Late night London, #2

Some personal thoughts on a useful day in London.

A few brief reflections.

When I was last in London – to campaign on behalf of survivors of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster, regular readers will recollect that I did a brief post from my PDA then.

And here I am again – same cause – same battle.

I’m staying as a guest of a formidable childrens’ rights campaigner, and have had the privillage of speaking to several other ‘heavey-wieghts’ in the field.

It’s so sad – in so many ways that I can come to London for the occasional day – and get more support, empathy and understanding towards our cause than we’d get in 12 months from anyone in authority in Jersey.

I’m very worried about some of the survivors – who have found this whole battle just too demanding; especialy so – given the utter and implacable obstructions of the Jersey oligharcy.

But we have allys – strong allys; we must all be strong.

Sooner or later – the Jersey oligarchy will have to recognise that – this time – they are not just going to be able to stay in thier bunker – until the storm has past.

This time – justice is coming.

And if the average member of the Jersey oligarchy were not so enfeebled with defference and fear – they’d be telling the the Bailhache Brothers – and the rest of the clowns who got them into this mess – “it’s time to go”.

In the mean time – the battle goes on.

Be strong.



35 thoughts on “Late night London, #2

  1. Anonymous

    Like you said, Stuart, many victims must be going through a whirlpool of emotions whilst they are made to relive the very past they wanted to do away with. It is THEIR pain that gives them the strength to fight for the justice they are entitled to, but WE have to stand behind them to ‘catch’ them when – understandably – there are times they lose heart and faith. To all victims: just know, though, that many DO hear your cry, feel some of your pain and – with Stuart – keep the faith that this time justice will be done, must be done.

  2. Anonymous

    Lets rid jersey of this plague! and the people who control for there own gains, if asked what country would i put jersey along id say north korea? the way we are controlled we are not far off , good luck stuart

  3. Anonymous

    We’ve just heard Perchard on the wireless saying the W report said there’s no evidence of any current problems, and he’s looking forward to the HL report.
    He was spinning so much I could feel a breeze coming from the radio!

  4. Anonymous

    i think that you are the only one of the States that is prepared to stand up for what is true. I look forward to the whole truth comming out and people being held accountable for their actions that have caused so much harm to families throughout Jersey, those not currently living in Jersey and lets not forget those who are dead.

  5. Anonymous

    “I’m very worried about some of the survivors – who have found this whole battle just too demanding”

    So am I, because I know what it is like to feel isolated – they did the same “brush it all under the rug” tactic for us Staffordshire Pindown survivors. At least those that manage to find your blog will see all the support people have for them. Your blog is like a shining lighthouse, Stuart.


  6. Anonymous

    The Establishment plan is quite evidently that Ian le Marquand will be elected as a Senator and he will take over Home Affairs.
    Will he let things go on as before or will he be a reforming Minister determined to clean up the midden left by Wendy Kinnard?

  7. Anonymous


    By Diane Simon

    A HIGH Court judge has spoken of the importance of a community taking notice of the stories of victims in historical child abuse cases as a way of moving forward.

    The Hon Sir Ernest Ryder, a High Court Judge of the Family Division, was formerly Counsel to the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal of Inquiry from 1996 to 1998. He was in the Island on Friday as the principal speaker at the Children’s Voices conference at the Hotel de France which explored the representation of children in England and Wales, Jersey and Guernsey.

    Sir Ernest said that it was vital for all the findings in a major historical child abuse inquiry, like the current investigation in Jersey, to be made public. During the tribunal in Wales some of the alleged victims had given their evidence in open court in front of the world’s media, whereas others had sought and gained anonymity. What was important, he said, was that the community took notice of what the victims had to say so that the best practice could be put in place to ensure that it did not happen again.

    He said: ‘The telling of those stories once and for all is a very cathartic experience for the individual victims involved, as well as for members of the community who take notice of them. Once that has taken place, the very best preventive measures can be introduced.’

    • Picture: The Hon Sir Ernest Ryder said that it was vital for all abuse inquiry findings to be made public. Picture by David Ferguson (00592596)
    This article posted on October 6, 2008 at 2:56 pm, filed under News.


    I’m not a violent person, but reading that article made me want to go and smash something. It really is so bloody annoying to read that sort of cr*p when ALL of the child abuse investigations, including the North Wales one he mentioned, have been whitewashed!

    If they were really serious about listening and learning how come real abuse survivors never get invited to these sort of conferences? I have NEVER been invited to anything like this – all they have ever done to me is to try to shut me up!

    It’s just the same bunch of sleazy old farts talking amongst themselves! What a con trick!


  8. Anonymous

    Re the Perchard Propaganda on Radio Jersey this am, it insults me that he makes veiled accusations about ‘certain politicians’ that make political capital out of the child abuse case, he means Stuart Syvret so why not say so? I would comment however that the interviewer did try to probe Perchard, quite admirably for local radio!

    Who else could he mean aside from Stuart? Sean Power or Ben Shenton, I think not! as their input has been to attempt to rubbbish the investigation and Lenny Harper in particular!.

    The rest of the government almost to a man are so busy protecting their backsides that they maintain a cowardly silence! Shame on them!

    In my opinion he then went on ( again in veiled terms) to belittle The Howard League for Penal Reform for being a liberal organisation obvioulsy in anticipation of a report that might actually tell it like it is, no flowery couching of factual information, no spin, no Williamson type fence sitting.

    Whe will the majority of our politicians wake up and start representing the people that put them into office, if ever!

  9. Anonymous

    The majority of our States members and so called leaders won’t wake up, they have a belief that if they ignore and deny what’s happened it will make the Island look good. What they fail to understand is that in doing so they are giving the Island a bad name.

    It’s facing up to and dealing with things that will enhance the Island reputation.

  10. Anonymous

    “The rest of the government almost to a man are so busy protecting their backsides that they maintain a cowardly silence! Shame on them!”

    Shame on them indeed!

    I have so emails and letters off these people who are supposed to represent the people, they have all heard my horrible story of abuse upon abuse, and not one of them has the guts and gumption to stand up and yell “STOP! THIS IS WRONG!”

    I’ve had a few “What are you telling me this for?” letters back, but the vast majority of them are the standard “Strict Parliamentary Convention” type, that feeble excuse for apathy that they wheel out time after time to anyone who asks them to do what they are paid to do!

    They look down on us working class folk, but in truth they are not fit to lick our boots! My Grandad was a hero in two wars, I don’t like war, but I’m proud of my Grandad because he was brave and he fought twice for his country, he loved this country so much. He would have been so angry about the way the British government have turned their backs on abuse victims, both on the mainland and in Jersey – he would have wondered what he risked his life for!


  11. Anonymous

    The current banking crisis is becoming a brutal exposure of the weakness, stupidity and hubris of the island’s political leaders and Jersey’s ‘pocket economy’.
    Banks worldwide are in crisis.
    The response from the US is a package of measures costing $700bn, the UK has put £200bn into the system and they have more to hand.
    I am not arguing for saving banks but a general collapse of the banking system would have catastrophic effects, wiping out savings and creating stagflation across the world.
    The response of our Chief Minister, head of a ‘huge’ banking based economy, is that the rainy day fund comprising £600m may be available if the worst comes the worst.
    If RBS went belly up and we had to recompense the savers then virtually the whole of the rainy day fund would be used and the island would be on almost bankrupt.
    Trip to Iceland, Frank 😀

  12. Anonymous

    And the laughable idea of a standalone island with it’s own currency etc is a joke.
    A few small hedge funds would have sufficent capital to create a run on the Jersey pound, plunging the economy into crisis.

  13. Anonymous

    Jersey investigates Russian

    The word investigate appears to have a very loose meaning in Jersey, no?

    Will our rainy day fund now be used to bail out the Russian oligarchs if the poor guys were to lose their life-savings?

    Not content with just pimping this Island to the global tax avoidance industry, is our Chief Minister now proposing to hand over part of our long-gathered & hard won wad to a bunch of “strangers” in the event of further bank meltdown?

    Your legacy will not be a favourable one Senator Walker.

    Picture future local history books – it’s my generation that will be writing them.

  14. Anonymous

    Its a real shambles!! a real disgrace1 but what else do we expect from a third world goverment!! where only money matters

  15. Anonymous

    Theres a guy on jersey central! whose put songs and coments and videos on there all about whats going on
    well worth a look

  16. Anonymous

    you have failed to answer this question Ryan and bbc Jersey is involved with the case as it has people who work at the bbc who are married to some of the suspects.

    Ryan Morrison said

    ‘Before we can safely broadcast such allegations we need to have them verified from at least two separate and independent sources.’

    From the original article

    The Police regard the allegations as well-evidenced and credible – and to that end, recently issued a Disclosure Notice to Lundy’s employers – the States – that he is under serious investigation for violent child abuse.

    So that doesn’t count?
    Let me get this straight.

    If the police in the UK informed the government that a Chief Officer of the Education department was under ‘serious investigation for violent child abuse’ the national BBC news would not report this until
    ‘ two people come forward to tell their story to the BBC, independently then we would have something to work from and report.’

  17. Anonymous

    2 bottles of sauvignon blanc seem to work for you and make you extremely maudlin as they do for me!

  18. Anonymous

    Our basket of eggs is not looking so life enhancing now is it. oh how the mighty are falling.

    The ollis will be feeling the pinch as well now, and will be exposed for the hobby politicians that they are……………the tail will wag the dog, probably always has!

  19. Anonymous

    “I’m staying as a guest of a formidable childrens’ rights campaigner, and have had the privillage of speaking to several other ‘heavey-wieghts’ in the field.”

    I admit to having a jaundiced view of the people I suspect you have been with. For instance, what have they done as regards being effective? I mean truly effective! How many are linked or are funded with/by social services? How many are feminists? How many self-publicise themselves?

    Methinks, the answer lies within the survivors; not the people that use them for their own ends, including ACAL types. Staurt, stick with the survivors or you will be misused like them.


  20. Anonymous

    the spin has already started about the Howard league report. Poodle perchard said on the radio this am that they are a pressure group. I do not thing the term was used endearingly. Any more news on when we can expect the report to be available to the masses?

  21. Stuart Syvret


    Obviously – my work is mainly with survivors. But I don’t think it’s correct to dismiss important allys the way you do here.

    I think you’re way off beam with what you imagine. The people who are supporting us are nothing to do with social services.

    But having said that – it’s wrong to have a completely negative view of social workers.

    It’s probably the most utterly thankless job in Britain.

    Take Simon Bellwood, here in Jersey, for example. A fully qualified, time-served, card-carrying social worker.

    And it was him who blew the lid off of the institutional abuse at places like Greenfields – and paid for doing so with his job.

    I know what you’re saying – some social workers are hopeless. But not all.


  22. Stuart Syvret


    Some people have asked if I’m still in London?

    No, I’m back in Jersey now – but feeling a bit under the weather. So I’m trying to take it easy for a couple of days.


  23. Stuart Syvret

    A reader says there are staff at BBC Jersey who are married to suspects.

    I wouldn’t usually let a comment like this through, as I have no corroborative evidence.

    Apart – that is – from the truly quite extraordinary facts of BBC Jersey’s conduct throughout this episode.

    I won’t rehearse all of their failures now – we’ve covered most of them before. But in general terms – the conduct of BBC Jersey has been so extraordinarily inexplicable – one is left groping for a rational, logical reason as to why that should be the case.

    As I’ve remarked previously – can there be another BBC outlet on the face of the planet, the boss of which would write an e-mail saying – “The BBC doesn’t host political debates – because it might influence the decision-makers”???

    So – let whoever knows about these questions of conflicts of interest amongst BBC Jersey staffers – spill the beans.


  24. Anonymous

    “Spill the beans.”

    Does that mean actually name all of them???All of them??? Thats a lot of indictments to hand out and those who are most complicit will be the government and civil servents.

    Name them all and hang the consequences!!! If you dont THEY WILL get away with it and you know it too….

    Protecting children??? Then do it!!!

  25. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. BBC

    If you want further evidence against Lundy try finding my ex-husband David Coomer who worked with him at Le Chennes for a short period of time. He was absolutely disgusted with the way the children were being treated, the cruelty was unbelievable but like Simon Bellwood he tried to protect the children and lost his jobs for his efforts. He lives somewhere in England maybe Manchester area and if you do find him perhaps you can ask him for his father’s contact details, as a former child care officer in Jersey I think he may have a few things to say as well about the sickening way children were treated in care homes across the Island.

  26. Anonymous

    James Edward Thomas Aldrich (68) of Eastbourne, admitted indecent exposure and having procured a male under the age of 16 to commit an act of gross indecency with him between 1 January and 31 December 1972 in Jersey, He was placed on probation for three years.

    How old was the child Aldrich procured was he aged three, five, ten, fifteen and a half. To be given probation for three years is a disgrace and there is no mention of him having to singe the sex offender’s list.

    I hope all the victims of abuse in Jersey will one day find peace and also get the justice they deserve.

    Lets all put pressure on Mike Vibert. DISCLOSURE Notice, MARIO LUNDY under serious investigation for violent child abuse. Why is our senator allowing this man to carry on with his job and why have the public not been informed? We pay his salary and Lundy’s. Lets hope we won’t be paying them for much longer.

  27. Anonymous

    Ah, the calm elegance of frank under pressure. ‘Unemployment will inevitably rise’ he’s quoted as saying on the front page of the jep.
    Attaboy that’ll keep people spending and supporting the local businesses.

  28. Anonymous

    If the BBC won’t answer questions about their (non) coverage of the ‘historic’ and recent abuses of children why not ask that ‘robust’ critic of the beeb the daily mail to see if they can get any answers?
    There’s not a whole lot of love at that paper for the BBC so i’m sure they wouldn’t try to paper over the ‘quirks’ in our regional coverage.

  29. uruisg

    For the record, here is what happens in the UK if allegations of abuse are made of a teacher. The individual would be suspended from work immediately and remain suspended for the duration of the police investigations – what happens after that depends of course on the outcome. They would also be instructed to have no contact with work colleagues during the period of suspension. I am not aware of any instance where such allegations have been made of a Director of Education in the UK, but I have no reason to think the response would be any different. I also think there would be no question of this escaping the attention of the media – very likely the police would brief the media. Because most UK newspapers and TV/radio stations have competition they would not want to ignore a story like this for fear of their competitors getting credit for the `scoop’. But sadly it does appear that things work differently on Jersey, with the media seemingly operating a `cartel of secrecy’.

  30. Anonymous

    Did you know that next month is very important for the islands finance industry?
    The IMF are going to be inspecting the island.
    Their findings could make a big difference to the islands future but yet there’s not a lot of coverage in the local media.
    Who knows why?
    By the way, does anyone believe that terrible conspiracy theory about share transfer properties being sold by one company to another as a means of money laundering in our previously ever improving property market.
    I know it’s ridiculous. How could that happen when we have the genius that is terry le main looking after the industry.

  31. Anonymous

    “Re the Perchard Propaganda on Radio Jersey this am, it insults me that he makes veiled accusations about ‘certain politicians’ that make political capital out of the child abuse case, he means Stuart Syvret so why not say so? I would comment however that the interviewer did try to probe Perchard, quite admirably for local radio!”

    Local radio should have asked him who is grandpa was, what Parish he was Connetable in and when? wonder why there is a vested interest in keeping things quiet?

    Truth Will Out


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