Part One.

A Select Consideration of Some Candidates

In Phase Two of Jersey’s General Election:

Will the Outcome be any Better this Time?

So – here we go again; the second part of Jersey’s general election process.

Let me say now that I’m too busy doing important work to write exhaustively about every candidate and every district.

I mean – it’s not as though some of the electoral battles are remotely inspiring.

The three candidates in St. Brelade No. 1?

Give me a break.

I’d far prefer to vote for one of the geese who live in the harbour.

In fact – that’d be pretty good; you know? Like one of those Mexican villages who elect a donkey as mayor?

The voters take the view that, at least it’s honest – all it wants are carrots and a bit of hay.

And I don’t recollect seeing a goose in the Square – though having said that, I do recall seeing quite a few jackasses.

Back in October we were electing 6 Senators via an all-island vote. This time we’re electing 25 Deputy’s by district, or by parish in the more rural areas.

The results of the Senatorial round were – let us speak plainly – bloody catastrophic for Jersey.

Of the 6 elected – only one – Alan Breckon – is of any merit. The remaining 5 represented Just More Of The Same.

But as a lot of people pointed out – it was possible to find some crumb of comfort from the vote, in that it showed a very dramatic swing away from the Jersey establishment Party candidates in terms of voter percentages.

‘Possible’, certainly – but not entirely convincing.

But will the result be different this time around?

I strongly suspect not – and the Jersey Establishment Party will retain most of their seats. I confess – the last 2 years have done little for my sense of optimism.

But – here goes.


Whilst the Senatorials attract a much higher profile, the election is only for 6 of the 53 elected members.

There are 29 Deputy seats in the assembly – therefore these elections plainly have the scope for a far larger democratic impact.

Of the 29 seats, 4 have been returned unopposed – those being Grouville, Trinity, St.Saviour No.3 & St. Ouen. It was also expected that St. Martin would be unopposed, but Bob Hill is facing a challenge. I can’t say I see any credible outcome in that parish other than a resounding victory for Bob Hill – though that isn’t to knock his opponent – who would actually make a very good States member. I just feel he has chosen the wrong parish/district to challenge in.

Whilst anyone challenging in Grouville or Trinity would simply have been blowing 3000 quid in costs – and spending freezing, rainy November evenings canvassing from door to door – only to receive a humiliating drubbing in return – I was almost surprised that St. Ouen Deputy James Reed didn’t face a challenge.

The vibe in that parish is that his credibility – well, what little of it he had – has waned dramatically. Even people who were once his supporters are to be found muttering in the corners of the Farmers’ Inn about what an ineffectual dope he has turned out to be.

Obviously – a parish like St. Ouen is unlikely to ever elect a member of the SWP – but I think in a two-horse race, a traditionally “credible” candidate would have beaten him. Perhaps quite handily.

So that leaves us with 25 seats – in which there is everything to battle for.

I don’t have the time to take a look at every candidate in every one of those contests, so below I’ll be casting a weary eye over a few of the key parishes and districts – and taking a look at a few of the – err – interesting candidates.

But – before I begin – remember – DON’T VOTE FOR ROB DUHAMEL.


Brian Beadle.

Do you think Jersey has been well-governed during the past 20-odd years?

Do you think that the establishment have done a great job?

Do you think that the medium and long-term challenges which face our community have been well-prepared for by our glorious leaders?

Do you think that what we really need in the States is yet another “business man” – who will carry on “business as usual”?

If your answers to these questions are ‘yes’ – then Mr. Beadle is your man.

Personally – I wouldn’t vote for him if I was on fire – and he had an extinguisher in his hands.

Katy Ringsdore.

My marvellously inventive readers have christened Katy “Victoria Sponge” – light, airy – and with just a little dusting of sugar on top.

She expects you to regard her as some kind of “sporting icon” – because she is rich and idle enough to pay to take part in the Clipper Yacht race.

One of those curious and dangerous hybrids of journalist – well, disk-jockey, actually – and professional spin-doctor. She actually says of herself:

“I am 24 years old and run my own successful Marketing and Communications business.

If elected, I would seek to improve communication in Jersey between you and the States.”

Yes, Katy – it’s amazing what having well-placed parents can do for you.

But – should you be so masochistic as to vote for her – you cannot say you had no idea what to expect. “Marketing and Communications”?

Wants to “improve communication” – between you and the States”?

Oh well – perhaps as well as being manipulated by the oligarchy’s spin-doctors – you want to pay them 40 grand a year as well?

Actually – I thought communication between the public and the States was pretty good. I mean anyone talking to people across the community will have no difficulty in understanding – loud and clear – what a lot of the public think of the States.
If there is a communication breakdown – the fault, surely, lays with the States – in never really listening to the public.

But – when you read of someone who wants to “improve communication” between you and the States – the phrase is easily translated into its real meaning: – “You’re just not paying enough attention to us – YOU THICK PEASANTS!”

So – prepare to be spun.

Sadly – it appears pre-ordained that this particular vacuous spoilt brat is getting elected.

I mean – why else would the powers that be have included her entry – already – in the States of Jersey e-mail address system?

So fascinating was this discovery that I took the precaution of taking a couple of screen-grabs of the entry. (One never knows when this kind of material will come in handy.)

I was most curious about this fact. I thought, ‘well – perhaps they’ve up-loaded all the candidates details – just to be ready for the results, after which they’d remove the details of the unsuccessful candidates?’

So I checked this theory. Are the other candidates on the States system?

Nick Le Cornu? Nope.

Jeremy Mason? Nope.

Dan Wimberley? Nah.

Montfort Tadier? Of he too, not a sign.

Trevor Pitman, perhaps? No – not him either.

Well then – perhaps Katy – Victoria Sponge – Ringsdore is on the States e-mail system – because she works for the media?

So – I checked how many other Jersey titans of the Fourth Estate are on the system?

Allan Watts of Rankine Television? Nope.

Chris Bright, editor of The Rag? Negative.

Ben Queree – “political correspondent” of said, august journal? Nah.

Denzil Dudley of BBC Walker perhaps? Nope.

Mathew Price, his colleague? Does not compute.

So – this is a real mystery – ain’t it?

Katy Ringsdore has her very own States e-mail address entry.

Unlike all other non-States member candidates.

And unlike all other local hacks.

So – were forced to conclude that the oligarchy have decreed that – come what may – Victoria Sponge is getting in – regardless of such piffling matters as actual voter preference.

You know? A bit like 3 years ago – when they determined that Allan MacLean – their latest Great Right Hope – would defeat Roy Travert in St. Helier No. 2 district?
Another, mysteriously, pre-ordained outcome.

And if you’re still not fully conversant with the goods you are purchasing with your vote – remember – Katy wants Phil Ozouf to be Chief Minister.

Nuff said.

Chris Whitworth.

A nice guy – but, hell, Chris – you know you’re just wasting your time.

You’ve got about as much chance of getting elected as I would have of beating Joe Calzaghe in a fist-fight.

Nick Le Cornu.

As previously remarked – a strong and politically honest candidate. You could at least vote for him secure in the knowledge that he would stick to his beliefs – and wouldn’t join the oligarchy – unlike 90% of other candidates.

Whether his politics are to your taste is a matter for you – but I would make this observation; you’ll often hear the establishment banging on about “stability” – and “balance”.

But in truth – the States has customarily been so unbalanced towards the political Right – that political instability is guaranteed – sooner or later.

The assembly badly needs a few more voices on the Left just to provide some balance – and rein-in the neo-Thatcherite, “greed is good” policies of Ozouf and his fellow spoilt bratarians.

Hey! Is that a new word, ‘bratarians’? If so, I’ll have to add it to my collection of invented words – it will fit right in with ‘obnoxia’.

So – how would I vote if I lived in St. Helier No. 1 district? What are my recommendations?

I would vote thus:

1. Judy Martin.

Naturally intelligent – and what makes her doubly-effective is that most of the oligarchy – given their snobbery – can’t get their heads around the notion of ‘intelligence’ residing in a person who speaks as though they came from the cast of East-Enders – and doesn’t say backside in Latin.

You will hear a load of guff from all candidates – about how they understand the needs of pensioners, the less well-off, those who struggle with the immense costs of Jersey – etc.

Yet you know – through bitter experience – that in the case of 95% of candidates – it is just that – guff.

Judy Martin will not betray you. She will work tirelessly on behalf of ordinary people. And she will continue to be, as she has been, effective as a States member.

2: Paul Le Claire.

Paul is honest, sincere and politically reliable. He has not been afraid – unlike 95% of States members – to challenge the often profoundly unhealthy power and lack of accountability which infects the senior reaches of the civil service.

Has also been one of the few members who has taken seriously the need to support and assist abuse survivors.

He’d get my vote for that alone.

3: Trevor Pitman.

As already remarked – the traditional make-up of the States is dangerously extreme and unbalanced – in favour of the political Right.

A few more dissenting voices are desperately needed to bring – even a little bit – of balance to the assembly.

In the absence of such balance – the oligarchy are not kept on their toes – and have become complacent and incompetent.

And look at it this way – the establishment hate him.

So, that’s a lot of reasons to vote for him.

Before going on to St. Helier No. 2, did I mention – DON’T VOTE FOR ROB DUHAMEL?


This is difficult. You see, there are three seats available, and they’re being contested by 7 candidates – 6 of who I could seriously consider voting for.

It’s when you see such a concentration of good candidates in one district – it makes you wonder why we can’t find one, single, solitary inspiring candidate to contest St. Brelade No. 1?

Or why the highly vulnerable James Reed of St. Ouen isn’t being challenged?

I said I could possibly vote for 6 of the 7 candidates – which leaves one who – if I had to vote for – I’d be wishing the oligarchy would hurry up and get me whacked. A couple of bullets from a Glock seeming a preferable forfeit.

Can you guess?

It’s Rod Bryans.

Jesus – where to begin? Actually, no – I just can’t be bothered even writing a load about him.

If you’re voting in St. Helier No. 2 – and you want to vote for him – good luck.

Remember 3 years ago?

When you ‘chose’ to ‘elect’ multi, multi-millionaire estate agent Alan MacLean – who pledge to support certain exemptions to GST – and then promptly spoke and voted against exemptions?

Some people are just gluttons for punishment.

To those of you who say ‘won’t get fooled again’ – a couple of brief observations on Mr. Bryans.

He is a Jersey Establishment Party man, through and through.

I’ve looked at his vacuous and platitudinous web site – look, someone has to do these things, for Christ sake.

Actually – his web site is a very strong contender for the most empty, hackneyed and cliché-laden collection of utterly meaningless cobblers I’ve ever seen proffered by a Jersey election candidate – and that’s saying something.

First observation: any candidate who makes such a shameless and opportunistic attempt to piggy-back on the victory of Barrack Obama as US President should be discounted immediately.

Especially when they write about “Barrack Obama’s legacy”. Look, Rod – he hasn’t even taken Office yet – and nor have the rednecks yet assassinated him – so I think it a little premature to be writing of his “legacy”.

Second observation – and this is a serious point I draw to your attention – because of what it says about Mr. Bryans’ understanding of issues – and his powers of recall.

On his web site, Rod writes this:

“To be honest no one could have forecast the great global changes that have gripped the world over the last few years. Few had the foresight to see the latest crash in the financial markets.”

Err – Rod? Actually – an awful lot of people have been predicting just these very events.

Many people around the world – admittedly, not the kind of people you’ll find writing for the Economist and the FT – have been warning of the inevitability of just such problems.

And – you know what? These problems were even unambiguously predicted by one Jersey politician.

Do you remember who that was, Rod?

It was me. I explained the inescapable mathematical limits to growth, peak oil, economies like Ponzi schemes, environmental collapse, the manifest unsustainability of Jersey’s economy – and similar, related issues.

Do you remember when that was, Rod?

It was when I gave a speech to the Jersey Chamber of Commerce (first time I’d ever been invited to speak at one of their functions in 17 years) in early 2007. I still have a copy of the speech, I think.

To my great surprise, quite a number of people who spoke with me afterwards said how thought-provoking and important were the issues I raised.

In fact – there was only one dissenting voice, as I recollect.

A person who stood up when the time to ask me questions arrived – and who said “all we’ve heard from you is a load of disjointed, irrelevant nonsense – we have come here to listen to what you propose to do for us!”

Is the memory coming back, now, Rod?

Do we remember who it was who so dismissively brushed aside my warnings?
Yes – it was you, Rod.

But – sadly – I guess such a display of “convenient” forgetfulness – and brazen hypocrisy probably indicates that you were made for a career in Jersey Establishment Party politics.

So what, briefly, of the other candidates?

As I said – I could possibly vote for all of the remaining 6.

Each of them is bringing something to the table of genuine worth.

But, as time is pressing, I won’t write of each; instead I’ll just offer my recommendations as to who I would vote for if I lived in St. Helier No.2.

1: Gifford Aubin.

The States is filled with older people – very few of who have ever tasted real hardship and struggle. So we can’t be surprised that notwithstanding the trust struggling pensioners place in them – they betray that trust – time after time.
Gifford actually represents something the assembly badly needs – an experienced and wise head – who actually understands the realities of the struggles some people face in life – and who has the respect of younger people as well.

Gifford fits the bill. He has bravely spoken of his brutal experiences in Haut de la Garenne – and has worked with and earned the respect of people far younger than himself.

Equal 2nd: Geoff Southern & Shona Pitman.

It is no secret that I’ve had my differences with Geoff – but one needs to set aside personal considerations – and do what’s best for the community. Geoff works extremely hard – and does an immense amount of research – to a degree that would put most States members to shame.

Geoff & Shona have been – and will continue to be – reliable in campaigning for the policies and principles in their manifestos.

We are so used to being duped and conned by the average Jersey election candidate – that when we get decent candidates who have at least – whether we always agree with them or not – performed ‘as advertised’ whilst being States members – that fact must be recognised by the voting public.

So Gifford, Geoff & Shona would be my three votes.

But as I remarked – the other three candidates – in different circumstances, perhaps against a less strong field – would certainly be on my shopping list of candidates.


Ennui is beginning to settle upon me – like a cloak of ash and darkness – so even though I’ll be voting in this district – I look at the prospect with that kind of sense of resignation you get when setting out to climb a mountain which you just know is beyond you.

Like doing the TD grade route up North-East face the Breithorn – by mistake – in avalanche conditions – and knowing there is no retreat.

You know there is no choice – you just have to do it – but you know that, even if you succeed – it just ain’t going to be a pleasant experience.

So – having nearly run out of energy getting across the bergshrund – and fending-off hypothermia – a quick look at the remaining prospect before us.

Perhaps the quickest thing I can do is take a look at the four incumbent Deputies.

Guy de Faye:

A typical Jersey oligarchy States member. Much like the kind I’ve warned against above.

Originally went to the voting public as a fresh, sceptical candidate – a person who was going to bring something new to the mix of customary States members.

However – from the moment he got elected 6 years ago – has been a rabid stooge of the Jersey Establishment Party. For example – I really wonder just how many of the people of St. Helier 3/4 actually want to be paying tax on their food and heating bills?

No? Well – you have people like Guy de Faye – and ROB DUHAMEL – to blame for such essentials being taxed. Indeed, de Faye was overtly rabid in his opposition to the exemptions.

It is also plain that he has missed his true vocation in life – which is to be a moderately entertaining after-dinner speaker – the ‘wit’ of whom really comes across when everyone is absolutely bladdered – especially him.

A buffoon and a total waste of space.

But – you know what? There are two candidates who I feel even more strongly about.
Two sitting Deputies – who one looks at – and can only shake one’s head in disbelief that people carry on voting for them.

Jacky Huet and Ben Fox.

It may be a cruel description – but I can think of none more apt – dinosaurs.

Two States members – of the text-book kind – who have you praying for a comet impact just to finally nail down their extinction.

Both are a total waste of space politically. Not an original nor independent thought in their heads – combined.

Neither brings anything useful to the political arena.

Both simply do what they’re told by their Jersey Establishment Party bosses.

But, I think what most irritates me about candidates like these two is the essential hypocrisy of their stance.

In this campaign they’ll, have been targeting older voters – the very people who have put their trust in them previously – and been selling those voters the same old cobblers as last time.

“Oh, we’re pensioners – we know just how hard things are – we understand – we’re on your side – you know – you can trust us.”

And the tragedy of the situation is that many, many hundreds of trusting older people will be taken in by this guff.

For example – if you are less well-off – and are a struggling voter in St. Helier No. 3/4 – before you fall for all their cobblers again – fix this fact in your mind:
Both Deputy Fox and Deputy Huet – have consistently and rabidly supported taxing the food on your table – and the energy needed to heat your home.

Compare and contrast that fact – with the “nice, friendly, approachable old Jersey person” shtick you’ll have had from these two during the campaign.

Will you be fooled again?

So what, briefly, of the remainder?

Certain of the candidates I know very little about – so couldn’t really commit myself – one way or the other.

But a few, brief observations.

Steve Beddoe:

I know him reasonably well – he having been a member of the Town Park Support Group.
I would like to be able to recommend him – but I can’t. He has gone very soft on the Town Park – now preferring schemes which – no matter how utterly unrealistic – attach vastly greater priority to the car parking element – than he does to the actual Park – which is, of course, the prime purpose of creating the new Town Park.

There is also the fact that large car parking schemes are now utterly redundant and obsolete – as massed private motoring will be an historic artefact within 10 years – if, indeed, it takes that long.

That’s another prediction for you, Rod – do try and pay attention this time.

Andrew Green is a nice enough guy. But I’m just a little concerned that if elected – it wouldn’t take him long before he found himself swept along in Ozouf’s bratarian tide.

But – of David Beuzeval – Michael Higgins – Colin Russell – look, I just don’t know right now.

They could be great candidates – but I just don’t know enough about them – and fighting the forces of darkness just doesn’t leave me with enough time and energy to find out.

Well, at least for tonight. I’ll give some thought to my fourth vote tomorrow – and include it in tomorrow’s posting.

So – what, then, are my recommendations to voters in St. Helier 3/4, for the time being?

1: Gil Blackwood.

I proposed Gil – and I can guarantee that he is a man of genuinely great humanity and compassion – as well as being colossally intelligent.

I have to say that of him – because he wouldn’t say it himself.

He is a quite, modest, unassuming man – a person who is thoughtful – and who listens.

And, before his recent retirement as a Consultant psychiatrist, he was also amongst that brave band of senior public employees – who have done the right thing – and defended the public good – to the immense hostility of certain self-serving claques of senior civil service managers.

A man of integrity and great worth.

2: Jacky Hilton.

Jacky, too, I have known and worked with for a long time on the Town Park project – a cause for which she has worked tirelessly – and has remained committed to the creation of a genuine, open, green space for the heart of Jersey’s poorest and most neglected area.

Jacky wants a Park – not the concrete excrescence as proposed by some opportunistic carpet-baggers – with a bit of soil and grass chucked on top – to serve as a ‘park’ in the manner of an after-thought.

3: Suzette Hase.

Has worked professionally and effectively as an officer for Jersey’s Consumer Council. Knows and understands the real issues and challenges faced by ordinary people.

Will be politically honest. If elected – her concerns for pensioners and ordinary, working people will not turn out to have been a charade – unlike, say, Deputies Fox & Huet.

Suzette campaigned against GST.

New blood needed; and she’s just the kind of candidate we need to send the unreliable dinosaurs off to their museum.

Well – there you have it – for what it’s worth (probably very little if the catastrophic Senatorial results are a measure) those are my recommendations for St. Helier – plus a few other observations on a few of the other constituencies.

The election is on Wednesday – so I’ll post the remainder of my thoughts tomorrow evening.

Check it out tomorrow.

And, Oh – did I mention – DON’T VOTE FOR ROB DUHAMEL.


48 thoughts on “JERSEY ELECTION SPECIAL II, #1

  1. Anonymous

    Boy you can write, Stuart. A very timely and well written summary of what, if followed, will assist in the quest to rid this island of the self-serving establishment.
    Thanks; I will be following your advice and hope the rest of the rock/flock does the same.

    анти олигархии

  2. Jambo

    So, you telling us Katy Ringsdore has a type email address already?

    Jesus wept, that’s a bit blatant even for them.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Stuart, you mis-counted the vacant seats. Roy Le Herrissier the great reformer was also un-opposed in St Saviour so there’s only 25 seats to fill

  4. Anonymous

    Well Sean Power is showing which side he is batting for. Comments in the Belfast Telegraph, Mario Lundy. Oops that needs a bit of exposure, he is not sitting on the fence, Walkers boy has obviously been given a carrot and he has swallowed whole it even before he is re-elected will he choke on it?

  5. Anonymous

    PS, Perhaps someone who has the ability could paste his reply on Planet Jersey on his Deputies site. He is often on there sitting on the fence, bantering for support. Belfast Telegraph – Mario Lundy in have your say.

  6. voiceforchildren


    Thanks for your insight into the candidates. I agree with most of your observations but not all.
    I’ll not bother going into it as I believe it is a complete waste of time.

    The problem is the huge majority of the voters don’t know what the internet is let alone finding Blogsites like these.

    They get all their “news” and views from the rag, Channel report and local BBC. Therefore blissfully unaware of the real issues.

    Your typical Deputy voter only wants to know how many flowers the candidate stuck on the Parish float and does the candidate go to church?

    I am optimistic this situation is changing, but very slowly, too slowly to make any kind of a difference in this year’s elections, as seen in the Senatorials.

    As much as it pains me to say it, I don’t believe we are going to see much of a change, and the sitting deputy’s will more than likely keep their seats.

    I only hope I am wrong!

  7. Steve Beddoe

    I have always been a keen supporter of the potential of the underground car perking element of the town park scheme after all this is what the petition was all about a park with underground car parking.I believed that by placing the majority of residential car parking underground it provided the opportunity to remove cars from residential streets. Closing streets to traffic makes a far better more tranquil environment for people and children to live & play in . I am also a keen advocate of the reduction of commuter traffic and would support schemes that motivates and encourages people to use alternate means of transport.Also I think we should bear in mind that the demise of the car is unlikely in the time frame that you have presented because man’s ingenuity will have found alternate ways to power the car so I think the likelihood of its demise is premature and therefore there will still be a demand car parking spaces.I am still a passionate supporter of the town park and can assure any voter that I will not tolerate any attempt to diminish its size or scale and will fight to to help bring the park to reality.
    Regards Steve Beddoe

  8. Don't vote for Rob Duhamel


    From your style of writing I get the feeling that you are trying to get across some subtle, subliminal message to us about Rob Duhamel.

    Could you be a little clearer please? 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    I was surprised to read what you said about Ringsdore having “her very own States email address entry”. So I had a look. And actually, Stuart, what you’ve written is a bit misleading.

    She doesn’t have a address at all from what I can see. Her channel103 mail address is merely saved in the States system under her name “katyringsdore”. Does she even work there anymore? Its probably now out of date as a contact address!

    Now I’m not saying that something can’t be drawn from this bit of trivia, as people with whom States departments correspond regularly often have their outside addresses saved in the system. I’m sure you’ll be able to confirm that, Senator. But its a long way from saying she’s been given her own states email address entry!

  10. Zoompad


    Rodney: a person who is highly critical of the idea of another person, who then goes on to plagurise that idea ie “doing a Rodney”

  11. Anonymous

    Belfast Telegraph Comment:

    To Ciaran Mc Guigan,

    Normally, a man is innocent under proven guilty. Mario Lundy is well respected in Jersey. Your article is sensational, inaccurate and wholly misleading.

    There is obviously a complete lack of any kind of investigative reporting ability in your newspaper.

    Where do you find reference to five bodies ?

    This is an appalling piece of gutter reporting.

    Sean Power in Jersey

    Complain about this comment
    Posted by Sean Power, St. Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands | 24.11.08

  12. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Katy – Victoria Sponge – Ringsdore’s Inclusion in the States e-mail Address System.

    Perhaps I didn’t make my concerns clear enough, I’ll concede.

    The point I was trying to make – and I thought the fact the none of our other giants of the Fourth Estate have their external e-mail addresses included, showed this plainly – is that her e-mail address is included in the States of Jersey e-mail address book.

    And none of the other hacks are.

    And none of the other non-States member candidates are.

    You suggest her inclusion is an “old entry”, perhaps related to her “work” for the States?

    Why then is there no entry for Trevor Pitman – who is still, actually, a States employee?

    Let’s stop messing around – Victoria Sponge is in the States e-mail system – unlike every other non-states member candidate.

    And unlike the rest of our hacks.

    And the reason she is there is because – yes, she did do “work” for the States – as a freelance spin-doctor.

    So – what the point shows is that we know exactly where she is coming from – exactly who her paymasters have been – exactly how she will be as a States member – and because of the foregoing – we can be damn sure the election is one of those pre-ordained ‘results’ – which the oligarchy still fiddle from time to time.


  13. Senator Stuart Syvret


    You’re living in a dream-world, mate.

    Have you actually watched the news or read a serious paper during the last 8 months?

    It’s over, Steve – the greed, the shallow materialism – our absurd degrees of self-indulgence in the rich west.

    You say my prediction is too dramatic?

    You – like Rod – would have said exactly the same thing about my predictions of the inescapable limits to growth and economic melt-down.

    I’m afraid you’re displaying the very same total failure to take a long-term look at the realities the island faces as our traditional States members.

    Lack of vision and grasp of reality, Steve – it really, really ain’t what this community needs right now.

    And if it wasn’t enough that the world has hit meltdown – and it’s only going to get worse – the whole notion of ‘off-shore’ finance as an entity has now been turned upon by the rest of the world.

    Again – something which I have repeatedly and unambiguosly predicted as an inevitability. But those predictions, too, would have been dismissed by you.

    Look – in the unlikely event of there still being any significant car manufacturers in existence in 10 years time – virtually nobody in Jersey will be able to afford them.

    It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, Steve.

    Finishing with the Park – I not what you say – but you have been supporting such carpet-bagging schemes as that proposed during the last couple of years – which do, effectively, destroy the prime purpose and effectiveness of the Park.

    A concrete hummock – with a lawn on top and a few benches – is NOT what that area needs.


  14. Anonymous

    Victoria Sponge “sweet to the eye giving the appearance of substance but mostly hot air with a mere dusting of sugary sentiments”

    Priceless and couldn’t describe Katy Ringsdore and her Manifesto any better.

  15. Anonymous

    St Saviour No 1.
    If they do not vote Duhamel, who do they vote?

    Sneaker Scott-Warren?
    Jeremy Macon?
    Tony Nightingale?

  16. Anonymous

    Katy Ringsdore

    Actually I think the inclusion of Katy’s address is a good example of what a pretty smile and please can achieve for a woman 😀
    And it is mainly the older part of the population and I doubt most of them have heard of Katy Ringsdore, Guy de Faye was different they all watch Channel TV!
    Reliable establishment vote she might be, although if I were Pip I would not count on her in a tight corner, she likes to be liked and if she received really sustained lobbying on say the Esplanade Quarter she could vote against.
    There are others that TLS, Pip etc would prefer see in there. Good reliable establisment votes are not that hard to come by and they have a good majority.
    What they lack is brains and ability.
    Look at some Ministers, if you can bear to do so, Guy de Faye at TTS.
    And the Sage of St Ouen is seriously considering putting himself forward as Education Minister!
    The fact is that TLS will easily become First Minister but he will be filling the Council with mostly what are at best a lot of no hopers

  17. Anonymous

    My mother in law is going to vote for Fox & Huet because her cousin is canvassing for one of them and says they’re both really nice.

    How can try to change her mind?

  18. Anonymous

    Anon – why do you want to change her mind? If she believes they are both ‘really nice’ then leave her be.


  19. Colin Russell

    Hi Stuart, you mention you do not know enough about me to make a comment. My details are on my website for you to be able to form an opinion of what I have to offer. You mention that Suzy Hase was involved in the GST protest as an officer of the Consumer Council. Is that position on the Consumer Council paid or voluntary?

    Compare that to my profile of voluntary work in various areas I am involved for the community and have been producing positive results, unlike your proposed candidate who has not produced…well you tell me what Gil has done for the community of St. Helier.

    I can fully understand your keenness to support your candidate, but please do not have the temerity to do so without being honest enough to check out the other candidates credentials. I am but a click away.

    I am sure people would not want to view you as being biased in your straightforward opinions.

    You mentioned Roy Travert in the District 2 Deputies elections of 2005, you may have forgotten me as we did meet during the senatorials of that year….I was Roy Traverts campaign manager for the Senatorials and Deputies elections of 2005 and the St. Martin’s Constable election of 2006.

    I witnessed first hand, by being present at the count of that 2005 Deputies District 2 election, how perverse it was that Alan MacLean had been drafted in for a particular reason but put Roy Travert out instead by 30 odd votes.
    That was my impression of what happened.

  20. Senator Stuart Syvret


    I think we do protest a little too much.

    You complain of my “temerity” in, supposedly, not being “honest” enough to check out other candidates credentials.

    As I think is pretty clear from what I wrote – I was entirely honest in saying I did not really know anything about you and a couple of other candidates – simply because I hadn’t had time to make an exhaustive study of all candidates.

    I fail to see what is in any way ‘dishonest’ about that statement – not least because it is true.

    You will also note that – because I don’t know a great deal about certain candidates – I’ve simply made passing, neutral reference to them – as I did with you. My comment did not attack you in any way.

    I would also make the suggestion that you calm down a little – in my experience, the public don’t really like negative campaigning from one candidate against others.

    I think your attack on Ms. Hase goes very much into that territory – and I can’t see it doing you any good.

    As to your criticism of Dr. Blackwood – I’m afraid you just do not understand what it is this fine man brings to the table.

    Of course – both the huge amount of professional, compassionate work he has done will – of it’s nature – be confidential.

    And as, until his recent retirement, a public employee, his community work will also have had to be low-key and discrete.

    Colin, as I suggested in the original post – you may well have what it takes to become a good States member.

    But just give things a little more thought before blasting into print.


  21. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for the informative summary. Hope lots of people get to read it! Will digg it and put it on the social networking sites tonight.
    Let’s just hope we get a better result than last time 🙂
    one of the nerds said…
    Link required on previous comments : Jersey Channel Islands Government won’t like this film

    Thank you Mr/Mrs/Master or miss nerd.


    Anonymous said…

    “underground car perking”
    Steve Beddoe

    LOL and he is not even elected yet!!!


    Anonymous said…

    Katy Ringsdore

    Actually I think the inclusion of Katy’s address is a good example of what a pretty smile and please can achieve for a woman 😀


    This didn’t work for me when I stood for election in St Peter’s in 1999, and I can be Oh so nice when I want to, which is actually most of the time lol 🙂


    Popped over and viewed Colin Russell’s website, interesting. I am a friend of Roy Travert’s and Russell did meet me when Roy was standing, bet he won’t remember me or what I was chatting about to Roy and him though?


    I am in St Helier no 2, but if I was in St Brelades I would vote for Montford, he is a really lovely intelligent and honest young man, and I feel sure he would do a great job in the States. I have a lot of friends of all ages in St Brelade who are now going to vote for him!

    I have nearly lost my voice telling everyone I can the truth about what is actually going on in the island, and have converted many from voting the wrong way.

    Having said that I truly believe in the freedom of choice and would never try and force anyone to vote other than to their own minds.

    The huge problem is the fact that so many are not fully informed on just about everything, and they only get to read and hear the local media spin, lol.

  22. Colin Russell


    It was not an attack as you describe, but an attempt to establish a fair appraisal of a candidates worth as you are quite rightly trying to do by your synopsis of the named candidates.

    It is not negative campaigning as you describe. You are supporting Gil Blackwood and Alan Breckon’s candidate Ms.Hase, it is understandable why you would refer to any objectional comments as “negative campaigning”.

    I was giving you my opinion of what should be a fair and balanced comparison between candidates. I was not attacking Ms Hase, just asking the question if the role that was described by you was done on a voluntary or paid professional basis.

    What is wrong in that question when you are trying to promote the good work done by a candidate.

    All candidates are attempting to promote themselves to the electorate and the correct way to do that is to show that you, as a candidate, have the right aptitude and courage in your convictions to stand up for what you believe to be right and to try and make a difference, even if that means having differing opinions with well respected politicians.

    I say it as I see it, I will not be too timid in expressing my views if I feel that a statement or opinion needs more clarification in the interest of fairness.

    I’m sure you will agree that’s what democracy is all about.



  23. Anonymous

    The Greene bloke in St.Martin?
    Seemed massively self-assured, body language at the hustings reeked of self-confidence, yet he couldn’t back it up when answering questions.

    Ums and aahs, don’t knows, etc.

    I’d rather stick with BH, thanks all the same!

  24. Senator Stuart Syvret


    I’ve never claimed there was anything “fair & balanced” about this blog – oh no.

    It’s deeply biased – because in it’s own tiny – and probably ineffectual – way, it’s trying to counteract decades upon decades upon decades of rabid propaganda from the oligarchy’s media.

    Like I said, you may well make a good a States member – but I’m entitled to my opinions as much as the next person – especially when it comes to supporting candidates in my district.

    But – as I said in the posting – I can’t claim to be optimistic that a load of the sitting clowns will get flung out to make way for newer people.

    We’ll see.


  25. One Day

    My thoughts on the election are that i would want to know if any of the potential deputies are in support of either Shenton or Perchard, then i would not vote for them.

  26. Anonymous

    One Day – Whats the thinking behind your comment “i would want to know if any of the potential deputies are in support of either Shenton or Perchard, then i would not vote for them.” Shenton and Perchard are doing ok as far as I am concerned. They at least have their own opinions and are not establishment puppets.

  27. Anonymous

    The St Lawrence options,
    It has to be Nick Palmer, I know there are two vacancies in your parish but the other options are just too awful to consider.

  28. Anonymous

    Colin Russell,

    I’m afraid your posts are coming across as quite tetchy.

    As you have already posted here why not leave the negatives out of your next one and tell us what you would do to improve Jersey?

    I have also thought of a few questions.

    How do you feel about the HDLG investigation and attacks on Lenny Harper?

    Do you think Terry Le Sueur should be chief minister?

    Do you think the childrens service needs to be changed?

    Thanks for your time Colin.

  29. Anonymous

    If you can vote for any of these candidates please do so.

    Montfort Tadier

    Daniel Wimberley

    Shona Pitman

    Nick Palmer

    Geoff Southern

    Trevor Pitman

    Suzy Hase

    Gil Blackwood

    Our only industry is about to take an almighty battering, at the very least, it might even be finished.
    Either way we are going to need intelligent, hardworking candidates who can come up with new ways of coping with the massive changes that are on the way.

    Look at the waterfront, the pension deficit, the incinerator, G.S.T.


    This is the last chance to have a say before the world financial storm hits us, let’s get it right.

  30. Anonymous

    I never thought I would say this but, I’m not going to bother voting. Not after reading this latest blog entry.

    Anyway, it seems that no matter how you vote in this island there will never be any change.

    All the politicians here are in it for themselves. I guess I have just lost all hope with the political system in this island.

  31. Anonymous

    I have obtained a copy, and if our Banana Republic Government, ban such copies
    Guess what? We have made even more copies.

  32. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Shenton & Perchard.

    Hi, Jimmy.

    Never were the sharpest tool in the box, were we?

    You two are establishment men – through and through.

    Worse – in many ways – because you try to pretend you aren’t.

    At least the bratarians don’t hide what they are.

    Ben Shenton & Jimmy Perchard: two catastrophic failures – so much so that in the face of all the overwhelming, crushing, implacable evidence – are still too spineless to hold crooked civil servants to account.


  33. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Sorry if I seemed pessimistic –


    At least, if you want any kind of improvement.

    It’s the ‘can’t be bothered to vote, because there’s no point’ kind of thinking which lets the oligarchy win all the time.

    Go out and vote – even if you don’t especially like any of the candidates – go and vote for the one’s who are least bad.

    Because if you don’t – the worst ones will get in.


  34. Anonymous

    “I never thought I would say this but, I’m not going to bother voting.”

    Not after reading this latest blog entry. You must vote and get everyone you know to vote also!!!

    Not voting should never be an option!!!—You won’t change anything that you tolerate!!!

    Steal yourself to the biting winds of apathy!!!—Stand up and be counted or surely you are as bad as those who didn’t stand up when children were horribly abused.

    Not standing up mean the Berlin wall would still be there and the rights of those with power come before the might of what is right.

    Get all your friends and all their friends, sister’s brother’s aunt’s and uncles moms and dads as well as you granny and granddad who may be set in their ways but are not stupid and it can be explained to most people around that only by voting on mass will you not be ignored!!!

  35. Anonymous


    Re Huet and Fox are nice people – couldn’t comment either way but what I would say is I would not employ someone just because I thought they were nice.

    There are some very ‘nice’ people about who are totally incompetent. What I want is capable, intelligent people – if they’re nice as well even better – but that is not a pre requisite for my vote.

    For the turbulent times ahead this island is going to need intelligent and able people in power like never before. I only hope people vote wisely and not on the basis of better the devil you know (no!!!!!look at the damage they’ve done already!) or niceness.

  36. Anonymous

    I know it can seem hopeless but please never give in to the idea that it doesn’t matter if you vote or not.

    ” It doesn’t change anything” I have heard people say.
    Well if you don’t think elections can change governments what are do you think will?

  37. Anonymous

    I convinced my normaly left-wing labour supporting mother in-law that Fox+H weren’t really her cup of tea.
    So now she isn’t bothering to vote at all!!
    Votes wasted, but half a victory is better than none!!!


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