You be the Judge!

Well – what a fascinating and entertaining day it’s been!

For those of you not immediately familiar with the day-to-day workings of the Jersey legislature – let me bring you up-to-date.

Today Phil Bailhache lost the plot – as usual, because he was being challenged and being held to account; a cultural phenomena utterly alien to this man and his brother.

Phil & Bill are neo-Victorians – men who believe it is still 1898 – and that we, the scumbag, uppity proles, should simply defer to them – as our ‘social superiors’.

The culture-shock evinced by both men whenever someone challenges their “authority” is a wonder to behold.

Incidentally, whilst I’m on the subject of the Bailhache Brothers – people in Jersey will be very familiar with the irreversible fact that, at the time of my unlawful arrest and detention – and the consequent searching of my home without a search warrant – Bill Bailhache issued a flat and unambiguous denial of any prior knowledge of the raid.

Following this manifest lie from him, I sent him an e-mail – in which I described him as a liar and a crook.

This plain statement of fact was simply seized upon by the Jersey oligarchy and its media – such as BBC Jersey – and used to peddle lies against me, whilst denying me any right of reply.

But – dear oh dear – what happened today in the Assembly?

Bill Bailhache admitted that, in fact, he did have prior knowledge of the raid.


A brazen liar – straight out of the mould of Jimmy Perchard.

Now – onto Phil!

He has been obstructing my efforts to table a proposition seeking a Committee of Inquiry into the unlawful killing of a patient at the Jersey General Hospital.

He doesn’t like me stating facts in the accompanying report – so has taken and assumed to himself – an unelected, unaccountable functionary – the supposed ‘power’ to sensor and edit that which elected members write in their reports.

No such power exists anywhere in the standing orders of the States of Jersey.

So, this morning, I made a perfectly reasonable request to him – namely that he provide me with a written explanation as to which standing order he was relying upon in his obstructions of my report?

Naturally – he was wholly unable to answer this question – so in his fury the best he could do was assert that he “would not correspond with someone who had written to him that he had ‘the ethics of a Bangkok pimp’”.

Now – I had often considered publishing the September 2007 e-mail in question – but, and Christ knows why, had held off from doing so – because I thought revealing the full picture of this man’s malfeasances would be too unkind upon him.

But – hey! If I needed an excuse to publish it – Phil delivered it today in spades.

So – never mind a selective quote from Phil – read the full text below – exclusively brought to you by Jersey’s leading news source!

But –

Before reading the e-mail – in order to place it in context – and gain a clear understanding of just what it is we are dealing with in Phil Bailhache – a little history.

The e-mail I reproduce below was written on the 10th September, 2007 – the eve of the oligarchy dismissal debate against me as Health & Social Services Minister.

The senior civil servants and the oligarchy politicians decided that I had to be terminated from the post – because I was – and I’m not inventing this, OK? – “Undermining staff morale”.

The cause of this supposed grave offence was the fact that I had – through my own efforts, and in the teeth of opposition from the over-paid, under-worked clowns in the senior civil service – been ripping the lid off decades of catastrophic child protection failures.

The first and only time a Jersey politician had recognised what was taking place, and then tried to do something about it.

To say the 8 months preceding September 2007 had been personally taxing would be a serious understatement.

And the months of July and August had been an utter nightmare.

It still makes me feel nauseous to recall some of the conversations I had with survivors and whistle blowers; to reflect upon so much documentary evidence which I had had to read.

From January 2007, I had begun the slow process of digging into and discovering the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster; a process which had led me – by May of that year – to conclude that Jersey had a catastrophe on its hands.

I went public with my concerns when answering – honestly – a question I was asked in the Jersey parliament in July, 2007 – when I said words to the effect that, “if I’m being asked do I have any confidence or faith in Jersey’s child protection apparatus, frankly, I have to say no – and I’m going to commission an independent, external inquiry.”

I didn’t discover this until months later – but within around two-and-a-half hours of me giving that answer, the Jersey senior civil service had swung into action, and had set about engineering my dismissal.

You see – and this is crucial to understanding the evolution of events – none of us knew at that stage of the covert police investigation which had begun at the end of 2006. Not me, not the oligarchy politicians, not my whistle blowers – and not the culpable senior civil service claque.

I was, unknowingly, engaging in the same kind of inquiries as the police – and I was able to do this thanks to the tremendously brave efforts of whistle blowers, witnesses and survivors.

But throughout that period – we were all in ignorance of the covert police investigation.

So throughout that period, it still appeared to the oligarchy that they could jam the lid back down – bury everything – maintain the Culture of Concealment – if only they could get rid of me.

Hence the engineering of my dismissal.

An action that Phil played a crucial role in.

As the Minister who was facing an imminent dismissal debate, I had every right to have tabled a report, in the form of Official Comments, in response to the dismissal proposal against me.

To use an analogy – the oligarchy proposition was the case for the ‘prosecution’ – and my Official Comments were the case for the ‘defence’.

Throughout the entire episode, Frank Walker, the CoM and the Jersey oligarchy media ruthlessly pursued the propaganda and spin that I had, somehow, just invented everything – that I had “no evidence”.

So brazen was this big lie that the oligarchy effectively bet their shirts on it.

They simply could not afford to let the lie be exposed.

But exposed it was going to be – permanently, irrefutably, and reportably – via the parliamentary privileged Official Comments I was going to table.

I say “was” – because this is where Phil comes in.

Utterly extraordinarily – and wholly without precedent – he refused to allow my Official Comments to be lodged and officially published.

That this was an all-out assault on my rights to a defence was bad – but far worse – it was yet another example of the Culture of Concealment.

Another startling betrayal of the survivors who – for the first time ever in Jersey – had the opportunity to have many of the key facts published.

Facing, as we were at that time, the prospect of years of battle to expose the truth – Phil Bailhache’s denial of democratic freedoms was a savage blow to survivors – several of whom I had had to call that evening and explain that we were not now going to have the facts recorded permanently in a parliamentary document.

They were shattered – I was bloody furious – we had tearful telephone calls.

Hence the e-mail below.

Before turning to the e-mail, let us be clear about a few, immutable, facts.

Phil Bailhache was – and remains – conflicted from any involvement in the child protection issues. This because of his failures in the Roger Holland affair – and in this context, the Jervis Dykes abuse episode. One of the 16 appendices I attached to my Official Comments was the Sharp Report – which you can read via the link.

Phil routinely interferes with, and tries to obstruct, democratically elected non-establishment politicians – and then refuses to be accountable for his actions – just as in today’s episode.

And, frankly – he has a record of outright political oppression; an infamous example of which I refer to in the 2007 e-mail.

In 1996, I exposed the then leader of the oligarchy politicians, former Senator Reg Jeune, in his corrupt use of his position in the Jersey parliament to support the introduction of a profoundly controversial piece of financial legislation, the Limited Liabilities Partnership law.

This law was being introduced – “fast-track” – at the sole and express request of the law firm of which he was a founding partner, and in which he retained a financial interest.

Phil Bailhache’s response to this exposure of wrongdoing was to ask me to remain behind at a meeting in July 1996.

The conversation went like this.

He said to me that he was ordering me to withdraw every word I had said about Jeune and apologise for having said it.

I put it to him that this was a perverse notion – given that the facts were evidenced by documents which had been leaked to me.

He said that made no difference – I would still have to withdraw everything I had said and apologise.

I pointed out that Jeune had, in fact, committed a prima facie breach of the law which stops politicians in Jersey from acting for their own financial interests (note to Dave Minty – get someone to read the law for you) and that he deserved prosecuting.

Phil said – “that’s a hell of a thing to do to a man at the end of his career”, to which I said words to the effect that that was tough – he should have thought about that before.

He said I had to withdraw everything – and if I didn’t – “it would have very serious consequences for me.” This threat itself being a breach of the law which protects States members from being compelled to do certain things in the Assembly.

I asked him what those consequences might be?

He said – “never mind about that – just know that there will be very serious consequences for you – and that would be such a pity – as you had such a lot to offer as a politician.”

Naturally – I refused to surrender to this thuggery – so Phil carried out his threat – and caused me to be suspended indefinitely from the Assembly – even though such action was illegal, given no provision for indefinite suspension existed in the States of Jersey Law or the standing orders.

I prepared to see-out the remaining three years of my term of office just doing constituency work – but the oligarchy caved-in after 6 months, and had to re-admit me.

I explain that, as I said, in order to provide a clear understanding of the type of individual we are considering when we contemplate Phil Bailhache.

And when reading the e-mail below reflect upon the context of the battle I was fighting at the time.

Working 7 day weeks – for two months, occasionally working literally 24 hours a day.

Struggling desperately to do what I could to help those survivors I had come to know – and to put in place a few of the necessary improvements in the child protection apparatus – such as sacking Iris Le Fevre – and recruiting June Thoburn. And inviting the Howard League for Penal Reform to Jersey to undertake their independent review.

Trying to do what was right for abuse survivors and today’s vulnerable children – after at least 6 decades of near-total and disastrous failure by public administration in Jersey.

And all the while being politically assaulted, oppressed, obstructed, smeared, lied to, lied against, denied due process, harassed by Bill Bailhache and Emma Martins and trampled into the ground by Frank Walker, his Council of Ministers and the rest of the oligarchy – not least Michael Birt and Phil Bailhache.

Simply for trying to do the right thing for vulnerable children – and those who had already been betrayed.

Reflecting upon the e-mail below, written in response to a message from the Greffe that Bailhache was obstructing my Official Comments – I can genuinely say I’m proud of it. Every syllable is true.

That even under the assault of massive and undefeatable odds – I still had the strength of character to stick to my guns – do what was right – and carry on fighting.

Just as I do today.

My granddad, Ernie Gould, would have been proud of me.

He certainly would not be proud of those who have, effectively, tried to destroy the democracy he fought for.




—–Original Message—–
From: Stuart Syvret
Sent: 10 September 2007 19:51
To: Michael De La Haye (States Greffe); Bailiff of Jersey
Cc: Anne Harris; Lisa Hart
Subject: RE: Ministerial comments

Michael & Bailiff

‘News of the World’ it is then.

When I think that my grandfather fought the Nazis at Dunkirque, I know he would be spinning in his grave to see such a contemptible, disgusting, corrupt, self -interested perversion of the level playing field of democracy.

It isn’t bad enough that you, Phil, had me illegally and unconstitutionally excluded from the States for 6 months in order to help cover-up the brazen corruption of your friend Reg Jeune when he abused the island’s legislature to get a law through for his own law firm – but you seem too stupid to learn from your mistakes – and now you again apply a restrictive practice to me – and total freedom to your Jersey Establishment friends.

Not content that your Deputy Michael Birt allowed and endorsed a fast-tracked dismissal motion against me – outside of due process – you suppress the information which shows him, when Attorney General, to have failed to prosecute then Deputy Bailiff Frankie Hamon and your friend Jurat Le Breton, and Piers Baker – the man who thinks paedophilia is “teachers perks”.

You yourself have claimed that “parliamentary privilege trumps all”. Indeed, you relied utterly on such immunity yourself when you and Hamon had me thrown out of the States for 6 months – simply for pointing out that your friend Reg was being a crook. But now, however, when it comes to my right to access parliamentary privilege – not to mention my right to defend myself – suddenly there are a dozen and one reasons why my document cannot be printed.

You are anti-democratic – a gangster – and a spiv. But perhaps more fundamentally than this – you are simply thick.

I will repeat to you some of what I said recently to your brother William, the Jersey Attorney General – lest you be labouring under the delusion that you and your mobster friends hold any remaining power over me:

“Do you feel proud of all this? Does it make you feel good, as a Jersey man, that in the face of repeated grotesque failures in child welfare and protection – the entire panoply of the island’s oligarchy should unite to crush the two ordinary people who have spoken out on behalf of these children?

Let me tell you what I think. Though with hindsight, it was clear enough before; but this episode has demonstrated once-and-for-all the utter festering decadence of the Jersey Establishment. Its casual and ruthless use of its unchallengeable power – always to cement its own position and to trample down dissent. The self-satisfied wallowing in a cess-pit of wealth, power, greed and moral turpitude. It is the leadership by this Establishment that has led the community of Jersey to its ruination.

Although I’m not a religious person, on several occasions during this episode I have been tempted to look to the horizon to see if the Four Horsemen are approaching.

Personally, I will be immensely relived to get out of the intellectually and ethically bankrupt festering midden that is Jersey politics. You and the collection of halfwits you advise seem to be labouring under the delusion that I might be concerned about my political position. No William; on the contrary, I need to escape and cleanse myself after 17 years of swimming in the lake of filth, greed, stupidity, corruption and bacchanalian decadence that is Jersey politics and the ‘high’ society that controls it.

I suggested to my Ministerial colleagues a while ago that they might want to go and see a performance of Gotterdammerung. I think the message went completely over their heads. You, at least, are intelligent enough to, perhaps, just begin to see the waiting pyre.

But Wagner isn’t really my thing.

I don’t suppose you are familiar with the work of Bob Dylan. An extremely insightful writer of song, I have found a lot of comfort in his music recently when thinking about my own future.

“Go to him now, he calls you, you can’t refuse
When you ain’t got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose””

So there you have it, Phil. It does not seem to me as though there is, frankly, much point in me coming to the Assembly tomorrow. I might just stand in the Square and hand out my “disallowed documents” to the public and journalists instead. And this e-mail, naturally. In fact – given your contemptuous – and contemptible – behaviour towards unbiased parliamentary democracy so clearly would I be wasting my time attending the farrago tomorrow – that I might just spend my time pushing all this material on to the internet and the national press?

This would, quite clearly, be a greater contribution to democracy than appearing in any legislature chaired by you.

You are a disgusting and silly little man – with the ethics of a Bangkok pimp – and a grasp of democracy that wouldn’t be out of place in Zimbabwe.

Senator Stuart Syvret
Minister, Health & Social Services
States of Jersey.

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