Reverend Peter Geoffrey Kevvit Manton.

Nazi – as well as child rapist.

Some very useful references were suggested by commenters which have shed some light on the festering murk of the late Peter Manton – former Vice-Dean of Jersey’s Anglican Church – former Senator in the Jersey parliament – and child rapist.

I quote some of the facts we were referred to below.

The information is taken from the book ‘Encyclopedia of British and Irish Political Organisations’, by Peter Barberis, John McHugh and Mike Tyldesley.

Entry number 681 is to be found on page 195. I reproduce it here.

WISE (Welsh Irish Scots English)

Dates: 1974 – present.

Founded in 1974 as an anti-immigration association with links to the National Front [639] and the Monday Club [116]. WISE was led by Joan Mason, a former civil servant. Other members have included Lt. Col. Robert Gayre, of Gayre & Nig, Brigadier Hugh McIntyre and the Revd. P.G. K. Manton. [Emphasis added] It opposes black immigration, calls for the repatriation of settled blacks and seeks to ‘defend’ white culture against alien influence. Its rallies have been attended by Nazis, and in the early 1980’s, by Rightwing Conservative MP’s. Since 1984, bad publicity has caused a decline in membership.

References: A. Maolain 1987; Hill, 1988.”

May I repeat the offer I made in my post of last night to listen to anyone who had experiences of this monster? He may be dead – but others he was in league with may still be around. As may those who covered-up his abuses.

We owe it to the children of today and of the future to expose and crush child abuse.

My e-mail address is:

Now is the time to root-out the truth concerning people like Peter Manton.

Child rapist – and Nazi.

The Jersey Establishment: don’t you just love them?


27 thoughts on “Reverend Peter Geoffrey Kevvit Manton.

  1. Anonymous

    If we’re talking holy characters,
    remember, the Fat Man was head of his faith & it’s time to quizz a certain Methodist luminary again, surely?

    Education President 1971-1984

  2. Anonymous

    At last…… Manton being exposed for what he really was!
    A dangerous and cunning member of the `States of Jersey’!

    I wonder how many more have hidden or are hiding within thier ranks?

  3. Anonymous

    for the benefit of those who may be too young to know of Peter Manton, those who do not remember the details (the trial was, after all, about twenty years ago) or those, like myself, who were out of the island at the time, could you please give a brief factual summary of what he was charged with and his history.
    Following the case from a distance, as I was, I can remember very little of the actual details and it seems to predate being recorded online. About the only detail that I recall was that apparently he offered to remove Satan from the young woman of whom he was taking advantage using the means of sexual intercourse – that, however, is not exactly how he is supposed to have put it…
    So enlighten/remind us with some brief background please Stuart. Al

  4. Anonymous

    Yes, seconded, I ‘d like to be reminded exactly what it was that Manton was up to.
    I do remember something about an odd event where he was at an alcoholics house & ex cop David Watkins was there for some reason which was not fully established.
    I would like to know what the outcome of that fiasco as I may have something to add.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…

    Why wasn’t Manton charged did the police not have enough evidence to charge or was it that the centeniers of st john didn’t want to charge why was he allowed to get away with just stepping down from his seat in the states We should take a look at who was attorney general at this time, chief of police and perhaps Centenier of St john. Possibly John le Sueur or Carl Hinault these last two names were very prominent figures in the masons, was Manton a mason
    P. S another name that might jog a few memories from the St John mob, Rouille if my memory serves me right, the constables officer was accused of paedophilia. What happened? Yet more lack of evidence?

  6. Anonymous

    Anyone remember this geeza?

    A PAEDOPHILE has been jailed for five years following an appalling series of assaults on young girls in the Chelmsford area over more than two decades.

    Allister Garnham, 60, formerly of Danbury but now living in Norwich, pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting a seven-year-old, two sex assaults and a third offence of engaging in sexual activity with young girls.

    His conduct was branded as “lamentable” by the judge who jailed him at Chelmsford Crown Court this week.

    Prosecutor Diane Pigot told the court Garnham, pictured inset, had initially told one of his victims, who was just seven when he first assaulted her in the mid-1980s, that what he had done was their “little secret”.

    Then he had told her that if she spoke to any one about what had happened he would kill her mother.

    His other victim was 12 years old when he subjected her to a series of sex assaults. At the time of the attacks, which took place in 2005, he was living near Danbury outside Chelmsford.

    Judge Anthony Goldstaub QC ordered Garnham to be placed onto the Sex Offenders’ Register for the rest of his life and told him he had no alternative but to jail him.

    “You must go to prison. These are appalling crimes,” said the judge. “This was a lamentable catalogue of offending. It requires a stern sentence.”

    Defending counsel Emma Nash told the court that at one time Garnham lived at the care home in Jersey which is currently at the centre of a child abuse scandal.

    She said that he had lived for years at the Jersey home with his brother and had been a victim of abuse himself when he was young.

    An Essex Police spokesman said: “We hope the court verdict and sentence will allow the victims some closure.”

  7. Anonymous

    I firmly believe that anyone guilty of covering up for the likes of Manton and any child abuser are guilty of aiding and abetting!

    This includes anyone who held office in any states department!They too should stand trial and made to feel the full force of the law!

    They are beyond contempt!!

  8. Anonymous


    There are strong links between the Church (Church of England especially) and Freemasonry. There is also a link to child abuse with priests and curates frequently being abusers. In view of the standing thatthe church had, in the past this was easily covered up. In these more open, probing days,the reality is being exposed.

    There are lists of Freemasons Lodge Books on You will see that church figures feature in these. The senior churchmen,eg canons and such like, are invariably masons.

    There must be many who have experience of this man. can this be publicised for them to come forward?

    No doubt the corrupt masonic influence in the hierarchy and Police will have helped to stifle his accusers.

    Mason Buster.

  9. Derek

    I had never heard of Manton or the “Methodist Luminary”(having only been here 8 years)…but to be honest i am reading/watching/listening to more and more things every day that make me sit mouth agog!

    When i moved here i had the picture postcard idea of jersey in my mind – not this twisted little place full of what amount to bloody animals!

    All this is being exacerbated by these fools/nay sayers/ar**h*les in the house!

    I have never seen nor heard of such colmplicit dodging of justice in all my life – there are times past where these b*st*rds would just have been strung up…

    Not saying that capital punishment is the answer – but swift justice needs to be meted out – and for all those that try and dodge justice or sweep stuff under the carpet…you will be judged in time….

  10. Anonymous

    Was Manton a member of the Masons? It wouldn’t surprise me if he were.

    I find it interesting that he never was prosecuted for taking advantage of a woman who was under the influence of drink. Was the evidence lacking yet again? If he has raped youngsters how has he got away with it? Who has covered for him and why?

    Masons figure highly in island life. However due to their keeping themselves out of the public eye it is very difficult to know what they are up to or who they are. This is very concerning as this secret society is in our midst and many of its members are running the island. However we no not who they are or what they represent. Would any other organisation be allowed to exist like this?

    I think it is high time that this secret organisation decloaked so that we all could see who they are, and what postions thay hold in society. If they have nothing to hide I can’t see why they should object.

    It might make things a bit clearer for the rest of us to see what they are up to. However it might also explain why certain things have been allowed to occur. Whom has what links to whom? Why should secret socities exist in todays world? This belongs to the dark ages. In my mind secrecy exists only to deceive others and to allow for personal gain by a select few. It is also perfect if you wish to hide things from the majority of people. Why else have things carried on in Jersey as they have? Many people have made allegations of serious abuse yet those in authority appear hell bent on debunking all of these peoples statements.

    The Police are also another are area in which the Masons have a hold. Many top officers belong to this organisation, what impact they have on the organisation as a whole? What influence do they exert? These are all questions without answers at present. Is the new Deputy Chief a Mason as some have said and if so how will this impact on the continuing investigation at HDLG and child abuse in general? If things go quiet many people will be asking questions about this.

    The whispers however will not go away until the Masons step out from the shadows. Many people have made comments about people in this organisation using their links to affect outcomes in business dealings and other fields as well.
    I am sure many Masons are good upright citizens but what about the ones that aren’t, what are they doing?

    There could be other reasons for the chain of events unfolding in Jersey, but this issue is doing nothing to clear the waters.

  11. Stuart Syvret

    Re The Jersey Charter

    The Jersey Charter is still being finalised. Hopefully it will be complete soon.

    Whether it will become a party is in the hands of islanders. It may well get nowhere – the public may just not be interested, but at least they’ll have had the opportunity.


  12. Anonymous

    its about time these stinking pigs were outed for what they are nothing more than animals and those who more than new what was going for more than half a century should be jailed. That includes Walker and his chums. and all the others who helped then hide these horrendous abuses. It is more than just apparent that these people new and still Know what went down on the island of Jersey and its time to eject them from their possitions. I know stick them in a one bedroom flat in the middle of Glasgow then tell all their neighbors who they are.

  13. Anonymous

    Posting comments like that doesn’t help the cause of victims. Appeals for summary vigilante justice? In Glasgow???? Sorry I forgot. Galswegians have no paedophiles s amongst them, do they? And lets remember that only pervs think you need evidence to convict. People like me who really want the perpetrators brought to bloody justice have no time for this manipulating of the vulnerable. You should be ashamed of yourself imho!

  14. Anonymous

    “Posting comments like that doesn’t help the cause of victims.”

    Please enlighten us as to help the cause of victims oh wise one!! Not I am a victims and I would have far worse than that done to those who completely ruined my life.

    So when you think your helping matters with your wise words YOUR Not!!! Helping me any with your words either.

  15. Anonymous

    “Please enlighten us as to help the cause of victims oh wise one!!”
    If I understand the reply to my post then you are very angry and want revenge. You are not the only person to have selfish people ruin your life-you know nothing of what’s been done to me so don’t make assumptions about me! Victims often don’t want the same thing that happened to them done to their abuser-they want justice-which should be severe and effective-being beaten by some anonymous person in Glasgow wouldn’t be enough and gives a pervert another vacuous whining excuse to do it again . “Oh those nasty people made me so unhappy I was tempted again”. Cobblers. The stance of the vigilantes is irresponsible.

  16. Anonymous

    “I firmly believe that anyone guilty of covering up for the likes of Manton and any child abuser are guilty of aiding and abetting!

    This includes anyone who held office in any states department!They too should stand trial and made to feel the full force of the law!

    They are beyond contempt!!”

    I totally agree with you here. So many people know about these crimes and have done NOTHING to stop them.

  17. Anonymous


    Regarding the previous posts, I wouldn’t call myself a, “hanger and a flogger” but I think the appalling treatment these people have forced young children to endure (and worse) is sufficient for me to say that a few years in prison is not enough for them. Even 20 years in prison is too lenient.

    I think swift retribution is justified and by any means necessary.

  18. Anonymous

    Stuart – are you trying to discredit Jersey and all its people both living and dead. You are doing a great job in destroying Jersey’s image – just go away for a long holiday for 1 year. You probbaly need a break and we want a break from you also.

  19. Stuart Syvret

    Re: Me “Trying to Discredit Jersey”

    The author of this comment writes “You are doing a great job in destroying Jersey’s image”.

    This is a fascinating comment – because it reveals – in a few lines – the very heart of the problem.

    The Jersey establishment has, indeed, always attached far, far greater importance to their “image” than they have to the truth.

    And we still see many examples of that fact starkly displayed even by today’s establishment.

    The result of this attitude has been multiple decades of appalling, concealed child abuse – which the Jersey oligarchy didn’t want to investigate and stop – because of such considerations as “image”.

    What this commenter, and people like Frank & Co., just don’t ‘get’ is that it is that wish to protect images and reputations which has enable the atrocities to continue unchecked for all these decades.

    The “problem” is not the victims, it’s not the national media coverage and it’s not me.

    The “problem” is that public administration in Jersey engaged in, supported, condoned or concealed monstrous amounts of child abuse over generations.

    That is the “problem”.

    The abuse – and the suffering of the victims and the utter failure of public administration in Jersey to protect them and bring them justice – is the “problem”.

    So – paradoxically – it is people like the author of the comment above – and their wish to attach such high priority to such considerations as “image” – which area key part of the “problem”.

    As for me “going away for a year” because the Jersey establishment are sick of me – I doubt, somehow, that is a predominate view amongst the decent great majority of people in Jersey.

    It certainly isn’t the view of those survivors I know.


  20. Res Nullius

    I think the correspondent wants to consider what an ‘image’ is.

    An image is an idea, conception or representation of a real thing. It is not the thing itself.

    An image can be a commodity.

    Images can be manipulated and distorted. An image can be made to look brighter or darker than the thing itself really is. An image can have flecks of dirt and dust removed or concealed so that it can be sold.

    A digital photographer can remove an entire nuclear facilty from the background of the nice photo of your house, if the estate agent wants it removed. That does not mean the actual nuclear facility has been removed, it just means the blot on the landscape has been concealed so that the house can be sold easier without awkward questions being asked about the property (or the lobster childen inside) until it is too late. Images can be false and misleading.

    Jersey’s image is just that.

    There are some, like the correspondent, who would like to photoshop out all the ugliness of this placeso that we can sell it without answering awkward questions about our lobster children.

    I am sorry but I prefer life in the raw, warts and all. At least then I know what I am looking at.

  21. Anonymous

    Things are being covered up but the majority don’t want to contemplate the reality of this. Better to pretend it didn’t happen. This is very prevalent on certain websites at the present. It is such a shame no one really wants to know. Better not to rock the boat and get the establishment after you! Fear rules Jersey and people know it is easy to get fitted up if you upset the wrong person who has the clout to sort you out.See how useful the authorities are then when you need help.

  22. Anonymous

    Re: ` Stuart – you are are trying to discredit Jersey and all its people both living and dead’.

    As A true blooded (multi-generational) Jerseyman! I regard and view Stuart Syvret as an example of what a true `Jersey’ person stands for!

    He is a credit to all of us! my father, grandfather, great-grandfather (and I can go on), who, would have (as Jersey people), found a lot in common with Senetor Syvret!

    Who ever you are! In the very words of members of the the States who shouted Senetor Syvret down (when trying to deliver his now famous Christmas speach)! `You do not speak for me’! Similarly, you do not speak for me! My father or grandfather! Get your facts right before you start making such sweeping statements!!

    A Bean!

    Good on You stuart!!

  23. Giannina

    I remember hearing about the incident involving Manton & the ex cop (who became a private eye ) from the landlady of the alcoholic woman involved. The woman was a 40 yo by the name of Mary Anne or similar
    .I knew David Watkins as a child. He was a corrupt cop who had an “arrangement ” with The superintendent of Haut de la garenne in the 70’s. His goons used to follow me around if I was kicked out by my father or else ‘runaway’.
    Watkins was ambitious & hated the children of HDLG . Tilbrook wanted revenge on any child or adult
    that still had spirit. He just had to destroy that spirit, even if the ex inmate was a barbiturate addicted alcoholic. It was an obsession with him. It went like this – Tilbrook would lock up a child in each detention room, if there was a connection with the intended victim, like say they had attended the same school, or had slept rough in the same area.
    The children would be locked up without food or toilet visits for as long as it took (often weeks) for one or other to sign a statement (written by Watkins ) to the effect that some crime had been committed by the ex HDLG like supplying of drugs, the victim would then be stitched up, and whoever was in solitary for weeks on end & didn’t sign would be persecuted & prevented from having any and of future. There was no need for the false witness to attend court, (Under Jersey law), & the victim would then go to borstal.
    I would love to know what the connection between Manton and Watkins was though.


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