Oligarchy Terrified of Jersey Charter!

And it isn’t even fully written yet!

Just a brief post to keep you up-dated in respect of the fall-out from yesterday’s victory by the Jersey oligarchy.

I mentioned in my closing speech that I would be attempting to launch a Jersey Charter movement – which will hopefully be in a position to contest the forthcoming elections on the basis of a set of simple, fundamental principles of democracy, justice, accountability and freedom.

I subsequently spoke to the local media about this idea.

The undisguised naked panic and terror on the part of the oligarchy has been wondrous to behold.

I know from journalists – local and national – and various other sources, that the Jersey establishment has – for quite some time – been very, very worried about the possibility of me getting involved in some kind of political movement.

Other attempts at organised politics in Jersey – past and current – have been viewed with contempt by the establishment; indeed – even regarded as a helpful bogeyman with which to frighten the voting public. This isn’t a criticism of those who have, or are, making such efforts – but there is no escaping the reality that they simply haven’t been credible or regarded as a real threat.

But now – with the unprecedented degree of public contempt for the establishment, the various disasters and scandals engulfing them – and the looming elections – a shiver has gone down their collective spine.

They know that – this time – this might just be it.

Over 800 years of entrenched and, effectively, unopposed power could finally be about to crumble.

To be honest – the incompetence, arrogance and hubris of the establishment – their seemingly un-ending succession of disastrous misjudgements – has actually been very helpful to our cause.

For example, as I’ve said to some people, Phil Bailhache’s speech last Monday – in which he attacked me and made manifestly insupportable assertions concerning the Jersey judiciary – was brilliant. If I had written it myself – I couldn’t have calculated it to be more damaging to the establishment.

And the vibe I’ve picked-up – both freely offered – and – err – overheard – is that the powers-that-be in Jersey are afraid – very afraid.

As I said in previous posts, I’ll write a detailed autopsy of the debate and the oligarchy when I have time – this is just a brief up-date.

But in the mean time – just check out today’s copy of The Rag – AKA, the Jersey Evening Post.

Jersey’s only newspaper has always – throughout its 118 year history – been the house-journal of the island’s oligarchy. The bias – and worse, actually – such as the concealing of child abuse scandals – by the Jersey Evening Post has been beyond parody – by some margin – for a very long time.

But – in 2 or 3 editions in recent weeks, it had actually shown some marginal movement away from total pro-establishment propaganda – and had actually challenged the authorities – and even published one or two anti-establishment stories.

Did this herald some final recognition on the part of The Rag of its embarrassing failure to even faintly appear like a credible part of the Fourth Estate?

No chance.

The Rag has always known that – to retain a faint appearance of credibility – it does have to – very occasionally – do the odd anti-establishment story. Hence their 2 or 3 recent examples of meaningful journalism.

But today – with the threat of the Jersey Charter movement – it’s straight back to business as usual.

For an example of the establishment’s fear, check out their editorial comment in today’s edition. It’s a classic.

And remember – when reading this – that I will write a detailed autopsy of the debate – in which I will include various quotes from the speeches given by other members – especially Senator Ben Shenton.

The Rag says of the Council of Ministers – and me – that:

“Their ability to meet targets and their generally measured approach fails to win popular support whereas the passion and demagoguery of Senator Syvret still succeeds in winning a degree of public approval – even when he so willingly sacrifices substance in favour of bitter invective, intemperate personal attacks and plain abuse.”

Got that?

The Jersey oligarchy are measured, calm, effective elder statesmen – who’s every utterance is a model of factually analysis, substance and polite and restrained interpersonal debate.


And my performance – by way of contrast – is merely ‘demagogic invective, of no substance.’

Now – fix those assertions by The Rag and its bosses in your mind – and then wait for my detailed analysis.

I’ll be providing you with a factual account of the debate – of what certain members said – and of what I said. Of the oligarchy’s speeches, we will be taking a particular look at Ben Shenton’s “measured” contribution of “substance” – in which he described me as a “destructive communist”, who’s speech had been “a me, me, me speech.”

No “demagoguery, invective or plain abuse” there, of course.

I’ll also be comparing and contrasting the written and verbal – err –contributions of the oligarchy during their removal of me last September.

Not to mention an account of the plain, evidenced, shameless lies they peddle.

As I’ve said many times before – you think I’m too hard in my judgments on the Jersey media?

Wait for my detailed response to events – and then judge for your selves – just who the vacuous, abusive, demagoguery comes from – me – or them?

Hell – I know I’m no diplomat – but frankly, my retaliatory efforts against the Jersey oligarchy are models of restraint compared to their output – and also have the certain advantage of being factual and evidenced – to the extent I’m prepared to be cross-examined on them under oath – when things come to court.

As they will – one way or another.

In the interim – result!

Naked fear and panic from the shysters.

If we needed any encouragement in our attempts to organise politically – this is it.


42 thoughts on “RESULT!

  1. Anonymous

    Am I alone in thinking that Ben Shenton bears a striking resemblance to Mr Burns from the Simpsons (albeit with rather less hair)?

    The similarity doesn’t end there, judging by his comically poisonous speech in the chamber.

    I almost spewed coffee on my computer screen when I heard him yelping “COMMUNIST” with such shrill self-righteousness.

    I could almost see the throbbing vein in his forehead and the flecks of spittle foaming at the corner of his mouth, even though I was only listening to the radio.

    Ben has, seemingly, learned the first rule of Jersey politics: if you can’t argue the facts, attack the man. Unfortunately, he hasn’t figured-out that sounding like a deranged chihuahua somewhat diminishes the effect.

    As a member of the public, I am – apparently – meant to remove the blinkers and see Stuart Syvret for what he actually is (a deranged communist!). Thank goodness for pillars of wisdom like you, Ben.

    There was me thinking that he was the only politician actually trying to change the rotten core of Jersey’s political/judicial/civil service “elite”. You know, the one that we are sick and tired of paying for through our ever-increasing taxes. But no. He is Karl Marx incarnate.

    Thanks for pointing that out. The public are too stupid to be able to see what is really going on, and we need those few good men and true in the council of ministers to lift those blinkers and tell us how it really is.

    So please do keep up the act, Ben. You seem to have found your niche as a laughing stock.

  2. donchais


    You have my utmost respect for all you are doing!

    I hope you realize that Jersey does not stand alone! While I cannot vote or make any more difference than putting the abuse scandal, JEP’s biased reporting and the “oligarchy” in the spotlight, I can and will continue to support you and the decent folk of Jersey.

    Justice, while not yet a worldwide, honored concept, is the responsibility of all mankind and it is our accountability that will matter in the end.

  3. voiceforchildren


    In my opinion your critisisms of the local media are well founded and entirely accurate, and they should never blacken the name of journalism by hailing there contribution to print, or broadcast in the same context as it.

    As for the oligarchy they are a bunch of spineless toads and you can bet there arses are twitching (as shown by the rag editorial tonight)if it looks like you might get a party together.

    Yesterdays vote cemented one thing, that is a very strong message being sent out to the ordinary Jersey folk “you have no representation” “we are the all conquering untouchable might”

    We need some kind of representation in the States, we haven’t got it and it has surely only got to be a matter of time before we all take to the streets.

    Shouldn’t there be a rally organised for the electorate that do not agree with yesterdays reults? The local media know about all the discontent on this island, they read my blog, your blog simon bellwoods blog, they know about all the polls with 90 odd per cent of the electorate screaming out to get rid of our “gangsters and halfwits” but never report anything about it.

    A peaceful demonstration to show our discontent might help send an S O S out to somebody that could rid our States of the expletive that has been allowed to fester for so many years.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart,

    I and mamy,many,other islanders will I am sure be pleased that you are forming a political grouping

    Opposition to all those establishment members seeking re-election in October is esential!!

    I listened to Ben Shenton on radio attacking you I was appalled by his statement

    I voted for him [Due to my respect for his dad] never again the man made a complete fool of himself

    This coupled with his earlier attacks on Lenny Harper revealed him as a shallow man of no real substance

    Good luck

  5. Anonymous

    Stuart, the Willianson report is out tomorrow, have you been invited? 10.15 at the hospital lecture theatre

  6. Anonymous

    I think the Moving Fingers, Voice for Children and other associated Jersey Blogs need a dose of reality. Middle voting , Middle income, Middle law-abiding, Middle taxpaying, Middle ever-suffering loyal Jersey subjects will NEVER shift unless there is a charismatic, rabble rousing, toe-tingling figure. Stuart does some of this. Others may fill the vacuum. What do we do ? Raid the States Building (philosophy)?

    That begets the question..?????


  7. To Zero

    Stuart, do you mean that he took no notes whatsoever of any of his meetings? That would be very hard to believe. It would render his report useless.

    If there’s any doubt about this, it should be checked tomorrow, with the cameras rolling and the press present.

  8. Krakow Crapaud

    My viewpoint is and always has been a lack of understanding and therefore a lack of trust in the Jersey method of Director and Chairperson appointments.

    I fail to understand why people like Gerald Voisin had so much spare time as Chairman of WEB that he was able to be Chairman of AIB in Jersey.

    I ask why he only told Frank Walker of this appointment, according to the States Auditor General, and told no one else.

    A little research reveals that Liberty Wharf was built by Island Developments Limited a subsidiary of Harcourt Developments.

    Who knows who are the directors of IDL?

    Freddie Cohen said yesterday that Harcourt will develop the Esplanade Quarter, I ask why after they caused Frank Walker to mislead the States of Jersey?

    Will IDL develop the Esplanade Quarter for Harcourt?

    The lack of trust comes from the lack of a law for states members and public figures to declare their interests.

    All of their interests, whether or not they may be conflicted.

    The problems that I have with the tens of thousands of companies registered in Jersey is who are their directors and chairpersons and why they need to be in Jersey.

    My candid opinion is that Jersey has become nothing more than a prostitute and her clients can be and probably are, anyone from anywhere.

    A message to all those States Members who are hurt and angry.

    So am I.


  9. Res Nullius

    Well done Stuart, keep up the pressure.

    And remember…

    It is not the dog in the fight that matters, it is the fight in the dog.

  10. Anonymous

    So Senator

    Frank & co gave you another kicking and the media too. Don’t you realise that you people can’t win? You never seem to learn any of you ghampions of the ‘common’ man. Look at the kicking the foolish Deputy is now getting for trying to take on the Bailiff. So what will the Jersey Charter be about? A front for ATTAC and Tax Justice Network like Time4Change. All you many shades of lefties are so funny. Stupid too? Was it not a a Mr. Le Cornu of the above groups who wrote the famous sit back and enjoy the hanging article ridiculing your forthcoming didmissal as a minister. What a weeze. Time4ALaugh more like bvut they have certainly got you sussed.

  11. Stuart Syvret

    Re: Time4Change, Nick Le Cornu, JDA etc.

    Nah – Jersey Charter is something that even people like you could join.

    Assuming, of course, you were deemed worthy of being a member.

    All respectable political parties have certain rules and membership requirements – if they didn’t, they’d never be able to defend themselves from association with those who may wish to damage the organisation – or hitch a free ride on it.

    Which – in general terms – is pretty much why I can’t see Jersey Charter accommodating some of your mortal enemies; people you are wont to conduct your various web site wars with.

    Which is why, incidentally, I won’t be posting a raft of further such bitching missives between Planet Jersey and Is This Jersey – which is what your comment is, essentially. Really, I shouldn’t have posted it, as I did say a while ago I wouldn’t allow this site to become a battle-ground for other people’s wars.

    You would most certainly be right when you state that “you people can’t win” – if we judged by past experiences. For that is what the evidence of Jersey history shows hitherto; over 800 years of self-interested misrule – which today amounts to nothing less than a kind of crypto-fascist feudalism.

    But over 800 years is a pretty good innings – which even included being the only administration in Europe which came under Nazi occupation – yet had exactly the same people comfortably ensconced in the seats of power, before, during – and after -the war.

    But everyone’s luck has to run out sometime. The law of averages dictates that it be so.

    And that time might just be now – so far as our Glorious Leaders and the other assorted shysters are concerned.

    But like I said – no more web site wars submissions.


  12. Anonymous

    In response to “So Senator”:

    It’s easy to dismiss the political discontent being expressed here as left wing ranting, and there is no doubt that much of the “minority” politics in Jersey’s recent history has lacked credibility, representing only a small proportion of the island’s people.

    This time it feels very different. Child abuse, and systemmatic and willful refusal to tackle it, is not a “left” or “right” wing issue. It is one of simple decency.

    The outrage I have heard expressed over the Bailiff’s Liberation Day speech has not come from opportunistic lefties – quite the contrary. One does not have to be left wing to see how untenable the office of Bailiff is as both head of the judiciary and speaker in the states. Even with the wisdom of Solomon – which the present incumbent patently lacks -it would be an impossibly conflicted role.

    The same applies to the recent failure of a Centenier to charge suspects as requested by the states police. I have heard genuine disgust from people who are very far from left of centre.

    The Harcourt fiasco, and the jaw-dropping incompetence it revealed, has nothing to do with your shade of politics. Or is protesting against gross incompetence of this magnitude only open to communists?

    It’s simply lazy propaganda to trot out the line that all the current discontent is drummed-up by groups such as Attack.

    We will never know for sure, but I am certain that had the vote of no confidence been a referendum open to all voters, Frank et al would be packing their bags right now.

    Who do the current crop of states members represent? Certainly not me or anybody else I know.

  13. Anonymous

    I still cannot believe how the Bailiff’s used his Liberation Day speech to attack those who questioned abuse allegations and the ability of the State to investigate

    This day should be about recognising the struggle of the Liberation movement, the plight of the Jews on the Islands, the ill treatment and murder of slave workers on OUR island

    He should never be re elected on this issue alone

  14. Anonymous

    Packing their bags?? I would say going to prison would be the most
    likely outcome in any nation, village or island you could mention.

    These freaks of nature have ruled long enough and come the day of the election they will certainly at the very least be consigned to the history of Jersey and all their names will be that of the likes of Peter Sutcliffe, Ian Huntley, and other beasts on that ilk and if they’re then those who write that history and attempt to bury these horrors will surly face the same sanctions of those upper-class inbred scum that masquerades as one of the “The Fine Upstanding Members of our Community.” When the reality is these things are nothing more than animals.

  15. Anonymous

    Really think your on a winner if the Charter Party
    is very broad, but with core values
    and does stand in all seats (not all good people will choice to join…as long as they support the Charters objectives that should be ok.

    The other issue is to have a cut off date for the Party (ie 2011-2012), it would be seen as important philosophy, as hopefully you will have implemented the core priorities.

    And a Party committed to winning power and abolishing itself would secure wide support

    Look at Nelson Mandela, implement the changes and leave the stage.

    Only one view point I accept

    We are many they are few

  16. Anonymous

    With all due respect Stuart. If every post you receive from people from the right is instantly assumed to be something to do with a forum war then you are barking up the wrong tree.

  17. Anonymous


    The Council of Minister vote 40:8

    Ministers – Pyrrhic victory \PIR-ik\, noun:
    A victory achieved at great or excessive cost; a ruinous victory.

    The electorate will decide who the real winners are.

    Bring on the new candidates – your path to the States is clear provided you sign up to a manifesto of decency, integrity, reform and accountability

  18. Anonymous

    Just to let your readers know the whole Williamson report is available on Simon Bellwood’s blog.

    But warn them not to expect much -it is poooooooooooooor. No surprise there then.

  19. voiceforchildren

    The old Governments mouthpeice (JEP) never lets us down.

    As I refuse to contribute to it’s propaganda by parting with my 45p I read the clap-trap they publish on the net.

    The link below is from their site and is of the Williamson report. Unfortunately for reasons only known to the JEP and possibly big Frank and co. It is another article where the public of Jersey are not allowed to “have your say”

    I have my own idea’s as to why the public are not invited to share thier views on such a crucial report. I wonder if they are the same as everybody elses?



  20. Krakow Crapaud

    Jersey press, “Is everything O.K.?”
    Respected prof, “Yes, all you need to do is appoint a minister with responsibility for children.”
    Jersey press, “Oh, good, thankyou.”

    This is journalism?

    Below is the last press release from the SOJP and my only source of news on Haut de la Garenne.


    Man and woman released without charge after questioning
    Tuesday 24 June 2008


    After consultation with their lawyer appointed by the Attorney-General, two people were arrested today (Tues 24 June) in connection with three grave and criminal assaults by the historical abuse team.

    At about 5 pm today (Tues 24 June) the lawyer revised his advice to the investigating officers. Following discussion, the investigating officers requested a Centenier to attend Police Headquarters to charge the suspects.

    Despite stating that the evidence was present, the Centenier declined to charge. The States of Jersey Police havo alternative, therefore, but to release the two suspects without charge.

    Louise Nibbs
    Press Officer
    The States of Jersey Police


    The Haut de la Garenne latest on the CTV website is still, “Nearly 50 teeth found” from the 19th of June.

    Has the investigation been dropped?

    The press, even in Jersey has a responsibility, a duty to inform and educate the public.

    Instead they are being used more and more as merely another arm of the States of Jersey PR machine.

    This is what it looks like the outside.

    I can also read press releases, what I want is some news…

  21. Anonymous


    I know you must be exhausted after this week in the States – but I would be really interested in your views of the Andrew Williamson report

  22. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart,

    Thanks for all that you are doing. I have only today found your blog, and I cannot describe the relief, in the way you are making, our voices and your own heard, thank God some one is trying! I’ve been trying to follow whats going on in Jersey, but as a victim silenced directly by the baliff himself, my blood boils and the tears flow with such a deep anger and frustration of the total injustice of what these men ( I say men, but criminals I think is more accurate) have done and covered up over the years, and they’re still doing it! They cannot and must not be re-elected. The people of Jersey need and must stand up and take notice, they may not need the help of the states and justice system now, but then I never thought I’d need them either, but in the future they might, and a very rude awakening awaits them if things do not change!

    Good luck Stuart and thank you.

  23. Anonymous

    Dear Krakow

    You are right. Everything has gone quiet. I think they are waiting until Lenny goes to shove everything under the carpet. He has had such a difficult time – are you surprised that he takes some time out.

    Lenny is not corrupt in my opinion but he is surrounded by it – the likes of us will never know what really happens or have a voice to put it right.

    How can anyone not press charges when evidence is present. This is not right. This was not the fault of the Honorary Policeman he was just following advice from his boss the AG, Everyone knows this was not right but still sit in silence at an appalling abuse of law. Who can you tell ….the very people allowing this are the the pinnacles of the law of the land. Its a bit like being the prisoner …


  24. Anonymous

    Dont you think Lenny Harper made an error when he said there was a dead child buried up there back in february? In anycase justice always takes its time.

  25. Stuart Syvret

    Re: Lenny Harper.

    No – he didn’t make a mistake. A variety of witness testimony suggests that at least one child death occurred at HDLG.

    The police are still uncovering teeth & bones, though final forensic findings have not yet been published.

    I have had a witness come to me and explain how – some years ago – he was driving skip trucks and was taking excavated rubble, earth and infill down to the land reclamation sites. There were a significant number of bones in the material to be dumped; a fact which he drew to the attention of his bosses. He was told not to worry about it and just take the material to the dump.

    It is also the case that a number of children in care – usually orphans, with no family at all, were sent to Jersey by various local authorities in the UK.

    It is entirely feasible that such children could just vanish – without other people noticing it.

    It may be that no definitive human child remains can be forensically confirmed.

    But – sadly – that doesn’t mean no children were murdered.


  26. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart,

    It is so clear that the level of corruption is so entrenched in the states. And the time for intervention is long overdue. But is it really going to happen? Are the voices of the discontent loud enough to achieve that? Can this ‘old boys club’ really be stopped and indeed bought to justice? I think so many people are holding out desperate, desperate amounts of hope that this will be the case, but is it realistic?

  27. ric-tic

    stuart re your comment
    ‘It is entirely feasible that such children could just vanish – without other people noticing it’

    too true i was in care in the u.k in cheshire, one morning i was told i wasnt going to school that day, after the other kids left i was told i was being moved then a car arrived to take me to lancashire. i wasnt given a chance to say goodbye to the others whom i would never see or hear from again [nice] so when the other kids returnd they would have just been told id been moved. of course nothing happened to me but if it had who would have known the other kids would just believe what they they were told then one phone call to the school telling them id been moved, who would check as it happened a lot.
    ill add that the cheshire home was a good one and the kids were well cared for but the lancashire place housed abusers the principal being the worst offender who was constantly having a go at me, but heres the best bit i was reading the new years honours list in a newspaper inside there that very principal had recieved an m.b.e for services to childcare, yes stuart ‘you couldnt make it up’!

  28. Anonymous

    I understand it is possible that children can just vanish under the circumstances you mention. But seeing as this goes back so many years you would have to agree that it will probably be left unsolved. I still think the skull fragment was a mistake. But time will tell as to whether people will view it that way. We could alos do with some updates on the teeth and bones. It must have been a couple of months now at least?

  29. Anonymous

    The Hon. Michael Misick, premiere of The Turks & Caicos, is being investigated for the sexual assault of a woman. Details are still sketchy, but the American woman who is making the allegations claims to have been assaulted over the weekend. While it’s not clear, the woman may have been a celebrity friend of the Premiere’s actress wife Lisa Raye Misick.

  30. Anonymous

    The people of jersey I don’t think have ever been more disappointed and divided about our states ministers and there conduct since the child abuse investigation began they said they would fully support the police yet they have done nothing but undermine the investigation and ridicule Lenny Harper personally(Ben Shenton idiot) Frank Walker said and I quote “we need to bring the guilty to justice”so why have they allowed three suspects with enough evidence to charge walk free they have also fallen short to set up any care or counselling for the victims the people who’s lives have been shattered in varying degrees by these appalling events have you herd any of our ministers apart from Stuart Syvret show any compassion for these people close ranks keep your head down and it will go away the jersey way what they didn’t expect the eyes of the world would be watching and I hope the victims will eventually come to trust and realise that there are very caring people in jersey that will do their utmost to get justice for them

  31. Anonymous

    Great news about a Jersey Charter and I agree 100% with the focus on democracy, justice, accountability and freedom in Jersey. These are such important and fundamental issues. It seems strikingly obvious to me and others that in Jersey, they’re flawed and are clearly not functioning as well as they could be. That’s not a good contract for Jersey people. Such scrutiny and adjustments are long over due. I welcome a Jersey Charter because it can only make peoples lives better, irrespective of whether the economy is up or down.

  32. Anonymous

    Any competition to these t0ssers will be very welcome. I think anyone standing against them will have an excellent chance to get in.
    Liars are one thing I can’t abide, two faces are another of my pet hates. The third is greedy self serving interests. Barring a handfull of present members the rest fall into these three categories. The sooner these twats are gone the better. No government is a prefered option to these clowns and brown nosing, self serving, grabbing manipulators.

    Roll on justice, down with tyranny and deceit.

  33. Anonymous

    A Possible Outcome of the upcoming HDLG report……..

    “Nothing to worry about, a few minor abuses did occur in the past but were proven to be before the time period being covered by the investigation.

    More coconut shells have now been ruled out of the investigation as have the 100 or so splinters of coconut shell that were mistaken for teeth.

    The blood found was actually tomato sauce planted by naughty children to pretend abuse occured.

    The assorted bits and pieces found were all proven to be Victorian toys.

    The lime pits were used as baths by the Germans to keep the lice at bay.”


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