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On How We’ve Been Diverted.

Part 2 of Graham Power’s interview for Voice For Children has been posted, and it can be watched here:

In the interview, Mr Power – Jersey’s recently retired Chief of Police – makes some dramatic and very blunt observations on just what has taken place in Jersey – and just how the Ministers of Jersey’s government have conducted themselves.

And in addition to Mr. Power’s observations – I can reveal below, some simple, brief evidence that shows just how spin-doctoring the entire child abuse disaster was always the core – the central – objective and priority of Jersey’s public authorities.

In the interview, when referring to the fact that so much time has been spent focusing on allegations against the police investigation, instead of on the child abuse, Graham Power says:

“We’ve all fallen into a trap….we’ve all fallen for it again……we’re talking about the abuse inquiry – and not talking about the abuse……… You’ve got to give Ministers credit where it’s due. They have very skilfully and very successfully deflected the agenda……”

“…..The agenda has to be brought back – to talking about the abuse……..because if you follow some of the accounts given by some of the victims – you are dealing with what is effectively state-sponsored paedophilia that occurred over decades.”

Mr. Power goes on to say:

“What is particularly disturbing is the number of people who I recall said – “look, I drew this to the attention of the police, I drew this to the attention of the authorities. It was all swept under the carpet, nothing was done about it. Too many of the offenders were too well connected, they knew enforcement people, and it was just made sure that I wouldn’t get any justice.””

Of course – those observations are correct. Making a huge – diversionary – “controversy” – usually based upon nothing of any substance – is one of the text-book devices in the armoury of the propagandist – or spin-doctor, as we call them today.

It is a common and favoured tactic of the Jersey oligarchy. For example, regular readers could cast their minds back to the summer of 2007, when I first exposed the systemic failure of Jersey’s public authorities to protect vulnerable children. What was the big, high-profile, “issue” then? The “story” that consumed the Jersey media – with undiluted focus?

Not the fact that here were many evidenced examples of concealed  – recent – child abuse. Nor that here was the government of Jersey – in the 21st century – oppressing a Social Services Minister for trying to protect children.

No – “the story” was – ‘how terrible – that this dreadful politician was “undermining staff morale” – by holding them to account for failing to protect children.’

So yes, it is easy for any thinking person to see just how the real – the important – issues, can be hidden beneath a load of fake, manufactured diversionary spin.

But as important as it is to not lose focus on the core issue – we also need to recognise and understand just how it is we have been manipulated.

Because the vast child abuse cover-up by Jersey’s public authorities did not happen by accident.

It didn’t even happen through only the collusions of a few low-grade spivs.

It was planned – it was calculated.

You paid for it: – by – involuntarily – employing people like Cathy Keir: 

Cathy Keir.

Cathy Keir is the very expensive spin-doctor employed by the Jersey Chief Minister’s department.

She worked for Frank Walker. She works for Terry Le Sueur.

A former BBC Jersey – and BBC South-West hack.

Some readers may remember the news footage from when Walker decided – at the height of the Jersey child abuse controversy – to call a press-conference – for the sole purpose of lying about me, in an attempt to disguise his inadequacy and the utter failure of his leadership in respect of something so rudimentary as opposing child abuse.

I was asked to attend by the international media, and attempts were made to remove me by one of the Jersey oligarchy’s thugs, including the snatching of chairs from my hands, before I was able to sit down.

Walker predictably lacked the courage to have a head-on debate with me, and ran away after a couple of perfunctory questions from the journalists.

The event was a shaming disaster for Jersey’s public authorities. No respectable government on the face of the planet would have acted in such a way, at such a time.

This disastrous and ill-judged PR stunt was the idea of Cathy Keir.

Although the full, bleak horror of it doesn’t come across on the film – an abiding memory of the occasion was the spectacle of one of Keir’s subordinates shouting at – and interrupting – internationally respected journalists – and trying to tell them what they could – or could not – ask her beloved leader, Frank Walker.

The journalists, behind the cameras, just kept turning their heads, to look at each other, with expressions of wide-eyed disbelief at the amateurish and tasteless conduct of the Keir PR strategy.

Jersey tax-payers fund her – and the entire spin-doctoring operation that has so “very skilfully and very successfully deflected the agenda.”

A good use of your hard-earned taxes?

But the spin-doctoring and manipulation didn’t stop back then.

Let me invite readers to cast their minds back to the despicable episode when Graham Power was subjected to what has since been confirmed as an unlawful suspension.

November 2008 – a matter of a few days – terribly conveniently – before the election of 29 members of the Jersey parliament. What better timing – to help “persuade” confused voters that all of this “fuss” about child abuse was just some “nonsense” dreamt-up by an “out-of-control” police force?

What better way to convince Jersey voters – just at this crucial moment that – actually – the traditional oligarchy politicians were reliable after all – and weren’t responsible for the corrupt and wicked concealment of decades of child abuse?

So Graham Power was subjected to an immediate suspension – with the absolute abandonment of due-process – and with no opportunity to defend himself.

But – according to the Jersey oligarchy – and in particular, people like Frank Walker and Andrew Lewis – the suspension ‘simply had to be conducted immediately’.

I’m sure anyone who has followed the matter will remember – vividly – just how it was repeated – again – and again – that the suspension enacted against the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police Force was an “emergency” decision – “taken in only the preceding 24 hours or so”, because of “the sudden receipt” of some supposedly critical report.

Of course – other revelations and published evidence have since shown that that “official” version of events to be false; Frank walker and Andrew Lewis have been proven to be liars; Bill Ogley and David Warcup proven to be crooks.

But – here is another dimension to the whole – disgusting and reprehensible – saga.

I publish below an e-mail from the Jersey Chief Minister’s spin-doctor – Cathy Keir.

The e-mail was written to convey the States of Jersey policy on “precautionary suspensions”.

The “precautionary suspension” under consideration was that to be conducted against Graham Power.

This – on the 24th September – 2008 – nearly two months before the illegal suspension committed upon Jersey’s legitimate, good Police Chief was carried out.

Nearly two months – before the supposed “sudden” and “emergency” suspension was enacted.

Setting aside the obvious questions – of just how it was your government – your politicians – were able to lie to you – to your parliament, by falsely stating the unlawful action against Graham Power had ‘NOT’ been long-planned, and was instead an “emergency” action – ask another question;

A very simple question wich will be immediately & strikingly  obvious to any thinking person: –

‘Just what the hell is a SPIN-DOCTOR doing – being involved – AT LEAST TWO MONTHS EARLIER – in plotting and conspiring to unlawfully remove from authority your Chief of Police?’ 

Ponder that question – and you might begin to understand a little more clearly – just why the Jersey government Ministers “have very skilfully and very successfully deflected the agenda”.

Or – to be a little more accurate – just how were the spin-doctors able – and at what embezzlement of public-money – to mug your cretin politicians into going along with it?


From: Cathy Keir []
Sent: 24 September 2008 12:51
To: [addressee name removed]
Subject: Info as requested


If this e-mail has been sent in error, please notify us immediately and delete this document. Please note the legal disclaimer which appears at the end of this message.


Here is information, as requested, re States policy on precautionary suspension.

‘Precautionary Suspension 24-09-2008.doc’

Cathy – Communications Unit

Chief Minister’s Department
Cyril Le Marquand House
PO Box 140
St Helier

T: +44(0)1534 440430
F: 440408

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