A Very “Premature” Departure;

An Over-Due Departure;

And an Imminent Departure:

Three Events in the Jersey Child Protection War.

I must apologise for not posting for a while – I’ve been in the States assembly doing what 95% of your politicians are too spineless to do – namely standing up for what is right – by doing things like naming Mario Lundy during the session.

For which I was shouted down and stopped by the Deputy Bailiff, Michael Birt – and, in one of the funniest political exchanges of the year – I was called “a crook” – by Terry – Tel boy – Le Main.

A fate somewhat akin to being called a bit of a thug by Joe Stalin.

So – this week has delivered us an eventful few days.

Three key things have happened this week; these being:

The resignation as Home Affairs Minister of Senator Wendy Kinnard.

My open naming of Mario Lundy during question time.

And the announcement of the “early retirement” of the Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache.

I’ll try and deal with each of these three points, but so much churning intrigue, chaotic misjudgement and frank stupidity lays behind each of these related events that, somehow, I feel we’ll be hearing a lot more about these subjects.

So for this evening – we’ll just take a quick look at the key issues.

I guess the announcement by Phil Bailhache of his early retirement is the headline-grabber of the three – and it is certainly significant, for reasons I’ll explain later.

Wendy Kinnard’s resignation is an important subject – but probably the least of the three.

But, and again for reasons I’ll explain later – the naming of Mario Lundy is, in all practicality – the most significant – for all kinds of reasons.

Principally – just what the consequent reaction of most States members says about themselves; what it says about your government.

Firstly – I must say something about Phil Bailhache.

In my blog – whilst what I write is universally dismissed by our oligarchy – I do, in fact, strive to make it as confidently accurate as I can.

Sometimes I make powerful disclosures on this site – but I only do so when I’m confident – on an evidential basis – that what I’m writing is accurate.

For many months, people on other sites – and in many, many comments submitted to this blog – it has been asserted that Phil Bailhache was, at some point, a member of the Board of Governors of Haute de la Garenne.

I have not made such claims myself, and largely resisted letting such comments through, because I had no evidence that the claim was true. But, nevertheless – it was a claim of sufficient seriousness for me to make detailed enquiries to the relevant States departments. And not just in respect of Phil Bailhache – I was, indeed, still am, seeking a definitive list of all people who were members of the governing bodies of Haute de la Garenne, Les Chenes and similar institutions, from 1945, to the present day.

I found some States departments co-operative and helpful – but others to be deeply obstructive, which, of course, increases levels of suspicion. And after months of attempted research – I could still not obtain definitive answers.

So today, I e-mailed Phil Bailhache himself, and asked him directly whether he had ever been involved in the Board of Governors of Haute de la Garenne in any way?

He responded by saying that he had not.

I have no reason to doubt him – so, to the best of my knowledge, it’s time for that particular theory to be laid to rest.

However, the evidenced issues concerning Phil Bailhache’s position are more than bad enough – several times over.

I’ll deal with his “retirement” later.

Firstly – let’s have a brief look at the actions of Wendy Kinnard.

She has resigned as Home Affairs Minster – but, as I remarked to her in the States, at least 14 moths too late.

Her official reason for resignation was sound, a view I would have been in complete agreement with.

At present, judges in Jersey are still obliged – by which I mean they have no discretion in the matter – they have to do it – to give ‘guidance’ to a jury during the summoning-up that they need to be cautious about relying on witness evidence of similar kind, evidence from other offenders, or evidence from children.

Most western jurisdictions leave such matters to the judges’ discretion; they’ll sound such a note of caution – if they feel it to be necessary in a specific case.

Senator Kinnard wanted this obligation removed from judges in Jersey cases. Her colleagues on the Council of Ministers wished – typically – to prevaricate – and spend 12 moths or whatever, asking Jersey lawyers – of all people – to examine the matter.

Such delay, of course, having the effect that judges – should any of the cases actually get as far as summing-up and a jury retiring to reach a verdict – would still have the obligation upon them.

Which – of course – further serves the establishment objective of minimising the number of convictions; essentially, by requiring judges to smear victims and the reliability of their testimony.

For this reason Wendy Kinnard wanted speedy change. Big Frank and his buddies on the Council of Ministers refused – instead preferring prevarication. So Kinnard resigned.

And rightly so.

One day – I might discus all these issues with her – though I rarely speak to her; in fact, only on those occasions we’re in the States, as she happens to have the seat next to me.

But she well-knows my views – which are that she made a range of fundamental errors of judgment at the outset.

When the civil servants – and their poodles on the Council of Ministers – decided they had to get rid of me – she initially took sides with Walker & Co. – only much later deciding that she was “conflicted” – so couldn’t take part in the dismissal debate against me.

Her stance was wrong on at least two obvious grounds; firstly, though of less significance, we actually used to be friends. I know her and her family well; have even stayed as a guest at their home in Sark. So when I heard – with no prior warning – nothing so much as a text-message from her – that she was endorsing the moves to have me thrown out of the Council of Ministers – I was – how shall I put it (I’m trying to be “polite”, Pip Le Brocq) – somewhat less than pleased.

But of far greater significance is that Wendy imagines herself to be a centre-Left politician – from humble origins – and possessed, supposedly, of a good social conscience.

Which makes her decision to so disastrously ‘back the wrong horse’ in the Jersey Child Protection War all the more inexplicable, perhaps unforgivable? When I first began raising these issues in the political sphere – she – for all kinds of reasons – amongst all States members – should have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me.

Most importantly – she should have been on the right side – for the children.

Instead – one of the daggers in my back was hers.

Et tu Brute?

But – still, perhaps – even though the hour’s late – she can redeem herself?

If so – her resignation from the wretched shower who form this Council of Ministers is an important step on the right path.

My naming of Mario Lundy was – in many ways – the most significant of the three events.

Whilst I’ve named him – and others, such as his accomplice, Tom McKeon, on this blog – where it isn’t privileged, so if what I’ve said isn’t true they can sue me – no Jersey media would touch the subject. Even though I’d given the story to The Rag some weeks ago – and tipped them off about the Police disclosure notice having been issued.

The Rag’s response amounting to, “well, we asked Mike Vibert and Bill Ogley about the issue – but they refused to comment – so end of story.”

That’ll give you a flavour of just what passes for “journalism” in Jersey.

But on Tuesday of this week, I named Mario Lundy during question time in the States Assembly – asking why Jersey’s Chief Minister considered it acceptable or credible to retain in post, without suspension, a Chief Executive Officer of an Education Department – who the Police have formally declared to be under serious investigation for child abuse?

I’ve often written about the social-psychological phenomena known as “Groupthink” – whereby a group – an in-crowd, if you will – by exhibiting unquestioning and uncritical mutual support – leads itself into utterly perverse and obviously wrong positions of total folly.

We often see Groupthink in the States – and this episode was no different.

Members like Frank Walker, Terry Le Main and Mike Vibert – to much applause – were leaping up and down – saying how disgraceful and deplorable my “behaviour” was in naming a civil servant in this way. Because the poor dear wasn’t able to defend himself.

You know? – A bit like children getting thrown down the corridor at the old swimming-pool with sufficient violence to break their arm weren’t able to defend themselves; and just like 13 year-olds who weren’t able to defend themselves against getting punched in the head by grown men; just like little kids who would be lifted up by the head and smashed against doors weren’t able to defend themselves.

But – even though Lundy wasn’t there to defend himself – I named him on my blog weeks ago – so he’s more than able to defend himself by taking me to court – should he consider – for one instant – such a course of action to be a wise move.

The Groupthink reaction of the States assembly – and of Michael Birt, the Deputy Bailiff was another remarkable example of the phenomena.

Mike Vibert – thankfully – and wisely – deposed by the voting public – even exhibited the utter stupidity to stand up and say that my actions were deplorable because “the States has a duty of care to its employees”.

Cue more raucous applause from the assembled herd.

It apparently only occurring to abut 10 of the 50 members present that we have an even greater – a far, far greater – duty of care to children.

Vibert rounded of his display of frankly deranged cretinism by stating that he “didn’t like my conduct” – to which I replied – “and I don’t like child abusers.”

So – there you have that episode. I’m the villain of the hour – again – and most States members think that very senior civil servants who cost Jersey tax-payers in excess of £200,000 P/A – and who spent many years of their career beating vulnerable children to a pulp – are the poor, defenceless creatures around which they, as your elected representatives, should rally.

Don’t ever ask why Jersey has gone to the dogs.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Jersey media make of that episode. For contrary to assertions made by BBC Jersey – they, and all other media and members of the public, are at perfect legal liberty to report my words as spoken in the assembly. What is said in the legislature is covered by parliamentary privilege.

And the factual reporting of what was actually said is also legally immune – through what is known as ‘qualified privilege’.

So if the Jersey media don’t name Lundy now – it will be simply because they don’t want to – not because they can’t for “legal reasons”.

I consider the naming of Lundy episode – and the massed-reaction of your elected representatives – to be the most significant of the three events – because it shows just how dangerous, foolish and incompetent your government is.

The strange and defective actions of Phil Bailhache – whilst very significant – represent something altogether more curious. For he, his brother, and others like them are a tiny handful of individuals – wholly unaccountable to the people of Jersey – and representative of an obsolete, quasi-Victorian paternalism.

A bizarre sect – which was doomed by history in any event – quite without the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

But the irony is that the Bailhache brothers – and their supporters – have, at every turn, simply accelerated the inevitable destruction of the crypto-feudalist system they love so much.

They have been the engine of their own ruin.

The flaw of these elites – and the oligarchy which they lead – can be summarised in one word:


As I’ve already remarked – there will be a great deal more to be written and spoken of this subject – so I won’t cover all the issues now.

But I will deal with the real, underlying reasons for the departure of Phil.

He announced – out of the blue – first thing Wednesday morning that Her Majesty had “accepted” his notice of early retirement. He was due to go on for many more years yet – but announced he’d be leaving the post in June next year.

By way of background information, it’s important to understand that all of Jersey’s Crown Officers – are just that – Crown appointees; Crown agents.

So the Bailiff, Phil Bailhache, his brother, the Attorney General Bill Bailhache, the Deputy Bailiff Michel Birt and the Solicitor General are all appointed by the Crown – which in modern practice means they are appointed by Her Majesty’s Government, acting via the Privy Council.

It so happens that the present Government Cabinet Minister with responsibility for the Crown Officers – for the “good administration of justice in Jersey, and the other Crown Dependencies” – is Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary in the present labour government.

I wrote to Mr. Straw early this year. In fact – knowing that his various minions would simply fob-off the survivors & me – I took the trouble to write a 25 page report to Mr. Straw – so that every base, every issue was covered – thus depriving him and his advisers of any excuse for “not understanding” the situation.

We all knew that we would just get messed around by Whitehall – whilst a great deal of prevarication, of deliberate delay, took place.

And, consequently, we all knew that the only means of securing justice would be to action Mr. Straw in court in London in order to force intervention.

So under the banner of Families for Justice, John Hemming, MP and I have filed a legal action in London which seeks a Judicial Review of Jack Straw’s acts and omissions in his non-handling, or deficient handling, of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

The central foundation-stone of our case being that – ultimately – Jack Straw, by virtue of the Office he holds – has both the responsibility – and the duty – to ensure the good administration of justice in the Crown Dependencies – and, moreover – ensure compliance by the Crown Dependencies with the European Convention on Human Rights.

At this point, it’s important to understand the manner in which power works at these levels – the various “diplomatic” niceties and protocols which are, invariably, observed – even if that means being “economical with the actuality”.

What I’m saying is – read between the lines; that which is stated as the “official” position – and that which is the actual truth – often being two very different things.

So, naturally enough, Families for Justice has received a great deal of legal dismissal from the UK government lawyers – who adopt the customary legal bluff in asserting, dismissively, that their clients position is beyond question, and the action against them baseless.

All this is to be expected.

But carefully researching a range of precedents – going back nearly two hundred years – and examining the Convention obligations imposed upon the UK by the European Convention on Human Rights – it is abundantly clear that the core of our case – the duty and power of the Crown to ensure the proper administration of justice in the Crown Dependencies – is simply unassailable.

Given that that is the case – ask yourself a simple question: would a Labour government – or any UK government come to that – want to be standing up in court in London attempting the impossible and futile task of trying to pretend that the Crown dependencies were no part of their responsibility?

Especially – when they’d only be doing so in an utterly perverse attempt to protect the Jersey oligarchy and its culture of concealment of many, many decades of child abuse?

So – let us not be naive – whilst the authorities in London will continue to attempt to dismiss our legal challenge – and deny the facts – what is actually taking place via the “appropriate channels” will be somewhat different.

And I can tell you what has taken place.

Because of the appalling significance of the issues – and the legal action against Jack Straw – the inevitable has occurred.

It has been made know to the relevant people that Jersey’s Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache, ‘no longer enjoys the confidence of London’.

Which is a terribly polite and British way of saying – “your finished”.

Of saying:

“We would all like a dignified and low-key exit for you – so we’re quiet content for you to name the date of your “retirement” – and we won’t say anything to contradict that appearance – but you must go.”

“And if you don’t go – well, that would all be really rather messy, wouldn’t it? Best avoided all-round, eh, old chap?”

That is why Phil Bailhache is going.

To avoid the fate of the man he usurped – the late, former Deputy Bailiff Vernon Tomes – who London sacked in 1992.

A well-documented episode – which rather inconveniently demonstrates that – contrary to all Jersey oligarchy assertions – London does, in fact, have the power to intervene in Jersey affairs – should it so wish.

The “official” reasons will always deny this – but the plain fact is that Phil had to go – because his multitudinous and gross errors of judgment over the years have rendered his position utterly untenable.

Such gross errors as not even attempting to have the paedophile Roger Holland removed from St. Helier’s honorary police.

That was all quite bad enough.

But those of us who understand these things, knew that we were, effectively, witnessing his professional suicide when he delivered that truly appalling, biased and deeply political speech on Liberation Day – in which he attacked the UK media, the Police investigation, and said that ‘the real scandal’ was the bad publicity.

Given he is Jersey’s chief judge – a greater act of folly would be difficult to have imagined.

He was – plainly – finished, right at that very instant.

So much so – that a heavy-weight UK government Minister knows he’ll lose the court action being brought against him on the grounds of his failure to ensure the proper administration of justice in Jersey.

And lose it he will.

Because if Jack Straw thinks we’ll be sated at the sight of Phil Bailhache’s head on a metaphorical spike – he is very much mistaken.

Our cause is simple, just and plain.

We want the good and proper administration of justice in Jersey.

That means a full separation of powers.

Full compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights.

And it means that none of the senior Jersey oligarchy figures, such as Phil’s brother, Bill, or Michael Birt – or Julian Clyde-Smith – or Mad Frankie Hamon – nor any of the rest of the incumbents – could remotely be regarded as acceptable individuals to replace Phil.

All are conflicted; all are tainted-goods.

So – no matter that Phil has had to fall on his sword – the legal action against Mr. Straw continues.

I was recently in London – where I had the honour of staying as a guest of the great children’s’ rights campaigner, Esther Rantzen, along with Michael Mansfield, the famous UK Barrister.

Following assistance and advice from Mr. Mansfield’s office, I am preparing a brief for a solicitor at Liberty, so that that organisation may take forward the case of Families for Justice, which seeks a judicial review of Mr. Straw’s acts and omissions.

And should it need to get so far that a Barrister is needed, hopefully, Mr. Mansfield will have time in his busy schedule to represent us, in the cause of the Jersey survivors, whistleblowers and campaigners – and their right to access the good administration of justice.

So – though it has taken monumental effort – like trying to finish-off a vampire and Frankenstein’s monster all rolled into one – finally the dreadful and thoroughly inadequate little man Phil Bailhache is going down the corridor towards the exit-sign marked “retirement”.

But he is just one individual – and it is the system which is broken. Merely seeing his departure will not solve all our ills.

So – the legal battle goes on.

It will go on until we have the objective administration of justice in Jersey – and the proper rule of law.

And to those who dismiss the validity of our legal claim – remember, the very foundation-stone of our case is that the Crown – in practice the UK government, presently in the person of Mr. Straw – does have the responsibility, and consequently the power to ensure that the Crown Dependencies observe the good administration of justice – and comply with the requirements of the ECHR.

We are immensely confident in that claim.

Not least – because Mr. Straw himself has conceded.

Consider this exchange which took place before the House of Commons Justice Select Committee as recently as the 7th October, 2008:

“Q33 Chairman: I think what you are saying is that there is not a legal arrangement, other than the one you have just mentioned, but you are doing these things, with help from your department, out of the goodness of your heart, I suppose. You are dealing with the relationship. Am I right?

Mr Straw: You are very generous.

Q34 Chairman: I want to know whether I am right.

Mr Straw: I am doing them because I have a responsibility. On behalf of the Crown, I have residual responsibility for these Crown Dependencies because they are dependencies of the Crown, and leave aside defence for a moment, but I have got responsibility for these Crown Dependencies in respect of the international obligations which we owe on their behalf, including the European Convention of Human Rights; and that is quite significant. As I say, that was the trigger for turning back the draft law on Sark’s governance. I have also got a responsibility, though the boundaries have never been properly tested, in respect of the good governance of the Crown Dependencies, and if there was a bad government or governance in the dependencies, then I would have power to intervene. Happily, up to how, in my experience, there has not been, but it is quite important to identify with officials and collaboratively with the dependencies things that could go wrong – for example, where we were over financial accountability and regulation a dozen years ago – and to try and anticipate those and deal with them.”

The locus to intervene – the responsibility – and the consequent power of the authorities in London to ensure the good administration of justice in the Crown Dependencies is – rock-solidly – well-established by historic president and modern Convention rights and obligations.

And were that not sufficient – we have the concession from the relevant UK Minister himself that – yes – he has these responsibilities, powers and duties which he must exercise in the name of the Crown.

So I guess the question is this: given the plain inevitability of London intervention – even if it is with reluctance – even if it takes a long time – even if they have to be forced – for just how long will the Jersey oligarchy carry on attempting to defy reality?

The game is up.

They are defeated.

To use World War II as a metaphor – will they agree to unconditional surrender, now that that they are obviously defeated, as the Japanese were – or do they continue to defy reality – and therefore require nuking?

I think we can assess the answer to that question, simply by asking another:

‘How much wisdom has been displayed by the Jersey oligarchy hitherto?’

I can hear the engines of Enola Gay warming up.


129 thoughts on “PHIL BAILHACHE “RETIRES”,

  1. Anonymous

    Some good news at last, especially after the election results. All that you’re doing is really appreciated by most real Jersey people.

    Further to a comment left on your previous post about Shaky George at the town Hall.

    I believe that this was George Pallot, Head of the Rates Department through the 60’s and 70’s. The young lads working in the Town Hall had to be weary of him, but we were all old enough to look after ourselves and his behaviour was treated as a bit of a joke – very much like Jeff Le Marquand. However, his superiors, right up to the Constables during those times, would have been aware of his deviances.

    Interestingly, he was a tall thin man, immaculately dressed, who spoke with a bit of a posh accent. I’m sure that he would have been in Krichefski’s social circle at that time.

  2. Anonymous

    I believe he had no option, the Liberation Day speech was the final straw. I have been expecting this move for many months now, it is not news to me. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was told to go, to try and minimise the damage. In my opinion it won’t work as momentum is gathering, people are realising what has been going on. What must the outside world be thinking about all this? When will HDLG be resolved? Over six million pounds spent so far, do we really expect that no one will be called to account? Is there not yet enough evidence? Indeed will there ever be enough evidence?

  3. Anonymous

    Rumour goes that Lundy’s told people that he won’t sue you because when he won, you couldn’t pay….. Good excuse, that eh?

  4. voiceforchildren


    Once more a very interesting and informative post which “educates” your readers like none of the local mainstream media ever has.

    There is so much in there to digest I will have to go through it a couple of times, which I will.

    I must question your “parlamentary privilage” sketch. I have talked with Matthew Price from the BBC and he has told me the media are not protected by it and cannot report the said civil servants name (the one served with the notice of disclosure).

    It appears there is no disputing he/she has been served with a disclosure notice or his/her employers (the States of Jersey) have. So why can he/she not be named?

    Another question is who decided not to suspend this person and why? Due to the position of this civil servant surely it must be in EVERYBODY’S best interest to get this person as far away as possible from their position?

    As for the statement by (soon to be) citizen Vibert “we have a duty of care to our employees” and the subsequent approval of foot stomping by a majority of our elected representatives, literally made me feel sick to my stomach and just made me think “what kind of a chance have our children got under this goverment? what “duty of care” do they have?

    Keep up the good work Stuart, we and our children need hope, you are giving us that.

  5. Anonymous

    Stuart, u are a man of great promise1 and never let anyone down, i would hope u stay in the states and get the credit u deserve, u are truely a great man , and thankyou for showing this evil bunch of money grabbers for what they are !

  6. Not-so-Super Mario Brothers

    It’s like a game to them, isn’t it?

    If he wanted to resign, it would be happening soon. The fact that it’s delayed until June shows that there was some bargaining going on!

    As for the D-Notice, it’s disgusting that a matter of public interest is open to flexible interpretation (i.e. the boys stick together) – and not only that, but the same thing happens in the States chamber when you named the individual – again it’s a matter of subjective interpretation of rules as to whether you contravened Standing Orders…… i.e. the Old Boys are seen by the Outside World to be sticking together.

    Not even you could make it up! 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    From another website we have the following quotes.
    To Quote Sarah Ferguson,
    “Hansard is very proud of its reputation for accurately transcribing whatever is said. I think it is most unlikely that tapes will be lost or broken.

    We were getting on quite well until Stuart transgressed the rules and we moved on to the next question.”

    Whats all this about? More waffle?Hansard will be inaccurate as it has been censored! I also noticed she can’t even ask questions at the right time in the States, the Bailiff had to tell her she asked her question too early yesterday. Maybe she should ask to get that bit taken out? Remember this person has now been elected a Senator! No wonder things are going down hill.

    She has accused you of breaking the rules Stuart, what’s all this about? Is she telling the truth or trying to have a go at you?

    Then we have the following quote from Ryan Morrison.
    “You’ll have to wait for Hansard for ‘that bit’ as, after speaking to the BBC legal team it turns out listen again is NOT covered by qualified priviledge – so we can’t include it.

    I’ll be putting question time up minus that bit within the next hour if you want to hear the rest of it.

    However our news team are working on the story.”

    What do you make of this Stuart?
    “after speaking to the BBC legal team it turns out listen again is NOT covered by qualified priviledge”

    Is this true or, more spin from the media? I don’t want to read doctored bits from the States sitting on the BBC’s website, so why is he bothering to put it up? It is not a true and complete report of what happened!

    I really like his last bit!
    “However our news team are working on the story.”
    Does Ryan mean they are looking at it but will not be reporting on it?

    This whole thing is getting beyond belief. I used to listen to radio Tirana for a laugh, in the late 1970’s and they were hard line communist, they made Pravada look pro-western! They used to vet what was broadcast to the public in Albania, I wonder if BBC radio Jersey aren’t going get the same reputation?

    I am so glad we have an alternate method of getting the big stories via your blog. I bet the establishment are getting really upset with your reporting Stuart!
    Keep it up!

  8. Anonymous


    Why are you the only person with balls to stand up for the ordinary
    downtrodden person???

    I would expect the likes os Breckon, Southern, Martin, Pitman et all to be standing alongside you, or do they just talk B*****ks?

  9. Anonymous

    Very interesting indeed. Just a short comment on the Mario Lundy issue. Presumably the police will be seeking evidence from those who have allegedly been physically abused whilst at Les Chenes and also from the staff who worked there at the time of the alleged abuses. It is possibly significant that amongst those who worked at Les Chenes during the Headships of Tom McKeon and Mario Lundy are one assistant director of education, one senior member of the education department (and a previous Head of Les Chenes himself), the current Head of Greenfields, one Head of a local Primary school, and several teachers currently in the employ of the States Education Department. Not to mention several of their spouses who are also employed by the Education Department. Given the likelihood of them trying to preserve their jobs what odds are there that they will back Mario Lundy in his defence rather than back the victims of the alleged abuses?

    I also hope you have given Roy le Herrissier a big thank you for bringing the matter up in a dignified and politically astute way.

  10. Anonymous


    Wendy Kinnard must be in a state of emotionally turmoil at the present time.
    She has done the right thing by resigning and I, for one, respect her highly for this.
    Like all of us, Wendy is human and fallible. We are all capable of losing our way, particularly when the signposts have been moved. Many who have strayed simply do not have the courage to find their way back.
    Wendy, as her actions have shown, is not one of these.
    I hope that you are able to re-establish your working relationship with Wendy. It also takes courage to forgive.

    A Syvret/Kinnard alliance with respect to child abuse and related issues, along with an independent Le Herrissier asking all the right questions could be the staw that breaks the camel’s back.

    Wendy needs to know that she has the repect and support of those who want to see transparent justice offered to the victims of child abuse.


  11. Anonymous

    “And not just in respect of Phil Bailhache – I was, indeed, still am, seeking a definitive list of all people who were members of the governing bodies of Haute de la Garenne, Les Chenes and similar institutions, from 1945, to the present day”

    We have a right to this information – they cannot justify keeping this information from us.


  12. Stuart Syvret

    No, I do not know the identity of JTM, or Jason the Maveric.

    So I couldnt say whether it is Adrian Walsh.

    But in any event, I’m not sure what point you’re making?

    You and I may disagree with JTM over some issues – but he has as much right to uses cyber-sapce as the next person.


  13. Anonymous

    I see some local bloggers have shut down or been shut down. Why is this? Is censorship spreading onto the web? I do hope you aren’t the next one to be shut down. If your blog suddenly disappears I will know they have got to you. Lets hope this doesn’t happen we do need access to real news over here. Things are too closely monitored, we are in a serveillance society, where like 1984, your media input is closely censored to make sure the people aren’t corrupted by “wrong think”.
    Ignorance really is bliss for the establishment.

  14. Anonymous

    Yes Jason has every right to use cyberspace like anyone else. However he doesn’t have the right to intimidate people who aren’t rabid financial capitalists. He has manipulated his forum under many aliases, so he is affecting peoples’ opinions with all his aliases. This in my opinion is conning people to think most people think like him on that forum when all these people are actually one person namely Jason The Maverick.

    Also if this site is to be sold the prosepective buyer may not be getting what he thought due to Jason’s multiple posts. I too would to know if Adrian Walsh is Jason The Maverick. If he is this would explain why things are as they are on this other forum. Could you ask Adrian about this on the other forum Stuart as I am concerned about this? I think people should know what is what and who is who? We have enough smoke and mirrors over here already without having to worry about it on cyberspace as well!

    P.S. Jason why are you so pro-Ozouf and why do you hate people not agreeing with his policies? What is going on here? What hidden agendas are going on here?

  15. Anonymous

    Don’t worry about sites being shut down. So many people have exchanged addresses now it won’t really matter if the thought police close down sites – we can soon set others up!

    They won’t stop free speech now – too many people know what has been going on, a lot of us here are so determined we’ll just keep beavering away regardless of wether there is anyone else fighting alongside us or not. I can think of one man who comes here, who has suffered appalling abuse, who is so brave he made me laugh – he said he didn’t care what they threw at him, it would just make the fight better! I met another man yesterday, just as brave and determined, but he is quietly pulling the rug so that the people standing on it will topple over – I’m not going to say what he is doing, because I know perfectly well who reads this blog, but it made me laugh and laugh, my mum always used to say that the quiet ones were the most dangerous, hee hee hee, she was right!

    Abuse survivors all over are picking themselves out of the gutter they were kicked into and rising up like phoenixes. I have been meeting some marvellous people, who have really been treated in an appalling way, but they are finding incredible strength from somewhere – I think it is from God – and kicking the sand back in the bullies faces!

    So don’t worry about anything. These nasty dirty old boys have lost the plot and they know it. There is a saying that if you give the devil enough rope he will hang himself. They are all starting to leave the sinking ship now, watch out for more soon, more scandalous disclosures, and more resignations. They know that they are as guilty as sin, and that they can’t cover it up any longer, even if they do have the BBC trained and muzzled, they have got no chance of business as usual!

    So don’t wory, and just enjoy the fun! It IS fun, seeing all those nasty bullying cheating lying child abusing old farts get their come uppance.


  16. Anonymous


    Your verdict as normal the truth may be more mundane.

    PB like his brother has not been well for some time.

    We shall see what happens but if I were a betting Man I would put all I have with Honest Nev that it will not be what you think.

  17. Anonymous

    I agree with the previous poster about JTM, I don’t like the way he tries to manipulate things. But I’m as sure as someone can be that he is not Adrian Walsh. A little research will show that. You obviously use the forum so why not ask him yourself. and before the paranoia starts I’m not him either. lol

  18. voiceforchildren


    After just bumping into a friend of mine who I’ve not seen in a few years I was astounded by her blissfull ignorance.

    She told me she only ever buys the rag once or twice a week and doesn’t believe anything that is written in it and suspects all our local media of being in cahoots with our “elected dictotorship”.

    First of all I encouraged her if she really must buy the rag not to do it on a Friday. But most worryingly she never knew you had a Blogsite!! Thankfully now she does and will no doubt spread the word.

    She also went on to say she was pleased to see the bayleaf is to resign. I promptly told her you have covered that story on here.

    There are still thousands of islanders who are oblivious to the Blogging scene, we must remedy this.

  19. Anonymous

    In relation to blogs being shut down – I know from personal experience that Google who owns and provides the blogspace Stuart is using isn’t so easily sacred by legal threats into closing down blogs and as a rule do not do so.

    If Google receives a complaint about a blog they will usually email the blogger who will then have the right of reply. This happened in my case where one of the thugs I was exposing (not on the Google blog but a link on the blog) made legal threats to Google but thankfully Google didn’t give in to this thugs threats.

    As long as you keep to the facts and are not (too) abusive I can only suggest keep blogging and let the crooks, thugs and general nasties be exposed for what they really are. These types of people will always hide behind a facade of ‘respectability’and ‘goodliness’ that is quite sickening.

    Keep up the good work Staurt.

  20. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart,
    I know your opinion on “site wars”.
    This stuff about JTM has nothing to do with that.
    There is a serious suggestion that the public are being mislead.

    If it is true that Adrian Walsh is JTM that has severe ramifications.

    Adrian will have to tell us who JTM is,to stop this rumour.

  21. Anonymous

    I can’t be bothered to wade through a large Listen Again to hear the States sitting on Tuesday – is a large chunk of it removed or have they just edited out the name, I wonder? Anything more than just the name would smack of really dodgy censorship – and what’s the point if it’s all going to be in the written record?

  22. Stuart Syvret

    I have had a comment submitted which contains a link to another site – which repeats the allegations that Phil Bailhache was a member of the Board of Governors of Haute de la Garenne.

    Phil has stated plainly to me in an e-mail that he never had any such involvement.

    And – notwithstanding many months of assertions and rumours concerning that particular allegation – I have not been able to locate ANY evidence which corroborates the allegation.

    So I will not be allowing such comments through.

    As I’ve said many times before – I have no difficulty in making serious disclosures on this site – but if readers whish me to do so – they need to come up with some form of credible evidence or corroboration.

    In the absence of any such evidence – I’m not going to publicise wild assertions.

    However – even if the site in question were not making wholly unsubstantiated claims – I would not allow any link to it from my site in any event – given it contains in its header a quote from a notorious, psychotic US terrorist.

    I oppose the use of violence absolutely.

    In no what so ever is my site going to be associated with murderous psychopaths.


  23. Anonymous

    I thought it was a bit odd Phil making the point that he was not leaving for 9 months. I believe that point was made to make the public think that he was leaving in his own time, rather than being pushed.

  24. Stuart Syvret

    Site-Wars & JTM

    Look – I really can’t see the point of this exchange occurring on this site.

    I don’t want to get involved in the forum wars.

    And – in any event – I really can’t see what the beef is about the anonymity of JTM.

    Isn’t it the case that 98% of people who post in cyber-space do so anonymously – frequently under various pseudonyms?

    On what grounds, then, can JTM be singled out for attack – when he/she is simply doing what many others do?

    Sorry – but I’ve had enough of this particular topic.


  25. Anonymous

    Early economic indicators

    Due to the fact that it is very hard to work out what is going on in Jersey’s economy due to the fact that all the statistical output is subject to an almost merciless degree of spin, I have invented a few new rules of thumb.

    1) Property pages in the Rag.
    The web site carries an ad stating how many pages of property is in that day’s issue. Recently these have started to creep up and regular readers of the paper edition are beginning to notice it is the same houses all the time.

    2) Estate agents signs.
    Another good indicator that something is down. These were rare sights a few years ago and seldom stayed up for long, now some are beginning to develop a green coating due to their prolonged stays in the constant wet weather. Perhaps some of the staff could be sent out to give them a wipe. 😀

    3) Car sales
    Motor Mall seems to be constantly having special offers and there is a lot of prestige cars secondhand in the Rag, a sure sign that there is downsizing going on.

  26. Anonymous

    No comment on the comments

    I a strange move the Vile Rag no longer allows comment on it’s comments or letters page today.
    So we will have to agree not to disagree!

  27. Anonymous

    Could the hostile media coverage and statements by politicians who wish to cover up HDLG be regarded as intimidation of potential witnesses?
    Surely helping to conceal a crime is a criminal offence?

    Ministers and media have publicly belittled the investigation, the evidence and the officers involved.

    For what reason?

    They can’t have known what else the police would uncover when they ridiculed the “coconut shell” find and repeated it over and over again in coverage of the investigation.

    The bailiff could hardly have been more scathing (that’s not something that would encourage victims to come forward, if they thought he might be sitting in judgement) and not a peep from our elected representatives.

    In fact just this tuesday they demonstrated their loyalties by applauding and stamping their approval (again) at the suppression of information about this case.

    How charming.

    Maybe they could stamp in time to a Gary Glitter song.

    But it’s not about hindering the investigation they’ll say, no it’s because Stuart “is abusing parlimentary procedure, just like before”.
    That will be when he abused procedure to say that the child protection service was negligent and breaking the law by holding children in solitary confinement in concrete cells.
    There have now been two reports (one commisioned by the states) that have agreed this is wrong.

    Any sign of an apology yet Stuart?

    When did the etiquette of the States become more important than the people of this island?

  28. Anonymous

    Stuart my good man.

    Can you please update usd here on the mainland of how the investigation is going on, we have not heard a thing on the news or in the press, have they stopped digging, have anymore bodies been found, anymore arrests?????.


  29. Anonymous

    Sorry Stuart, but JTM is a manipulator he had over 200 IP addresses from which he logged in, why do this on a forum, unless you intend to mislead people? This is not forum wars as he has been expelled from that forum now and is presently in cyberspace limbo.

  30. Anonymous

    You say a lot about the Bailiff’s resignation, none of which surprises me, but is what you say about him being asked to resign by the British government fact or just your wishful thinking? I listen to various people on Radio Jersey telling us what a wonderful Bailiff he has been, but no mention of his encouraged resignation. Can you clarify?

    If he has been asked to step down as you say, then this really is a step in the right direction for all of us.

    Keep up the good work Stuart and THANKYOU from a Jerseyman!

    Take care and watch your back.

  31. Debbie

    Stuart, you said regarding Wendy Kinnard, “Her official reason for resignation was sound…” Ok, but what was the real reason for resignation?

    This is a small island and without going into too many details here, rumours have it she wanted this judges guidance to juries removed quickly due to her involvement in something on a more personal level.

    Are the rumours true? Was she indeed abusing her position in the States to meet her own needs?

    It could be for legal reasons that you’re not able to answer those questions right now, but I’m pretty sure that in the goodness of time the truth of the matter will be known.

  32. Anonymous

    Why has Madaleine Davies been suspended from her position pending investigation when Mario lundy is allowed to to stay in his.
    Why was there no media clamp down on releasing the name of the piano teacher recently found guilty of child abuse, yet the two other people that are on trial at the moment for child abuse are not allowed to be named.
    I guess it’s the good old Jersey way, its who you know an

  33. they made me cynical

    If the Bayleaf was standing down due to ill health, he wouldn’t be clinging on until June, would he?

    Or perhaps something else is vitally important to him, to immortalise him and bear his name forever more……. which crucial decision is being taken on the toffs’ Weighbridge-encroaching zero-tourist-appeal Art Gallery in the meantime?

  34. Stuart Syvret

    Wendy Kinnard

    Perhaps I was a little harsh in how I phrased that passage.

    The issue she resigned over is important and of fundamental significance.

    When I was alluding to a non-official reason, I was thinking of her belated realisation that she had backed the wrong horse – and therefore wanted to salvage some credibility.

    I cannot imagine any possible motive for her to have been “abusing her position in the States to meet her own needs”.

    She and her husband are immensely wealthy. So I just couldn’t see any motive for self-interested actions.


  35. Anonymous

    Don’t worry about the economy Phil Ozouf says its ok! Back in the real world expect more major slippage in world stock markets as the emerging economies come under more pressure. South Korea looks bad a the moment their government will be unable to cushion their economy by wasting tax payers money on it like the USA and UK etc. When these markets collpase further expect a knock on effect on London and NY.

    The depression is here get used to it try and lable it as a recession if you wish! The spin doctors will carry on to the bitter end then when it all goes south they will say due to unseen events it has gone belly up. What rubbish I have seen this coming for a long time. I am not in finance, God forbid, nor do I work in the insurance industry. However I see through the bullsh!t of what has been going on. I spoke to a broken two weeks ago and he said this was short term and things would improve! I said no the market would carry on falling even when the money was put in by the UK/USA! How come these people take savers money to invest it? I would prefer to give the money to monkeys to play with, I bet they could do a better job.

    This whole captialist thing is a con, can’t people see through it yet? All your hard earned savings, insurance plans, and pensions are being badly hit! It is rubbish to say Jersey is well placed to get through this like Mr.Ozouf keeps touting. Jersey will be hit as hard as the rest, it is not immune to world events any more. Anyway the EU is waiting in the wings to sort offshore finance centres out, epsecially if Obama wins the US election. Tax avoidance will soon be a thing of the past and why not? Everyone else have to pay their taxes, why should certain people be treated differently? This is immoral, unethical and effects world governments in their ability to function properly. Remember those that avoid taxes are actually increasing the rests’ taxes. Are you happy with this? As a world we need to decide whether greed is the way forward or is a caring society what we want? If it is the later, capitalism is not the tool to achieve this as it promotes greed, lieing and cheating. Cooperation and sharing is the way forward, or are people still of the opinion that capitalism is good?

    Those running the show while carry on bullsh!tting the lower orders into thinking that there is no alternative, because they don’t want change, as they benefit from the system as it is! Are people intelligent to say NO enough is enough, or will they be lulled back into a false scense of security by governments throwing their money into a bottomless pit in the name of capitalism?

  36. Anonymous

    Two men charged with sexual offences over Haut de la Garenne

    Court appearances

    Two men are appearing in Jersey’s Royal Court this morning charged with sexual offences at Haut de la Garenne.

    Seventy-seven year old Gordon Claude Wateridge is charged with sixteen counts of indecent assault.

    The former warden’s been on bail following his arrest in February.

    Meanwhile Michael Aubin – who’s forty-six – is charged with ten counts of indecent assault.

    He was arrested at the end of May and is being held in custody at La Moye prison.

    The offences are alleged to have taken place at the former children’s home in St. Martin and date back to the 1970’s.

    Both men are expected to enter a plea this morning.


    Both men entered pleas of not guilty

  37. voiceforchildren


    In desperation I have blogged my experience in trying to get to the bottom of the ghastly possibility a civil servant might be under investigation for serious violent physical abuse on children.

    The local BBC are disagreeing with your version of “qualified privilige” somebody is mistaken!

  38. Anonymous

    Liberty Wharf may not find tenants for a while

    With inflation up to 6.4%, the house market going quieter by the day and 101 Toys and Horseplay closing down you really begin to wonder where the tenants for this development are going to come from.
    My contacts in the restaurant and retail trade report things as going very quiet indeed.
    When this development was planned the world was riding high on a boom, now things are looking colder by the day.
    Maybe Jersey will not go into a full recession like the US which is looking grimmer by the day but there is going to be a hell of a lot less money around for a few years at least.

  39. Kraków Crapaud

    Dear VFC,

    8 In certain circumstances, the most outrageously defamatory comments, true or not, may be repeated, provided they are quoted accurately and fairly. This is because they are protected by absolute privilege and the originator of the statement cannot be sued. This applies to, for example:-

    * contemporaneous reports in a newspaper, radio or television of judicial proceedings
    * reports of what was said in the States
    * quotations from or reprints of States (parliamentary) papers.

    Everything should be correct at the CAB site so Click me to go there.

    Judge Feryerself (:p

  40. Stuart Syvret

    Voice for Children

    So BBC Jersey are disagreeing with “my” interpretation of qualified privilege, eh?


    Could I suggest that Mathew Price or Denzil Dudley submit comments explaining their argument?

    You might want to draw their attention to this comment and ask them to respond.

    It’s fascinating – because the description of qualified privilege – as explained in detail by me on Planet Jersey last night – is not “my” description – it is the description of qualified privilege as contained in the book Law and the Media, by Tom Crone – a definitive work on the subject for journalists.

    But we can’t really be surprised that BBC Jersey would take a completely different position to the BBC as a national organisation. After all – BBC Jersey did say to me that “the BBC didn’t host political debates – because it might influence decision-makers.”

    You know – I could have sworn I saw Question Time on the BBC last night.

    It so happens that coincidently, I’ve just being speaking to a researcher for BBC Radio 4 – and this topic came up in the course of our general discussion.

    He agreed completely with the Crone description of qualified privilege.

    So – once again – BBC Jersey is off on a frolic of its own.

    But, as I said – do invite them to submit their arguments here.


  41. Anonymous

    Not only did you see the political dabates on the bbc question time last night followed andrew neil’s this week also political topical program. Also I heard the word sexual abuse of chilren skipped across by the Lideral Democrat while talking about seuxal education in primary schools.

    This is the first time I have headr sexual abuse mentioned on question time and I write a question almost every week about the sexual abuse of children now and in the historical.

    They have never asked any of the home secretaries who are responsible to the public any question I have asked.

  42. Anonymous

    I won’t be writing or phoning the BBC. They know what is going on already. I am very suspicious of the BBC because of the way they have acted, pleading poverty (ridiculous!) and would not advice anyone to let them pick their brains.


  43. Anonymous

    I’d have to say that since Stuart is confident that no law is being broken by repeating what has been said in the States chamber then the following possibilities should be explored:-
    1.The Jersey BBC don’t know the rules about this.
    2.Those in charge of the local BBC don’t want it rebroadcast for certain reasons.
    3.The establishment doesn’t want it rebroadcast for certain reasons and have told the BBC not to rebroadcast it.

    1.should now be ruled out as I am sure someone in the local BBC will have read Stuart’s blog and should be able to verify this as the truth.

    2.Is still a possibility.

    3.Is still a possibility.
    People are obviously going to suspect the worse, so I think it adds fuel to the fire reference local cover ups.

    I myself am shocked to find out about what has been going on, it is appalling that these type of people are still at work, especially if the police have informed their employer! If this is the way things are run over here then I myself have no confidence in things at all.

    Indeed if I had a child in education over here, and I thought they were at risk, I would have no option but to withdraw them and put them elsewhere. Surely the safety of children must come first and everthing else is secondary to this?

  44. ratleskutle

    re. the radio jersey request for bloggers – i gave them my details but they haven’t added it, so they might not be doing this anymore. perhaps they think blogs are too dangerous now.

  45. Helen

    Change of subject but this is Sarah Fergusons stance on how to deal with drug addicts on Planet Jersey:

    Silkworth Lodge is a residential rehab organisation – and is also a registered charity.

    Surely the way to cut back the dealing is to eliminate the market – no market, no sales, minimal number of dealers. How many of the people buying are recreational users rather than addicts? Make them sweep the roads for a month dressed in powder pink boiler suits? That would certainly put them off buying.

    This is a rather worrying view from a newly elected senator in my opinion, lets hope she doesn’t become minister of Health and Ss with that dinosors take on the problem of drug use in Jersey!

  46. Anonymous

    There was a short feature about the Governors past and present who are all staying over at Gvt House for a jolly.
    In their interview with Radio Jersey, one of them mentioned that they’d been briefed on the ‘REAL’ historic child abuse enquiry’ as opposed to the nonsense that they get to read in the UK press.
    I’m not very happy when the word ‘REAL’ is used incorrectly. I wonder who briefed them? Perhaps it was the Bailiff?

  47. Anonymous

    Sen. SYVRET,

    Again, you misjudge and miscalculate the public mood.

    The Bailiff was always planning to retire when he was 63, this has nothing to do with London’s intervention (although I’m sure this would fit better with your little conspiracy) the agreement was always to bow out to allow time for Mr BIRT time to extend his influence.

    In relation to Sen. KINNARD, again, her intention was always to resign although her departure was a slightly tainted!

    In relation to LUNDY, time will tell, but I think you’ll find that these accusations are totally unfounded.

    In relation to the dual role of the Bailiff and the scrutiny of other Crown appointed servants, I think you‘ll find that Mr BAILHACHE is a very different ‘kettle of fish’ to Mr BIRT, he will give you no quarter!

    My prediction, a token examination of the roles of Crown servants and a continuance of the status quo, much like the elections…you know I’m right.

  48. Anonymous

    I have also written in to the BBC about child abuse several times, I know other people have too. They just do not want to go there – it is the most taboo subject on the BBC agenda.


  49. Anonymous

    Stuart, there’s more to Wendy’s resignation that meets the eye. Do you know the real reason why she has declared an interest? I know 100% that its got nothing to do with H d l Garenne. She’s hiding something.

  50. Anonymous

    Maybe the news international group(prop. Rupert Murdoch) that’s the times, the sun, news of the world and sky news, might be interested in reporting on the BBC’s bias in jersey.

  51. Anonymous

    Yes Sarah Ferguson is showing her true colours already. I’d like her to be cleaning the roads in a pink boiler suit on £5 an hour! Another one who hasn’t got much idea. How could people vote to make this person a Senator? In my opinion she hasn’t a clue, all B.S. and no substance. I myself can’t stand her she comes across very self opinionated and appears to think she knows best! Nevermind hopefully the electorate will vote her out in six years time when she has been shown to have done nothing of use for the ordinary person.

  52. Anonymous

    In my opinion they deal with child abuse in the same way today as the German authorities dealt with the concentration camps in Germany during WW2. They didn’t exist until there was a “change” of government. It wasn’t until the allies moved in to the camps that the people were made aware of the reality of things……

  53. Anonymous

    You know it’s a strange thing really. Here we are living on an island that’s overflowing with financial experts and yet there’s hardly any media coverage of how the worldwide economic crisis has/will affect us.

    For example, there’s not a lot of property being sold right now. Some people claim that house prices are not falling but obviously they will.
    So if prices do drop what happens when the buy to let owners decide to cash in their investments? If there’s not that many of them obviously it won’t matter.
    But if Terry the twit hasn’t been watching carefully enough, we could see a significant number of properties being dumped onto the market.
    This has happened all over the U.S. as ‘buy to letters’ have driven down property values by selling up for whatever they could get.

  54. Anonymous

    “In relation to LUNDY, time will tell, but I think you’ll find that these accusations are totally unfounded.”

    “The Bailiff was always planning to retire when he was 63”

    Are you DERREN BROWN (wow capital letters are fun aren’t they?) or the BAILIFF(sorry i’ll stop now)?

    I ask because if you’re not either of those well known entertainers how the hell could you know that?

    “My prediction, a token examination of the roles of Crown servants and a continuance of the status quo, much like the elections…you know I’m right”

    You’re Derren Brown aren’t you?
    Go on do another trick, guess what name i’m calling you know?
    (hint: rhymes with rocksucker)

  55. Debbie

    anonymous said: “Stuart, there’s more to Wendy’s resignation that meets the eye. Do you know the real reason why she has declared an interest? I know 100% that its got nothing to do with H d l Garenne. She’s hiding something.”

    Yep, she’s definitely hiding something and it’s not good, but it’s obvious from Stuart’s earlier reply, he knows nothing about it. I’m not sure here is the right place to be putting him in the picture though either.

  56. Stuart Syvret

    Re Wendy Kinnard

    I have to say that – whilst it’s entirely feasible she may have made mistakes – serious errors of judgment – during her tenure – I have neither seen nor heard any evidence to the effect that she has acted out of self-interest.

    Given her betrayal of me – it would be quite easy for me to engage in innuendo to that effect. But I wont – because I have no evidence whatsoever that she has acted improperly, out of self-interest.

    Like I said – she has made mistakes – perhaps some serious and very unwise mistakes – but until I see evidence to the contrary – I can’t believe she has acted out of self-interest.


  57. Anonymous

    Sen. SYVRET,

    I’ll forgive your little ‘faux pas‘, forgetting that Mr BIRT is the Deputy Bailiff at this moment in time.

    However, what you seem to have single handily failed to grasp is that these senior civil servants are Crown Servants, these people will only fall if the Crown falls! That is never going to happen, you simply cannot win, you are not up against the Jersey government you are up against a much, much greater power base, quite removed from any temporary politicised institution.

    Are things becoming clearer now?

  58. Anonymous

    “Oh! that made I laugh” Stuart you are a rock plucker apparently!!

    Words of wisdom and deep thought from a drainless farce pole!!!

  59. Anonymous

    ‘…these people will only fall if the Crown falls!’

    nah…all that will happen is a change to the Bailiff’s job description.
    He will still be a crown appointee with a slightly modified role
    It’s just a continuation of the evolving historical process that began with the signing of the Magna Carta and which has seen the transference of power from the monachy to parliament.
    No great shakes.

  60. Anonymous

    “these senior civil servants are Crown Servants, these people will only fall if the Crown falls! “

    Or if HM government (they are connected to the crown I believe) decide to give them the push.

    We are all under the power of Westminster, they leave us alone as long as we don’t trouble them.

    The frankly baffling and vicious campaign that you and other establishment supporters have waged against those simply trying to bring child abusers to justice is damaging this island and it’s government’s reputation.


    What do you gain from keeping the guilty out of court?

    This should have been a straightforward case, interview the victims, question the accused, bring the cases to court and let justice be seen to be done.

    But even that is too much to ask for our stepford society. The messenger must be attacked, “how dare anyone tell us that all is not perfect. Traitor! You’re out to destroy us!”

    That doesn’t seem strange to you acting like that?

    Being outraged over points of parlimentary etiquette whilst being relaxed about over 100
    people coming forward as victims of abuse.

  61. Anonymous

    “Stuart you are a rock plucker apparently!!”

    No, not Stuart,I meant mr CAPITALS of the Frank fanclub.

  62. Anonymous


    Has there been any allegations made to you or that you are aware of, of ritualised sexual abuse?

  63. Anonymous

    Sen SYVRET – My prediction..blah blah you simply cannot win!..we are much stronger than you…the crown..blah blah…the baliff(god bless him)..public mood (etc)…

    Sorry matey but to me this just sounds like a personal swipe at Stuart Syvret rather than any meaninful discourse?

    Im curious to know what the author of this posting is referring to exactly?.

    What cant Stuart win?-enlighten me brother because I understood the main objective of Stuarts effort within this blog-site was to provide help and support for victims of the child abuse that has taken place (YES, REALLY TAKEN PLACE!)on Jersey!.

    During the course of this blog there often come to light issues that are in some way related to that main objective-and of course those threads are taken up by others and comments are passed-thats what “bloggers” do!.

    Is it getting clearer yet?.

    I am certain that sometimes inconvienient facts or familiar names spring up on here and the paedophile scum that also read this site daily no doubt have to call in yet more favours from friends and colleagues in high places or simply resort to attacking the messager.

    Why use this site if all you wish to do is make veiled threats about the treatment Stuart can expect when the next Bailiff takes post?- realise that this is one of the few ways we have in Jersey of hearing an alternative, and some might say truthful,take on current events?.

    When the evil bastards that have abused children for years in Jersey- and the figures in authority who protect and condone their actions-are brought to justice I rather feel that there will be no “winners”…just around 100 people whos early years were a time of disgusting abuse from the very people who were in place to protect them, far from what could be called “life enriching” eh?.

    Knowing that their abusers have been brought to justice will- hopefully-be closure of sorts but Jerseys reputation will be in tatters for years

    So-if you want to mix it with Stuart then perhaps you could pretend to be a man…and do it to his face?

  64. Anonymous

    Now Stuart can you see what you have done?

    If Mario Lundy has done anything then he can claim the same defence. For a man who is a self prolaimed intellect you are really a numpty of the highest order

    “DEFENCE counsel for one of the two men so far charged in the historical child abuse inquiry will claim that he cannot receive a fair trial because of media publicity about Haut de la Garenne, the Royal Court was told yesterday.

    At the indictment of Gordon Claude Wateridge (77), a former warden at the home who denies charges of indecent assault on children in care there, Crown Advocate Stephen Baker said that he had been advised that an application would be made claiming ‘abuse of process’ because of the nature of the publicity surrounding the investigation. Advocate Baker told the court that defendants charged with committing child abuse at Haut de la Garenne should be separated from ‘extreme assertions’ made about the site by the media.

    He was speaking as Mr Wateridge was indicted at the same hearing as Michael Aubin (46), a former resident of Haut de la Garenne who is also charged with indecent assaults against children.

    Advocate Baker said in relation to both cases: ‘The press and public need to be aware that it is grossly improper and unfair to link both defendants with the sort of publicity that has been generated in the media about Haut de la Garenne because the charges against them are alleged to have occurred there”

    Your name will be writ large and you will claim that is the fault of the Oligarchs – pathetic

  65. Stuart Syvret

    Have I heard allegations of “ritual” abuse?

    I had not until earlier this summer.

    I was receiving a number of comments which asked similar questions. I responded on that occasion by say – quite truthfully – that of all the abuses made know to me “ritualistic” abuse was not amongst them.

    However, when I made that comment I did receive one or two comments from survivors of HDLG in which they recounted being taken to the bunker or the dolmen and seeing pentagrams marked out on the ground. I think one of these survivors named Painesl – the Beast of Jersey – as being involved in these particular atrocities.

    So, to answer you question, since this summer – following questions raised on my blog – a couple of survivors did comment that what they had been subjected to appeared to them to be ritualistic abuse. But I have to say, few such cases have been drawn to my attention.

    It would appear that the vast majority of abusers have just been vicious, mundane, psychotic bastards.

    Who was it who wrote about the mundanity of evil?



  66. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart
    What do you make of one of the prior LG’s saying Phil was always going to retire at 63 all along?
    More spin?
    They really seem to be gunning for you any way they can!

  67. Lara

    How many people have to give statements before the police decide to go ahead and finally charge these people?

  68. Lara

    Perhaps the ritualistic aspect was aimed at frightening the children even more into silence… It also appears that the ‘victims’ were chosen, the least likely children to have any real backup, they thought they could get away with it and for many years these people have been allowed to live a double life at the expense of their victims. It must have given the abusers an immense false sense of power. Children’s lives were in their hands and they were supposed to give them a helping hand in life not deal with them with a clenched fist. How many parents were under the false impression that with their child being in care they were helping to change their future for the better? How many parents objected and these objections fell on deaf ears. Children and parents need to be listened to. This is not just a situation hidden in the past, it lives on today. Maybe one day we will see a change in the barbaric way the social services work but for that to happen it may take a miracle.

  69. Anonymous

    The world financial markets are in meltdown. Those in charge know this and they are desperate to try and limit the damage before the whole thing crashes around their ears. Make no mistake if it does there will be major ramifications for everything from banking to capitalism. The reason? It will have been shown that the whole system is a complete con. People will then realise they have lied to by those running the show. I am somewhat surprised that people have been unable, on the whole, to see through this whole money thing. It is not viable but they keep pretending it is. Maybe people are too scared to think that maybe yes this is complete cr@p? They have all been ingrained to believe in the good old capitilist thing and free enterprise. They have either not realised or, chosen to ignore the fact that it has been abused by those in power for personal gain and this has brought us to the brink of collapse. The likes of Enron should have been a wake up call, unfotunately it fell on deaf ears.

    It is no surprise that at the same time morals and ethics have been increasingly downplayed, as they get in the way of profit and money. However if only people realised that money is really worth nothing then they would come to their senses. Look at Zimbabwe its inflation rate is at present 230 million percent and expected to rise to one billion percent before the end of this year!

    Germany had similar problems in the late 1920’s does no one learn from history?

    There is an excellent German proverb that explains where we are now globally and it is:-
    “greed rots brains”.

    I wish someone would come to their senses and take this to heart and stop this stupidity. However as greed is our main motivator this will not happen until it is too late. Maybe when people are using worthless papermoney to light fires to keep warm they may say, how were we all taken in by this? There will then be plenty of time to reflect on mans’ stupidity in the chase for self agrandment to the exclusion of everything else.

    The fat cats had better enjoy their previledged life style whilst they can, they will soon be brought into reality with the majority of mankind….

  70. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, many more people now know what has been going on in Jersey and too many witnesses have come forward. Due to everything being done to keep it quiet the lid can only come off one way. It will blow off once there is sufficient build up of pressure and spray all and sundry with its contents. At this point the sh!t will well and truely hit the fan.

    All this should have been dealt with when it happened and not left to fester. The only result I see for all this is massive damage to the Jersey authorities reputation locally and internationally. In my opinion there is now no way out of this gathering time bomb, it has passed the point of being defused. I expect a very messy blow out in the near future.

    The authorities will obviously do all they can to limit the damage, time will tell if they have much success long term.

  71. Stuart Syvret

    I have received a confidential comment concerning Wendy Kinnard.

    I was aware of the issue which has been raised.

    But I still do not consider her to have acted out of “self-interest” as was alleged in previous comments.

    She has – for very many months – declared herself conflicted from certain matters, which is why her Assistant Minister has been dealing with the political dimension of things.

    Indeed, she declared herself conflicted at the recent Council of Ministers’ meeting and left the room, taking no part in the discussion.

    The fact remains – looking at the situation objectively – a change in the regulations as was being sought – on the basis of Home Affairs departmental advice, please note – was entirely the right thing to do in a broad public policy sense.

    So, I’m afraid, I still see no impropriety on Wendy Kinnard’s part in respect of the whole child protection war.


  72. Kraków Crapaud

    Re: The world financial markets are in meltdown.

    My very simplistic viewpoint is that too many people have been making money from money for too long.

    They never actually produced anything just made everything more & more expensive to sustain their non-productive luxury lifestyles.

    Something had to give.


  73. Anonymous

    Everything that has happened at Haute de la Garenne, if proven, is of course horrendous and I have so much sympathy for those who have been affected. However, on reading of the two people who have been charged for abuse, apparently in the ’70s, one of them is now only 46 which means that he was only very young himself when he allegedly carried out these offences. We do not know what happened in this child’s life to have made him behave in this way. Just a thought – but maybe we should have some compassion for him too. I’ll probably be shouted down for this comment but I thought it was worth airing.

  74. Anonymous

    So, this new fund we’re all going to have to pay into to ensure health care and elderly care, didn’t that used to come under the heading of ‘social security’?

  75. Anonymous

    The “abuse of process” defence.

    How does the media or (hypothetically) a blog reporting public information harm a case?

    Stuart hasn’t written about these cases and all the local media have done is report the police press releases.
    Look at any high profile case in the national or international media e.g. Harold Shipman, Jeffery Archer or Conrad Black. There were literally acres of newspaper stories before and during their trials.

    I would argue that it would be a damning indictment of our legal system if the court agreed that these men could not receive a fair trial.
    Because if that were the case could the authorities ever prosecute a local finance company or bank? Organisations with staff, professional rivals and investors on the island.
    If we are saying that the island is too small and gossip travels too quickly to prosecute what are (individually) a couple of pretty straightforward criminal cases, then we might as well stop trying to prosecute anything above the capability of the magistrates court. Anything of more importance would have to be sent to the U.K. to ensure impartiality.

  76. Anonymous

    Revenge is sweet! Yeah! And all the fat cats are mortgaged up to hilt hee hee!!

    A wise man once said ` a man motgaged up to the hilt is a pillar of social stability’. (Quentin Hoggg 1921?)

  77. Anonymous

    To the poster who wrote “maybe we should have some compassion for him too” and I’m not shouting you down because I do agree with you to some degree…. how far back do we go though? and for the victims to have justice doesn’t punishment need to be dealt out to those who horribly abused them?

    The fact though is that in these cases we are talking about ‘state’ employees who have horrendously abused their positions and pretended to the outside world that they were caring, decent and trustworthy people. You have to also look at the issue of responsibility and why these people didnt see fit to actually apply some when in charge of vulnerable children.

    You have to also ask what outcome the victims want – an apology, compensation, punishment of the offenders, procedural changes? I don’t know only they can answer that.

  78. sonofsilence

    To the previous poster concerning compassion for one of the accused, my father was a violent alchoholic who abused me and my sister , physically and mentally over the entire period of our childhood, i now have a beautiful six year old boy , i would never harm a hair on his head , in addition he will never see me drunk nevermind violent.
    So i say to you dont shed a tear for this man, he knew what he was doing was wrong, let him spend along time in prison reflecting on his crimes, this might give his victims some justice.

  79. Anonymous

    Further to Laras comment…

    How many times will someone have to be arrested on allegations of child abuse before being charged?

    Surely the investigating officers dont arrest people on such a serious accusation unless they believe they have a strong enough case against the person in question!

    Is the AG operating a “three strikes and youre out” rule?.

  80. Anonymous

    Re – `everything that happened at HDLG’. I think you will find that these two are the sacraficial lambs! Where are the other’s? In particular, where are the big guy’s??

    You know the ones who took all of those child porn phots that the police are so confident were taken at HDLG and spread over the web! Every body seems to have forgotten about this?

    Come – on, there must have been dozens of pervs involved in this!

    Similarly, we know that the 60 odd childrens teath and hundreds of childrens bone fragments that were found, were burnt in the central heating boiler. So we have a date more or less as to when these poor babies were murdered don’t we?

    And all we have on trial are these two pathetic individuals!

    Well as they say in the East of the Island. `Jutice in Jersey is best you can afford’! And I joke not!!

    The whole thing stinks!!!!!!!!!!

    Writing from exile

  81. Anonymous

    Hi Numpty

    Most reasonable people know when you (Stuart) are trying to squirm at the point you attempt to write long epistles with archaic language.

    I reiterate that you will to be blame if the guilty escape and I shall leave you with this quotation to explain your pathetic refutation

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

  82. Anonymous

    Oh by the way I speed read through your refutation without looking at the Latin you quote – something I took at school

    For a man who holds himself up to be judge and jury amd is deaf to the other side of arguments I trust you are having a joke!!!!!

  83. Stuart Syvret


    The facts are plain and beyond all credible dispute.

    Both ancient British jurisprudence and the ECHR case-law make it crystal-clear just what unimpeachable standards of objectivity and impartiality have to be met be the good administration of justice.

    I’ve recognized that fact – recognised it a long time ago – and drew the inescapable conclusion that the administration of justice in Jersey could not even hope to meet those standards.

    You and your oligarchy colleagues appear to believe that you are the only establishment marching in step – and that somehow the rest of the civilised world has got it wrong.

    Sadly – it is in such utter folly as you display that we see the genesis and canker of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.


  84. Stuart Syvret


    So you “took Latin at school”, eh?

    That explains a lot.

    Look – we can all see that your not terribly bright, but do try to pay attention to the facts – even just a little bit.

    As I have said previously – I have no need to be neutral in the question of guilt or innocence.

    I am not a prosecutor.

    I’m not a judge.

    I’m not a jurist.

    It is not my role, nor my job, to deliver impartial justice.

    On the contrary – the survivors need someone to be strongly on their side – to be heavily biased in their favour.

    Especially so – given the monstrous neglect, abuse and contempt they have suffered at the hands of the States of Jersey for decade after decade.

    Am I neutral and objective? No damn way.

    But, had you being paying attention – you’d know I’ve never made any such claim for myself.

    It is the job of the judicial processes to objective and impartial – a job they are manifestly incapable of succeeding in, in the Jersey context.


  85. Anonymous


    what do the victims you have spoken to say they want from all of this?

    In relation to children abusing other children, I think many of us can emphasis and can feel compassion for those children who were so brutalised that they brutalised other children. Maybe in those cases the victims can find it within their hearts to forgive?

    But to me the other cases where adults have been doing the brutalising knowing full well what harm it would cause they should stand before a jury of their peers and be tried and then if found guilty should be punished.

    A clear message has to be sent out that we as a society will not tolerate such harmful and abhorant behaviour. The problem though is that we have corrupted governments, corrupted police forces and corrupted everything!

    This is an age old story right from the time the bible was written, and what really has changed? We hide behind the veneer of being ‘civilised’ but in reality we are not.

    I believe human beings have the potential for such greatness … but this potential is being mis-directed and abused by the ruthless and evil who have enough influence to dictate the rules.

    It serves the evil ones well to have as many societies/communities damaged and fragmented as possible.

    It is down to the many many many decent and good people in our communities to stand up and say ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH!

  86. Anonymous

    Similarly, we know that the 60 odd childrens teeth and hundreds of childrens bone fragments that were found, were burnt in the central heating boiler. So we have a date more or less as to when these poor babies were murdered don’t we?

    A quantity of childrens’ teeth were recovered from the cellars of Haut de la Garenne.
    It is possible that physical and sexual abuse took place there and this is going to be tested in the courts.
    But there is a lack of evidence to suggest murder. The modern state is essentially a bureaucratic organisation and the Jersey police must have gone through the birth and death records with a fine tooth comb.
    As far as I know, they are not aware of any children that disappeared into HDLG never to be heard from again.

  87. Anonymous


    UK seems to be tackling under performing hospital managers. From Sunday telegraph today

    “Ministers are drawing up a list of failing NHS organisations which will be handed to new management, including private sector firms, if they do not improve.

    Under the plans, chief executives and their whole board of directors would be sacked without pay-offs. ………Between 30 and 40 hospital, primary care and ambulance trusts are expected to be labelled as “underperforming” in a Government list set to be published before Christmas.

    About six of them will be classed as “seriously underperforming”. If they have not improved by April, they will be deemed to be “challenged” and their entire board could be sacked in a matter of months.

    Legislation due to be passed in the New Year will mean that NHS board members who lose their jobs because their organisation is failing will no longer be eligible for compensation pay-offs”

    Perhaps Jersey could learn a thing or two from this!

  88. Elaine

    Re: Anonymous quote;
    We do not know what happened in this child’s life to have made him behave in this way. Just a thought – but maybe we should have some compassion for him too.

    You are correct in saying you do not know what happened to him. I am in no way condoning his aleged actions, however, I personally do know much of his early childhood years, about which I will not comment on here as per Stuart’s request, however I thank you for your thoughts of a little compassion.

  89. Linda Corby

    Stuart Syvret said…
    The Case of Michael Aubin

    You mirror my views on this completely Stuart, and as a child who suffered years of physical and mental abuse from my adoptive mother, I can honestly say that turning into an abusers myself never entered my head. Why? Because two wrongs don’t make a right, knowing the pain I had suffered at the hands of my adoptive mother why would I or anyone else who has suffered from abuse wish to inflict the pain and suffering of abuse upon another.

    Some people believe that one is born with a soul/ conscience whether our brains are wired to know what is right and wrong, good or evil from birth, others that humans learn from example but this is a matter of debate.

    I believe that it is probably a combination or the two, but everyone who experiences pleasure and pain knows what good and evil is because it’s something that is inherently derived from pleasure and pain.

    However, I read in a newspaper somewhere that neuroscientists have identified a portion of the human brain that is responsible for empathy and right and wrong actions.

    People often comment that many politicians are without soul or conscience (it is OK Stuart we know you have both and a great deal of empathy for others and you will go down in history as one of the good guys in my opinion.)

    My view is that the powers that be have the legal means to do what they purpose to do, but this does not mean that what they have done is moral.

    Legislations have brought about many draconian laws, but whether they are morally justifiable is yet another matter for debate.

    It is said that the spirit resides in your conscience, and I say, ‘We all have free will and whatever road we chose to take, is the road of our own conscience, morals and ethics, and a road that we personally have to answer for.’

    Here is a link with information you might find interesting.

  90. Anonymous

    Hi Numpty

    I trust you were meaning to say you’re and not your!

    Please correct in future also try to use “you and me” when required instead of “you and I” thinking it correct in all circumstances.

    Latin is of some use after all!

    BTW Despite your protestations you are guilty of what I have stated previously namely thinking you are the only person who knows the truth.

    Unfortunately there are no black and whites in this whole affair only various shades of grey.

  91. Senator Stuart Syvret


    As I’ve often remarked – please address all complaints about me spellin & gramah to Mike Vibert and the Jersey “education” department.

    It ain’t my fault I can’t speak proper, like what you do.

    I went to St. Helier boys – and had Mike Vibert as a “teacher” – amongst a load of equally unemployable derelicts who were dumped on underclass kids because they couldn’t hold down a job at any decent school.

    So I’m just a victim of my environment, me, eh?

    You share a characteristic of other oligarchy members/supporters who contribute to this site – basically a complete inability to engage with facts and produce rational, detailed counter-arguments.

    I’ve responded to your various assertions in detail and on a factual basis.

    Your response?

    A pretty tragic amalgam of ‘straw man’ arguments (I’ve never claimed to be ‘the only person how knows the truth’) and vacuous personal abuse.

    You know – with that degree of ‘ability’ to engage with the facts – a complete unwillingness to engage in rational discourse – we see displayed the intellectual fragility and utter hubris which has brought Jersey to such a state of affairs.

    I’m afraid, Numpty, your arguments have gone the same way as all other Jersey oligarchy supporters who have engaged in discussion on this site.

    You lose that argument – so are left with no resort other than to attack the man.

    Come back when you have some rational, cogent argument to offer.


  92. Anonymous

    Err… there is quite a definate “black and white” that comes to mind in “this whole affair” my latin speaking friend-
    that decades of child abuse HAS taken place on this island and HAS been covered up,time and again,by members of the establishment,former police officers and others in positions that put them into contact with vunerable children.

    The abusers – and the people who by their actions/inaction aided these paedophiles – should be brought to justice and punished-period!-do you agree or are we missing something?

  93. Anonymous

    We can’t have anyone in authority being portrayed in a bad light, it will make old Joe Public doubt those in charge are fit to rule them. This could led to a breakdown in the status quo. Too many questions to answer etc. Also certain establishment people are only interested in positive spin in Jersey, you can’t go around upsetting our Life Enriching Island, or its reputing as an offshore tax centre (haven to the rest of us). Where will the tax minimisers (avoiders) go then? We have only just got the likes of China onboard, we don’t want to scare them off with horror stories do we?

  94. Anonymous

    Those who come on here to slag people off and generally cause more harm than good.

    You apparently have an ology in Numptyism whilst claiming Latin as a good thing to know.

    That would be Roman speak, Anti Christian, anti Jewish and a religion that has sexually abused children for hundreds of years.

    A Pope who was a Nazi brown shirt kind of really works doesn’t it Hail Caesar and hail Hitler.

    You keep harkening to the past!! Keep those rose tints nice and polished as they will see some sights that they won’t believe in the coming months.

    As for pointing out grammatical errors it just shows you really have very little to say

    All knowledge is power! How you come by that knowledge is irrelevant! The measure is how you use that knowledge.

    You use your knowledge and acumen is to denigrate those who have obviously been subjected to treatment a kin to the horrors which happened in Nazi death camps.

    The type of personality you display in your ramblings does not question orders no matter how badly constructed those orders are and like many of the German soldiers when having to face the truth “We were only following orders when we gassed hundreds of thousands of women and children.”

  95. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Look – I know Numpty appears to be a bit of a fool – with the ethics of Bangkok pimp – but I don’t think likening him/her to a Nazi is quite justified – well not yet, at least.

    As I’ve often said – a bit of personal abuse is fine – the grit in the oyster of debate, if you will.

    But can we keep a sense of perspective, please?



  96. Anonymous

    I went to St. Helier boys – and had Mike Vibert as a “teacher” – amongst a load of equally unemployable derelicts who were dumped on underclass kids because they couldn’t hold down a job at any decent school.

    I went to one of the ‘better’ schools in the island at about the same time as you and I must say that some of the staff there left something to be desired.
    I doubt that some of them would survive as teachers in today’s schools.
    The exam system at the time required the learning of massive quantities of facts that could then be spewed out at examination time so most teachers taught the text book and the pupils learnt it.
    There has been a huge change in what is taught, how it is taught and disciplinary methods since the 1970’s.
    I doubt many parents today would tolerate the cuffings, hitting with rulers and mass detentions that was routine in 1970’s education.
    Sport was awful with uncontrolled rugby matches that left boys with black eyes and split lips. Girls’ schools were not much better, many a score was settled on the hockey field with a with a bone jarring blow to the shin.
    It was not quite Tom Brown’s School Days but 70’s education was not far off.

  97. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Enola Gay?

    A couple of my younger readers have said they didn’t understand the reference to ‘Enola Gay’ at the end of the post.

    Enola Gay was the name of the mother of Paul Tibbetts, the pilot of the US Air Force B29 bomber which dropped the first atomic bomb used in war.

    The target city was Hiroshima, Japan, and, in what was, in my view, a war crime, the city and much of its population were annihilated in an instant.

    It was common for WW II bomber crews to give their aircraft mascot names. So Tibbetts’ B29 was called Enola Gay – in honour of his mother.

    The nuclear bomb used – which detonated at 8.15 in the morning – had been given the code-name ‘Little Boy’.

    This incident was famously examined in song by the 1980’s electro-pop group Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, in the single Enola Gay.

    I think it’s one of the greatest anti-war songs of all time. The way in which it conflates the human characters of Enola Gay herself (‘this kiss you give, it’s never going to fade away’) and her son – her “Little Boy” – with the war-plane which bore her name – and gave birth to its own “Little Boy” – on that dreadful 1945 August morning – at 8.15.

    The songs lyrics are below.



    Enola Gay
    You should have stayed at home yesterday
    Ah-ha words can’t describe
    The feeling and the way you lied

    These games you play
    They’re going to end in more than tears some day
    Ah-ha Enola Gay
    It shouldn’t ever have to end this way

    It’s eight fifteen
    And that’s the time that it’s always been
    We got your message on the radio
    Conditions normal and you’re coming home

    Enola Gay
    Is mother proud of little boy today
    Ah-ha this kiss you give
    It’s never going to fade away

    Enola Gay
    It shouldn’t ever have to end this way
    Ah-ha Enola Gay
    It shouldn’t fade in our dreams away

    It’s eight fifteen
    And that’s the time that it’s always been
    We got your message on the radio
    Conditions normal and you’re coming home

    Enola Gay
    s mother proud of little boy today
    Ah-ha this kiss you give
    It’s never ever going to fade away

  98. Anonymous

    So Frank has invited Vince Cable of the Lib Dems to visit Jersey to prove to him that we aren’t a tax haven.
    Apparantly we are signed up to many international agreements that are designed to stop tax evasion,so that’s the end of that arguement according to our own Napoleon.
    But then again Harold Shipman once took the Hippocratic oath.

    Mind you it would be very interesting to see what would happen if Mr. Cable were to properly accept the offer and turn up with a full team from the Inland revenue.
    That’s obviously what Frank was suggesting wasn’t it?
    It wasn’t just a quick PR point, inviting a single unqualified person to evaluate our financial services and regulators. He obviously was offering unhindered access to Jersey Finance to a critic.
    Let’s just hope the offer is accepted. Because once a crack team of U.K. inspectors have undertaken a long and thorough inspection of our regulatory systems( past and present) we will finally be able to stop these awful rumours.
    Maybe some of our larger companies would also take the opportunity to show that they are whiter than white. Because there can’t be anything the U.K. regulators could find that our own fine inspectors would miss.

  99. sonofsilence

    I confer with the last poster concerning teaching methods in the 70’s, ex vic college must remember boys sitting on John Rusts lap whilst playing the piano? various odd stories about camping trips with ‘bat’ Dawson, then the rage and subsequent physical abuse from Colonel ‘Fash’ Finch, guess where I dont send my kid?

  100. drizzle all day

    The alternative viewpoint is that it was the lesser of two evils, Stuart. As a mighty show of US power the Hiroshima strike shortened the war considerably by leading to the surrender, and probably led to less death and suffering overall.

    Horrendous either way. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    (I only remember Mr Rust as a bl***y terrifyingly strict teacher at Prep, no more than that – innocent as I was at the time)

  101. Anonymous

    I buy into Stuarts theory re the Bayleaf – he was pushed – the leaf did not fall!

    I assume that he offered to retire in Jume in order that he may give his last Liberation Day speech in May – that will be an opportunity to attone for his Ratner moment.

    I did not know Vernon Tomes and only took a partial interest in his sacking – I assume that he was given the opportunity to ‘retire’ but being of a certain class decided to fall on his sword, I see a direct corelation between the exit from public office of the two men.

    The Phone In on Radio Jersey today( Sunday ) may be of interest to some of your bloggers as it covered legal issues in relation to HDLG

  102. Anonymous

    The phone in…two potential electoral candidates flirting with electability and whilst on their way to stardom, ensuring that no listening person being a possible juror on the electoral list could be unaware of the advice re corroborative evidence. No judge will need to say a word – the idea will have taken root unconsciously and…all by itself.

  103. Anonymous


    The poster who calls you a numpty says

    ” Unfortunately there are no black and whites in this whole affair only various shades of grey”

    Would he care to explain what he believes the grey areas are in relation to the institutional abuse (and possible murders) of children?

  104. Anonymous

    I too had a good 1970’s education in both States and private schools. Both were as bad as each other. I remember a teacher at one junior school who used to hit you on the knucles with a rule end on if you talked out of turn. He was a vindictive tw@t. I was about six or seven when we were “taught” by this clown.

    In seconardy school we had a teacher that would physically abuse kids if they were naughty or didn’t know the answers! Anything from a black board rubber in the head to getting you by the hair and banging your head on a table. If only mobile phones had been around then! It was great entertainment for those who were good boys.

    If this went on at ordinary schools I am sure far worse things would have gone on at those schools beyond the pale.

  105. Anonymous

    We have been noticed!

    Unwelcome trends in politics

    It seems that the Vile Rag has developed a fit of the vapours on behalf of some of the more delicate little flowers that frequent the world of Jersey politics.
    The amazing thing is that they expect ministerial office and large salaries, Ozouf still hankers after something more in line with a UK Cabinet Minister for his services, but they seem unable to take the tiniest bit of flak.
    Part of the cure lies in the Vile Rag’s hands anyway. Boot out the aged Helier Clement with his barmy meanderings about calvados trees, pollack and the boy Walker and Ben Queree with his drivel that passes for political analysis and get some decent journos in. In the case of Ben Queree he is not Jersey’s answer to Andrew Rawnsley despite what he might tell you.

  106. Senator Stuart Syvret

    The Rag and “Unwelcome Trends in Politics”

    Yeah – that leader comment had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

    When time permits I plan to do a deconstruction of it, perhaps as an “Anatomy of a Spin” posting.


  107. Anonymous

    If Mr.Ozouf can’t take a bit of well justified criticsm from people unpset with the way the island is being destroyed by greed, then he should leave politics and go home and sulk.

    The ordinary people are getting very upset by all these happening of late. They view Jersey as a never ending catelogue of disasters. HDLG, GST, the incinerator, the waterfront, the airport, the harbours, the ferries, planning decisions, goose green, Radissons, the CoM, immigration, bad roads, very expensive housing, very expense rental market, getting charged VAT under the cover of ferry costs on all goods in Jersey etc etc.

    If the likes of Mr.Ozouf can’t see why people are upset then he has no grasp of how things are going over here for the average person. Maybe he should try living on £250 a week like many? His views and attitude might change for the better.

  108. Derek

    “The alternative viewpoint is that it was the lesser of two evils, Stuart. As a mighty show of US power the Hiroshima strike shortened the war considerably by leading to the surrender, and probably led to less death and suffering overall.”

    Not sure about your arguement that that a nuclear bomb is “the lesser of two evils”….

    I hate anytime i see a mushroom cloud on TV in a doc or historical footage from the war – to be honest it scares me sh*tless!

    And i know i’m moving off subject here (however this is relevant to everyone) but if Mccain gets in at the US elections we’ll all have a ringside seat to watch “the rottweiler with lipstick” from Alaska annoy the bejesus out of the Russians, Chinese, Iranians et al right up until someone thinks she needs a slap and hits the button!

    My wish list while containing “Walker Out” also has “Obama In” winning by a length!!!

  109. Anonymous


    The Jersey post writes

    ” development in Island politics which runs counter to unwritten rules of engagement which, until recently, were observed by all and sundry”

    The problem being these unwritten ‘rules’.

    Rules made up by those who gain the most from them usually at the expense and detriment to everyone else.

    We have ‘unwritten rules’ here in London in housing politics and low and betide anyone who doesn’t agree with these ‘unwritten rules’- you will be shouted down,lied about, threatened, bullied and intimidated. Fun times ahead for any unsuspecting resident who niavely gets involved with local politics.

    Change isn’t what these nasties want that much is very clear.

    Keep with it Stuart you are doing a grand job!

  110. Spectrum

    re The Rag and “Unwelcome Trends in Politics”

    If you read the PRO JEP comments underneath carefully you will see they were written by the same person.

  111. Anonymous

    Traders University

    It should be pointed out that the Vile Rag is currently accepting money from Traders University to host a click point on their site.

    Anyone replying to this ad and attending the seminar will be invited to apply for a course teaching you how to deal in spread bets on currency, oil etc.
    This course costs approximately £2,000.
    More worryingly is the suggestion in their advertising material that this is a viable way to supplement your salary or pension or save for retirement.
    It is not, a spread bet is just what it says on the tin.
    A bet!
    It is just like putting £50 on the 22-1 outsider in the 3:40, If it romps home you get a wodge back.
    If you get it wrong then your cash goes west.
    But instead of putting it on a pony you are betting on the price of oil falling from $65 to $60 a barrel.
    Fine if you are loaded, understand financial ‘markets’ and fancy a flutter.
    But really it makes sticking your life savings in an Icelandic bank look like a good move.

  112. Anonymous

    Shades of Grey

    Wht proof is there except from interested parties?

    By this I mean from both sides.

    I rest my case QED

    Okay Stuart

    “quod erat demonstrandum”

    Makes a change from explaining that Caligula means little boots.

  113. Nick Palmer

    anonymous wrote:
    “If Mr.Ozouf can’t take a bit of well justified criticsm from people unpset with the way the island is being destroyed by greed, then he should leave politics and go home and sulk.”

    For all fans of satire there is a new blog called “Ozo the Bozo”
    which appeared a few days ago. I passed on the link to various of the other senatorial candidates, including Philip Ozouf and I just got an email from him. He seems genuinely upset about this and wants to know who is doing this and why. I had pointed out that it was satire.

    Although there has been very little of this from of lampoon in Jersey politics up until now, there is a very long tradition of it in mainland politics as far back as Jonathan Swift and onto the Frost report, Beyond the Fringe then Spitting Image and recently the Rory Bremner show, including the two Johns.

    I think this blog is quite witty and anyone who mentions Scylla and Charybdis (in relation to the Radisson and the incinerator) has clearly had some form of education…

  114. Anonymous

    Mr.Ozouf just doesn’t get it does he? People are p!ssed off with the policies he is backing as the chosen successor to Le Sueur. They feel (and are) disenfanchised, anger will only continue to rise until he listens to the people. Or is he too arrogant to do this. Mr.Ozouf we don’t want GST, we don’t want rich people not paying their fair dues, we don’t want massive immigration, we don’t want the waterfront, we don’t want carbuncles like Radisson’s passed under your watch. Please pass this on to him.

    If he can’t take a bit of lampooning then he should resign, as with every day that things get worse over here, I am sure people will become more vocal in their displeasure of this rich land owner who knows not what the establishment policies he verhmently defends are doing to the poorer in this island. If he wants to upset people any more then all he has to do is carry on as he has so far.

  115. Anonymous

    I was just going to ask the same question about rug muncher. The mind boggles. Does not sound flattering though


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