Purveyor of Death-Threats;

Solitary Lunatic;

Harasser of Women;


Intimidator of Witnesses;

Invader of Privacy;

Handler of Stolen Material;

Oppressor of Other Internet Users;

Ranter of Obscenities;

Secretive Coward;

Apologist for Child Abuse Cover-ups –

A Typical Loyal Foot-Soldier of the Jersey Oligarchy.
You know, it’s often wisely remarked that you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.
Jon Haworth  – the individual described above – was, until just recently, protected and encouraged by the Jersey oligarchy in a long-term campaign of illegal cyber-stalking, multi IP trolling, propagandising, criminal harassment of people who are opposed to the island’s establishment, the flooding of various web sites with pro-oligarchy comments under different make-believe identities, and – in particular – running a frankly deranged web-site that existed for the sole purpose of opposing the child abuse investigations.
It is so very fitting – so very apposite – that such an inadequate and dysfunctional character as Jon Haworth – should find such natural and supportive allies in the Jersey oligarchy.
It is an allegiance that speaks volumes – about Haworth – and the Jersey establishment.
You can listen to Jon Haworth’s threatening and deranged telephone call by going to the following blog then clicking on the YouTube link – though, be warned, he uses offensive obscenities:
Obnoxious, disturbing, alarming, pathetic – and yes, perhaps even faintly funny in a tragic kind of way – the telephone call is all of those things.
But – it is also something more significant than that.
It is the sound of a man supremely confident of the protections and support of the Jersey authorities.
OK, perhaps just a little too confident on this occasion. But even then – he would have got away with it had the call not been recorded – and had I not raised the matter in open court, as an attempt by him at witness harassment.
People like Jon Haworth are protected; protected by the Jersey oligarchy.
He has – only now – after many years of harassing and obnoxious behaviour – and after many different complaints to the police – by many different people – finally been prosecuted for this one, minor, charge.
Haworth fully expected to – and he would have – got away with it – again – if it were not for the recording – and the fact his conduct was raised in court.
Because when considering the behaviour of Jon Haworth, we are not – contrary to his claims in court – dealing with a one-off aberration in his conduct; a “moment of madness”. On the contrary – we are dealing with many years of similar, well-documented foul dysfunction.
I first wrote about Jon Haworth on this blog on the 20th May 2009. That posting can be read here:
I pieced together the true nature of Haworth’s conduct, following several different approaches from angry and worried constituents of mine, who had been – and still were in several cases – victims of Haworth’s cyber-stalking, invasions of privacy and intimidations.
Haworth’s conduct was so disturbing that he had even made death-threats to woman who had rejected his advances. These included such speculations as wondering “what caustic soda will do” to a woman’s face.
Jon Haworth’s brother is an ex-police officer – one who was sacked by Lenny Harper for corruptly misappropriating tax-payer funded Police Service IT equipment.
Decent people simply could not obtain protection from this obnoxious bully, so finally turned to me, to expose him and give him a taste of his own medicine.
So, as remarked above, it isn’t – in truth – at all surprising that Haworth should have found such natural bedfellows as Jersey establishment spin-doctors – and several current States members.
States members who have – with contemptible cowardice – used the blog-site Haworth runs – to churn out bile, lies and smears – under the cloak of anonymity.
It was such connections – and the fact the he provided such a “service” for the Jersey establishment – that led Haworth to become even more confident that he was untouchable and immune from the legal consequences of his behaviour.
In the coming days we will be taking a more detailed look at Jon Haworth’s conduct – and the many criminal complaints against him – and his political allies and support – and – in particular – the remarkable failures of the Jersey authorities to charge and prosecute him for the full range of offences he has committed.
In the mean time – listen again to Haworth’s telephone call – and reflect upon the fact that what you are hearing is actually a true representation of the current calibre and attitude of the Jersey establishment.

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