Part 2.

A select Consideration of Some Candidates

In Phase 2 of Jersey’s General Election.

Election Day – when you WON’T VOTE FOR ROB DUHAMEL (please?)

You know – the more I’ve reflected on what I wrote yesterday, the more I’m genuinely tempted to see if we could run a goose or a donkey in an election?

What do you think?

Perhaps you’d prefer some other fauna?

Personally – I could happily envisage seeing a large, hungry polar bear let loose in the chamber – whilst I watched from the safety of the public gallery – like, obviously, doh!

Though in the interests of animal welfare certain members would have to be removed as they could prove to be toxic to the bear once eaten.

Two-ton walrus? No problem. But certain occupants of the States chamber? Hi-risk of indigestion and poisoning, I would have thought.

Or, if you aren’t keen on animals – some other form or representation?

There are so many computer nerds out there now, how about an assembly modelled on Second Life?

Politics could become a virtuality – in which we controlled avatars from the comfort of our Macs?

Reality wouldn’t matter – you and your avatars could do just what the hell you liked – in a fantasy make-believe world – ‘peopled’ by vacuous and unreal ‘representatives’ – who, when all’s said and done, would be of no consequence – because they were dealing with money which was just pixelated virtual money, of no real substance – and it wouldn’t matter that they would be powerless in the face of the reality of the world – and the avatars and those who controlled them could feel omnipotent and invulnerable – and – err –

Oh crap.

Look – it’s often claimed Jersey is ahead of its time.

See? We’ve already invented Third Life – in which we’ve taken the concepts of virtuality – and made them real.

I’m certain Victoria Sponge could spin this dangerous experiment into appearing as some positive PR: – “traditional Jersey entrepreneurial skills” perhaps?

Let’s face it – before the real world perceives the dissolution of our ‘Matrix’ – there’ll be nothing but smoking economic wreckage out there anyway. So why not give it a try?

But – grimly – let us return our consideration to what passes for “reality” here in Jersey Third Life.

The Deputy elections.

Ah – yes.

May I recommend that you DON’T VOTE FOR ROB DUHAMEL?

Just in case I hadn’t mentioned that already.

At the end of this post – I’ll run through a quick recap of who I would vote for in these elections – at least, those of them I can be bothered to think about.

We’ve already had a strop from a candidate who got annoyed that I said I didn’t know anything about him – and said so, in a neutral kind of way. So just to make it clear – I won’t necessarily be covering every candidate and every parish.

I know, I know – politicians are supposed to talk crap about subjects they know nothing about – it’s our job – but it’s too hard a standard to maintain constantly.

But – of those I have a view on – here goes:

St. Mary.

David Johnson.

Proposed Juliette Gallichan as Deputy – and had his nomination paper signed by Geoffrey Grime. Nuff said – almost.

Basically – another finance industry man – cut of the very same cloth as those other “masters of the universe” who have helmed the world’s financial system catastrophicaly into the iceberg of reality.

Vote for Mr. Johnson? I’ll take the electric chair, thanks.

David Richardson.

Oh dear. Look, David – I know you’re well-intentioned and a decent enough guy – but your chances in this election are about equivalent to those of Dick Cheney joining Greenpeace.

Like Chris in St. Helier No. 1 – you’re just wasting your time – and you know it.

Daniel Wimberley.

An intelligent, thoughtful man – who would deliver some of what Jersey badly needs – a little counter-weight to the irrational go-for-greed, go-for-growth blinkered, utopian fantasists who have been St. Mary Deputies since the days of Derek Maltwood.

I’d vote for Daniel.

But, perhaps what the voters of St. Mary want is yet more environmental destruction of their tiny parish – even greater tides of concrete to swell over the island?

If so – vote as you customarily would.

St. John.

Difficult one, this.

Each candidate has their merits.

I would not claim that I share either man’s political outlook – but I have to say, each, in their own way, has shown a good deal of independent thought.

Phil Rondel.

He will be well-known to the people of St. John – and many will remember him from his previous stint as Deputy.

Never afraid to speak his mind, ask awkward questions – and retain some independence.

Patrick Ryan.

Again – a man who one would regard as an establishment figure – but not a piece of passive lobby-fodder.

Indeed – was subjected to a great deal of stroppy hostility from Phil Ozouf and his fellow bratarians – when they realised he wasn’t going to passively toe the Jersey Establishment Party line.

For example – Patrick was resolute in his opposition to taxing food.

So – each man has their qualities – I could vote for either.

St. Clement.

Hell – I don’t know.

Look – I do try to be honest in these assessments – but there are only so many hours in the day.

Important work has to take priority over these rather masochistic trawlings through the futile tragedies of Jersey elections.

But, quickly:

Gerard Baudians.

A known quantity – of an exotic substance you either like or hate.

But is his own man – very independently minded. If a little too over-enthusiastic with the dowsing rods for my taste.

Ian Gorst.

A conservative and an establishment man – but, before we condemn him for that, I have to say in fairness to him that after a dodgy first year or so – when he was letting himself get owned by the Ozoufian – ‘greed is good’ – bratarians – he has actually re-discovered his Christian conscience.

Intelligent – but we can never expect anything radical from him – such as ‘change’.

Anne Dupre.

Seems to offer possibilities – has a good CV – and could, indeed, turn out to be a decent States member. Can’t really say more than that – as I just don’t know enough about her.

Philip Maguire.

From what little I’ve been able to learn of him – he does at least appear to grasp such concepts as Sovereign Wealth Funds – and the fact that our traditional glorious leadership – who we’re supposed to believe have been marvellously wise in their foresight – have, in fact, left this community broke, knackered – and in a state or perilous destitution.

Just a pity Philip has come along 40 years too late. That isn’t a criticism of him – but, frankly, only a miracle could save us now.

Jez Strickland.

I’m not sure what to make of Jez. A while ago – under various avatars – was constantly attacking me. Basically, from what I could work out – because I had come to the conclusion that Health & Social Services senior management are a collection of ethically bankrupt, lying clowns.

And Jez does work in H & SS management – though, I stress, there are many good people there. I know – as I regulalry speak to some of them – albeit in peril of their bosses finding out.

But – maybe he has now gained a broader view – and is more realistic about the glaringly obvious failings of some of his senior colleagues?

Just don’t know.

St. Saviour No. 2.

Unfortunately, in this district you won’t be able to NOT VOTE FOR ROB DUHAMEL because he is in St. Saviour No. 1. But you can still think about it – on your way to the polls.

But – what of the candidates in this district?

Kevin Lewis is a dead cert.

Has shown himself to be independently minded – does what he believes to be right – as opposed to what the oligarchy tells him to do.

Which – of itself – is an automatic colossal advantage over 90% of candidates.

Resolutely voted against taxing your food and domestic energy costs.

So – who else, then for the remaining seat?

Glenn & Cliff – hmm….how very mountainous.

Both nice guys, I’m sure – but in over-subscribed district like this – one has to make hard choices.

Tracy Vallois.

[Post-script: since writing what follows, I’ve been assured that Ms. Vallois is in no way associated with Phil Ozouf – and, instead has the support of good people, such as Alan Breckon. I would like to apologise unreservedly for writing such a dreadful slur as to associate her with the bratarians.]

Could be potentially a good States member?

But could equally turn out to be an Ozoufian bratarian?

If that last guess is doing her an injustice, I’m sorry.

But the problem is – her candidacy is just altogether too mysterious.

We simply don’t know enough about her.

Christine Papworth.

As remarked previously – the states is dangerously politically extreme and unbalanced at present – indeed, has been for decades.

It’s just too unbalanced towards the Right-wing – which will inevitably – perhaps quite soon – lead to serious political instability.

A few more working-class people – who could be relied upon to keep the oligarchy on its toes – is what Jersey needs.

So, Kevin & Christine would get my votes in that district.

But, if resident in the parish of St. Saviour – I’d far prefer to be voting in No. 1 District, where I’d be able to NOT VOTE FOR ROB DUHAMEL.

2 seats – 4 candidates.

Who would I vote for?

Consider Celia Scott-Warren – the sister-in-law of Big Frank’s wife, Fiona.

Celia – who stabbed me in the back at H & SS – without so much as a text-message telling me she was resigning.

I’d vote for her – without hesitation – IF IT MEANT KEEPING ROB DUHAMEL OUT.

So, that leaves Tony Nightingale and Jeremy Macon.

Tony – sorry – you might be a good guy – but I just don’t see you bringing anything remarkably new to the mix.

(And, forgive me for this, but your web photo makes you look disturbingly like Terry Le Main.)

Of the 4 candidates – Jeremy Macon is the only one I feel any great enthusiasm for – he’s young, intelligent – and his mum it pretty good at hand-bagging Philip Ozouf and his spin-doctor, Glenn Rankine when they tried to bully and intimidate her during the Senatorial hustings.

But, seriously – some people say of Jeremy – ‘he’s too young’.

But just consider what the average age of States members is? Again – it’s a very unstable, misbalance – weighted far too heavily towards the older generations for political comfort.

And, let’s face it – it isn’t as though the “Old Guard” approach – which has dominated for decades has done us much good. Jersey is financially knackered – and has been led to this state of affairs by older States members most of whom – to add insult to injury – proceed to vote against the interests of ordinary pensioners just as soon as they get elected.

Witness Ben Fox and Jacky Huet – just by way of example. Campaigning as the ‘pensioners’ friends’ – whilst voting to tax the food and heating bills of the elderly.

We, as a community, need – and I don’t use the word lightly – need – a few of our younger people in the States.

Let’s get the vote out for Jeremy.


The most ineffectual, dithering, time-wasting do-nothing, get-nowhere clown in the modern history of the States.

Claims to be some kind of ‘environmentalist’ – which would be great – if he ever actually delivered on any useful environmental policies.

He doesn’t.

A complete waste of time and space.

But, in case you’re wondering why I ask DON’T VOTE FOR ROB DUHAMEL (please?) is that this is the man who – in the company of 6 other States members – said he was going to vote FOR exempting food and domestic energy from GST – and then promptly voted against both exemptions.

This resulted in a tied vote – 25 for – 25 against – so, procedurally, the proposition was lost.

Had he kept his word – the outcome would have been 26 for – 24 against – and the propositions would have been carried.


Please – DON’T VOTE FOR HIM (did I say, please?)

Well – I’ve summited after that long and dangerous north-east face climb.

It’s cold and dark.

I’m out of water and I’m eating snow.

The head torch batteries have long-since expired.

But from a faint slither of moonlight, I can now see the descent-route – but it’s all I can do to save my energy to stagger back down and cross the glacier.

Only a couple of features remain – and little time or energy to stand and contemplate them long.

St. Lawrence.

As a very clever reader remarked – there are two vacancies in the parish – one of them being John Le Fondre – a man who could redefine the word vacant.

A multi-millionaire – but essentially thick – spoilt bratarian – who inherited his wealth from his father.

Like Ozouf – is one of those States members who – because they had the good fortune to inherit vast fortunes – suddenly start thinking their wealth makes them Jersey’s answer to Donald Trump.

But – I get the impression that that’s just the kind of candidate that St. Lawrence often favours – so I expect we will have the “pleasure” of his “charisma” for another term – which is about how long it will take people to realise that the accountants have brought us to ruin.

Which brings me on to Eddie Noel.

An accountant – like – that’s just what the States needs, right?

Another bloody accountant?

Look – we’re on the rocks and shipping water – and it’s this milieu of “Business Men – Therefore Geniuses” characters – who have brought us to this end.

Oh well – if you want to wreak the final destruction upon Jersey – go for it – a few more money-men should deal the terminal blow.

Nick Palmer.

Highly intelligent, independently minded, not afraid to stand up to the powers that be.

Genuinely committed to protecting the environment – as opposed to the fake, plastic, make-believe-at-election-time environmentalism as peddled by 95% of candidates.

The states desperately needs its average IQ raised significantly – especially with an enquiring and independent mind.

In fact – if I were voting in St. Lawrence – apart from being disappointed that I couldn’t NOT VOTE FOR ROB DUHAMEL – I would cast
one vote – and one vote only.

And that would be for Nick Palmer.

I’ve avoided death in the crevasses – and can see in the distance the window-light of the mountain hut.

The sun is just beginning to scythe across the very tops – the Matterhorn on my left – the Breithorn on my right – from which I’ve just descended – with an eccentric Dutchman – from whom I’ve learnt the dangerous and painful lesson – never – ever – let someone else do the navigating when you’re in the mountains.

Especially a man from a country as flat as a billiard table.

OK – wise-guy – it’s easy to be smart after the event.

It’s getting light now – and sanctuary beckons.

St. Brelade No. 2.

Exhaustion, dehydration, sunburn, hypothermia and hunger – after 36 hours of continuous effort.

So – there isn’t much left I can do – except prise near-frozen, woody feet out of plastic mountaineering boots, try and get some feelings back into my hands – drink pints of water – and crash into the sleeping bag – and briefly think, before slumping into unconsciousness – ‘why the bloody hell do I do this?’

What to say.

Sean Power.

Oh boy – has that man got the ‘Blarney’.

Name a populist cause – and there he will be – in a flash.

Strives to give the impression to as many people as possible – that he is resolutely on their side – whilst really being on nobody’s side but his own.

A confidence man.

Remember his attempts to get into bed with Harcourt? All a bit embarrassing, no?

I know I can be too diplomatic sometimes – perhaps a bit too subtle – but look at it this way – if I consider the present 53 States members – and had to single out the one – the only – I consider to be the most dubious – the one I wouldn’t trust as far as I could throw him – it would be Sean Power. (Apart from ROB DUHAMEL, obviously.)

Yes – I can say this in all honesty – I’d rather see people like Philip Ozouf & Frank Walker in the States than Sean Power.

Consider this, should you not realise just how cynically opportunistic that man is – remember Ted Vibert – the man who shook-up the States – and tried in a big way to mount a serious challenge to the Jersey oligarchy.

It suited Power’s purposes then – to be associated with Ted – who was popular with many people.

Power duped Ted Vibert into thinking he was an ally of his – and then relayed every single thing Ted Vibert said and told him – straight back to Frank walker.

Sean Power – the man who writes letters to Irish newspapers – in support of a States Chief Officer – who remains working – despite being under serious police investigation for many years of violent child abuse.

I wonder how many of the people Power has canvassed in his district understand that this is a man who has rabidly voted against exempting food and home energy cost from GST?

In fact – so dreadful is this little creep – I’m almost tempted – very nearly, actually – to say I’d rather see him slung out than ROB DUHAMEL (but not quite, though it is very close.)

Look at it this way – if you said to me – ‘you have a choice – you can have Phil Ozouf, Frank Walker, Allan MacLean etc in the States – OR Sean Power – I’d say sling out Power – without hesitation.

That’s how dreadful he is.

So – who would I vote for in St. Brelade No. 2?

No competition from where I see it.

Martha Bernstein.

I should point out that her and her husband, Julian Bernstein are friends of mine – but there is no escaping the fact that Martha has just the kind of energy and drive needed to shake-up the States.

For example – I think she’d frighten a lot of very under-worked and over-paid civil servants at the Education department if she were an Assistant Minister.

And God – do they need frightening.

Montfort Tadier.

What needs to be said about this principled and intelligent young man?

Articulate, well-educated – politically honest – and genuinely on the side of the poor and the vulnerable – and understands the grave seriousness of the economic challenges we face.

Jersey – you need a few people like Montfort in the States.

Right – I’m now trying to sleep-off the exhaustion and hypothermia – and can do no more.

I know – I haven’t examined every candidate nor every parish – but, for good or ill – those are my thoughts, insights and recommendations.

Make of it what you will – as you vote today – and remember – people get the government they deserve.

Especially those people who don’t turn out to vote.

Finally – to avoid any ambiguity – DON’T VOTE FOR ROB DUHAMEL (please? Look, I’m begging you.)

See you for the autopsy – maybe on Thursday.


87 thoughts on “JERSEY ELECTION SPECIAL II, #2

  1. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for the effort you are putting in. I, my whole family and all of our friends will be out there voting, and all we can now really do is hope for the best.

    As for Sean Power and his comments here well I am just disgusted with him.

    Consequently I have posted my own comment.

    Copy of the comment I posted there.

    Dear Ciaran McGuigan.

    Well done, ignore Sean Power’s comment he is a States member who is up the back passage of the elite Establishment Banana Republic Party of the island, who are going all out to try and dust everything under the carpet, cover up is an understatement.

    Sean said you lack of any kind of investigative reporting ability, just because you have reported with honesty.

    May I suggest you do some investigative reporting such as, go and interview one of Mario Lundy’s child victims Ricky Tregaskis, who has served 9 years of the 25 year sentence for a murder he committed in Cornwall, which he believes were due to the life lessons he learned from Mario Lundy as a little boy of 13, just ask Senator Stuart Syvret as he gave out this information in a comment he made on his blog.

    What Sean Power has commented here is disrespectful to all those who have been abused, which I cannot understand as he is standing for re-election right now.
    Comment end.

    Will just have to wait and see if they publish it. Hope you don’t mind my reference to your good self.

    Take care; I am off to bed myself now as I am also shattered. Night, Night.

  2. Anonymous

    That was a rather long ‘short’ posting Stuart and just to be clear, was it ROB DUHAMEL who doesn’t get your vote?

    The problem is that many voters have no real interest in governance or ‘democracy’ and would vote a monkey in if one was put up for election.

    As least which a monkey you get what you see, and won’t lie and steal public funds from you. In many cases its the local crooks and villians who the electorate is voting in.

  3. Anonymous

    Get out and vote or you will get shafted again. Don’t buy the JEP or advertise in it, it is the establishments mouth piece and doesn’t act in an unbiased way. If you don’t want to know what is really going on over here by all means buy it. If you want to know what the hell is going on kick it into touch and do yourselves all a favour. You have the power to change things for the better use it or lose it! You have been warned! Do you want the same cr@p again?

  4. Anonymous

    What is in store for offshore banking?

    Analysis By Chas Roy-Chowdhury
    Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

    Could present circumstances offer for the first time in too many years a glimmer of hope on the road to liberation from the occupying forces of “our” Financial Services Industry?

  5. TonyTheProf

    What was the other occasion when Rob Duhamel changed his vote at the last minute? Some years ago now. I think it actually happened in the States chamber.

  6. Don't vote for Rob Duhamel

    Re Tracy Vallois,

    It might help readers and voters to know that Tracy appears to be closely aligned to Alan Breckon; indeed a Hayley Breckon was one of her proposers.

    If she were to maintain such allies she may have a useful vote in the Chambers.

    I don’t know her at all (in case you are wondering) but felt that it was important to distinguish her from Victoria Sponge.

    VS (24 years old) – proposed by Paul Routier and wants Ozouf as Chief Minister
    TV (25 years old) – not proposed by Routier and wants Alan Breckon as Chief Minister.

    She may well be worth a punt.

  7. Anonymous

    Finance downsizing.
    Too late now.
    If it goes down we are all in the s**t.

    Thank you to Walker, Le Sueur and Ozouf who being well loaded with cash could easiily move to sunnier climes.

  8. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Tracy Vallois: An Apology

    It is now clear that Tracy Vallois is supported by Alan Breckon – and is, thefore, not an Ozoufian bratarian.

    I wish to apologise unreservedly for the foul calumny of associating her with Pip Ozouf and the Jersey Establishment Party.

    She would make a great States member, I’m sure – so do consider her for one of your votes.

    And if you know anyone in St. Saviour No. 1 you might want to suggest to them that they DON’T VOTE FOR ROB DUHAMEL.


  9. Anonymous


    Perhaps you readers would be interested in a new blog

    This is an attack on a beloved institution which has the lowest recorded drug errors in Europe
    Why – cos there’s no drug error policy

    But nobody has ever died from the lack of policies !

    Christmas Day on a mental health ward doesn’t count!
    And locums aren’t really staff are they!
    Drug theft – not helpful to hinder somebody’s career, they needed the gear!

    Computer nerd/guru – can you create a link

  10. Anonymous

    My prediction is that sitting members will in most cases retain their seats.
    I have my doubts about one or two eg Guy de Faye who has been cruelly exposed by the Ministerial system as a political duffer of the first order.
    Quite a few of the country races are between two establishment figures so it does not matter who wins, you will get a TLS button man or woman 🙁
    Some of the urban seats could be interesting but there are a lot of sitting members and that is a huge advantage if you have kept your head down, done a bit of constituency work and kept off the politics 😀
    Finally I bet Katy will be whizzing around the island dishing out ice cream for Channel 103 next summer, try again next time!

  11. Anonymous

    After the elections we have the excitement of TLS being elected as Chief Minister, sadly a virtual certainty.
    Then we have him picking his team. Doubtless the Vile Rag will hail this as a the first act of a ‘worldclass statesman who is proving to be his own man’.
    But it will really be the shuffing of the Walker deckchairs on the funnel deck of the Titanic.
    Pip and Al will get a plum job each, Freddie and Ben will be left to soldier on, some poor unfortunate will be given Education.
    Then a slew of minor jobs will be dished out to keep the woodentops et al on board.
    Quite a bit of the more obvious talent in the House will be left twiddling it’s thumbs on the sidelines as it is a bit on the ‘pink’ side 🙁

  12. Anonymous

    Drug theft – not helpful to hinder somebody’s career, they needed the gear!

    Jersey is not the only place with a hospital where the odd pill or three goes missing.
    Accusing medical staff of having taken the odd happy pill is a bit like accusing bar staff of having the odd drink ‘on the house’.

  13. Anonymous

    Heard a conversation between two women pensioners in the CO-OP today.

    “I wasn’t going to vote but that nice man Mr Duhamel came round and shook my hand.” “Yes he is a very pleasant man and I will be voting for him and Celia, we don’t want any of those troublemakers in our parish”

  14. loco

    You’d think there’d be at least some trivial but robust method of verifying a voter is who he/she claims to be. I wasn’t asked for ID, and simply had to state my name/address that was on a clearly visible list in front of the admin staff. All the information they used to identify me is available in the phone book.

    Surely the system is open to abuse?
    In this day and age of identity theft and data loss concerns, I’d have hoped the system would be much more locked down.
    With little more than a fake mustache and comedy glasses from Horseplay, I think I could have voted several times throughout the day!

  15. Anonymous

    loco, you’d have trouble buying anything from Horseplay now, they’ve closed!
    Although ‘Roleplay’ opened immediately afterwards elsewhere, which isn’t a massive coincidence 🙂

    Yes, point taken – but I wonder how many people would dare to pretend that they were someone else?

  16. Anonymous

    Securitisation and the credit crunch

    Whilst employed at a major Bank on the island I was involved in multi million pound securitisation deals, the main business was transacted in London through a global network, the deals all passed through Jersey, minimal work was involved here,)back door!) FAT fees were taken.

    The recent announcement of investigations into the Crown dependancies may bring about reassurances from JFS and the SOJ, however following the ‘bail outs’ the ‘books’ of the UK Banks are now open to the UK government.

    I think Jerset may come out of this with more bad publicity!

  17. Anonymous

    Can’t access the jersey hospital blog has someone got it removed already, it was working earlier today.

  18. Anonymous

    Duhamel tops the poll in St Saviour No 1!

    The curse of Syvret strikes again.

    Oh well, at least Nick Palmer got in in St Lawrence. Ooops, sorry. No he didn’t.

  19. Anonymous

    Looks like they didn’t listen to you about Duhamel 🙁

    But well done Deputy Elect Macon!

  20. Anonymous


    Come gather ’round people
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters
    Around you have grown
    And accept it that soon
    You’ll be drenched to the bone.
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin’
    Then you better start swimmin’
    Or you’ll sink like a stone
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come writers and critics
    Who prophesize with your pen
    And keep your eyes wide
    The chance won’t come again
    And don’t speak too soon
    For the wheel’s still in spin
    And there’s no tellin’ who
    That it’s namin’.
    For the loser now
    Will be later to win
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’.
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    Come mothers and fathers
    Throughout the land
    And don’t criticize
    What you can’t understand
    Your sons and your daughters
    Are beyond your command
    Your old road is
    Rapidly agin’.
    Please get out of the new one
    If you can’t lend your hand
    For the times they are a-changin’.

    The line it is drawn
    The curse it is cast
    The slow one now
    Will later be fast
    As the present now
    Will later be past
    The order is
    Rapidly fadin’.
    And the first one now
    Will later be last
    For the times they are a-changin’.

  21. Anonymous

    Thank God I wont have to listen to that whining Scott Warren again, too much to ask that Paul Le Claire will suffer a similar fate(well he does drone on and pull the Bob Cratchetchett card too often) a foregone conclusion that the joker in teh pack Guy (Fawkes) De Faye will see his political career go up in smoke too……icing on the cake will be if Victoria Sponge goes flat!

  22. Anonymous

    Paul Le Claire 634
    Deputy Judy Martin 601
    Trevor Pitman 487

    Nick Le Cornu 406
    Katy Ringsdore 387
    Brian Beadle 229
    Chris Whitworth 144

    Well done Mr JDA, what a shame Vicky Sponge didn’t get in, LOL
    Well done Nick for the close-ish runner-up position.

  23. Anonymous

    Duhamel, how?
    What has he ever stood for?
    Who looks at him and says ” I admire that mans timidity and inaction”?

  24. Anonymous


    Did you really climb a 4000m peak in the Alps?

    According to my calculations, based on your average rate of ascent while climbing, that would take 2.3 glacial periods.

    The Doctor

  25. Sara

    Well Rob Duhamel got re-elected. You were too subtle in your approach Stuart. Hope Ringsore did not hand her notice in. 🙂

  26. Anonymous

    “Jersey is not the only place with a hospital where the odd pill or three goes missing.
    Accusing medical staff of having taken the odd happy pill is a bit like accusing bar staff of having the odd drink ‘on the house’.”

    So stealing drugs and equipment to get drugs into a vein are just part of the perks!

    You are happy to be treated by somebody under the influence of drugs when you are in hospital
    or you don’t get your drugs because the staff have taken them for their own use.

    Yeah right!

  27. thejerseyway

    Hi Stuart.
    I’ve just started Blogging, I have been following your Blog for the past 3 months + & have been leaving comments under the name of Von Strudel.
    I’ve been agreeing with you about 95%. Sorry about Rob Duhamel getting in. What a wast of a seat in the States, Boring B—–d.
    Well we have a few new Deputes so we can only hope for change.
    But it don’t look to bad.
    I was wondering if you could put a link on your blog to mine, I have links to other Blogs with new ones & We virgin Bloggers did all the help, encouragement, feed back & publicity That we can get, I’m not a computer nerd, so may be missing some of your expertise in Blogging.
    I would love it if you could, if you have time in your busy day to leave a comment on my Blog.

  28. Anonymous

    I Think Simon Bellwood has really breached data protection this time, he has posted an official letter from the States.

    Must say, the guy has got balls!

  29. Anonymous

    “Jersey is not the only place with a hospital where the odd pill or three goes missing.
    Accusing medical staff of having taken the odd happy pill is a bit like accusing bar staff of having the odd drink ‘on the house’.”

    So stealing drugs and equipment to get drugs into a vein are just part of the perks!

    You are happy to be treated by somebody under the influence of drugs when you are in hospital
    or you don’t get your drugs because the staff have taken them for their own use.

    Yeah right!

    That is not what I said.
    Medical staff have relatively easy access to strong painkillers and sleeping pills etc compared with the general population.
    If they suffer from insomnia, raging toothache, period pains or a bad hangover they can get their hands on something a bit stronger than we can get in Boots.

  30. Senator Stuart Syvret

    A bit stronger than stuff from the chemist?

    what? You mean like smack, yeah?

    Nicked from terminal patients in the ITU?

    A slap on the wrist.

    Another great example of H & SS management.


  31. Anonymous

    A swing to the left

    Bad news for Katy Ringsdore, Guye de Faye et al.

    Good news for Pitman et al.

    There is almost certainly still a majority in the House to elect Terry ‘Yoda’ le Sueur to the post of Chief Minister but his majority will be a lot smaller than he thought and his political and moral authority will be close to nil as he will have to rely heavily on the not quite elected Constables for support.
    The really bad bit is the shrunken pool of reliable ‘talent’ now available to him from which he has to appoint his Council of Ministers.
    No one could ever have described Guy de Faye as a shining light but the man was a star compared with James Reed, Jimmy Perchard et al, now probably heading for senior office.
    And the really bad news is long term, the new blood in the Deputies’ elections is independent, maybe left or greenish.
    Serious thought will be being applied in the Establishment camp to finding some fodder to fight the next set of elections!

  32. Anonymous

    A bit stronger than stuff from the chemist?

    what? You mean like smack, yeah?

    Nicked from terminal patients in the ITU?

    I did not say that either!

    If you have proof that heroin or other similar drugs were regularly used by medical staff in Jersey without a prescription then that is a matter for the police and I suggest that you take any evidence that you have to them.
    I worked for a time in a UK hospital and I knew that the medical staff would sometimes have a dihydrocodeine or similar off the trolly if they were in pain.
    Strictly speaking illegal without a prescription but the tablets are as cheap as chips, dished out by the binload and they were not stealing anyone’s medicine.

    If every States member had to account for their expenses to the last penny then very few of you would be sitting there now!

  33. Anonymous

    So stealing drugs and equipment to get drugs into a vein are just part of the perks!.

    I did not suggest that stealing heroin was defensible.
    It is highly likely that every single officer in the Jersey police may have exceeded the speed limit, parked illegally, driven through a red light at 2 am etc in their off work hours in the past.
    These are all crimes and must be punished!
    Maybe we should tag every single Jersey police officer so we can be sure that they never commit anything approaching a crime at any point in their lives 😀

  34. Anonymous

    Now that’s a pretty good result!

    Do you remember the last elections were held up as proof that the island wanted to maintain the status quo?

    So I wonder if the JEP will declare this one as a protest against the Jersey way?

    So that’s no to Guy de Faye (say it again, it sounds great doesn’t it?), Jacqui Huet, Rod Bryan, Celia Scott Warren, Patrick Ryan, Gerard Baudains. With Ben Fox sneaking in by 2 votes. All committed to correct procedure and the Jersey way.

    So any States members reading this may want to consider that for a moment.
    In the Senatorial elections more people voted for change than continuation but the vote was split by the number of new candidates.
    With all respect to Geoff Southern (who I voted for as senator) people are voting for change not just the JDA. As long as you are the party of change you will always get my vote just don’t forget how you got in when the establishment party start to be nice and offer you plum jobs.

    Altogether now, to the tune of ‘London bridge is falling down’… ‘Guy de Faye has gone away, gone away..etc.

  35. ratleskutle

    Bloody hell! What happened to all the establishment voters? Are they drunk on a yacht somewhere? Or all on holiday in Barbados? It almost makes me feel like standing myself. Oh, too late, oh well.

    Generally great result though

  36. Anonymous

    I heard a rumour that a recent St.Helier Parish meeting voted to sell land to Dandara for yet more flats and most of the voters were employees. Apparently 30 people left once the vote was secured.
    I wonder if that was true? 🙂

  37. Anonymous

    The RAG will probably go on teh low turn out and teh ned for electoral reform….this is a blow for them though – The Jersey Establishment mouthpiece media will no doubt do all they can to quell the ‘uprising’. Who cares about the calibre of some of the deputies elect, I am jsut pl;eased that we have more left of centres in there> In my personal opinion we are about twenty years behind the times politicaly so I view this tenuously as New labour getting in, and a death knell to the Establishment stronghold in the voting process, I also see it as a vote for transparency, it is going to be a lot harder for ‘the establishment party’ to hush things up as there are too many loose canons flying around. Stuart you will become one of several agent provacateurs for the editor of the RAG to rage against in his leaders! You must be feeling pretty smug today! The town/country divide has served the island well! With so many now committed to reform it has got to come……………that said economically I agree with the analogy of the sinking ship!

  38. Anonymous

    Good to see the tide is beginning to turn. This should rattle Ozouf and co. Let us now hope all the newbies don’t get tarnished with the establishment brush. If they stay clear we could get a more balanced government. Too much conservatisim has messed up this island. Let us look forward to more changes in 3 years time with a bit of luck!

    Also boycott the JEP ram it down their throats that we the people are p!ssed off with the state of the island. Knock the stupid waterfront development into touch. It doesn’t matter if Harcourt are upset let them do their grandeous schemes elsewhere we don’t need or want them. I just hope the states can stand up to them if they tell them no. It wouldn’t surprise me if Harcourt were to sue if they get turned down. We want no more bottling like we had with the Les Pas debacle.

  39. Anonymous

    An ode to spin.

    Spin from the establishment,
    has left us to lament,

    the times of yesteryear,
    when all we held dear,

    was decency and compassion,
    unfortunatley all this went out of fashion,

    when the island became infested,
    with everything the Jersey person detested,

    with all this anglo-american spin,
    it drowned out all that was the truth in its din,

    Arise Jersey and follow moralities lead,
    and rid the yourself of all this greed,

    all this greed,
    where will it lead?

    are we too stupid to realise that we are going to blow it?
    as we race headlong into the end of the world as we know it?

    censored (by the establishment)

  40. Anonymous

    Perhaps JTM Adrian Walsh will finally get the message and bow out?

    Stuart you know Adrian, can you just ask him who this JTM is and then we can all talk about something more important.

  41. Anonymous

    So the snake in the grass got back in. However the rest was great to see. Many establishment figures biting the dust. Lets hope the rest of them get turfed out next time around. The upper echelions had better do what the majority wants now or they will risk getting the boot next time. The guy also went up in smoke even after removing his beard. This should send out warning signals to anyone who thinks they can go against the islanders wishes. Do so at your peril.

  42. Anonymous

    Can someone find out who the rabid Ozouf and establishment supporter JTM is? He has upset lots of people with his threatening behaviour. Maybe now Adrian Walsh will realise he should have nothing further to do with this person after his further election failure. People do take notice of bully boy tactics.

  43. Anonymous

    yes the rumour re devolpment is true but you cant really blame the workers as it is their livelihood at stake. I am sure you would do all you can to put food in your families mouths. Not that i am condoning it but you have to see it from their point of view also.

  44. Anonymous

    What a result, Absolutely Brilliant!!! Sorry Guy de Faye, I made a mistake in giving you my vote at the last elections and I hope that I have redeemed myself by not giving you my vote this time. And the first challenge to all you new comers…….. I DARE you all to vote for Senator Stuart Syvret as the next Chief Minister, yes I know Stuart probably doesn’t want the job but it would certainly put a cat among the pigeons!!!

  45. voiceforchildren

    Great result at the elections, could have been a little bit better but really musn’t grumble.

    In my opinion one thing could really shake the establisment up a bit more than they already are is if Roy Le Herrissier was to stand for chief minister.

    The establishment is losing it’s power. The last thing they need right now is a fair and balanced chief minister. Come on Roy your island needs you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Anonymous

    Dead man walking!

    This was the traditional cry when a new prisoner stepped on to Death Row.
    So why am I using it now?
    Well we have just seen the down side of the new Ministerial system.
    Taking on Ministerial office means that one stands head and shoulders above the rest of the States members.
    If things go well you can bask in the public approbation and preen to your heart’s content.
    But if things go badly the electors will take it out on you, personally.
    Mike Vibert, failures at Education, chopped!
    Guy de Faye and Jacqui Huet, repeated failures and total mismanagement at Transport and Technical Services, chopped!
    So who do I think is a good candidate for a certain early bath in 2011.
    Step forward Freddie Cohen!

    Make way there, dead man walking!

  47. Anonymous

    Well done the young people who got elected last night and thank you to all the people who voted for non-establishment people.

    Sorry to be thick but who is the snake?

  48. Anonymous


    In my opinion one thing could really shake the establisment up a bit more than they already are is if Roy Le Herrissier was to stand for chief minister.

    The establishment is losing it’s power. The last thing they need right now is a fair and balanced chief minister. Come on Roy your island needs you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I for one fully support the idea of Roy being our first minister

    To have some one whom is a fair minded and inteligent who would treat all points of view with respect and whom would not pander to the bully boys who run our island now!!!

    Come on Roy please please put your name forward

  49. Anonymous


    BBC 6-30 news said that you could be running for Chief Minister.
    Do you know about this?

  50. Anonymous

    Can someone find out who the rabid Ozouf and establishment supporter JTM is?

    oh man!
    Doncha know he is Walsh

  51. one of the nerds

    Offended nerd….. get over yourself! 🙂

    If you’re smarter the the average bear, be grateful and accept the title as praise!!

  52. Disgusted of St.Helier

    Did you get a copy of that letter, Stuart (to all States Members)?

    Again we see “at no time did the Grand Prix system operate..” – which isn’t the case. Joe K even admitted it operated on the radio the other day.

    These buffoons lies aren’t worth the PDF bits they’re printed on!

  53. Anonymous

    Aha! I see how it spins out, now. At no time did Grand Prix apply to GREENFIELDS, but it did at LES CHENES (before its 5 million makeover).


  54. Rickie Tregaskis's Sister

    The police still have not returned to see my brother Rickie Tregaskis so that he can finish his statement off. It is incomplete at the moment so perhaps they can not use it?

  55. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Re The Shenton Perchard Letter.

    No – I didn’t leak it – I received it in paper form yesterday morning – like all other States members – but I also happen to know that it was in the hands of certain media by late Tuesday afternoon – if not earlier.

    And yes – as many astute observers have spotted – the letter is full of utter garbage – on so many levels.

    A detailed response is being prepared – but in the meantime – please note this –

    The attempted smear allegations against Simon Bellwood are lies – in fact, are perjury – because they were tabled before the quasi-judicial environment of the Employment Tribunal.

    Indeed – much of the States case consisted of unambiguous examples of perjured evidence – which is why the entire episode is now under close investigation by the Police.

    Perjury is a very serious business – just ask Jeffrey Archer & Jonathan Aitken just how serious – and whether they liked prison food.

    To the States employees who have given, manufactured or been ordered to supply perjured statements – please note this – the “I was only obeying orders” defence won’t wash – should you be charged.

    IF people are witnesses – either in the flesh or via written evidence – in a Judaical arena – and you have knowingly lied – you are guilty of perjury – and it is upon you the axe would fall – not your employers.

    So, to anyone who has felt obliged – for whatever reasons – to give false, misleading or straightforwardly dishonest statement, evidence or reports – my advice is to contact the police without delay – and fess-up.

    I would imagine that if you do this – and grass-up the real villains – you won’t face any problems.

    But letting yourselves be used to manufacture or prop up a pack of lies is just a mugs game.

    Contact the constabulary tomorrow.


  56. Anonymous

    What do we think about Alan Breckon as chief minister?

    Personally I would like Stuart to get the job but at the moment, with the current compilation of the states, that’s about as likely as Lenny Harper being asked.

    But I think senator Breckon is seen by most people to be a capable and honourable person and could be a very popular Chief minister. (Popular?, chief minister?, wow I haven’t seen those words so close together in a sentance before.) It would also be worth it to see Terry le sueur’s face as Breckon was being sworn in.

    Is this a possibility or has senility caught me early?

  57. SSS acolyte

    Great! Now we’ve got the full details of the ollies point of view on the Bellwood saga, I can’t wait to hear the full details of Simon and Stuart’s version at last. Bring it on, and as a tipsy Shona would say, “kick ass!”

  58. Anonymous

    Also boycott the JEP ram it down their throats that we the people are p!ssed off with the state of the island. Knock the stupid waterfront development into touch. It doesn’t matter if Harcourt are upset let them do their grandeous schemes elsewhere we don’t need or want them. I just hope the states can stand up to them if they tell them no. It wouldn’t surprise me if Harcourt were to sue if they get turned down. We want no more bottling like we had with the Les Pas debacle.”

    I was going to write the same thing, well said!

    If nothing has been signed and we have nothing to lose lets say “thankyou Harcourt but no thanks, good luck in whichever court case you’re onto now.” And save millions of pounds and keep land that we might be able to do something useful with.

    There you go new states members there’s your first job reclaim our reclaimation site for the people of Jersey.

  59. Anonymous

    Remember don’t buy the JEP on fridays.

    A one day in the week boycott shows up in sales figures much clearer than a complete boycott.

    As the company is feeling the financial squeeze at the moment I imagine head office might not be as indulgent of the JEP’s editorial bias if it can be seen to damage sales.

  60. Anonymous

    RE-“The police still have not returned to see my brother Rickie Tregaskis so that he can finish his statement off. It is incomplete at the moment so perhaps they can not use it?”

    Funny you mention that …I have a good friend who gave an incomplete statement covering three quarters of the time she spent at HDLG -mostly concerning the horrific abuse she suffered at the hands of a former states police officer -(yes that one!)

    The officers who interviewed her-for up to 6 hours at a time – are no longer dealing with her case, although they said they would be “back in touch” to finish her statement-that was nearly 6 months ago!.

    She was coaxed and pressured into doing her statements with the police officers who insisted that her evidence was strong enough to get a her abuser charged…and the last part of her statement would be vital to ensure a conviction.

    Fair enough, they have a difficult job to do and must be frustrated by potential witnesses who back out or are unwilling to go through the trauma of reliving their abuse just to ensure the police case is strong enough to go to the AG and not be thrown out.

    She said to them she was reluctant about going to court and the police assured her she wouldnt need to-then they abrubtly changed their stance and said they would only be sure of a conviction if she agreed to go to court…so she duly agreed, but she is still waiting to give the last of her statement!.Its as if they are reluctant to hear more-even though they were the ones pushing her to give the statements in the first place!!.

    It strikes me as rather odd that the police have not finished their statement with her and she now can only get information from a “support officer” who’s weekly updates have turned out to be a call every 5 weeks or so!.

    Oh, before i forget…she also gave the names and timeframe of two other police officers who were having underage sex with girls at HDLG when they were supposed to be accompaying the girls out on “day trips”.

    How has this all come to a standstill?…it cant be due to lack of evidence,funds or the publics demand for justice?-it appears the SOJP are taking a leaf out of Walkers book and asking for evidence-only to do anything other than take it when is offered!!

    Id like to believe they are not protecting abusers,but come on…this stinks!

    Lions led by donkeys im afraid Stuart.

  61. Anonymous

    Well put Stuart.

    Many people have been manipulated by senior bullies.

    Those junior staff need to be honest and spot the continuing injustice.

  62. Anonymous


    A good result yesterday ne c’est pas?
    Perhaps we’re on the brink of a credible OPPOSITION. Despite your differences with Geoff and the JDA bla de bla de bla; if you can reach consensus with them and Time 4 Change and some of our newly elected representitives and Roy the Boy then maybe….

    PLEASE! Work together. Please, please, pretty please.


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