister Statement re Greenfields

Dear States Member,

Please find attached the accompanying statement and supporting papers that I am reluctantly issuing in what I believe to be the public interest.
I do not intend this in any way to pre-empt any findings from whatever enquiries are established into the area of child protection in Jersey but feel it is necessary to re-assure the public about the current and immediate past operation of the Greenfields centre in the light of recent media reports and e-mail assertions.
I apologise for the length and number of the attachments but wish to give as much factual information as possible.
I am providing this information to States members first but will be subsequently releasing this information to the local media who have been reporting the issue.

Yours sincerely

Mike Vibert”

In the statement he refers to, a brief part of which I quote, he told the following lies:

Statement by Minister for Education, Sport and Culture

5th September 2007

1. It is with regret that I make this statement but I cannot leave unchallenged the comments which the Minister for Health and Social Services continues to make about child custody and the Greenfields Centre.

First, let me assure you that, based on a review of policy and procedures conducted by an experienced member of the Child Protection Team, a former Independent Reviewing Officer for Northumberland County Council, I have no cause to believe that children and young people at the Greenfields Centre are at risk. This review stated that ‘there is no evidence that the safeguarding of young people and staff in this centre are compromised in any way. There appears to be an excellent level of care with extensive policies and procedures underpinning the high standards set.’ Nevertheless, the Council of Ministers has agreed that the independent enquiry set up and to be carried out by Andrew Williamson, should include a review of arrangements at the centre.”

But this statement by Vibert was written and issued after he – along with other Ministers – had been supplied with a copy of an initial legal opinion by Chris Callander of the Howard League for Penal Reform.

In commenting on the so-called “Grand Prix” system, Mr. Callander concluded with this:


This is, by virtue of time, a brief analysis based predominantly on an examination the regime document alone. However I am concerned by the punitive nature of this regime and would highlight areas of further investigation.

A regime like this is unlikely to be lawful in England and Wales;
local authority secure children’s home use rewards and sanctions schemes but this scheme would be incompatible with the Children’s Homes regulations;
The use of isolation described in “the Pits”, in almost all circumstances, might give rise to a claim for damages on the European Convention for Human Rights (articles 8 and 3), see BP-v-SSHD. The deprivation of light, air, exercise, association, writing and reading materials must in the context of children secured pending trial or for their own welfare constitute degrading and inhumane treatment. I would certainly advise any child who had been subject to such a regime (especially for any prolonged period) to seek advice on pursuing a claim for damages;

The regime is inconsistent with the Children Act 1989 and its associated regulations and guidance and is against the spirit of most legislation, policy and guidance on how to respond to children with challenging and difficult behaviour;
And the regime must affront international treaties (such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Beijing rules) which are read into the ECHR, especially article 8.

On the evidence before me, the Grand Prix system raises serious concerns about the treatment of children and is not a system that would be acceptable or lawful in England and Wales. Consideration of the continued use of the system should be only be undertaken following a detailed review of the conditions and infrastructure around its implementation. Without understanding the “checks and balances” in place to monitor and scrutinise such a punitive system it is doubtful that it would be in compliance with international obligations under human rights legislation.

Chris Callender
Assistant Director
23rd August 2007

So, notwithstanding the fact he was in possession of an initial legal opinion from one of Britain’s foremost child protection lawyers, which had been prepared at my request – Vibert still went ahead and issued his untrue statement.

Ignorance and stupidity alone cannot account for this conduct – such a brazen attempt to cover-up the truth. Instead – we cannot ascribe Mr. Vibert’s conduct to anything other than the telling of straightforward lies.

Lies concerning the welfare of vulnerable children.

Your present Education Minister – who is seeking re-election – pro-actively carried on engaging in the very culture of concealment which has enabled the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster to occur.

And fast-forward to October 2008, following a detailed investigation of the entire realm of child custody practices in Jersey, undertaken at my invitation, the Howard League for Penal Reform are about to release their report.

We know that the Howard League report reaches the conclusion that practices such as “Grand Prix” were “illegal and abusive”.

But that much was plain to me the instant the issue was first drawn to my attention by Simon Bellwood in the early part of 2007.

Thanks to Simon’s bravery – and my readiness to consider the evidence – Jersey was in a position to recognise for itself, last year, that gross errors that had been made in child custody practices.

Instead – because of the utterly ethically bankrupt incompetence and concealing by politicians like Mike Vibert – we had to have the truth thrust upon us.

Prior to this episode, I’d had no particular major disagreements with Vibert, so what I have written above is not based on anything so trivial as personal antagonism.

I must say plainly to the people of Jersey – that if this man is re-elected in any capacity – it will be a stain on Jersey’s political reputation.

More so than any other candidate running in these elections – Mike Vibert deserves – and must feel – the full weight and judgment of the people of Jersey.

If we cannot hold to account people who have failed us so badly as Mike Vibert – then, frankly, nothing will avail.

Now is the time to exercise your power.

Use your vote.

Well – that’s about it for tonight.

I’ll next post on Thursday – when we’ll be able to gauge the outcome of the elections.

Let us hope it’s good news.


The man who laughs in the face of defamation actions.

134 thoughts on “JERSEY ELECTION SPECIAL, #6

  1. Anonymous


    Is the withholding of the the Howard League report anything to do with the proximity to the election. Thought it was to be published at the beginning of this week? Or am I being paranoid?

    Give the establishment a bloody nose, use all six votes wisely and tactically tomorrow.

  2. Anonymous

    We will be there tomorrow, for the first time my daughters will be voting they are young girls that have never voted before aged 21 and 26. It really is time for change.

  3. Anonymous

    Hopefully, after tomorrow, you will not need to waste anymore time on writing about Mike Vibert as his Senatorial career will hopefully be history. Do you think he would be stupid enough to stand for Deputy? In which case there would be more work.

    It is a shame you refer to “Pip” Ozouf. I rather liked the character Pip in Great Expectations as ultimately Pip was honorable in his attempts to help Magwitch.

    Can’t say Ozouf would do the same – despite glowing testimonials from fellow States members in his literature. Hope he doesn’t get elected but no doubt he will scrape in.

  4. TonyTheProf

    An extra note on Guy: I have an impeccable witness – a fellow presenter on CTV at the time – to Guy de Faye shooting Puffin, the children’s favourite, with a shotgun, live on Puffin’s Plaice, when he was presenter on Channel TV, much to the upset of the watching children! Don’t think he’s ever apologised.

  5. TonyTheProf

    “Do you1 think he would be stupid enough to stand for Deputy? In which case there would be more work.”

    All 3 Senators said they wouldn’t stand for Deputy in the JEP. Of course, prevailed upon, people ringing, persuaded to change mind… – we’ve heard that before!

  6. Nick Palmer

    Just got this post on my blog so I thought I’d post it here, with my reply afterwards, to amuse everybody with how pathetic some people are.

    Anonymous said…

    Once again, pathetic excuses on your blog ( trying to justify your pathetic hustings performance at St Ouen and elsewhere. You can’t even get on the Stuart Syvret Blog list of preferred candidates despite the fact that you’ve openly corresponded to his blog… Oh dear, failure, better not give up the dire day job.

    But don’t worry, there will be a few changes during this election period, but not you, you can bet your bottom dollar that your idea to promote ‘Green Policies’ has miserably failed. Just like you.

    As for me… I’ve got a £25 bet at 8 to 1 with Honest Nev that you’ll be fifteenth or below, what do you reckon my chances of winning are? Pretty high I suspect.

    Finally, make my day, have a go at the deputies elections, with GST and everything else that’s going on, I could do with a laugh before Christmas.

    I’ll await you next excuse for your performance… what is it they say about bad workman and their tools…?

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008 10:30:00 PM

    And my reply:

    From the previous post:
    “You can’t even get on the Stuart Syvret Blog list of preferred candidates despite the fact that you’ve openly corresponded to his blog”

    Hello anonymous, or is it Rankine! Stuart has called you something along the lines of terminally thick. It seems you can’t even read (or maybe you can read but your comprehension is so appalling that you can’t understand what the words mean).
    I am actually one of Stuart’s preferred candidates but, seeing as you are thick, can’t read or understand English, I am probably wasting my time writing this. It will look quite funny though to the general public.
    p.s your style resembles JTM on one of his/her/it’s late night weird and unpleasant rambling sessions.
    p.p.s if you’re not Rankine, and are just some ridiculous wannabe, I’m sorry for wrongly identifying you as him however it’s probably the best insult I could have thought of!
    I suppose you can afford to spectacularly lose £25…

  7. Stuart Syvret

    Hi Nick

    And good luck. You are, indeed, one of my preferred candidates.

    Yeah – the blog you’ve responded to looks very much like Rankine pretending to be Terry le Main.

    The illiteracy is that obvious.

    Well – whatever the outcome of the elections – I’m certain that we’ve made the oligarchy very frightened. I’ve had some splendid Ozouf, Rankine, Le Main-style abuse submitted.

    We’re obviously doing something right.

    That’s another four choice examples of cracker-barrel abuse I’ll be using in my Christmas Special round-up of comments from the nutters.

    The pro-Jersey oligarchy stuff will sit very well along side the space-alien meta-conspiracy loonies.

    Should be great fun. Do please keep the abuse coming – it adds a little sunshine to an otherwise depressing job.


  8. Nick Palmer

    And a follow up reply by me to probably the worst spin-meister in the world.
    Whoops, I missed that “anonymous” had claimed my “pathetic excuses” were on my blog whereas they were actually on Planet Jersey, Vue des Isles or the Jersey Forum.
    Thick or illiterate or confused! Or all three! Do they pay him for this inept rubbish?

  9. Anonymous

    Sorry Stuart, but Phil is the number one danger man in my books. Whoever votes for him probably voted for Walker in the past. I see no difference between the two. In my opinion this man will damage the island beyond repair if re-elected, he should have a sign on his posters, toxic if voted for, beware harmful if re-elected. Will I now be hunted down by Phil for daring to put my honest views on the net? Is Jersey like Zimbabwe where opposition to the establishment are victimsed? Time will tell. I am sick of all this rubbish, it is time for everyone to get these people out, or face the consequences. Do you want a positive future without spin? If you do you know what to do, new brooms will sweep clean.


  10. Anonymous

    I was one of the 19-20,000 people who signed the petition against GST Despite what some politicians say there are fairer ways of raising taxes. GST is regressive and unjust
    Anyone of our politicians who voted for GST will never get my vote.

    The politicians standing in today’s election who voted for GST are:


    I will not vote for any of the above. How will you vote?

  11. Anonymous

    Nick Palmer,
    For Gods sake don’t pay any attention to the rantings of those evil and desperate swine.
    If you don’t make it into the states this time around please keep going.
    You’re a new face and sometimes voters need a level of familiarity with a candidate before you get their trust.
    But you’ve done very well (this applies to most of the new candidates as well), so please keep working and making a difference no matter what happens today.

  12. Steve

    I feel cleansed! I’ve just returned from the Parish Hall after voting (9am-Wednesday) and it feels like i’ve had a particularly annoying large boil lanced.
    My soul has been washed of the poison that is the establishment candidates! Let’s all hope that we, the ordinary people of this island, can make a big difference.
    Good luck to all the non-establishment candidates.

  13. Karen

    First of all, a massive thank you for having the courage and steadfastness to keep getting up when you are knocked down. Also, can you answer a question please? Is it usual for a voter to use a pencil on the voting slip as opposed to the more permanent mark of a pen. I have just voted in the Trinity Parish Hall and was assured by a fellow voter that this was usual practice.

  14. Stuart Syvret


    Yes, it is usual to use a pencil, with a rubber on the end, in case anyone makes a mistake, and wants to correct their own paper before depositing it.

    The ballot-boxes are sealed – and only opened for the count in full view of the scrutineers and counters – so I don’t believe any kind of electoral fraud is possible by people actually altering marked ballot papers.

    The issues of concern expressed to me were by a very respectable elderly lady, who informed me that when she worked for a parish, she had seen ballot papers with votes on them for the late Norman Le Brocq being discounted, miscounted, and shoved into counters’ pockets – that kind of thing. She was very much of the view that this was an orchestrated campaign to keep Norman out.

    And let’s face it – that would be entirely consistent and quite unremarkable – when considered along side the frankly lunatic hate-campaign waged against him by the oligarchy.


  15. bullied

    May I leave a quick message here Stuart, please, for the local internet bully to find?

    I’m aware of certain threats having been made last night against friends of mine who are active online on local sites.

    What my friends do about this is up to them, but I’d like to make quite clear that if anyone turns up to intimidate me, makes a threat to me, or assaults me in any way, I will go to the Police and let them deal with it.

    Real life threats resulting from the good humoured cut and thrust of online debate are quite pathetic, and the Police will get contacted, make no mistake about that. I will not stand for such bullying spilling over into real life.

    It’s immensely sad that this person cannot leave internet and real life apart as two seperate things. But if he wants to partake in all the fun of injunctions, court cases, prosecutions, criminal records, losing a cushy job, etc.
    Broken bones and bruises will heal, but a criminal record is for life!

    Thanks Stuart

  16. Anonymous

    Ignore these bullies they are pathetic, and hide behind a veneer of respectabilty. Speak the truth and they can’t do anything about it. I am sick of these types of people. If you want to help stop this get out and vote this person’s candidates out. Pure and simple get ride of these toxic people they are bad for everyone. Stand up and be counted, no more bullies or lies, it is the end of the line for all this bush!t and manipulation, time for a new start.
    I have just seen some of Ozouf’s posters with GST stickers on them. Obviously the public aren’t being fooled by him again. Lets hope this is the beginning of the end.
    What will the JEP say when the establishment figures get a beating at the polls? Probably make up some spin on the fact that because the economy is going through a rocky patch people voted the way they did. No! I say the real reason is people are sick and tired of these people not listening, and doing what they want, for their own benefit, or that of vested interests.

    Question for everybody:–
    What do you do with dead wood?
    get rid of it before it destroys everything else.

    Use your vote to get rid of the dead wood and feel revitalised. The alternative doesn’t bare thinking of!


  17. Kraków Crapaud

    I can’t find any online news about the voting. BBC leads with the referendum & mentions an election & CTV writes that there is an election as does 103fm but otherwise a news blackout.

    Has anyone here been to a polling station? How many people are turning out? Do they still put your rate number on the back of your voting slip?


  18. Anonymous

    Hopefully that answers the “grow a backbone” critics. How would YOU like threats? Not nice.

    At least we now know who was filming on Monday – see ITJ with a Youtube video of Ozouf’s heckled speech. Classic!

  19. Derek

    I haven’t been to vote yet (after work for me).

    Can’t wait to (at least try to ) put the boot in to those in the establishment – they have proved to be nothing but theives and liars!

    Can i ask what this means Krakow?
    “Do they still put your rate number on the back of your voting slip?”

    Not sure what a “rate number” is and why they put it on yer slip???

    Here’s to hoping for change….

  20. Anonymous

    According to 103 FM, they are getting about 90 people an hour at St Saviours polling station and most people are not voting for all six candidates.

  21. Anonymous

    Derek, your ‘rates number’ is your reference number on the electoral roll.
    When you turn up at the polls, you are asked who you are, and they look you up on the list. I then had to tell the intimidators in the back room what page number to find me on.
    My number was then written on the voting slip I was given.
    That way they can trace all votes to the electors making them.
    Nice, isn’t it?

  22. Anonymous

    Polling day finally here, and I felt myself getting quite excited this morning about the prospect of marching into my Parish Hall and doing my bit for democracy. I have also taken note of your 6 preferred candidates and I have also asked my 3 daughters who have never voted before, to come along.

    Another question that I would like to ask is why are young children still allowed to visit HMP La Moye and be mixing with sexual offenders who are in prison for crimes against children? It couldn’t happen anywhere else and Im sure it would be something else for the UK media to pick up upon!!

    Good Luck to all the new candidates and particulary the 6 listed that I will also be voting for. The rest of you establishment morons, get ready to pick up your P45! Your time is up. I wouldn’t put you in charge of putting my bin out let alone running our beautiful Island.

  23. Anonymous

    Please get and and vote everybody remember your future is in your hands choose wisely! You will have six years to think about your choices.

    I want a better future for everyone so I will not be voting for any establishment figures. GST is not my cup of tea and neither is it many others choice! If people have seen through the bullsh!t we will have a big change by this evening…..


  24. Derek

    “That way they can trace all votes to the electors making them.
    Nice, isn’t it?”

    I thought that may be the case…

    I can understand signing something to say that you turned up to vote (it’s has been similar when voting in the UK)- but for your actual voting prefernce to be known is a bit unusual, is it not?

    My tax rate gonna go up coz I object to being sh8t on?

    Hope not!!!!

  25. Kraków Crapaud

    CTV have some online news it reads:
    “At Grouville Parish Hall ninety one people turned out in the first hour. Among them was the current Assistant Economic Development Minister Deputy Alan Maclean. And at St Saviours Parish Hall the Education Minister Mike Vibert was among the voters who have been turning up at the rate of a hundred an hour.”

    The media are reporting in their usual responsible & totally unbiased way. There’s even a video & how fine & inspiring these two pillars of democracy & honesty look.


  26. mugged123

    just been to vote at st james centre the fellows at the ballot box said it has been busier than the last election.hope we get the b*****ds out

  27. Anonymous

    Well its a small Island, I hope that all of the ex States member’s who have ripped the people of for so much and for so long, have secluded places to hide cos they are going to need it!

    Would’nt want to be any of them, regardless of how much in ill gotten gains they have stashed away in the many dubious banks that exist in this equelly dubious Island!

  28. Anonymous

    According to the Rag the early indications are about the same turn out as last time in St Brelade but I think there are more postal votes this time.
    Some of the newly enfranchised 16 – 18 year olds are voting.

  29. Anonymous

    Thanks for doing your list – I already had a shortlist, but your blog saved me a lot of whittling-down time, as I was pleased to see all your top 6 on my list too!


  30. Anonymous

    I quote below two interesting articles from the PUBLIC ELECTIONS (JERSEY) LAW 2002

    Article 25 Secret ballot

    In every public election the poll shall be by secret ballot.

    Article 32 Giving ballot paper to elector

    (1) The Autorisé (or Adjoint) in charge of a polling station shall give a ballot paper to each person who satisfies the Autorisé (or Adjoint) that he or she is entitled to vote there.

    (2) The Autorisé (or Adjoint) shall-

    (b) write on the counterfoil of the ballot paper the electoral number of the person

    Surely these two contradict each other?

    The voting slips are numbered and the corresponding numbered counterfoil now has the unique electoral number on it of the person who used that slip.

    Therefore should anyone ever want to, they could easily identify who used each voting slip and then see how they voted.

    This process can never be described as secret so in effect Article 32 contravenes article 25?

    As Stuart would say “you just couldn’t make it up”

  31. Anonymous

    My wife and I have now returned from voting. We have followed your recommendations so if lots have taken your choices to heart we could be in for some surprises! Roll on this evening I can’t wait.

  32. Anonymous

    Who cares about a rate number?
    They can trace me and my anti-establishment vote if they want. I have nothing to hide.

  33. Anonymous

    I changed one of my anti-estab. votes for Mark F. Just to see how popular your blog is.

  34. Anonymous

    I voted at Grouville at about 11 30, there were a heck of a lot of OAP’s tottering along!

    The turnout at that time ws described as steady!

  35. Anonymous

    It would be possible to trace each ballot paper back and it is intended that this could be done in the case of a possible electoral fraud
    In practice it would be a massive task requiring huge amounts of time and not something you could conduct secretly.
    And to what end, drawing up a list of people who voted for Stewart Syvret, Geoff Southern et al?
    You would be better off arresting everybody who buys The Guardian in the morning 😀

  36. Steve

    Just a couple of points.

    I voted earlier today at my Parish Hall. It’s just dawned on me that when I presented myself at the alphabetically listed desk and told the officials who I was they did not ask for any form of ID! They merely checked the register and made small talk whilst handing me the ballot papers. I could have been anyone!

    Also, if anyone wants to see how I voted today then fine, go ahead. I have nothing to hide. But surely a SECRET ballot is just that and nobody should be able to trace individual papers!

    PS: What happens to the ballot papers once the election and any possible recounts have taken place? Are they kept for a period of time and are they destroyed under supervision?

  37. Anonymous

    just visited moving finger blog and it is np more. Been removed or something. WHATISGOINGON. Mf is an excellent blog. Does anyone know what has happened. Has he been silenced.

  38. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart

    I am certainly no computer whiz kid, is it sinister that I cant get the moving finger blog or is it just technical?

    Hope we get rid of the establishment canditates tonight

    Take care

  39. Moving Finger

    The blog is no more.
    I got fed up with the continual threats.

    Everything is deleted.

    There will be somebody out there that
    can start a new one I am sure.


  40. Anonymous

    I find it very sinister that people can do this to someone who was only putting their own opinions on line. Why threaten someone like this, it just makes things worse. I think you should comment on this Stuart.

  41. Anonymous

    Thank you Davros for leting us know what has happened, I am sorry that these people have got at you like this, but I understand. Please keep in touch via the forums. Censored…

  42. Anonymous

    Moving Finger! I don’t know you and you do not me but, I would like to say that you have done a first class job and, would like to thank you for all you have done in furthering the cause of truth, justice and sincerity! Thank you!!

    Writing from excile!

  43. Anonymous

    Thank you for your blog it was one of the best I’ve seen. You have done well in the pursuit of the truth. It is now more imperative than ever that as many people as possible stop buying the JEP. You have the ability to hit back were it hurts, since we can’t read what we want on line I suggest we don’t read offline stuff like the JEP.

  44. Anonymous

    I too am very very sad that Moving Finger has closed his blog. His wisdom, inspiration and humour will be very sadly missed by many many people. Moving Finger please re-think your decision. Please do not give in to bullies especially when we all know who the main offender is.

    We shall miss you.


  45. Anonymous

    davros. We miss you. Please come back. We need you and your excellent blogs and pictures. My favourite was Sarah f

  46. Anonymous

    Honest Nev has these five in top six
    Paul Routier

    Alan MacLean.

    Sarah Ferguson.

    Philip Ozouf.

    Ian Le Marquand
    With Le Marquand as Favorite.
    I do hope he is wrong this time.

  47. Stuart Syvret

    Davros/Moving Finger

    You really should carry on with your blog.

    Tell me – via my e-mail rather then this forum if you wish – who has threatened you and in what way?

    Do you want me to sort the bastards out?


  48. Anonymous

    Moving Finger,

    That’s terrible! Glad I went and read some of it before it went.


  49. Disgusted

    We can add The Moving Finger to the list of forums and blogs that a certain someone has ruined.
    What a bully.
    I hope kharma catches up with him in the end.

  50. Derek

    Voted today – with pure anti-establishment glee!

    Nearly peed myself when i was greeted by Cohen, Ferguson et al as i walked in to Trinity Parish hall…a clammy handshake isn’t going to make anyone forget is it?

    Gutted about yer blog – just keep coming back to CI Forum….your comments have and are always welcome there!

    And try to remember these clowns that are threatening you probably couldn’t fight sleep!

  51. Anonymous

    Channel TV exit poll at st Peter places the AG’s legal adviser, ferguson, as 2nd!

    I am booking my flights off this rock!

  52. Anonymous

    St mary result in.
    Ian Le Marquand 418
    Alan Maclean 277
    Philip Ozouf 270
    Paul Routier 245
    Sarah Ferguson 216
    Alan Breckon 193

    Mike Vibert 190
    Mike Higgins 185
    Geoff Southern 135
    Daniel Wimberley 114
    Peter Troy 113
    Montfort Tadier 97
    Cliff Le Clercq 80
    Nick Le Cornu 80
    Chris Perkins 77
    Trevor Pitman 77
    Jeremy Macon 76
    Mark Forskitt 75
    Nick Palmer 31

  53. Anonymous

    OH HELL …its looking shaky!
    Keep the faith!Le Marquand was a forgone conclusion …………….

  54. Debbie

    Moving Finger, I’m sorry to read that you’ve closed down your blog. 🙁 I never did comment on anything you wrote, but thoroughly enjoyed reading what you had to say.

    The poll results aren’t looking good so far and I’m feeling sick already!

  55. Anonymous

    Well, looking at the results so far I’m glad I left the rock when I did. Looks like Jersey has blown it’s best chance for change that its likely to ever get

  56. Anonymous

    oh well vibert looks a goner – turnout in st john is down……………49% can you beleive it!

  57. Anonymous

    Regular readers of this blog must be feeling pretty gutted after the first few parishes have declared. After all the hype about the public mood being in favour of wholesale change, I’d be interested in how Stuart rationalises the outcome so far.

  58. Big Al

    Was down at St. Clement at 7:00pm, people were still queuing outside.

    There was a good spectrum of people there. It was also good to see quite a few young Portuguese people voting. Funny how the rag chose to report only on the ones who weren’t voting.

    Lets hope the first three parishes aren’t a sign of things to come.

  59. Anonymous

    well, it’s obvious that Jersey doesn’t want change, maybe we are happy with our island life, despite the best efforts of people like you who want to trash it.

    Go back to doing your worst, the revolution won’t happen tonight.

    Still, cheer up, you’ve always got the Deputy elections to get disappointed about.

  60. Anonymous

    OMG am gutted with results so far a bloke with shifty eyes and a tube of toothpaste leading the polls no hope for Jersey now!!!

  61. TonyTheProf

    It looks as if the massive numbers of opposition candidates have led to a bad split vote, with lots of them getting smaller amounts than they would if there had been only 3/4 candidates. I’ll test this with a spreadsheet when all the results are in. There are not so many establishment candidates, and as a result, their vote doesn’t get split so badly, in fact if it wasn’t for Ian le Marquand standing, Mike Vibert would be in the top 6.

  62. Anonymous

    We don’t want to trash island life. We want to improve it. Not just for the advantaged but the disadvantaged too.

    We, the people who don’t consider life to be quite as rosy as you do, would rather not have those in power to have drugs convictions, those who pervert the course of justice, have cocaine habits or otherwise break the law, who cover up and lie to the public or who only have themselves and their friends at heart.

    You must be one of the above.

    We want honesty, integrity and courage.

    Its not over yet.

  63. Anonymous

    It’s actually an encouraging sign that the top two (Ian Le M and A Breckon with 11 parishes declared) are definitely not establishment (or pretending not to be).
    Ozouf is well down in the six – which should be taken as a sign of public disapproval of sorts, in my opinion!

  64. Anonymous

    Perchard is admitting, on BBC Jersey, that the system is geared towards wholesale change being impossible to achieve – so Jersey is a lovely stable place.
    That just shows that the system cannot adequately reflect public opinion.

  65. Anonymous

    Le M with 14238 is still less than your 1993 result of 14,388 votes, your 1999 top of poll with 15,212 votes or your 2005 top of poll with 15,131 votes 🙂

  66. Debby

    I’ll probably get flamed for this, but have to ask the question anyway. What’s the point in voting when nothing ever changes? One can argue that this time with Ian Le Marquand topping the poll it counts as new blood in the States, but I don’t believe he’ll prove to be any different to the same old, same old.

    Don’t dare anyone tell me when things go belly up that you get what you vote for. I didn’t vote for any of these poll topping smug idiots and as most of the electorate appear to be happy with their lot, then I probably won’t be joining them by voting ever again.

    On a slightly lighter note, I’m glad to see my vote for John Refault didn’t go to waste and although you didn’t get in Montford Tadier, I’m pleased you did so well!

  67. Anonymous

    Moving finger , u have done a great job! so why give up? why let this scumbag or scumbags get to u 1 it says alot for jersey if we cant have freedom of speech! and this person or persons hides behind there postion and wealth to bully , if u stand up to them they hate it as i found out yesterday!!! and if u to creatons are reading this !!! i will do it again cos looks cant kill! u done no more then make me laugh! i have dignity and pride something neither of u have, so i say to u moving finger name and shame them cos its what they deserve! go to the police and the natinal papers cos they will love this, dont let them beat u ! to vibert and egre i say nite nite your lights have gone out

  68. Anonymous

    And the big winner tonight was…


    with almost 80% of the vote

    A huge field of candidates has resulted in a rubbish result.
    Poll topper Ian le Marquand has around a quarter of the possible vote and as we move down the list it gets very much worse.
    Sarah Ferguson, the last successful candidate has 15% of the possible vote.
    Even on a turn out basis more people voted against them than for them with the possible exception of Ian le Marquand.
    But mandates will be claimed and we will see the bizarre situation of a man with no political experience at all being handed the Home Affairs portfolio.

  69. Anonymous

    I think topping the Senatorial poll is a double ended sword for a new member.
    You are shot to a star position without any experience of how the House or the civil service works.
    Ministerial office is conferred on you before you are ready for it and disaster follows.
    Ian le Marquand has got used to life as a magistrate where everybody politely listens to his views, the mad bear pit of the States is nothing like that.

  70. Anonymous

    Take the positives where they are.

    Egre – out
    Vibert – out
    Troy – out

    Three GST supporters and otherwise bad eggs gone.

    Le M – if you ain’t part of the problem you soon will have your chance to prove yourself.

    Alan Breckon – congrats.

    Only one way to eat an elephant – bit by bit.

    People expecting a complete and overwhelming Olly defeat will be disappointed but shouldn’t be.

    It is perhaps too much to expect people to want to change absolutely everything in one swoop. Even if it was necessary!

    Change will happen, we just have to keep going.

  71. Anonymous

    What a shame its a disaster for ordinary Jersey. We are back to square one. Joe Public will continue to loose out to the rich and alnd gentry. The establishment have got away with it again. Obviously too many vested interests for change we can’t upset finance can we? Nevermind outside influences will put paid to this. Enjoy it whilst it lasts, reality will get here in the end. I see the markets are due to take another dive. Stability, what stability?

  72. Anonymous

    Don’t give up. It’s a pretty bad result for sure but if anything good comes from this then maybe it will be the realisation that change will only come from a co-ordinated effort, such as a political party or a properly developed strategy amongst sympathetic independents.

    Last night the ruling party candidates (and i’m counting Le Marquand among them) tallied 59,390 votes. Now if we discard vibert and Troys’ votes from that total the number is 49,365.

    The remaining (good guys i like to call them) took 55,767 votes. It’s also interesting to note that there were (roughly) 40,000 vote cast for brand new OPPOSITION candidates (as i said i don’t count Le Marquand as one of them or Southern as he’s already in the states).

    There were just to many oppopsition candidates.
    The ruling party supporters will always be a solid block of votes. The opposition vote was dispersed amongst too many candidates. If there had been six (real) change candidates they would have attracted all the votes the newbies recieved and today would be a much nicer day.
    So don’t give up (i’m angry and a bit depressed) but look on the bright side mike vibert is out of a job.

  73. Anonymous

    I guess the idea of being a carpenter is looking ever more appealing!

    Last night’s results are shocking to me – especially the poll topper!

    “Lord Jesus, please save me from your followers”

    The thing is Stuart, the people of Jersey who think like you, as I do, need you to stay in the States more than ever now.

    Changing a government means changing the way the majority think and that will take a very long time. But you have made a really good start – Vibert has gone hasn’t he?!!

    Stick at it Stuart – STICK AT IT>

  74. Anonymous

    lets face it we are an island of Daily Mail readers……………..we remain politically disengaged – voter turnout was not up.

  75. Anonymous

    Eben though it seems that very little has changed or will be changed from within the States. It is clear, that external forces are gathering.

    Forces that will force change upon the Island. Given the intervention of the UK government in the banking sector and, the UK tax payers massive bailout. Both economic and moral demands are being made to `close down’ tax havens such as the channel Islands.
    Tax havens that entice corruption and illegal activites.

    So, even though the local elections are disappointing, external moves are afoot to close down the Islands immoral finance industry!

    Its comming!

  76. Anonymous

    You’ll probably descover that as in 1945/46, the Parish Constables had a lot to do with the outcome!

    They along with many of the Islands establishment fear the idea of a democratic society. Because within a democracy there is no room for tiny fuedal regimes like the honary police force!

    I bet the Constables were out there knocking on doors and putting the fear of god into the more conservative members of the parishes and making sure they came out to vote!

    If you want to change things in Jersey, you must get rid of the parish fuedal system.

    The Parish constables were a deciding factor in 1945/6 in maintaining the status quo and, I would put money on it that they were last night also!

    Writing from excile

  77. Anonymous

    moving finger p;ease find a way to name & shame it was a great local blog will miss it,is jersey forum to close as well? again a great shame if it does Why not take up Stuarts offer>>>>> best of luck

  78. Anonymous

    Well that worked a treat.

    Ah well you can declare the forthcoming Deputies elections to be the start of the revolution.

  79. The (no longer) Moving Finger

    Firstly, thank you for the kind comments, however I must re-iterate the blog is gone forever.

    We live in a democracy and yesterday the public cast their votes.

    Therefore congratulations should be offered to,Ian Le Marquand, Alan Breckon, Paul Routier, Philip Ozouf and Sarah Ferguson. There is no point moaning, what is done is done. It is my deepest hope that all 6 will have picked up on the mood of the people and takes this in to account on any decisions they make in the future.

    May I also take this opportunity to say yet again, I AM NOT, OR EVER HAVE BEEN,THE BLOGGER “A HOLIDAY IN THE SUN” (AHITS).

    Thank you.
    There are more important things in life than politics, particularly family.

  80. voiceforchildren

    Any idea who the new education minister might be? I have lots of un answered questions from THE LAST ONE! and hope the new one will be eager to sift through the sh!te they will inherit.

  81. Anonymous

    Re vibert not suspending his senior civil servant.

    I am aware that you have asked the question of vibert and Ogley but don’t you think this issue is serious enough to raise it in the states?

  82. Stuart Syvret

    Raising Suspension of Lundy in the States

    In a functioning democracy – that’s exactly what one would do.

    But Bailhache & Birt have a veto on the text of all questions, propositions, amendments, formal reports – etc.

    Frankly – I couldn’t count the times I have been obstructed in this. They’d never alow the question.

    In any event – there really just wouldn’t be any point. Whilst we got Vibert out – the people have spoken – hail democracy – and they’ve chosen broadly the same kind of shower of gangsters and halfwits that got us into this mess.

    Oh – well – you pays your money – you takes your choice.


  83. Anonymous

    Comment on the BBC website from Jason Roberts
    I think one of the main reasons the new comers are not doing well is from the behaviour of some of their supporters at the hustings and also the internet. If you cannot demonstrate democracy then people will shun you.

    It may or may not actually apply to this person (!) but I must ask does democracy and good behaviour include threatening bloggers and intimidating them so much that they close down their blogs?

  84. Anonymous

    As the dust settles in the aftermath of the Madhouse Beauty Contest we find that Mr Justice Cocklecarrot who spent £8,000 of his own money on the campaign has come in first. He will demand one of the wooden spoons of government as his prize, the Home Affairs Department. The tricksy toads that run this particular fiefdom will argue with him at every turn and conspire against him over lunch at the Victoria Club.
    Alan Breckon, a worthy and hard working chap will be sidelined as he does not get on with the other patients.
    Pip, Al and Paulie were heavy electoral spenders and their victory will be rewarded with the right to build the new wing on the Waterfront and other mad cap schemes.
    Sarah Ferguson will spend the next six years on the sidelines as she has the bad habit of talking about efficiency savings, value for money, etc.

  85. Anonymous


    Has it crossed your obviously overlarged synapses that perhaps it is you who is the halfwit?

    Calling your fellow members(not to say the voting public) cretins is not going to endear yourself to them and means that you will not be able to get any good ideas you have through the States because you have alienated yourself.

    Politics is not just about being radical and outspoken as it also includes diplomacy and compromise.

    Thank goodness you do not act on a bigger playing field as I shudder at the potential havoc you could reek.

    You unfortunately seem to be set on a course of self destruction and seld delusion which is a pity as you used to be okay (for a politician of course!) and I for one held great hopes for you.

  86. Anonymous

    Ok we get the picture!!! We now know for real that there are more paedos and perves on Jersey and this includs mose of it peopel.

    shame of you lot your all less tahn the lower form of life.

  87. Anonymous

    “Oh – well – you pays your money – you takes your choice.”

    That may be the case Stuart but I am concerned that the choice was not an informed one.

    I have prepared a lengthy post on what I mean by that if you wish me to post it.

  88. Stuart Syvret

    Gangsters & Halfwits

    As I made plain, about two & half years ago – I’m not seeking re-election – so whether I’m “endearing” myself to the public or other States members is entirely immaterial to me.

    I’ve been in politics for 18 years – and know perfectly well that the approach you advocate simply doesn’t work. The covert Jersey Establishment Party might allow the occasional “good idea” to get carried – but when the chips are down – it’s the status quo.

    So given that being “polite” is a futile exercise – I take the view that the best thing I can do for this community is speak the truth.

    Truth being a stranger to political discourse in Jersey.

    I’ve wasted the best years of my life in Jersey politics as it is – I’m sure not going to spend the rest of it as being everyone’s favourite token rebel – like some kind of performing monkey.

    The people wish to be governed by liars, shysters, grifters and morons – so good luck to them. They’re going to need it.


  89. Anonymous

    Don’t give up!

    You must have known what was going to happen, surely?

    There’s a lot of us, looking at the links between the Kinsey Institute and the child abuse in Jersey. Lots of people looking into this now.

    So don’t dispair. Here, have a good laugh at this – I nearly fell off my chair when I read this on the Hansard site.


  90. Anonymous

    “it’s obvious that Jersey doesn’t want change”

    Don’t be too sure of that!

    Postal votes – I am very concerned about those. People need to be educated about the ACORN postal vote fraud. The polling booth is best.


  91. Anonymous

    Well there you go the establishment get away with it again with a little help from the rich, big business and the finance industry. Nevermind the poor will feel the brunt of this. Is this really what people want? This is truely a sad day in Jersey politics for the lower orders. I had thought that this time things would be different, unfortunately it is now a case of same sh!t different day. Get ready for less money, more debt, more spin, more deception etc. For those of you that put these people back in I feel sorry for you because you are obviously not concerned for others only yourselves and vested interests. Enjoy it whilst it lasts time has nearly run out for this type of life style and living. It is unsustainable and you will suffer in the end. What will these clowns do for you when the sh!t well and truely hits the fan? Nothing you have been warned!

  92. Anonymous

    Nothing goes away on the Internet – Moving Finger can be found by searching for moving finger blog on Google – then click the word ‘cached’ after the first entry.

  93. Anonymous

    I have lived in the UK and was a reader of Private Eye for many years.
    I think it is fair to say that Jersey is not alone in having a somewhat lazy local media that does not investigate much and has a cosy noncritical relationship with local government, business and the community.
    The Rag and the island broadcast media rely on a steady feed of press releases, advertorial and puffery from these sources.
    Most of it is just published near verbatim with no attempt to question if the initiative or project has the possibility of succeeding.
    Most of the Rag’s commentators rely on the same lazy cliches over and over again eg Helier Clement.
    How many of his columns are filled with: calvados… blah… shed… line…St Catherine’s Breakwater.. fat pollack, etc, etc.
    Ben Queree knows little about Jersey politics, is too lazy to find out and really does not care anyway.

  94. Anonymous

    Why all the doom and gloom,

    check this out:


    2005……….. 14442 votes
    2008……….. 8712 votes

    THAT’S DOWN 40% !!!!!


    OZOUF…….DOWN 40%
    VIBERT……DOWN 42%
    ROUTIER…..DOWN 25%
    WALSH…….DOWN 34%

    SOUTHERN….UP 52%


    Also, the publics number 1 and 2 choices by a huge share of the votes cast are NOT SITTING SENATORS.

    None of the other candidates had stood for senator before and therfore the above voting trend analysis is not applicable to them.

    Despite uncoodinated opposition

    Opposition groups must work together, select only a small number of electable candidates and throw the combined opposition weight behind them. Do this and change will come.



  95. Anonymous

    One has to question how democatic a society we are when we have such a complicated electorial process – real change will only come about when the system is changed – reform will be thrust upon Jersey if the government do not reform.

    Despite the results I still feel that the noose is tightening around Jesey – Harcourt will have taken a huge battering because of the credit crunch and I wonder if they will actually be able to raise the finance – the SoJ could very well bankrupt themselves yet – they have letters of comfort totalling millions which they must be able to demonstrate they could substantiate if required – they have the depositers protection scheme to underwrite – millions of pounds are daily flooding out of Jersey and the reputation Walker so strongly defends is actually in tatters – see Reuteurs/Vince Cable………This victory is shallow!

  96. Stuart Syvret

    Is Ken Syvret a relation of mine?

    Not so far as I’m, aware – but to be honest – this being Jersey, and with the Syvret family name being very ancient – it’s entirly possible there would be some distant relationship if one ploughed through the family history.


  97. Anonymous


    Thanks for the stats, you have managed to put a bit of sunlight back into my otherwise quite depressing day.

  98. Kraków Crapaud

    I have no personal axe to grind with Senator elect Le Marquand.

    Yes I am worried about political control of the police, on the other hand I have to admit that his website & policies & I guess his whole campaign were cleverly prepared & implemented, he is a lawyer after all.

    What I would like to see is an analysis of exactly how he did it.

    Most people who met him would have been those in court, maybe they were impressed by his wisdom, I just don’t know.

    He just popped up out of nowhere and got as many votes as Stuart.



  99. Anonymous

    Are we going to unite together, take anti-depressants or emigrate?

    Like many of you, I really thought yesterday was going to give me some hope about Jersey and its future.

    If only we could have shrugged off this horrible Jersey way through the ballot box. Perhaps we will have to me more radical. Any ideas?

  100. Anonymous

    If you look at St Helier, you see that only slightly more than the usual people went to vote, but their top six were a deal more palatable than the island top six.
    And some good people were well within striking range. With a coalition effort they would have got there.

    Ian Le Marquand
    Independent 2559
    Alan Breckon
    Independent 2413
    Geoff Southern
    JDA 2093
    Paul Routier
    Independent 1575
    Trevor Pitman
    JDA 1536
    Alan Maclean
    Independent 1456

    Philip Ozouf
    Independent 1440
    Mike Higgins
    Independent 1411
    Sarah Ferguson
    Independent 1399
    Montfort Tadier
    Time4Change 1310
    Mike Vibert
    Independent 955
    Jeremy Macon
    Independent 816
    Cliff le Clercq
    Independent 772
    Daniel Wimberley
    Jersey 2020 767
    Nick le Cornu
    Time4Change 763
    Peter Troy
    Independent 662
    Chris Perkins
    Independent 571
    Mark Forskitt
    Jersey 2020 434
    Nick Palmer
    Jersey 2020 361
    Adrian Walsh
    Independent 316
    Mick Pashley
    Independent 185
    Turnout: 34.05%
    Spoilt Papers:23

  101. Anonymous

    Lucky boy, he might get what he wishes for 🙂

    MacLean ready for promotion

    Now Economic Development Minister could be a real crock of ordure in the next few years as the world slides into recession.
    Unlike in your political past there will be no wriggling and failure at this task could result in a politically fatal result at the next election.

    Just remember that the Rag does not give a toss about you, their only interest is currying favour with anyone they think worthwhile. If you doubt me, consider the case of your friend and colleague Mike Vibert. Only a few weeks ago they were puffing him as a dead certainty, today they have written him off.
    Education Minister gets that sinking feeling

  102. Anonymous

    I am not going to give my surname away but it is very old and Jersey.
    I know I am related to quite a few others who share my surname but not all of them.
    Plenty of surnames developed in different families, Smith is a good example as there must be hundreds of different lines of Smith.

  103. Anonymous

    Re a comment left earlier, part of which I paste below:

    “Thank goodness you do not act on a bigger playing field as I shudder at the potential havoc you could reek.”(sic)

    It does rather seem like ‘Rankine speak’ (& spelling) doesn’t it?

  104. Debby

    Kraków Crapaud said: “He just popped up out of nowhere and got as many votes as Stuart.


    Nah, not quite as many votes as Stuart. Check out the figures in a post further up this page. 🙂

    As for the question how…

    My daughter so eloquently pointed out to me today, he’s a Christian (not that there’s anything wrong with being a Christian) so because of that he got the vote of many, many church members.

  105. Ugh, It's Him!

    The threats to bloggers are a hollow bluff. The mighty Google Corporation are not going to throw away billions of dollars’ worth of international goodwill, nor millions more in lawsuits, by leaking confidential account information to hick politicians from places they need to look up on Google Earth to even find. And if they did, it would probably only lead to pseudonymous Hotmail accounts.
    And what can they do,which is worth their while, to any bloggers they just guess the identity of? Maybe Davros’s circumstances are very different to mine, but I am too small a fish to be worth the cost and risk of assasination, and they have no other means to get me.

  106. Anonymous

    “Are we going to unite together, take anti-depressants or emigrate?

    Like many of you, I really thought yesterday was going to give me some hope about Jersey and its future.

    If only we could have shrugged off this horrible Jersey way through the ballot box. Perhaps we will have to me more radical. Any ideas?”


    Like I said, some of us are researching the Alfred Kinsey connection with Jersey.

    Don’t give up!


  107. Anonymous

    If there was one person that should have been kicked out, its Mike Vibert. and now he should face arrest too.

  108. Stuart Syvret

    Vibert Arrested?

    You’re quite right. He, several other Ministers and at least 18 senior civil servants ought to be charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    He wont be, of course.

    Firstly, even if the Police wanted to – Bill Bailhache would obstruct it.

    But – I’m afraid – I’m very much picking up the vibe that the Police are beginning to drift back to business-as-usual.

    That is, business how it used to be, before the arrival of Lenny.

    And with Le Marquand marching into Home Affairs – well – it’s just game-over, I’m afraid.

    Does anyone have any friends or relatives who live on the Isle of Skye? I love those wild, mountainous places. It would be handy to speak to anyone there – to try and get a handle on jobs and accommodation and things like that.

    There’s nothing more to be done here.


  109. Anonymous

    Thanks for those stats Phil.

    I know it’s a bad day but remember everyone they didn’t win, our side lost.

    Too many reformers vs the old guard.

    So next time the opposition candidates are going to have to work together and not split the vote again.

  110. Anonymous

    Von Strudel.
    Sorry Stuart but i thing you scored an own goal.
    I’m so annoyed that Maclead, Routier,Ozouf & Ferguson got in. On your Blog you gave your Six with 4 Green Candidates Which No one would of given a chance of getting in.
    I wonder how many people WASTED THERE VOTE on them because you said that’s my FAVOURED SIX.
    When every one knows that a green vote costs money to the average TAX man, so they will always get a low VOTE.
    You should of gone middle ground of Southern, Pitman, Le Clercq & Higgins. Then Southern & Higgins would of got in with Ozouf & Ferguson would be OUT.
    So that’s my view, i may be reading it completely wrong but i had to Say It.

  111. Anne

    anon wrote

    “OZOUF…….DOWN 40%
    VIBERT……DOWN 42%
    ROUTIER…..DOWN 25%
    WALSH…….DOWN 34%

    SOUTHERN….UP 52%


    Also, the public’s number 1 and 2 choices by a huge share of the votes cast are NOT SITTING SENATORS. “

    Good post.

    I had noticed the second part (the top 2 being newbies/lefties,) but not the size of the swings.

    How much have these swings figured in the local media? I do nbot remember hearing this mentioned on the TV coverage, but I was in and out of the TV room, so do not really know.

    Letter to the RAG, anyone?

    daniel Wimberley

  112. Anne

    debbie wrote “My daughter so eloquently pointed out to me today, he’s a Christian (not that there’s anything wrong with being a Christian) so because of that he got the vote of many, many church members.”

    No, that’s not it. So am I and I got 3500.

    It may have worked like that in the old days, but not now, except to a small extent.

    daniel Wimberley

  113. Anonymous

    Over the last couple of days reports have been coming out of electioneers not being registered. Mainly from theBrighton Rd polling station.

  114. corrupt camden council


    You sound as if you are burnt out and need a holiday – perhaps in the wilds of SKye? sounds the perfect place to recharge and take stock

    If you decide to throw in the towel at least you can say you tried …. I do think you are wrong though when you say nothing more can be done – the last 9 months have only been the beginning … you know the rest

    Take care

  115. Anonymous

    in the USA elections has not Obahama got his eye on tax havens? There are much more politians out there in the big wide world watching finances than our little men change may be forced from the outside for our establishment

  116. Anonymous

    Brighton Rd
    I have heard of people not being registered one lady was so indignant about not being allowed to vote. She was allowed to singe a form, which would allow her to vote in the deputy’s elections and was told by an official that someone would be in touch about her prier predicament. Guess what she’s still waiting. What is even more amazing while she was waiting to see someone, this lady estimates that there was at least another ten people behind her that could not vote, as they were not registered. From her recollection the first guy to be knocked back after her was a black guy and both he and his partner were again surprised not to be on the register. If you are that guy let yourself be known.


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