Late night London

Just a brief post.

The Jersey care leavers had a good meeting in the House of Commons. A wide range of interested and supportive people came along.

The care leavers from Jersey have been very brave, and it has been great to see them growing in confidence.

I’ve spoken to MPs, as well as speaking at the meeting. I told them that unless Jack Straw gets taken to court in London, the Jersey establishment will win.

Sadly, more news of Jersey coruption reaches me tonight. Jersey Attorney General, William Bailhache, has obstructed the States of Jersey Police in charging two suspects. I think you’re going to hear a lot about this in the coming days. You just couldn’t make it up.

And Jack Straw and his civil servants carry on asserting – in a pack of lies – that they ‘have no power to act – but even if they did, there is no need, as the Jersey system is working just fine.’

Well – I look forward to the inevitable media headlines – ‘Labour government supports cover-up of child abuse in Jersey’.

For that is what Straw & Co. are doing.

The war goes on.


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  1. Anonymous

    I am still waiting for a response from Jack Straw concerning my enquiry as to why a syndrome which was invented by an American psychologist who promoted pedophilia as a lifestyle choice was allowed to contribute towards a Government consultatioin paper in 2005 titled “Family justice – the operation of the family court” It did seem peculiar that this man’s lifework should pay such a key part in this consultation on child welfare issues.

    Jack Straw seems to be very rweluctatnt to answer any questions on this subject – it appears to be the source of deep embarressment to him. I wonder why that is?

    I keep writing to him about this, and to Bridget Prentice. Bridget Prentice has written back to me on this subject. In the letter she sent to me she appears to deny that this man’s lifework is used by the secret family courts. This is clearly not true, as not only are people losing their children and being sent to prison because of this syndrome, but it is also embedded at the very heart of this Government consultation document. I pointed this out to both Straw and Prentice, but they have not replied to my letters since I sent them evidence of this, in the form of extracts of their own Government consultation document.

    I wish you would have a look at this, Stuart, as I feel that this is an important iwsue. If a syndrome written by a man who openly and unashamedly promoted pedophilia in many of the the 40 books that he published can be used in a Government consultation document on child welfare issues and the government will not address the issue, it’s hardly surprising they do not appear to want to intervene on what is happening in Jersey, the farce that is the investigation (or the prevention of the investigation by certain powerful and influential people) of child abuse on a grand scale.


  2. Res nullius

    According to the BBC website:- “Centeniers, who are people elected by voters based in their parish, are the only officers authorised to charge or bail suspects.” As a result of which the two recent suspects were released without charge.

    This is not, and has never been the case. For clarification:-

    Where a Centenier declines to charge a suspect, the Connetable of the Parish is empowered to do so; the Centenier being simply his agent.

    Furthermore, the Attorney General has exclusive customary power and right to control prosecutions and power in all circumstances to overrule Centenier’s decision not to prosecute.

    It would appear that in the present case the police (professional investigators) considered that sufficient evidence existed to bring a charge but the Centenier (a hobby bobby) disagreed.

    Was the matter refered to the AG?

  3. Anonymous

    The Jersey establishment will NOT win. We won’t let them.

    I’ve endured 40 years of pain because of what I went through as a child in the Pindown home. And I did not suffer the extent of the abuse that some of these survivors suffered – they have gone through absolute hell.

    I may not be one of the Jersey survivors, but as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t matter, Jersey, Staffordshire, Kensington, Wales, wherever, we ALL suffered and the same stuff went on all over the country.

    The Labour government have indeed tried to cover up institutional abuse, and I have rock solid proof of that and I am going to post that correspondence to you Stuart, because it is all there for anyone to see, what they have done.

    They have tried to cover up abuse, but they have not succeeded because they have left a paper trail and it is up to us to follow it and use our brains and strength to hunt down the truth.

    There’s been more than enough institutional abuse in this country and it’s going to stop. We are going to get those responsible brought to justice. Let ALL the institutional abuse victims come forward to help – not just the Jersey ones. We all want to help – we’re all in the same boat!


  4. Anonymous

    As a point of information. I’m not sure that the Attorney General could have obstructed the States of Jersey Police in charging a suspect as the States of Jersey Police have not, nor ever did, the power to charge anyone. The power of charge rests solely with the Attorney General, along with the Centeniers and Constable of the Parish in question (presumably St Martin). He can decline to charge someone. As can the Centenier called to look at the case. But he can’t obstruct SOJP from doing so as they have no legal power to do it anyway.

  5. Anonymous

    It seems like its time for Lenny Harper to make a public statement. Presumably the police do not arrest people without evidence. Is the centenier being used to block the investigation?

  6. Anonymous

    I understand it was Centenier Danny Scaife who declined to make the charges. I an somewhat surprised as Danny works closely with the States police and has to my knowledge a good working relationship with them. He should know his stuff as he does a lot of training for all the honorary police.

    I can only believe he had pressure applied from higher up the chain, perhaps the very top as far as the honorary police goes: the Attorney General.

  7. Anonymous

    I have said it before and I will again “Don’t expect any help from Jack Straw he is worse than any of them as he is the gate keeper of secrets in the uk.

    He will have no political will to do anything that will cause upset amongst the elite of Jersey as he already knows about the abuses and who is involved with those abuses.

    Why is it you think that the home office was split into two parts?

    How and why is it that Jack Straw, no matter what reshuffling has happened in the government since Blair came to power he has stayed in the background of the home office pulling the strings of all those home secretaries including the current one.

    There are so many questions that Mr Straw should be answering including where the help and support is for so many broken people living desperate lives.

    For good sake please let their suffering end.


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