The Jersey Evening Post;

Supporting the Concealment of Child Abuse.


In recent months I – and many other people – have been explaining just how corrupt, ethically bankrupt, ignorant, arrogant – and, essentially, stupid is the Jersey oligarchy.

In essence – the case we have made is that the context – and ultimately, the explanation of – the Jersey child abuse disaster is an intrinsic characteristic of this stagnant regime.

An oligarchy which controls all instruments of power in Jersey – the legilsature, the judiciary, the executive, the civil service – and the local media.

In last night’s post I suggested we conduct an experiment in which we hypothesised just what the approach of the Jersey media would be to the White-wash report.

Essentially, that it would be a whole-sale reproduction of the Jersey establishment spin.

The result?


Our hypothesis is a demonstrated fact.

Check out the editorial comment in tonight’s Jersey Evening Post.

Well! – What do you know?

It isn’t on their web site – so I can’t give you the address.

So – for the time being – take my word for it; as well as proving our case, it also provides some Becketian, laugh-out-loud black humour.

I’ll post a response to it tomorrow.

In the meantime – we really have to hope The Rag stops being quite so spineless – and actually places its editorial comment on the web site – where it can be read – and consequently judged – by people around the world.

When you have a newspaper making a leader comment – but is too scared to place it where it can be read by everyone – then you have to say ‘case proven’ – so far as the corrupt alignment of Jersey media with the political establishment is concerned.

Look forward to my analysis tomorrow.

Amongst all this grimness you need to take your humour where you can find it.



12 thoughts on “RESULT! AGAIN!

  1. voiceforchildren

    As I have blogged on my own site and commented on others, the JEP are tragically shameless in their support for our “ruling elite”

    I can only summise they know they are likely to be a laughing stock amongst real “journalists”. Not only do they refuse to publish readers comments, that go against the “party line” but now they are refusing to publish their own shite on the internet, so perhaps they are not as shameless as one might think.

    Thank goodness we have the internet and more importantly this site.



  2. Krakow Crapaud

    I think an article in the JEP online edition says it all…

    It began with, “THE Council of Ministers and its leader, Chief Minister Frank Walker, weathered the storm of this week’s vote of no confidence in fine style, scarcely shipping a wave as they faced fury unleashed by Senator Stuart Syvret.”


    It ended with “In addition, the electorate must realise that wreckers are poor leaders. It is, therefore, just as well that Senator Syvret has made it clear in the plainest possible terms that he has ruled out all aspirations to becoming the captain of the ship of state.”

    Yeah right…


  3. silenced

    It’s not just the JEP either, BBC J don’t publish online comments if they don’t like them!

  4. Anonymous

    Stuart……May I ask a question. How is it that in England if some one reports child abuse, and the possibilty of children still being at risk to the children service, the police are automatically involved and an investigation is carried out. Yet in Jersey if the same incident is reported to the children service, they are not obliged to call the police?

  5. Dan

    Captain of the ship?

    Who exactly wants to take the helm of the Jersey Titanic as it sails right at a big ice-berg?

    Will Frank Walker be going down with his ship, or jumping on to another one sailing for Barbados?

  6. Anonymous

    News just breaking on Channel report re police search of a German bunker

    Any one got any information
    Police can’t confirm or deny (remember the Baillache Firm have them gagged)

  7. Anonymous

    Stuart as a politician do you have this information ? Is the Williamson report you have posted the full report or a summary just for the public.Is the cost of £50,000 the sum that was paid to Mr Williamson or does it include costs such as flights and accommodation

  8. Anonymous

    Just saw channel report why in their breaking introduction no mention of the latest dig at a bunker at st Catherine was mentioned.
    I have never seen that happen before when something so important was not highlighted in their introduction,
    Yet they led with the story, were they trying not to sensationalise. And of coarse the police have been gagged so couldn’t confirm or deny. We not only have to deal with our wonderful Jersey Evening Post, Channel Television are as guilty of propaganda and spin as well

  9. Anonymous

    I think Frank will be Barbados bound to enjoy his retirement, we will be left to sort out the mess he has left before. Never has one person affected the island and its people so adversely. He has presided over the ruination of Jersey by big business and tax dodgers.

    His puppets at the JEP have done everything he wants to spin his way out of trouble. Truth and justice have been shown to be an illusion. The trouble with Just Empty Propaganda is that it will eventually be seen by everyone for what it is. Lies, deceit and manipulation of the vast majority, by their bosses who are part of the vested interests group rabidly ripping off the island for personal gain and glorification. Nothing stands in their way, laws are changed to benefit them indeed they control the law makers. They control everything here and the prices we all have to pay for substandard goods is well above what it would be if these cartels were outlawed.

    This group cares not for anyone else but only for what they can get out of Jersey. When they have sucked it dry they will move on to the next unfortunate place to be exploited. This all revolves around manipulation of taxes by the rich and wealthy as they are above the law and the rest of humanity.

    Amazingly the JEP always backs the establishment even when the island knows they are corrupt and wrong. It wouldn’t matter what happens over here as the JEP is such a well oiled spin machine, that it would show the bleakest story in such a jovial, matter of fact, upbeat way as they believe people would actually think it wasn’t bad after all. It would turn into something not to be embarassed about and for the benefit of the island. Anything that is of benefit to the island (code word for vested interests) must be good mustn’t it? We all believe what we are told don’t we?

  10. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart

    You must read the News of the World today Haute de Garrene is front page news plus two pages inside

    Alleged Jersey Police report given to Paper re this scandal

    Bad joke will our so called paper i.e. JEP or Channel publish full copy NO CHANCE

    I cant see after this how those bastards that have tried to cover up to date can succeed now



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