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I trust readers found yesterday’s posting both enjoyable and edifying.

It is so refreshing – to us here in Jersey – to get a sight of the truth.

So – for your further moral improvement, I attach the latest correspondence from Lenny Harper to Jersey’s Attorney General, William Bailhache.

You will recollect from Lenny’s last letter that he found it somewhat curious that something as innocuous as a retirement card – signed by former colleagues – should suddenly become of such crushingly desperate importance to the historic child abuse disaster?

I confess, it’s a curiosity I share.

I mean, whilst a variety of foul child abusers remain at large in Jersey, the UK, France and elsewhere – when they should be in Jersey – charged – and awaiting prosecution – it does seem somewhat strange that Jersey’s Attorney General and his merry band in the Law Officers’ department should be far more excited about Lenny’s retirement card.

Nevertheless – Mr. Harper – notwithstanding the utterly foul way he has been treated by the Jersey oligarchy – remains wiling to co-operate – even with puerile and barking-mad demands.

So, he has supplied Bill Bailhache with a full list of the messages on his retirement card – and I reproduce his e-mail to Bill Bailhache below.

Read and enjoy it – whilst you absorb the full, awesome importance of this information.

And whilst so doing – note the genuine regard for Mr. Harper shown to him by his colleagues – and compare and contrast such messages with the Jersey establishment spin that Lenny was some kind of universally hated figure.

You will note that Mr. Harper has – very wisely – removed the names of the authors of the comments.

He wouldn’t want to furnish the Jersey oligarchy with yet another group of people to be targeted for hatred and smear campaigns.

And remember – you read it here first!

And The Rag hasn’t even reported the first story yet!


From: Lenny Harper
To: w.bailhache@gov.je
Sent: Monday, 12 January, 2009 10:35:26 PM
Subject: Follow Up to Letter

Dear Attorney General:

As luck would have it, just after I sent you the letter tonight, I found the retirement card you mentioned. Sure enough, someone who has signed as “Kietch” has written the following:

“Best wishes for the future and don’t forget to pass us the contents of your safe for Disclosure before you go.!!!” It seems however to be in a slightly different context from the impression in your letter.

As you seem to think the comments in my retirement card are important, and in case you wish to disclose the rest, here they are. However, I have left the names out just in case some of those paragons of virtue who are now in charge there deem some of them somehow seditious.

“Sir, you have brought Jersey integrity + transparency, have a long happy retirement. thank you.”

“Enjoy your retirement – it has been a pleasure taking on the system. Enjoy your season ticket.”

“Hope to see you at Old Trafford when Sunderland thrash the red devils. All the best for the future. Enjoy it.”

“And don’t forget the Hull City Tigers thrashing the red devils – well all right, even I am not putting any money on it. Boss, it’s been a pleasure working with you, all the best.”

“Mr Harper, as a fellow dinosaur it has been a great pleasure to have put our heads together to sort out this plot. Many thanks for your time, efforts and sincerity. Enjoy your retirement.”

“Wishing you the very best for your retirement boss. Take care for the future.”

“Best wishes from the Dorset contingent.”

“You have been a top boss. Enjoy your retirement.”

“Mr H., it has been an absolute pleasure working for you. This island won’t seem the same without your face on the news every week or so. All the best, have a fab retirement.”

“Boss, it’s been great working for you but I hope to see you in Cumbria soon. All the best for your retirement.”

” I will not even mention Southend, November 2006!! Enjoy your retirement boss – enjoy the rest.” xx

“Mr Harper, it has been a pleasure working for you and being involved on the enquiry. All the best for the future.”

“All the best, enjoy your retirement like I am.”

“All the best. Happy retirement.”

“Best wishes for the future. Enjoy your retirement go and watch West Ham. You will be missed.”

Sir, Boss, Lenny, (first two scored out) What a trip – ups and downs. Many more ups than downs. I’ve had a ball. Enjoy the trip – you have not seen the last of me.”

“Good luck, best wishes.”

“Have a happy and long retirement and all the best. xx”

“If nothing else you will have contacts throughout the country. All the best.”

“Wish you were staying longer. Enjoy your retirement. -x-“

Mr Harper, cheers for having us here. You have certainly left your mark. Have a great retirement and enjoy your family.”

“Sorry to see you go. Hope you enjoy your retirement. All the best.”

“Does this mean I can now wear my green and gold T shirt?”

“To a fellow scouser – enjoy your retirement.”

“Mr H – thanks for the opportunity to come to Jersey. Have a long and happy retirement. All the best.”

“Having made a great commitment to Jersey and certainly placed the island on the map it’s now time to have an enjoyable and fantastic retirement.”

“All the best.”

“Have a fantastic time and a well deserved rest.”

“It’s been great working with you. Have a great retirement.”

“Have a wonderful retirement.”

“Good luck.”

All the very best – enjoy your time.”

“Have a wonderful retirement.”

“Wonderbar!! Kielen donf fur die gelagenheit.”

“Have a long and happy retirement. Best regards.”

“Lenny, thank you for being a great boss and a wonderful friend. I will miss you.” x

There were many other cards, letters and e mails from serving officers, former officers, members of the public, and of course victims. However, as you seem particularly interested in the enquiry team I hope the above is useful to you.

Leonard Harper.

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