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More of your Tax Money

Wasted –

On Protecting

The Unemployable.

Regular readers will recollect that earlier this year – in a last act of anti-democratic desperation – the senior ranks of Jersey’s civil service – a body culturally wholly unused to any form of meaningful scrutiny and accountability – told the jerking, twitching puppets in Jersey’s Council of Ministers, that they really didn’t like all this “being held to account” business.

“That if they wanted to conceal child abuse – then lie about it for years – that was their right”.

“And if they decided they didn’t like an elected Minister – it was their right to lie and have him sacked”.

“That they simply couldn’t have – it was just utterly intolerable – and beyond the pale – for politicians to demand of them, “what on Earth do you think you’re being paid for?”

So that titan of leadership and states craft – Terry Le Sueur – said “yes Sir – what do you want us to do, Sir?”

And the representatives of the senior civil service said, “we want you to spend a load of tax-payers money to employ an “expert consultant”– who will produce a report – that will enable you to introduce Stalinistic measures – to crush those who dare try and hold us to account.”

I exaggerate – but only a little.

So – Terry – jumping as high as he was told – employed one Christopher Chapman – to produce a “report” – into some monstrous “external party” – who was being so unreasonable as to expect that public sector employees shouldn’t rape little girls – and other employees shouldn’t cover it up.

You really just couldn’t make this up.

Today was issued the resultant report – by Chapman – a man who seems to possess no grasp whatsoever of functioning democracy – and nor to have ever heard of the civil remedy of defamation.

In between times – working on my various projects here in exile – I get a little bored occasionally – but I can always rely upon the Jersey oligarchy to provide me with entertainment.

And today I was furnished with just such laugh.

Did you know that your democratically elected politicians – the guardians of the standards of public service – the safekeepers of your hard-earned taxes – are not allowed to criticise civil servants any more?

Because it makes them stressed.

It’s a “health and safety at work” issue, you know?

It’s all well and good – getting angry and aggressive towards civil servant child-rapists – but just think about the poor dears’ health?

I mean – it must be psychologically taxing enough as it is – being a child abuser – without some obnoxious, foul aggressive politician coming along – and ‘outing’ you for your crimes.

Yes – of course. That means we will have to change the law. These people must be protected from such “bullying and harassment”.

We must be reasonable with employees.

You’ve murdered 13 frail elderly people – in a two month period? But that was the result of your ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ – so you can’t possibly be criticised for it. Such criticism can only be the act of a vicious and cruel thug.

Especially as your “health” issues are so bad – you had to invent the ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ in the first place.

What we must do is – immediately – change the laws.

We must scrap all that nonsense of parliamentary privilege – so elected representatives can’t criticise the civil service any more.

And we must strengthen the Crime and Disorderly Conduct Law’s provisions against “harassment” – so the police can knock on the door of anyone irresponsible enough to expose public sector malfeasance – and issue them with an anti-harassment warning.

And we simply can’t stop – in the name of civilisation – at only applying to politicians such provisions designed to protect abuse-concealers, liars, child-rapists, money-wasters and crooks in the civil service.

Oh no.

We must apply it to all blogs – across the world wide web.

And just occasionally attempting to harass a blogger in connection with one or two postings just doesn’t go far enough, either.

What we must do is empower and require the state – the Data Protection Commissioner – to keep a permanent, complete record of every singly posting and comment that appears on all blogs – no matter that it cost millions.

That way – the state will have a readily accessible record – to which the authorities – and serial-killers, child-rapists – and those who have concealed their crimes – can turn – to see who has said what about them – and then pay them a visit.

And just to make doubly sure we safeguard against democracy – we must provision unemployable (through no fault of their own, obviously – it’s the stress) civil servants, with many millions of pounds of tax payers money – to fund defamation actions on civil servant’s behalf against politicians who dare criticise them.

That – and introducing new rules to enable the suspension or expulsion of any elected member who calls a lying, dangerous civil servant – a lying dangerous civil servant.

How much of that do you think I’ve made up?

It’s parody, right?


A gross exaggeration?



Most of the core issues – and policy responses I describe above – are there – for real – in Chapman’s report.

I’ll provide readers with a few examples later.

But before doing so – let’s just encapsulate what the report’s all about.

You see, for many, many decades – centuries even – the notion of accountability and checks and balances – was simply non-existent in Jersey.

A few of us have striven to change that – and we’ve been helped by the tide of history.

The Jersey oligarchy’s media monopoly has waned – and its demise has been massively accelerated by the advent of citizen media.

So suddenly, the traditional suppression and control methods of the Jersey establishment stopped working – and the oligarchy – in a frankly pitiful lather of panic and fear – have been thrashing around with increasing desperation to find alternative means of controlling everything.

They’ve crippled democracy by the misapplication of rules in the legislature.

They’ve introduced draconian and readily abusable data protection laws – with no countervailing freedom of information law.

They’ve oppressed elected Ministers – quite illegally.

They’ve harassed dissidents.

They’ve tried to introduce an amendment to the data protection law that even Mussolini would have been embarrassed by.

They’ve misused the police force to arrest opposition politicians and search their homes – without a search warrant.

And when the politician being prosecuted has destroyed the prosecution case – they attempt to solve this problem – simply by having his defence case deemed “inadmissible” – at the 11th hour.

But – at least with one of our politicians – me – all this has failed; failed utterly.

So now we have the latest desperate attempt – the latest act of totalitarian lunacy and extremism – from a grouping of people who just can’t face the fact – It Is Over.

The Chapman report.

Before picking through some choice quotes from the report – let’s cut to the chase – and use it – and other facts and events – to quickly and very easily– prove I have been right – and these clowns have been wrong.

It’s very, very easy.

The Chapman report – which was commissioned with the sole purpose of oppressing me – and protecting child abusers and those who have concealed them – quotes some of the – supposedly – “bullying and harassing” observations from my blog postings.

Let’s consider a couple of those quotes.

Here Chapman refers to my observations on his commission, and quotes from one of my blog entries: –

“He attempts to misrepresent the investigation as a ‘horrifying attempt to crush democratic public control – to intimidate, harass and silence your elected representatives’ and ‘fix another layer of armour-plating over the bloated collection of expensive, unethical and incompetent shysters that cost you millions each year.’

Well – the only two words I would take issue with in that paragraph are “attempts” and “misrepresent”.

The investigation was, in fact – quite plainly – “a horrifying attempt to crush democratic public control – to intimidate, harass and silence your elected representatives’ and ‘fix another layer of armour-plating over the bloated collection of expensive, unethical and incompetent shysters that cost you millions each year.”

Don’t believe me?

Just read the resultant Chapman report.


But – I digress.

You want to know how right I am?

You want to see the truth starkly illustrated?


Chapman, referring to one of my blog postings – at paragraph 6.5 of his report – says this of me: –

“In the body of the blog he describes the Chief Executive of Health and Social Services as a ‘lying, lazy, incompetent ethically bankrupt shyster who conceals child abuse’. Senior civil servants are dismissed as ‘poor, maligned, benighted, moronic slackers.’

All entirely fair comment. Indeed – it’s another proud achievement of mine – to see such unusually true words in a States of Jersey report.

However – to take a few steps back into the Chapman report – and examine its genesis – and ask the question, ‘who was involved in its beginnings and the driving of this exercise?’

Let’s quote that earlier part of Chapman’s report:

“3.1. On 15 May 2009 the Health and Safety Inspectorate of the States of Jersey wrote to Mr M Pinel, Head of Employee Relations advising him that further to a meeting that had taken place with Mr Pinel and Mrs J Pollard, Assistant Director-Human Resources, it had come to the attention of the Inspectorate that the States Employment Board (the SEB) was not doing enough to protect its employees in the workplace.”

Did you spot that?

“And Mrs J. Pollard”, Assistant Director – Human Resources” (who is, incidentally, applying for an essential employee designation – even though there are dozens of decent local civil servants who could do the job far more effectively and ethically.)

“Mrs. J. Pollard”.

Now – do we remember the Chief Executive of Health & Social Services – who I described as – “a lying, lazy, incompetent ethically bankrupt shyster who conceals child abuse”?

That being a Mr. M. Pollard.

Husband of Mrs. J. Pollard.

Mike Pollard – husband of the Jane Pollard – who has mobilised the entire might of the States – and vast sums of your tax-money – to oppress your politicians – who speak the truth about clowns like her husband.

Great, Eh?

And Christopher Chapman would have you believe that all is fine and dandy with accountability in Jersey’s civil service – and if only one used the “correct mechanisms” – and made a formal complaint – Mrs Jane Pollard – would have sacked her husband – Mr. Mike Pollard.

Well – the “correct mechanisms” didn’t work – but a great deal of belligerent, aggressive and challenging scrutiny did.

Which is why – the Mike Pollard – that – according to Chapman – I so unreasonably maligned, but who must be a fine chap – has been sacked.


By the States of Jersey!

How bad do things have to be?

This bad: he and a number of his colleagues – who are still in post – like Richard Joualt, Michala Clifford and Richard Lane – engaged in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice concerning what was – unambiguously – a corporate manslaughter.

In truth – they all should go. But even Mike Pollard would have survived – if politicians like me and Bob Hill had not subjected the soi disant “independent investigation” to very heavy scrutiny.

The fact we did – and the organisation has had to go some way towards producing the goods – as opposed to a complete whitewash – is what saw the end of Mike Pollard.

So – to Chapman’s quote of my earlier reference to Mike Pollard – we can now also add – incompetent, dissembling, justice-perverting, manslaughter-concealing crook.

Err – that’s in addition to the child-abuse concealing.

Want examples – to re-enforce my earlier quote – so kindly reproduced by Chapman?

Read my two blog postings – both of Wednesday 9th April 2008.

They are titled:

“Child Abuse in Jersey, # 1 & # 2

And Why it Persists:

Mike Pollard: a Case Study.”

Chapman – and those who pay him – with your taxes – believe – apparently – that democratically accountable politicians shouldn’t hold these lying, self-serving clowns and grifters to account.

Maybe you agree with them?

If so – good luck.

Jane Pollard failed in her Chapman-aided efforts to save her husband – Mike Pollard’s – job.

I was right.

He was a dangerous clown.

Chapman was wrong.

Even the States have had to sack Pollard.

Was I right – or was I right?

Chapman’s position is absurd and broken – and literally incredible – even on it own terms.

But – what of the rest of the toxic nonsense in his report?

Perhaps we’ll take a detailed look at it during the next week or so – and the Jersey media’s – predictable – response to it.

But there are some key features of the Chapman report that deserve attention immediately. For example, the introduction.

“1.1. The States of Jersey Employment Board was advised in May 2009 that correspondence dated 15 May 2009 had been received from the Health and Safety Inspectorate on 18th May 2009, in which the Inspectorate had notified the Board –

(a) that it had received information that led it to conclude that the Board was taking insufficient action to support employees who were suffering harassment and associated stress in the course of their duties; and, that as a consequence the Board might be failing to discharge its duties under Article 3 of the Health and safety at Work (Jersey) Law 1989;

(b) that the Inspectorate had concluded that the Board should take active steps in early course to assess the scale of the problem affecting its employees in order that steps to manage the problem could be identified and implemented effectively;

1.2. The Board resolved to appoint an independent person to carry out an Inquiry with the following original terms of reference –

(a) to consider the extent of alleged staff harassment by a local States Senator and the effect this is having on the personal health and welfare of the staff affected and their ability to perform their jobs competently;

(b) to consider the means through which the alleged harassment is perpetrated;

(c) to determine the effect this is having on the general culture, work environment and the self-confidence of staff other than the alleged victims; and,

(d) to make recommendations to the States Employment Board on how best to arrange for the alleged harassment to be addressed.”

There are several striking features of this introduction. For example – the stark manner in which it proceeds – simply as though it were a given fact – that the Employment Board and the Health & Safety Executive, possess the locus to intervene in the political realm – and usurp the voting public – and dictate to your elected representatives, what criticisms they can – or cannot say – on your behalf.

If a democratically elected representative is not speaking and acting in a manner that is acceptable to people – the answer lays in the ballot-box.

It’s called democracy.

It’s what we fought World War II for.

Our grandparents did not fight and die in order to allow a self-serving – and frequently dangerous and incompetent – tail – to wag the dog.

But – by far the most telling and revealing phrase in that introduction – a phrase that must make any decent, thinking person wretch – are the words “the alleged victims”.

These being the “alleged victims” of my supposed “bullying”; the immensely well-paid – armour-plated civil servants – who can call upon Jersey’s Council of Ministers and tax-payers money to defend themselves with nonsense like Chris Chapman’s report.

But – what about THE VICTIMS?

Boys who were savagely battered?

Orphans who were held down whilst States of Jersey employees poured Dettol down their throats?

How about little girls – orphans – being made to masturbate States of Jersey employees?

What about the senior civil servants who concealed those monstrous crimes?

What about those frail elderly vulnerable people – who were murdered by nurse M – whose crimes were then covered up by senior civil servants and Law Officers?

Teenage boys – who were savagely battered whilst in Les Chenne? Who are the greater victims – those children – or the men who battered them – and who went on to become the Chief Executives of the education department?

What of my acquaintance “Paul” – who was so terrified of speaking about the abuse he suffered – having never told anyone else – he had to arrange a late night assignation to meet me in a back-ally – in the pouring rain – around 2.00 am one Monday morning – where – after bluntly explaining to me how he had – as a pre-teenage boy – been sodomised during a three year period by States employees – then spent 10 minutes crying on my shoulder?

I was going to – now – write some further, detailed analysis of Chapman’s report – it certainly isn’t challenging from an intellectual perspective – but I can’t, not now – because it’s just too much emotionally.

Thinking again about those poor children upsets me.

It always does.

Which is where my rage – my anger comes from.

I’ll have regained my strength – and will give the report the savaging it so well deserves – tomorrow perhaps.

I have to be a bare-knuckle street-fighter when it comes to politics.

I have to have a will of steel. Because no one else will do it.

No-one – apart from my partner and a few close friends and allies – my constituents – and my cats – looks out for my welfare – for my well being.

No massive bureaucracy – funded with millions of tax-payers money – stands ready to defend me – to protect me from what are corrupted and criminal oppressions.

I have to live with what I have learnt – though it enrages and upsets me.

And attempting to fight for justice simply brings down upon my head the entire might of the oligarchy.

But – tomorrow morning – I’ll be fighting on.

I’ll just be getting on with it.

Just as should 98% of decent civil servants – instead of allowing their numbers to be used to defend a handful of Godforsaken wretched crooks who are a stain upon the good name of public service.


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