Frank Walker & His Council of Ministers:

Look forward to seeing how your politician voted.

So, here we are, dear readers – on the eve of debating your vote of no-confidence in Jersey’s Council of Ministers. As a result of your opinions as expressed in my poll, I tabled the proposition to get rid of Big Frank & Co. The island’s parliament will begin debating it tomorrow.

Actually – I would have done it anyway, but look – at least I don’t pretend that “consultation” with you necessarily has an effect on my policy decisions. I’m being honest – unlike the establishment politicians – who “consult” in an attempt to be seen to be listening to you – and then just go and do whatever they wanted to in the first place.

But – somehow – in this case I just can’t help but get the distinct impression that a great majority of Jersey residents are in agreement with the proposition.

So – how will it go? What will be the flavour of the debate? What will be the outcome? How long will it last? How much more gross and biased interference will there be from Phil Bailhache or Michael Birt when they’re chairing the meeting? How many political interventions will Phil’s brother, Attorney General William Bailhache, make?

I’ve been a member of the States, Jersey’s parliament, for nearly 18 years, throughout which time I’ve been an opponent of the entrenched oligarchy – so I have an awful lot of experience in matters political in Jersey. And, using that experience, it is possible to predict pretty much how the debate will play out. And whether current public opinion will have any effect?

Public opinion of my position in Jersey politics is rarely neutral. I’m a bit like Marmite – you either like it – or you hate it; – there isn’t really an in-between. But on balance, I must be doing something right, as I’ve topped the poll in my last two elections.

But something strange has happened – since about December last year. The early stages of the political battle over the Jersey child protection disaster had played-out over much of 2007. Public opinion remained polarised and unchanged when the controversy was still merely political; that is, before the Police made the covert investigation public. I detected a clear shift in public opinion following the Police announcement of their investigation. Nothing dramatic at that stage – but certainly a noticeable hardening of anti-establishment views.

However, I estimate that a far more significant swing against the oligarchy occurred from December last year – caused by their truly extraordinary and unlawful silencing of my Christmas speech in which I was attempting to express some recognition and empathy to abuse survivors.

But since then the Jersey oligarchy has truly crashed and burned – and I can take no pleasure in it, given the horrifying nature of events. The Jersey establishment has dealt yet more and more grave blows against itself. Some of which have been comical – in a tragic kind of way.

On display we have seen ignorance, stupidity, gross incompetence, hubris and folly. So well-catalogued are these event in the eyes of the public, I needn’t rehearse them now.

But just to illustrate the final decadence of public administration in Jersey, we need only consider the events of recent days – which display nothing short of a breakdown in the rule of law in Jersey. Events promulgated by the oligarchy at the precise moment when a number of the Jersey survivors, UK based campaigners and me were at the House of Commons, speaking with MP’s and the national media – and arguing for intervention from London because of a breakdown in the good administration of justice in Jersey.

That kind timing; that kind of stupidity and incompetence doesn’t come easily; no mere amateur could match such folly. No – this could only be achieved after decades – and centuries – of unopposed power – and the resultant culture of unbridled arrogance, and the sense of omnipotence and invulnerability.

It is an ingrained, in-bred characteristic of the Jersey oligarchy. We see it displayed constantly.

Why were Frank Walker’s national media appearances a succession of train-wrecks? Because he and other senior figures in the Jersey establishment are used to simple deference, obedience and respect. And this is exactly how they are always treated by their media in Jersey, and BBC Jersey – which may as well rename itself Walker/Ozouf Broadcasting – so comically biased is it.

Therefore, the culture-shock to the Jersey oligarchy people – when confronted by real journalists asking challenging questions – cannot be exaggerated. They were – and are – like rabbits caught in the headlights, frozen with fear.

And it is this “performance” which has served to swing more and more of public opinion against them. Even pro-establishment business men are fervently counting the seconds until Frank retires at the end of this year.

So, does this mean that Frank & Co. will be swept away in the forthcoming debate?

Not a chance – though the debate and the resultant vote will certainly be interesting. So let us speculate a little on how things might play.

Jersey has a three-year electoral cycle. It is well-noted that politicians suddenly remember who they’re supposed to be representing as we get into an election year. And I suspect the vote on this proposition will reflect that influence. If this debate were happening, say, two years before an election, I’d get about 6 votes in favour. But as the first round of Jersey’s general election is only four months away – I suspect, somehow, that one or two votes will come my way which would not otherwise have materialised.

Will it make any meaningful difference to the outcome? No, not in the least. The three-line whip is out – and Frank & Co. will survive, comfortably.

What I do expect to see is a lot of abstentions. It is easy to imagine a number of members who, under normal circumstances, would not hesitate to vote with the Council of Ministers – suddenly finding some weasel-words in an effort to justify their refusal to nail their colours to the mast – one way or the other. With an election looming – which was always going to be a political bloodbath at the best of times – and Frank & Co. having plumbed unprecedented levels of public contempt – abstaining will appear an attractive option to a number of establishment members.

However – I don’t think the electorate will be so easily diverted. They put politicians there in order that they make decisions. Abstaining doesn’t go down well with the public at the best of times. Under these circumstances – the public will see abstentions for precisely what they are: a de facto vote for Frank Walker and his allies – but one which the members concerned didn’t have the courage to commit to overtly. It is easy to see the abstainers garnering the most public disapproval of all.

These kinds of debates have the potential to go on for days. Personally – I really hope we deal with it more speedily than that. We all know the outcome is a forgone conclusion; we all know that only one or two members will be influenced by the debate – if that.

However – another feature of election years is that normally somnolent members suddenly feel a compelling need to make lengthy and tedious speeches during every debate – quite regardless of the fact that such interventions usually serve only to demonstrate how little they know of the subject under discussion.

So – probably, yes; it will go on for a long time.

Frank has always been one-dimensional politically. A one-trick pony. His sole modus operandi in debate is attack, attack, attack. And who can blame him – given that such is the quite overt anti-intellectualism of the States – that it’s a tactic which works. Members generally far prefer a good dose of ad hominem abuse – as it serves so well to divert attention from the real issues and to protect them from having to deal with uncomfortable facts. So expect a great deal of diversionary attacks upon me and a few others – rather then any meaningful attempt to address the fundamental problem; this being that Jersey has a cabinet – a government – which about 90% of it’s people want rid of.

So that brings us to Phil Bailhache and Mike Birt – Bailiff and Deputy Bailiff – one of whom will be chairing the meeting. The pro-establishment bias exhibited by these two men is, frankly, comical, such is the total lack of subtlety in it.

For example, standing orders require that speeches must be relevant to the subject under discussion – yet either of these two will permit Frank Walker, Phil Ozouf, and their various lickspittles to depart from the matter under discussion in an effort to mount irrelevant and diversionary attacks on their opponents. But were the position reversed, any anti-establishment members would be quickly told to desist and focus on the subject under discussion.

And will Phil’s brother – Attorney General Bill Bailhache – find some pretext for speaking in a no-confidence debate? Probably – he does seem to have taken leave of his senses just lately.

So – in general terms how will it all pan-out?

Whatever the details of the debate – it will be yet another example of the tragedy and farce which have become the staple product of the States of Jersey.

Somehow – I don’t expect it to be a particularly edifying spectacle; more significantly – I don’t, sadly, expect the debate to produce any great advancement or satisfaction to the people of Jersey. At least – not of itself.

But it is the longer-term effects of the debate which remain imponderable.

I’ll report back in due course, so we will be able to carry out an autopsy on the debate – and the polity which produced it.


18 thoughts on “JUDGMENT DAY!

  1. Anonymous

    Might as well call for one of those cut-it-short guillotine motions and go straight for the vote!
    Enjoy it! 🙂

  2. Davros Le Sueur

    Those who do not vote vote for their beliefs, right or wrong, have no place in the States.
    The are just cowards.

    Wonder who will be Out of the island or ill? ‘WINK’

    Good luck tomorrow Stuart.
    They may win, but boy will they squirm!

  3. voiceforchildren

    At least you will know when you represent us tomorrow you will be speaking on behalf of about 95% of our island.

    When the pro establshment “representatives speak they’ll be doing it to save their own arses.

    We all know the outcome of the vote before it’s even started. Those who are up for election this year will have to be feeling extremely lucky if they are going to vote against your proposal!!

    I should care to make a prediction. That is Ian (GST 28) Gorst and Mike (GST 28) Vibert will vote against your proposal.

    Ian (GST 28) Gorst is my Parish “representative” and so far has just about voted in the complete opposite direction to they way I, and every parishioner I have spoken to would have liked him to.

    Mike (GST 28) Vibert? just look at his voting record.

    Good luck Stuart, you are carrying the hopes and fears of an entire island on your shoulders.

  4. Anonymous

    Guillotine read Mugabe

    maybe you think about taking refuge in the dutch Embassey

    seriously all the best Stuart
    of course they will cut the debate short

    but your statement will be important and of importance today and historical intrest later.

    needs to link it to the islands struggle against oppression

    its not just the present scandal

    its the way we have been ruled for the last 100 years

    the way I resistance movement was treated (Le Brocq erc), our minorities, all those who have ever tried to stand up and be counted

    we may not win the day but we will win the war


  5. Anonymous

    Any abstentions and any who vote for the liars must be deselected in October.

    Only those with the bottle to confront the truth deserve to be elected.

    The public of Jersey have had enough of this sh*t to last a life time. I’m sure Mr Mugabe would be proud to run Jersey, he’d fit in nicely.

  6. Anonymous

    Go get em stu don’t let the bastards drag you down we as a family think you are doing a wonderful job 3 generations in 1 household granted only 2 lots can vote but hopefully when my grandchildren vote it will be in a democratic society

  7. Anonymous

    Long Live the memory of Norman Le Brocq and the other Resistance Fighters of Jersey

    crushed by the Germans and the establishment with their friends on the JEP


  8. Anonymous

    Stuart, we have always loved marmite in our household. Good luck tomorrow.Pour some salt on their tails and watch tem run!

  9. Anonymous

    Stuart’Marmite’Syvret you have engaged the public of the island in politicking …………..that is neigh on a miracle…..

    I wonder how CB of the JEP ( aka Beano) will besmirch your name in his leader – no doubt there will be a glimmer of praise, perhaps even a reference to your bravery, followed by the usual verbal knocking, continuing with a smattering of deference to Weasly Walker ……….and to finish a line about ………..looking forward and appreciating the beauty and economic prosperity of Jersey ………….yawn yawn yawn.

  10. Anonymous

    Lets see the JEP editorial
    good performance, but lost the vote how tragic, but outcome best for Jersey, must move forward blah blah blah heil Hitler (no censor here at the JEP)

    And then come elction time

    this candidate is controversial or unknow and un tested etc etc as the Jersey Democratic Movement faced

    we need to complete the revolution, not hust this year but next three years


  11. Derek

    Hope you make some (if any) progress….

    it’s good to see we have someone willing to fight for us..

    i fear it may be to no avail (well, until october anyway)…but best of luck today!

  12. Res nullius

    Re independance.

    Read your interview in the rag tonight. I have one question.

    If Philly, Willy, Billy and chums have been ‘considering the issue since 2005’, Has this been at tax payers expense or as a private hobby?

    I personally take exception to paying for the most senior members of the judiciary for three years to make enlighten us with their political findings on our current and proposed constitution.

    Especially not on their hourly rate! How much has this cost the island?

  13. Krakow Crapaud

    What will also be interesting is the contribution from the other two of Les Trois Etats. If you count the civil service then the other tree of the Quatre Etats.

    How important is it really, what elected members think or do?


  14. voiceforchildren

    Was there this morning and for a very brief period in the afternoon.

    Your speech was inspiring, factual,and showed the council of ministers in their true colours.

    The gallery observers were all accused by Big Frank as being your supporters, which I felt came across as a personal attack on everybody in the gallery, as did others and only served to demonstrate Big Franks’ desperation.

    Unfortunately, due to work commitments I was unable to stay all afternoon and can’t get there tomorrow which is a shame because it will be interesting to watch the “half wits and gangsters” trying to excuse what they have done to this island and it’s people.

    What was interesting was when Walker was asking who should replace them if the vote should be carried. My opinion is what does it matter? they couldn’t do a worse job!!

    Keep it up Stuart, JERSEY NEEDS YOU!!!!

  15. ageofaguarius

    What I find extrodiary is that none of the ‘estblishment’ have set up a counter-blog in defence against you, or any of their fans. funny that!


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