The rich and powerful try to smear him.

The Jersey police response to Daily Mail:

Read it below this post.

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Moving onto decidedly non-entertaining matters – you may have read in today’s Daily Mail – a Right-wing United Kingdom tabloid newspaper – an article which attempts to undermine and smear the Police Officer leading the Jersey child abuse enquiry, Lenny Harper.

In response to the publication of that article, the States of Jersey Police Force have issued a statement to all media.

I reproduce that statement in its entirety below this post.

It speaks for itself, so I won’t repeat its contents. Read it carefully – and compare and contrast it with the Daily Mail article.

Instead I would like us to have a think about why some individuals and organisations are clearly so indecently desperate to rubbish the investigation.

Jersey is, essentially, a single-party state. Imagine, if you will, a fiefdom – an extraordinarily wealthy place; an environment which serves extremely well as a piece of money-making apparatus for both its entrenched elites – and those who use Jersey.

Broadly, in fact, the kind of place which serves Daily Mail readers. The Mail, if not the most widely read national newspaper in Jersey, is certainly very close to being so.

The Mail has always been a Right-wing publication – indeed, at certain points in its history – extremely Right-wing – as I will explain later.

The Jersey establishment – for all that it’s a small grouping – is extraordinarily well-connected with the British establishment and the resultant levers of power. Indeed, the influence the Jersey oligarchy appears to wield seems – almost – inexplicable.

For example, the official representative of the United Kingdom authorities in Jersey is the “Lieutenant Governor” – ostensibly sent down here to represent the Crown – but in practice, reporting to the government in London.

Yet rather than do what they’re supposed to be doing – protecting the good name of the Crown by keeping a sceptical watching eye on the local oligarchs and shysters – they seem to arrive here as though their job description simply read: –

“To be immediately co-opted by the local spivs – and do all you can to enable and support them in maintaining their oppressions, exploitations and abuse of the great unwashed in Jersey.”

A former Lieutenant Governor, back in the 1990’s even infamously boasted of the fact, as he put it, that “Jersey has friends at Court at Whitehall.”

Of course – what he was actually saying was that the Jersey oligarchy “has friends at Court at Whitehall.”

Actually – the very opposite arrangement to the ordinary people of Jersey having such allies.

The present Lieutenant Governor – General Andrew Ridgway, CB, CBE – has been pro-actively supporting the Jersey establishment throughout the child abuse episode.

Even to the point of pro-actively attempting to smear me to third parties by saying words to the effect – “don’t have anything to do with Syvret; he’s merely emotionally abusing the victims for his own political ends.”

This is, of course, a brazen lie – but sadly the kind of thing I long grew used to in Jersey politics. But I wonder if Her Majesty knows what he and the Jersey Crown appointees are doing and saying in the name of the Crown?

You may recollect I wrote some time ago to Jack Straw, MP – the UK Justice Secretary – asking him to use his undoubted constitutional powers to require the good administration of justice in Jersey – it being as-plain-as-day that the entire Jersey prosecutory and judicial apparatus is hopelessly conflicted as far as the Jersey child abuse disaster is concerned.

But Ridgway & Co – and, naturally, the “Friends at Court at Whitehall” – have ridden to the rescue of the Jersey oligarchy – again – just like the 7th Cavalry. All I’ve had are absurd missives from one of Straw’s minions.

It is clear that Straw is not going to intervene – in which case the clear breakdown in the objective administration of justice in Jersey will continue unchecked.

Which is why we’re hoping to launch a legal action against him in London for a Judicial Review of his handling of the Jersey crisis. With luck we’ll get this off the ground in the next few weeks.

I don’t know – but I could hazard a pretty good guess – as to why the political authorities in the UK never dare to really get tough with the Jersey oligarchy.

No doubt more than a few senior political figures in the UK have made use of the island’s finance industry.

Let’s face it – there has to be some rational explanation as to why they would prefer to tolerate a justice system down here which is so conflicted and stagnant that a 15 year-old could point out its failings.

And of course – “New Labour” are in a little difficulty right now. And the Daily Mail has made it plain it now supports the Jersey establishment and its culture-of-concealment.

Now, the Daily Mail is not well-disposed towards the Labour party at the best of times – but with Labour in the process of crashing and burning – what chance of that party’s government taking the opposite position to such an influential newspaper?

Nil – of course.

But one has to ask – as with the Jersey Evening Post – whether the Daily Mail is worth courting – in any respectable sense?

As explained in previous posts, the JEP – or The Rag as it is colloquially known down here – spent the years of Nazi occupation during World War II churning out – extremely profitably – orders, propaganda and diktats on behalf of the Nazis.

A past it has strenuously avoided confronting.

A bit like the Daily Mail, actually.

What – we must wonder – would the approach of the Daily Mail been had Nazi forces occupied Britain?

We don’t have to wonder too hard.

The Daily ‘Heil’.

Lord Harold Rothermere, who took control of the paper when his brother died in 1922, became an enthusiastic supporter of Nazis and fascists.

Rothermere wrote an article, titled “Hurrah for the Blackshirts”, in early 1934 in support of Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists.

Mosley’s fascism – apparently – displaying a “sound, commonsense, Conservative doctrine”, according to Rothermere, who became a friend and supporter of both Hitler and Mussolini.

Rothemere even sent Hitler a telegram in October 1938 in support of Germany’s invasion of the Sudetenland in which he expressed the hope that “Adolf the Great” would become a popular figure in Britain.

The Daily Mail – or Daily ‘Heil’ as many Britains still call it – remained the only British newspaper to support Hitler and the Nazis. Quite extraordinarily – it maintained this stance right up until 1939 – only changing its allegiance when threatened with closure for treason.

These days, whilst preferring to keep silent about its embarrassing Nazi past, The Daily Heil still peddles a kind of low-grade crypto-fascism, with continuous attacks upon immigrants, gay people, gypsies and women.

Some things simply don’t require parody – the reality says it all.

In order to gauge where this paper is coming from – and just how seriously it can be taken – consider its contents.

Today’s edition of the Heil includes stories that peddle hatred against gay people who wish to reproduce, how to clone your dog – and a text-book example of the Daily Heil scare story. Did you know that women are going to simply re-produce “hybrids by the million”? And that men are to be “exterminated”?

No – I confess I hadn’t picked up on that either.

It also routinely includes a raft of undisguisedly misogynistic stories about women – including regular columns, the sole purpose of which appears to be the denigration of females – usually written by women, for appearances sake.

Turning to the article which attacks Lenny Harper, it contains a raft of inaccuracies.

Insofar as they concern Mr. Harper and the States of Jersey Police Force – I’ll let the Police statement below speak for itself.

But just to take a couple of the other inaccuracies. The article implies that people in Jersey are all pretty well-off, given that it has the second highest GDP per capita in Europe. What is not said is that distribution of this wealth is appalling, with 10% of the resident population living in relative poverty according to EU definitions.

The article goes on to say that the effect of the publicity has been “devastating” for the island’s economy. Err – no it hasn’t. There may have been some, very slight, impact on tourism – but the fact is that at least 80% of the island’s GDP comes from finance sector related activities. Not that the Jersey establishment will admit this degree of dependency.

The article, by Andrew Malone, is cleverly written. In fairness to the author – he does, at several points, emphasise that – even setting aside the possibility of murders – it is pretty clear that Jersey is, indeed, facing a child abuse scandal of profound seriousness and scale.

He correctly reports some of the details of the abuse disaster.

But there is no escaping from the fact that the over-arching purpose of the article – and certainly the manner in which it was sub-edited and headlined – was to expressly attempt to undermine Lenny Harper.

And knowing just how well-connected the Jersey establishment is – I don’t think we need wonder too long as to why the Daily Heil should have adopted this approach.

Let me explain the truth; the reason why the Jersey establishment and its UK allies have decided they have to attempt to bring down Harper.

As I have written in previous posts, I had concluded early last year – through my own investigations – that Jersey was concealing a catastrophic cultural failure in its child protection systems. No suggestions of child deaths had been made to me – but, frankly, they didn’t need to be.

It was plain, on the evidence, that the abuse disaster was horrifying enough in itself.

The ordinary people of Jersey form a very good community. It is a beautiful island, and – in the main – a good place to live. But we must not be blinded to the defects which the Jersey child abuse disaster has exposed.

I am a Jerseyman of very ancient pedigree. I know this island extremely well. I know what is good about it – but I also know what is not good about it.

What is not good is the near-total stagnation of the upper-reaches of public administration in the island; the profoundly unhealthy overlap between the legislature and the judiciary; the monopoly of power held by the local oligarchy – and the near-complete breakdown of effective checks and balances.

How bad is that breakdown?

It pains me to say this, being a Jerseyman, but the clear – and awful truth is this:

None of these investigations would be taking place if the present leadership of the Jersey police force was ‘indigenous’.

As the Mail article itself acknowledges – there have been decades of concealment of the most foul and monstrous child abuses.

Do we really need to pose the questions: “why have those atrocities been concealed for that huge period of time? Why are they being exposed only now – in the 21st century?”

If the Jersey establishment were capable of properly regulating itself – it would have done so – a long time ago.

Instead – it has taken brave men like Lenny Harper – men from outside of Jersey – to expose the truth.

The Jersey oligarchy knows this.

This is why they have to attempt to destroy him.

Anyone concerned with the welfare and protection of children – and exposing the abuses of the past – should fight back against these attacks.

Mr Harper deserves our support and gratitude.


Statement Issued by the States of Jersey Police Force.

“Lenny Harper, the Deputy Chief Officer of this force and the Senior Investigating Officer of the Historical Abuse Enquiry, does not want to enter into any exchange of allegations and counter allegations which would deflect attention from the investigation he is currently focused on and which involves allegations of horrific abuse against children in Jersey. It should also be emphasised that the enquiry is looking at much more that just Haut de la Garenne. However, the article by Andrew Malone in the Daily Mail of 24th May 2008 is so inaccurate, and misleading, even to the extent here it contains a number of alleged quotes which were simply never made by Mr Harper, that there is a need to respond.

The writer was given the full outline of what the police were told but has chosen not to use it. That information is summarised below and it will be for the public to make their minds up as to why the author of the report has ignored it and why he has included quotes from Mr Harper which were never made. The States of Jersey Police Press Officer made a full contemporaneous transcript of what Mr Harper said during the interview, (although not of Malone), and this is available for examination for anyone who wishes to check the accuracy of the quotes attributed to the DCO by Mr Malone.

The Anthropologist working with the enquiry team looked at the item when it was found on site and made a preliminary identification of it as a piece of a child’s skull. It was then sent to the Laboratory concerned and they took possession of it on 6th March.

On 14th March they informed the SOJP of their test results, and in particular the result of their test for nitrogen. It had 0.6% they said, whereas the cut-off for dating a bone was 0.76. They then reported, “This tells us something about the potential age of the specimen of bone since if it was very recent (50 Years) we ought to see a better degree of preservation.” They went on to say, “The fact that preservation is so poor leads us to conclude that there is a high probability that the bone is much older than it is suspected to be, perhaps much older than a century or two. That said, it is also possible (although the probability is much lower) that the bone is recent but simply very poorly preserved due to the depositional environment within which it has lain since interment. We cannot exclude this as a possible explanation.” They went on to say that there was not enough collagen to date the bone. (Collagen is a protein only found in mammals including humans, but not in wood etc.)

As can be seen – there is absolutely no indication despite laboratory tests that they disagreed with our Anthropologist. In fact they seemed to support what we were being told by experts with us that the fragment was in a context which placed it outside our enquiry.

On 20th March the lab contacted the SOJP again. They said they had made an error and that the collagen level was actually better than originally thought. There was enough to date it – in fact there was 1.6% and only 1% was needed. Remember, this substance is found in mammals including human but not in wood etc.

On the 28th March they contacted the SOJP again and said, “Here are the details of the Jersey skull as discussed on the phone.” They then described the nature of the acid wash they had given and said “The Jersey skull didn’t fizz at all which suggested that preservation was poor.” She went on to confirm that they had originally told us it was unlikely they could date it and that they had revised this when they found the levels of collagen described above. Now, she said, they were reverting to their original position that they could not date it because they now thought that it could not be collagen “unless it is extremely degraded.” She added, “So any date we get might not be an accurate date for the skull itself.” As can be seen, there was still no indication to contradict our information and indeed it corroborated what the archaeologists were telling us. As a result of the information about the Archaeological context, we had now eliminated the item from the investigation.

On 31 March they rang again. They now, for the first time, said they had some concern about what the item was “although it could well have been poorly preserved bone as I described it.” Over the next few days they continued to say that “we do not think this is bone unless it is very old bone.”

On Saturday 17th May they were asked if they were now saying it was definitively not bone. They said that they did not believe it to be bone but if we wanted a definitive answer then we should have it re-examined. To date, although the opinion is now less conclusive, the SOJ Police have not had a definitive contradiction of the original belief.

In respect of the article itself, there are a number of total inaccuracies, too many to contradict them all. Here however, are those which could be said to be the most significant.

The item found which is the subject of the controversy, is not “a smooth white object” as described by Mr Malone. That description could not be further from the truth.

Mr Harper has never, and all responsible media have acknowledged that he has not, said that six more bodies might be found. He described six areas of interest which had to be explored and which included the cellars now the focus of this aspect of the enquiry.

Mr Harper never moved to quell suggestions that shackles and a bath had been found in the cellar because quite simply, they had been. Furthermore, their find corroborated the evidence of a number of victims. The SOJ Police have never confirmed until now that shackles were found. We do now, and also for the first time, confirm that a second pair of what appear to be “home made” restraints were also discovered.

A number of other items were found which corroborated the stories of the victims. Again, whilst we do not want to elaborate, some of these items corroborate the fact that sexual activity took place in the area of interest. Further tests have obtained a DNA profile from one of these items, and enquiries have dated at least one of the articles as originating from the time of the enquiry.

Mr Harper has never, in spite of Mr Malone’s claims, “admitted” that he knew the fragment was a coconut shell. This is clearly because there is absolutely no scientific evidence to say that. Furthermore, the DCO never said he had made a mistake. He acknowledged that “some people think I got the decision wrong – it is something I can’t reverse now. Would my answer have been different? The honest answer is I really don’t know.”

Mr Harper has NEVER said “We don’t now think it is bone or skull.” He did not say it to Mr Malone or anyone else. As stated above, the transcript of exactly what Mr Harper said in this interview is available for anyone who would like to see it.

Mr Harper has NEVER said to Mr Malone at any time during the interview that he wanted “maximum publicity so that people here could not cover up what went on at this children’s home.” In fact, he did state that the people of Jersey had been “fantastic.” This comment by Mr Malone is a slur on all of those members of the public in Jersey who have encouraged the enquiry team and whose overwhelming support has meant so much.

The claim that Mr Harper has agreed to write a book and is actively engaged in that process is nonsense. This rumour was being spread by at least one politician in Jersey this week who stated that a deal had already been signed with publishers. This has led to one Jersey media outlet contacting what they described as a publisher this week and asking for details on the pretence that they wished to serialise the book. The position is simple. Mr Harper has been asked by a number of persons, journalists included, if he would be interested in writing a book on his career including the present. His answer has been the same to all. At this moment in time he is fully focussed and committed to the enquiry. He retires in September and will not even consider such a matter until then. He would also point out that it is not unusual for Police Officers and other public servants be approached in this fashion. Mr Harper has not instigated any contact of this type.

Mr Harper was not “forced to admit” that the fragments might be 500 years old. In any event he never said that. Examination of the media release will show that he said there was conflicting evidence from experts – some information was showing one of the fragments to be at the most recent end of the enquiry’s parameters, whilst other evidence was pointing to well before the enquiry began. We have always said we do not have evidence of murder.

From the perspective of the Enquiry Team the most disappointing aspect of this article is the total disregard for the welfare of the victims of the abuse. This week has seen them being labelled by certain politicians in Jersey as “people with criminal records.” Additionally, the article contains interesting similarities to the words used by some of those publicly trying to discredit the enquiry. The focus of the SOJ Police has always been, and will remain to be, those victims who have placed their trust in the force to try and obtain justice for them. These increasing inaccurate attacks will not deflect the investigation.

Mr Harper has drawn the attention of the editor of the Daily Mail to the inaccuracies and has mad a formal complaint to the Independent Press Complaints Commission.

States of Jersey Police
24th May 2008”

37 thoughts on “LENNY HARPER:

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart,

    The Way Lenie Harper is being treated is an absolute disgrace!!

    The local media are a joke they show absolutely no balance in there reporting what-so-ever

    They appear incapable of any form of investigitive journilism and solely spout the establishment party line

    Senator Shentons comments on Mr Harper are a disgrace, Sean Powers stance is equally disgusting

    Sean Powers concern for the ongoing cost of the enquiry is unbelievably what about the 100 plus victims Sean!!

    Is justice for them to be denied due to cost!!!

    Sadly with our judiciary and there percieved lack of impartialty,can we be sure justice will be delivered??

    Good luck to Lennie Harper and his team I am quite sure the vast majority of Jersey people fully support your brave efforts to bring the perpetraters of these horrible crimes to trial

    God bless you Lennie Harper

  2. Dan

    I have been having a look round some of the other web sites and publications owned by the very same people as the Daily Mail.

    They are quite happy to run advertisements for sex holidays in Thailand targeted at old men.

    Make of that what you will…

  3. Anonymous

    It seems good news to me if the right wing press is doing this. They must be worried.


  4. Anonymous


    Are you able to name the local politicians referred to in the police press release?

    Although I think I can guess, do you also know which local media outlet they refer to as having contacted a publisher?

    Surely such gutter press tactics should require a complaint to the PCC.

    Locally there seems to be a smear campaign aimed at Mr Harper. It appears to me to have almost racist undertones and it needs to stop.

    Mr Harper is investigating child abuse. He has to lead and co-ordinate a team, gather evidence and facts. This takes time and requires skill so leave the police to do their job.

    People with criminal records, so does this mean people automatically lose their rights?
    Isn’t this a by-product of abuse?

    There has to be justice for all in this island and Mr Harper is part of that process. LEAVE HIM ALONE.

    Mr Harper – keep going

  5. Anonymous


    It seems our politicians are trying to shaft our police force internationally

    The article seems to have been made with the co-operation of two politicians. Perhaps those two politicians would care to explain their involvement?

    Don’t they make you proud to be Jersey?

  6. Anonymous


    Lenny Harper is criticised for not revealing information on the first finding (a coconut fragment)

    There are bone fragments and teeth still to be explained. There are witness statements still to be investigated.

    I don’t believe in conspiracy theories but the antics of some groups of people suggest I am naive.

    For goodness sake isn’t there a code of conduct for elected members. There seems to be a spiteful campaign to smear the police, leave them alone.

  7. donchais

    Appalling, just appalling!

    First and foremost, a slap in the face for the victims.

    Secondly, a slap in the face for Lenny Harper and those investigating the scandal.

    Thirdly, a waste of time and energy having to respond to outrageous lies – it deflects from the investigation.

    Fourthly, Andrew Malone falsely accuses Lenny Harper of lying, when he himself is shown the biggest liar of all.

    Fifthly, Perchard, Power, Walker, et al are lower than bottom-feeders.

    The decent, committed folks of Jersey and elsewhere have nothing but the utmost respect for Lenny Harper and his investigative team!

  8. Rob Kent

    Wow! What surprising sociological discoveries are being made by the good politicians of Jersey!

    Children growing up in difficult circumstances are sent to children’s homes where they are psychologically, sexually, and physically abused; some of them were being abused before they got there.

    Some of them try to report the crimes committed against them to the appropriate authorities but are met with indifference and fail to achieve satisfaction.

    Some of them react to this treatment by developing personal difficulties – their experiences and history make it difficult for them to be successful members of society.

    Some of them become filled with bitterness, anger at resentment at the way they were abused. Some of them even kill themselves, which is extremely antisocial.

    Unlike children born into more fortunate circumstances and raised in ‘good’ homes, some of these unfortunate children later commit crimes. Some of these crimes involve substance abuse, by which means they hope to erase the terrible memories they are burdened with and to mitigate their continuing sense of failure.

    According to the police, some of these children, as adults, went on to commit the same crimes that were perpetrated against them.

    How should Jersey politicians respond to the consequent scandal?

    Let’s show what adroit politicians we are by mounting a counter-assault on the representations of Jersey in the media.

    Let’s undermine this ‘so called child abuse’ investigation being conducted by a comedian, based on allegations made by known criminals. That will obviously smooth things out and make the problem go away.

    Let’s shoot the messenger and make fun of Lenny Harper. Let Ben Shenton’s wife be the arbiter of official opinion on how he is running the investigation.

    Let’s imply that the evidence of 160 victims is unreliable because some of them (gosh) have committed crimes.

    Isn’t there an offence, ‘conspiring to pervert the course of justice’? Shouldn’t there also be an offence, ‘using your position and influence to undermine a police investigation’?

    If there was such a crime, there would be several more criminals at large in Jersey. The fact that they are well-respected, upstanding members of the community does not mitigate their ‘crimes’. For all we know, they are even collaborating to undermine the police investigation.

    According to the testimony of the victims, shown on the TV and written as comments on this blog, they are still victims today of crimes committed years ago. They still live in a dark place and cannot sleep at night.

    Meanwhile, “all the criminals in their coats and ties, Are free to drink Martini and watch the sun rise.”

    But everyone knows who they are.

  9. Anonymous


    Thanks for keeping “joe public” updated regarding what is happening.

    I read the article in the Daily Mail with interest yesterday.

    I hope that most people will realise that it was only a matter of time before the lies and smears would start against Lenny Harper. I hope the people of Jersey will show their support and realise that this is a way of the Jersey establishment deflecting from the truth.

    Mr Harper is getting too close to the truth……..he’ll have to watch it or he will end up the same way as Lynne Swiatczak……and he really doesn’t want that……here today, gone tomorrow.

    This really does show that there are many many worried people at the top who are running scared and trying to cover their tracks……

    Remember Stuart/Lenny – the truth will out…….stick with it.

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you for pointing out the true pedigree of the daily mail. There holier-than-thou, right wing fascist form of journalism is truly awesome; its worrying though that so many people read & believe them, they are the equivalent of M&S food. I only read it online, it winds me up. As a newspaper they are contemptible.
    Good work Stuart.

  11. Anonymous


    Looking to the future, it seems certain that there will be a Public Inquiry. I suggest that a senior Family Division High Court judge is appointed, but not one who was educated at a public school; and has a normal family life. Sophistry is a big word!


  12. Tom Perry

    Mail newspapers are vile. Just look at the leader writers. Even me, not the brightest lightbulb in the box, only needs to read a paragraph or two by any of the headline writers to be wretching.

    Let them write their crap in support of their kindred spirits. Do not waste further energy complaining or chastising this organisation for the alleged journalism that has produced this article – it will achieve nothing. And in any case none of the readers of the newspapers have a mind that is capable of change.

  13. jim browne

    My dear friend, what wonderful words of truth you speak in your post, it sounds like the words are coming straight from my own mouth, we must know each other or have met at some time.

    A Modern Day Witch Hunt, the famous words of Richard Webster, in his Secret of Bryn Estyn.

    Clare Curtis Thomas the Catholic MP just around the corner from me, the famous Mr Jones Case ???, the same woman who says we as survivors have False Memory Syndrome, and most of us are Ex Cons in it for the money.The same woman who I emailed to come and visit REAL victims but she never replied to me ??.

    The police are deliberately exaggerating and ‘trawling’for more victims (Trawling again from Webster). I was intervewed by Cheshire Police, I never contacted them, someone else gave them my name as that person new me and my past. Not once did these police officers put words into my mouth, not once did they show me photo’s or give me names, they didn’t have too.

    Consequently innocent middle class care workers are or will be wrongfully convicted. How many of them admitted what they did, a bloody lot mate, St Aidans, St Georges, St Vincents, Tommy Moores, Greystone Heath, just to name a small few. What about the ongoing Appeal court case that is going on next month for 60 survivors of just two of these so called schools.
    A quote from the Judge in my civil case says ‘Of course I am sorry for Messrs *** and ***. That said, seeking financial compensation was never their concern until suggested by the Police; they have both been helped by the respective medical consultations; and they have had the satisfaction of being heard and believed.

    The Judge himself Believed us, but yet we still have to go to the court of appeal, more public funds wasted. Method in their madness, the longer the cases drag on the more people Die or just give in, not me mate, fight till the death.

    The media will not touch us, I with my Legal team have put out a press release to every newspaper in the UK and not one of them printed it, thats the media for yer.

    There is a reason for most of this, including the victims in Jersey, its all about money and nothing else. How many of the rich people in Governments have shares in Lloyds, how much will their shares drop if the courts find them Liable, millions mate bloody millions. Why do the make payouts (Very Small) to survivors ‘Without Prejudice’ lovely word that is, why don’t they just say ‘Here’s a few bob not **** off and leave us alone’

    Who owns or owned most of these schools in Liverpool, The Liverpool CATHOLIC social services, well they have a new name now since all this abuse came to light.

    I rant and have done for 12 years and will rant for another 12 if I have too, not just for me, but for other survivors including the people of Jersey.

    Lenny Harper should be left alone and be allowed to get on with the job he is doing so well, people on the Island are shit scared of him for what he knows or will find out. Ok lets take the bones away from this abuse, lets just talk about the victims who are still with us today fighting, they can’t bury that lot can they, so they mauy think that 160 victims are lies, I don’t think so, I’m sure that the so called MAN who calls himself a investigative journalist will be on the case now writing another book about The Jersey Witch Hunt.

    Lenny & Stuart you keep up the good work and remember that we are all behind you in your fight for Justice.

  14. To Zero

    So, we wait for the Walker/Baillache double act to castigate Mr Malone for bringing Jersey into disrepute. However, should this excellent journaliarist be fired, he could find a comfortable haven in the senior ranks of the Jersey civil service.

  15. jim browne

    Morning All.

    How many times have some of us heard those magic words ‘The only person the victim had told previously about the abuse was a psychiatrist on the island, who had then warned him that if he repeated the allegation he would be placed in a mental hospital. Other children suffered horrific sexual attacks which left them with deep psychological scars. Many became addicted to drink and drugs; at least two have committed suicide’.

    How many times have we been told that it is us that are mad, or ‘Open your mouth and we will bring you back’.

    As I have said before, it does not matter how old these bones are or how they came there, its not all about bones, its about the 160 victims that have come forward.

    Why do the press go on all the time about these bones, why don’t they change the bloody record and ask the State of Jersey about the child abuse. The State is trying to use both the bones and Lenny Harper to swing away from the massive and I say massive child abuse scandal. Has any of them stood up in front of the TV crews and said ‘Yes this did happen and we are doing our best to bring these abusers out into the open, not one of them.

    If Lenny Harper leaves in a few months time, everything will be buried and covered up, even the abuse claims, we need to keep it ongoing and not allow these Cretins to get away with it. The JEP should run a front page story saying ‘What have we done to our children, we have let them down’ and not ‘It wasn’t us’. The JEP should shut its doors and allow someone to run it who speaks the truth and not bullshit the people of Jersey.

    How the hell can you lock up children without going through the court system first, this is the times of Dickens for crying out loud, the times of the old work houses, even the Nazi’s had trials.

    Beware of phoney Legal Teams (Not All) but some of them will take victims to the cleaners and will make thousands off their already whipped backs, so make sure you ask around first. Read this link to find out why.


    Keep at it Lenny and don’t let the swines get you down, same goes to you Stuart.

    Jim Browne (Survivor)

  16. Anonymous

    I say again and agian to the good people of jersey, power is in your hands , get out and vote these scumbags out, i am selling my home on your island, i have taken my buisness of the island, stand up for freedom and get them out. i am not going to comment on the daily mail garbage, its below contempt. it may fool a few , but the good peopleof Jersey and the world knows the truth,inocent hildren where abused in the care system of jersey. Lenny will not be in the job much longer, i hope who ever takes over, wil show the same strenth Lenny has shown. time wil tell, What i do know is this, stuart and his many supporters will not go away.

  17. Anonymous

    I say again and agian to the good people of jersey, power is in your hands , get out and vote these scumbags out, i am selling my home on your island, i have taken my buisness of the island, stand up for freedom and get them out. i am not going to comment on the daily mail garbage, its below contempt. it may fool a few , but the good peopleof Jersey and the world knows the truth,inocent hildren where abused in the care system of jersey. Lenny will not be in the job much longer, i hope who ever takes over, wil show the same strenth Lenny has shown. time wil tell, What i do know is this, stuart and his many supporters will not go away.

  18. Anonymous

    i have known about jersey paedophiles for 15 years says awardwinning journalist

    (1) During the 20 years that Paisnel was active, Police detectives were brought in ‘off’ island becuase nobody had been caught, locals would not make statements to the Police (other than parents of the abused kids).

    (2) When he was arrested for motoring offences it was a UK constable on secondment to Jersey who filed charges and highlighted Paisnel as a possible suspect for the ‘Beast’ to CID.

    (3) After his arrest and the story hit the newspapers a number of parents came forward and stated on record that they had already reported suspicious activity around their houses (this was Paisnel staking out future victims) and local Police would only take ‘verbal’ statements and told them not to worry as it was only a tramp or possible housebreakers. In one of these cases Paisnel returned and abducted the child.

    (4) The detective who successfully led the case to court was convinced Paisnel was ‘not working alone’ and evidence supported that theory. His notebook records that he was instructed to concentrate on conviciting Paisnel and not widen the enquiry.

    (5) Due to the number of occult books and his manner in court, it was suggested Paisnel was insane. The evidence disputes this as do medical reports before and after the trial. The leading detective believes it was sourced to suggest that this was a one off case and Pasinel was working alone – just a nutcase, nothing else to worry about.

    (6) Joan Paisnel believed her husband could not have been working alone, although she claimed that during the years of attacks she had no knowledge of his activities. In hindsight she remembered at least two occasions when Paisnel was ‘collected by car, but I didnt see the driver’ and attacks took place later that night.

    (7) It was suggested that there was a number of searches at Paisnel’s house after his arrest. The leading CID detective was disturbed to be told by Paisnel’s girlfreind that ‘local officers’ had already been in and removed certain items. When he enquired further he was told they had not searched the property and the woman was either making it up, or someone else had been there.

    (Cool Joan Paisnel alludes to her husband having a lot of ‘high up’ contacts and suspected him of attending Black Mass parties and sex orgies – all in the same sentance.

  19. Sigmund Fraud

    a1 Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of the West of England, Glenside Campus, Blackberry Hill, Bristol BS16 1DD email: harry.ferguson@uwe.ac.uk

    Article author query
    ferguson h [PubMed] [Google Scholar]


    This article argues that to provide adequate historical explanations for the maltreatment of children in institutional care it is necessary to ground the analysis fully in the context of the concept of child abuse and definition of childhood that existed at the time, something that many studies fail to do.

    Drawing primarily on the experience of the Irish industrial schools prior to the 1970s, while most commentators suggest that children were removed into care and treated cruelly because they were poor, there were also many children who entered the industrial schools who had been abused by their parents and welcomed being protected, and the community played a key role in supporting such actions.

    Children were treated harshly in the industrial schools not only due to their poverty but because they were victims of parental cruelty, which was perceived to have ‘contaminated’ their childhood ‘innocence’.

    They were treated as the moral dirt of a social order determined to prove its purity and subjected to ethnic cleansing. Prevention of such abuse today requires a radical reconstruction of the traditional status of children in care, while justice and healing for survivors necessitates full remembrance of the totality of the abuse they experienced, and that those responsible are made fully accountable.


    This idea that these children are “Moral Dirt” is so prevalent in this case on Jersey only this time the Moral Dirt has grown up, its big numbers and its not going away.

    This large group are pissed off at being treat like animals because they were poor or had problems at home, they angry with all those who still look down on them with contempt, loathing and as Moral Dirt.

    I would say the Moral Dirt is indeed those who carried out these abuses and all those who knew as well as those who found out and said nothing.

    The people who were involved with these abuses and I mean everyone of them including those who new about it, or it was reported to them and they did nothing, to those who have been placing blocks in front of a member of Her Majesties police force and threatening former victims those who have failed to run reports in the Jersey Press should be called to account for this by the press association.

    Those who stand up for the rights of some of Jersey’s most vulnerable people now living shattered lives are to be commended for their humanitarianism doggedness and shear tenacity Lenny you’re a diamond shining for those in darkness, Stuart may the real God guide you and give you all strength to defeat these Established Monster ‘s

  20. Anonymous

    Senator Jim Perchard would be better placed asking for an inquiry in to why the Police case is being allegedly hampered by the government (I use the term ‘government ‘loosely!)

  21. Advocatus Diaboli

    As predicted, the knives are out for Lenny, Central Govt watches from the sidelines so as to be able to take the line of least resistance and justice for the plebs is of no concern to the rather shop-soiled grandees of Jersey and their creatures in the media.

    What they won’t accept is that some of the victims and their supporters will win the war of attrition and be immune to attempts to smear them as crackpots. It’ll take a long time but some of the people who have been so badly harmed will get a measure of justice.

    One of the correspondents mentioned the ‘Enver’ Hodge scandal – her punishment is to have been exposed for what she is. That took time and guts as well. I daresay she will see it in peoples’ eyes until the day she dies. The slags in Jersey are the same. At the moment they are using their power in the glare of publicity – in what is left of their souls they know that they have been found out.

    Good work Stuart, Lennie and all, you’ve put a king-sized spanner in their works.

  22. Sigmund Fraud

    More bones and teeth found over the weekend.

    It has been reported that some of the bones found so far have been burned and cut now I can imagine these things happening during the war as many people did die then and I would also say that those who rule the plutocracy that is Jersey are every bit as accountable as those who committed murders and worse during the first occupation by sadistic cold hearted high ranking members of the German military elite, and didn’t the world and his friend spend no time in starting the long process of hunting these animals down and taking them to an international court .

    Arrest them all and deal with their complaints in the same way that they dealt with the complaints of those young children, Ignore them!! Start a new sitting of the international court of human rights and the whole of Jerseys Oligarchs the whys and wherefores of each situation where they have been more than proved to be culpable can be heard by the world rather than the crap bilged out by unilateralist Jersey Press who also should be facing obstruction charges.

  23. Anonymous


    How lucky are we to have Senator Perchard

    After 7 months in office he is an expert in childcare standards, social work and now police regulation.

    This man can do in 7 months what some people take years to achieve and very expensive professional qualifications to achieve.

    God he could be practising medicine in another 5 months!

  24. Anonymous

    I wonder how the press managed to get hold of the presumaby conidential e-mail from Perchard to Walker which accuses the police leading the child abuse enquiry of’peddling misinformation’..could someone have leaked it…if so who and for what purpose?

  25. Anonymous

    How I wonder did the press get hold of Perchard’s presumably confidential e-mail to Walker which accused the police leading the child abuse enquiry of peddling misinformation. Was it leaked and if so by whom and for what purpose?

  26. Anonymous

    Senator Perchard is attacking the police officers in charge of the investigation because he also does not want the truth to be known.

    Has anyone seen sight of the Perchard’s presumably confidential e-mail to Walker which accused the police leading the child abuse enquiry of peddling misinformation, would love to see a copy of that.

    keep up the fight pepole

    Jim Browne (Survivor)

  27. Sigmund Fraud

    If Lenny is courting the media like the jep say then why is the media not reporting things untill well after the events, Why is the jep not howling in the hills about the things that have gone on there?

    Why hasn’t the Jersey investigative journalist of The Jersey Establishment Propaganda, picked up on these issues before now?

    I smell a rat in the jep or perhaps a nest of them.

  28. Anonymous

    I must admit that I find the DailyMail a very good paper to laugh at. It amuses me their stance is almost hysterical and all they do is promote fear but such outrages headlines if readers actually believe their stories (can’t quite call it journalism)then I pity them and their bigoted narrow minded credulous minds. Must be popular with some States members then!!

  29. Anonymous

    I am so disgusted with the way the Daily Mail have covered the Haut de la Garenne story that I have stopped buying their paper. Not even the free Genesis album tempted me to purchase their rag. So they’ve lost at least one customer.


  30. Zoompad

    Mr Harper, you are doing a cracking job, and we abused people really appreciate what you are doing. PLEASE don’t let anything stop you in this investigation, and please know that you have mases of support and gratitude.

  31. Anonymous

    Stuart and lenny you are salt of the earth,
    you show the world you are true spiritual beings.
    on the leading edge of thought,there is nothing for you to fear when you speak your truth.

  32. Anonymous

    Stuart and Lenny you are salt of the earth.
    true spiritual beings,on the leading edge of thought
    you know there is nothing to fear when you speak your truth.

    Keep up the good work,
    love and light.


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