Interview with Graham Power QPM:

A Chief Constable

And Citizen’s Media.

Graham Power, the recently retired Chief Constable of the States of Jersey Police Force, has been extensively interviewed by Jersey citizens’ media site, Voice For Children.

Mr. Power is the first Chief of Police in the history of Jersey to take a professional, rigorous view of the need to enforce child protection.

He was also the first – and so far, only – Chief of Police in the island of Jersey to recognise the role of the police as to fairly and objectively enforce the law – especially in ways that protect the weak from the strong – rather than to simply ignore the great mass of serious crime engaged in by Jersey’s traditional ruling elite and their vassals.

A very stark truth is revealed about Jersey’s authorities – in the fact that Mr. Power became the first ever Jersey Chief of Police to be suspended – suspended unlawfully.

Only in Jersey could an organisation under very serious criminal investigation – the States of Jersey – “solve” that “problem” – by simply suspending the Police Chief.

Similar, in many ways, to the fact that the Jersey parliament became the only legislature on the face of the planet – that would sack a Social Services Minister – for trying to protect vulnerable children.

As has been observed so many times before, Jersey’s public authorities – and the entrenched local oligarchy who control them – constitute little short of a de facto mafia.

But as with criminal regimes around the world – the Jersey oligarchy is threatened by the democratisation of media.

Graham Power – and the citizens’ media of Jersey – are making British history.

When else has no less a figure than a nationally respected Chief Constable, willingly engaged with a few ordinary citizens with laptops – in order to fight a corrupt and lawless local political regime?

And is it not truly remarkable – that the ordinary people of Jersey and elsewhere cannot find this kind of dynamite reportage in any of the traditional media?

Not even the BBC – who have a bloated, expensive operation in Jersey, that produces remarkably little quality output for that resource.

Here is the link to part 1 of the interview with Graham Power QPM.

The gravity and implications of what Mr. Power says will be clear to any thinking person.


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