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Forged E-Mails;

Expensive Spin-Doctors;


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My fans are clamouring for another blog posting – But I’m sooo busy preparing to batter (in a purely Ghandian, non-violent, metaphorical sense, you understand) the Jersey oligarchy, I just don’t have time.

What to do!

How can I keep my audience sated in their desire for world-class, ‘Life-Enriching’ spelling mistakes?!?

How to cope with the pressure!?!

Shall I just churn out a load of desperate, frankly pathetic, shallow and tragic space-filler – of the kind churned out by the Jersey oligarchy media in its death-throes?!?


Instead I’ll give you a quick and easy scoop – which is fundamentally important in respect of the public good; is of real news value; is exclusive – and is damn funny – in a Beckettian black-farce kind of way.

Cast your mind back some months and remember certain parts of the national media – all of the Jersey media – and Big Frank – and the department full of Satan-worshiping spin-doctors (if they’re not, they’d better convert and start getting acclimatised) he employed with £300,000 of your taxes.

This was a time when a certain e-mail was leaked from the Jersey Chief Minister’s department to certain, carefully selected, national journalists.

An e-mail to Big ‘Honest’ Frank’s offices, which – on the face of it – came from Lenny Harper – and made – supposedly – misleading and inaccurate claims about a forensic anthropologist’s report.

This e-mail was carefully served up – at your expense, Jersey tax-payers – to the media in order to “show” them how “unreliable” that Mr. Harper was.

But – oh dear – that damn annoying thing called the truth has returned – and is “trying to shaft Jersey internationally”.

Read the three items of correspondence re-produced below.

You couldn’t make it up.

There was, indeed, an e-mail from Lenny to Big Frank and Bill – ‘Mr. Honesty’ – Ogley & Co. But rather inconveniently for them and their spin campaign, it happened to be an entirely accurate, professional document – which crucially – and pay attention now, because these subtleties get lost in the fog of war –

Crucially, was an accurate account of what Mr. Harper had been told in the forensic anthropologist’s report.

Nothing ‘invented’, ‘sensationally made-up’ or ‘exaggerated’ by Lenny – just a formal reporting, in good faith, of what was in the forensic anthropologist’s report.

Hmmm……Bit of a problem, that, for our Glorious Leaders.

So – thinking caps on!

“What do we do about this? Harper’s e-mail is an accurate account of the information in his possession. That’s not going to fit-in with our very expensive spin-campaign to make him appear an ‘unreliable witness’. And we’ve got to get it right – because the tax-payer expects value for money, these days.”

“I know. Look – let’s not be squeamish about these things – this is how Politics and spin is done – let’s forge Harper’s e-mail by manipulating it, editing it, tweaking it in some way – so it cons the public into thinking he’s written a load of cobblers!”


“Do I get a bonus, now Frank?”

Look, Frank is gone – if not quite yet forgotten – and the answer to your question is – no.

No – you collection of utter, mind-bogglingly incompetent, dozy clowns.

Yes – in all its stark stupidity and rank decadence – that’s what the Jersey oligarchy did – manipulated e-mails – and other, similar activities – in order to lie, con, spin and conceal.

It apparently not occurring to this collection of “geniuses” that the “truth will out”.

Nor, apparently, it occurring to them that the activities they have engaged in are criminal offences.

Oh – sorry; I forgot. Bill Bailhache only enforces the law on uppity plebs – so I guess they needn’t worry about the criminality of their actions – well, at least not for a remaining month or two.

When reading the three documents below – two letters from Lenny, and one response from Big Frank’s “successor” – note just how much importance the States of Jersey attaches to openness, transparency, honesty and ethics.

Another “Life Enriching” example of morality and probity – as lived by The Jersey Way.

Brought to you by Jersey’s leading news source.




9th February, 2009.

Dear Chief Minister,


Thank you for your letter of 23 December. I am sorry for the delay in replying. However, can I now inform you that I no longer require the copy of the e mail in which Bill Ogley reprimanded me for considering the financial costs of the Abuse Enquiry and in which he told me that the cost was irrelevant.

In respect of the second e mail, may I give you the brief background? This was an e mail sent by me on 2nd May in which I outlined the findings of the Anthropologist Andrew Chamberlain in respect of bones being sent to him which appeared to be human juvenile and burnt and buried shortly after death. He did not identify any particular part of the body. I quoted from his report verbatim. The quotes in the Mail were inaccurate and had obviously been invented in places. A Mail journalist told me that your predecessor’s office had leaked the e mail. It is difficult to see how else the Mail could have got it. Unfortunately this time there is no tape recorded conversation implicating a Jersey Minister. In any event, the e mail can only have been falsified by either the Chief Minister’s office or the journalist. Another Sunday newspaper has carried out enquiries on this matter, including speaking to Mr Chamberlain who accepts that I was misquoted and who states that he was never shown the actual e mail and that he never heard me say anything contrary to his findings. He has made other comments to the journalist which will no doubt appear in the forthcoming article. My instinct tells me that it was the journalist who falsified the e mail but in the face of your refusal to assist, the opposite impression endures. Those are the reasons for which I ask for the e mail. I fail to see how it can be a breach of policy when the e mail has already been (wrongly) quoted in the media. One good reason under law for disclosing communication is to correct a public mis-perception. This would seem to fit that criteria perfectly.

Yours sincerely

Leonard Harper.


18th February, 2009.

Dear Mr. Harper


I note your comments, and consider that it would be inappropriate to respond in any way.

In relation to the disclosure of the e-mail, I note you have not provided any legal basis for your claim to be entitled to this information.

I therefore consider the matter closed.

Yours sincerely

Senator Terry Le Sueur,
Chief Minister.


5TH March, 2009.

Dear Chief Minister,


Thank you for your letter of 18th February. I note you refusal to release the e mail, and your refusal also to comment further. This unfortunately tends to support those in the media and politics who believe the leak and fabrication came from your office. I do agree with you however that the matter is now closed between you and I.

This does not of course affect my right to supply the correspondence to those journalists and members of the States of Jersey who have expressed an interest in your attempts to cover the fabrications and breaches of the law committed by those in various positions past and present within the Jersey system.

Yours sincerely,

Leonard Harper

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