Readying The Speech;

Preparing for the Raid;

Laughing at the Jersey Media.

Before I get going – I should inform loyal readers that the States assembly finishes tomorrow (Tuesday) for the Christmas break – and we all know what that means – don’t we!

Yes – it’s infamous speech time again.

Another occasion upon which I will incur the wrath of my “esteemed” colleagues, cause the Bailiff to halt proceedings and cut my microphone, reduce the assembly to a boiling tumult of bellowing fury and chaos, have other members come up to my desk and scream abuse in my face until I’m on the cusp of actually punching them, cause democracy to break-down, threaten the very foundations of civil-society, engender mayhem and bloodshed – by –

Oh, you know – giving a reflective Christmas speech which expresses empathy and recognition to child abuse survivors.

I know – it’s an atrocity upon the face of democracy – a treasonous act – for which the death-sentence should be re-introduced – but I just can’t help myself.

Actually – I don’t have a clue right now what I’m going to attempt to say.

But don’t worry – I’ll think of something!

I’m sorry I can’t give you precise times, as the Christmas speeches are delivered at the end of proceedings – all I can do is speculate that it will be at some point before lunch-time – so listen in, or better still, come down to the public gallery. And don’t worry if I’m prevented from giving the speech, I’ll just come and do it outside in the Square.

So – let’s round-up a few more tragi-comic facets of the ever-continuing farce of the Jersey polity – as it struggles under the novel burden of reality – much as an ant might, beneath a steam-roller.

Firstly, let’s take a look at my very good friends – the “new management” of the States of Jersey Police Force.

As you may recollect – imagining that policing is as unaccountable as it was in London in the 1960s – Warcup & Gradwell have – following instruction from that other very good friend of mine, Bill Bailhache – got some of their UK-based mates to harass and intimidate me.

Yep – they really are that stupid.

If you’ve read an earlier posting, you will recollect my formal e-mailed response to the UK police, which was – “you’ll never take me alive, copper!”

Apparently – and please bear with me as I know this stretches the bounds of credibility – I merit legal threat, intimidation by the authorities, having my home raided, my files seized, this blog shut down – and being arrested and prosecuted – all because I – allegedly – have been in receipt of leaked information.

All this whilst the perpetrators of a huge number of child abuse atrocities – and the concealment of abuse – remain happily ensconced in highly-paid jobs – in which, in some cases, they’re receiving £200,000 of tax-payers’ money – per annum.

Funny old world, innit?

So, in all seriousness, I’m actually expecting police raids and arrest any day now. Hell – it could even happen now – as I sit typing these words.

I know it’s coming – because the establishment politicians know all about the impending raid – and have been rushing around excitedly blathering about it in anticipation – rather like the mother of a bride, just before her wedding.

One can’t help but observe – it seems somewhat ironic that these politicians can be in receipt of this unlawfully leaked knowledge concerning an imminent operational policing activity – and that’s just fine.

But if I’m in possession of allegedly leaked public interest disclosure information – I have to get dragged away like an east-end gangster in an episode of The Sweeney.

Strange days; I hope some social psychologists read this blog – as the parallel universe Groupthink displayed by the Jersey authorities would, I’m sure, make a fascinating case-study.

As I said – a polity engaged in a futile struggle against reality.

Rumour has it the raid has been held over until the States assembly has finished for the year – at least.

Or that policing and legal actions against me are being held in abeyance until the UK parliament has finished for Christmas, so the MPs I’m in touch with won’t be able to make a fuss about it for a month or so.

We shall see.

In the mean time, someone ought to explain to the plod that so telegraphed have these putative actions been that – guess what?

All of my records – a most fascinating collection accumulated stray examples of the truth – are all safely stashed in a very – very – safe place. Essentially – nowhere in Jersey.

Oh well – maybe they’ll just be content with sending around an armed response team – so they can shoot me through the head. That seems to be a preferred modus operandi of the Met – who have been roped in by Warcup & Gradwell in an effort to stitch-up Lenny Harper & Graham Power.

I can see it now:

“I had to ventilate the bastard sarge, he was goin’ for his piece.”

Incidentally, although space does not allow me to elaborate at present, I can inform you that Warcup & Gradwell have got themselves into a really rather foolish hole.

Trying to do me for disclosing information in the public interest – whilst themselves rampantly leaking classified police data to national journalists, and, moreover, doing so in a way calculatedly designed to mislead.

Don’t ever think these issues are going away, guys. Like I said in an e-mail to you – you are both in a situation in which you are completely out of your depth.

Merry Christmas.

Speaking of which – let us spare a few reflections upon the striding titans of Jersey’s Fourth Estate.

For the very first time – at least as far as I can remember – Rankine Television did an investigative piece of reportage!

Channel Television, the local collection of social-climbing air-head TV hacks – who are controlled and operated by Glenn Rankine and his wife. This delightful couple being very close friends of Big Frank & Phil Ozouf and the rest of the gang. Indeed – Glenn – half-brain – Rankine is Ozouf’s and MacLean’s spin-doctor.

Yes – for the first time ever – they got heavy – and exposed Nelliegate!

Never mind corruption! Child abuse! Graft! Lies! Cronyism and decadence!

Rankine Television goes right to the heart of the real issues!

Jersey’s youngest States member, Jeremy Macon – taking advice from his mother!

As revealed in a leaked e-mail!

Quick – hold the front page! – Err – well, whatever you call it in TV news.

The words pathetic and contemptible barely do justice to this collection of utter clowns.

Look – Jeremy at least has an excuse – he has just got elected – at the tender age of 21.

Jimmy Perchard – by way of contrast – must be knocking on the door of his bus pass around now. And he takes his mother’s advice on all kinds of issues.

She even came to look upon him, in a proprietorial manner, from the public gallery as he made his pitch for the Health Ministry the other day.

I trust CTV will now be door-stepping him – and trying to sell the syndicated rights to the story. I’m sure the New York Times will want to run it.

And what of The Rag?

It trundles along – rolling inevitably to the cliff-edge of its demise.

They were clearly stung somewhat at our exposing of their habit of publishing fake, manufactured letters. Having temporarily given up on the outrightly fictitious – they’re reduced to printing the equally customary tranche of spin-doctored letters – to which real people have been persuaded to add their names.

And amongst this North-Korean plethora of brain-washing tripe – some real examples of utter cretinism creep in.

Take, for example, a recent letter from one Terry Gallichan, of St. Mary.

A truly bizarre and incoherent rant concerning the Christmas speech. He states – with apparent approval – that “tradition is more representative than democracy”.


Would that be traditions like tribal warfare? Infanticide, perhaps, as “traditionally” practised by some chthonic peoples? Lynching, maybe? A strong “tradition” in certain southern States of the USA. Perhaps he means the “tradition” of unquestioning deference to one’s feudal lords and masters?

I guess we’ll never know. Let’s face it – a man who writes such a cracker-barrel letter to The Rag – and is forgetful enough to neglect mentioning the fact that he is a Freemason – and the husband of Deputy Juliette Gallichan – just can’t be expected to grasp such notions as coherence.

And what of our old friend Anna Plunkett-Cole?

Those with a longer memory will recollect that Ms. Plunkett-Cole – around this time last year – wrote a truly moronic screed in her Saturday column – which ranted on about just how frightfully, frightfully dreadful I was – for committing the heinous offence of attempting to express some empathy for abuse survivors in my Christmas speech; an article in which she devoted an entire – whole – 13 words of reference to the victims of abuse.

I was reminded of those 13 little words – grudgingly shoehorned into her vacuous ramblings – when reading her column last Saturday.

Think of all the terrible things going on in the world? Hell – think of all the terrible things which have gone on in Jersey? Contemplate the vast array of serious challenges this community faces in an utterly changed world.

What, do we imagine, Ms. Plunkett-Cole devoted the majority of her privileged little stage to?

War and Wars’ alarums? Impending economic bankruptcy? President elect Obama’s avowed aim to shut down tax-havens?

Nope. Apparently – the fact that I was rude to a political colleague in an e-mail supplants all such piffling crisies.

Poor Anna never was terribly bright. Oh, and by the way, Anna – do please tell you friend Whaleman to stop stalking my partner.

It’s becoming extremely tiresome.

So – there you go – a few brief reflections from the front line. Basically – it’s business as usual.

And the struggles of decent people against the stagnant and putrid midden of power in Jersey continue.

I hope I can think of something suitable for the speech tomorrow – I simply wouldn’t wish to let my colleagues down. Especially after all this anticipation.

I’ll write again soon – provided I’m not in the nick by then.



  1. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    If they seize your computer, how safe or otherwise are the posters on this blog?

  2. Anonymous

    In case I’m away over the Christmas period… Can I get in first and say


    Steve (oij)

  3. Senator Stuart Syvret

    How Safe?

    As safe as anything can be on the Internet.

    I have always run an extremely liberal posting policy – for just such reasons.

    People are able to post to this blog in total anonymity.

    There is no way I can see the ip addresses or anything of that nature.

    But even if I did require registration – as most other sites do – \I wpouldnt hold such registration data locally on this machine. Instead it would be held by blogger.com.

    And I’ll say this for the Americans, they’re pretty hot when it comes to freedom of speech.


  4. Rob Kent

    Good luck, with the speech and the arrest.

    Will they send nine anti-terrorist officers to knock your door down with a sledge-hammer?

    Didn’t the JEP have a copy of that report? Maybe they can waterboard a few of them as well.

    In fact, they could do it in the Royal Square and institute a new Jersey tradition: ‘The Waterboarding of the Nonconformists’.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart

    Thanks for the reassurance – good to know that there is a bastion of free speech left in Jersey.

    Guess that’s why your blog is so popular.

  6. Anonymous

    The Jersey Legal Establishment

    Hi Stuart,

    Can I wish you the best of luck and say how interesting your possible arrest is.
    ‘Top’ Jersey lawyers have for years regarded the consumption of vast meals washed down with bottles of liquor as adequate long term professional development.
    Not only that but their lazy underlings with crap degrees have posed as hot shot international consultants.
    If the political dipsticks go with their advice, and bear in mind this is the people that delivered the multimillion pound Le Pas disaster to the island, then it should be another leg kicked out from under TLS’s already wonky administration!

  7. Anonymous

    I agree. That Nelligate shit was hardly front-line investigative reporting. I seriously doubt Eric Blakely and his news team would stick the boot in to any establishment politicians like that – have they ever done so? Poor Jeremy was an easy target. Everyone seemed to think it was a great story, whereas I think, as you said, it was contemptable and pathetic.

  8. Anonymous


    Not wishing to teach you to suck eggs mate but please make sure you have a couple of people on hand with cameras/video equipment if you do your speech outside in the square!.
    If things do go awry then they will have valuable footage of “democracy” in action here in Jersey.

    And remember the “Danny Wherry Technique” – just say no comment to every question they ask you and youll be home in time for Emmerdale!


  9. Anonymous

    regards the statues in the previous blog – I have driven past them for many years, but have never noticed the obscene one until I read about it your blog. It is astonishing! Also astonishing is why you elected to publish a number of postings alleging that the obscene stature belonged to mr k? anyone who doesn’t read your blog every day might well be telling a wider audience this lie, as they would not have discovered the truth in the later postings.

    do you not care whether innocent people are libelled on your blog?

  10. donchais


    Good luck with the speech!

    Not that I want to see it, but should you get arrested, be assured we will have a field day with that story – “freedom of speech” and all!

  11. Anonymous

    I shall be tuned into my wireless and wish you luck, how about a Mandelaesq peace and reconcilliation type of slant with a bit of social justice thrown in!
    I thought that you spoke very well in the arse(!)sembly this week, so I am hoping that you will deliver more of the same!
    I also hope that if TLM pipes up this year that he gets his grammar right!

  12. Anonymous

    I bet some hack at the JEP has already prepared a double page spread detailing your demise, yo are after all PUBLIC ENEMY Numero 1!

  13. TonyTheProf

    I look forward to the speech with interest, but try to keep it shorter and more focused this year; your recent speeches in the house (the Home Affairs pitch) show that you are well able to do this when you want.

  14. Anonymous

    Hello Stuart.
    I’m sure you did this post with tongue in cheek!! There’s no way you will be arrested or your house raided, they would really be shooting themselves in the foot if they did.
    Lets not forget the one thing, that the establishment and the police dont want international publicity about Jersey, ooh no it could affect the finance industry our sacred golden goose. Having said that, if they did try in anyway to silence you then they really are as stupid as you state.

  15. Steve

    Ditto to all of the above posters Stuart! Good luck in whatever comes your way m8.

    With regard to our pathetic local media, just follow my example. I haven’t for many years bought, listened to or watched any of it: so am living in blissful ignorance.

    On the very rare moments when my guard slips and I catch a glimpse of the 12 year old presenters of CTV or listen accidentally to the yawn inducing junk that passes for BBC Radio Jersey, I find a quick visit here brings me back to this dimension!

    One thing is for sure Stuart;the worlds a changing and our esteemed leadership doesn’t have a clue on how to cope!

    Remember – “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.” – Albert Einstein.

    PS: Why should any of us fear using this blog or any other for that matter?

  16. Anonymous

    Computer CD discs are very useful. They can be hidden just about anywhere, and they are very cheap, less than 20p each.

    I had my home broken into a few years ago. The strange thing was that no money or valubles were taken, as far as I could see the only thing that went missing was a document file of letters.

    The good thing was that I had made copies of everything – I always do. I make several cd’s every now and then, and they are hidden with people I trust.

    If anything untoward happened to you Stuart there would be pandamonium because everyone would know who had done it.

    You do not need to spend a lot of money in order to protect yourself. If you are on very good terms with all of your neighbours that is excellent. It does pay to be neighbourly, chatting and gossipping over the garden fences might seem very old fashioned to some people, but not only is it pleasant to get on with your neighbours and have conversations about dahlias and perrenial borders and things, it is also quite a good deterrant for illegal police activity if there is going to be a worried posse of neighbours watching and taking videos and photos of any untoward actions. It can be quite off putting.

    I am all for sharing and caring. I never complain about nosy neighbours. It is a comforting thought to know that if there was to be any illegal police harassment that they would have to arrest the whole street!

    Yes, you can get some very cheap DIY emergency alarm systems. Also, as an extra precaution, those little hand held alarms are excellent, they make a huge amount of noise, they can be hung on bedposts and hidden under pillows, and if the neighbours know in advance of the harassment and the precautions put into place, they would come running even if it was in the usual police activity harassment time of the wee small hours.


  17. Anonymous


    There are very few exceptions to these rules – none of which should apply to you.

    You do not have to say ‘no comment’. You do not have to say a single word at the police station. You do not even have to confirm your presence there.

    You do not have to sign a single document at the police station.

    It is probably best, on arrival at the police station, if you simply curl up in a ball during the interview and try to get some sleep. There is nothing much they can do.

    Perhaps, while the tape recorder is running, start screaming in pain occasionally and shouting out “don’t hit me any more copper”.

    The police don’t like it up ’em.

  18. Anonymous

    I watched a good documentary last night. The Night of the Long Knives.

    For those who don’t know, it was the night the SS and Gestapo, Hitler’s private police force, rounded up all his political adversary’s and executed them for speaking out against him.

    Goebbels, the controller of the German media, created a master piece of spin to prevent the public knowing the truth. Those executed had simply been ‘removed from their posts’.

    Not quite sure the establishment’s private police force will execute you but I see similarities in tactics and the use of the media.

    Isn’t this what we fought against Hitler for or is the real tragedy here the denigration of the Jersey way?

  19. Anonymous

    Well done your speech hit the right spot!

    I doubt you will be lifted over Christmas, unless that is the constabulary will want to do their Christmas shopping here, and that is highly unlikely as it is sooo expensive!

    So sit tight and expect an early morning raid, first week of Jan!

    You have worked tirelessly and in the face of fierce opposition for the underdogs of this island and although the battle is far from over, rest assured that you have many supporters out here, not only in cyber space but also on the ground!……………Happy New Year to youo and all bloggers on this site if it is shut down don’t worry another BLOG will open………. ad infinitum

  20. Anonymous

    Well done on the speech. That will have earned you a lot more respect than anything more contentious at this point (they would have called you a petulant little boy or something).

    Nicely judged. With statesmanlike behaviour like that you’ll win valuable support. I sense a very interesting 3 years ahead, and you can achieve a lot if you stay cool, pick your battles wisely and work with the others on your side while giving the more shallow herds of the public nothing to criticise about your behaviour. That minority will eventually grudgingly come to realise you were right all along once they’re not too busy picking holes in your performance.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  21. Anonymous

    Sruart, failing all else, offer the cops a bibe to give you the key to the cell!

    It’s worked before, and if any are like thier boss (Warcup) then it should’nt be to difficult to get the evidence against you shredded.

    After all, the SoJP force has trained to do things the `Jersey Way’. Big Frank must be ever so proud!

    Oh yeah, if your a bit short at the moment i’m sure we would all chip in, although Jersey cops like many states members and employees come pretty cheep so I hear!

  22. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    Remember that the SOJP are famous for finding evidence during a raid by placing it themselves. It may be worth setting up a few cameras around your home.

  23. voiceforchildren


    As much as I was looking forward to filming your Xmas sppech in the square, I can’t say I am dissapointed.

    If you were to have spoken the truth, as you have been, you would have just given the oligharcy more ammunition to throw at you for being a trouble maker.

    It was a well delivered speech, one that will have most of the halfwits scratching their heads wondering what the hell is going on!

    There is more than one way to skin a cat!

  24. Anonymous

    Don’t worry about the Times story. The truth of what happened at Haut de la Garenne and how the authorities have tried in vain to cover it up will not go away this time.

    There have been far too many of these abuse cover ups. I’ve said this before, but the Staffordshire Pindown investigation was an absolute farce. Some really good people tried to reveal what had happened, but the gang of villians who were in positions of power and authority pulled off all kinds of dirty tricks to cover up the truth.

    There are too many of us this time for that to happen again. We survivors from other institutions won’t let the Haut de la Garenne abuse be buried. We know what they did to us, and we won’t let it happen to you guys.

    So don’t worry about newspaper articles like that Mick Hume one. Mick Hume obviously has been lucky enough not to suffer institutional child abuse and vindictive malicous persecution. There are plenty of us who have, and we’re going to stand by you people until you see justice at last.

    And if Stuarts blog gets closed down, another will start up virtually straight away. So don’t worry, you WILL see justice – these wicked people will not get away with what they have done, no matter how much media influence they might think they have.


  25. Anonymous

    “If they seize your computer, how safe or otherwise are the posters on this blog?”
    Stuart needs our support ,stop thinking about yourself and show support i for one could care less if they found out i had the guts to support a real man of principle .You can count on me Stuart

  26. Anonymous

    Not counting The Constables, I can count at least 20 States Members who I think would be seriously swaying towards The Charter Party, when formed.

  27. Anonymous

    Quick show of (virtual) hands.

    Has anyone ever been able to finish an entire Anna Plunkett cole column?

    It’s the mental equivalent of swimming in treacle. “oh it’s only a page” I say to myself before the tide of badly written, self promoting effluence that fills the page takes effect.
    Honestly, try reading out loud to someone. Even if you somehow manage to form all the words you will find yourself thinking of something, anything, else.

    It’s basically patterned birdcage covering.

    And it’s pre-covered in shit.

  28. Kraków Crapaud

    I thought the first minute of your speech was excellent & saying everything that needed to be said without giving them an excuse to throw their shoes at you. Were some wearing Sabots today by any chance? (:p
    Anyway, I have tried several times but can only get as far as “it is easy…”, no doubt BBC RJ will fix it soon.
    Best wishes for Christmas, from Poland, to everyone.

  29. Anonymous

    I posted before regarding Bikers against Child Abuse and also referred to private prosecutions for the abused in Jersey.

    I think you are a true Statesman Senator Stuart Syvret. A very good speech!

    I now want to join the above-mentioned Charter Party and work for people who really want to change our current sop of a parliament and work for a better standard of living for everyone, without greed and deception.

    With regard to the abusers finding representating to prosecute privately. I think the abused deserve better than legal aid. I am not convinced legal aid is up to much here, from what I have witnessed not many of the legal profession like doing it because they don’t get paid for it. I think you pay for what you get in this world. Plus the legal companies are far too busy, standing in queue, to process the latest building exploits of a certain company.

    Is there a fund set up to help the abusers get justice?

    Truth Will Out

  30. Woodworm

    Senior Senator’s Christmas Address:

    What a damp squib!

    You bottled it Stu, and radio Jersey didn’t half take the pish!

  31. Frank

    ( Sorry I don’t know how to put a link into the comments section )

    The names may change but the face remains the same .

  32. Anonymous

    Stuart – I sympathise with your comments about Glenn Rankine and his latest ‘money making venture’ – or should that be adventure – ie. Rankine TV…

    I also know of a Terry Gallichan from St Mary – if it ‘is’ the same person that you refer to, he is – in my opinion, a plonker and someone to be talked of lighlty!

    Keep up the good work of exposing the self-serving corruption and promotion which is the States of Jersey…

  33. Anonymous

    A real Opposition?

    Tonight on Crap TV it was suggested that a real Oppostion may be formed.
    Shadow Ministers that will consistently follow and deal with the isssues raised by their opposite numbers.
    This is the real nightmare for Mekon le Sueur and his mates.
    There are better members in Opposition than there are in government.
    Form an Opposition and give it to them, hot and strong, session after session.
    Flunk Walker could not run a bath, Mekon le Sueur is not capable of putting the plug in without Pip Ozouf holding his hand!

  34. Anonymous

    Bridget, Boris and Proud Jerseyman in the Vile Rag

    While there are real letters from Bridget Murphy in the Vile Rag it is dubious that the online posts are from her. It seems more likely that someone is copying her concerns and style.
    Boris and Proud Jerseyman are mock posters to my mind. If you read enough of their posts you will see that they are often just ‘trolling’ for reaction. Often they will argue for opposite viewpoints in different places.
    There is plenty of odd stuff in the written version of the Vile Rag.
    Take a look at this letter from Chris Fairburn: Farewell Frank and bon voyage
    It looks like a total piss take but some of the readers seem to be taking it seriously.
    All I can say is that they must grow some bloody strong stuff round the back in St Clement.

    Anaconda le Cornu

  35. Anonymous

    “Woodworm said…

    Senior Senator’s Christmas Address:

    What a damp squib!

    You bottled it Stu, and radio Jersey didn’t half take the pish!”


    Stuart, take no notice. They try this psychological stuff on our site as well, we’ve been jeered at and attacked, but we have got a result at last – Jack Straw has been forced to announce at last that the media are to be allowed to report on the secret family courts! It’s something we have been fighting and nagging about for years, and I’ve personally written to everyone in Parliament plus every national newspaper, we should never have had secret courts in a democratic country in the first place! It’s only a start – the next thing is to reveal all the crooks who have been hiding behind this secrecy in order to fleece the UK taxpayers. So don’t pay any attention to this blockhead, just do things the way you want to, use your own judgement. It does not always pay to be “in your face” all the time – anyway, I understand you got a standing ovation this time – an improvement on last year I think!


  36. Anonymous

    A standing ovation no less Senator!
    The “quite vile” Frankie must have popped the rivets on his neck, and the glorious Bailif must have been the same colour as his riciculous red hat. Tell me they both really got up!then ducked hurridly to go and throw up!
    How deeeelightful.


  37. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart:

    Anonymous said…

    Guys if you get a chance check out the comments made by Boris. You’ll be wetting your pants with laughter.

    ROFL: I couldn’t resist doing a qucik reply to this Boris, who has to be a spoof!


    Oh my goodness Boris what a load of bias, ageism, twaddle you write. I can think of a States member over 70, and yes I would say that one needs to be got rid of. However I know a lot of people older than that that are very much of sound mind, how rude of you to say otherwise!

    You say quote: ‘the establishment who for years have had the foresight to import cheap labour to do the menial unpleasant tasks leaving locals free to enjoy the fruits of the finance industry.’ End quote: The cheap labour they have brought in have in the main taken away jobs that could have been filed easily by local children from poorer backgrounds, who have had to leave the island to get anything like a decent standard of living.

    You say and I quote: ‘Lets be honest most local people have good well paid jobs and their houses are worth a fortune; their kids go to private school and their wives only have to work for something to do in between taking the kids to school in the 4×4, going to the gym and doing lunch. It is only those who can’t be bothered to work that end up working in low paid jobs and sponging off the States.’ End quote: Unbelievable BS.

    What a dupe you are living blind in the dark ages, I wonder if you should seek medical help because to say and I quote: ‘The fact that the property qualification excludes those living in States Housing with housing qualifications (and most probably local born) is irrelevant. They have been given housing what more should they get?’ end quote: In saying this you are actually sticking two fingers up at a majority of Jersey Born people, what more should they get, I’ll tell you what they should get, they should get affordable housing not just to rent but for normal working people to buy. You are a moron because when both parents have to work out of necessity, which is the case today in Jersey for working and middle class parents, it causes the disintegration of family units, this is where so many problem children come from on our streets today.

    You say quote: ‘Making complex decisions as to who is best to run Jersey is best left to those who have had the gumption to afford their own houses and real ties to the island!’ end quote: What a b***dy nerve you have, gumption does not give you the financial ability to afford the outrageous cost of buying a house in Jersey, and as far as real ties to the island goes I know many people in states rental shoe boxes whose ties go back numerous generations, and to say that these people should not have the right to vote is totally out of order, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Having said the above in reply to Boris I have to say that I feel Boris’s comments must surely be spoofs because I cannot believe anyone in their right mind could come out with such ludicrous ideas and actually expect anyone to take them seriously!

  38. Anonymous

    The Radio Jersey Drone on, sorry phone in – is light entertainment for pensioners, It provides a much needed social service and without ot what would Brigit, Tony, Anne, Emile ( who I just love ) Bob Astrid Robert and Mary do? Take it with a pinch of salt, I do! That said Monty ( not a pensioner!) kept up a regular ‘Bash the establishment ‘, campaign ….I woudl love to hear Stuart on The Sunday Ohone in but of course as we know he is banned from it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thats the BBC for you!

    I am delighted to hear rumblings of a shadow cabinet, that should shake up the Daily Mail readers all right, who knows you may even catch teh interest of the 60% that do not vote!…………………

  39. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart

    Update on the Statues at Charn Wood St Martins. Now they have Christmas type red things on?

    I drove past yesterday and went up knocked on the door and gave the Lady who answered the door a pienmashfilms.com card, told her that her statues where featured on the film Sun Sea & Satan, so now the people living in the house have the knowledge of what has been reported on about their statues in the film and can decided to remove them or not as the case might be.

  40. Anonymous

    Nice move Linda. Look forward to seeing what happens now.

    I have to say, no matter what the statues represent, anyone who dresses them up on a regular basis has to be a little be disturbed.

  41. Anonymous

    Boris the spider

    Hi Linda,

    I bet you Boris will be back tomorrow with something even more outrageous if the Vile Rag allows him to publish.
    The Internet has created a new class of strange exhibitionist.
    Instead of exposing their bottoms or flashing their breasts out of coach windows while on rugby or hockey tours they publish rubbish on web sites.
    The more people who reply the more excited they get.
    I admit to replying to them from time to time but it does not do much good as they are not interested in promoting a viewpoint, just in creating a reaction.

    Kind regards,

    Anaconda le Cornu

  42. Anonymous

    Sorry to go off subject but thought you would be interested.

    As i write this, i am watching an indepth report (on French television) re – Jersey as a tax haven. It is all negeative, and the French authorities are going to creat some s..t in the near future.

    Anyone who still believes that jersey has a future as tax/banking haven needs urgent physciatric treatment.

    Jersey your time is almost up and, the s…t is about to hit the pan!!

  43. Anonymous

    A shadow cabinet, what a great idea
    now that the official scrutiny panels have been assimilated into an apprentice scheme for ministers to be.

    Hopefully the shadow cabinet will take advantage of outside expertise and assistance.

    The Howard league, for one, maybe Will Hutton’s Work foundation could lend a hand where needed.

    Involving outside agencies helps to spread the word on life and government in Jersey. I think that’s a good thing but I wonder if the council of ministers would agree?

    TLS had the opportunity to change the way things have been done but he chose to keep the establishment party going.


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