Decent Jersey People

Exposing the stark redundancy of the traditional media

In the battle against corrupt power.

Public-spirited citizens’ media journalist, Rico Sorda, has been interviewed by Voice For Children. The first part of that interview can be seen here:

Rico is one of those many decent islanders – the voice of real Jersey – ordinary people who are increasingly speaking out against the corruptions of the Jersey oligarchy – and the co-opted mainstream media.

As I’ve observed before – it’s quite remarkable – at least to any person with a modicum of ethics and a reasonable IQ – that British servicemen and woman can be fighting and dying in several locations around the world in the cause of protecting the powerless  majority populations of certain countries from the illegal oppressions of gangster regimes – whilst, all the time, the British establishment has on its very doorstep, the most corrupt wretched little backwater to be found anywhere in the established democratic world.

Jersey is governed by a crypto-feudal oligarchy which, of itself, is captured by the international off-shore banking industry.  It is a gangster regime, cloaked with the “respectability” of the trappings of the British establishment.

Money talks.

And its vocabulary has long been deeply understood by generations of English gentlemen – no matter what masking dialect has been used as cipher.
Thus, no matter that Empire has waxed and waned – and colonial rackets and adventures have  been planted, blossomed and withered these passing few centuries – the British elite have been careful to maintain a few quasi-legal jurisdictions around the world – micro-realms of largely fictitious constitutional basis – that are the protectorates and dependencies of  power back in London.
For as long as the local elites of these tiny islands continue to provide a loyal service to the rich British elites – for example, enabling them to dodge taxation, and to provide an environment in which they can discreetly engage in their predilections for sodomising orphans and sea cadets – then the miniature oligarchs of places like Jersey are guaranteed protection. No matter just how nakedly lawless their own conduct.
For all that the collection of crooks who run Jersey might seem all-powerful – with a thick yet obedient army of apparatchiks and vassals beneath them – in truth, the Jersey Bosses are just the vassals and janitors for the real Godfathers – the British establishment.
For many decades, courageous decent people resisted – often at a terrible, terrible price – the regimes of Russia. Indeed – some things never change – and they are still doing so – for all that the sign over the door may have changed from communism – to gangster-capitalism.
And looking at the example set by those who resist tyranny – no matter what its present mask – you have to wonder what on Earth can have gone so badly wrong with the fortitude and constitution of those who define themselves as champions of human rights in Jersey?
In case it had escaped the casual observer – I am in a position very much analogous to those people who were dissidents in the old Communist Eastern bloc; I have been hounded, oppressed,  diverted,  harassed, hacked, arrested, prosecuted, distracted, smeared and persecuted by what masquerades as the ‘official’ apparatus of the forces of ‘law and order’.
Consequently – and naturally enough – I have very little time for any other activity, other than attempting to fight the gangsters of the Jersey oligarchy – and prepare myself for the inevitable stretch in the Jersey gulag – more commonly known as Her Majesty’s Prison La Moye.
It isn’t, therefore, humanly possible for me to do so many of the other things that need doing – and so obviously should be done – on behalf of the broad majority of decent people of the island. For example – fighting against the illegal police-state oppression of opposition politicians. To shoulder such responsibilities, we should be looking to those members of the Jersey legislature who style themselves – and imagine themselves to be – ‘progressives’. It is these people – elected as de facto ‘opposition’ politicians – and comfortably in receipt of £45,000 per year for the privilege – who should be carrying forward the fight for the basic, civilised principles of functioning democracy – and for the protections of the weak from the strong.
Instead – we have a little clique of personally inadequate, dishonest, posturing ego-maniacs – who feel they’ve earned the highest possible medal of principled challenge to entrenched power – because they table a couple of questions  once a fortnight.
Thank God the average British person was made of far sterner stuff back in the era of World War II. If we’d relied upon those of the disposition of the Jersey progressives – they’d have expected a Victoria Cross – for having sent a few telegrams to the Nazis, asking them if they’d really thought through all of this genocidal hatred, and whether, perhaps, it wasn’t all a little unpleasant?
Fortunately there remain many decent, ordinary people – who will do what is right – because it is right – and do so not only without being paid for it, nor worrying about a cosy career – but will do so in the face of immediate campaigns of hatred, harassment and repression.
Over twenty years since the beginning of the fall of the Eastern bloc, people from the grass-roots population of Jersey are  beginning to get serious in the small and hitherto hidden  fight against a lawless micro-regime that is the manifestation of the cloaked corruption of the British elites. It wouldn’t even be accurate to refer to the government of Jersey as being repressive and anti-democratic; to refer to only a ‘government’ would be to implicate only the political estate. Instead, in Jersey, we contemplate a power-structure that controls the legislature, the executive, the judiciary, the prosecution system, the police – and, yes, even the media.
But whilst the grass-roots resistance to corrupt power is not that unusual by the lights of history – there is something very, very unusual about the struggle for the proper rule of law, good administration of justice and for democracy – that is occurring in Jersey.
An unusual – and perhaps even unique – factor.
Unique that is, for any jurisdiction in the established democratic West.
And it is such a huge and remarkable factor  that unless you try and place yourself outside of the here and now – and instead try and view this Jersey era through the lens of history – you would struggle to see what has happened.
The mainstream media here in Jersey – an established Western democracy – has become redundant.
It is as simple as that.
There is an inertia, of course, to an occurrence of such a magnitude – a time-lag. But the impetus has occurred – and the momentum will overhaul cosy symbiotic relationships between local hacks and their client politicians.  
But for those who wish to apply a little clear  vision, it is already obvious now that bloggers like Rico Sorda, Voice For Children and me are publishing the stone, evidenced  facts  – primary source data – and all that the vastly expensive lumbering dinosaurs of the island’s traditional media  – and redundant Neanderthal horde of journalists who work within it – can do  is studiously ignore the new paradigm; worse, actually try and keep the increasingly maggot-ridden rotting corpse of the old paradigm on life-support by refusing to report the truth to the population of the island.
Most people can recognise the role that the internet and citizens’ media has played, and is playing, in places like Russia, Egypt, China and Libya – but can the British establishment recognise that social media is playing the same role  – right  on their own doorstep? Exposing the dirty little secret of the United Kingdom’s own dependant gangster regime?

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