Victory for the Oligarchy:

Jersey Establishment Party

Takes five of the Six Seats –


Well – that’s another self-inflicted utter catastrophe for Jersey.

As I remarked in an earlier posting, some people regard me as a miserable bastard, but I don’t bother arguing – I just look at them and think ‘I know the awful truth – which is beyond your understanding’.

And knowing the truth just doesn’t sit well with a sunny disposition.

Pessimism is always a better bet than optimism.

Though I hoped there might be some significant change – and worked positively to support the anti-oligarchy candidates – in my heart and my mind, I knew that things would go pretty much as they did last night.

What I hoped – and that which I feared – were two very different t things.

We just couldn’t be surprised. And I’ll give you a clear example of why I was deeply pessimistic – and found the results unremarkable.

In the build-up to these elections I kept thinking of the startling ability of Teflon Terry Le Main to carry-on appealing to voters.

We can take his electoral success as a reliable ‘gauge’ as to what appeals to the Jersey public; what ‘works’ for them; what ‘chimes’ with them.

He was re-elected as a Senator in 2005, playing – for all he was worth – the tired old ‘cheeky-chappy’, inarticulate, pseudo-working class hero, ‘lovable rogue’ act which has – bizarrely – appealed to voters, time and time again.

If you let your defences down, and admit a little optimism – you find yourself slack-jawed in amazement at the sheer irrationality of voters.

Let us consider Terry – Tel-Boy – Le Main.

This is a man who – as is well documented – spent a significant part of his early career conspiring to import stolen cars.

Was a dodgy used-car salesman.

Is an ignorant and inarticulate moron.

A man who – whilst in Office – was revealed to have been forging the signatures of little old ladies.

A man who, when President of the Housing Committee, was annoyed by a letter published in The Rag from a Housing tenant – so went and rummaged through her personal files – in straight defiance of all law – and then wrote about her rent-arrears in a letter subsequently published by the JEP.

A man who has turned his intrinsic stupidity to his advantage by playing the pseudo-working class hero.

A man who goes to the voting public as a ‘down-to-Earth ordinary bloke’ – and pretends to be on their side – whilst consistently voting with the oligarchy in support of policies which are a kick in the teeth to the working classes.

A half-wit – a crook – an ignorant moron – a liar and a spiv – and a class-traitor.

But – you know what?

Had he been a candidate in these elections – he’d of romped home.

People get the government they deserve.

So – no surprises, really, in yesterday’s results.

But let’s look on the bright side – Ozouf, Le Sueur, Le Marquand, MacLean et el, will be at the helm – just as the ship is ploughing into the ice-berg

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

They, and others like them, are, after all, the architects of this destiny; it is they who have charted the course. But sadly – it won’t be them who go down with the ship. These millionaires have more than ample financial ‘lifeboats’ awaiting them.

It will be the mugs who voted for them who really suffer.

In the infamous satirical open-letter I wrote back in February 07 – you remember the one? It was when Ozouf made his first attempt to manipulate others into throwing me out of the Council of Ministers – I wrote this:

“I used to lay awake at night thinking ‘things might get very hard for us in the next five to ten years’; that the tower blocks, the traffic jams and the concrete might simply be simulacrums of success; that we had absolutely no plan of any description to deal with issues such as peak oil and the resultant global economic and societal crisis. I used to fear that the architects of this destiny would – when the end of our hallucinated economy arrives – jet off to luxurious climes to their first, second, or fifth “holiday” home, having ‘cashed their chips’ and safely sent on their millions in advance – leaving a bitter, wrecked and betrayed community behind.”

Though written with irony – I knew it was true.

And so it is coming to pass – with the probable exception that ‘five to ten years’ will prove to have been decidedly optimistic.

I’ve given this post the title “The Government you Deserve”

Because there comes a time when the people of democratic societies – sooner or later – have to stop blaming politicians – and start blaming the people responsible for the politicians – namely, the electorate – in other words, themselves.

Let’s take a close look at each of the toxic-five who were favoured by the voting public.

Ian Le Marquand.

A man who is so brazen in spin, he claims his victory was an “anti-establishment” expression of will, and that he is centrist – and not a part of the establishment. In fact – goes as far as to assert that people who voted for him were “looking for change”.

Let’s test those assertions against the facts, shall we?

Hard Right-wing religious fundamentalist.

Belongs to some weird sectarian cult called ‘Alpha’.

Scion of the traditional oligarchy.

A direct emission of the Jersey oligarch production-line. Born into a moneyed family with “traditional” interests in Jersey politics.

Became even richer as a lawyer.

Became a member of Jersey’s deeply politicised judiciary.

Repeatedly stone-walled cases, such as that against Boschat.

Delivered a variety of utterly perverse judgments.

Was a pro-active and enthusiastic component of the institutional child abuse involved in the various solitary confinement regimes.

Actually operated the ‘Status 1’ & ‘Status 2’ categorisation of children in custody.

Consistently battled – rabidly – for the courts to be given more power to imprison children – notwithstanding the fact that Jersey has a substantially higher child custody rate than the UK – which itself has the worst record for jailing children in the established European democracies.

Simply got around the law by abusing the remand process as a de facto means of jailing children.

Wants to bring the States of Jersey Police Force back under direct, political control – a return to the bad old days.

Possesses presumptions to power which lead him to blithely assert he’ll walk straight into the post of Home Affairs Minister.

This notwithstanding the fact he is manifestly conflicted – on several grounds – from holding that Office. For example, a recent close colleague of his remains under criminal investigation – and the role of the magistrates court in the institutional abuses of vulnerable children is itself a part of the police investigation.

At a survivors meeting, shouts down and heckles – along with, ironically, Jimmy Perchard, the man with political responsibility for child protection – a national BBC journalist. And in doing so, exhibiting all of the traditional oligarchy fear and hostility to external scrutiny.

Were I ever to become religious – though I move further away from such a concept at every single encounter with such supposed ‘Christians’ – I would thank Christ that none of the deeply disturbing dinosaurs who appear as Mr. Le Marquand’s supporters in the photo on page 5 of The Rag would ever have voted for me.

Mr. Le Marquand – a vote for “change”?

You’re having a laugh, right, Ian?

You weren’t voted for on the grounds of “change”. You were elected because you tick all of the public’s boxes: you do it for them; you tickle their fancy; they want you: Right-wing, religious, ultra-conservative, paternalistic traditionalist from a Jersey oligarchy back-ground.

At least be honest about it.

Alan MacLean.

As has been well-documented on this blog site – and by many commenting members of the public – a shameless liar.

A man who pledged – during his last election – to support exempting medical costs and children’s clothing from the Goods & Services Tax – only to betray this promise to the predominantly poor, working class people of St. Helier #2 district.

Not only did he fail to support the exemption proposals – he actually made a rabid speech against exemptions a matter of months after getting elected.

And so contemptuous of the public is he – that he had the sheer gall to trot-out reference to this “pledge” again in these elections – confident that no one would notice – or if they did, not be especially bothered about being lied to.

Well, he had you lot correctly assessed in that regard, didn’t he?

A multi, multi-millionaire spoilt brat who inherited an utterly vast fortune, and like Ozouf, has never had to do a day’s real work in his life.

But a big-time property speculator and estate agent – is just what you needed, right?

Incidentally – isn’t it bad enough having to have politicians – without having to have a politician who is also an estate agent?

Perhaps if he were a lawyer and a journalist as well – so he had all four foul and disgusting bases covered – you’d have returned him with 40,000 votes?

Paul Routier.

A nice guy – but possessed of the IQ of a fence-post – and who – plainly and on the most cursory examination of his voting record – simply does what he’s told by people like Walker, Ozouf, Le Sueur, etc.

Shamelessly hypocritical. Repeatedly opposes exempting essentials from GST – on the supposed grounds that exemptions “wouldn’t be targeted” – and then, just as soon as his election approaches – gives a blanket exemption to prescription charges – so that multi-millionaires can now have free prescriptions.

Has been at the helm of Social-Security for some years – and has steadfastly maintained all of the pro-rich, pro-businessman loopholes, dodges and avoidance mechanisms that enable the better off to avoid paying their full dues.

The consequence of this being that around £60 million – yes – I’ll repeat that – around £60 million – a year has to come out of your taxes in order to “supplement” the scheme.

But, hey – I guess you like being taxed – and seeing £60 million of it blown, much of it to subsidise the rich?

I mean – what other possible reason could there be for him being returned to Office?

Philip Ozouf.

Another, spoilt-brat inheritance baby – worth millions in property and business interests – none of which he himself had to ever do a day’s real work for.

A triumph of style over substance. Appears plausible when speaking – but is, in fact, grossly economically incompetent.

For many years was a member of the old Finance & Economics Committee – which allowed absurd levels of economic leakage from the island, gross levels of inflation, and an increasingly vulnerable mono-economy to develop.

Casually gives huge grants of tax-payers money away – without following requisite procedure – so that a sleazy “glamour model” can be brought to the island to participate in the community’s main family event.

Was always rabid and implacable in driving forward the building of a variety of appalling and vast concrete excrescences on the Waterfront – when 90% of the public could just see the developments were going to be disastrous.

Not only supported – but actually gave planning permission to the monolithic, orange, nightmare that is the Waterfront hotel.

A building which has just won a “worst carbuncle in Britain” award.

Wants to keep the toxic ash dumping scandal covered-up.

Preferred to see the culture of concealment of child abuse continued – regarding it as nothing more than an opportunity to get rid of me from his fiefdom of the Council of Ministers.

Is rabidly pro-population growth – rather than exhibiting the leadership required to help the community face reality.

On page 8 of The Rag – there is a photo of Ozouf and his supporters – taken inside the palatial country house he inherited.

Take a close look at the photo. You can see several other Jersey Establishment Party members in the assembled adoring crowd. These being Terry Le Main, Freddy Cohen, Guy de Faye, as sitting politicians – plus a couple of former States member oligarchs in the shape of Lynden Farnham and Geoffrey Grime – tax-dodger guru to the island’s tax-exiles.

But – you obviously love the man, his record, his metier and his party political allies.

Everything about him, basically?

Sarah Ferguson.

I guess you must like being lied to? As I wrote in a speech to the Chamber of Commerce early last year, the public’s demand upon politicians is, “tell me lies – and if you don’t, I’ll take my political custom to someone who will tell me lies”.

“Mrs Efficiency” Ferguson – the person who will make the States more “accountable” – actually votes against every such proposition – if the question happens to be inconvenient for the oligarchy.

Voted against the establishment of a Committee of Enquiry into the toxic ash dumping scandal.

Voted for the child abuse concealing civil servants.

Voted repeatedly and determinedly in favour of taxing your food and heating bills.

Is supported by Frank Walker.

And – in many ways, most significantly – secured a private, secret meeting with William Bailhache, the Attorney General – in which she was able to readily get Bill to pull criminal changes against the brother of her constituent; the brother being one Roy Boschat – he of bribing bent coppers infamy – in order to graft business away from his competitors. With the combined obstructions of Bailhache and Le Marquand – Boschat getting away with everything. Plus a big, fat ‘costs’ payment from your taxes – in exchange for him making diversionary attacks on Lenny Harper, as a part of the oligarchy attempts to discredit the police investigation.

So – oh happy voters of Jersey – you have paid you money – and you have made you choice.

Of the 6 Senators you elected yesterday – 5 of them can be seen as representing the customary toxic amalgam on money, power, religious fundamentalism, dishonesty, incompetence, greed, hypocrisy and charlatanism.

More of the same.

It is the will of people – so – so be it.

But do not come knocking on the door of whatever anti-oligarchy States member might be left in a year or so – complaining about such inevitabilities as:

Dramatic economic melt-down.


Utterly destructive and abusive child ‘justice’ policies which have bred generations of criminals.

Appallingly regressive taxation which you can ill-afford.

Millionaires paying no tax.

Health-problems cause by toxic waste dumps.

Public finance collapse, accelerated by, amongst other things, economic leakage.

Environmental destruction.

Those lovely fields next to your house disappearing beneath a sea of concrete as the latest Dandara mega-project gets built next to you.

Senior civil servants who have exhibited a range of malfeasances – from giving promotions to people they’re having affairs with – to committing appalling acts of child abuse – to concealing that abuse – remaining in post on £180,000 salaries plus huge pension.


Taxes on food.

Taxes on your home-heating.

Did I mention over-population?

And an island so wrecked, expensive, and economically knackered that your children and grandchildren all emigrate.

So – Mr & Mrs Average Jersey Voter – these outcomes are what you have voted for. That is what you will get for your votes – so we have to assume the above policies and results are widely accepted – and regarded as just fine by the population of the island?

I have no doubt at all that most of the people who voted for the foetid five – did so on the grounds that they seemed like “nice people”; you’ve heard of their name; you belong to the same church, golf club, lodge, old-boys’ network, cult etc – and they generally seem like nice, traditional Jersey characters.

But as I have pointed out – there comes a time when communities have to stop blaming politicians – and face the fact that they’ve been the authors of their own misfortune.

Jersey is at the point.

People of Jersey – as you have sown – so you shall reap.



The Man who laughs in the face of defamation actions.

218 thoughts on “JERSEY ELECTION SPECIAL, #7

  1. Anonymous


    I am very suspicious about postal voting. I used to have a postal vote, and I have tried twice to change back to a ballot box vote. It shold be very easy for me to revert back, you would think they would want me to, to save money and paper.

    I would not assume that these elections were fair. I would never have expected them to be fair – nothing else is!

    They’ll win a few battles but they won’t win the war. I hope they have all got their life jackets on because the S.S.Kiddyfiddler is going down down down!


  2. Anonymous


    Knocking down a system that has been in existance for centurys was never going to be easy was it?

    Those who have power, money and influence will never give it up easily. The higher up they are the more ruthless they are and they will try to crush anyone who isn’t like them or who poses a threat to them.

    The highest form of discrimination against others seems to emanate from these types of ‘humans’ yet we the public are told we cannot discriminate against anyone.

    There doesnt seem to be much of a difference in how we were ruled centuries ago by an absolute monarchy to how we are governed today. We keep hearing that we live in a democracy but the fact remains that we don’t. Crown servants, crown ministers, crown dependents, crown subjects.

    Look how the crown intervened in the Picairn Island child abuse scandal. Some of the islanders tried to argue that the crown had no jurisdiction over the island but to no avail.

    The crown is responsible for its dependancies and the crown should be held responsible for its incompenent civil servants and corrupt politians. Thats my take on it.

    I don’t think you’re a miserable git but you do seem to have times when you feel down and dispaired by the whole rotten system. I don’t blame you and you are not alone in feeling like that.

  3. Anonymous

    Hang on Stuart,
    before you condemn the people of Jersey as a whole remember that more votes were cast for the anti establishment candidates than for the eventual winners.
    It was 15 vs 8 for 6 places.
    Voter apathy should be expected in our elections. How many election leaflets were written in Portugese for one? The Portugese community makes up one tenth of this island (and that doesn’t include people born here to Portugese parents or even third generation kids, so the real figure is probably higher) but nothing is ever done to bring them to the ballots. Probably because of the fear that they might not identify with millionaires.
    And then again some people are just so beaten down they feel they could do nothing to change things.
    These people are no more the will of Jersey than George Bush is the ideal of the entire American nation.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t think it is those who read your blog who can be blamed Stuart. The vast majority support your views and did not vote for them.

    The problem is how available the above info was to the generla public rather than cyberspace readers.

    The media refuse to take up the gauntlet on the stories so Mr & Mrs Average never get to hear of them.

    What is needed is a rival media outlet which reaches every corner of the rock, tells the truth and doesn’t simply accept their answers.

  5. Anonymous


    I agree with your theory that we get the government we deserve – I roll out the old chestnout that ‘the person is political’ unfortunately people just do not get the corealtion between social policy and their deocratic right to vote.

    If this is your last term in government can you please direct your energies in bringing about governmnet reform?

    I firmly believe that the electoral system in Jersey is kept complicated in order to facilitate disengagement of the masses, paternalism rules.

    In the new house government reform should be at the top of the list of priorities, whilst I am sure it is cathartic for you to expose the flaws in fellow politicians through your blog you are really preaching to the converted!

    Jersey voters in the majority vote for ‘Jersey Boys’ who with few exceptions are totally removed from the reality of day to day living in the island and who do not have a clue about the bigger picture.

    Please leave us a legacy of reform, bring meaningfull proposals for change to the States – you may just be able to capitalise on the election pledges of those who who said they wanted change.

    Electoral reform is the only way that I can see change being achieved in voting patterns on this island.

  6. Derek

    You should know that not all voted for the tw**’s.

    I for one didn’t vote for any of them as i aint bl**dy stupid.

    It just appears that it’ll take a long time to get this lot out – i’m as dissapointed as you, i can see the working man or bloke on the street isn’t getting a fair crack of the whip as well.

    I, and others tried but many like their lot and it appears they swayed the vote…

    We just need to keep at it.

  7. Anonymous


    The election result just goes to show that Jersey is still the domain of rich, Conservative, selfish, money-orientated, environmentally unaware, semi-retired, club-membered, reactionary, 4×4-driving, ignorant people who can’t see further than the next meal out. Ah well, only Alan Breckon got my vote of those who got elected.

    Now the job of Education minister is up for grabs any bets on who might get it? Please not Sunny Jim Perchard, we need someone with political strength to get to the bottom of this appaling mess at Education. It needs someone with the political will to judge the Education Department employees on merit and the intelligence to relate to a workforce that is, by and large, fairly bright. I suppose one Senator Syvret might be a good choice but I suspect he has as much chance of getting it as Mick Pashley. Maybe Alan Breckon would root out the rubbish? Suggestions?

    Disappointed voter.

  8. Anonymous

    Of the 6 I only voted for Alan Breckon.

    I hold my head high for this.
    I was not taken in.

  9. Anonymous

    Reading your post, I can feel the anger, the disappointment and the sheer disbelief at what has happened.

    Like you, and probably many others, I am not surprised at the results of the election.

    Like you, I feel anger, disappointment and disbelief because nothing has changed whatsoever. Ever since I came of voting age, it has been the same.

    Isn’t this the absolute reason that so many people don’t vote at all? There is no point, nothing will change.

    The Jersey people have not got the government they deserve, they have got the government they want.

    Be a carpenter Stuart, you were a very good one I remember, keep your head down and live your life with people who think like you and care about you. Don’t buy the JEP, don’t listen to Radio Jersey or CTV, because if you do you will crack up. Just make your own little circle and live quietly within that – you’ll suffer a lot less stress and will probably find that Jersey can be a nice place to be – as long as you care less.

    Isn’t that awful, sad advice? But it is the way so many of us live over here, because we just cannot make a difference.

    You have tried harder than anyone else I can think of over here. People write comments on your blog all the time, thanking you for telling the truth, standing up for them etc., etc.. But has it made a difference? Have you made a difference?

    I think, in some ways, by exposing the truth you make everything worse. You highlight the apathy, the greed, the nasty, selfish money orientated community in which we were born.

    Like you I expect, I have been told many times to get on the boat out in the morning. When my personal circumstances allow, I shall do just that – I only hope there is room on board!

    You have to question, Stuart, by standing up for vulnerable people as you do so passionately, are you actually helping them? Or do they feel worse now, knowing that the whole Island knows of their awful pain, yet chooses to ignore it and put their crosses against those who will help and support their own greedy, self obsessed, money based desires, with little regard for the less fortunate in our society? When the majority stood in the voting booth, how many do you think were actually thinking of anything but themselves?

    Not many, I think.

    I suspect many, many people feel let down since wednesday’s results.

    Badly let down.

    Were they given false hope?

  10. voiceforchildren


    Firstly I hope everything you have published on Terence (GST28) Le Main is true and not libellous.

    I told him yesterday I will be doing a blog on him and in the interest of fairness and balance offered him the opportunity to give me an interview on camera. To which he flatly refused and proceeded to (in my opinion) threaten and bully me.

    He told me if I wrote anything that was a lie or defamed him in any way he would sue me for every penny I’ve got (both of them!).

    I don’t know if his next statement was a threat or not where he said. “you would be doing yourself, wife and children a big favour if you were to stop meddling” (or words to that effect)

    For the rest of your post, I find it somewhat uncharactaristicaly defeatest. We must remember most of the electorate are too poor to be in the position to own a computer and only get their “news” from the mainstream media so are not privvy to the whole truth.

    I think the vote could have been too thinned out with so many (very credible) candidates this time but there was a significant drop in the percentage of votes the “establishment candidates” recieved.

    You now have 3 years to establish your charter party and as we have seen there are many very credible potential members. The possible biggest problem with this last election was a divided opposition and why are they divided? “personalities” and lack of organisation.

    All that needs to be done is for people to be able to get along and organise themselves, that’s how simple (I believe) it really is.

    Don’t let the bast-rds grind you down Stuart, if you start getting deomoralised what hope have we and our children got?

  11. Helen

    Hi Stuart
    I am just as upset about the results as you are. I really think the problem is lack of information it was only when I stumbled upon your blog that my eyes were opened! I was chatting to my mum the day before the elections about who we were voting for she told me “I am voting for ouzeuf because he has done so much for the island you never hear about anyone else and he is always in the J.E.P.” she went on to say pretty much the same about McClean! I was gobsmacked!! She didn’t have a clue about the lies etc etc. When I filled her in she rapidly changed her mind. Now she is a good person very intellignent and doesn’t normally suffer fools gladly! She like most of her generation gets their information from the J.E,P! Until more people are clued up to what is happening on our island nothing much will change. When I read your blogs I get so angry and upset at what is going on what can we do??

  12. Anonymous

    Sorry Stuart I really tried to get people out to vote, and get these clowns out, unfortunatley at the end of the day most people are cowards and will go with the flow for fear of reprissals from those in charge. They won’t stand up to the bullies because they don’t want to victimised or worse. They know that things are wrong and moan about it but do nothing. They think by keeping their heads down they might escape problems for themselves but they are just getting shafted with more taxes etc whilst the rich laugh behind their backs. More fool them.

    There are also the other types who are making vast sums from the status quo and they and their hangers on always get out and vote!

    The media plays its part by scaring people against voting for non establishment candidates with comments like it isn’t a good time for change with the state of world affairs! Believe that and you will believe anything.

    We are just plebs to those in charge and they have us where they want us under the cosh. It is just the old class structure replaying itself in modern life. The people at the bottom have it in their hands to change things but those in charge rule by manipulation and division to get what they want. It appears those being led are happy to be milked for what little they have. How bad does it have to get before the people say enough is enough??

  13. Anonymous

    Terry le mains is a true coward . to threaten someones family is the pits , this is another man protected buy the regime! and uses his postion to do as he pleases, threats are idol and the low of the low. this guy has lied and ripped people off many a time , but tell boy the truth is out there, and somehow u keep getting away with it, but the internet is a wonderfull thing and people are wise to u terry le mans u are the pits and a digrace to the people of jersey. and to think our taxs keep u in your postion / it makes me sick your day is coming

  14. Anonymous

    It may be difficult and to expensive to set up another local rag! But, it is very easy to publish pamphlets particularly today when every one has access to a computer and printer. This is of course how it was done and has been done time and time again. All one needs is a hard core of volunteer’s to publish and disseminate the media to the people in the street. Hand them out in King Street. Leave them on windscreens of parked cars, post them through letter box’s. You will soon get to the people!

    Good Luck. Oh almost forgot! Where would we be today if the likes of Martin Luther King gave up at the first minor set-back?

    Writing from excile

  15. voiceforchildren

    Terence (GST28) Le Main told me yesterday that Blogs and citizen media readers are in a minority as was proved by the election results.

    I offered him a wager that was I bet him he would not get elected next time he stands. He told me he won’t be standing again. Is he too scared to face his electorate? and does citizen media play a big part in elections?

    Blogging and citizen media, I believe is at the very early stages over here, it is growing rapidly and is a real threat to our local mainstream media and oligarchy.

    Maybe Stuart could do a poll to see how much support Terence (GST28) Le Main has with the online community.

  16. Anonymous

    I also recall Le Main being arrested at the Weigbridge about 15 years ago. Some dispute over his crap parking.

    A young scottish girl leant out of a nearby window asking him to keep his voice down because she was putting her baby to bed. Le Main replied words to the effect…

    “If you don’t like it fuck off back to Scotland.”

    Not sure what happened to that one in the end.

  17. Anonymous

    Von Strudle Here.
    Senator Stuart Syvret.
    The people who didn’t vote for the Jersey Establishment Party. Do not Deserve this Government as you say.
    You, the people who voted GREEN or only voted for 1 or 2 people get the Government they Deserve.
    I voted Higgens, Le Clercq, Le Cornu, Pitman, Southern & last but by no means lest Tadier. SO I DO NOT DESERVE THIS GOVERNMENT.
    I’m a carpenter like you used to be and went to the same SHIT SCHOOL as you a few years younger but we still had the cane then, with all the same BASTARDS, who loved given it out as you had. (that’s a story for another time).
    I grow up on a housing estate, had a bastard of a father who drank & battered my mum. Police then would do nothing. They divorced when i was 9.
    I have always worked since leaving school, payed my Taxes & social security (top end)and had nothing off the States.
    So I’m like that Average Jo that the Americans are talking about at the minute.
    There are people that have not workedsince school & will not work but drive around in people carriers with about 6 kids big house with garden all on the state so they love this Government.
    I would like to here your reply.
    I’ve never liked Terry-Tel-Boy-LeMain, he helps a few peoplein housing and everyone loves him but he could and should doa lot lot more for the people.
    The people who vote for him should get to know him for who he realy is. The Half-wit a crook an ignorant moron a LIAR aspiv & a class – TRAITOR. I couldn’t of but it better myelf. (photo in RAG last night somes him up brown nose)
    Talking about him being a Half-wit wot about that email he sent.Well out of order & the letter he sent to Le Cornu.
    ou keep going back to Mr & Mrs Average Jersey Voter.
    Ozouf’s votes down 40%
    Viberts votes down 42%
    Routiers votes down 25%
    Southerns votes UP 52%

    So something was going right but when you’ve got so many people standing and NO SENSIBLE TACTICAL VOTING going on & people not using all 6 votes will live the door open for those to still get in.
    So goodbye for now from one P*SS OFF Mr Average Jersey Voter.

    (P.S. I do support you in all that you have done & doing it must be hard on you on your own in there but we still have the Deputies Election coming up, so we still have some hope for you to get some Allies in)

    I would love to here your comments on what i have said. Thanks.

  18. Anonymous

    Interesting spin. Both Ian le Marquand and Alan Breckon (one stated, one by voting record) were for exemptions to GST on food and clothing, and came hugely above the other 4, who – on a lower vote than last time – claimed a victory for GST.

  19. Stuart Syvret

    Re Le Main running away from the cameras.

    I think it was down at the car-ferry terminal, actually. He had booth down there where he ran his hire car business.


  20. Anonymous

    As Jersey people seem to have voted for experience, I hope some unsuccessful candidates can be persuaded to stand as deputies. Rome was not built in a day! Not everyone voted for certain people, you know, and I think the point about access to computer blogs was a good one.

  21. Anonymous

    I am not sure that it is as bad as you think it is.
    Ian le Marquand is one of those Jersey freaks. In the absence of party politics or indeed much of a political class the system throws these up. Witness Perchard and Cohen last time, both of them came from nowhere politically to Senator and at the next election it is likely that Cohen will be sent down due to his failures at plannning.

    One of the weaknesses of Ministerial government in the absence of parties is that there is nothing to bind the Council of Ministers together in terms of a shared political culture or a manisfesto.
    Consequently they all pursue their own aims, or more likely the empire building aims of their senior civil servants.
    Also the Chief Minister is elected by the members of the House in a secret ballot but they have no commitment to support him in any other vote! Consequently he is a weak almost comical figure, the fact that Frank Walker and now probably Terry le Sueur are three year only Chief Ministers exacerbates the situation.

    Really the cherry picking of Clothier has created a weak system in which the Baliff and Bill Ogly together with a gang of about twenty chief officers are the real power in Government.

  22. Anonymous

    Cheer up, it was only 6 senators!
    There are far more deputies to be changed in a few week’s time.

    The public just need a bit of educating, that’s all. They’re not evilly complacent, just a bit ignorant of the Big Picture. That can be changed!

  23. Anonymous

    It has to be thought of in different terms. Firstly the stats show that the public were not voting for the establishment but that the voting was all over the place. In real terms it was neither a defeat nor a victory for eaither side. I call it a draw.

    More than half the entire vote went to non-establishment figures. It was simply a case of divide and rule by the establishment who would have been delighted to have 400 candidates up there.

    The establishment go into battle holding most of the cards. They have professional soldiers and advisers, access to the best weapons and have control of the propaganda machine. They keep the public at large in the dark and spin ‘good news’ stories to help their candidates.

    The rest, at least at these elections, were a bit like a disorganised rabble attacking the castle with pitch forks and having to talk in hushed whispers on internet blogs.

    What needs to be done.

    The various non-establishment factions should stop squabbling and work towards finding common ground, putting up their best contenders for the senatorials and the second best for the deputies.

    Narrow the field and organise.

    Somehow the freedom of information cartel must be smashed.

    The public at large need to know exactly what lies and dirty tricks and deals are going on. They must be informed. It cannot be limited to the internet.

    Senator elect made a start tiowards the truth with the Consumer council newsletter. This idea needs to be jumped on quickly.

    How on earth are the public supposed to be outraged if they don’t know what is going on?

    How are the establishment going to be forced into accountability unless the public are outraged.

    As I said, it was a draw. But there are big lessons to be learned here. Learn them.

    It won’t happen straight away but it will happen. Battles are sometimes lost, but wars are won.

    Get organised!

  24. Anonymous

    “It may be difficult and to expensive to set up another local rag! But, it is very easy to publish pamphlets particularly today when every one has access to a computer and printer. This is of course how it was done and has been done time and time again. All one needs is a hard core of volunteer’s to publish and disseminate the media to the people in the street. Hand them out in King Street. Leave them on windscreens of parked cars, post them through letter box’s. You will soon get to the people!

    Good Luck. Oh almost forgot! Where would we be today if the likes of Martin Luther King gave up at the first minor set-back? “


    I am going to do something after the weekend, there are all sorts of ways to tell people stuff. What about putting stuff onto a T Shirt? You can get T Shirts printed very cheaply nowadays. People get curious about seeing the same T shirt design, we could use that banana shaped map of Jersey in some way, get your thinking caps on everyone!


  25. Anonymous

    It will be interesting to see what will happen in the Deputies elections.
    The GST Senators really did lose quite a few votes despite the system favouring sitting Senators.
    There are quite a few people who are coming out of the Senatorial race in a good position to win in the next round.
    Pip Ozouf was on CITV last night waffling about listening more so I think he is a bit rattled.

  26. Anonymous

    Anonymouos in entry #24 alludes to a very important point. Without parties, and the coherence and alternative visions they bring, there is imbalance between the influence of senior civil servants and the elected. In a system where the elected have alternative sources of researched information and facts (from a party research unit for example), then the policy offerings of the bureaucracy can be challenged.
    Also of importance – the top civil servants will also be mindful that they may have to deal with a different party in the future.

  27. Anonymous

    re pamphlets.

    Oh find some friendly newsagents who will slip one into every copy of the rag as a ‘supplement’.

    How funny would that be. The rag accompanied by a truth supplement!

  28. Anonymous

    The collective ‘WE’ do get the government we deserve, but like many fellow bloggers I did not vote for 4 of the top six, and I certainly did not vote for the big O!

    With reference to Terry Le Main’s e mail, he like Stuart has freedom of speech. Stuart has made some deragotory statements about certain individuals – so what is the difference?

    I choose to visit Stuarts site, I applaud his strength of character and conviction.

    I have heard Le Main call Stuart a liar in the chamber, and have heard the bayleaf censure Le Main…(there is a tealeaf joke in there somewhere!) I recall that Le Main led the revolt re the now infamous Christmas speech……….

    I am delighted to hear that Le Main will not stand again, that is good news, I am sorry that Stuart will stand down………… will go down in history and one is history!

    With reference to charges re libel, I reckon Le Main has done Stuart a favour by going into print, no doubt Le Main will use the next sitting to try to bring about some censure motion against Stuart………………bring it on! I am sorry that I will be off island next week as it should be fun!

  29. Anonymous

    Rome was not built in a day, Emile is 96 and still batling away……..take a leaf out of his book and keep going ……….

    Monty may stand in St Brelade ( Radio Brigit phone in today)…..

    I can’t bear the thought of another 6 years of the Big O, never mind the others……

    I read what Stuart says about Ian Le Marquand, but I am prepared (just as well) to give the man a chance……….surely they can’t all be tarred with the same brush……….or can they?????

    We have issues such as HDLG, the IMF, the demise of the finance industry all breathing down the necks of our government…….

    If we can get a decent electoral system in place we will get a government that is more representative.

    We are stuck with a partisan press, but I sense that through the influence of the internet that will change, and whilst Stuart is still in the states they all have to keep looking over their shoulders.

  30. Anonymous

    Anybody notice how Ozouf jumps up and down when he talks.

    Next election in 3 years the non-establishment candidates shouldn’t have so many candidates.
    The split vote definitely cost.
    Particularly the Greens.

  31. TonyTheProf

    Let’s hope you can back up your assertions on Terry Le Main with evidence or witnesses; you do seem to be pushing the boat out a bit on that one.

  32. Anonymous


    Are not all governments by means of their sized defined as oligarchial?

    Your continued use of the word is frankly boring.

    They may be in power but they have been elected to that position. The only people are to blame are the electorate but it is at their gift so to do.

  33. Anonymous

    The machine that runs the system of things in the country is so contra to what most people have been brought up and its so corrupt now that the powers that be will make little allowances for those with diplomatic immunity or anyone else who has a secret they hold over those who furiously play switch a roo the smoke and mirrors in a strange machiavellian dance to protect those who are even higher up the ladder and most of who have their own veritable wardrobes of skeletons they would not wish to be made public.

    So in steps the PR & Media brigade Spin doctors and minions, hangers on every last one of them without the basic moral direction of what is right and just sucking up to those with the CURRENT power and scattering into the background when the proverbial hits the fans.

    “They still burn witches!!!”

  34. Stuart Syvret


    The stuff about Le Main is all 100% evidenced; – in fact the vast majority of it is in the public domain already – which makes the public’s continued delight in the idiot all the more bizarre.

    The stolen car stuff is in pleadings in court. In fact, I think you may find an affidavit on a certain web-site – which was sworn by a lawyer and admitted as evidence.

    The forging of signatures was also exposed and examined in court. It involved an attempt by Le Main to fake some part of a tenancy agreement with an elderly lady who owned the shed he was running his business from. This court case was even reported in The Rag – so it must be true.

    In fact The Rag also reported his casual trampling of the Data Protection Law in the case of the Housing tenant – once it too became a scandal.

    Of course – all he ever got for these kinds of things was a slap on the wrist – and walked away from it all with the customary Teflon-coated ‘lovable rogue’ posturing.

    Of course, if I’d done what Le Main had done – I’d have been thrown out of the States for another 6 months.

    I guess if you signed-on to the J-lib web site, you could track down all the court information.

    Like I said – it’s all there already. Well-documented – and in the public domain.

    Plainly so. In fact, an attempt by Le Main to sue would be amongst the worst follies – and splendid entertainment; almost as suicidal as if people like Skinner, Wherry, Spencer, McKeon, Baudains, and Lundy etc tried to sue.


  35. Stuart Syvret

    Governments as Oligarchies

    No – it is not correct to say that all governments are oligarchic.

    For example – most well-established western democracies embraced the concept of checks & balances a very long time ago – and divided state power between such entities as judiciary, legislature and executive.

    No such separation of powers exists in Jersey – and consequently there are no effective checks and balances.

    All meaningful state power is concentrated into the hands of a narrow, entrenched ruling elite – who abuse power and do whatever it takes to run the jurisdiction as a piece of money-making apparatus for themselves.

    Moreover – in Jersey the problem is further compounded by an entirely corrupted local media – which serves power and opposes any challenge to the status quo.

    But it gets worse; Jersey has no organised opposition – so functions as a de facto single party state.

    The word ‘oligarchy’ simply could not be bettered as a succinct description of power in Jersey. It applies perfectly.

    Which is why I use it so often.

    And its even gained currency in local politics – which has to be a good thing – even if use of the word is inadvertently self-damaging to the oligarchs who use it in ignorance of its meaning.


  36. Anonymous

    I have read your comments about Ian le Marquand, the stuff on Planet Jersey and his manifesto.
    At least at this point he comes over as a fairly intelligent, right of centre independent. Certainly smarter than the average bear in there, actually I think one of the barriers to his promotion will be being labelled as ‘too clever by half’.
    I do not know what he means by political control of the police but maybe he might be more aware of what is going on down there than Wendy Kinnard was. Time and again she was out of the loop, for example the first she knew about them abolishing the motorcycle unit was when the Rag phoned her up for an interview about it. The officers had been reallocated and the bikes were sold so that was that.
    Time and again she failed to get to grips with the La Moye Hilton. The place seems to be a private fiefdom within the Home Affairs statelet. Huge sums of money are spent on it but time and again it is found to be sub standard by Prison Inspectors. Periodically disturbing stories about a suicide, ready availabilty of drugs or mobile phones emerge from behind its chain link fence.
    Questions were asked but no one ever got to the bottom of things as Wendy dissembled and the civil servants responsible hid behind her ample skirts.

  37. Anonymous

    Perchard gets to be the good guy

    I must admit to not being a friend of ‘Pyjamas’ Perchard. I know a few farmers and he is not universally liked and respected in the farming community.
    However he seems to have run foul of I would guess Frank, Terry, Pip and Al as they try and keep their scheme for the financial district well away from anyone who might object or question it in any way.
    Harcourt pressure is on says senator

  38. Anonymous

    Anybody notice how Ozouf jumps up and down when he talks.

    In Animal Farm Squealer the pig who does all the spin has a habit of skipping from side to side when he is trying hard to be particularly persuasive.

  39. Anonymous

    One morning earlier this year I was driving my mother on St Andrews road going towards Mont Cochon It was just after 09.00. A large Mercedes came around the bend on my side of the road. I had to take evasive action. Driving the mercedes was none other than Terry Le Main. He did not notice me as he was to busy chatting on his mobile!

  40. Anonymous

    Who did vote for those five?
    Every one I speak to, were voting for anyone but those five, so who did vote for those five?

  41. Anonymous

    I worry as things are turning more sour on the streets, I expect a backlash before too long. If it doesn’t, or can’t happen at the polls, it will happen in others ways. The establishment have badly misjudged the mood of the people. They thing misguidedly that they can keep bullsh!tting the people, but this is coming to an end with the internet. Keep pluggung away Stuart, cracks are starting to appear in the life enriching island called Jersey. Monday night was a sign of things to come. Ozouf and co. took a hammering, they were laughed at and booed, this says volumes in a conservative island like Jersey. Ozouf appeared like a rabbit in the head lights of a car, he didn’t expect that reception, this is a sign of things to come unless things improve for the average person in Jersey. I don’t expect this to happen now these candidates have got in again. Let us hope that the deputies elections put in as many new people as possible who care about the ordinary person. We must have a balance to counter these establishment people.

  42. Anonymous


    In reference to your statement regarding Ian Le Marquand:

    “Belongs to some weird sectarian cult called ‘Alpha’”.

    You do mean the “Royal Alpha Masonic Lodge” Stuart, if this so, then why don’t you just call it what it is, don’t try and demonise something by using the ignorance of your reader to your own advantage…

    I thought you were better than this, obviously not.

    So now we have this out in the open, in your own mind Stuart, is this membership a good or bad thing?


  43. Stuart Syvret


    Le Marquand may well be a Freemason – I’d have to check my sources to find out. But, let’s face it – it would certainly figure, wouldn’t it?

    The ‘Alpha’ I was referring to was a Christian fundamentalist cult – in which the followers do things like “speaking in tongues” – and other such strange activities.


  44. Anonymous

    Where’s the Howard league Report
    – could it be that the elections need to finish first

  45. Anonymous

    Well, I guess the protest has been on going for eight hundred years or so. So, one more friday night (whilst I’m at the boozer), Is’nt going to realy have a mojor impact on the Islands future is it?

    Cheers (hic), Writing from excile.

  46. Anonymous

    Stuart is blunt in his utterings re certain of his colleagues, gangsters, half-wits and oligarchs spring to mind!

    Ben Shenton recently penned a missive to the rag, in which he too made some unpleasant comments re the council of ministers, so much so that Frankie was in the rag the following day stating that if it was not for the then forthcoming elections he would be getting the order of the boot – I interpreted that as toe the party line or you are out!

    Jimminy Cricket Perchard has eluded to pressure being put on him to withdraw a petition re Harcourt – he has made other less than flattering comments re the COM.

    Alan Breckon has made reference to the way the COM do business – secrecy and a them and us mentality was implied.

    Geoff Southern has also voiced concern.

    My point is that Stuart is not the only politician that is critical he just happens to be more blunt about them.

    Ian Le Marquand is a christian, a former judge – what will he bring to the table?

    How will his conscience allow him to be a party to this clique –

    I think he will see straight through them, but how will he deal with them?

    Somehow I don’t see him as a team player.

    We may have lost the battle but we have not lost the war!

    tonight Gerald Baudains announicing his retirement from the States also is critical of the COM,

  47. Anonymous

    “Alpha” isn’t a Christian cult as such. It’s an established cross-denominational evangelical movement aimed at introducing non-belivers to the basics of the Christian message. There’s nothing sinister about the Alpha course. I’ve been on one as it happens, although I didn’t take things further and remain an atheist. I believe Ian le Marquand is a member of the St. Paul’s congregation. This is the church whose Alpha course I joined. I didn’t see ILM whilst I was there and no-one spoke in tongues. On the contrary, they all seemed down-to-earth, normal folk who just had ‘good news’ they wanted to share.

  48. Anonymous


    “Belongs to some weird sectarian cult called ‘Alpha’”.

    You do mean the “Royal Alpha Masonic Lodge” Stuart, if this so, then why don’t you just call it what it is, don’t try and demonise something by using the ignorance of your reader to your own advantage…

    I thought only weirdos belonged to the masons, really secret societys in to-days world

    Mind you the Jersey Civil Service is full of them

  49. Smokin Jo

    Despite Wednesdays results, I still remain upbeat about the future of our island. Rome wasn’t built in a day and in many ways, Wednesdays results were a victory, when you take into account no more Vibert, no to CET and huge falls in the percentages of votes for a couple of the long standing oligarchy. Three torpedo strikes right into the heart of the establishment…slowly but surely, the old boy networks ship is sinking…bring on the deputy elections… 🙂

  50. Caz

    Alpha is an Evangelical Christian based education programme,not the Masonic thing.Nicky Gumble,Holy Trinity Church Brompton London .
    Goes world wide.
    Google it for yourselves

  51. Mark Forskitt

    “It may be difficult and to expensive to set up another local rag! But, it is very easy to publish pamphlets particularly today when every one has access to a computer and printer. This is of course how it was done and has been done time and time again. All one needs is a hard core of volunteer’s to publish and disseminate the media to the people in the street. Hand them out in King Street. Leave them on windscreens of parked cars, post them through letter box’s. You will soon get to the people!”

    From my experience it takes about 5 years. Allow me to explain a little further. When I became involved in local politics in Nottingham for the Liberal Party (later Liberal Democrats) there had not been a Liberal councillor elected from the city on either the the city or county councils for over 20 years. I should add the local monopoly newspaper (the Nottingham Evening Post), a vehemently anti-union publication, studiously ignored our existence.

    We started a roughly six weekly newsletter for the 5,000 people of the Robin Hood ward. It took a really determined and targetted effort to get it going. After a while helpers and donations came forward, and it got a little easier. In 1989 with the National party in disarray and at single digits in the opinion polls, I was elected a councillor – the first in Nottingham in my lifetime, and against the national trend of significant losses eveywhere. That is the power of communication.
    And in case you were interested, it is still going – see

    Just enough time to get going for the next senatorial elections!

  52. Stuart Syvret


    That’s a fascinating book to which your link takes us.

    An interesting exposition on the preponderance of middle-class attraction to the Alpha cult.

    Also an interesting analysis of the psychology involved.

    I’m going to order a copy of this book on the basis of “know your enemy”.

    As I’ve often remarked, I’m not personally religious – and I have no problem with those who are – provided they do not, effectively, do-down others, through their various affiliations, loyalties, hypocrisies and claques.

    But I do find it increasingly interesting that there are so many people in Jersey – especially the middle classes and those in power – who like to think of themselves as ‘Christians’ – yet have no problem happily rationalising the essentially shallow, materialistic, greed-oriented, power-abusing, selfish approach they adopt to living – against the supposed ‘Christian’ principles they’re supposed to follow.

    Again – as I’ve often commented – I’m not religious – but if I’m wrong – and all that we’re taught about Jesus turns out to be true – then I’d be pretty confident I’d have more chance of admission to the Kingdom of Heaven – than the average Jersey Christian I know.

    I’m not sure I can imagine the Christ welcoming new arrivals in £60,000 SUV’s – purchased on the back of vast fortunes made in the murderous exploitation of the populations of the world’s poor.

    So that’s pretty much the Jersey oligarchy in for a rude awakening – and a few flaming pitch-forks en route.

    Do you think the fuel bill of Hell has GST on it?


  53. Anonymous

    How about introducing a little bit of democracy into the deputies election?
    As we do not have a “none of the above” option on our ballot papers maybe it would be possible to enter anti-candidates into the election.
    An anti-candidate stands for nothing but as opposition to a sitting candidate. The a-c’s message is “if you are unhappy with the performance of the present deputy vote for me to get rid of them. If i win i will stand down immediately.” If the a-c would like to be deputy they would then campaign in the 2nd election.

    This gives voters a very clear choice, people often worry that by picking an unknown they could be electing someone even worse, but this option allows them to remove a GST supporter/abuse hider and have a second go at electing a replacement. A protest vote and a supportive vote.
    This idea can also prove that an existing politician is wanted by their electorate if they beat the anti-vote. So it can be a very positive balance to our system. The people would truly have the government they voted for.
    Anyone up for it?
    I’m talking to you ex-senatorial candidates. No need to campaign in the first election beyond explaining what you are doing. And if it goes to a second you know you’re in with a chance.

  54. Stuart Syvret

    Debbie says:

    “There’s nothing sinister about the Alpha course and indeed quite a few of the churches over here endorse it.”

    Nuff said, really.

    This is, after all, in the Jersey context, a Church who’s local head, the Dean, was quite content to see my attempted expression of empathy for abuse survivors shouted-down and stopped – whilst then going on – a few months later when the cause had become fashionable – to use the same Biblical quotes as me.

    You see – that’s what I mean about the respective likelihoods of a non-believer like me being accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven by Christ – and some of those who imagine themselves to be his followers finding a long stretch in purgatory awaiting them.

    To take another example – I really struggle to see a rabid, hard-line, big-time Jersey Catholic like Julian Clyde-Smith cruising through the pearly gates in his limo – given he sentenced a messed-up, 19 year-old – who had been appallingly abused by the States of Jersey – to three years for dealing ecstasy – and then two weeks later, sentencing a “prominent local businessman” to 270 hours community service – for conspiracy to import a shed-load of cocaine – a far more dangerous drug.

    Moreover – as the 19 year-old, his family and I now know – sentenced on the basis of three reports to court – at least two of which constituted – quite obviously – outright perjury.

    I guess that’s why it took us 10 months to obtain the documents.

    But – hey-ho – a few hail Mary’s will sort you out, eh Julian?


  55. Anonymous


    Not for publication
    Stop worrying about the elections. The problem was a poorly co-ordinated election strategy by the alternatives. You should have picked 3 candidates and told people to only vote for the three

    Next time candidates then need to target various districts. Walk the beat and engage people

    Meantime cheer up – prepare for your Christmas speech but this year take your own microphone. If anybody trys to take it off you – charge them with theft!

  56. Anonymous

    I hope that the 19 year old and his family has appealled against the length of his sentence? Sometimes you have to go as far as the english court of appeal to be listened to.

  57. Anonymous

    Stuart, i know alot of people didnt vote, cos in someways there very naive, and dont really have a clue about whats going on, people do want an easy life , but with the taxs being imposed on us that wont happen, the only way is to educate people to whats really going on here, people are so blind! so lets use whats out there and go mainstream , ie jersey centrel its catching on and there awide veriation in age on there , i say set up some groups on there to , its got to be worth a go and people will join in once someone gives it a push and any other site !

  58. Anonymous

    As far as I know Alpha is a course that introduces the curious to the principles of Christianity.
    It is cross denominational so what you get is dependent to some extent on the host church.
    I am an atheist but I have a fairly good understanding of Christianity.
    I don’t believe in it but it is as fundamental to Western civilisation as algebra, double entry book keeping, impressionism or evolution!
    Some of which I believe in 😀

  59. Anonymous

    Straight answers to some straight questions Stuart:

    Before the election, how many local supporters did you think you had following your blog, and how many did you think would follow your voting suggestions?

    And how has your assessment changed since digesting the results?

  60. Voice of reason?

    So in general terms we get the government we deserve do we?

    You are part of the same government Stuart – did we deserve you too?

    You seem to be on a very destructive mission to me.

  61. Guevara

    Hi Stuart
    Let’s start a bloody revolution.
    I am fed up with these snobs. They meet at f-ing Bistrot Centrale all the time “to discuss” (don’t they all eat there?) and where does the money come from? Us of course. I work with these people they are so f-ing corrupt. I have been bullied by them whilst working for them. Couldn’t do a bloody thing. Got moved and now I work for someone just the same. What a joke this island’s government is.
    I am pissed off with the result.
    Mrs C. Guevara.

  62. Debby

    Stuart says:

    “….he sentenced a messed-up, 19 year-old – who had been appallingly abused by the States of Jersey – to three years for dealing ecstasy – and then two weeks later, sentencing a “prominent local businessman” to 270 hours community service – for conspiracy to import a shed-load of cocaine – a far more dangerous drug.”

    Funnily enough, I was speaking with someone the other day about these cases, but I mistakenly thought it was Ian Le Marquand’s court room inconsistencies rather than anything to do with Julian Clyde-Smith. The person I spoke with was convinced there must have been good reason for the 19 year old getting a harsh sentence compared to that of the business man.

    That appears to be the attitude of a lot of Jersey people Stuart…They shrug it off because there must have been more to it or the courts would have dealt with differently…and there’s no convincing them otherwise. It makes me so angry!

  63. Anonymous

    Don’t worry Stuart whoever has done wrong from the highest to the lowest will face the consequences of their actions once they pass on. Do you think the few run things in the higher relms and bullsh!t the rest? No they will face the results of their misdemenours head on. There will be no old boys network to hide them there. Everyone will know who has done what to whom and who has been decent and who hasn’t. I would much prefer to face judgement in this world than the next, if I’d done grave things here.

    Many people in Jersey are well aware of what has been going on despite protestations the other way. They know who the liars are and what they have done. They keep quiet as they have families to think of. The world spotlight has been on Jersey and this can of worms will not go back in the can! Jersey’s cover as a life enriching place has been blown, no matter who or what make speaches to the contrary. Indeed the more one protests the more people outside and inside will doubt these protests of innocence.

    If anyone wants to have a positive effect on things over here refuse to buy the JEP and get everyone they know not to buy it and read this blog instead. Knowledge protects, give people the knowledge, they will then know how to vote and who to vote for. Anyone who sells in the JEP stop, use other means to sell do something positive to help those in need. Jersey Insight is free to sell things on, use that, it probably has more hits than the JEP anyway.

    Also each day that passes is a day nearer to death and hence judgement, the clock is ticking away…….

  64. Debby

    Oops, it appears I’m posting under 2 names. Just for the record, both Debbie and Debby are the same person…ME. I’ll try to be more consistent in future.

  65. Anonymous

    About the Alpha ‘Sect’

    I googled it and came up with the info below.

    “The Alpha program calls for congregations to rethink their approach to evangelism. Instead of offering church-based community events or services that might expose nonbelievers to a congregation, Alpha instructs leaders on how to use an invite-your-friends model to stimulate interest in Christian doctrine.

    The growth of Alpha worldwide is remarkable. In l991, the first year for the course anywhere, four classes were conducted. By 1995, 2,500 classes were taught and last year, that number reached 6,700. By the end of 1998, officials and leaders with the Alpha Course estimate as many as 1 million people worldwide will have completed the course.”

  66. crapaudmatic

    Stuart, I hope you don’t mind me linking to my picture representing just how few people voted for the elected Senators.
    Just the facts, in graphic form – click here.

    I hope it puts things into perspective!

  67. Linda Corby


    The Jersey justice system stinks and what happened to the 19 year old boy is not an unusual occurrence.

    Bad, weirdo and outright inhuman judgments are common place in Jersey.

    Below is just one personal example of the Jersey justice system in reality.

    My husband Brian was taken to court for likely to cause an obstruction (note: not causing any obstruction) in 1990.

    The fine was sent to our previous address which the Breakdown truck in question had never been registered to; the log book was registered to the business address we were using.

    Our 12 year old daughter Natasha was terminal with cancer at this time, Brian had just got back from the UCLH Hospital in England with her after six weeks of Natasha’s treatments, and as I was highly pregnant at the time I couldn’t travel or be in the treatment rooms at the hospital.

    When this went to court a millionaire’s parking fine case was heard before Brian’s, this millionaire was on first name terms with the Judge and got a £25.00 fine.

    Brian gave a statement into the court as he was too upset to talk properly with what we were going through losing our daughter at the time.

    The Centiner stood up and said he wanted to drop all charges and court costs under the circumstances, he even apologized to Brian for it even coming to court.

    The judge refused to drop the case, said that because we ran our own business he was going to make an example of Brian, refusing to look at the log book which proved we had never received the fine as the truck had never been registered to the address the fine was sent to.

    Brian was fined £100.00. Go figure.

  68. Anonymous


    A lot of peple are talking about the election results. The common consensus seems to be that it was a campaign of individuals working for themselves. Even the JDA candidates didnt advise their supporters to vote for them as a team.
    With a field of 21 and no plan – what happened was predictable
    Marginal seats in the UK will swing if their is a concentrated campaign.
    The time 4 change need to get it together for the next election

  69. Anonymous


    You don’t intend to seek re-election because you are fed up with politics.You whine about the electorate but you take their money.Resign now and let somebody have your seat who is motivated.

  70. Stuart Syvret

    Motivated or not – I’d still do more work, and put more effort into it than most States members combined.

    To make this comment you appear to have simply no grasp of just what a load of hopeless, idle, ineffectual, cretinous and ignorant dead-wood comprises the make-up of the States assembly.

    Or – perhaps you do – and you want to make damn sure it stays that way?

    Resign now? – Tempting – very tempting.

    However – as no other States member is willing or able to take forward the political dimension of the child protection war – and a lot of survivors are looking to me to do that, and try and fix things – I have some very serious uncompleted work to do.

    To walk away from that right now would be to let-down a lot of people who I’ve come to know over the last 20 months.

    Certain things must be seen through to the conclusion.

    In case you hadn’t noticed – I’m not a ‘quitter’.


  71. Anonymous

    Well said Stuart fighting spirit is what is needed and you seem still up for it… That’s a good thin. It’s better to be on the inside pushing out than not!!! and if you were ever thinking you would leave politics You would not have started something so powerful only to leave it blowing in the wind…Stirling stuff Stuart…

  72. Anonymous

    what is the states policy on retirement in the respect of if a certain person charged with assaulting children is charged before or after pensionable age are they entitled to keep their ludicrously high pension when found guilty?

  73. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,
    No Brian didn’t have a lawyer we couldn’t afford one at the time, and as you know legal aid really is not free!

    Because we were self employed, Brian included our financial position in his letter to the court. Had no support from the States what-so-ever again because we were self-employed and their attitude was that Brian had voluntary stopped working. Obviously Brian had to do this in order to look after Natasha; I couldn’t as I said due to being highly pregnant.

    Even the allowance we were entitled to we never received, because they filled in the paperwork for us at SS and got it wrong, by the time we realized it was too late as Natasha died.

    Dick Shenton tried his best to get the money for us from SS, and was the only States Member to help us through the whole ordeal and we will always be grateful to him for that, but SS refused outright to give us anything, the money wasn’t even to come out of Tax Payers Money as it was held in a trust and had been donated for cases like ours.

    The story about this hit the headlines front page of the JEP on the Christmas edition 1990.

    As far as I know the SS rules/laws have never been changed from that day to this, so anyone having to give up working to look after their ill child will still receive no help what-so-ever.

    Personally, I sold everything I had of any value in order to help keep us going, and we still ended up with a huge debt, which we paid off plus the massive interest.

    I came down with cancer myself possibly due to the stress, and Brian worked himself into the ground ending up with a serious heart attack in 1996 which is why we sold our Breakdown Service business in 1997.

    Brian thinks the Judge was Olsen.

    I will send you a copy of my autobiography ‘Bad Blood’ by email attachment after posting this; know you love reading as I do.

  74. Anonymous

    Stuart , how is it u have spoken out about the child abuse, which was the right thing to do with simon bellwood, know u have both lost your jobs! a rip off merchant and old lady fraudster gets away with it ? so that says something about our states members, just no morals, they just see pound signs and pure greed, as mike forskitt said there are other ways of getting people on side, use whats aviable to us every internet site facebook myspace etc , alot are away at uni, reach out to them, and if u need helpers put my name in the hat , ill be only to happy to help the cause, we need justice not lies

  75. Anonymous

    just to echo a few comments here. Lets not let this get us down, there are a couple of silver linings … vibert out , breckon (not best mates with le sueur) in. more importantly, deputies elections coming up, chin up and crack on.

  76. Stuart Syvret


    Could I just make it clear that the SS you refer to is Social Security – not me?

    Olsen, eh? Yep – that figures.

    A more off-the-wall right-wing market fundimentalist oligachy scion would be difficult to identify.


  77. Anonymous

    I wondered what your readers make of the following:

    1. The continued suspension of K Huchet for allegations of bullying adult workers

    2. The 5 year suspension of a hospital porter following an a police investigation into paedophila activities

    3.But no suspension of the chief officer at education

    Are there different rules for some?

  78. Debbie

    Linda, I just ordered your book via PayPal and tried to contact you on your hotmail address (the address you have registered with PayPal)to ask if you have an audio version of it that I can load on to my Ipod, but unfortunately the email bounced, “User Unknown”. Could you please let me know if it’s possible to get an audio version. I’ll be quite happy to pay extra. My email address is


  79. Anonymous

    Mark Forskitt
    What a great idea, a computer and a printer is all you need to get the word to the people. I am sure there are plenty of volunteers that would be more than happy to oblige in distribution Lets turn a negative into a positive and start acting rather than feeling dejected. Power to the people citizen Smith.

  80. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart
    Rofl of course the SS I referred to is Social Security, Hitler’s élite group with income support documents in their hands, lol.

    Took my ten minutes to type this post had to get off the floor and get over the stitch from laughing first. The vision in my head was like something off spitting image.

    Did you get my email with the link OK, just wondering?

    Take care, keep up the good work, your writing reminds me of Philip Sinel, great guy that, lol, he has me falling about like a rag doll with his dry humour.

  81. Anonymous

    Sen. SYVRET

    Given the election results and the blogs that you posted prior to the result, surely you must now see that you are living in a topsy-turvy cocoon! Your bottom five were the top five, OK you scored with BRECKON but I guess you had to get one right.

    Let’s have a look at the evidence, you no longer communicate with the press, you don’t answer your door, you do not attend the hustings because they are ‘too busy’ and it seems that the only way that you are prepared to interact with people is via this blog, the one place where you have total control by having the power to moderate comments, can you not see that this is abnormal behaviour?

    I am relieved to hear that you will not be standing when you term expires, you need to understand that the public have put great faith in you and, in the main, you have failed them. You certainly were not a successful cabinet maker and I doubt very much that you would have earned more as a carpenter that you have as an elected states member.

    In relation to the alleged child abuse, many communities in the UK have had similar ’revelations’ usually with no resulting prosecutions, that’s not to say that some abuse has been perpetrated locally and naturally any sensible person would not condone such activities, but let’s not over egg the pudding and keep these allegations in perspective.

    In the past there has been no clear distinction between children who had committed offences and those who were unfortunate enough not to have a stable family life and that has obviously been a large part of the problem.

    In relation to children who have broken the law, how would YOU deal with criminals who happen to be children and decide to commit violent offences or to vandalize property?

    In short, it’s not time for a change, it’s time to take stock, learn from past mistakes and move on. None of the elected politicians are the gangsters that you portray them to be and the wild allegations that you make in relation to Income Tax and Social Security are simply untrue, I sincerely hope that any sensible person can see through these inaccurate ramblings.

  82. Anonymous

    “In short, it’s not time for a change, it’s time to take stock, learn from past mistakes and move on.”

    Wow, that’s so appalling it has to be a wind up doesn’t it?
    I mean no sane person would say that about a case where over one hundred people came forward with allegations of child abuse and about the remains of charred bones and childrens teeth which were still completely attached to their roots in the earth around the site of the alledged abuse, would they?

    Well if it’s not a very bad joke I look forward to seeing how that argument holds up in the magistrates court.
    ” If i may put it this way your honour,In short, it’s not time for a change, it’s time to take stock, learn from past mistakes and move on. ”
    “Oh well you’ve got a point there. What’s the point of prosecuting old crimes really? Case dismissed”

    By the way if you think that Stuart and this blogs readers are isolated oddballs why bother write the poison? If this is just a wacky and strange corner of the net why does it bother you?
    Unless you think it is making a difference and people are taking notice of what is written here.
    Why waste your staggering intellect (and undoubted charm) on us ungrateful plebs?

  83. Smokin Jo

    “Sen. SYVRET

    Given the election results and the blogs that you posted prior to the result…blah blah blah”

    Obviously a Le Marquand or a Le Marquand supporter produced this drivel. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant and arrogant these oligarchy and their supporters are. But I guess it is easy to be so blase when you have had the perfect sheltered “Jersey is the World” upbringing and not been beaten and / or raped repeatedly and / or murdered by the exact same system they are now so proud to be a part of. Wake up and smell reality before reality wakes up and smells you.

  84. Anonymous

    i do hope that at the end of your term that you don t give up, you have to carry on and see changes and victories through. To the people who don t want to rock the boat, stay there as either way you loose, either by being rocked too much and falling out or if any join you the boat will eventually sink!!

  85. Mark Forskitt

    “In the past there has been no clear distinction between children who had committed offences and those who were unfortunate enough not to have a stable family life and that has obviously been a large part of the problem.

    In relation to children who have broken the law, how would YOU deal with criminals who happen to be children and decide to commit violent offences or to vandalize property?”

    The implication you are attempting to make is that children in care are criminals. This simply is not true. The fact is that only 1 in 20 of children in care has contributed to their situation by their own actions. The overwhelming majority are in care because those who should have looked after them either would not or could not for whatever reason.

  86. Anonymous

    Von Strudel Here
    You have answered everyone’s comment but mine, do i not count because I’ve said something against you. Do i need to email you for your wisdom.

  87. Anonymous

    Stuart, I’m not Computer Nerd, but I am a computer nerd…

    IP addresses work roughly as follows:

    You connect to your Internet Service Provider. Let’s say this is via JT broadband. You might be using a broadband modem directly connected to the computer, or your house might have a wireless router that several people in the house use. Doesn’t really matter.

    Anyway, when you connect, Jersey Telecom will dynamically assign your device (your modem or your wireless router) an IP address. It picks from the range of available free ones, from within its “pool”. This is “dynamic” allocation of your IP address. You stay with that IP until you voluntarily or involuntarily disconnect. When you reconnect, you’ll likely get a different one. It would be very unusual to get the same one on reconnection; someone else will have been allocated it from the pool in the interim. Not impossible though.

    It’s interesting to note at this point that the ISP will be logging in its database, which subscriber was allocated which IP address at which time. On production of a court order, the ISP has to hand over that data. Such orders are routine in, for example, hacking cases.

    We could have an interesting discussion (but it would probably take a while) about what ISPs are obliged to store nowadays and in the future. From a civil liberties point of view, its frightening. I’m not exactly sure about Jersey’s current Regulation of Investigatory Powers laws, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone somewhere were planning something altogether more draconian than what the UK has/will have. Anyway, I digress…

    So, you get your IP address. Whenever it changes depends on your connection habits. In my house, we have several laptops, all going via one wireless router that rarely gets disconnected. If we all visited your site, you’d see one IP address. Same as a big office in town: if 100 employees visited your site, you’d see just 1 IP address in your records.

    I can view your site on my new iPhone at a free wireless hotspot. That’ll be a different IP address. You get the picture.

    Oh yeah, you also have clever 15 yr olds nerds you can spoof their IP address. Their ISP grants them one address, but they manage to “present” a different one to your site. I’ve never looked into how to do it, never felt the need 🙂

    Hope this helps
    Nerd #2

  88. Anonymous

    The person who posted the comments that you classify as “Election Results – And Other Absurd Assertions” can’t have been ILeM.

    It must have been the Olly’s part-time favourite spin doctor, surely?

  89. Debbie

    anonymous said:

    “…you need to understand that the public have put great faith in you and, in the main, you have failed them.”

    I think you’ll find that in the main, Stuart has failed very few of his constituents if any at all!

    My family and I have never actually met Stuart and yet he was there for us when my husband was in so much pain that he was ready to hang himself. Stuart was the only person in a position of authority to care enough to get us on the right track for the help my husband so desperately needed and we are both VERY thankful to him for that.

    I’m pretty sure if you were to speak with those who have been subjected to abuse in the island, they’d all agree that Stuart hasn’t failed them either. No matter what the eventual outcome of events, Stuart has tirelessly listened to their stories, believed what they’ve had to say and has fought diligently on their behalf to see that justice is done.

    You say: “it’s time to take stock, learn from past mistakes and move on.”

    What you suggest is despicable! Simply brush it all under the carpet, forget about all the corruption that goes on in this island, pretend we’ve all learned from it and move on. Well, Mr Anonymous, that might be OK for you but, it’s not OK for those who have suffered abuse or suffered in other ways. They’re STILL hurting and STILL need justice for all they’ve been through!

    A few days ago I was so depressed over the election results that I vowed never to vote again, but I have come to the conclusion that it is still time for change and nothing will be accomplished if I don’t get out and vote along with all those who feel the same way as I do.

    Open your eyes Mr Anonymous…Change is coming whether you like it or not!

  90. Anonymous

    Stop press: How to shoot your own foot off before you start

    Ian le Marquand’s interview in The Vile Rag

    Justice Cocklecarrot (retired), puffed up with his poll topping result, has suggested that all of his future colleagues are not up to the mark as States members and none have the right stuff to make Chief Minister.
    In a furious reply, Alan MacLean has stated that he has a CSE in guinea pig care from a leading public school (Kelly College, Devon) ‘Diana Spencer became Princess of Wales with similar qualifications to mine, so on the basis that my parents have huge amounts of money I demand the right to run the island’.

  91. Anonymous

    Senator what would have to be done if someone wanted to oppose the rest of the senators and deputies in the establishment does it involve going to parliament with direct evidence of corruption and bullying because this is now becoming a piss take the islanders are inflicting thier own punishment its not funny and not nice they are too afraid to accept any form of change as reality and want to live in the assured comfort of virtual poverty and i am tired of having to put up with this day after day listening to these cheesy power malevolent prats “making the island a better place”. whilst they drive thier lamborghini gas guzzlers and beemers that just dont look any good wth them at the steering wheel personally these boys and girls need a good old fashioned kick up the arse thats has not been seen since the late eighties.

  92. Caz

    Many people will have heard of cases of negligence at the hospital,how come we never get to heard of the results of these investigations?
    Are they settled out of court to avoid unnecessary adverse publicity ?
    Rarely see anything in the local media,is that because there are no people making complaints,or that it is deemed more important to keep the news off radar for whatever reason ?

  93. Anonymous

    “Its not time for change.”
    Where does this clown come from? Not the average Jersey ranks thats for sure.

    Why make comments like that? There can only be one answer, the establishment are getting worried that the wheels are coming off their wagon.

    It appears that only what the establishment want know is published in the media, anything they don’t want known isn’t. Just look at last Monday nights hustings the establishment figures got hammered and jeered at Ozouf was shell shocked as were the rest. Nothing about this was reported in the local media.Why? Is this not news worthy? Don’t people need to know that there is an undercurrent of unhappiness with what is going on in the Jersey? Well if you only listen/read/view the local media you’d think things were ok. I speak to people on the coal face they are sick of the rubbish going on. Why does none of this get into the news? I can only answer that it because those in charge don’t want the rest to know what is going on. They don’t want their apple cart upset.

    Luckily we now have the internet to get around this type of spin and more and more people are using it as a method to get a balance to the establishment spin. Whats more it is free!

    Also I like the way the writer puts down the child abuse disaster. This is typical, deny things happen, when they finally come to the public domain, minimise whats happened and then get people to forget all about it! Time to move on, its too long ago, the people are dead, excuse, excuse, etc etc.. Why is this? Is child abuse a minor event to be brushed under the carpet like a parking fine? It is appears this person thinks it is!

    Child abusers get a rough ride in prison and from the public, not a nice label to have is it?Hypothetically if someone is well known and they had abused children would they want this label? Would they want this embarrassment on them and their families? Would they do anything to cover it up? What do you think?

  94. Anonymous

    “Justice Cocklecarrot (retired), puffed up with his poll topping result, has suggested that all of his future colleagues are not up to the mark as States members and none have the right stuff to make Chief Minister”

    Peter Troy must be livid.

    Although he likes to keep it very secret, I can reveal…..

    He is a member of Mensa!!!

    On a more serios note, is there a link to the Le Main case of ripping off/attempting to rip off pensioners?

    I think it would make a fascinating read.

  95. Anonymous

    with regard to the way to treat children. The author, justifies himself by stating that many children in care are there because they are criminal. And, have only got themselves to blame.

    It is clear to anyone with a modicum of intelligence that whoever it was that penned this poison has got a major problem with understanding or accepting the reasons why many children offend in the first place.

    With regard to this, I am not talking about the very, very small minority of kids who commit some very horrible crimes! They, like their adult equivalents come under other categories that are too complex to discuss here.

    However, with regard to the average kid who finds himself in care because his/her actions are not acceptable to society. What the author of this attack on children chooses to forget is perhaps the catalyst for much anti social behavior demonstrated by some children, is due to the lack of societal scruples in attacking them (the child).

    It is a well documented and evidenced fact that society at large is often the creator of its own daemons. In brief, if you treat a person like sh!t you will eventually have the same sh!t slung back at you!

    Poverty, marginalization, social exclusion etc, etc are well documented as the building blocks in the recipe for anti social behavior. In fact, it is a guaranteed recipe which will keep the court’s busy, our prison’s bursting at the seams and our child penal facilities full!

    I know in a middle class Island like jersey that has an `international image’ to protect, its so inconvenient and not to mention embarrassing, to have these impoverished kids from poor working class families hauled up in front of the courts.

    After all, isn’t the standard of living in Jersey one of highest in the world! However true that may be, it is certainly not reflected in other areas of Jersey life!

    The States themselves openly admit this, Literacy in the island is a case in point! It would be interesting to see statistics as to where the failing of education on the island is centered (i.e. which social class is affected the most). I wager it is not the class who enjoy one of the `highest ‘standards of living in the world!

    There are those who will argue that the fault is with the parents! However, what these people often forget (or choose to forget). Is that quite often the parents, owing to their own poverty, problems and lack of social support are not equipped to help their children succeed. Many parents in the island (particularly those from working class backgrounds), owing to the financial extremes placed upon them by the policies of the States of Jersey, are have to work all the hours god sends to enable Jersey’s wealthy to maintain their tax breaks.

    These people are often not in a position to offer the support at home that is required. Similarly, owing to the neglect of previous Jersey governments many parents themselves are also semi literate.

    I could site other examples however, I think I’ve stated my point. You know, when eventually we succeed in replacing the States of Jersey with a much wider socio economic representation.

    We will be required to put in place measure within the education system (and not just education) that correct the years of neglect suffered whilst in the hands of the Islands traditional ruling elite.

    There will come a time in the very near future, where the Islands whole economic politic will have to be re examined. It is clear without doubt that the Island, as far as its offshore tax haven status is concerned is living on borrowed time. The clock is ticking away and still many elected members of the current government have their head in the sand.

    If we all pull together Jersey could become a centre of excellence in many areas. A centre of inclusion as opposed to the one of class privilege and exclusion , that sadly it has become famous for.

    Writing from exile

  96. Anonymous

    Stuart , now is the time! lets go to the gates of schools and like the guy said before get the parents of school children to sign a pettion for the uk to bring uk judges in, lets get something started on facebook myspace , something like welcome to jersey? and get it up and running , lets show the world the truth, cos i am sick of whats going on here ,come on lets have some ideais? this is what they desreve.

  97. Anonymous

    Sen. SYVRET

    Firstly, you have allowed, and have even encouraged people to post anonymously on your blog and then when this facility is utilised you shout them down and accuse them of ‘hiding behind a cloak of anonymity’ Err.. how does that work?

    In relation to CGT, as you well know, “A general wealth tax or capital gains tax would not be consistent with Jersey’s position as a location for international financial services, and could seriously harm Jersey’s international reputation.”

    Source: the then F&E Committee report on the subject.

    Nothing absurd about that, they’re just the facts gathered from readily available documents.

  98. Anonymous

    Stuart do you know if the states are still going ahead with the idea of a multi-story carpark at Ann Court once everyone is moved out? I was shocked when i heard this latest hair brained scheme about 3 months ago!!

  99. Anonymous

    Yes Jersey is morally bankrupt. It may well be soon finacially bankrupt as well. However there are always costs associated with each choice made. It is slowly coming out that Jersey does not have the spotless squeeky clean image that it has potrayed for many years. Child abuse, tax avoidance, Jersey is well known now. What other things are to come out?

    Outside influences are gathering make no mistake, Jersey is now being watched and things are changing. Tax avoidance will come to an end as will Jersey’s reliance on this for its livelihood. Finance is coming under the international spotlight as never before, how long before Jersey is stopped from persuing its chosen path to earn money?

    It will be interesting to see what these establishment politicians do when everything collapses around their ears.

  100. Stuart Syvret

    Anonymous Postings and Capital Gains Tax

    I do indeed allow and encourage people to post anonymously.

    The point I make is that, having used the privilege to do so – you cannot be surprised that I point out the fact that I am prepared to stand by my analysis and opinions – in a very public manner.

    Whereas people like you can post inaccurate and ignorant garbage – and never have to be scrutinised for it.

    It’s noteworthy that you have no answer to the many points I made in my previous response.

    “The Facts”? From a Finance & Economics Committee Report?

    Christ helps us.

    Look, Ian, or whoever is writing this cobblers – an official report is not necessarily accurate, correct – or even honest – merely because it is an official report. It may well be a “readily available document”.

    It also happens to be filled with a load of garbage.

    Its nebulous assertions about capital gains tax being a case in point.

    By way of contrast to that complete lie – and it is one of the lies – as opposed to a genuine mistake – in the F & E report, let us consider the facts.

    Jersey was recently required by EU pressure to stop what were deemed to be artificial tax ‘ring-fencing’ arrangements. In plain English, it had been decided that our tax regime – by which we charged – in theory, at least – 20% corporation tax on companies actually undertaking real work on Jersey – but charging zero corporation tax to off-shore client entities merely ‘based’ here as ‘brass-plate’ entities – was an artificial and harmful tax practice.

    So we had to change our taxation system so that equal rates of tax were charged. Naturally enough, the policy response was to scrap corporate tax entirely – so we could carry on charging zero to off-shore clients.

    The result of this master-stroke is that in a living environment already as expensive as central London – struggling Jersey people are now paying tax on their food and heating bills as the States struggle to fill the resultant fiscal black hole.

    So, what’s this got to do with capital gains tax?

    It is widespread and internationally accepted practice for governments to apply widely differing Capital tax regimes – dependent on such factors as where the capital was generated, whether it has passed through the company’s host country etc. It’s common for capital gains taxes to be charged on nationally derived capital gains – and not on those generated in other jurisdictions.

    Therefore – Jersey could – with perfect equanimity – introduce a capital gains tax regime which applied to locally generated capital – and did NOT apply to capital gains of off-shore clients.

    Two different regimes – which the EU could not object to – because they all run similar, differentiated arrangements themselves.

    So – by way of contrast with the nebulous and calculatedly misleading cobblers in the F & E Committee’s report – which you so naively take at face value – a capital tax regime could be applied to Jersey-generated capital.

    It won’t be – of course.

    Because the absence of such a regime enables lot and lots of States members and their puppet-masters to arrange their wealth stream into various capital role-up devices – and bingo! Zero – nada – zilch – tax bill.

    Capital role-up is probably the most favoured and commonly used tax-avoidance mechanism of our entrenched oligarchy.

    They’d rather tax pensioners’ food and heating bills instead.

    But – I comfort my self with the thought that as most of these people regard themselves as Christians – if I’m wrong, and God & Jesus do exist – a lot of these smug, arrogant and deeply hypocritical characters are in for a fiery shock when Old Father Time comes calling.

    That reminds me – I must sharpen my scythe.


  101. voiceforchildren


    Now that there appears to be a vacancy for a minister for Education Sport and Culture Is this a position you might put yourself forward for?

    Indeed, as I am still very much a novice within the political sphere, are you eligible for the role?

    Have you had any kind of reply from Bill Ogley yet? and isn’t Roy Le Herrissier going to be asking some questions in the States regarding the questions in your e-mail to Bill Ogley?

  102. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,

    Debbie said….
    Quote: I think you’ll find that in the main, Stuart has failed very few of his constituents if any at all! End Quote:
    You Rock, got this reply spot on Debbie!

    Anything considered to be adverse publicity will suffer from what is called Media Blanket Syndrome, not just in Jersey. Money talks, Max Clifford said on GMTV that he could keep news out of the mainstream newspapers or media outlets and get news in for his clients.

    I say ‘thank goodness for the internet’, at least one can publish the truth for people to read, hear and see now.

    Caz quote: Rarely see anything in the local media, is that because there are no people making complaints, or that it is deemed more important to keep the news off radar for whatever reason?’ End quote:

    Cover ups will continue in my opinion, until our local media don’t have to fear losing their licences for reporting on the truth, and what the real news in the island is.

    I love the Winston Churchill quote:’ The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.’End quote:

    I agree with what Mark Forskitt said… Not all children who have been abused be it in children’s homes or otherwise turn into criminals. I can tell you from personal experience as my adoptive mother used to beat me up on a regular basis; in fact she even tried to actually kill me on more than one occasion…

    In the 1960’s (when I was 14 years of age) she did attack me in front of a friend who went to the Jersey Police and was promptly told to mind her own business it was perfectly acceptable for a parent to give their child a bloody good hiding, it was their right by law to do so, they refused to take a statement from her, I was in hospital at this point in time with a broken nose and my body covered black and blue with bruises. Rightly or wrongly, years ago this behaviour was accepted by society in general, and happened all the time to lots of people in all classes/walks of life.

    I and the vast majority of others I know of did not turn to crime!

  103. Stuart Syvret

    Re Vacancy for Education Minister

    Yes – technically, I could be proposed for the job against Terry Le Sueur’s favoured nominee.

    It would, however – be a pointless exercise – as I’d get about 6 votes – unless of course there is some kind of revolution in the Deputies elections.

    Bur, really – I doubt I could work in a cabinet with Le Sueur, Ozouf, MacLean, Le Marquand et el.

    But, still – it’s a fascinating thought. Can you guess what my first action would be?

    Yep – got it in one.

    Require the suspension of several of the senior civil servants at ESC – pending full, disciplinary investigations and procedures – which would – obviously and in order to be objective and impartial – be carried out by an external consultancy with no prior involvement with the island.


  104. Anonymous

    Member of mensa
    I believe Darren le Cocq was also a member of mensa but unlike deputy Troy he didn’t get the best start in life and is now doing time in a secure prison
    As an island we really have a lot to answer for. Our care system our judiciary system
    Have really let our children down.

  105. Anonymous


    Is it a question of “divide and rule”


    “How do you fight an enemy? With another Enemy (or many enemies)”!

    What do I mean, talking riddles, or even worse?

    Well, think about it.

    Who is the established triumvirate in the States of Jersey, no need for names, now, who is their worst enemy should he become elected?

    Now, how do you prevent a potentially popular enemy getting elected into the States?


    By creating an atmosphere of discontent amongst the people (perhaps a common threat or unpopular policy), one which motivates many to stand against the perceived threat…

    What does this do?

    Water-down the votes available to the one you wish to prevent being elected by the many who are motivated to stand…

    You use many enemies to prevent the one!

    Still do not see, think about it…

    Too deep Jack, hmmm, maybe Stuart; as you may agree, not everthing in life is as simplistic as it appears…


  106. Anonymous

    Debbie………it seems to me that the physical/mental and sexual abuse of children is still acceptable practice in jersey!

  107. Anonymous

    Looks like Pollard is getting jumpy.

    Too many people know what he is up to and what he and his senior civil servants have been covering up.

    Suspending Ms Huchet from FNHC is another cover up (and red herring)and I’m told he has also been harrasing and bullying another CEO of one of our local young people’s charities.

    The man is a vile, manipulative man who will do anything to keep his job. How do we end up with someone like that who has been asked to leave his previous 2 positions when he managed to bring those NHS services to their knees?

    Only Jersey could do this, or perhaps it was his wife who is rubbing shoulders with people in the know as HR director for the States. Perhaps she would just sack them! Fishy? you bet!!

  108. Anonymous

    Here’s a quote from the former U.S. secretary of state Colin Powell about Obama’s tax plans.
    “Taxes are always a redistribution of money. Most of the taxes that are redistributed go back to those who pay them, in roads and airports and hospitals and schools. And taxes are necessary for the common good. And there’s nothing wrong with examining what our tax structure is or who should be paying more or who should be paying less, and for us to say that makes you a socialist is an unfortunate characterization that I don’t think is accurate”

    Well in Jersey that would be enough to have you labelled as someone intent on destroying the island, and probably mad.
    Any percieved criticism of the finance industry is regarded as an attack on the island as a whole. Why?
    Why can’t we question the states policy of complete supplication to tax avoidance companies (I said avoidance not evasion) without being a traitor?
    Because that’s what it always comes back to, that or “there’s a boat out in the morning”.
    Without even discussing the moral arguments (if someone doesn’t care there’s no point in talking to them) it’s bad policy to be so reliant on such a shaky industry.

    If you dont think it’s shaky consider this, the current financial crisis to hit the banks is a result of “shadow banking”.
    An excellent example of shadow banking is the Northern Rock collapse. Northern Rock didn’t own half it’s mortgages: £50billion had been moved to a JERSEY based company called Granite, registered as a charity benefitting Down’s syndrom children in the north-east of England. Needless to say the charity didn’t get any cash. This was a special purpose vehicle that allowed the Rock to trade complex securities without having to meet the stringent capitalisation requirements of a normal bank.
    But it’s not just NR, most banks and other financial institutions have done the same, using “orphan companies” often under charitable trusts, that do not appear on their published balance sheets.

    All completely legal (as Frank is always assuring us) but I can’t see it lasting much longer can you?
    Even if the island moves onto other forms of “wealth management” the whole industry is designed keep money from governments and how long is that going to allowed to go non for?
    We should be trying to find other income for this island. It probably won’t pay as much but we need something dependable because,
    We need a plan B.
    (But not fulfillment po)

  109. Stuart Syvret

    Mike Pollard

    So what has the lying thug and charlatan, Mike Pollard been up to just lately?

    I have an idea, as a steady stream of feedback reaches me concering the activity and behaviour of this obnoxious confidence-trikster.

    But if you have some fresh, new juicy info – do spill the beans.


  110. Anonymous

    Dunno what Pollard has been up to in the office, but I did see him breaking the road traffic laws on his bicycle on the way into work last week.

    He was crossing at West Park lights and arrogantly crossed halfway across the road before positioning his bicycle way in front of the white line, in the middle of the road, whilst holding out a limp little left wrist in an “I’m a little teapot” style, presumably as some signal that he intented to turn left.

    He was dressed in what appeared to be the clothes of a a 14 yr old boy, topped by what can only be described as “a skateboard helmet”.

    It was the campest bit of cycling I have ever seen. Camper than a row of tents. Worth going down to the lights near the Grand Hotel at ten to nine, just to witness it 🙂

  111. Stuart Syvret

    Removed Comment

    I have just viewed a comment, which I inadvertently let through. I have removed it immediately because I was going to write in response to the author – ‘are you sure you want this kind of detail of your family’s circumstances posted in cyber-space?

    I fully recognise and can understand what you’re saying – but this being Jersey – small, and everyone knows your business – it seemed to me the comment could lead to the inadvertent identifying of your child.

    If you have a chance, comment again tomorrow. If you want to express your views in perhaps a less case-specific manner, that would be fine.



  112. Anonymous

    The tragic votes for the babylon where because of those who didn’t vote, and the split vote was split to wide.

    Time to play the game of Cluadius move and come to the uk to have a press meeting Im sure you could get some papers interested and the rest will follow.

  113. Anonymous

    “The author, justifies himself by stating that many children in care are there because they are criminal. And, have only got themselves to blame.”

    It makes me want to scream and never stop screaming every time I hear that. Good grief, it breaks me in half!

    I was put into “care” because I had been sexually abused. And those bas*ards, they even wrote on my medical notes that it was consensual sex – eleven years old, I was.

    I have never been in trouble with the police, but I have been raped several times after the child abuse and “care”, because once you’ve been given a good kicking you don’t feel like you deserve to be treated with any respect, I used to feel like a nothing and got treated like one as a result. That is what happens to children who are sexually abused.

    I did not think deserved to be raped, perhaps I did then, maybe I did deserve it, only I can’t figure out what I did wrong, maybe someone will tell me what it was? I am still paying for what was done to me – I am a scapegoat, I am a piece of dog dirt, I am lower than a piece of dog dirt, I am just a useless lump of sh*t. When I die I had better be mashed up so that my useless carcass doesn’t take up any space. I guess I just should not have been born, I’ve just wasted oxygen that someone else could have had. What a waste.


  114. Anonymous

    I’m being ironic, of course. I deserve to live, breath, eat and everything eldse, just as much as anyone else. I deserve not to be raped, I should not have been abused as a child.

    It is disgraceful that some people seem to think otherwise. Hang your heads in shame, dogs!


  115. Anonymous

    No matter where a person comes from and what their situation in life nobody deserves this to happen to them when they are children what is the matter with
    the people of Jersey? The real people I mean!!! You know the ones who stand for what is right!!

    The descendents of the freedom fighters of your island who help
    those who would be targeted by the Nazi’s to evade capture and took immense risks to save another life!!! Yeah those people.

    The working class and the undeniable underclass unite and fight this get the people out on the streets with files and folders don’t’ sit in isolation angrily bashing your keyboard…

    Indeed you will be sunk…

  116. Anonymous

    Well what we wating for lets get up and running , no time like the present, lets hit them with everything and show what a shower uns this island, lets setup a group where we can get in contact with each other?

  117. Anonymous

    I HAVE been on the streets – several times, at great cost to myself. I have been to London twice, I held meeting at St Pauls Cathedral, to pray for justice – the MET told me that I was not allowed, but I told them that I WAS allowed to go into a cathedtrel and pray for justice, as that is what those cathedrals are for – so I went. And the man at the door tried to stop me going in, the MET had warned him about me – I am very easy to recognise n my golden gown and massive cross! and he went away to get someone, so I just wanlked in anyway, while he was gone, and so they let me stay – well, everyone else was going in, so they couldn’t very well stop me! And the peculiar thing was that I had just spent 2 hours outside the Royal Court of Justice in the rain, bawling my head off about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager, so I had a very sore throat. A man in black, some sort of a vicar or something, invited me and all the other people to the choir pews at the front, to join in the service, so I went along, and the amazing thing was that the psalms I had chosen to say at St Pauls, my prayer for the children who are abused, psalm 35 and 36 were the very ones that the choir sang – and I had told no-one about what I was going to say at all! I’d only decided that motrning, while I was having a vcup of tea, before I caught the train to London!

    But no-one turned up except myself! People had promised to join me, but they didn’t turn up. I think people do need to stop being apathetic, because that won’t get anyone anywhere. Neither will violence and law breaking! But people are entitled to protest against unjust treatment, and they are certainly entitled to pray! I was assaulted outside Stafforshire County Court this year, on April 20th, by the same man who witnessed me being kept in a room at Staffordshire County Court against my will, screaming and crying, for two hours, in an attempt (which failed!) to force me to sign papers against my will. I was praying, with my eyes closed, near the steps, in front of a small group of people, just before I addressed the assembly, and this man suddenly appeared and grabbed hold of me and told me to go away. This was caught on camera, by the people who had travelled to hear me speak, people who have been really badly abused in one way or another.I was doing no harm to anyomne, I had my eyes closed, I was quietly praying and this man just grabbed me and I recognised him. I told him, “I know you!” and that was caught on camera, then the man went, and called the police. The police stopped me from talking, to question me, and asked if I was saying anything inflammatory, but I told the policeman that I was not inciting violence and that I am a Christian and showed him my Bible. He wanted to take down my details, but I told him my name and said that the police already had my details, and would they please hurry up and investigate the child abuse and rape allegations that I have repeatedly made, and that they have consistantly refused to investigate? The policeman said that he would remnd them and get back to me about it very soon. So the police let me carry on addressing the gathering, and then went away and left us to it.

    The police did not get in touch with me at all. I have reminded them three times since then, ever sent a very long letter, but they are just ignoring me. It is very strange.


  118. Anonymous

    “and would take as my political examples Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King”

    I also hold these men up as role models – I read yesterday that Martin Luther King was greatly influenced by Mahatma Ghandi’s phillosophy. I don’t think I sound deranged either – but I’ve been told that I am barmy because of my Christian faith.

    I don’t mind people levelling criticism to my face. It’s the ones that chatter behind your back that do the worst damage. I won’t believe back gossip, if I hear some gossip or allegation about a person I like to ask them directly. “Hey. I heard this and that, is it true?” It’s best to have things out in the open. My life is an open book, because I was abused as a child and so many things have been written about me as a result, and I have all my documents, so I’m not scared of any libel or slander. That’s the only good thing I can think of about being an abuse victim – I can stand up and shout, “Hey, look what they did to me!” and maybe other people who have been abused might realise that they were not the only ones and that it was not their own fault, as they have been led to believe, that they were not naturally wicked children, but that they were abused by other people, grown ups, who should have known better!


    ps Leave any insults levelled against me on your blog, if you don’t mind, Stuart – I certainly don’t mind – I’d like to see what is being said, lets have it out in the open!

  119. Anonymous

    I don’t know much about the Alpha stuff. I felt suspicious of it at the time. I have a Bible, and I just read it. I don’t go to church because I don’t feel that the churches are that bothered about institutional child abuse. I have tried to bring it to the attention of all the vicars of the churches I have attended, but just ended up getting treated like a leper. I now feel very suspicious of going to any place which rests the Holy Bible on a lectern decorated with Freemason symbolism! So I just read the Bible for myself, as anyone can do. And when I read verses like Proverbs 18 v 5 then I feel that perhaps I have chosen the best option!


  120. Anonymous

    I myself think the sooner finance go the better. This immoral operation has caused the rest of us problems. It has driven up prices of everything brought in too many people who don’t care about Jersey. Forced local youngsters out. Brought in a don’t care attitude with a stuff you approach. It has done nothing to better our quality of life.

    We are then told we should be pleased we have finance as it is good for us. Who are they kidding?

  121. TonyTheProf

    Alpha seems from my study of it to fall into the “fundamentalist” kind of Christianity.

    Roughly speaking, and remember this is only an approximation (and other ways of looking are possible), it is possible to look at Christianity on a spectrum, from fundamentalist to liberal. On the far “right” fundamentalist are the creationists in North America, who tend to also be authoritarian, with an emphasis on “correct” doctrine.

    On the “left” are the extreme liberals, some of whom (as the Jesus Seminar) are scarcely indistuishable from humanists. In the middle areas are people who have certain beliefs, but also realise belief itself is subject to interpretations, and no individual or group can lay claim to absolute truth.

    Alpha is towards the fundamentalist “right”, and I know from people who have attended some of their courses, that they don’t really want people asking too many criticial questions.

    In other words, Alpha is rather like a religious version of Imagine Jersey!

  122. Anonymous

    Island to house 500 building workers

    It seems that Harcourt are planning with the JHA to house up to 500 imported builders in the less desirable types of hotel accommodation.
    This would be in breach of the hotel regulations as the hotels would be acting as lodging houses.
    But doubtless this small technicality can be overcome.
    It would also run a coach and horses through the Regulation of Undertakings but what the hell, when a big project is underway the law is the last thing you need to think about.
    Pip and his minions claim to know nothing about it.
    Really what do these people DO all day?
    And as the Vile Rag points out nothing is signed or approved by the States yet!

  123. Anonymous

    States Assembly tomorrow

    Deputy R.G. Le Hérissier of St. Saviour will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

    “What consequences follow if a Disclosure Notice is issued by the police in respect of a public servant’s alleged actions?”

    How do you think Big Frank will answer Deuputy Le Herissier’s question?

    What sort of spin have they already mustered to deal with this awkward question.

    Some thoughts: “not in the public interest to discuss”: “interfere with on going enquiry”: full independent enquiry at later date”: “guanantee that all is being well managed at Education”:
    “cannot talk of individual cases”: “no need for public to worry”.

    Anything but the TRUTH.

  124. Anonymous

    Doesn’t matter if you are religious or atheist everyone should know the difference between right and wrong. There is no excuse for not knowing the difference. However in this capitalistic world bending the rules is seen as good, because it gives you an edge and it doesn’t really harm anyone else. Total rubbish, put out by the capitalists as they know to make an excessive profit you have to lie, deceive and shaft others. This banking crisis was brought on by this type of thinking.

  125. Anonymous

    Lets get this right. There is nothing sinister about the Alpha course. It is exactly as Debby, Caz and the athiest anonymous person said. It, along with Christianity Explored which is being held tonight incidently at Pizza Express, explains what we as Christians believe to be the truth of Jesus Christ (I totally believe). It is up to the individual whether they want to take it further, there is no pressure. Before you dismiss it, try it. It has nothing to do with being a cult, the masonic lodge or anything sinister. Moving on, I fully understand where Zoompad is coming from and also where Stuart comes from re Bob Key & Julian Clyde-Smith & ILM. Don’t get religion confused with Christianity. I follow Christ, He is there for me, doesn’t always give me the answer I want but He is as real now as He was when He walked the earth. I don’t follow religion in fact, I hate it. Religion is mans attempt to get to God but Christ is Gods attempt to get to man. It is free, knows no boundries and all you have to do is ask for Him to be the centre of your life (rather than yourself) and say sorry for the mess you’ve made…thats it…if you really mean it, that is all there is to it. No men in dresses with funny hats and smelly stuff. None of this religious bollex.

    With regard the state of the Island. I voted for Breckon, Tadier, Macon, and the three green candidates but as I feared would happen, the vote for these guys and the JDA split. Guys, we need to get organised. Target specific areas such as ESC, home affairs and the other departments. The candidates who took part in the election need to find the common ground ie WE WANT CHANGE! The things that have been going on such as HDLG, the failure to prosecute anyone, Lundy & McKeown need to be made known. The government we have needs to be held accountable. You guys, can do this. It needs to be co-ordinated and no petty squabling. We need to target our opposition and go for it. Have a direct candidate for ech of the positions available, be a proper opposition. A newsletter needs to funded and produced every 5 – 8 weeks (like the Consumer Councils) and delivered and handed out to as many people as possible (can be done on publisher and either printed locally but beware of olly owners, or cheaper in the uk). We need to make the ollies impotent. We need to tell the people who you guys are, what we stand for. We need to find a way to get into the country parishes and this is one of them. We MUST not be seen as a threat to business, in fact, we need to encourage businesses. We need to meet with the Chamber of Commerce. We need to debate with people, with the ollies. We need to be less confrontational and more policy focussed and we need to tell people again and again and again who we are and what we stand for. I am a democrat, left of centre if you like, I believe in the sermon on the mount, blessed are the poor, the weak the mild NOT blessed are the rich and let them get richer at the expense of the rest of the people. I wish Barack Obama was a Jerseyman (cos I think he’d make a great chief minister!). We need to show the people of this island who didn’t vote for our guys that we are a really viable opposition…It’s up to us.


    Stuart, if this comes through with the full email address on it, would you delete it please as I am borrowing it and I am not clued in on these things, thanks.

  126. Anonymous

    Questions for everyone….
    Do you think Jesus would set foot in a modern day Church of any denomination?
    Would he think any of the world church leaders were true followers?
    Would he be happy with the way the planet is being run?
    Would he be happy with people going to war in his name?
    Would he be happy with capitalism?
    Would he advocate tax avoidance?
    Would he have voted for the six candidates that got in as Senators?
    What do you think???

  127. Anonymous

    What is your take of tonight’s JEP editorial “unwelcome trends in politics”
    Basically having a go at blogs and local forums,in distorting politics (TheJersey Way I presume they mean)
    Are they feeling the pressure,and want a return to the good old days,when they had total control of the media?

  128. Lara Luke

    I believe at some point in each persons life they are accountable for their actions, whether good or bad. The greatest strength in a person is to tell the truth and bear the consequences. Once that is done then everyone can move on, both victims with the acknowledgement of what happened to them, and the abuser(s) paying his/ their debt to society.

  129. Anonymous

    I bet the JEP is worried. It’s much harder to smother stories when you’re not the only news source on the island.
    I wonder if they feel embaressed that there’s more open discussion on this site than takes place in the jep or on ctv?
    Stuart has brought more stories to the public attention than our press ,who still can’t find the time or space to mention that the head of education is officially under investigation for serious child abuse. Why is that again Ryan? Didn’t you say it needs fourteen sworn affadavits and an eyewitness account from an angel before you’ll run the story?
    The islands press must feel so proud of itself. They try to smother the child abuse case and help to smear Lenny Harper. But never dare to question Frank why he thinks that trying to catch child abusers is damaging to the islands reputation. I mean how do they sleep at night?
    Over one hundred people have come forward to the police and only 2 people have been charged, one of whom i’m guessing by his age must have been a resident, the police complain of political interference but theres nothing but the softest questions from the media who accept anything as Walker or Bailache say as definitive. It took Jeremy Paxman roughly 3 seconds to get to the root of the problem with the official response. But yet our reporters still can’t see any problem.

  130. Anonymous

    “Over-egging” the pudding that is the Child Abuse Disaster in Jersey? I don’t think so! There are no eggs in this pudding, very cheap flour, no sugar and not a currant in sight. The lunatic who posted that rant would obviously want this pudding to rot, fester and be eaten by weevils. Zoompad, we can be the yeast to keep that “pudding” alive and make sure that these outrages are not allowed to be blown away like dust until all the people who hurt children in Jersey and are still alive are punished and all those who hurt children and are dead are named and shamed

  131. TonyTheProf

    I noticed in some appalling mag that I get dumped through my letter box with a big picture of Frank that he’s planning a long cruise in January, but hopes to have some non-executive directorships when he returns. Like Gerald Voisin (former Chairman, Web), Pierre Horsfall (Chairman Jersey Finance), and Derek Maltwood (Chairman JEC), and no doubt others.

    Don’t know if all these are paid positions (Gerald was on £30,000 p.a.)? Is this the States members pension scheme?

  132. Anonymous

    I am stunned. I have just had an email from Gordon Brown!

    I’ve been nagging and nagging and nagging him about child abuse and the secret family courts for ages, and although I never thought that Gordon Brown was a bad man, I had just given up on him doing anything – I guess I thought he must be a coward. I’ve never thought Gordon Brown is a corrupt man. I can’t believe that, from reading his books, and his wife is really nice as well. She’s done a lot for child abuse victims, she’s a nice woman.

    I am really pleased about this! I’m sure it’s him that has sent the email, and not his secretary.

    I’m going to write him another letter and tell him about Jersey and the institutional abuse and ask him, plead with him, to help. Please, all you ones who believe in God, will you pray for me, that I put the right things to say in the letter, that I write a good letter? Thanks.


  133. Anonymous

    Please, everyone, go onto Gordon Brown’s YouTube channel and write to him – I am absolutly sure he is personally looking at the comments!

    Be brief, but please do go and say something. We must never give up on justice.


  134. Anonymous

    Stuart, after the deputies’ elections are over, I would urge you to throw your hat into the ring as Education Minister.

    How else will we get the truth?

    Unlike 2005, I suspect all ministerial seats will be hotly disputed. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

  135. Anonymous

    The Liars Journal’s Idiotorial

    Unwelcome trends in politics

    One really has to to give it to the Liar’s Journal.
    They launch off on a campaign of more respect in political life while ignoring their role in the genesis of the present personal attacking style.
    Anyway it is time for them to get real.
    Look at the attacks on Peter Tatchell in the Bermondsey byelection or the treatment of Brown and Cameron by the UK media. None of this has been judged libellous.
    While the present political situation in Jersey continues to exist. An unrepresentative media, a gerrymandered electoral system, a secretive and unaccountable executive that uses spin dogs to get its own way then politics will get nastier and more personal.
    As for their cretinous threat that writs will fly, that could mean the end of the Liar’s Journal.
    Not that anyone would miss their pages of half witted puffery on behalf of their mates and blatant advertorial that would disgrace the lifestyle pages of the Daily Mail.

  136. Anonymous

    Until all those are prosecuted who took part in abuse whether dead or not justice will not be done. It doesn’t matter who they are or were they are not above the law. They must be judged and sentenced according to their crimes. The abused deserve this.

    We need a truth and reconciliation scheme just like South Africa had so that we can move on from this appalling chapter in Jersey’s history. Who ever is guilty needs to be named so that we all know what they have done. They should not be allowed to hide behind anyone or anything. In my opinion anyone in public employ should be sacked and loss their pension if convicted of compliance in this. Any monies gained from this action should go towards compensation for those abused. It doesn’t matter who they are or what friends they have they are bound by laws like the rest of us. The public of Jersey and the eyes of the world are on Jersey let us not be seen to be failing the weak and vulnerable of our society.

  137. Anonymous

    I was not aware that Phil Ballache was the governor of Haut de La Garenne in the 70’s/80’s.

    Can anyone confirm whether this is true?

    If it is that throws an even murkier light on both his ability to deal with any cases AND his liberation day speech.

    He would have been in control of the very people being prosecuted. Conflict or what!

  138. Anonymous

    “I’ve just heard a radio interview with deputy James Reed (St Ouen). He rather fancies taking a role in Eduction or Health.”

    Better make sure somebody stands against him then.

  139. Anonymous

    “I was not aware that Phil Ballache was the governor of Haut de La Garenne in the 70’s/80’s.

    Can anyone confirm whether this is true?”

    Will someone please go to the Jersey records office and do a little research on this? They have to keep this kind of information, so don’t be fobbed off.

    Can you all of you, who live in Jersey, do your own research into these types of records and also CV’s of all these people. Take a notebook and pen with you, as you may not be allowed to photocopy. Look up people’s credentials, see where they were educated and what qualifications they have.



  140. Anonymous

    Don’t worry the Chief Minister has just said in the house that everything is ok with finance and the banking world! Jersey is well faced to deal with any problems.
    People’s money is safe!! “We have a robust bank system and we shouldn’t be sneering at it or dismissing it” said Mr.Walker.
    All local depositors are protected no matter how much money they have in their account!

    I wonder what happens if someone losses 100-200 million in a bank over here, where does it all come from? The rainy day fund won’t be much good for big customers will it?

    I wonder how many people think he is right! Let us hope we don’t have to put this to the test.

  141. Anonymous

    “I’ve just heard a radio interview with deputy James Reed (St Ouen). He rather fancies taking a role in Eduction or Health.”

    He can fancy all he likes. He is not a member of the in crowd and Pip is well aware of the limitations of this methodist dinosaur.

  142. Anonymous

    To Zoompad well done you are a good role model for people to follow. You have been through the mill, it is good to see you are not bitter and twisted, even though you would have good reason to be! It is also good that you keep trying to bring child abuse to the general public’s attention. I am sure this strenghtens Stuart’s blog substancially to have someone prepared to put their name out there, as someone who has been abused. I do hope that all this finally gets sorted out,including yours Zoompad. It is time for people to get justice and then they can move on with their lives. It is not fair on them to be kept in suspended animation like this.

    Zoompad you have become a target because you have stood up to be counted and people are getting rattled, the more effect you have the more this will happen. You should take this as a good sign as your message is getting through.

    I know I haven’t been abused so can’t comment on the horrors you have gone through, but I still know it is wrong nontheless.

    You are bang on the money with reference to Jesus. His teachings are the truth. If people are blind to this then it is their problem. They will get nowhere until they realise whatever they do to others they are doing to themselves and Jesus as we are all part of the same thing. Don’t worry about church it is what is inside that counts, nice pictures and big buildings are nothing but that, they have no soul, they are the here and now not the ever after. The real church is the people and nothing else. Wherever you have two or more people gathered in honest friendship you have church.

    This is why I get annoyed with modern day living it is all a sham, get rich quick, don’t worry about anyone else, the I’m alright Jack approach. It is bringing the whole of society to the edge of extinction. The banks are just an outward sign of this greedy self serving attitude. Better stop now before everyone gets too depressed!
    Kind Regards from Censored….

  143. voiceforchildren


    After witnessing you in the States today I was absolutely gobsmacked!!

    Now, you are either a complete nutcase who hasn’t got a clue what he is saying/doing or you must have the biggest set of Gonads there is!!

    I could not believe you named the senior civil servant under investigation for years of violent and physical child abuse. Everybody knew who you and Roy Le Herrissier were talking about and were just tip toeing around the subject.

    Then you spurted out his name!! absolutely priceless!!That went out live on BBC radio Jersey.

    I am of the opinion everybody should know the name of this civil servant. Now that it has been bought into the public domain by BBC radio Jersey, via your good self, is there any reason why the local mainstream media cannot do some “investigative reporting” with the inclusion of the civil sevants name?

    I also believe there is no argument for not suspending this civil servant. In fact I would sleep a lot easier at night if he were not able to remain in his position.

    There is no excuse, as far as I am aware, for our local media to “keep a lid” on this case and the identity of the alleged suspect, every parent and child deserves the right to know what is going on and the media have an obligation to inform them!

    I am horrified he is allowed to remain in post and that it takes you to inform us of the goings on.

    I shall be keeping an eye and ear out over the next couple of days for the local media to report on this, although I’ll not be holding my breath!!

    The work you are doing is vital, keep it up!

  144. voiceforchildren

    Forgot to mention. Just after your “revelation” Senator Frank (GST28) Harrison Walker paid a visit to, what I believe to be, the JEP press box as did one or two others.

    I have never seen that happen before, is it unusual? do you think he might have been telling them what they were/n’t allowed to report?

  145. Stuart Syvret

    The Naming of Mario Lundy

    Yes – I named him in the assembly during question time.

    All words spoken in the assembly are covered by absolute privilege.

    That means your elected members can say whatever they feel to be in the public interest – and be completely immune from any legal proceedings.

    This is what’s known as ‘parliamentary privilege’.

    And because what was said was covered by parliamentary privilege – the actual words spoken are then protected by what is known as “qualified privilege”.

    In plain English this means that any person – all the mainstream media included – can now publish and repeat the exact words as spoken. True – anyone repeating the words has to be accurate and not add embellishments or draw defamatory conclusions from what was said.

    But as long as it is the simple and accurate reporting of what was said – in a genuine public interest manner – then all people and media are protected from any legal action by “qualified privilege”.

    So – and absolutely contrary to the assertion made by BBC Jersey last year when I named Piers – “teachers’ perks” – Baker – all of the Jersey media is now at perfect legal liberty to report accurately the words I spoke.

    Will they?

    Somehow – I thin we know the answer to that, don’t we?


  146. Anonymous

    Senator Kinnard resigns as Minister for Home Affairs over matter of principle

    Minister resigns

    In a move that stunned many members of the States today Senator Kinnard resigned over a matter of principle.
    An emotional Senator Kinnard explained “I was leafing through my old college notes last night and I came across a page entitled My Principles. As I read it, it was as though the scales fell from my eyes and I realised that as a younger woman I really had believed in something. I hurriedly penned my note of resignation and offered it to Mr Walker this morning, I also offered him a copy of My Principles, after glancing through them he laughed and said that he had his removed years ago.”

  147. Anonymous

    We have a robust bank system and we shouldn’t be sneering at it or dismissing it” said Mr.Walker.

    So if a parent company refuses to bail out a subsiduary ,as in the Isle of Man last week, the states will recompense the customers will it?

    Q. Apart from inheriting the family business what financial qualifications does Frank Walker possess?
    If the answer is none, then who told him the island could cover a local bank collapse?

    Q2. Will Franks bullshitting on matters of immense financial importance impress the IMF?
    Or will he make this island look ridiculous to people who actually understand this crisis?

  148. Kraków Crapaud

    Stuart, what was the answer to Roy Le Herrissier’s question on the suspension of public servants?

    Christie Tucker from the BBC completely ignored it & your Lundy exposé in her round up. I fear we will never find out unless you tell us.

  149. Anonymous

    well done Stuart and Roy L H
    You both spoke out today about the disclosure notice. We knew the answer dhe would give. I just cannot believe the rest of the states sitting there and not revolting. They know what is going on – their silence is deafening and affords them no respect.

  150. voiceforchildren

    “Having my say”.

    After watching Channel report and local BBC news I was dismayed to learn, the naming of a prominant civil servant, by an elected states member, as a suspect in a child abuse case was not newsworthy.

    Don’t ask me why but I had a look on the rag’s website to see if thet were reporting it and lo and behold, not a word.

    Wendy Kinnards resignation appears to be dominating the news at the minute (isn’t she the one that wanted to be able to lock people up for the rest of their lives?) so I never had a chance to “have my say” on your (stuarts) revelation, so I put it on the Kinnard story.

    I doubt they will publish it so I thought I’d take the liberty and assume you would.

    “My say”

    I think the biggest revelation of the day was Senator Syvret naming Mario Lundy. If I were a “journalist” I would believe this is something that deserves to be in the public domain.

    Further more, if I were a “journalist” working for the only “news”paper over here I would feel it was my obligation to inform the public.

    But hey!…..what do I know?

  151. Stuart Syvret

    Roy Le Herissier’s Question.

    The initial answer concerning the suspension of civil servants was entirely general – predictably, Big Frank just read out the procedures, but basically saying that each case would be judged on its merits as to whether suspension was necessary.

    I made the point by asking would he regard a very senior civil servant under investigation for alleged child abuse to be sufficiently serious to merit suspension?

    Walker just fudged the answer.

    So I tried again, by asking is he seriously trying to tell the assembly that something as serious as the Chief Officer of Education – Mario Lundy – being under investigation for sustained, violent child abuse – didn’t merit suspension.”

    Naturally enough – I got interrupted at this point by Michael Birt – and the predictable howls of outrage from Mike Vibert, Walker and other most other States members – but I managed to interject and repeat the name Mario Lundy – just in case anyone had missed it.

    Vibert said he didn’t like my “behaviour” – to which I replied “and I don’t like child abusers.” Vibert went on, to much applause – by saying the States had a duty of care – to its EMPLOYEES! Fer Christ sake.

    It simply not occurring to him – or most other States members – that whilst the States has a duty of care to its employees – it has a far – far – greater duty of care to children.

    But this point may as well simply not exist in the bizarre ‘Groupthink’ environment of the States.


  152. Anonymous

    is there a way of listening to the states question time today – i missed it and ant find it on “listen again” section of the bbc site.
    Anyone got a link i could use?

  153. interested to know more

    is there a way of listening to the states question time today – i missed it and cant find it on “listen again” section of the bbc site.
    Anyone got a link i could use?

  154. Anonymous

    Are they completely insane? When the national media see this, things are going to go ballistic!

  155. Anonymous

    After listening to the states debate today I concluded that there are now 2 very good reasons why you must not leave the states:

    1. There is no-one else to make those idiots look quite so idiotic. Their moral outrage at some of your comments was a joy to hilarious as anything in ‘yes prime minister’

    2. You sure as hell won’t be getting a pension!!

  156. Anonymous

    Predictable response from Walker. Howled with laughter with your performance. Tears were running down my face.
    Lets hope they sue you next

    Keep it up – priceless

  157. Anonymous

    Well done Stuart.
    You have got some Balls.
    People will have to look at it now surly. You didn’t half rattle there cages, there will all be sh*tting themselves. The People Should know about this cover up.

  158. Anonymous

    Well done Stuart for having the courage to stand amongst the charlatans and speak your mind Mario Lundy Must be brought to account Has the national media been informed about this latest travesty

  159. Anonymous

    There is someone asking the question on jersey centrel ,if anyone one heard the states question time? and does anyone know who the civil servant is ?

  160. Smokin Jo

    I have been getting the impression for sometime now that the children of our island are seen by our oligarchy and their followers as being rabid vermin that must be suppressed for as long as possible and by using any means possible. This is probably stating the obvious to many especially in light of HDLG but the fact that this attitude remains is not acceptable.

    Recently, in our wonderful JEP (and no, I do not waste my money on it) one of our constables stated that it would not be long before a “kid” goes on the rampage with a gun on our streets. Why a “kid”? Is it just “kids” that go on the rampage with guns. History tells us not.

    And as for Mike On a Slow Boat To China Viberts comments today about having a duty of care to its employees and giving the impression that the duty of care to the children of our island comes second…well…say no more.

    Oh, and Mike On a Slow Boat To China Vibert…if you do care so much about your States employees, perhaps you would like to ask some of them how discontent they are? Or perhaps you don’t have enough time to do this now that you have been shown the door…shame…

  161. Anonymous

    Von Strudle Here.
    You have got some balls you.
    Listened to it all on the radio today, the best thing i had herd on the Jersey radio ever.
    For you to of said it twice made it even better it was like something off of Spitting Image. We’ll never here that again i bet, wot a shame.
    I bet Senator Kinnard resigned because she knew Walker was going to Fudge the answer to Roy Le Herisser’s question and stand up for the employee.
    She’s finally seen sense and her Principles which she found in her old collage note book.
    Well better latter then never.
    Will anything happen now, there must of been a lot of people that listened to it on the radio this morning who don’t read your Blog and be thinking who is this Mario Lundy. Then start asking questions.
    I bet it won’t be aloud on the Bridget phone in Show with special guest Roger Bara.
    It can’t get Fudged off now can it. Even i can phone The Sun news paper to look into it, if the BBC or Channel don’t. All the papers would Love to Kick Walker again before he goes on his Cruise into the sunset without a care in the world. Were are his Principles, at the bottom of cesspit.
    His the one who’s screwing Jersey, not you. All your trying to do is get to the truth, so we can move on.
    Can’t wait for tomorrows next episode of Spitting (jersey) image.

  162. Anonymous

    Defeat ??
    Norman Le Brocq was attacked almost daily by the JEP and victimised

    in the end his stand won him support of the masses

    we should see it as one down x to go

    we just have to do more work, they have to be lucky always…we have to be lucky just once

    we also need to try and limit the number of candidates

  163. Anonymous

    Please can you help me?

    I would like someone to go and try to get the CV’s of these men:

    Reg Jeune, former Finance Minister, was president of the education committee from 1971 to 1984, when police claim abuse was at its worst.

    Mario Lundy, Jersey’s present education director, worked at Haut de la Garenne for two years.

    John Le Marquand, was education committee president in the early 1960s.

    Herbert Wimberley, is a former director of education.

    Patricia Thornton, is a former children’s officer.

    Colin Tilbrook, is a former headmaster at Haut de la Garenne.

    Phil G Mourant, is a former education committee president.

    Charles Smith, is a former children’s officer.

    John Rodhouse, is a former director of education.

    Terry Streetle, was a children’s officer in 1986.
    Jim Thomson, now dead, became superintendent at the home in 1979.



  164. Anonymous


    Readers of your blog need to take note of the JEPs comment. Writs will fly, the public are asking too many questions and the JEP doesn’t think its nice.

    Free speech and freedom of expression must be tempered to the rules of political engagement.

    Pompous arses – (allegedly). I do hope they have lost money through a reduced circulation.

    Extract from our free press:

    ….We should look particularly carefully at Senator Vibert’s complaint because it alludes to a pernicious, and even vicious, development in Island politics which runs counter to unwritten rules of engagement which, until recently, were observed by all and sundry.

    The availability of the internet and e-mails has coincided with a shift in behaviour among some politicians and political activists that appears to be based on the premise that anything – including personal vilification, wild accusation, defamation and intemperate abuse – goes, as long as it is in electronic form.

    This is a gross and dangerous misunderstanding of the essential principles of free speech. The right to comment frankly and fearlessly must always be tempered by a sense of responsibility, respect for other people’s opinions and a sense of decency – not to mention an understanding of the libel laws, which apply in cyberspace as well as in the realms of print and broadcasting.

    There are no immediate signs that the outpourings of online vitriol that have become part and parcel of what some would like to call political ‘discourse’ are likely to be stemmed. That said, someone at some time is going to say that enough is enough. Then writs will fly.”

    So the serfs have been told, now let’s get on with exploring the Bayleafs career as a school governor. Any news on his governorship posts?

  165. Anonymous

    I spoke with some people from work, I got a show of hands of some 35 people.

    Q1 How many people signed the petition against GST

    Q2 How many people wanted to change the current government

    Q3 How many people actually voted in the senators election

    Now when you look at that, it explains why they get in.

    Overall though, Le Marquand had a half page when he declared that he was standing and the JEP even said that he would be ideal to take on Kinards job as minister when he got in. other declarations were put in the paper late and very small and basic not complimenting them whatsoever for the abilities they may have. When it came to the answers from the hustings, all of you know that the good questions were never in the paper and petty stupid ones did get in and always favoured the sitting tenants. For example there were a good selection of questions in St Brelade and one question at the end was asked “you are all very negative on states of Jersey politics, can you list 2 things about the government and the way that politics is used in Jersey” all of the newcomers answered with fair comment and the sitting including Vibert went off and talked about the countryside. The JEP even changed the question to include Jersey as an island which had the effect of making all the newcomers look negative and helped the existing politicians to provide an answer that was nothing to do with the question but still look good in the JEP. (I chose this one as it was live on Radio and therefore can be proved if we can get a copy of the airing).

    This poor reporting coupled with “honest Nev” and expensive adverts swung all the votes. Each hustings had between 20 and 300 people in, average that at 150 by 14 hustings and less than 2,000 people would have actually seen the truth and the way that the answers were really provided. The other 30,000 voters made their decision based mostly on the facts as the JEP put them forward. The only one that broke the mould was Alan Breckon (congratulations Alan and well done). The voting public are predominantly age 55+ JEP Readers.

    While this type of reporting goes on in Jersey, there is no way that the Senatorials can be anything other than a way of the JEP getting in the candidates that it wants.

    Also look at Mike Higgins, late entries but full page spreads helped him push up the board (which proves its the JEP that influences), but was costly due to the favour that the JEP had already done for the existing members.

    Politics seems to rest in the hands of the JEP and its shareholders (whoever they may be [wink]) and democracy is nothing other than a word uttered by the small number who see through their deceit in the hope that one day it may come true.

  166. Anonymous

    Von Strudle Here.
    Ryan Morrison has said on Planitjersey tonight it will be on playagain tomorrow. Uncut !
    WE shall see a.

  167. Anonymous

    Posted on BBC Jerseys website…

    Jersey Director of Education Mario Lundy is under investigaion for serious violent abuse of children.

    Why is the bbc in Jersey or anywhere else for that matter NOT telling the general public who pay their licence fee?

    This qustion has also been sent to the national bbc in the uk and will alos be sent to my Member of Parliament with some other questions related to the bbc in Jersey hiding the truth about the systematic abuse of children.

    Do not ignor this I am a licence payer too. I will not pay my licence until I see this on your website.

    Whan required to goto court I will have a bloddy good reason for my actions which I will relish telling the judge… I kid you NOT!!!

  168. Anonymous

    Do the majority of States members realise that their refusal to deal with issues openly and honestly makes them as bad as the abusers themselves?

  169. Anonymous

    Internet rumours are spreading that the current Bailiff of Jersey and Knight of the British Empire, Sir Philip Martin Bailhache was the governor at the Jersey boy’s school (Haut de la Garenne) currently being investigated by police in the 70’s and 80’s.

    Whatever the case it seems that this abuse had been reported to both the authorities and the local media many times and nothing was ever done.

    Stuart Syvret, Jersey’s former health and social security minister, has no doubt that an officially orchestrated “culture of concealment” has been in place on the island for since the late 1940s.

    Syvret was sacked from his position shortly after claiming to have uncovered evidence that abuse of vulnerable youngsters had been going on in state-run institutions for decades.

    On going public with his claims he was “shouted down” by colleagues in the States Assembly and even had his microphone switched off. Syvret continues to expose the culture of secrecy on the island noting:

    “In a period of time of under two weeks, journalists with no prior knowledge of Jersey – let alone the atrocities against children – have uncovered twenty times more important information – than the entire panoply of Jersey media has – in six decades.”

  170. Anonymous

    This is more reason not to buy the JEP if it can’t even report whats going on in states sittings in my opinion it must be cr@p!

    Was Walker telling them to cut that bit out?

    I don’t like censorship I had thought we had a free press?

    Luckily we have real news coming out on this blog so we don’t need the JEP or BBC radio Jersey. I suggest they get enough people in to be able to cover events happening in Jersey. If they are short why go on jollies overseas to report on cricket matches when they can’t even do a proper job here? It beggers belief, but then this is Jersey isn’t it?

  171. Anonymous

    Dear states members, (don’t worry it’ll be our little secret that you visit this site daily)

    we ,the voters, are used to the fact that the majority of you sit through most sessions too shy or timid to speak up, unless ypu can agree with the big boys. We don’t like it but we’ve got used to it now after all these years. You couldn’t(wouldn’t) stop G.S.T., lost control of the waterfront and have sat and watched the island being sold off piece by piece.
    Hopeless and harmless we thought until now.
    Your spineless inaction over the child abuse cases being investigated makes you passively complicit (think of the vichy government in occupied France).
    Stuart raised a perfectly reasonable point about good prctice not being followed in the allegations concerning the head of the education dept.
    Not one of you backed him up!
    No one stood up and asked why the states own policies are not being followed in an investigation concerning child abuse.
    No one (but Stuart) has apologised, not for the States as a whole, but as an individual member of government.
    You’re all so keen on collective responsibilty, well that still counts here. “I wasn’t in the states when this happened” is no excuse, you are apart of the organisation that allowed this to happen.
    Why do you think Mike Vibert is gone? He will be remembered as the man who tried to justify solitary confinement as suitable for children. Frank will be remembered for “you’re trying to shaft this island” on newsnight.
    Stuart will be the person who brought this out into the open.
    How will pepole remember you?

  172. Anonymous

    I had made allegations about a teacher who abused me in 1960s to “The Cover up Merchants” who wear blue uniforms and lie under the big stone near a roundabout not far from Queens road.
    Had an email the other day written by the women who empties the paper bins in the canteen, who said that since the said “Teacher” was dead, and that no others accusations were made against him my statement hold no water.

    I made statements about two separate incidents of abuse ( not connected) both times I had the feeling that I wasn’t believed, I did send the email back and say that I consider that there was a cover up, but so far have had no answer, In my humble opinion corruption is still rife in Jersey, and no way the “Jersey way” will change…
    Jeff Le M. was right when he said to me, Son, keep your mouth shut about me, beceuse my mates and Shaky George at the town hall will get you….

  173. jeremy strickland


    What are your thoughts on Philip Bailhache’s statement, today, that he intends to retire from the role of Bailiff in June next year?
    Will his successor be Michael Birt?

  174. Anonymous

    Yesterday was yet another dark day in the history of the `States of Jersey’. There was a time when I stood proud because of my Jersey heritage. But no longer. As with many, many other Jersey men and women I now bow my head in shame.

    Once again, a vast majority of the very men and women who the Jersey electorate have put in positions of trust, have betrayed us. They have betrayed us at the most fundamental and basic level.

    When these representatives of the people boo, and shout down a man who having the wellbeing of our children at heart, asks some very pertinent questions with regard to the horrendous abuse of children that has taken place within our Island. Then, it is clear that a highly contagious sickness of the worst kind has infected our political representatives.

    A sickness which seems to undermine any form of decency, morality, humanitarianism, selflessness and caring.

    Those who sit within the States on our behalf have left us in very little doubt that bringing those to justice who over the decades have assaulted, raped and violated the children of our Island is going to be exceedingly difficult whilst they are at the helm of the ship of state.

    However, all is not lost! Cracks are appearing and can only get wider. This being born out by one member feeling that she was left with very little option but to resign her position on moral grounds. Thank you Stuart, you are doing great things on behalf of decency and morality and of course the everyday Jersey person.

    It is clear that you must eventually win, because if you do not then the evil that has rotted away all notions of decency and principle will continue to prevail on our Island as it has done for centuries. Despite the `churchmen’ and self professed `Christians’ who go to make up the rank and file of our States!

    And this cannot be allowed to continue. Well done and thank you! Keep going Stuart you are a beacon of light in the darkness!

    Writing from exile

  175. Anonymous

    Looks like the great jersey empire is starting to crumble, are these the signs of panic? amongest our great leaders i wonder1 welldone stuart for having the bottle to stand up and speakout once again.
    We have been lead by a self indulgent goverment who put money before children, well the public gets what the public wants, and this looks like the START! , on another note was happened to holiday in the sun ?

  176. Smokin Jo

    Stop the press…major cracks beginning to appear in the oligarchy…not long before the dam bursts…stop the press 🙂

  177. Anonymous

    Please indulge me.

    Have a look at the online version of the rag and see if you can guess what headlines and letters you are able to “have your say” on

    Intersetingly they have mentioned the “notice of discloure” “have your say”?…………what do you think?

    Does this demonstrate the power of Blogs and citizen media? Do you think we would have got to read about this if it wasn’t for this Blog and others?

    The people of Jersey deserve to know the truth, the question is could we handle it?

  178. sonofsilence

    Having read the comments about this Mario Lundy, when is the mainstream media going to mention the fact that this person is still the current head of education, surely he should be suspended pending further investigation.

  179. Mary Galante

    After challenging a former friend of mine recently about the treatment of the children at Les Chenes whilst he was working there in the early 80’s his reply was ‘those children got everything they deserved because they were bad kids’. One of those ‘bad kids’ was mine, who was forcibly adopted into the care of the social services, and in my opinion has gone on to exact his own kind of justice on child abusers. In my opinion his anger has mainly been caused by the degrading physical and mental abuse he suffered whilst at Les Chenes in the ‘care’ of the Social Services who employed such people as McKeon, Lundy and Carter.

    It saddens me greatly to see just how many of these children at Les Chenes in the 80’s went on to commit suicide.

    I won’t be satisfied until these people are held accountable for their actions, and i don t care how long it takes, i ve already been waiting for 25 years……


  180. Anonymous

    202 comments – well done

    but it’s splitting over two pages and becoming unmanageable

    time for a new post!

    Was your naming in the States against Standing Rules or not? They’re spinning it that you may not name anyone unless it’s unavoidable (which sounds a bit hazily subjective). Any comments on that?

  181. Kraków Crapaud

    Re: People of Jersey – as you have sown – so you shall reap.



    I guess that there are many of your readers, including me, who are hoping this isn’t you Last Post.


  182. Anonymous

    The bayleaf is to resign.
    Good scalp Stuart

    Did he fall on his sword or was he pushed

    What about brother William.

  183. Anonymous


    You have said that the national media are aware of the events of yesterday, but I have seen nothing so far.

    Are you confident there will be a response? Maybe they are all too preoccupied with global financial matters?

  184. Anonymous


    Encouraging news this evening. Bailhache is resigning.
    Bad news is that Birt is almost certain to succeeed ,so no change.
    However, although the Establishment are trying to spin it as health related , I believe that the Home Office have told him to go – 1 because of his Liberation day Speech and 2 Because of having his brother as AG.
    This would not have happened if you had not achieved National publicity over Haut de la Garenne.
    I personally am having a drink this evening to celebrate the departure of the little b….. ( fill in the rest of the word e.g. bailhache, b….rd, etc) suggestions welcome.

    Breckon supporter

  185. Stuart Syvret

    A Few Points

    Yes – it’s time for a new post – which I’m trying to get together this evening.

    In it I will be writing about Phil Bailhache’s departure – and related matters.

    The national media are certainly away of the situation – though, of course, with so much else going on in the world – there’s no guarantee they’ll take the story up; well – at least not immediately, perhaps.

    I’ll try and address the issues people have raised more substantively in me next post.


  186. Anonymous

    Will anyone join me in a toast to the Bailiff, on the announcement of his long awaited retirement?

    I would say “Bottoms up”, but I don’t think that would be very appropriate, would it?

    So I’ll just lift up my cup of tea and say “Good riddance!”


  187. Anonymous

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Dirt – oops, sorry about the typo, anyway, there’s a big scandal on the horizon, like a volcano about to erupt! Hee hee hee, these people really should choose their friends more wisely!


  188. Anonymous

    “The national media are certainly away of the situation – though, of course, with so much else going on in the world – there’s no guarantee they’ll take the story up; well – at least not immediately, perhaps.”

    Oh yes they will – there is more to the national media than naughty Auntie Beeb!


  189. Anonymous

    Well done Stuart you really are to be admired for forcing the issue about Mario Lundy in the states chamber

    Shame on those states members who put civil servants before children they are a disgrace!!

    As for the “Jersey Establishment Post” with there total lack of any ethics any investigitive journilism and there continued covering up of news they are a now just a bad joke news paper

    Why is this man who I believe is still under Police investigation still the current head of education?

    Surely he should be suspended pending the result of Police inquires

    Is he being used to hide others?

    Keep up the good work Stuart

    Take care

  190. Anonymous


    Wendy Kinnard Resigns on a matter of moral conscience
    The council of ministers refuse to change the way judges instruct juries over uncorroborated evidence.
    Who will be taking over her position next year, Ian le Marqaund X. JUDGE
    When will Jersey wake up and smell the coffee.
    There will be no hope for any of the victims if he takes on this position.
    I think a rally in the royal square might be a good way of showing the council of ministers that we will not put up with there secrecy any more and we defiantly do not want Le Marqaund as home affairs minister.

  191. Kraków Crapaud

    Just listened to the BBC recording of yesterday’s States Questions with Notice and about 12mins 35 secs into it there appears to be something missing after which Vibert mentions McCarthyism & Stuart says he dislikes child abusers. I can only guess this is the point Stuart names the civil servant.
    Wiped from history you might say, very worrying as we would expect a completely uncensored version.

  192. Mr T.

    Ezekiel 25:17. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.”

    Stuart, keep up the good work, we all believe in you.

  193. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart

    Zoompad quote: I wouldn’t worry too much about Dirt – oops, sorry about the typo, anyway, there’s a big scandal on the horizon, like a volcano about to erupt! Hee hee hee, these people really should choose their friends more wisely!’End quote.

    Yes but they have kept the tin screw cap on so much so far, just how much longer will the rubber seal last?

    There are so many things covered up I am never too sure exactly which cover up anyone is referring to at any given time?

  194. Stuart Syvret


    I would’nt worry about the desperate cover-ups of BBC Jersey.

    The full – uncensored – transcript will appear in a week or so in the Jersey Hansard.

    This record has to be accurate. For example, if you look on the States of Jersey Greffe website, and go to the Hansard of September 11th 2007, in one of my two speeches you will see the naming of Piers – teachers’ perks – Baker faithfuly recorded.


  195. Anonymous

    Stuart – A brief ‘un…

    Hows the new backbone feel Wendy?-well done that woman!…NEXT!!

    States “members”(except Stuart)-never has a group of gutless incompetants been so aptly named..shame on you!

    Bailhache?-close the door on your way out.

    Mario”Iron Fist”Lundy and “Dancing”Danny Wherry…come on guys, lets be having it!…when are you going to sue Stuarts ass for all the horrid things he puts on this blog linking you both to child abuse??

    Zoompad…you are truly an inspiration-keep fighting!

    Syvret..Youve got balls of steel mate!, keep asking those oh so awkward questions-the cracks are starting to appear!


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