The Barricades Have not Been Stormed –


Well – something good had to happen – the polar bear I’m hoping to get elected won’t now have to be protected from poisoning itself by eating Guy de Faye.

The voters of St. Helier 3/4 having wisely decided that the States has a surfeit of clowns in any event – without the presence of a would-be stand-up comedian.

And the irony is that the destruction of Guy’s political career has been largely self-inflicted.

As it was with a few of the other casualties.

Celia Scott-Warren, for example.

I was actually a little saddened to see Celia ousted – it should have been Rob Duhamel, but perhaps I should have expressed that view a little more clearly?

But I wasn’t very surprised. Back in 2007 – when Celia stabbed me in the back and resigned as my Assistant Minister at Health & Social Services – without telling me – there was a good deal of anger at the time from ordinary members of the public, who saw such conduct as being a dishonourable way of going about things.

I had dozens of phone calls at that time from people in her district telling me they’d never vote for her again. I did mention this to several States members at the time, Celia amongst them – but such prognostications were airily dismissed – the public could be taken for granted, they thought.

And – frankly – you can understand such utter complacency – given the Jersey public have been seemingly content to be lied to once every three years – and then to be ignored and treated like idiots – until the next election comes along.

To be blunt, I feel quite sorry for Celia – who is a well-intentioned person, if a little naive. And it is because of that naivety she was so easily manipulated and used by people like Big Frank, Terry le Sueur, Ozouf, Pollard etc. They wanted to do me down – so mislead Celia into acting as she did.

I just hope those clowns will apologise to her for having caused the destruction of her political career.

The comet struck – so far as Jacky Huet was concerned – but only a little bit – as her fellow dinosaur, Ben Fox, managed to hang on – just; by one vote.

But – surely – a strong possibility of extinction now hangs over the remaining lumbering, redundant, sauropods?

Yes – but merely that – just a possibility.

I know – I feel dirty and guilty – but I brought a copy of The Rag today – and also watched BBC Walker and Rankine Television.

The angle taken by the local media – and by many of the happily successful non-establishment candidates – is as though some savage revolution had occurred.

As though the heads of PIFCO, Terry le Sueur, Big Frank, Allan – vote for me for GST exemptions – MacLean – were mounted on spikes in the Square – whilst the populace danced and rejoiced.

True enough – by Jersey standards – the result of the Deputy elections were radical.

However – that is ‘by Jersey standards’.

For example – the bastion has been stormed – apparently – because amongst the 53 States members – four of them now belong to an openly declared political party.

And – earthquake – three of the newly elected members are under the age of 30!

These results are great – and I’m not for one instant criticising them.

On the contrary – I’m delighted the victories were won here and there. God – after 18 years of this malarkey – I know just how hard it is to achieve any kind of breakthrough.

But in the cold light of day – what do we contemplate upon sober reflection?

An assembly which comprises 53 elected members – of which 4 belong to an actual political party – and 1 of who belongs to a campaigning group.

In addition to these 5 – we have another two new, young independents, a committed environmentally minded person – and a few other, new members who may – or may not – be on the side of change.

So, we have an assembly of 53 – with, maybe, 10 people of a fresh and different outlook.

To this we add a few existing non-establishment members, like me and a few others. Let us be optimistic – and assume – for that’s all it is, an assumption – that there is now a core of 15 members who will reliably try and bring politics in Jersey back into respectable political territory – after the decades of extreme, right-wing market fundamentalism, greed, short-termism, incompetence, social division and corruption.

53 members minus 15 members leaves the oligarchy with a very healthy block of 38.

Of course – these are very rough and ready guestimates – made even more imprecise by the sometimes fluid nature of allegiances in the assembly.

But – amidst the euphoria of yesterday’s, undeniably good, results – we still have an assembly very heavily dominated by the forces of Jersey’s entrenched, short-termist oligarchy.

So whilst the election results represent a great platform from which to move forward – let us be realistic.

What we now have is a legislature with a small, loose coalition – that might form what could be termed an opposition – as opposed to the largely unchallenged single-party state mode of government Jersey has traditionally suffered from.

Whilst radical by Jersey standards – the barricades have not been stormed.

At least, not yet.

And to those who might form the ‘opposition’ now – and who may, one day, come to power – let there be no illusions.

For all kinds of reasons – the world, and Jersey, is facing a confluence of utterly unprecedented emergencies.

The global financial collapse, poverty, injustice, food shortages, stagflation, war, global climate change, peak oil, ageing societies, the rapidly approaching extinction of much of the worlds marine life, general environmental destruction, destitution, deforestation – and extremism.

We have to be alert to the fact that political extremists – Nazis, communist, fascists, religious fundamentalists – all flourish during times of great societal stress.

The point I make is this – even if the Jersey establishment had been swept from power – and a broad, consensus of sensible people were forming a new administration – the challenges that administration would face are vast – perhaps so vast as to even be insurmountable.

As I have written elsewhere, Jersey is ahead of the curve so far as post-industrial societies are concerned. Therefore, all of the immense, looming, problems the world faces – might just be that bit closer to crashing upon us.

I know; – I’m being a bloody old misery – and raining on the parade.

But we have to be sober and realistic in assessing the changes in Jersey politics – and far more significantly, whether those changes are capable of dealing with the challenges we, as a community, face.

So – what happens now?

The assembly has to elect a new Chief Minister and Council of Ministers – and we won’t really know the shape of our ‘government’ until we see who those people will be.

It still looks like a dead cert for Terry Le Sueur – no matter how disastrous it would be to have yesterday’s man – with yesterday’s policies – at the helm.

And – because of the unambiguous majority the Jersey oligarchy still hold – it is extremely difficult seeing any candidate beating him.

I guess the question is more one of – ‘will he at least be given a serious challenge – not necessarily in terms of defeating him – but a serious intellectual, political and philosophical challenge?’

Will there be a genuine contest of ideas and vision?

Possibly – in fact, probably – not.

There is an immense amount of political haggling, telephoning, e-mailing, lobbying and second-guessing taking place amongst States members as to who might, or might not, be candidates for the post of Chief Minister.

Simon Crowcroft has been mentioned – but a constant stream of ambiguous and mixed-messages come from that quarter.

Some still want Roy Le Herissier to go for it. He has said he won’t – but a week is a long time in politics.

Alan Breckon is seriously thinking about it.

Ian le Marquand is displaying all of the non-committal ambiguity which bedevils such considerations.

Likewise Ben Shenton – says he won’t – says he will – then says he won’t again – but maybe could be persuaded to think about it. I strongly suspect he will go for it – but like many potential candidates – he’s playing these blinkered, political games.

As I have said this evening to a few members – I just do not believe such indecision – such faffing around – is good for the community.

I say to those who know they want to contest the position of Chief Minister – declare now.

Stop the prevarication – the games of double-bluff – and put your cards on the table.

If you can’t be decisive about a matter as plain as whether you’d be a candidate for the post of Chief Minister – then just how good is your leadership likely to be?

We are a matter of days away from a fundamental decision – of great importance to the community – yet the possible candidates are engaged in a curious process of covert horse-trading and haggling – whilst the community waits; – waits in uncertainty.

I’m sorry – but it simply isn’t good enough.

I write this on Thursday evening. If we do not know by early tomorrow evening who the candidates are to be – then what an ineffectual and indecisive shower the new assembly will appear.

So to address the obvious question – as many members of the public have asked me today – where do I stand?

I contested the post of Chief Minister 3 years ago – and was, predictably, defeated by Frank Walker.

This even though he had scrapped-in in 6th place when last elected – and I had come first – having gone to the electorate stating that if re-elected I would be a candidate for the post.

Having grown jaundiced by an assembly dominated by a complacent and unchallengeable establishment, I have said I would not, again, be a candidate for the post.

So, has the shift in the make-up of the assembly made me change my mind? It has certainly made a significant difference. But approaches from the public – and the immensely challenging circumstances of Jersey’s situation – have swayed me.

So let me lead by example – in the hope that the other potential candidates stop fence-sitting and prevaricating – and say that I would be a candidate for the post – if the requisite number of members supported my candidacy.

Which – I have to say – is frankly unlikely; I’m just not Mr. Popular amongst the Island’s politicians.

But, there – I have at least stated my position – and done so primarily in the hope that the other candidates – who know perfectly well whether they’re going to contest the post – stop messing around – and show some decisiveness and leadership to the community.

This is no time for playing silly games.


169 thoughts on “JERSEY ELECTION SPECIAL II, #3

  1. Anonymous

    I concur entirely with your post. If you can’t decide to stand – right now – you ain’t up to the job.

    I think you underestimate the number of non-Establsihment candidates now. It may be closer to a 50/50 split than you think.

    Some of those previously bullied/lied to/intimidated/whipped (in the political sense) into voting with the Establishment might find their consciences and realise that TLS is yesterday’s man, with zero leadership ability. We should, after all, look up to and respect our leaders.

    It’s time to cast TLS adrift or be taken down with him.

    Le Herissier, Crowcroft, Le Marquand and Breckon could all find support across the house. Whilst I admire your balls going for it, I think you might be seen as too divisive 🙂

    TLS must be given a fight though!

  2. Anonymous

    Stuart Syvret for Chief Minister?
    that would be the icing on the cake!! it wold be the headline story of thee year go go stuart

  3. Anonymous

    There night be a very good reason for people to hold off their decision a little longer, Stuart!

    Maybe, hopefully, some people are talking amongst themselves, discussing who would be the most likely candidate in the end.

    Take the senatorials ! I honestly believe that – if some people had known some of the other candidates were standing with the policies they stood for – they might not have stood themselves but might have given way to the other candidate(s), so as NOT to split the vote.

    If you stood against Terry Le Sueur, I would vote for you !

    If Alan Breckon stood against Terry Le Sueur, I would vote for Alan !

    If Simon Crowcroft stood against Terry Le Sueur, I would vote for Simon !

    If Roy Le Herissier stood against Terry Le Sueur, I would vote for Roy !

    If Alan Maclean or Philip Ozouf stood against Terry Le Sueur, … Well, that might be the one and only time I would abstain.But then, they wouldn’t stand AGAINST Terry Le Sueur, would they ?

    However, if the candidates for Chief Minister were Terry Le Sueur, Stuart Syvret, Alan Breckon, Simon Crowcroft, Roy Le Herissier (forget Maclean or Ozouf, I don’t even want to think about it!)we would – once again – have a split vote.

    OK, OK, I admit – a bit naive maybe, but you never know. It may be a matter of “I will if you don’t, but if you do, I won’t !”

  4. Anonymous

    Interesting…but what happens if more than two people stand. Does this lead to two or more rounds of voting with the least popular candidate being excluded from the next round …. a bit like the X factor.

  5. Anonymous

    It is obvious that Senator Stuart Syret is in demand and him standing for chief minister would be the biggest knock to all those he has consistantly said are immoral and the oligaches would hate this move.

    Therefor I would say itsa great move and should he get the possition it would be a great day for jersey as the people of the uk could see the changes made and we would think a lot better of the public in jersey.

  6. MissP

    Yes Stuart, yes.

    And remember, nothing riles ones enemies more by living well.

    You’ve made my day

  7. Senator Stuart Syvret

    The issue of split votes is of far less significance in a CM election by the assembley – as there are as many rounds of voting as required for a candidate to reach an absolute majority.

    I suspect the frankly absurd degrees of prevarication taking place have more to do with candidates being frightened of getting a drubbing.

    Personally, such an inevitable outcome is of no consequence to me.

    It won’t put me off – as I believe the policies I support need to be championed.

    But as I said, it’s an academic question – as I doubt I’d get the requisit signatures to be nominated.

    But I really hope that by raising the issue those who are prevaricating will stop messing around and put their cards on the table.


  8. Anonymous

    all I want for Christmas is Stuart as chief minister. Lobby your states reps.

    The “leaked” letter from the brothers grim was always destined for the press -in fact it was written for the press. Mike pollard always boasts of his journalist skills from another life.

    As for Simon swearing – has nobody else heard inappropriate language and “actions” eminating from the
    very same people who are attempting to Malian Simon, again

  9. Anonymous

    anyone know what happened to jerseyhospital blog. It has gone. Too near the truth I think. Who removed?
    the why it was removed we can work out.

  10. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Having listened to BBC Walker this morning – shock, horror!

    Terry Le Sueur said something I agreed with!

    He – like me – is growing increasingly irritated at the prevarication, messing around and indecision being displayed by possible candidates for the post of Chief Minister.

    Both Simon and Alan Breckon were interviewed – and still – neither man would give a straight answer.

    Both prevaricated – and said things like “can’t rule it out – but can’t commit either’ – ‘need to speak with other States members over the weekend’ – etc.

    T. Le S has at least put his cards on the table.

    And he went further: he said it really is time for the other potential candidates to “stop lurking in the shadows”.

    How right.

    What the prevaricators seem to be forgetting – as they thrash around within the bubble of politics – is that there is a community out there who need to have an informed debate – express views – and lobby their States members – as to which candidate they might prefer.

    The fence-sitters and the faffers-around are denying the community that debate.

    For heaven’s sake – the election of a Chief Minister is a matter of days away – and the public remain in the dark.

    As I said – sorry – but this just isn’t good enough.


  11. Roy For Chief Minister

    How much of our tax money will be wasted giving Frank Walker a nice send off?
    A simple one finger salute would do.

  12. TonyTheProf

    Regarding GST exemptions, the situation is more complex. I count 24 who are opposed to exemptions, 24 in favour – remember Ian Le M is in favour, wherever he may be elsewhere on the political specrum – and 5 for whom I can find no information except their last vote, and I’d prefer an evidential commitment in a manifesto etc. Coming so soon after the election, I think anyone elected who did a “Maclean” – say one thing in a manifesto, and vote otherwise – would come in for a huge amount of flak.

    Regarding standing for Chief minister, I know it is a short time, but we’ve just had the elections, and there is bound to be some horse-trading and number counting going on behind the scenes. People don’t have to declare to stand as Deputy or Senator until the nomination meeting; shouldn’t we allow the same privilege to States members? If Terry Le Sueur doesn’t like the uncertainty, tough!

  13. Senator Stuart Syvret


    Sorry, but I don’t agree, as I said in a comment above.

    The public elections take place many weeks after the nomination meetings – so there is ample time for an informed, community discussion.

    The prevarication and messing around keeps the public in the dark as to who is in the running – until just a few days before the assembly makes the decision.

    I believe the community needs great clarity – and time – than that.


  14. Tony Gallichan

    Go for it, Stuart. As you say, you may not get far due to the fact the public aren’t allowed to vote for their own Chief minister, but you might shake the Ollys to the core if you get close.

  15. Derek

    I do hope you go for it – and i pray that you win…as you would do this island a lot of good….

    And to see the looks on their faces when you waltzed in as new CM would no doubt be priceless!!!

  16. Anonymous

    Perhaps you could explain the voting system.Is it a first past the post or a reductionalist method of voting , ie, remove the last 1, 2 or three and have a straight vote for the remaining 2 candidates?
    If it is the former , you will, as in the senatorials be splitting the anti establishment vote and ensuring an establishment majority.


  17. Anonymous

    The new House

    The last vote for Chief Minister was a 38 – 15 split between Frank Walker and yourself.
    I reckon the House has swung left in this latest round of elections and it will be more like 33 – 20 TLS and whoever is standing.
    Hard to tell until it is tested by a few votes but I reckon TLS and his new COM will still get their way on most things.
    However GST off food is a distinct possibility and approval for the Harcourt plan for the Esplanade Quarter could be very shaky now.
    But as you keep saying votes in the States are hard to call with the constantly shifting alliances.
    But I can see the current loose agglomerations become tighter and more party like with a fully fledged Jersey National Party JNP emerging from the Ollies and a Jersey Democratic Green Alliance JDGA coalescing from the leftish bits in about five to ten years.
    There will still be independents but they will be a small fraction of the House.

  18. One Day

    Hi voiceforchildren, my blog is still there, I was adding a few bits and pieces yesterday when i thought i had accidently removed it all by myself ! Still learning the gadgets lol. Ive changed the https address 😉

  19. Anonymous

    Leader of the Opposition

    Whoever runs for Chief Minister against TLS will almost certainly lose but will collect the consolation prize as unoffical Leader of the Opposition

    Anaconda le Cornu

  20. Anonymous

    true reflection… maybe voting will go 38-15 now instead of 41-12 unless some Members develop a love for the people


  21. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Explaining the voting system.

    It is not first past the post.

    The key feature of the election is that whoever wins has to achieve an overall majority. So if there were five candidates – and the highest placed one didn’t cross the 27 votes mark – the the candidate with the lowest score drops out and a second ballot is held.

    And so on – as many times as may be necessary – to produce a candidate with the requisite 27 votes or more.

    It is, in effect, a kind of transferable vote system.

    So having 2 or 3 non-establishment candidates won’t enable the establishment man to just sneak through the middle.

    I think, personally, that several candidates would be a very good thing from a democratic point of view – as a several different political outlooks would be debated and up for scrutiny.

    I think it would be a poor reflection on the assembly if they couldn’t muster 3 or 4 candidates actually. If there are only 2 – it will look as the it’s a stitch-up to prevent meaningful and varied debate.

    So – there is just simply no excuse for the indecisive faffing around we’re seeing.

    The community needs to know who the candidates are going to be.


  22. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Re ‘Leader of the Opposition’.

    Not necessarily.

    I could think of some potential candidates who may challenge T le S – but who never in a hundred years would lead an ‘opposition’.

    I think a real opposition needs organising – which – as I’m clearly going to have a lot of time on my hands in the next three years – I will make my main task.

    Jersey Charter – look out for it’s launch in the new year.

    Will it work with the existing oppositional groups?

    Maybe – that will be up to the members. But the existing groups need to realise such co-operation is a two-way street.


  23. thejerseyway

    Well Done Stuart. Go for it You’ve got Balls.

    When you went for the job last time, 3 years ago there was a Husting like meeting at the St James Hall, which i went to.

    I was against you then, For personal reasons to do with The Overdale Day Centre.

    I was able to vent my anger at you about the above place, to which you glossed over my question. So I was Pleased you didn’t get the job.

    But time has moved on & I have seen the light & changed my views on you, for many reasons. But your persistence of Justice for Children
    of Mass Child Abuse, Must be commandered.

    I do not think you are doing this for self gain, as Senator Walker has said. You have made so many enemies in the Island, I can’t see how you can grain from that.

    So this time round I would love to see you as Chief Minister. Good God you would but the sh*t up many people for the good of the Island.

    But I can’t see it happening. We don’t deserve Senator Le Sueur but on us.

    We do need more candidates in the ring. My personal choose would be Senator Roy Le Herissier.

    Why is there not going to be a Husting like meeting this time around. It would be very interesting.

    Keep up your hard work, Good luck in going for the Top Job.

    Thanks. Read you again.

  24. Anonymous

    Let us hope for some common sense with the new assembly. Hopefully with a new Chief things might get a bit better. I personally can’t stand the one we have now and can’t want to see the back of him. In my opinion he has presided over the distruction all we hold dear in Jersey.

    Let us hope the next person has the islanders backing and respect.

  25. Anonymous


    I think TLS will get the CM position, I suspect he already has his team mapped out – a couple of ministrys will be given to token ‘subversives’, but in the main we will have Ozouf, Maclean, Le Marquand, Shenton, Le Main, Le Marquand……..yawn!

    I hope that both you and Roy stand as you will both give good thought provoking speeches, I suspect Shreck Shenton will stand as his ego knows no bounds, I suspect Alan Breckon will stand in the hope that he wont get it!

    I had actually decided to completly disassociate myself from Jersey politics after the senatorial elections – and tuned in on Wed expecting to see the usual suspects re-elected ( not Guy Fawkes De Faye though!). So I was well pleased with the results!

    Whilst I appreciate your cautious approach to the new house, I think that you will find that the ruling elite will have more of your ilk to contend with and their underhand dealings will be a lot harder to conceal.

    Finally I understand that the JFS trip to Mumbai is off, so that is another OZOUF economic strategy possibly going down the plug hole, on a final note how much work do the SOJ pass on to Victoria Sponge!

  26. Anonymous

    Jersey Charter Party

    Lordy me, Jersey has done without political parties for so long and now they are springing up like mushrooms!
    We are going to have the JDA and JCP on the ‘left’ plus there is the green faction and Time4Change.
    Al and Pip obviously worked together so maybe there is the germ of a loose alliance there on the right.
    It looks like the contest will be between Terry le Sueur and Alan Breckon with maybe yourself and Roy as possibles.
    Alan has a six year term in the States in front of him and almost certainly the backing of the JDA while you only have another three years and have stated that it will be your last term.
    So if I were a betting boa 😀 I would say the Leader of the Opposition title will fall to him.

    Pip pip,

    Anaconda le Cornu

  27. Anonymous

    From the JEP (it’s ok, I didn’t buy it))

    Bones at site came to 250

    By Richard Heath

    0583275_cropped.jpgPOLICE found more than 250 bone fragments buried at Jersey Steel after workmen unearthed human remains during the summer, it has been revealed.

    An investigation was launch-ed in August after Dandara builders discovered what they thought were six bones.
    A further investigation by scenes of crime officers unearthed at least a further 250 bone fragments and 28 teeth — more than the number found at Haut de la Garenne.

    Forensic examinations revea-led that the bones were more than 100 years old and came from five adults and two children. One piece of bone was the jaw section of an adult male. The discovery was never linked to the historical child abuse investigation and it was believed from early in the inquiry that the remains dated from the 1800s or 1900s.

    Det insp Alan Williamson said: ‘With all discoveries of this nature we have to keep an open mind. We had to initially treat it as a crime scene and dedicate specialist resources to investigate it. You can always start big with investigations such as this and scale it down when it becomes clear that it is no longer suspicious.

    • Picture: Police at the site in August

    Article posted on 26th November, 2008 – 2.58pm


    Well, I’m praying that those bones will find a way of telling their story. That might seem a silly thing to ask God for, but I don’t care, that’s what I’m going to pray for.


  28. Anonymous

    What exactly does the role of chief minister, entail? The media would have us beleive that the new CM should reengage with the public..drr how much does that commmunications unit cost us?

    I would like to see a job description, I hae looked on the SoJ web site but see no actual reference to the objectives linked to the position.

    Stuart do you have a job description?

  29. Anonymous

    A number of the new politicians claim they want reform of government……..Terry Le Sueur has also said that reform would be high on his agenda……..the recent low turn out at the polls suggests that the term ‘democracy’ when linked to Jersey is stretching it a bit!………….how about a blog on REFORM Stuart?

  30. Anonymous

    Stuart, Channel teletext are quoting you as a candidate for Chief Minister. Great news.

  31. Anonymous

    I think TLS will get the CM position, I suspect he already has his team mapped out – a couple of ministrys will be given to token ‘subversives’, but in the main we will have Ozouf, Maclean, Le Marquand, Shenton, Le Main, Le Marquand……..yawn!

    But this is the inevitable result of a system where you have three classes of member;
    1) Constables; elected, in only some cases, by a very small electorate on purely parish issues. GST etc is not an issue at this level and they are not quizzed on it at hustings. Very few will be considered for office despite making up a quarter of the States.
    2) Deputies; once again this is a bit strange. Many seats go to a parish worthy or are decided on tiny numbers of votes eg St Mary.
    Guy de Faye lost despite receiving 75% of the TOTAL number of votes cast in St Mary! 55% of the States but mainly doomed to a life as political bag carriers.
    3) Senators: elected by an island wide ballot so they have more political legitimacy than the above. Most of the big jobs will go to them.
    So we have three classes of member, all have equal voting rights but only Senators have the big mandate that really qualifies them for Ministerial office.
    We can even imagine ‘Doomsday’ scenarios where the Opposition would gain a lot of Senatorial seats but the Establishment would have a clear majority in terms of Deputies and Constables.
    This would create a government where most of the senior States members would be out of power while the Government was made up of people with no real mandates!

    This place really does need electoral reform before the democratic wheels come off the bus!

  32. Anonymous

    I can vote for prime minister,USA can vote for president, but jersey can’t vote for chief minister. Its a disgrace….

  33. Anonymous


    The local BBC, after reading your blog, seem to be convinced that you are to run for Chief Minister.
    Am I missing something here?

  34. voiceforchildren


    The good old ever informative, finger on the pulse BBC strike (or don’t) again!!!!!!!

    The filthy rag mention you are in the running for chief minister, all be it in their own little way, (if you can get 6 nominations)

    Rankinne Television mention it on their “news” programme.

    The Bridget Bullsh1t Corporation? not a word!!! maybe their lawyers have told them it’s “not legally safe”

    That can be the only reason I can think of as to why they haven’t mentioned it. You published it on your Blog last night, and it was in our only newspaper from about midday today.

    I’ll not bother asking them why they haven’t reported this news that will affect the whole island and needs to be in the public domain just in case they say they don’t read your blog and they boycott the RAG on a Friday and by the time they seen it on Rankinne television it was too late to put it on their own “news” programme.

  35. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Jersey Charter, an Opposition – and Democratic Reform.

    What we’ve envisaged for Jersey Charter is not on offer from any of the extant political organisations.

    We did contemplate attempting to launch it 8 months ago – but decided the time was too short if it is to be a credible, well-founded organisation.

    The hard work begins in January.

    Which takes us into the question of electoral reform.

    It cannot be described as anything but depressing that some otherwise well-informed people still speak of the Clothier report as though it were some brilliant blue-print for a fully functioning democracy.

    It isn’t.

    I suggest you go and read it.

    It’s a pile of dung.

    Oh, for sure it has certain statements of the bleeding obvious in it – such as separation of powers, general elections etc – etc.

    But it is nothing more than a cut & paste job from the Local Government Act 2000.

    Do I support electoral reform?


    But it has to be the right reform – not a load of obsolete cobblers drawn from the UK – itself a jurisdiction regraded as extremely backward democratically, unrepresentative, secretive – and, actually fundimentally un-democratic – given the appalling, disenfranchising ‘first past the post’ system – which usually leads to a party with a minority of the popular vote gaining an absolute majority in parliament.

    33% of the vote – 100% of the power?

    Sorry – but it’s a garbage, paternalistic and anti-democratic system.

    I’ll join with those who want electoral reform – when they throw the Clothier report in the bin – where it belongs – and begin afresh with fundamentals: proportional representation, total separation of powers, freedom of information, well-constructed regulation of campaign expenditure and donations, a proper legislative format for political parties – etc, etc.

    Apart from a whole 2 lines of text – yep – a whole 2 lines – of passing reference to FOI, the Clothier report had nothing to say about these fundamental issues.

    I have always supported the principle of party politics. Indeed, over the years I have repeatedly said that this community will never have charge of its own destiny in the absence of parties.

    And what many of the supposed ‘reformers’ have never faced up to is that the wholesale remodeling of the assembly can only really take place in the context of party politics.

    For example – you scrap the all-island mandate?


    But unless you have political parties you are removing from the community the only opportunity it has at present to express a collective political view.

    So – let’s get the fundamentals right – look more to established western European democracies for our examples as opposed to the obsolete UK approaches – and get the concept and existence of party politics established – and then we can go to one category of member, a single general election – etc.

    But I’m afraid much of what has been pushed as ‘government reform’ has just been putting the cart before the horse.


  36. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Job Description & Local Media Reporting.

    There is a very general, legal, ‘job description’ for CM – which is to be found in the States of Jersey Law & the standing orders.

    The real “job description” of a candidate for CM is to be found in that candidate’s statement of policy objectives.

    Which has to be written by Wednesday – a broad manifesto for the future of the community.

    And then the public and States members need to absorb it, and all the other CM manifestos – discuss the issues – come to their conclusions – and then – in the case of members of the public, who are who matter most – to lobby their States members with their views.

    Which is why – I have argued strongly that there can be no prevarication.

    Given the gravity of the subject – and how little time there is – it really is utterly unacceptable to faff around.

    If candidates cannot be unambiguous now – a matter of days from the electing of a CM – then God help us.

    Have BBC Jersey reported my position accurately?

    Don’t know because I didn’t see it – all I can do is re-state – unambiguosly – as I have done in the posting – that I would be a candidate if the requisite 6 States members signatures were available.

    Apart from the prevarications of about three members I spoke to on Thursday – I have not asked any other members.

    Frankly – with so much lame indecision around, there just isn’t any point in me asking around any more members.

    But the great probability is that I will not be a candidate – because the States assembly appears unwilling to facilitate real, pluralistic debate.

    So much for the radicals.


  37. Anonymous

    This is what the BBC site says about you

    So far Senator Terry Le Sueur has confirmed he intends to run for the office of Chief Minister, and Senator Stuart Syvret confirmed on his blog that if he gets the six nominations he will also stand.

  38. Anonymous

    “If you can’t be decisive about a matter as plain as whether you’d be a candidate for the post of Chief Minister – then just how good is your leadership likely to be? “

    Absolutely right.
    Anyone with ambitions in this direction had better be able to think and act on their feet. Taking days and weeks to work out if you would like the position is not reassuring.

    I wonder if Terry Le Sueur would like to nominate you, in the interest of open debate and good government. Because it would prove that he had been democratically elected and not just shoehorned into the post by the old boy network and inducements.
    Well I say democratically elected but honestly it’s quite pathetic that ‘our representitives’ have to hold a top secret vote to elect the islands leader because they’re to ashamed to admit who they voted for in public.
    When the world does notice us and the government is trying to pretend that everything is open and above board, the fact that no one knows for sure who elected our chief minister will not be reassuring to them.

  39. Anonymous

    You never know Stuart there might be more of a change in the house than you expect.
    If there is a solid group of anti-oli’s voting for the people as opposed to voting for the shareholders i’m willing to bet a few of the sheep people that keep the seats warm around you may suddenly rediscover their social conciences.

    27 is the magic number.

  40. Anonymous

    So Terry Le Sueur would like to see some government reform would he?

    Well could somebody ask him why he hasn’t mentioned this before?

    It’s not like he was an outsider looking in.

    Of course we don’t actually know what sort of reforms he would like to see.

    Bearing in mind that in Terry’s world his dismissal of the anti GST protests and petitions shows him to be a strong and courageous politician maybe we should be worried.

    Who knows maybe in a couple of years when he has reformed the island into an absolute monarchy and we all have to swear allegiance to King Terry the first we might wish someone else had stood against him.
    But it will be too late then, so when you’re having to prostrate yourself in the mud as the Lord Ozouf passes by just remember I warned you! Stuart won’t be able to do anything then, not with his head on a pike in the royal square.

  41. Anonymous

    Could someone remind me why the public are not allowed to vote for the chief minister?

    It would be nice to hear from each states member whether they think the public can be trusted to make the desicion or not, and if not why?

  42. Les Dirouilles

    Could someone remind me why the public are not allowed to vote for the chief minister

    Mainly because you need a republic, a constitution & a president. Jersey is a crown dependancy.

    The jerseyhospital blog owner was traced and threatened with job termination

    If the secrets the General Hospital knows were revealed it is certain that all would be lost, we all know that.

    Who’s going to be chief minister?

    It doesn’t matter; the whole idea of ministerial government is ruined, has no credibility, is dead in the water. Did anyone notice how many people voted?

  43. Anonymous

    Stuart,what have you got to lose going for C.M. Realistically,if it came to a contest between TLS and yourself,he would likely get it,but i feel this would be very much against public opinion,damaging the oligarchy further.On Newsnight,we saw a calm,articulate,and intelligent politician,head and shoulders above his wasnt F.W.Jersey needs to regain some political credibility fast,so even with a slim chance you’ve got to try.The good people support you ,thats got to count for something and i ,as a taxpaying voter,demand (politely request) you put your name forward.

  44. Anonymous


    If you do go for the CM post, lets assume you get it, what would you do about the people you have criticised?

    Also, you have always supported Simon Bellwood, what next.

    More importantly, you have mentioned;

    Danny Wherry
    Joe Kennedy
    Phil Dennett
    Linda Dodds
    Marnie Baudains
    Mario Lundy
    Tom MecKeon
    Madeleine Davies
    Mike Pollard
    Bill Ogley

    What would you do with these people?

    Assuming you would not support a Children’s Minister and therefore you propose a Children’s Commissioner, who would you choose for this post?

    You are a star.


  45. Anonymous

    Stuart cannot “put his name down” unless he has six nominations from states members. It appears that none of them are willing to support him. Without those nominations he cannot be considered. They would obviously prefer tls or are on a promise

  46. Anonymous

    The jerseyhospital blog owner was traced and threatened with job termination

    Idiot put his real name on the posted by!

  47. Anonymous

    Lots of politics, which for sure is important, but is there any news on the HdlG investigation?

    Has it been dropped? I thought the victims should be the center of attention.

  48. One Day

    I wonder how many incomplete statements from the victims of abuse the police have? Surely they could have finished them by now.

  49. Anonymous

    It is pretty obvious from the lack of court cases yet that either they are making sure 100% that these paedophiles and abusers are going down when the court cases do arise or, that it is being covered up due to certain people too high up the food chain being implicated. If there are few or no court cases then most islanders will suspect a very big cover up as there are too many people coming forward for this to all be made up. People are already asking why nothing has come of this big investigation, if it dries up people have told me the authorities must be covering for some of their friends, cronies etc. I myself don’t trust anyone in charge due to what I have heard from others.

  50. Anonymous

    Re. HDLG investigation,
    Well who would have guessed that frank and the establishment party were psychic?
    The islands police force, outside experts, the association of chief police officers all believed that children had been abused at HDLG.
    But yet no charges of any worth, an ex resident and the caretaker seem to have been behind all the crimes.
    frank said nothing would come of this and lo his words came true.

    But the truth has been revealed and cannot br forgotten.

    Justice will probably not come from a Jersey courtroom but it will come.
    It might come from the U.K. or it might be the European court but it will happen and nothing frank or the jep or ctv can say will change that.
    But they will be remembered as the people who heckled and ridiculed the people who were trying to bring child abusers to justice. Ben Shenton’s ‘Lenny Harper, more like Lenny Henry!’ remark will stay with him for the rest of his life and show the world what kind of man he really is.

  51. Anonymous

    From what i have read in your recent blogs you have a very long way to convince me that a. you are a worthy CM or b. even worthy of being a Senator – I think you have lost the plot do us all a favour amd disappear. I will wait to see if you print this – you may change my mind.

  52. Anonymous

    my vote will always be with SS because he stands for what is right That is all that matters how many of our select will agree

  53. Anonymous

    “From what i have read in your recent blogs you have a very long way to convince me”

    I must admit it is very hard to convince a fool that they are a fool.

    as the foolish will never want to be convinced of anything that their little brain can’t take in and should they be required to think outside of the box they get so lost you may as well not bother.

    ” You will never change the things you tolerate.”

    The truth will always go over the heads of those who cant see past the end of their own nose.

  54. Anonymous

    I can’t beleive that we do not have 6 people in the states willing to stand up and back your attempt to become Chief Minister.

    Being realistic you would not get job but should you stay in or return to politics I think it feasible that one day the job would be yours!

    The job is a poison chalice why would you want it, you can do a lot more for the people of this island as a back bencher exposing those like Ozouf who are intent on increasing population and siphoning off income from poorer nations. Like Le Main who has let our housing stock decay and be sold off………..I could go and on and on

  55. Anonymous

    Wait until the JDA lose their seats for cheating in the postal votes.
    If one of their members has broken the law they must all go.


  56. Anonymous

    Sounds like Jason talking again. Why the hatred of the JDA? What have they ever done to you, apart from stopping that failure Adrian Walsh getting in? I hope you realise he still wouldn’t have got in as there were still more suitable candidates than him, even without the JDA standing in POSH no.2. Yes I did see him outside the polling station hoping for some punters to back his lost cause.

  57. Red Rodent

    Just to cleqr up one point: the only people in the UK who can vote for the Prime Minister are those who live in his constituency.

    What voters can do is to vote for the candidate who represents the party led by the Prime Minister. The fact that the Jersey voter can’tg vote for the Chief Minister in the same way as people can vote for Gordie as PM in the UK is NOTHING to do with the ministerial system, it’s to do with the fact that most States members staznd as independents.

    Then again, nost ‘independents’ represent a virtual party that we could label the Establishment Party. If you wanted to vote ‘for Stuart’ as CM, you should have voted for candidates who would have supported him. It’s not rocket science to figure out which ones they were.

    Can’t find six Members to sign your nomination? Hmmm. If that’s really true then there are a lot of turn-coats out there, so maybe we should all forget what I’ve just written. Unless, of course, the vote were open — Pour ou Contre, rather than a secret ballot. It bloody well should be. We have as much right to know who votes for whom as CM as UK voters have of knowing which party their candidates represent.

    Then again, we did lose one member in the elections who voted for you as CM last time round. I’ll say no more on that one, hehe.

    Seriously, Stuart, you can find six siggies, I’m sure. Go for it in the interests of democracy.

  58. voiceforchildren


    Have published another Blog and started another poll. Would like to thank your readers for voting on the last poll which was very conclusive in favour of BBC Talkback having you on as a guest to discuss the HLPR’s report.

    Please take the time to vote on my current poll, the online community need to start getting heard.

  59. beadle's about

    “From what i have read in your recent blogs you have a very long way to convince me”

    “I must admit it is very hard to convince a fool that they are a fool”

    In response to your anonymous comment – please believe me when I say ‘Senator’ Syvret – you have a group of morons on this site and you would do well not to listen to their foolish rantings – you need to hear what real people want – you must dispair when you read most of the ‘foolish’ responses – they are not supporting you they are making matters worse for you. If you believe you can make a difference – though your past has not made this clear to the average joe blogs – stop answering their trivia or maybe it is feeding your ego and get a grip man – if you truly believe you can help our worsening situation re our ( and I say that loosely) government – show us what you can do NOT on this blog site – as you put it so succinctly on your blog – stop playing silly games and do SOMETHING

  60. Anonymous

    “Wait until the JDA lose their seats for cheating in the postal votes.
    If one of their members has broken the law they must all go.”

    Given the recent events and stories of cover ups at HDLG would the harassment of the islands first political party be good for Jersey’s reputation?

    Unless there is evidence of enough vote rigging to change a result going after someone for not following procedure to the letter is going to look pretty vindictive and petty. I know the establishment is petty and vindictive but that sort of thing can be used as evidence of a banana republic in the upcoming investigations that are about to descend upon this place.

  61. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Hello Mr. Beadle

    “Stop messing around and show us what you can do”?

    Well – as you ask the question – I could point to a range of issues, policies, amendments and legislation I’ve been instrumental in getting adopted during the last 18 years.

    But – actually – I’m quite happy to set all that aside and answer your point in these terms.

    I became the first – and so far, only – Sates member to identify the true disastrous and chaotic nature of the child “protection” systems of Jersey.

    The first and only States member to take a stand against such failures – and to speak the truth concerning decades of concealed abuse.

    The first and only States member EVER to stand up to a manifestly corrupt, self-interested, incomptent and unaccountable senior civil service.

    And having done all of the above in the teeth of rabid opposition, harassment and oppression from every facet of the island’s oligarchy.

    It is a battle not yet concluded.

    And I am – make no mistake – going to see it through – quite regardless of the bad consequences for me.

    Personally, I’m quite content within myself that I have done a great deal – probably more than 95% of current States members combined – to advance the public interest by trying to instill some accountability into our immensely expensive and out-of-control civil service.

    You – and others – might not like that – but I can sleep easy at night.


  62. Anonymous

    Beadle’s about said…

    Profile Not Available

    Oh and pretending you have a blog and naming it is not a foolish exercise?

    Is you name really beadle’s about?

    That must mean one of your parents must have been knows nothing about…

    if you have nothing constructive to say then people here will just ignore your petulant ranting.

    Furthermore you are merely proving my initial point that a fool can’t see that they are a fool, not withstanding the small fact that I have a right to my opinion and what I write is up to me just like your own comments, so kitchen’s heat and staying out of them does spring to mind…

    PS. There does not seem to be a blog attached to your linked name.

    “Profile Not Available”fairring

  63. Anonymous

    “You need to hear what real people want”

    A lot of the people who come on this blog are actually victims of the many abuses described within the pages of this blog and I would say that these indeed are the real people whereas Beadle appears to scorn the victims just like the establishment do.

    and what is more Beadle is no longer about he is a has-been.

    and whaat is more Beable is no longer about he is a hasbeen.

  64. Anonymous

    This Beadle actually thinks that they are helping the situation!!
    How deluded is that? Go figure!!!

  65. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Red Rodent

    The point you make about the prime minister of the UK is absolutely correct.

    Any PM’s authority resides in the fact that they lead the party which has gained a parliamentary majority.

    In the absence of political parties – the voters of Jersey will never have the power to choose who leads the community.

    6 signatures?

    Nope – not a sign.

    Admittedly I only spoke to a few members about this subject some time ago, now – as I recollect, three late on Wednesday night – and one further member on the Thursday morning.

    Only to be met with indecision and prevarication.

    There was so much covert haggling, dodging, horse-trading and deal-making going on that I thought I’ll leave them to it.

    As some readers have remarked – I’d have zero chance of getting the post – but that really wasn’t the point of contesting it; the point was to ensure that there was a genuinely diverse and pluralistic range of views and approaches on offer – perhaps from several candidates.

    So – even that slight objective – a diverse contest – was too much to ask our newly anointed barricade-storming revolutionary guard.

    As you said – ‘a lot of turn-coats out there’.


  66. Anonymous

    Yes I did see him outside the polling station hoping for some punters to back his lost cause.

    Was he there between 4.00 & 6.00 PM?

  67. Beadle is a moron

    “you have a group of morons on this site.” Beadle

    Well Mr (and I use the term loosely) Beadle I would sooner vote for your late lamented namesake than a person such as you.
    So glad you and your right wing views are not polluting the States Chamber.

  68. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Re the JDA and the Elections Law.

    Firstly – I must make it clear that I have no idea as to what complaints have been made by whom to who in respect what alleged breach of election law.

    But, frankly, if it’s electoral fraud in St. Helier No. 2 the authorities are interested in – I suggest they take a very close look at the result of three years ago.

    But – no; of course the powers that be won’t want to examine such issues – not one little bit.

    But if the allegations are against an anti-establishment grouping like the JDA – then – no doubt – the “new management” of the States of Jersey Police Force will be speedily diverting 50% of the officers working on the historic child abuse investigation in order to storm the JDA offices – seize all computers and files and arrest the suspects.

    Yes – believe me, I’m not exaggerating – the Jersey oligarchy really are that stupid.

    It would be a move probably even more stupid than the arrest of the Conservative MP this week – because – shock, horror – he’d been in receipt of leaked information.

    So – yes – we can look forward to all the excitement of a real ‘batons-out’ suppressing of the uppity plebs.

    No doubt all the bent and corrupt coppers Lenny got rid of will be reinstated especially for the task.

    You see – the naivety of any non-establishment person who may have breached electoral law is such that they deserve arrest and a good kicking from Mr. Warcup’s boys in blue. It’s only the Jersey oligarchy who are allowed to fiddle elections.

    Any mere plebs attempting such tactics get all they deserve.


  69. Anonymous

    Stuart you say in your recent comment “I suggest they ( the Police) take a very close look at the result of three years ago.
    What do you mean, were there some irregularities then – who fiddled 3 ears ago ?

  70. Anonymous

    How about an honesty test after the results of the secret ballot for chief minister? All States members should publicly state who they voted for. Let’s see the difference between the actual vote & declared vote. Any difference will indicate, as a percentage, the level of honesty we can expect from them, for the next 3 years !

  71. Anonymous

    Alan Breckon has just declared that he is running for Chief Minister, lets hope that another establishment figure puts their hat in, if this happens I am sure Alan would get it.

  72. Anonymous

    You should have an honesty test to sit if you wish to apply for a states politician post. This would get rid of the the liars and fly by nights. Maybe a polygraph test could be sat once a year to make sure these people are above reproach. Failure to pass would result in termination of post. A simple but effective method in my mind to get rid of this busllsh!t culture in politics.

    It would be very interesting to see if we could raise 53 members good and true wouldn’t it?

  73. Anonymous

    Any Views?

    This was published in local rag the other day, I tried to comment but my comments were not published.

    From Robert Kisch.
    SIMON Bellwood, in the Jersey Evening Post’s Saturday Interview on 22 November, appears to base his objections to the Grand Prix system as the fact that it started off those sent to Greenfields with a 24-hour period of solitary confinement. He has stated that this is illegal.
    Mr Bellwood’s experience was in the UK, where such practice may be illegal, but one questions whether it is illegal in Jersey. As described in an earlier article in the JEP, the practice established clearly the rules, ie the carrots and sticks, which would be applied thereafter. Mr Bellwood himself concedes that ‘. . . the concept of the person holding the key is a very powerful tool’. Surely this is a natural requirement of discipline in any context.
    Derek Bernard (JEP, 20 November) rightly suggests that the Grand Prix system of establishing boundaries of behaviour in children’s establishments is being wrongly attacked. Society lives by certain rules (the Ten Commandments if you like). These form checks and balances which have to be taught. How else do you train a puppy?
    As children, we all have to learn; incentives, in whatever form, do work as much as punishment for transgression. To this extent, Mr Bellwood’s ‘behaviour management system’ establishes exactly the same thing as the Grand Prix system, demanding a degree of discipline.
    The military impose just this sort of discipline. It is usually hated at the time of training, but the value is clear.
    No one set of rules fits everyone, but a system of punishment and rehabilitation (sticks and carrots) is the best we have developed so far.

    Villa Martinique,
    Chemin du Moulin,
    St Ouen.

  74. Anonymous


    The electorate needs to know that our states chamber, that noble crucible of democracy, is not just an empty vessel into which self-serving, inflated egos and buffoons pour their idiocies.

    The forthcoming election for CM could provide a conduit for an open and wide ranging debate about the future direction of government in Jersey.

    Nominating Senator Syvret as a candidate for CM would give members a wider range of perspectives when considering what it is that members feel that the States ought to be and where it should be going. These are fundamentally important reflections – not least because this debate will herald the beginning of a new session.




  75. Anonymous

    Electoral law

    I think this may turn out to be a storm in a tea cup.
    To disqualify any candidate it would have to be shown that they were either personally involved in the irregularities or they were elected as a result.
    It is a fairly open secret that older people are helped to fill in their postal forms in the UK.
    Some people who run nursing homes hand in a bale of postal votes at every election.
    100% turn out! It just goes to show that older people value their right to vote 😀

  76. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Christmas Speech

    Don’t know what’s happening yet – actually, that’s not true.

    What’s going to happen is this.

    My proposition to maintain the traditional way of doing things is due to be debated this week.

    The oligarchy will avoid a debate on the subject by using some procedural device, such as proposing to “move to next item of business”.

    Or, in the unlikely event of that not happening – my proposition will be defeated.

    Then Tel Boy and the rest of his “esteemed” colleagues on the Senatorial benches will cook-up their favoured option behind the scenes – and choose one of their number to deliver the speech.

    I will then deliver a Christmas speech outside in the Square.

    When will that happen?

    Hard to say for sure at this stage as the Christmas speeches are delivered at the end of the last sitting before Christmas.

    And with a lot of political business down for discussion – not least election a new cabinet and scrutiny system – it’s hard to predict when that will be.

    I’ll be able to make a better guesstimate of these timings closer to the date.


  77. Anonymous

    I believe it to be an estabishment inspired attempt to discredit the JDA, who else would be able to muster the resources for this? Who else would be so keen to keep the JDA out of government?

    If someone has helped an elderly person fill their ballot paper out this is not an offence unless they have done so fraudulently, i.e. not filled in the ballot according to that persons wishes. This should be easy to ascertain by checking to see the suspected ballot papers have been filled out in accordance with the elderly persons wishes. If they have then there should be a public apology from those who made this public news and the corresponding media that jumped on the band wagon.

    However I doubt this will happen if it all is found to be a storm in a tea cup. I do hope I am proved wrong but I have no confidence in the authorities to apologise for their errors.

  78. Anonymous

    Stuart, if you ask me, your fellow states members are very hard on you and display bystander behavioural characteristics which are typically observed within the study of victimology.
    Rest assured, sometime in the future, your work regarding Jersey’s child abuse tragedy will be heralded as empowering, transforming,triumphant and pivotal in creating an important land mark for future historians.

    By contrast history will not be marking many of today’s politicians although a few will make it into the history books for the wrong reasons.

    So no matter how difficult and low it might get, don’t forget, your trajectory is of the higher moral order and will be hailed the best in the end.

  79. Senator Stuart Syvret

    I’m not sure whether that last comment concerning blogs, forums, the JDA ‘all going down’ was supposed to be ironic or triumphalist.

    Either way – it’s an observation very close to the truth.

    I can’t speak about it in detail yet, but wait and see just how far our corrupt oligarchy will go in their attempts to cling on to the crypto-feudalism which has served them so Weill.

    You don’t lightly surrender your power to use and abuse the populace after 800 years.

    Even when the attempt to reatin power is doomed to end like Hitler in his bunker.


  80. Anonymous

    If a government closes down blogs and forums it will be newsworthy on a global scale! Surely not even our ollies would be dumb enough to attract that level of attention?

  81. helier clements shed

    What kind of deranged psycho would find it amusing if local forums were closed down?
    That commenter really needs to get himself diagnosed and treated!!

  82. Anonymous

    Quite a few blogs have mysteriously dropped from the radar The moving finger
    jimmytakesastroll aholidayinthesun the hospital one and if i remember correctly VFC had a Blog closed down a while back. This is typical of our oligarchy just wanting to gag people all the time. When are they going to realise as soon as one blog goes another one starts. The Jerseyway oneday crapaudoverload they still can’t see they are fighting a losing battle but don’t tell them that.

  83. Anonymous

    maybe its someone who messed up their first forum and had it taken away from them and then nearly ruined their second forum and got thrown off it and still talks garbage on other forums and threatens and bullies blogs off the internet if he doesnt agree with them and has an underhand way to find out who was running them

    yes someone like that would think it was good if the world that rejected him was taught a thing or two

    mavericks are like that

  84. Anonymous

    Blogs,forums,JDA all going down.
    You will see!

    I think you are wrong there;

    1) Shutting all the blogs in the island will be impossible. New ones will spring up and some will be hosted in offshore places that are so secretive that even Jersey lawyers won’t be able to get at them. Cuts two ways this client confidentiality crap 😀

    2) Even the Vile Rag is allowing more comment on it’s site. And some of it’s columnists are becoming openly critical of the States. The current owners want readers and a return on their investment. Uncle Frank’s rule is well and truly over!

    3) The JDA will be a force to reckon with in coming years. I predict that they will gain more seats and will form part of Jersey’s first progressive administration in a few year’s time.

  85. Anonymous

    That comment about blogs getting shut down and the JDA sorted out sounded just like JTM to me, poison pen to Mr.Adrian Walsh of Planet Jersey fame and the failed St.Helier No.2 candidate. Jason was rubbishing the JDA and making comments about them was this at the request of his master?

    Is he using his poison pen and cyber space bully to get his own way, or is it to help the establishment sort out any desenters to the party line? We are sick of cyber space bullies. Is he going to sort his loose cannon out or will it take him down with his ship? His continued acquaintance with this person is doing him irrepairable damage, which is good, so carry on that man into oblivion.

  86. Anonymous

    Why has JTM been so quiet over the last few days? Is this anything to do with the fact that he has been helping his political candidate get over his election failure?

  87. Anonymous

    Jersey Establishment on the way out!

    I predict that the House will narrowly elect Terry as Chief Minister next week.
    He will get most of his choices for the Council of Ministers eg Pip, Al etc.
    Then a few weeks later they will vote to abolish GST on food and put ’20 means 20′ off for a year or two.
    This will cripple his financial strategy and leave a great big deficit.
    Frank’s administration was awful with muddle, infighting, egotism and failure for three years.
    But after the next three years of the lunacy we are about to receive under TLS, Establishment credibility will be nil!

    Anaconda le Cornu

  88. Anonymous

    be aware that you cant win against bullies

    if you wind them up they just take it out on their victims

    for the victims sake please forget about jtm and let them all rest in peace

    best thing to do with internet bullies is dont give them the attention they crave

  89. Anonymous

    Senator Syvret you have the power to stop all this JTM and Walsh idiocy.

    While it is boring the rantings of this lunatic do cause damage.

    Can you just ask Adrian Walsh?
    I personally doubt Walsh is JTM.
    If Walsh is not JTM he certainly knows who he is.

  90. Anonymous

    So what is happening in relation to the HDLG and child abuse situation?

    How much longer will we tax payers have to foot the billk for Graham Powers suspension?

    What is the process/timescale for a suspension?

    How many people are now suspended at tax payers expense?

    Will we see some action post Frank?

  91. Anonymous

    “Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.”supet

  92. Anonymous

    I will just open another blog for people and it will not be based here, it will be based in a country that has a genuine freedom of speech…

  93. Anonymous

    2) Even the Vile Rag is allowing more comment on it’s site. And some of it’s columnists are becoming openly critical of the States. The current owners want readers and a return on their investment. Uncle Frank’s rule is well and truly over!

    I hope you are right about that.
    But it certainly wasn’t critical tonight. Did you see it?

    ” Frank Walker, an island hero.”

    ‘Frank Walker…. self made man….started out with nothing but managed to work his way up to the top of his family’s business….no interference in our editorial decisions, he just hired people with his political views…..Guided the island magnificently through the problems his policies created….Who is Jeremy Paxman anyway?…..Frank will rise again! Like the morning sun in all his glory! Hang your heads and mourn you fools!!’

    That might not be a verbatim extract but it was along those lines. You know the kind of impartial and balanced journalism we have come to expect from our number one newspaper.

    It’s interesting to reflect that although Frank owned the islands only newspaper and had business dealings and alliances with the rest of the local media he is mostly detested by the people of this island. Even people who vote for him in order to save the finance industry don’t like him. They have just recognised him as one of the most accommodating politicians with regard to the greeds, sorry, needs of the trusts and banks.

  94. Anonymous

    Does anybody know how many ‘health tourists’ have descended upon our hospital this year?
    I ask because despite mentioning a lot of expensive treatments there didn’t seem to be a definitive number of patients in the JEP article tonight.
    Obviously a lack of space prevented the journalist from defining “a health tourist”.
    Are they citizens of countries within the E.U. or from nations we have a reciprocal agreement with? If they are, well what’s the problem? They are allowed to use our health services as we are allowed to access their’s.
    If however they come from somewhere outside of these zones why are they not being charged already? It’s not a new concept. That is why we are advised to carry health insurance when we go abroad.
    Could it be that the highly paid execs at health have just not bothered to balance the books for all these years?
    Could there suddenly be a need for fiscal responsability in our health care system?
    Could this be in anyway related to the end of our reciprocal agreement with the U.K.?

    I’m sure the jep will have the answers soon. (soon as hell freezes over)

  95. Anonymous

    post on the Jersey Establishment Paedo.

    Perry Wilde
    Posted December 1, 2008 at 9:37 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    What a complete load of tripe you are all animals who should be put down.

  96. Anonymous

    “Any Views?”
    Why yes I have thank you for asking.

    “Mr Bellwood’s experience was in the UK, where such practice may be illegal, but one questions whether it is illegal in Jersey”
    Well, that’s the problem. Why are we not working to the same standards as the U.K.? (That’s where the court of appeal is, by the way)

    ” How else do you train a puppy?”
    Pardon? Damaged children = puppies? It’s not a link most child care workers would make. Although it does suggest a disturbing image of Mr. Kirsch being potty trained as an infant.

    “Mr Bellwood’s ‘behaviour management system’ establishes exactly the same thing as the Grand Prix system, demanding a degree of discipline.”
    But without putting emotionally disturbed children into solitary confinement as punishment.
    It might be worth considering the difference between someone being given a time out to cool down compared to being threatened with being locked down for an indefinate period. Being placed in solitary confinement could only be used as a punishment if children find it unpleasant. Yet by the staff members own admission children were placed in the pits on arrival.

    ” The military impose just this sort of discipline. It is usually hated at the time of training, but the value is clear.”
    That would be the military who work with adults not children and who are training men to go into battle. Somewhat different objectives to most social workers I would suggest.

    “No one set of rules fits everyone, but a system of punishment and rehabilitation (sticks and carrots) is the best we have developed so far”
    No not A system, there are many different systems. Some as mentioned work for the army, adult prisoners, the mentally ill and there are specialised systems in place to work with damaged kids.
    Children are not adults.
    That shouldn’t need to be explained.
    Children are in the process of developing emotional, cognitive and social skills needed for a well balanced life. Often a childs development in one or all of these areas can be retarded through many different reasons. If the reasons are external, family problems etc., then the child might be taken into care.
    If Mr. Kirsch (or someone who has similar views) can tell me why a four year old who throws a tantrum should be treated as a child but six years later should be treated as a dangerous criminal I would be interested to hear from them.

  97. Anonymous

    show us what you can do NOT on this blog site – as you put it so succinctly on your blog – stop playing silly games and do SOMETHING

    Like you have?

    Stuart has done more for this island than any other politician in the states. When you have actually done something to help another human being come back and let us know.

    But if Stuart and the people who post on here are all deluded why does it bother you?

    But I think we know why.

  98. Anonymous

    Stuart we will be in the square for your Christmas speech
    Just let us know if you need any help with the electrics for the outside broadcast
    Believe me, we will be here for you.

  99. Anonymous

    2) Even the Vile Rag is allowing more comment on it’s site. And some of it’s columnists are becoming openly critical of the States. The current owners want readers and a return on their investment. Uncle Frank’s rule is well and truly over!

    I hope you are right about that.
    But it certainly wasn’t critical tonight. Did you see it?

    ” Frank Walker, an island hero.”

    The Vile Rag was writing FW’s swan song tonight as far as frontline politics is concerned, so you have to expect a little love and kisses for the outgoing politico.
    In a little under three years they will be doing the same for Stuart if he sticks to his idea of quiting the States.
    A lot of the bad mouthing will be forgotten, there are a lot of good things to say about Senator Syvret and they will be stressed.
    A careful reading of the article shows that the Vile Rag has not, in my opinion, transfered its loyalty to TLS yet.
    And have a look at Little Ben’s article, he is not that positive about the girls and boys that may be about to take power.
    We have an interesting week ahead and then almost three years of hard political slog to the next elections.
    I am taking the election of TLS as Chief Minister as a given at the moment and I am waiting eagerly for his appointments to his Council Of Ministers.
    As I have said before a lot of the political talent is on the ‘Opposition benches’.
    If they refuse to accept posts then TLS will be left with a rag bag of ne’er’-do-wells and bletherskites that could not run a piss up in the proverbial.
    Not only that but they will be constantly jockeying for who gets the top job after his departure in 2011!


    Anaconda le Cornu

  100. Anonymous

    Sharon Shoesmith, the director of children’s services at Haringey, was removed from her £100,000-a-year post with immediate effect as the Government made use of draconian powers to overhaul failing local authorities. Mr Balls did not have the power to sack her outright but he said that he was removing her because he “judged she was not fit to hold an office”.

    At least some governments do act, eventually!

    Officials who failed Baby P are forced out

  101. uruisg

    “In my book, Stalinism and a police state happens when ministers direct and interfere with specific investigations that the police are carrying out.”

    This is UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s definition of Stalinism, in answer to critics of the arrest of MP Damian Green.

    An opportune moment to update Jacqui on recent developments in Jersey?

  102. Sara


    I have to say that I believe Alan would make a great CM. I’m concerned that if you stand for the post, there could be a danger of a diluted vote as was the case in the senatorial elections. People who may vote for you are likely to vote for Alan instead and there by increase his chance of success. Everything must be done to stop TLS becoming CM.

  103. Anonymous

    If there is anyone with a legal brain out there, can someone please tell me what legal power exists in Jersey to close down a blog or internet forum.

    Threats to sue for defamation may be one angle to force the hand but as most political blogs are not named after the blogger how do they find out ownership?

    Are there not privacy laws preventing such information being handed over?

    Also, if the blog is politically critical but does not defame anyone further than say, ordinary journalistic licence, where are the legal powers to close them?

  104. Anonymous

    I have just recieved this letter from the Minivan News site. I could not help thinking about the way the abuse survivors from Haut de la Garenne have been treated when I read this letter.



    Letter on Sexual Abuse
    28 November 2008
    letter to the editor

    Dear Editor,

    Many people knew about and tried to pressure the previous Maldivian government to deal with the high level of sexual abuse of women and children in the Maldives, but the government refused to help.

    For a few years in the 1990s, my Maldivian wife enjoyed working for the Society for Health Education. During this time, she went on a number of trips to the island communities and somehow managed to break away from the main group and conduct research of her own. She interviewed (in an unofficial capacity) many women who were victims of sexual abuse. These women’s stories were horrendous.

    However, the government was aiming to protect the reputation of these islands. Trying to help these desperate women and children might have lost them island support.

    Neglecting the problem for so many years has allowed it to become far worse. The amount of resources and aid the new government is going to need to deal with this problem is going to financially damage it. If it has any compassion, the Aneh DhivehiRaajje must deal with this problem or it will become as big and as threatening as it is in my own country.

    For fear of seeming racist, thus losing the vote and support of Australia’s indigenous community, the Australian government systematically silenced thousands of social workers, journalists and health workers from the 1960s through to 2004.

    To point out problems in the indigenous community was to be labelled as racist. Those that wanted to help thousands of victims of child sexual abuse amongst the indigenous community were just shut right up. Yes, you better believe it, a constitutional liberal democracy is no guarantee that human rights will be protected. Only individual compassion and strength for justice can prevent human rights abuses.

    The consequence is that Rudd’s government is threatened by an army of thousands of angry indigenous Australians. Australian indigenous voices have the power to bring Rudd’s international reputation into disrepute if Rudd does not spend billions trying to deal with this suffering.

    Aneh DhivehiRaaje, you will be faced with the same problem if you do not work to help the victims of sexual abuse; please learn from our shameful example.


    Ben Plewright

  105. Anonymous

    be aware that you cant win against bullies

    Oh yes you can!
    Bullies make mistakes.
    Some even commit criminal offences.

  106. Anonymous

    Haringey remove three top people for failures in child care, within weeks of it hitting the headlines.

    Jersey authorities haven’t yet removed anyone during their child abuse enquiry which has been on going for over one year.

    People are asking what the hell is going on over here?

  107. Anonymous

    Last time I came here it said 126 comments.
    This time it says 130, but there doesn’t appear to be anything new!
    What’s going on?

  108. Anonymous

    Senator Stuart Syvret is the only person that has the people of Jersey at heart. The rest of them don’t even have a heart.

    Honestly this looks like the Muppet Show from anywhere except Jersey and for those who support the establishment view. Be aware that those who stood up and defended the status quo in Jersey will be tarred with the same brush when these investigations come to a head…. Be on the right side or your political career will be over.

  109. Anonymous

    people all over the world are asking What the hell is going on over there as well.

    The world wants to know and it will find out one day.

    The Crown rules this island and the Crrown will be getting the blame for the corruption.

  110. Anonymous

    To whoever is reading this in Jersey please pester your representitive to vote for Alan Breckon as Next Chief Minister we need a change. Please if any states members are reading this can you vote for Alan Breckon. We need all non establishment members to vote for one candidate. Alan Breckon is that man.

  111. Anonymous

    feadreelAnonymous wrote – “So what is happening in relation to the HDLG and child abuse situation?

    How much longer will we tax payers have to foot the billk for Graham Powers suspension?

    What is the process/timescale for a suspension?

    How many people are now suspended at tax payers expense?

    Will we see some action post Frank?”

    Well mate, I dont know any of the answers to these most pertinant questions – however one thing I can tell you is that the police are starting to try and complete any outstanding witness statements from HDLG, so perhaps something is moving along?.

    I briefly outlined my friends history of abuse at HDLG in a recent post- and her current situation re the length of time/lack of interest the SOJP have taken regarding her case.
    Someone at police HQ must have read this blog and seen the opportunity for a bit of overtime ‘cos they called her the other day to see if she would complete her statement….I believe she told them to F**K OFF!

    It turns out shes lost all confidence in the investigation and thinks there will only be more heartache for her and her loved ones when the cover up succeeds- and her abuser gets away with it all…again!

    Dont worry Stuart, im urging her to reconsider but when all is said and done maybe she has a point…if there is a cover up she will have been abused all over again.

    Are there any other survivors who are thinking about dropping their statements?…please dont, I believe if you keep going and stick together…you will win in the end that way!.

  112. Disgusted of St.Helier

    I see Geoff has upset the anti-establishment applecart already by attacking Jeremy Macon. What a stupid thing to do when they should be uniting!

    And jeez, we wait decades for pushy TV journalism and when it finally arrives it’s Eric putting the boot in to the inexperienced newcommer.

    What slime media we have!
    CTV clip

    Does anyone think they could have done better themselves at 21? Give the guy a chance like the electorate did, for F’s sake!!

  113. voiceforchildren


    I heard little snippets on the lunchtime BBC radio news about you asking (soon to be, or is he now?) citizen Mike (GST28) Vibert questions about any of his staff being under investigation and he was refusing to answer you. Could you give us a bit more in depth as to what was said (or not) as the case may be. Needless to say none of the other “news” outlets have mentioned it.

    Wasn’t there also an altercation between you and the Bayleaf? I suppose today’s states sitting could be a blog in itself couldn’t it?

  114. JTM

    Powers that be shutting blogs down? Finding out who the blog owner is?

    EASY. How? Jersey Telecom! Who owns Jersey Telecom?

    C’mon guys,wake up.

  115. Anonymous

    “Jersey authorities haven’t yet removed anyone during their child abuse enquiry which has been on going for over one year.

    People are asking what the hell is going on over here?”

    As I have been stating here for many weeks: the police do not understand the subject, and simply haven’t a clue. The answers lie within the survivors, but the police just look at them as poor witnesses. Stuart’s experts are just riding on a bandwagon of misery.


  116. Anonymous

    BNP neighbours!
    Have just been sent this amazing website which allows you to locate your nearest Nazis. All you do is put in your postcode and bingo. I have a large number of names of people who live between a few yards and six miles away!Don’t know if it works in Channel Islands :

  117. Anonymous

    Re. the health tourist story in last nights JEP.

    Would it be cynical to wonder if that was a bit of pre-emptive damage control?

  118. Anonymous

    ” see Geoff has upset the anti-establishment applecart already by attacking Jeremy Macon. What a stupid thing to do when they should be uniting!

    And jeez, we wait decades for pushy TV journalism and when it finally arrives it’s Eric putting the boot in to the inexperienced newcommer.

    What slime media we have!
    CTV clip

    Does anyone think they could have done better themselves at 21? Give the guy a chance like the electorate did, for F’s sake!!”

    Hopefully Jeremy won’t let it get to him too much. The school bullies (and their pet media) are trying to rough him up a bit and see if he cracks under pressure.
    Just let it ride Jeremy, the public can see what is going on. As long as you don’t rise to the bait you will emerge from this with dignity and the others will look like the nasty, petty little dweebs they are.

    P.S. all the rest of you newbies should be ready for similar treatment in the next few weeks and months.

  119. Anonymous

    Rock and roll sweetie!

    Jeremy Macon, JDA, blogs
    Told you it will all fall down.

    Score one to you and the boys and girls at Crap TV!

    Jeremy Macon has just learnt that he has joined the big league.

    But the Establishment has a precision guided oaf heading for it’s heart in the shape of James Reed and his taxation proposal.

    He supported TLS, his 20 means 20 proposal and his corporation tax measures.

    He has now realised that this is going to bring the economy to it’s knees so he is now moving to postpone 20 means 20.
    If this goes through it is going to leave TLS staring at a big black hole in his fiscal strategy.

    We all know that Nellie is advising Jeremy Macon.

    Maybe you could tell us who is pulling James Reed’s strings; Terry le Sueur or Richard Renouf?

  120. Anonymous

    CTV and punchy journalism – come off it!

    During the senatorial hustings Mrs Macon and Mr Rankin had a verbal encounter, it is documented on Planet Jersey.

    Mr Rankins wife is employed in a position of seniority at CTV hence the expose!

    That is the level to which journalism has sunk to in this island, so don’t expect the dawning of a new age!

  121. Anonymous

    an extract from a post by Nellie Macon 12th October Planet Jersey

    ……………Glenn Rankine approached me in an aggressive manner after the hustings and threatened that if I didn’t stop heckling the establishment candidates that he would print out the details of the court case and put them on all the chairs at the next hustings. Not that I care about this as I have nothing to hide – the details are public knowledge and I have done nothing to be ashamed of except perhaps to be too naive and trust the Jersey legal system. What I did take exception to was that Mr Rankine would sink so low as to try to damage Jeremy’s election campaign in such a stupid fashion. I have a particular aversion to bullying, having endured this at junior school for several years. I am not likely to put up with it at this stage of my life. What was even more stupid was that although I whispered a few comments to my daughter, I actually did not heckle that night. Mr Rankine really is a disturbed person.

    Having heard that Mr Rankine might be employed in some capacity by Mr MacLean and Mr Ozouf (although this has not been substantiated) I told them both what had occurred and they said they would speak to Mr Rankine. Mr Ozouf confirmed that he had dealt with the matter the following day, however I heard that Mr Rankine was having a good laugh with the establishment candidates after the hustings and wonder what exactly the truth of this whole matter is? Are the Establishment candidates so threatened by a youngster that Mr Rankine has to resort to such pathetic bullying antics? I don’t see that Jeremy is any more of a threat to them than than most of the other new candidates so it must just be that they don’t like being openly criticized by me.


  122. Anonymous


    I while back I left a comment on here and you asked me to contact you on you email address. My response was to query just how secure your states email was. You did not reply so I did not contact you.

    The point of this is that the emails between the Macon’s and Southern were intercepted and leaked to the scum…sorry, the press. I can’t see JM, his mum or JS leaking the emails and so I am concerned how this has happened.

    Who in the states is responsible for intercepting personal, private and confidential correspondence between a States Deputy and a deputy-elect.

    This is more serious than a minor spat between the three concerned, it is about a fundamental human right to freedom from state interference in communication and the fundamental right to privacy.

    This is why I did not contact you and I now feel I was right not to.

    Someone is snooping.

    To JTM – the question was not so much who is passing the blog details, it was under what power are they doing it.

    The state is not above the law.

  123. Anonymous

    “Are there any other survivors who are thinking about dropping their statements?”

    I had that choice taken away from me by Staffordshire Police. I’m one of the Staffordshire Pindown survivors, and Staffordshire Police hve told me that they are not going to investigate further in my case because of the amount of time that has lapsed. So basically, I have been denied justice and therefore complete healing – because how can I ever heal completly as long as I never have my day in court?

    I am disgusted with the way I have been treated, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

    So I urge anyone who has the chance to get justice to take it while you can. They will take that opportunity away from you at the drop of a hat.


  124. No longer a jda voter

    It would appear that Deputy Southern views himself as the leader of the opposition.
    I had heard Deputy Southern was a control freak, but was not expecting him to harass Jeremy Macon and his mother.
    Mrs Macon is an advisor to Deputy-elect Macon.
    This is no different to Glen Rankine advising Senator Ozouf.
    If she also acts as a secretary so what and as a member of the public she is entitled to share her views with an elected member of the States.
    If you read those emails she signs off as Nellie. No confusion there.Who needs JTM Walsh to undermine left leaning politicians when Deputy Southern can do for him.
    Deputy Southern should apologise.
    I will never vote JDA again.

  125. Anonymous

    What an appaling and disgaraceful way CTV have conducted themselves. If that’s not one of the lowest forms of bullying then I don’t know what is.

    Why don’t they ask the likes of Shenton why it is he and the rest of the COM have highly paid civil servants that write and leak letters to the media on there behalf?

    Did anybody else hear the glee in Eric blakeley’s voice when he had Deputy elect Macon on the ropes? what a pathetic childish individual that Blakely has shown himself to be.

  126. Anonymous

    Are you able to tell us anything about the hush hush states business yesterday about the police chief suspension or are you sworn to complete secrecy?

  127. Anonymous

    Congratulations to Geoff Southern. He has single handedly messed up any chance of progressives working with him and the jda. I voted for him but will never make that mistake again.

  128. Anonymous

    Time4change have organised a ballot in the Royal Square from 1-2pm on Monday 8th to allow the public to have their say on Chief Minister. There will be a ballot and the public will be able to vote for any of the candidates or ‘none of the above’. The results will be announced by 2pm.

    Be there and tell your friends!

  129. Anonymous

    What a wosser Deputy Southern is.

    Jeremy Macon is a very brave young man to be go for election , I wish a lot more young people in Jersey had the Spunk that Jeremy has, so he has his mother as adviser, so WHAT!!!!!! I´m over 60 and ask my mother for advice, At least Jeremy wouldn’t, I´m sure tell anyone to F*ck-off, so Mr. Southern I recon you shot yourself in the foot, again……

  130. Anonymous

    States email

    Given that the States email probably runs on an Exchange server or similar with a large number of people allowed privileged access for administration purposes it is about as secure as the pigeon hole system used for staff mail at a school.
    If I were a member of the States I would get myself an external address at a large, off island, private email provider and use that for leaks and secret stuff that I did not want the usual suspects sneaking through.
    And the whole thing is a stupid spate that will be forgotten in a few weeks.

  131. States of Penge

    whoo, Emma Conroy from THE BBC is a cover girl today (blurrily behind Mr Macon on the JEP)

    I imagined her a doe-eyed plumpy, funny how voices never turn out to match their owners!

  132. voiceforchildren


    Just a quick “have my say” in case the rag doesn’t publish it.

    “If there is anybody to be accused of bullying then it should be Eric Blakely and CTV. Yes our politicians deserve a hard time, but that should also extend to “establishment” politicians. Grow some ba11s Blakeley and use some of that hard hitting “journalism” on some of our more senior politicians, and give the novice and easy, non media savvy target a break”.

    Naturally that was to the Deputy elect Macon story, thanks.

  133. Angered

    Rankine TV are still twisting the knife about Jeremy Macon, wildly speculating about something that doesn’t make sense and isn’t the point.

  134. Anonymous



    Bridget Prentice has actually bothered to reply to the letter I sent her three months ago, on child protection issues!

    It’s the usual two page jawdropper full of spin and whitewash, of course, but I have grown used to not getting proper answers now. It’s nice to have it confirmed in writing that the government takes the view that the rights of abusers is a more important issue than the protection of children. I suspected that was the case for about three years now, and it is just nice to actually have it confirmed in writing.

    There’s still no word from Jack Straw though.

    Well, I’d better get on with penning a reply I suppose. I don’t think I will need to spend three months to think of what I want to say! I suppose I’d better send Jack another letter, while I’m in the mood. I certainly don’t want him to think I’m not interested in what he has got to say about child protection and rights for abusers – I’m all ears!


  135. Anonymous

    Jeremy Macon and Terry ‘Mekon’ le Sueur’s raid on islanders’ pockets

    Just when Crap TV and the Vile Rag are happily diverting islanders’ interest with the tale of a few silly emails between Geoff Southern and Jeremey Macon.
    What happens?
    TLS conducts a fast raid on Islanders pockets.
    It may be hard for the average person in the street to undestand the budget but the combination of GST, ’20 means 20′, failure to uprate personal allowances in line with inflation etc means that unless you secured a thumping pay rise your January pay cheque will be a bit lighter in real terms than it was last year.
    Couple that with the fact that people are paying off debts or saving money and Jersey could be in a state of real recession by early next year.
    It is a real shame that you cannot eat and drink spin as it seems to be produced in ever increasing quantities by the States!

    Anaconda le Cornu

  136. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart.
    I see another sideways swipe at you in the rag tonight re one of the reasons they are having trouble recruiting staff in the childrens service.. I paste here the letter i have sent, i doubt they will print it though.

    thats a bit rich saying that is harder to attract new staff in the wake of both the Haut de la Garenne inquiry and Senator Stuart Syvret’s past criticisms of the service. I would have thought that Syvrets high-lighting of the illegal practices that took place in greenfields and les chenes ie The grand prix system are now gone forever, so in reality it should be more attractive for would be social workers, and i can assure you that the U.K. pay has not caught up with Jersey’s yet. Yet another opportunity to have a dig at Syvret. You probably wont print this as usual or may heavily edit it. Syd

  137. Anonymous

    Nice to see the JEP joining in with the harrasment of an elected politician.

    Good God it’s not even journalism they have just descended to grafitti. “Jeremy is a mummy’s boy! Nah na na nah na”

  138. Anonymous


    Slightly off subject – but still very pertinent to all who are still of the opinion that the “success” of our finance sector is the only way forward for our little island community

    Like or not the world is rapidly changing its attitude to the role of offshore financial centers.

    The moral stance so smugly claimed by the financial sector and many supporting States members is being eroded on a daily basis. Rather that burying our heads in the sand this community should be seen to be placing moral aptitude above creation of wealth.

    Check out:-

    Stuart – Whilst the good work of HDLG is important – can you please open up some blog space to this important topic.

  139. Anonymous

    There seems to be a serious problem with the plumbing in the States Building, so many leaks. Perhaps there is a plumber in the local constabulary who could fix this serious state of affairs – or is there a phantom whistleblower in their midst.

    All this to get a lead part in the pantomine………….To coin a phrase “You couldn’t make it up”

  140. Anonymous


    I am a survivor who has no intention of dropping my statement. While I share your reservations about NSPCC, for the benefit of anyone who is still not sure about whether to come forward for the “final” roundup of evidence I want to reassure you. You will not be “interrogated” by the HAT (Historic Abuse Tean). Warcop and Gabwell have not drafted in the Gestapo to do the interviews. The same dedicated male and female Jersey and English Police officers that worked with Lenny are still working with the new chiefs.I know this as I know several of them by name They are still phoning people (including me) to check bits of information and they are all decent sensitive officers who are trying to do their job in very difficult circumstances.

    If you decide to make that call (and I know what a stomach churning feeling that first call is) and the NSPCC answer just ask for the HAT team. You will be transferred through and put at ease at once and once you have made your statement you may feel like a huge weight has been lifted from you. Go on – for all our sakes make that call!!!


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