Ah – the joys of cyberspace.

The ability to express oneself as – and how – one feels. No burdensome and restrictive mediation of what one wishes to say by the conventional media.

A natural environment for someone like me – who says it how they see it.

As regular readers may have gathered – I do not have a reputation for my skills in tact and diplomacy.

I have, by the standards of politicians, been pretty honest throughout my ‘career’. The consequence of this approach has been to bring down upon myself virtually total hatred from most other politicians and other members of the Jersey oligarchy. (Hello, Phil.)

The flip-side of this has been a pretty high level of public popularity which manifested itself in me coming first in the poll during my last two elections.

But that was back in the days when I used to run for election; when I thought being a politician could be a good thing.

Thank Christ those days are over.

So, in addition to the freedoms of citizen media – I am also in the happy position of, officially, “Not Giving A Monkey’s” in respect of what consequences – what further oppressions – the Jersey oligarchy can visit upon me. They simply have no power over me any more.

In the famous words of Bob Dylan:

“When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose”.

So I simply have no further need to humour the collection of shysters, cretins and over-promoted megalomaniacs of which the Jersey establishment is comprised.

So – I was pleased to see that an old adversary of mine has a letter published in tonight’s Jersey Evening Post.

(By the way, Ritchie, thanks for giving my blog a ‘plug’. First ever mention in The Rag. I look forward to my readership increasing.)

Check out the letter and read it for yourself. Here’s the address:


The letter is, in various ways, comically inaccurate, partial, wilfully misleading – and replete with straight-forward lies.

I will, when priorities permit, write a detailed response to it – but somehow I doubt The Rag will print it.

In which case – I will post my reply here, so watch this space.

But for the time being, let me inform you of a really rather key set of facts which the author omits from his epistle.

The man in question is one Mr Richard Brocken – now a multi-millionaire property developer and speculator – but who, apparently, had little wealth when first moving to Jersey.

He made his fortune here.

An admirable effort, I say. Nothing like a bit of initiative and drive to improve one’s lot.

Just a pity that – back in those early days – his “business” – err – habits were somewhat unconventional.

These included stealing other firms scaffolding, for which he was convicted. It is also well-known amongst the Jersey construction fraternity that he wasn’t averse to collecting his debts with the help of a length of 2 x 4.

Essentially – he is a typical example of that specie, the Latter-Day Jersey Spiv.

Speaking of which – very good friends – indeed – with the Housing Minister, Senator Terry Le Main – himself a man whose business methods have, in days gone by, included such approaches as importing stolen cars – and forging people’s signatures.

Mr. Broken spent around £2.3 million in purchasing a knackered old flea-pit of a hotel which adjoins the Jersey General Hospital.

His plan was to re-develop the site as a private hospital – a scheme which his own advisers said would only be viable if “the risk was shared” with the public hospital.

His plan was to be thus relived of having to bother with the inconvenience of building his private hospital with the full and necessary range of facilities and services a stand-alone medical centre would need.

Instead, the decades of investment by Jersey tax-payers in their health service would enable Mr. Brocken’s scheme to piggy-back upon the public services of the Jersey General Hospital.

But – in a further example of Mr. Brocken’s undoubted entrepreneurial skills – this wasn’t the only “clever” aspect of his plans.

His private hospital would have siphoned-off the profitable private medical treatment provided in the General Hospital – and which generates an income for the public purse. This would have deprived Health & Social Services of an important source of income.

I and my Committee considered Mr. Brocken’s “proposal” – and rejected it.

Every single piece of professional advice we received was absolutely clear – the Brocken proposal brought no meaningful benefit to the public interest – and worse – it would have been harmful to the effective running of the General Hospital, and would have deprived the public service of an important source of income.

So Mr. Brocken gambled – and lost.

He blew £2.3 million of his money in buying the site – in the misguided belief that I would respond in “The Jersey Way”; essentially – apply zero rational thought – and passively role-over to his demands because it was a “Business” proposal – and therefore “A Good Thing”.

So, unfortunately for Mr Broken, he had the grave misfortune to be the first local “Le Business Man” – to have a big-bucks speculation thwarted by an honest politician.

£2.3 million – blown on a pile of crap – and the culture shock of not receiving the customary and expected surrender of the public interest.

Naturally – he has waged unremitting war on me ever since.

It is actually quite funny – but useful as well – in that it illustrates so perfectly the festering malignity of naked self-interest, greed, stupidity, philistinism – and contempt for the public good which characterises the unchallenged and absolute power of the Jersey oligarchy. (Err- did I say ‘hello’, Phil?)

I think that being sued for ‘defamation’ – and thus bankrupted – would actually be a rather splendid way of signing-off from politics.

Apposite, no?

My political demise at the hands of spivs – who are supported by your “traditional” politicians – and given “justice” by a judicial apparatus which cheerfully includes amongst its number, people who concealed child abuse and individuals who failed to prosecute those guilty of that concealment.

As I said, I will write a reply to Mr. Brocken’s missive – but it isn’t a priority.

I have two main tasks upon which I am concentrating.

Firstly, attempting to ensure that the courts in Jersey are capable of meeting the test of the ‘appearance of objectivity’ essential to any respectable judicial process.

Secondly, helping to establish a Jersey branch of the Care Leavers Association in order to provide direct and much-needed assistance to the survivors of the Jersey child abuse disaster.

I will write more concerning this second initiative in the next couple of days. Real support for abuse survivors is desperately needed here. And in that respect, I am happy to report that not only have I had an initial discussion with the Care Leavers Association – I have also had a much-appreciated offer of legal support and representation for the victims.

So – the important work continues.

As for Ritchie, Tel-boy, Phil and Frank – they, or others like them, will carry on wielding the power in Jersey.

The rest of you? – well, good luck.

You’re going to need it.

Stuart Syvret.

10 thoughts on “OF CHANCERS AND SPIVS.

  1. Benjamin Langlois

    “This man [Senator Syvret] is a danger to his fellow politicians, a danger to the public and a danger to the Jersey way of life which he quite obviously seeks to destroy”

    That is quite honestly the most extreme and inaccurate description of you I have ever come across; I almost laughed until I realised he was being serious.

    You are fighting for Jersey, I am a Jerseyman, ergo you are fighting for me, and for that I thank you.

  2. Sprocket

    The world is quite lucky to have your blog reports, Senator Syvret.

    There are many here in the US who commend your courage in coming forward with your thoughts on the Jersey establishment as well as your effords in shining a bright light on the decades of secrets and corruption.

    I’m hoping that the international press continues to do what the JEP and establishment has tried to prevent and that is, tell the truth.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh you just have to laugh at that letter!!! I would reply to it, but knowing that the JEP will not print it, they never print my letters, I shall just treat it with the contempt and laughter that it, and its author deserves.

    Good to see your regulars blogs are seemingly more cheery Stuart, you can’t carry the burden of all these victims on your shoulders alone, you have to have some quality, leisurly relaxing time for yourself, for your health’s sake, and reading between your blog lines it seems like you are getting a better balance, bravo.

    I’m sure that, thanks to the JEP, Google Trends will be showing an increase in searches for ‘Stuart Syvret blog’, which has been growing and growing for some time now.

    Oh, and just because I know he’ll be reading this, I’d also like to say ‘hello Phil’!!

  4. Anonymous

    I thought the letter would make you break out in print, so no surprise there!Re your blog entry, I suspect Hill Street will be instructed and that you will make at least a headline in the JEP. I suspect that the author of said letter, will blow his toupe when he reads your blog, what a rare species a FW supporter – how right wing – I wonder if he’d consider starting a new social movment for all likeminded millionaires, may be they could hold a rally in the square…….oh yeah!

  5. Anonymous

    Richie, as you’re probably reading, let me put this to you: Firstly, may I commend you on your tremendous efforts to attempt to compose a highly intelligent letter, duly – typically, no expectedly – printed in a modernised equivalent of ‘Das Reich’ and rightfully worthy of it’s inclusion in this establishment’s rhetoric investigative Rag which freely uses imagery and drama intertwined with emotions and myth, proudly boasting – amongst its paleontological elite – it can be used to prove anything to anyone. Your letter, which sadly, but in a humerus manner is actually a transparent explanation of your own political stance; supporters of the “good old” values of linear thinking and cronyism (look it up Richie); plutocratic minions who adorn Jersey’s wealth poll (yes, we know who you are) and obtain immense financial rewards profiting from lax regulations created by this increasingly incompetent paleolithical ‘establishment’ elected by their congruent hominids – I wonder if you too were a first born Richie? Secondly, the audacity of an aphaniptera, to question the integrity of the real ‘indigenous’ people (you excessively use the word ‘our’, do you mean the ‘establishment’?), their truthful, realistic interpretation of the ‘Jersey way of life’ and the ‘local judiciary’ and the list goes on; cronyism (did you look it up?) should not be the political regime of Jersey. Finally, if you’re still reading, do you own a yacht Richie…oh, and how much do you get paid?

    ‘One hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like. But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child’ – Unknown

  6. Anonymous

    I don’t know if Richie owns a floating gin palace but he’s just bought a private jet! It would be nice to know who’s going to be given free rides on it.
    Watch this space!!!!

  7. Tom Perry

    Political Capital out of Suffering?

    Senator Walker’s media appearances demonstrate an addiction to the defence of “reputation,” whatever Jersey’s might be, seemingly at the expense of the search for truth and the delivery of justice. He is following the established and mistaken precedent of all institutions caught out by abuse, we all know them. They include churches, schools, care homes, and locally to me a residential care home for handicapped children.

    The Senator’s appearances consistently suggest that the ongoing Police investigation will start and finish at the gates to Haut de la Garenne. He habitually fails to acknowledge that for perfectly obvious reasons the States of Jersey will inextricably be part of the criminal investigation. Care of children and their alleged abuse whilst in a Government run home will prompt such investigations. It is therefore a political and potential criminal matter that will reach into the Jersey States. To think otherwise is fatuous.

    It is this great unspoken fact which makes Senator Walker’s statements look and sound hollow. The consistent implication one receives from his comments is that the cause of Haut de la Garenne lies exclusively with the perpetrators, and the Government is somehow disassociated from the Home. It is a profoundly unwise strategy.

    The greatest, and perhaps as yet unseen, danger for the people of Jersey comes if the administration is seen to be
    less than utterly ruthless, unremitting and relentless in its quest for truth and justice ‘no matter where the investigation leads.’ If this happens the administration will hang the “paedophiles welcome” sign on the islands entrances, and those responsible for the first, and following, plane loads of career paedophiles arriving at Jersey Airport will be the politicians. Despite the genie being ‘out of the bottle’ Senator Walker’s words are short of political commitment to truth and justice ‘no matter where the investigation leads.’ His agenda remains the defence of reputation at almost any cost. This puts an enormous metaphoric tick next to Jersey as a preferred holiday destination for those with an unhealthy interest in the young.

    If this nightmare scenario happens, cheerleader Richard Brocken will have plenty to regret. Paedophiles will be watching and exchanging emails about Jersey. They will be watching and listening for each slip and stumble made by Senator Walker and the administration. They recognise the patois of concealment and cover up, and it attracts a loyal and committed paedophile following.

  8. Anonymous

    Did he buy it now to avoid paying GST on it?Also is the fuel exempt from tax too?
    Maybe his mate the accountant ,who stood for election in recent years,has given him the wisdom of his advice.
    His attack in JEP,smacks very much of sour grapes,and does not reflect how a lad from one of the roughest parts of Liverpool was educated .Maybe words were put into his mouth ?
    Also,will be quicker to leave the sinking ship,than the rest of us mere mortals who have to wait until HD ferries get their parts delivered!!

  9. Crapaud in exile

    I can remember Richie from way back, around 30 years ago, when he was half of that well known double act “Brocken & Fitzpatrick”. I will never forget this man as he was one of the most unpleasant men I ever met. I remember his old scaffolding lorries coming to refuel at the garage I worked at. He accused the garage staff of theft because he didn’t want to pay for the oils etc that had been added to his lorries. Lots of innocent staff were put under suspicion due to his unwillingness to pay for goods that he knew he had received but would rather not pay for. A very dishonest man, in my opinion. Hope this is not libellous Stuart, but I can swear it is 100% true.

  10. Stuart Syvret

    From Stuart Syvret

    Re: ‘Crapaud in Exile’ & ‘hope it’s not libellous.’

    Yeah – it may well be. But hey! Who gives a monkey’s?

    It has always been only a matter of time until m’learned friends begin siphoning off vast sums of cash from these mugs.

    They say a fool and his money are easily parted.

    As said previously, I have nothing to lose. So when the gorillas’ with the writ come knocking on the door I can just regard it as a bit of entertainment. I will represent myself – and I will plead ‘justification’ and ‘fair comment’ in my defence.

    And if I lose – a dead certainty if any parts of the Jersey judiciary are involved – hey – they can take my knackered old car; hell – they can even take over my overdraft if they wish.

    Once bankrupted I’ll be able to leave Jersey politics on a cleansing high.

    I so look forward to doing meaningful work – with real, decent people. There is a limit to just how long a man can carry on working in the presence politicians.

    Stuart Syvret.


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