News of Jersey: the Truth.

To my loyal readers.

I’m sorry – but I can’t write much now. I’m more exhausted than I have ever been, and inundated with e-mails, telephone calls and letters.

That’s not a complaint; just a request that you forgive me if I’m unable to get back to everyone. I’m trying to prioritise my responses – but it isn’t easy.

But I should look on the bright side – it’s only 1.20 AM – so I’m getting an early night.

In yesterday’s post, I said I wouldn’t be at the Church service for the victims because I was meeting with some abuse survivors.

I cannot speak for how they feel, but for myself, I always gain great strength and renewed energy from talking with them.

Those of you who are following events in Jersey will know that the Island’s establishment have repeatedly asserted that I never provided them with evidence for my concerns. (Note to Frank: child abuse issues = precautionary principle; i.e., first step is to believe the victims.)

But the Jersey establishment assertion is simply untrue.

As the victims I met with on Tuesday evening and during Wednesday will demonstrate – very soon.

They gave powerful testimony to a film crew who I have put them in touch with.

It was a tremendously difficult and upsetting thing for them to do – but immensely brave – and very necessary.

The survivors wanted me to be present, and as I watched and listened, I had to fight back tears.

Both of sadness and of rage.

What these victims suffered – the abuse – the betrayals – the cover-ups and the concealment – proves the Jersey establishment spin to be the disgusting and festering pack of lies it is.

You can see this for yourselves – soon.

I’m not certain how fast the film crew can turn around this documentary piece – but I fully expect it to be quick.

It will be crucial viewing.

Watch this space – I’ll keep you posted as to the broadcast date & time.

Stuart Syvret.

28 thoughts on “News of Jersey: the Truth.

  1. Andrea

    it should have been you as chief Mininster and not that incompetent buffoon…..

    Simple as that!

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart,
    Thank you, be strong, and try to get some rest – the wheels are now in motion.
    SN, England

  3. Anonymous

    As regards cover-ups, I am not seeing anything in the press about the caretaker of Victoria College who I understand was convicted a few years prir to Le Breton resigning to become a Jurat.

  4. Anonymous

    At last someone finally has the guts to stand up against the ‘old boys club’. I have said for many years now how Jersey government was corrupt and as an ex civil servant how depressing it was to know that only the big boys were ever going to get a say in what the real people of Jersey actually need and want from the island. I hope after this disclosure the States of Jersey will get a good spring cleaning from the top right through to the bullying heads of departments. As far as the inquiry into Haut de la Garenne goes lets hope that it all is not laid at the feet of members of staff and the dreadful Edward Paisnel but the real villains. Having spent all of my childhood and schooling in St Martins and Grouville many of these children were and are friends of mine and many are now dead taking with them the horrors of their secret lives, which was clearly written all over their faces but noboby ever wanted to know. As for the rich fat cats Walker and the likes, idiot is too good a word for them. Congratulations Senator Syvret – who knows with a good spring clean maybe some of us old beans may be happy to return home !!

  5. PhilD


    just wanted to thank you for exposing this outrageous injustice and continuing stand up for justice.

    I’ve only just come across your blog. Interestingly, I thought I’d get the best information on what was going on from the local press in Jersey. Having perused the JEP website, I was shocked at how little information there was and how they seemed to be more focussed on the harm to Jersey’s international reputation than calling for justice. That in itself corroborates everything you’ve been saying about a cover up.

    I think Jersey’s politicians are truly disgusting. Kids in homes are the responsibility of those politicians — they have nobody else.

    This is one of the most shocking cases of institutionalised abuse I’ve ever read about. I feel so sorry for those poor little kids — how must have they felt!?

    Again, thank you for your efforts — you are a truly courageous, compassionate human being. Unlike the rest of Jersey’s political elite.

    PhilD, USA

  6. Anonymous

    stuart, you’ve got balls the size of an elephant’s and a strength of morality to match. i think you’ve done well over the last few days with your media appearances leaving the chief liar exposing himself for what he is. the groundswell of opinion is behind you, well done.

  7. Anonymous

    So sad to read of your former futile attempts to do right by the children. Your efforts are much appreciated I am sure and your exemplary actions have impressed many from afar such as I (the States.)
    Keep it up!

    JP, California, US

  8. Anonymous

    Thank you Stuart, its about time the bunch of Old Boy morons were removed, as cruel as it sounds, lets hope this goes beyond just an investigation into horrific crimes, lets hope that somehow this results in a shift in politcal power, then again that would just be asking to much.

    Im a 20 something IT proffesional, will i be here in 5 years time? Not a ******* chance, i can barely afford to pay rent let alone the coveted position of owning any kind of property bar a cardboard box ‘built’ by the local reprobate development company. 25% of my monthly income dissapeares in taxes/contributions immediately, a another half goes on rent and bills and then im left with the shrapnel to live on. Life enriching my arse!


    Stuart.. i hunting the web looking for how i can help out.. i hav yet to see or speak to anyone that actually agrees with walker.. wot a totally unaware intellectually retarded shell of just the worst type of jersey-men he has turned out to be . Reminds you of the school bully.

    honestly no words can express how much we all feel for you & are ready to support you in any action you take.

    stay strong, dont let these bastards faze you…

    like i say m8, if theres anything you need, maybe post it up here & we can help.. not gifts or charity.. just ways we can help you carry on without burning yourself out …. people really want to help & theres no way we can express it.. you tube & face book just isn’t enough..

  10. Poltroon


    You promised that the evidence you released on Tuesday would be “apocalyptic”. The national press have had it in their possesion for forty eight hours now and I can’t hear the horsemen. (are they in on the conspiracy too?)

    Do you consider that by turning the investigation at Haut de la Garrene in to a political football and critising serving officers that you may be putting victims off coming forward.

    Do you have any real evidence that serving politicians or carers knew about the events at HdelaG and if so have you submitted it to the police.

  11. Anonymous

    I’m a Jerseyman living in London. I watched the interview with Paxman with embarassment and shame!!
    The ‘authorities’ in Jersey still believe it better to criticize a politician who asked questions than to face up to the fact that its the system that is rotten to the core.
    Our reputation is now of an island of inbred child molesters and child torturers and looking from outside its hard to argue against the point when the ‘Chief Minister’ is more concerned with the ‘image’ of Jersey than finding out what happened to these poor kids!
    But when i lived in Jersey they called that the ‘Jersey way’
    It stinks!!!!

  12. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart
    I just want to send a message of support and hope so much that your courageous efforts to get the truth acknowledged and the perpetrators brought to justice is realised. Anyone who has worked with abuse survivors knows that those with power and ulterior motives will deny and try to cover-up the truth. It happens all the time whether the abuse happens in a family or an institution. Keep going, you are giving those who were abused a voice!
    VC, Devon

  13. Anonymous

    Stuart Syvret- i have listened to you thinking you have evidence for all these accusations. Up to now i have heard nothing- where is it ? You have said that the JEP is complicit in this cover up – YOU LIE and you know it – If i were to accuse like you i would be had up for libel by now- PUT UP OR SHUT UP .

  14. Anonymous

    Mr Syvret,

    I have been tracking events over the last few days and have found your behaviour to be nothing short of reprehensible. The lack of professionalism you have displayed in the face of the national media has been quite amazing. In particular, your display this afternoon when you ‘crashed’ a press conference to which you were not invited was quite frankly embarrassing.

    It is becoming quite clear that your aim from the very start of this torrid affair has been self-promotion along with the desire to bad mouth Jersey at every available opportunity. As a result of your behaviour the UK media have now started painting a picture of Jersey that is completely inaccurate, drawing comparisons to ‘The wicker man’ and suggesting that our finance industry is a heaven for dirty money. I even read one article which suggested Jersey residents collaborated with the Nazi’s during the occupation., something that has since been ‘covered up’.

    The only explanation I can come up with is that in a desperate attempt to take revenge on those who removed you from your post you are more than happy to take the rest of the island down with them. Would you please do us all a favour a take a lengthy holiday somewhere far away before you cost us all our livelihoods.

  15. Anonymous

    ANARCHY!!!! If there was ever a man to do it, challenge the states then your it!! MAN of the silent / supressed people. The deeper this goes the more people will back you up and its showing SLOOWLY, it will with time. CONGRATULATIONS in your bravery, some might say stupidity, but there full of S!^T GOOD on you mate and good luck!!

  16. Anonymous

    Walker press call fiasco – Watch full conference:

    Walker and his heavies/press officer try and keep Syvret silent in front of a giggling national press.

    A great actual demonstration of “Don’t rock the Jersey boat” in action!

    Also an actual illustration of Austin Mitchell’s point, made years ago, that: “There is nothing when that happens to offer protection to dissenters or mavericks from community ostracism.”


    “The unfriendly face of the friendly isle emerges when threats arise. In Jersey the worst threat is anything which draws attention to its internal affairs”.

    by Austin Mitchell Labour MP for Great Grimsby

  17. Anonymous

    What is beginning to rankle, after watching the Newsnight interview several times, is the complete lack of coverage in The JEP of Syvret’s intelligent, lucid and compassionate remarks within the interview.

    “The system here in Jersey has failed to protect vunerable children for decades and we’ve got to look at the systemic failiures within our public administrations”

    “The community is a good community, good people in it, but I’m afraid the inherent structural weaknesses in our system of government, in our establishment have led us to this”.

    This is not betraying/shafting Jersey, or it’s people. It is offering a critical analysis of several decades worth of government, and the weaknesses that have persisted within it’s structure. Weaknesses that could be and have been found, with similar awful consequences, around the world.

    It is also acknowledging that the people of jersey are generally a good people – which we all know, and this is a crime committed by a few and that this generally good community has been let down by the system.

    These words, quoted, would be far more comforting to the Island than a whole report about Walker being misquoted and then the next day considering the possibility of complaining.

    They seem to offer a fair and balanced appraisal of the situation.

  18. Anonymous

    Another voice to say thank you for being the voice of those who have been so very wronged, let down by a system that should protect. To say thank you for exposing the core of corruption and cover up. You have that courage, the conviction to ensure the ugly truth cannot be hidden.

    If only all politicians were as committed as you, the world would be a much better place. Keep strong and keep safe

  19. Anonymous

    All I can say is “Thank you” …. I went to school in Jersey (St. Helier Girls) I heard so many rumors of things that went on at Haute de la Garenne. A friend was living there and used to tell me truly terrible stuff but I was a kid myself then a never knew what to do. My own parents thought it was all her ‘imagination’ – So Sad now the truth is out! You are the best that has ever happened to Jersey’s corrupt political system. I remember you from junior school at Halkett Place – you always were the one to stick up for the kids being picked on and to teachers too if I remember rightly. Thank God you never changed and just got stronger, your the wind of change that Jersey so badly needs. I married a Swede and live in Sweden now, but the odd thing about Jersey is that it never really leaves your heart. I think they should knock down that terrible building of suffering and make a open park for remembrance and tranquility.

  20. Rob Kent

    ‘anonymous’ said:

    “this afternoon when you ‘crashed’ a press conference to which you were not invited…”

    That is not true, is it? He was told about it and invited to attend by the members of the international press for whose purpose it was being given. Presumably they were as interested in his response as they were in Frank Walker’s statement and they thought he should be there.

    The fact that Frank Walker held the party but his guests wanted to bring someone else along is more of an embrassment for Frank Walker than Stuart Syvret.

    The little pantomime where the functionaries dismantled the official States of Jersey backdrop behind Stuart Syvret (even though he is still in the States as I understand) was a delightful moment of farce. It’s fortunate for Mr Syvret that they didn’t also own the microphones otherwise they would have been unplugged as well.

    The powerful have always wanted to own the means of expression but that doesn’t work any more.

    Also, why are there so many anonymous comments on this subject? If you have an opinion and it is not illegal, why the need to hide behind anonymity?

    “I cannot praise a fugitive and cloistered virtue, unexercised and unbreathed, that never sallies out and sees her adversary…” John Milton

    Rob Kent,

  21. Anonymous

    > The lack of professionalism you have displayed in the face of the national media
    ** haha, not so – Stuart was far more profressional by a long chalk, and always has been. Quite obviously Frank’s moral and intellectual superior, as reflected by their last election results.

    >’crashed’ a press conference to which you were not invited was quite frankly embarrassing.
    ** it wasn’t ‘crashed’ and was hilariously embarrassing for Frank and his supporters… I’m not surprised you (the anon commenter) found it embarrassing – it made Frankie boy a laughing stock yet again as evidenced by the press giggles.. the press aren’t stupid, they can see what’s going on (that’s why Paxman was quite rightly on the Good Ship SS rather than the leaky dinghy FW)

    > clear that your aim from the very start of this torrid affair has been self-promotion..
    ** promotion of ISSUES in the interests of fairness and justice, not SELF promotion

    > ..along with the desire to bad mouth Jersey at every available opportunity.
    ** no, only the bad aspects of Jersey, for the right reasons

    > UK media.. picture of Jersey that is completely inaccurate
    ** An inevitable unfortunate byproduct of Stuart’s campaign for justice. Hardly Stuart’s fault, and it was bound to happen one day.

    > desperate attempt to take revenge on those who removed you from your post
    ** You really don’t get it, do you? There’s none so blind as those who won’t see Stuart’s innate fairness and principles.

    > before you cost us all our livelihoods.
    ** Bingo – there’s your motive… like Frankie, it’s not about the rights and wrongs of children’s suffering, it’s all about the money, isn’t it?

    Thank God for sending us Stuart!

  22. Anonymous

    I would like to inform Frank Walker via this very popular blog, that your claims that Stuart Syvret is out to ‘Shaft Jersey Internationally’ as with all your other claims against him are completely unsubstantiaded, and indeed a futile effort to discredit him.

    For your information Mr. Walker, it was me, Elaine Gosse who called in the International media, and asked them to speak to Stuart Syvret. If you look through past comments on this blog, this can be verified by date and time when I let Stuart know of this. I have original emails to back this up. Stuart does not know me, nor have I ever met him, so it was not something procured between the two of us, it was me, a 100% Jersey person who is sick of all your cover up, and I had every right to ask the International Press to invetigate these matters, which they could have declined.

    However, due to their findings, more and more International press have shown huge interest in this, and in talking to Stuart. He is not, and never has been trying to ‘Shaft Jersey Internationally’, however, you seem to be managing to do that perfectly well yourself Mr Frank Walker.

    As for your comments that Stuart was not invited to your press conference, actually he was, maybe not by you, but the media themselves invited him. They wanted him there whether you liked it or not, which you made clear in your very childish manner that you did not.

    Millions around the world are viewing online each pathetic episode of yours . You are the one shafting Jersey Internationally, and making the good people of Jersey (I do not include yourself in that) look very bad indeed.

    Elaine Gosse

  23. Anonymous

    Well done stuart , u are a man of great promise! it saddens me and i think most people of jersey to see what has happened,this island is run like a dictatorship, how come the people of jersey never got to vote on who became first minister , it was a done deal. this island moves in one way walkers way! upset him at your peril.i was at st heleir boys school , and was mr vibert at the time now head of education, i saw students hit accross the face by one member of staff and another teacher would use his knuckles to hit u on the back of the head i saw this on many occasions and were told theres no coverups, where was u mr vibert looking the other way

  24. Infidel


    Are the police checking what the various churches on the island have to say about their contact with HdlG?

    Consider what we know already as fact. Church of England currently conducting an internal enquiry into child abuse and its cover-up, following two/three court cases last year in which its employees were jailed and the church shown to have covered the abusers’ tracks. Do I need to mention the Catholic church? Global abuse over decades, global cover-up over decades, thousands of abusers, even more thousands of victims.

    Is it possible Jersey has escaped from these abuse scandals, or the practice of moving abusive priests to unsuspecting parishes where their crimes were not made known to local congregations, far less the proper authorities? On an island community like Jersey which is close-knit and evidently has a reputation for closing ranks, it would seem to be the perfect safe haven for abusers to be sent out of the way and out of immediate public glare, don’t you think?

    Given the pastoral role the churches have with vulnerable groups, presumably an assortment of vicars, priests and other Christian community leaders had contact with HdlG – heck, it even shares a boundary with Gouray church, doesn’t it?

    So are questions being asked of the churches on Jersey as to what they knew of the goings-on at this home and other palces, who their representatives were at various times in the last three or four decades, what pastoral visits they undertook, etc? Are they part of the conspiracy of silence and concealment that you speak about?

    I mean, it’s not as though they haven’t got “form”, is it? I assume the police will want to “eliminate them from their investigations”?


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