What’s happening?

What’s Coming-up?

And a Mini Reader’s Quiz.

A reader asks should I do a new post around now? To which the answer is yes – but sorry – the blog is something I do in-between times – whilst most of my time and energy is going into the child protection battle. And even then, I frankly admit I’m just not keeping pace with all that needs doing.

A good deal of my child protection work materialises on this blog in the fullness of time. So watch this space.

Hopefully our work will bear fruit for the survivors, and kids today and in future, so you’ll have to forgive me if the blog becomes a little intermittent. Be assured – it’s not because I’m lounging around on a floating gin-palace or jetting off to Martinique – as is the wont of many Jersey politicians. It’s simply a question of priorities.

Actually – the only way I’m getting a free ride on a £6 million motor-cruiser is when I’ve been fitted with the concrete boots and I’m off to sleep with the fishes.

But as a teaser for some forthcoming attractions – here is what I plan to cover – amongst other things:

Jersey is in the midst of the first phase of its general election – so watch this space for my recommendations to the voting public as to:

Which politicians you should vote for.

Those who don’t merit a strong view either way.

And those you should only vote for if someone is standing over you with a Glock pressed to the side of your head and your family in chains in the back of a van doused with petrol.

May I ask readers a favour? Please spread word of the existence of this blog and the forthcoming electoral recommendations.

I’ll also be providing a guide to tactical voting – given that each voter can cast – up to – six votes.

During the course of the election I will also, occasionally, be offering some commentary on the hustings meetings – and the various words of “wisdom” from candidates.

So – the battles continue – and in the momentary quite bits in between the gun-fire – I’ll do the occasional blog.

I said at the head of the post we’d do a mini Readers’ Quiz.

Our first two quizzes have proven to be extraordinarily popular – as well as being very important.

How about that? Entertaining and revelatory!

You’d never get that in The Rag.

But today’s quiz is a little less important – but should be a bit of fun

I also think we’ll make it a continuous competition – but I’ll kick things off with a specific question.

Our quiz is:

Spot the Fake, Manufactured Letter in the Jersey Evening Post!

In today’s edition of The Rag, there is at least one fake, manufactured letter.

Which one is it?

As I said – I invite readers to assume this is a continuous competition. I’m asking about the contents of today’s JEP – but from now on, I invite readers to monitor the letters’ page of The Rag – and each day let us know if a suspiciously mysterious letter has appeared upon its pages? You know the kind of thing – “letters” “from” “people” – who no-one knows or has ever heard of; curious addresses – which don’t quite stack-up; people who have never appeared in the phone-book; sudden bunches of pro-establishment letters which share an “amazing” consistency of theme – you know what I’m getting at.

To those of you who are new to this topic – it has long been known that the letters’ page of the JEP has been a readily manipulative propaganda device of the Jersey oligarchy.

I mean going back decades – to even pre-war days.

The Rag occasionally prints letters from non-existent people it has actually made-up itself – when it feels a need to spin on behalf of the establishment by printing “letters” which appear to have been written by ‘ordinary people’ – proclaiming undying love for our oligarchy and damnation upon those who oppose them.

The Rag also prints the same kind of letters, when it receives them – without making any robust check that the supposed “author” of the letter – or even the address they’ve “written” from – exists.

Spin-doctor firms actually offer their clients organised letter-writing campaigns – sometimes using the fake-author tactic – but more commonly using colleagues, friends and family to put their signatures to pre-written letters.

But even with real letters, the JEP also massively biases the contents of its letters’ page in order to give a totally fake impression of public opinion.

Take the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster, for example. I’ve accumulated a stack of letters sent to The Rag in the course of the past year in support of the survivors and those campaigning on their behalf like me. The – real – disappointed authors of many such letters have then sent copies to me expressing anger and bewilderment that The Rag should have refused to print them.

I’ve personal experience of The Rag refusing to print letters from me.

For example, readers may remember a while back that present Senatorial candidate and former magistrate, Ian Le Marquand, when announcing his candidacy, said he wanted to bring the States Police Force back under direct political control.

Essentially – a return to the bad old days when the Force was, basically, a politicised entity. Fortunately, in recent years, the Force has become like every other police force the length of the nation – political independent.

Which is why – at last – decades upon decades of appalling child abuse is finally being exposed.

I wrote a letter to the JEP pointing out just how alarming and quasi-fascistic was Mr Le Marquand’s pronouncement. The Rag – quite properly – printed a letter from him in reply.

His reply was riddled with sophistry, and almost as worrying and as ambiguous as his original comments.

I wrote a further reply – in the naive hope we’d have the type of debate which sometimes occurs – even in the pages of The Rag – but they refused to print my letter.

After all – they couldn’t possibly have some uppity prole pointing out that the Jersey oligarchy’s latest “champion” – and key pro-establishment hope in the forthcoming elections – was asserting a load of really quite dangerous and intellectually bankrupt nonsense.

Not with the elections in the offing.

So, that’s a brief introduction to the spin and manipulations which have been a stock-in-trade of the Jersey Evening Post throughout its 118 year history.

The letters page has always been a key tool of the Jersey oligarchy.

Manipulating public opinion – by giving a fake, rigged and manipulated impression of public opinion.

The Jersey Evening Post has always been simply an enemy of this community.

So come on readers! Let’s be having punts at identifying the dodgy “letters” – as and when they appear in the coming weeks.


47 thoughts on “MARKING TIME:

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart,

    “The anti-Lenny Harper letter in the rag tonight from a “B Riantz”

    Is this a fake letter in to-nights Jersey Rag

    Take care

  2. Anonymous

    Just Empty Propaganda is exactly that, tosh to be laughed at. I repeat don’t buy this rubbish you are guilty by association. You are fueling this rubbish by buying it. Wake up to the truth and don’t buy it. No sales = no garbage! Keep your money to help pay for GST that Walker, Le Sueur, Ozouf and co have foisted onto the average person to protect vested interests.
    The majority can say no so do it! No rag and no GST 28, no more grey clouds and depression lets get a bright and truthfull future or, do you want more cr@p?

  3. Anonymous

    A previous letter from B Riantz in JEP on 24 JUly.

    From B Riantz.
    IT must be election year, for the political nonentities are emerging from their three-year hibernation – during which time they have drawn some £120,000 in pay and expenses – with the realisation that something must be done to make the electorate aware that they are alive and kicking.

    One classic example is Deputy Shona Pitman, who has the temerity to criticise our Bailiff and propose that he be removed from office. This is the same person who, when elected, was asked what they intended to do in the States and responded by saying that they intended ‘to kick some ass’. How profound, how erudite are the utterances of (some) of our elected politicians.

    Although one must admit that the person in question was a little ‘unwell’ at the time, one might suggest that if ‘ass-kicking’ is to be engaged in then the well-aimed boot should be aimed in only one direction – and that is not towards Sir Philip.

    Now that the vote-catching season has started it will be interesting to see who, of the previously silent fraternity, jump on the bandwagon to try to ensure that their next £120,000 is on its way to the bank.

    There are four or five members of the House who fall into this category of ‘do nothing, done nothing and know nothing’ who will spring to prominence in the coming weeks.
    29 Belmont Road,
    St Helier.

  4. The Moving Finger

    Hi Stuart,
    Just in case it vanishes here is the reply I posted on TIJ
    Posted September 25, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    Another anti Lenny ’spin’
    I would trust Lenny Harper’s judgement above most of our politicians, especially the Council Of Ministers.

    The establishment has let down the abuse survivors and constantly closed ranks.
    I suggest B.Riantz,you get off your establishment high horse and consider the true victims, who are certainly not Crown Officers, Policemen and ESPECIALLY Politicians!!

  5. TonyTheProf

    What about the letter by Chris Fairbairn who actually suggests that “Uncle Frank” is good for Jersey? There was also a letter about people believing in the “flying spaghetti” monster. If they can believe in “Uncle Frank”, they’ll probably believe in anything.

    On a more serious note, a letter about the chap who gave his son a clip on the ear, but nothing about the girl the boy was abusing.

  6. Anonymous

    What a load of old clap track, so pathetic a letter by B. Riantz
    (Brian Tz??) does this person exist ?????

  7. Elaine

    I think thats a great idea Stuart, however for myself, I cannot bear to click on that crap website and give them more undeserved ‘online cred’. So I won’t be taking part, however, I thought about taking it even further to expose them. It will probably bring a temporary halt to the fake letters, cos I am sure they read your blog regularly, and once they know what is happening they would temporarily halt doing it.

    Anyway, how about after the vote is in for the fake letter of the day, or even before voting if people choose, what if people who live in the parish of the supposed letter sender just pop along and check out the address, see if the place is lived in or not. There should be many obvious signs of a vacant house / flat, and people who are familiar with the area anyway because they live nearby would be the best to know.

    They can then report back any ‘fake’ i.e. unoccupied addresses that are being used by the rag. I would advise not to go knocking on doors however, for in today’s world this could be dangerous. There are many nutters out there these days and I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone into harms way.

    There will probably now be a flurry of activity from Estate Agents / Letting Agents who will now go round all the empty properties desperatly trying to them look lived in ha ha ha!

  8. Stuart Syvret


    You got it already.

    Either these quizzes are just too easy – or my readers are an astute bunch.

    “B. Raintz.”

    And if – by some chance – we’re mistaken, “B. Raintz” – I’ll happily say we got it wrong – once you’ve contacted me and we’ve met in town and I’ve seen your passport or some other credible, photographic ID.

    The comically sad thing about this is that The Rag are simply so incompetent, they just haven’t been following Jersey citizen media.

    The fake-letter strategy has been exposed – in detail – months ago – in several forums.

    Even to the point of the mysterious “B. Raintz” being outed – and their non-existence at the purported address given – being confirmed. Indeed – see the older “letter” which has been submitted by a reader.

    The Rag did a similar thing recently, with a non-existent “person” at an obscure address in the UK.

    That too was researched – and demonstrated to be yet another fake.

    I’m not a member of the JDA – the small political party of which Shona Pitman is a member – but the “letter” attacking her is the kind of barking-mad McCarthyite tirade of hatred and fear directed at ANYONE who is perceived to be – even faintly – a threat to the Jersey oligarchy and the status quo.

    And what is even more cracker-barrel about it is that such stuff frequently isn’t even real; it’s fake, manufactured crap churned out by various spin-doctors who are paid big money by the establishment.

    If “B. Raintz” does exist – perhaps they’d care to contact me as suggested above – and we could meet up for a face-to-face chat – about just how immensely expensive, unethical, ignorant, biased, incompetent and, frankly, thick – Phil Bailhache is.

    The man who thinks the “real scandal” is the “bad publicity” – rather then the child abuse.

    And each time you look at your tax-payments – remember – this clown costs you four times as much as the UK Prime Minister costs his tax-payers. Not to mention the advantage that he’s actually elected – and thus accountable – unlike Phil.

    Like I said – let’s keep a close eye on The Rag’s letters page – if nothing else, the brazen incompetent of their attempts at Soviet Union-style brain-washing should provide us with a good laugh.


  9. Anonymous

    Hello Stuart,

    Can you give your readsership any indication of who is paying these private sector spin doctors?

    I ask because if it public money surely this is an abuse of position and should be properly investigated?

  10. Anonymous

    If this guy exists some one in Jersey cyberspace will know him, or know of him………..and it would be beneficial to know one way or the other!

    This is a democracy so he can express his views…………thought i’d put that in for good measure before your blog gets bombarded with persons stating teh obvious.

    hells bells you might rattle the editors cage enough for a leader…..can just see it now – printed in good faith, every measure taken to establish author’s identity – blah de blinking blah!……………..even possibly ‘we could’nt make it up’

  11. Rodney Landigno

    Had my say not that they will print it…

    Speaking of ‘do nothing; there have been a lot of ‘doing nothing, about the child abuse on your island. ‘do nothing, is also plainly seen by the world as being an Olympic sport in Jersey.

    Police investigations ‘do nothing, in fact Phil Bailhache has done a lot of nothing but interfere with police investigations and bring further shame to your island along with Frank Walker.

    I do not believe your paper is fair and just furthermore bias in favour of those who would ‘do nothing, to bring justice to the many historic and otherwise victims of abuse on the watches of some of the most prominent people of your malignant island.

    I am also confident that you wont print this so I will post it elsewhere with my remarks on your toilet paper…

  12. Anonymous

    Stuart, that was way too easy!

    The B Riantz letter jumped off the page, it was so obviously written by some spin doctor.

    I once lived in Belmont Road for a year. It’s politically incorrect of me to say the following, but it’s my opinion nonetheless:

    I find it very hard to believe that any resident of Belmont Road would be cheerleader-in-chief for the Bailiff.

    Cheerleader-in-chief for Geoff Southern maybe, but not the Bailiff.

    Have any readers knocked on the door and said “Hello, can I speak to Mr Riantz please?” 🙂

  13. Stuart Syvret


    Would Chris Fairbairn be the guy who runs, in some way, St Helier Yacht Club – or is that a diffrent oligarch suppoter?

    It’s so hard to keep track of them all.

    Speaking of the nuatical fraternity – I’ll bet they’re thinking “phew – that was a close one.”

    Anyone know if Piers – “teachers’ perks” – Baker is a member of St. Helier yacht club?

    The Piers Baker who is brother of failed, would-be ‘lovey’- actor Jolian Baker – who – guess what?

    Engagued in a very lucrative property transaction in which he brought a large farm from – can you guess?

    Jimmy Perchard – Assistant Minister for Health & Social Services – and thus the man with political responsability for child protection.

    You know – I just knew there had to be a reason why he “went-native” so quickly with Social Services senior managment.


  14. Anonymous

    After a previous letter from B Riantz I remember reading on one of the blogs that someone went to the given addrss ate Belmont Road and inquired. There was no one living there by that name…

  15. Anonymous

    How much longer must we listen to this man’s diatribes?

    diatribes!!! now there is a Franky word if ever Iv’e heard one.
    vilification of our Crown Officers and our politicians is totally unacceptable.

    Again the use of “our Crown Officersand our politicians”

    very telling!!!

    “that the fact that more prosecutions have not been brought”

    which is because of the medeling of those very “Crown Officers and politicians”

    JEP You should have realised by now that people are no stupid people can make up their own minds and cant all be controlled by the crap your propaganda machine spills out.

    Get real as your loosing this war on so many levels.

  16. Anonymous

    Stuart, your blog is getting positively addictive! Stopped buying the rag months ago in protest of all their manipulative spin and along with others who have mentioned it here today urge you readers do and maybe it will die a death by low readership. Think how much the States and the Parishes pay them for all the Gazette notices – £10,000’s a year and then some. I know the rates are horrendously expensive as they have them over a barrel.

    So it’s out about Frank’s little jolly last week over to the Fortress on our neighbouring billionaires island – (tete a tete with the Barclays????) on a hired Sunseeker Portofino 53. Was his own gin palace having the taps re-gilded? My, are we surprised that he couldn’t give a monkeys about GST when shelling out £5,000 for a DAY’S hire of said boat (check it with the Guernsey charterers) so he can take his sycophants on a wheeze is more of a priority. See said boat on

    Can anyone believe this man is in touch with any kind of reality. Even the British senior politicians are canny enough to show some restraint in their holiday destination choices in these austere times. Norfolk rather than Bermuda. Oh, I forgot Frank’s just been there too. Subtle as a plane crash, but then he’s not seeking re-election so what does he care.

    Keep it going Stuart, we’re with you!

  17. Anonymous

    I believe that Bridget Murphy who rings the BBC phone in most days is really an under cover agent for the States of Jersey.
    I have listened to the phone in for yers and yers and not once have I heard any sort of negative comments from her, whether it be comments about the HDLG cover up or about the comments made by Dictator of Jersey Mr. F. Walker.
    Am I on the wrong track here?

  18. Anonymous

    “Not his brother’s keeper”

    You do all this good work, and then have a go at Jolyon Baker for being Piers Baker’s brother.

    The relevance escapes me.

  19. Anonymous

    I heard FW on BBC Radio Jersey today saying he wanted to put the record straight – no multiple infanticide at Haut de la Garenne as reported in some papers, and the child abuse there – always bad, he said – was no worse than in some places in England.

    In other words his arguments were -(a) take the innacurate worst reporting as representative of the whole for a straw man argument, and (b) argue that if something bad happens elsewhere as well as Jersey, no one should pick on us, which is of the same two wrongs make a right logic as – the Russians shouldn’t condemn Auschwitz because Stalin killed millions in his purge.

    He also reiterated that there was no conflict between the police and the Attorney-General’s office.

    Sadly, I suspect that is now true.

  20. Anonymous

    Don’t buy the paper it is taking the piss out of the islanders with its positive government spin. If the editors aren’t interested in reality hit them where it hurts in the pocket. Anyone who buys it in my opinion is a supporter of the authorities. If you aren’t buying it well done you have seen through the shite.

    I think you should ask the editors on to your blog Stuart to have a proper tete-a tete with real people who are being misled by their biased reporting. It would be interesting to see what rubbish would come from them.

    If they are reading this I would like to say, people are sick of your pandering to the authorities to the detrement of reality. Why do you do this? People have now seen through you, please stop you are making yourselves look real plonkers.

    I ask everyone reading this blog make everyone they know aware of this blog, the truth has to be got out somehow to the general population.

  21. The Moving Finger

    From “Business Brief” a Rag Mag.

    Talking about bad PR in Canada for Jersey caused be the child abuse case.
    It finishes
    “There’s a prize of a coconut for anyone who can tell us who is most responsible for this sorry state of affairs”

  22. Anonymous

    Frankie is off to some summit to voice the islands support for hierachy – I trust there will be some source available to read what he has to say on OUR behalf – because he does after all speak not for the 500 who voted for him – but for all 90k plus of us – doesn’t he!

    I believe the summit is in Ireland so maybe he will face some opposition to his spin – maybe some supporters for Care Leavers will be there to demonstrate and show solidarity – you never know!

    He usually manages to put his foot in it, re The Barclays Bros – I dont get The Telegraph – but twill be interesting to see what appears in that paper in coming months ………hmmm!

    Is it not about time that the scapegoats were arrested in the child abuse case……… is clear now that there will not be any further transparency in this investigation – LH’s replacement may come up trumps it depends on his personal integrity and how he will balance the policing of small states against the actual rule of law.

    The dices are loaded against him – will he be objective and professional or will he cave in and give credence to ‘The Jersey Way’ – unlike Lenny his career is still in the ascendency – I am hopeful that law and order will prevail and that the rule of law will be carried out.

    I wont hold my breath!

    I am surprised that no one who know B RIANTZ has posted confrmation that he exists!

  23. Anonymous

    Paul Routier stuck the knife in you at St Mary’s hustings.

    He seems to exist in the background and avoids flak.
    Bit like a WW1 General.
    There must be something the electorate needs to know about him?

  24. Anonymous

    I think I can nail this one, Stuart.

    I happen to manage 29 Belmont Road! I It has 4 flats and I know all the tenants and none of them or their partners are called B. Riantz!

    So what should I do? I am hopping mad! I will email you now and maybe you can suggest something?

  25. uphill struggle


    J Baker
    – brother of P Baker “teacher’s perks Vic College cover up”
    – buys St.Ouen farm from Senator J Perchard
    – gets on BBC TV in long feature

    It’s all so cosy over here, isn’t it?

  26. voiceforchildren

    Another quick “have my say” in reponse to th B.Riantz letter. Incidently Sorva.D the rag has published yours.

    “having my say”

    “It has been suggested this “B.Riantz” DOES NOT EVEN EXIST. It has also been suggested it was a “planted letter” by the JEP. Senator Syvret has invited B.Riantz to prove his existence, as it appears this might not be the first time the JEP have planted letters to support the oligarchy or rubbish people who don’t.

    So if you do exist please contact senator Syvret on his Blogsite”.

    Also I would like to echo the support for not buying the rag. Personally I have not bought a copy in 3 years and vow never to buy another one.

    I believe they cost 45p and are published 6 days a week. that is £2.70 a week or about 11 quid a month, let’s just call it £100 a year.

    Let’s just suppose only 10 people decide not to buy it any more. That’s £1000 a year. O.K. that might not be missed by the rag it’s small change to them. But if that money was donated to the Jersey Care Leavers Association, rather than the rag it would make a massive difference to them.

    The Jersey Care Leavers NEED your 45p the rag doesn’t.

  27. Anonymous

    “He also reiterated that there was no conflict between the police and the Attorney-General’s office.

    Sadly, I suspect that is now true.”

    Yes. But the police are also human beings – with conciences and moral values, MOST of them. They also have families – do you suppose they all really want the vile individuals who are capable of murdering little kids and burning them up to hide the evidence to get away with it, and be free to do more vile things to other little children, perhaps even their children or grandchildren?

    People know what has happened. Lenny Harper knows, he isn’t the only one who knows. The truth will all come tumbling out, no matter how much these evil bas*ards squirm. We are making them squirm on Stuarts blog – they must hate us all here so much!


  28. Anonymous

    As for the B RIANTZ propaganda letter, well that one’s been done before. They use that tactic quite a lot – I’ve certainly come accross it myself. They write letters pretending to be ordinary people, neighbours ect.

    What’s the matter with those bas*ards – are they running out of tricks? They’ll have to think of some new evil plans as we’re up to these ridiculous little tactics now!


  29. Anonymous

    Comment Comments (0)

    26 September 2008

    ‘Walworth woman found with her face chewed by her puppy’

    By John Prendergast

    THE INQUEST into the death of a Walworth woman was adjourned yesterday, after her brother presented evidence that she was murdered, as a result of his investigation into child abuse in children’s homes.

    Dianne Maloney, 49, whose dead body was chewed by her ten week old puppy, was left in her flat for days after her death.

    The sequence of events up to her death has left the family perplexed as to how she died, and why they have not been involved in any police investigation.

    Speaking to the ‘News’ Bill Maloney, 52, the brother of the deceased, said: “There seems to be things that happened to my sister that they (the police) are not aware of. I was looking for an adjournment and I am now looking for an investigation by the police, because they have not come to me or come to my family.”

    In a short session at Southwark Coroners’ Court the coroner felt she had no option but to ask people to leave the court and look at the evidence presented by the family. However, when Mr Maloney refused to give further details unless they were in open court, the coroner postponed the case.

    The ‘News’ was told by the family that the puppy called Tenner was recently bought by Ms Maloney, who lived in Sutherland Square, and they had been verbally told by the coroner that it had been eating at her face.

    However in the final report no reference was made to this, and as the same Coroner was not in attendance at the inquest they also felt they had no chance to examine the disparity in the situation.

    The eight Maloney children, who lived at Astbury Road in Peckham, were all placed in care as youngsters. Mr Maloney said that Dianne had suffered long periods of sexual abuse while in homes, which resulted in her becoming a heavy drinker as an adult.

    Following a tough upbringing himself, including physical abuse he suffered in care homes, he recently completed a documentary called ‘Sun, Sea and Satan’ regarding the Haut de la Garenne in Jersey where children’s bones have been discovered in the grounds.

    Dianne as a youngster took a sailing trip with the Sea Cadets to the controversial care home, which along with his own history in care inspired him to make the documentary.

    He said: “I believe there is a conspiracy against me following the making of this film. Dianne had sorted herself out and was good but she was drinking again when her case (against two councils which was also looking into the treatment of children in care homes) was dropped, and the people who dropped the case knew this would happen.

    “She was killed sometime between June 6 and June 12, on the 6th she attended King’s College Hospital, where she complained she was punched in the chest, and there was blood around her mouth as well, but this was not followed up. My sister also had a habit of keeping thousands of pounds in her flat, which has never been recovered.”

    He added: “One of the last things she said to me was that she had a letter from the House of Commons she wanted to show me but I never got to see that. The next thing I heard was when I came back from work and my wife Maria greeted me along with my daughter Regan, and they told me that Dianne had died, so I could not understand why.”

    The police were contacted as the ‘News’ went to press but were unable to supply a response. A new date for an inquest has not yet been settled.,news,12156,440,00.htm



  30. Anonymous

    Not having your say on the JEP!!

    rodney landignoPosted September 26, 2008 at 12:14 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I kind of new you would not post my have your say and this is further proof that your island is a dictatorship, ran by the elite.

  31. Derek

    “Let’s just suppose only 10 people decide not to buy it any more. That’s £1000 a year. O.K. that might not be missed by the rag it’s small change to them. But if that money was donated to the Jersey Care Leavers Association, rather than the rag it would make a massive difference to them.”

    “The Jersey Care Leavers NEED your 45p the rag doesn’t.”

    The above is a damn good idea, i’d prefer to give my money to a worth while cause…i think we all would?

    How would we go about it though?

    And Stuart,
    Think i’ve said this before but i’m clueless as to who to side with in the coming elections having never gotten involved in the past 8 years… i’m looking forward to your “Election Special” coming up…need to know what the score is in my parish (Trinity).

    Keep Smiling.

  32. Anonymous

    “And Stuart,
    Think i’ve said this before but i’m clueless as to who to side with in the coming elections having never gotten involved in the past 8 years… i’m looking forward to your “Election Special” coming up…need to know what the score is in my parish (Trinity).

    Keep Smiling.”

    Stuart, to extend the theraputic fun (after all, we survivors need to have as much fun as possible) why not turn it into a kind of league division table, like they have in football? I don’t think you could include one of those swingometers on this site, could you?


  33. Anonymous

    Ah ha ha ha hh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… you sad loser! While you’re spending all your time huddled over your computer wasting your time writing this blog – which incidentally isn’t read by thousands of loyal followers – but by hard working loyal islanders who’ll never forgive you for using those poor wronged victims as a tool to try and bring down our democratically elected Government. If only the victims could understand how you’re just using them.

    What happened to your predicted end to the island’s hard working establishment…? nothing. They’re just getting on with what the island elected them to do, running Jersey. Including getting rid of moaning losers like you – kicked out of your job by the democratically elected States Chamber. Ha!

    What’s happening to ‘the rag’? It’s currently the best performing regional newspaper in Great Britain at the moment – the figures will be published shortly. And what’s happened to just about every innocent person that you’ve picked on over the months…nothing. They’re just getting on with their lives.

    You need to get a life loser. Or you’ll be taken into care as you go further and further round the bend.

    I’m off down the pub with my family and mates. I’m really looking forward to telling them how much madder you’ve become.

    What a loser…. Cheers

    Please publish this in the comments section, you don’t normally do so. It’s just that I want to show the lads and lassies in the pub.



  34. Danrok

    So, this “Cherie” thinks that writing a blog is for losers, yet he/she has posted on a blog, and will actually be printing their own post here to take up the pub to show their mates!

    Cherie must surely be connected to the JEP. Who else is going to say that it is the “best performing regional newspaper”?

    Best performing at what? Deception? Brown nosing? You tell us.

  35. Anonymous

    If the idiot who wrote `I’m off down the pub’ judges the Islands public by the income of the JEP, then he is sadder than most.

    I’m sure he’s off to the pub because he’s got nowhere else to go!

    Lets face it. Bill, Phill & Frank will be to dinner. Dinning with who they regard as social equels. And, ‘ not off to the pub with familly and friends’.

    So there you have it. whoever the lemon is that posted, he/she cannot be taken seriously outherwise they would not be off to the pb with the `lads and lassies! What a jerk hee hee!

  36. Anonymous

    Could be a certain person at CTV! It sounds very much like a certain Alan Watts! But, don’t the all?

    Oh, Stuart next time you talk to him ask him how `Verity C’ is? He will know! hee hee

  37. Captain Fantastic

    Mr Watts that financial whizz kid, he was so good he made millions at it, and after his short stay at her majesties pleasure he climbs to the position at CTV.
    Good buddies with Jollyon ~ all getting very fishy.

  38. Anonymous

    “I’m off down the pub with my family and mates”

    Tell us which pub it is and we’ll make sure they clear the children’s area first.


  39. Anonymous

    Isnt it time we had real and truthfull people to run this island, at the moment we are stuck with a bunch of clowns who can see no furher then there pockets, where corruption goes hand in hand, and le suer for next minister an even bigger joke!!! we are run by a dictatorship, the germans had nothing on this lot!!! im a jerseyman and it makes me sick to see these clowns in power!!, jersey is just becoming a sick joke . I say let the uk deal with the child abuse case and see what has really gone on here , nothing but coverups

  40. Bill Maloney

    Bill Maloney – Film Director of ‘Sun Sea & Satan’.
    Subject: Haut de la Garenne and St Saviours Mental Institution.

    For those of you who have been following the mysterious death of my sister ‘Dyana Maloney’,,news,12156,440,00.htm/ you may be interested to know that the Coroner’s Court dealing with my sisters case is also the venue for the ‘Jean Charles de Menezes’ killing, where there are strong allegations of an Establishment cover-up. Since our unceremonious ejection from Southwark Coroner’s Court and after presenting new evidence to the Coroner, we have still had no word from the Coroner or the Police involved in my sister’s case; adding fuel to the fire of our own allegations of an Establishment cover-up. A very embarrassing situation for Southwark Coroner’s Court and the Establishment to have both cases so close to each other.

    In my documentary ‘Sun Sea & Satan’ we are suggesting: “If a child was required ‘Haut de la Garenne’ was the venue; if an adult was required ‘St Saviours’ was the venue” (in 1962 a resident of Haut de la Garenne was told by a Psychiatrist that “If he continued his allegations of abuse he would be sent to the Mental Hospital”; the victim now lives in the UK. The film is a compassionate and thought provoking piece of work, which takes entirely the side of the victims. Since 2004 it has been legal to practice Satanism in HM Royal Navy even though she is the head of The Church of England’.

    As you are no doubt aware, your Island of Jersey is owned by the Crown and not the UK.

    During the making of our film Stuart Syvret seemed to be the Politician that came out with the most credibility. When bullying tactics are used it is highly unlikely that the motive behind them is honest. This is one of the reasons why I have decided to add this piece to Mr Syvret’s Blog.

    It is our belief that St Saviours Hospital should be investigated in conjunction with Haut de la Garenne at least; and possibly many other Institutions within the Island of Jersey, the UK, and anywhere else in the free world. It has also come to our notice that the sexual age of consent in the Pope’s City of The Vatican is (12), even though he has recently apologised for the Catholic Church’s worldwide child sex abuse. How many victims from children’s institutions were moved on to mental institutions? It doesn’t take a lot to understand the insinuations and horrific implications of this possible and plausible conjecture. Jersey does not come out favourably in this documentary; we think that this can be rectified with time. I found a fear amongst many of the people on your Island. Haut de la Garenne seems to be the beginning of a fight against something that goes a lot deeper than the actual highlighted child abuse and possibly exposing the dark forces that the Queen spoke of to Paul Burrell, Butler of Princess Diana.

    I can only wish the people of Jersey a peaceful and truthful outcome wherever the journey may take them.

    Bill Maloney.


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