Limbering up for Battle.

You Thought Things Were Kafkaesque?

Just Wait and See What’s Coming.

Hello, Dear Readers (well, some of you, anyway) and welcome to a very brief post.

Never mind Nelliegate (local story, don’t worry about it) and Big Frank’s retirement.

There is a lot of really important stuff going down – none of which, of course, the local hack clowns will touch – even if any of them were smart enough to grasp the gravity of the issues.

Oh – do I have some fascinating subjects to serve up for your edification and entertainment?

(Yes, I do.)

But – you’ll have to contain your excitement – for a while, anyway.

These are delicate and heavy – if that isn’t an oxymoron – subjects – which involve other people – so I can’t just splurge the info out here – as much as I would like to.

At least – not yet.

Sorry to be such a tease – but it should be worth waiting for; issues and evidence that you just won’t find in any of the local traditional media.

Not even if I told them about it – and gave them the evidence – in hard-copy triplicate, PDF and DVD – as we know from extensive past experience.

Watch this space.


67 thoughts on “ROCK N’ ROLL!

  1. Anonymous

    cannot wait for truth. Chief of police evidence will help. Chief constable power, please retain your integrity. Reputation is more important than accepting the bung. Believe what others who are still undergoing the same fate are saying please follow the line with the integrity you have shown to date

  2. Anonymous

    JEP 3rd December

    Abuse: minister silent on staff involvement

    By Ramsay Cudlipp

    THE Education Minister refused to reveal in the States yesterday if any of his department’s employees were currently under investigation by the police for child abuse allegations.

    Senator Mike Vibert (pictured) said that he was not in a position to answer the question from Senator Stuart Syvret because of a conflict with the ongoing child abuse inquiry.

    But Senator Syvret said that the response received to his question was ‘completely inadequate’ and stated that there was ‘no reason’ why the Assembly should not know if any employees were under investigation. ‘This is a matter of very significant public interest,’ he said. ‘There is simply no reason why the minister will not give the figures. Will he give them?’

    Senator Vibert said that as an employer, it was States policy not to divulge individual information on employees. He added that he had checked with the police and was happy that his answer was entirely proper and accurate.

    Article posted on 3rd December, 2008 – 2.56pm


    How arrogant! People have a right to know if their children are safe!


  3. Anonymous

    Oh you are AWFUL-

    but I LIKE YOU !

    Can’t wait, pop to your site daily for any changes, GO STUART GO !

  4. Anonymous


    JEP ( Jersey Establishment Party ) headlines

    ………….the JEP has learned that Children’s Services are so short staffed that each officer is dealing with an average of 20 cases…………….almost twice the amount of childcare cases recommended following the death of Victoria Climbie. Senior figures in health said that they would need an extra 10 staff to meet the target……………..BUT STRESSED THAT THE DEPARTMENT WAS WORKING WELL

    ……………the report carries on with waffle

    Is it going to take a Baby P to get this island to start spending our money on resourcing services that we can be proud of?

    Can you imagine the stress that our social workers must be working under, the morale in that area must be at rock bottom………..

    Although 60% of the people on this island don’t bother to cast a vote I hope that those of us that did this year, and elected progressives into the States will see States spending addressing these issues……………….AND SOON……….it is not acceptable for our children or our social workers

  5. Anonymous

    Geoff Southern has managed to emulate the very members of the States he so publically reviles.
    His harassment of Jeremy Macon would be worthy of THE spin master himself.
    It is obviously Southern’s fault that the emails became public, either directly or by forwarding on.
    Either way Southern owes Jeremy Macon and his mother a full apology.
    I will never trust that weedy little creep, or the JDA again.
    CTV have also proved that real news, 20/20 decision, etc, means zilch when they can behave like a muck raking sensationalist tabloid.
    To see somebody of Eric Blakley’s experience actively bullying a young man, who obviously has more principles than most in that chamber, is quite frankly repugnant.
    Clearly, Eric was not sanctioned to interview Glen Rankine in the same way about Rankine’s bullying of Nellie Macon during the Senators election. That was hushed up. Well Eric wouldn’t want to upset his superior would he!

  6. TonyTheProf

    Where do all these leaks (Shenton, Southern, Power) come from? Do you know of any establishment mole who regularly briefs journalists (after having first cc’d the info to all states members)?

    Kafkaesque is good. What about Nietzcherian too?

  7. Anonymous

    Fascinating…… ACPO supported Lenny Harper all along, and are now saying that Graham Power should not have been suspended.

    Not looking good for our clown ministers, is it?

  8. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Me Being Spoken of in Parliament

    Yes – like I said – events look to be taking a most interesting turn.

    Another reader asks ‘can we play, ‘Give us a Clue”?

    I think that’s an excellent idea!

    Regard the parliamentary issue as your fist clue.

    Come on readers – let’s have some guesses!


  9. Leonard

    Comment on JEP online.
    Just in case it gets censored.

    Blampied, (I consider the title Mr inappropriate in the circumstances) as a parishioner of St Martin you have no right to criticise the electorate of St Saviour No 1.
    They have elected a fine young man in Jeremy Macon and your bigoted view and use of the term
    “ ‘yoof’ ” show you to be one of those people who resist change in any form.
    This whole affair is the fault of Deputy Southern and he should admit it.
    His actions have allowed the media to swoop on an individual who does not fit the native establishment line. In fact your line.
    Give Deputy Macon a chance before you start throwing stones!

  10. Anonymous

    Establishment in Jersey be warned THIS is the time to take a stand on who’s side your actually on!!! Do you fall with the fools and non-believers or do you rise with the victims and their supporters???


  11. Anonymous

    You are being offered the houses of parliment as an alternative venue for your Christmas speach?

  12. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Geoff Southern & Nelliegate

    I did take this matter up with Geoff yesterday – and he said he was not responsible for the leak. I believe him – as there simply doesn’t seem to be any motive or advantage to him in leaking the material – on the contrary.

    The consensus is actually that Jeremy has a mole somewhere amongst his confidants (not his mum) who saw the information and leaked it.

    The whole thing is the proverbial storm in a teacup, in any event.

    Personally, I hope Geoff and Jeremy have a chat, put all this behind them, and co-operate in the interests of progressive politics.

    To be honest – I’m getting pretty bored with this non-subject – which is serving the interests of the oligarchy marvelously – by acting as a diversionary, overblown, near-fake non-story – to distract public attention away from things which are important.

    So I’m drawing a line under correspondence on this subject now.


  13. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Syvret gets Damian Green Treatment

    Yep – you’re very much in the target area.

    Let’s have a few more speculations on the nature and detail of what’s going down.

    This is fun!


  14. Anonymous

    …’the States of Jersey have kicked off a leak inquiry and are asking police to investigate Senator Stuart Syvret over an internal memo.’

  15. Rob Kent

    My guess is something like: the publishing of emails between you and other States members (Ogley et al) on your blog is in contravention of the Code of Conduct for States Members.

    The police have been asked to investigate and may, even as I write, be pulling the plug on your computers, hoovering up all your private correspondence, and subjecting you to cruel and unusual punishments, the ultimate aim of which is to shut you up.

    By the way, I’ve already registered the Internet domain name:, just in case.


    PS I hope I’m wildly wrong…

  16. Anonymous

    Could this also be linked to something Frank Walker said in a text message to Simon Bellwood? “For reasons you should be well aware of, and some you will be shortly become aware of, I’m afraid I am not prepared to meet you.”

    I’d love to know what that’s all about too!

  17. Rob Kent

    But more prosaically, I suspect that they suspect that it was you that leaked the Graham Powers email. But it wasn’t you but you know who did leak it.

    Do I win the chocolate bar?

  18. Anonymous

    Are you going to be investigated and suspended? Hey but no, thats not states policy, for some. Wouldn/t they just love to chuck you out prior to that speech which is praying on their minds.

    master stroke yesterday by the way in getting the proposition deferred.

  19. Anonymous

    May it be in relation to the sunny side up or hard boiled variety with sun shining down?

  20. Anonymous

    Stuart a bit of a shot in the dark,

    New Years Honours List – maybe for certain people …… ……?

    and a couple of others which will shock the obligars.

  21. Anonymous

    Well – something’s certainly tickling your belly button isn’t it!
    This must be the shortest post in the history of the Stuart Syvret blog and certainly the most ‘up-beat’ in a long time!
    The trouble is, I’m away on holiday tomorrow and now I’m going to have to go begging people to use their laptops, just to see “…what’s going down”.

    Strange phrase that.(?)

  22. voiceforchildren


    Sorry forgot to post “my say” to the link I last posted, so here it is and thanks.

    voiceforchildren.Posted December 4, 2008 at 4:27 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Ann port St Martins? I never realised that was in St Saviour No 1! OK so a parish Deputy can vote on island wide issues. As far as Island wide issues go, is taking some advice from your mum that big?

    We’ve got issues of a mamouth scale going on island wide, the Graham Power suspension, the Howard League of Penal reforms report, the Harcourt debacle, the £106 million unneccessary and poentially toxic incinerator, the possibility of civil servants being suspects in child abuse (not suspended) about to invest how many millions on a finance centre? while in economic turmoil!! and what does Micheal (from St Martin) want to write about in the JEP? A deputy taking direction from his mum in St Saviour no 1 and thinks it is an offence worthy of calling for his resignation!!

    I don’t think the calibre of the candidate is as big an issue as the calibre of the voter.

  23. Senator Stuart Syvret

    A reader writes –

    “…’the States of Jersey have kicked off a leak inquiry and are asking police to investigate Senator Stuart Syvret over an internal memo.'”

    My – you’re a smart bunch.

    That didn’t take long at all.

    I was hoping to drag things out a bit longer. I’ll have to ask some more refined questions in my next post later this evening – to see if you can unearth some more of the fascinating detail.

    But in the mean time – Rob – that domain name –

    We may well need it – and I ain’t messing around.

    It’s extraordinary, I know – but never underestimate the boundless brain-frying stupidity of these people.


  24. Anonymous

    Reaching far into the depths of our rumour memories here – is it to do with an alleged smear campaign – no smoke without fire? Truth out?

  25. Rob Kent

    Oh deary dear. That would be the height of injustice and insult if you were to be arrested while all of the truly guilty are still walking free. It would be sick, in fact.

    But it would demonstrate that they take breaches of trust seriously over there. Well, when your initials are SS at least.

  26. Anonymous

    Which memo are we talking about here.
    My guess…Shenton and Perchard – alias the ‘chuckle brothers’ Benny Henry and Dimbo – ‘Truth about Greenfields’ letter to States members.

  27. Anonymous

    You won’t need that site Stuart. They wouldn’t dare pull another stunt like that – even they are not that stupid.

    You carry on enjoy yourself and having political fun – hee hee hee, this site is good therapy for us abuse survivors!

    I expect it must be very stressful for the people who are trying desperatly to keep their skeletons in the closet. Those skeletons, they have a naughty habit of popping out at the least expected moment! Dear me, all the worry of it must be making some people feel quite ill. It must be very difficult to get to sleep at night, worrying if those skeletons are going to come creaking out in the night, getting through the tiniest little chink.

    What a shame (snigger)


  28. Anonymous

    ee by gum our lad you couldn’t make it up. It is like a key-stone kops comedy. Never mind lad, we will stand bail for you, probably arrest you the day your due to make your Christmas Speech. Come you guys and gals in Jersey – take to the streets if this happens.

  29. Rob Kent

    If you were arrested and under investigation, you would presumably be suspended from the States, which would conveniently solve the problem of your Christmas Speech. Trebles all round!

  30. Anonymous

    I see that community care magazine is commenting on child protection provision on the island,following a report by June Thoburn chair of the child protection committee.
    Nothing on the local news
    check it out

  31. The Exodus Crew

    If they put Stuart Syvret in a police cell. They would be advised to have the army or military police on the island first, along with full riot gear. 😉

  32. Anonymous

    Here is my scenario Stuart…

    Feb 2007 ( Ritchie Brocken Affair!) (brilliant letter btw!)

    Anyway theh hierachy judged you at that time under the following terms of the code of conduct…….

    Members must conduct themselves in a manner which will tend to maintain and strengthen the public’s trust and confidence in the integrity of the States of Jersey and shall endeavour, in the course of their public and private conduct, not to act in a manner which would bring to the States, or its Members generally, into disrepute;

    · treat other members of the States, officers, and members of the public with respect and courtesy and without malice, notwithstanding the disagreements on issues and policy which are a normal part of the political process.

    Well they could argue that you have disobeyed code of conduct and suspend you……..maybe Frankie wants to do that whilst he has the opportunity in the next few days!

    They have probably had some legal beagle poring over your musings and have got you in a corner and you await a knock on the door………I suspect you may have decided that the only way for you to get whatever it is out into the open will have to be in a court of law, so you are prepared to die on your sword, but what about your cat, have you no heart?

    Now having said that about code of conduct it is not leaglly binding, so can’t be that.

    I actually think it is to do with that Shenton letter, fury has reigned as ‘they ‘ did not want the public to know the unbeleivably poor standard of correspondence eminating from our most esteemed member,(quoting from the JEP, and reports from 1981..what a JOKE!!)

    You were probably caught on CCTV dressed as Santa delivering an envelope to the Mr B! You have probably been bugged by a private detective from the UK, I can’t recall the last time that occured, but do recall the circumstances!!!!!!!!

    So that is my theory as Public Enemy No1, you are about to be charged with something in connection with teh leaking of documents…… will actually be another onw goal by the COM, it will slip right into the Andrew Green media hype and whoosh Jersey will make headline news again………….whatever it takes Stuart…………..the farce rolls on!

    My final theory is that Wendy Kinnard – who has kept her powder dry … going to go public as soon as she is free from office and I am hopeful that she is on the side of People Power……(pun intended) and that Ms Kinnard will shed some light on what has gone on behind the scenes……..

    Maybe it will take your arrest and imprisonment to get people off their backsides and onto the streets……………..Ms Sherlock Holmes ( Grouville)

  33. Anonymous

    they are sharpening the cuffs as we talk. Frank,s final act. He will sail off into the sunset shouting gotcha. He is a poor loser

  34. Anonymous

    Re-“take to the streets if this happens.”

    I’ve been wanting to do that for ages. There’s more than enough justification for a bit of protest irrespective of this latest absurdity.
    What are we going to do on HDLG news anniversary? Sit around reading this blog or be pro-active? We all know the oli have absolutely no desire to get to the bottom of this and seek justice for victims. They intend to get rid of the people who’ve cottoned onto the truth whilst they allow abusers to stay in their comfortable over-paid jobs.
    Everyone, please dedicate some effort into making 2009 different. Lets mobilize via the net and get out on the street. Perhaps faced by the people, the oli might just do the right thing for once.

  35. Anonymous

    Treat other members of the States with respect. The Biggest Offender in front of television viewers, recorded Mr Frank Walker accusing Stuart Syvret of “Shafting Jersey”. So are the key-stone warcup cops going to arrest him???????

  36. Anonymous

    I suppose that’s your Christmas speech down the pan then, and I was looking forward to an Obamaesq Mandelaish speech on CONsensus politics……….ever got the feeling that you are the christmas turkey? I’d lie low if I was you ………….lets just hope they get their ‘proportionality’ right when they try and do you down, because in my opinion they have made a right bosh of Graham Power’s suspension ( radio Jersey tonight!)…………I am confident that you will come out of whatever it is OK because I beleive that you wil have good legal backing……….hope you dont have to pay for it though!

  37. ted

    I am new to all this blog stuff but after reading some of them and some of the answers i am obliged to comment. What a load of tosh. Stewart, I had a lot of respect for you but I am begining to change my mind as I believe you are going off your trolly.
    For future referance bear in mind that people, however you disagree with their opinion, are entitled to what they believe – or to what they have to do or say to line their pockets. That is our perogative as human beings – so – do not be so disrespectful to just about everyone you mention. Do you think you are the new messiah. Cut a bit of slack. Respect. And as for your supporters – talk about sicophants – they make me puke. They go like “What do we do now Stew”. Message to you all. Grow up. Regards A Ted

  38. Anonymous

    hope they do lock you up – either in a cell or a luny bin – better have another drink before they come knocking.

  39. Anonymous

    This is why things are in a mess people shouldn’t be lining their pockets! There is too much of this in Jersey and this is why people are p!ssed.

  40. Anonymous

    I see the trolls are getting in a flap again – they always come here to post their abuse on this site which Stuart has kindly dedicated to helping the victims of hideous child abuse when they start losing sleep!

    Oh you naughty boys! You can’t think that you can hide all your dirty smelly little secrets away from God, surely not?

    God does not like people abusing and hurting children, don’t you know?

    “Whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believed in me, it were better for him that millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6


  41. Anonymous

    Maybe i’m being a bit slow here.

    But if Stuart was arrested and charged surely all sorts of details would have to come out under oath in a courtroom.
    Now, obviously, I understand they wouldn’t come out in a JERSEY courtroom but once a case is in the judicial system it can be appealed and taken to the U.K.
    Wouldn’t it be great to one day see our ministers and media on the stand in an English court?

    That could spoil someones retirement.

  42. Dave Sanscerveau

    Re ‘A Ted’: my theory is that Stewheart is suspected of grooming Chris Bright with a fine-tooth comb in order to simulate unlearnd speechification so that we think he’s really who he says he is and not you know who (at IP address – ay, Ted?).

    I am also begining to suspect that deferance to one’s supereriors leads to an inibility to spill which is why someone who is known to be (in a completely different context) admirably articulate, suddenly becomes illittirrate trying to wrap their tongs around this new-fungled blogging stuff.

    Nice try, but delete all cookies next time.

    You can also subscribe to this blog via an aRSS feed…

    A.N.Other Ted

  43. Anonymous

    Hi S,what time are you going to enlighten us as I can’t stay up and the suspence is killing me.Hope it’s not as bad as you all think.

  44. Anonymous


    Can I ask computer nerd how we can all save your entire blog, so that if they try to close you down there will be a huge number of people who will have saved the information and can then post it over and over again on the internet?

    Please computer nerd help us and Stuart.

    PS blog verification on this own is dissest (very like dissent) bit prophetic don’t you think?

  45. Anonymous

    What of public service?

    For future reference bear in mind that people, however you disagree with their opinion, are entitled to what they believe – or to what they have to do or say to line their pockets.

    I really hope that you are not involved in politics, the professions or commerce in any way.
    Some of us are born cynical and some develop it with age but most of us try and keep in touch with a basic sense of morality and decency, be it born from a sense of religious conviction or a sense of common humanity.
    A certain amount of trust is a basic requisite of any human society. If everybody adopted your view that trust would evaporate and society would vanish.
    Maybe you should have a chat with Ian le Marquand, I do not like or respect him that much but he is a saint compared with an amoral knuckle dragger like you!

    Anaconda le Cornu

  46. Anonymous

    Unless they pitch up to Google (owner of Blogger) with a court order, in the US courts, then I don’t see how any blog on Blogger could be shut down?

  47. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart


    I notice you have registered your domain name until 21-mar-2010, just checked to make sure you already had it to be on the safe side.

    Could abuse of power and David Cameron’s comments have anything to do with your next blog?

    Maybe it has something to do with David Warcup’s launching a devastating attack on Lenny Harper, as he did say that he had now ‘ripped up’ much of the evidence presented by his predecessor. Which has to be against some law I would have thought.

    Could be a nice follow up on Graham Power situation.

    I can think of so many other things which I couldn’t mention publish right now but know about, Lol.

    Brian asked ‘When are we going for that coffee Stuart?’ Just wondering,lol.

    Have a great day!

  48. ted

    With referance to comments by Anaconda – No I am not involved in Politics or much else apart from staying alive for a few more years. ” Keep in touch with a basic sense of Morality and Decency ” It has taken all of 72 years for me to come to the conclusion that I do not trust the word Trust – there is also a question mark about quite a few humans. Also to Dave – you lost me.

  49. realjerseyman

    Jersey politics for many years bored the hell out of me but i suppose with age comes wisdom and i cannot view such incredible arrogance any longer without raising my head above the parapet. The way in which these so called establishment clowns treat the local populace is beyond belief worthy of a Monty Python sketch which indeed if fictional would be funny. Tragically this is real life and these intellectually challenged buffoons are playing with peoples lives as though it were a perverse game!


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