The Social Worker who Tried to Stop Institutionalised Child Abuse.

Oppresed by the Jersey Authorities.

But Still Fighting for the Victims.

Those of you who have been following the Jersey child abuse disaster will know of Simon Bellwood. He is a UK registered Social Worker who was recruited to the island to run the Jersey child secure unit at a time when it was switching from the old Les Chennes building to the new, purpose built, Greenfields building.

Simon was going to run Greenfields under the control of a direct boss, Joe Kennedy; a man who is now, incidentally, suspended from his job.

On taking up the post in Jersey, Simon was appalled to discover that the actual regime used in the child secure units was every bit as bad as the so-called “Pindown” policies which were used by Staffordshire County Council in the 1980’s.

The cruel, barbaric and coercive practices were eventually exposed. A very good enquiry was undertaken by Alan Levy QC and Barbara Kahan.

Their report into the Pindown episode remains the yardstick by which others will be judged.

Recognising that subjecting already damaged and messed-up kids to extended periods of coercive and punitive solitary confinement was illegal, Simon stopped this unlawful practice and adopted a more therapeutic regime.

You can read about his experiences on his blog site, a link to which have placed on the right.

Simon was oppressed and ultimately sacked for his efforts to protect these vulnerable children in the secure units.

I didn’t know Simon at all until he approached me early last year when he drew to my attention the unlawful practices and the way in which he had been oppressed for trying to stop them.

Quite impartially, I investigated his concerns – and rapidly came to the conclusion he was right.

I made it plain to my senior management – people like Mike Pollard – that I didn’t believe the management story – instead I believed Simon.

It was this decision – to side with the whistle-blowers and the victims – that led to my own senior management team engineering my dismissal as Health & Social Services Minister.

To give a brief example of the kind of thing that happened to kids in the secure units, if any of them were challenging or demanding in any way; if they had issues which were causing their behaviour to be difficult or rebellious – rather then helping them – the institutions would simply imprison them in solitary confinement in an area known as “The Pits”.

They would be allowed out for 1 hour’s exercise a day – but alone – not allowed to mix with other children. But even this 1 hour exercise was “at management’s discretion”. This would mean that sometimes they would be confined for days with no exercise.

But the worst aspect of this regime was the length of time children were subjected to this harmful and damaging solitary confinement regime.

Sometimes, if a child was ‘difficult’ the solitary confinement would go on for days – or weeks – or months.

Yes – that’s right – months.

One young man – who has been featured in some of the documentary pieces on the Jersey child abuse disaster – was kept in solitary confinement for two months.

The effect of this upon him was – unsurprisingly – to induce a mental breakdown after 3 to 4 weeks.

The response of the Jersey institution to his emotional collapse?

They sent a “councillor” from the local Child and Adolescent Mental Health “Service” to speak with him.

For half-an-hour.

Once a week.

‘But’, you may ask’ ‘he must have been released from solitary, surely?


He was kept in these conditions for another month.

These are the type of barbarisms – of ethically bankrupt idleness – that characterises the Jersey child “protection” apparatus.

To this day.

And it is this appalling inadequacy we are fighting against.

If you have been finding my blog interesting – please read Simon’s as well.



36 thoughts on “SIMON BELLWOOD’s NEW BLOG.

  1. Anonymous


    Why are these places not inspected?

    Did Joe Kennedy have any qualifications to work in care?

    Did he have any qualifications to work in child care?

    What qualifications do the current staff have?

    Who is responsible for ensuring they are capable of looking after children?

    Does the States have a policy for child protection?

    Does it work?

    Is it accessible?

    Who is responsible for its review?

    When Mike Pollard undertook an investigation – where on God’s earth did he work previously to be able to conclude that exclusion is acceptable?

    Why did Marnie Baudain not act to stop such methods?

    Do the staff in the home use such techniques on their own kids?

    Is there something in law about prohibition of torture and doesn’t the principle extend to children?

    World class!
    High standards!

    Lay off the staff – I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Anonymous


    Lime found!

    In historic times, it was a common method to bury paupers and victims of plauge in common burial pits.

    To aid decomposition, lime was sprinkled onto the bodies

    Why would a care home need lime?

  3. Anonymous

    Didn’t Edward Heath visit Jersey in the 70’s on his yacht? Around the time Piers Grant-Ferris retired in Jersey?

  4. Anonymous


    Just read Simon’s blog. Thanks for recommending it. It’s extremely well written so far and explains in clear and unambiguous terms what he found. I think the authorities are probably shaking in their shoes about what’s still to come out. I don’t think there will be anywhere to hide.

    Between the two of you, we have alternative sources of information that are not censored and provide the investigative information so sadly lacking in the local media.

    Great stuff. Look forward to future revealings and uncoverings.

  5. Anonymous

    Posted on simons blog and read it however I have no way of knowing wheather he recieved my comments as simon has not posted any reply.

  6. Anonymous

    This may or may not be of interest to your readers but for those that have no exposure to the workings of a ‘secure’ institution I have today reacted to Simon Belwoods blog in the context of my own experiences:

    Perhaps the most harrowing experience of my life was the 24 hours I spent in solitary at La Moye young offenders institute (that’s prison to you and me). It was the first and only time I was formally ‘on bang-up’ and it was standard for all new inmates to spend the first day in their cells. To calm them, protect them, integrate them……I am sure there are many valid reasons for this action and if I am honest I probably agree with the action and reasons……… La Moye. Only once during my sentence did I suffer solitary (the first day) and it was just 24 hours – the day broken only by the arrival of meals and the intake/induction process with a prison officer….but the fear and confusion I felt during that time is something that I will never forget. I was 18 years old at the time which I consider to be significantly older than those at Greenfields – had I been in that situation at 14 I know now that I would not have coped. It was a small amount of time but had a massive impact – in a scenario where an aspiration to ‘cope’ is all you can start with.

    I had assumed that Geenfields facilitated a more emotionally tactile and encouraging approach to support children in their emotional and academic progress. The ‘Grand Prix’ system detailed in Simon Belwoods blog clearly shows that this was not the case. There was a similar system at La Moye where levels were introduced to reward good behaviour and not so much ‘punish’ for bad but remove benefits and it seemed to work well – it encouraged the culture that within certain boundaries you are responsible for your own standard of living (remembering that this is the standard of living of remand and convicted young offenders ranging from 14-20 years of age at that time). What drove me to post this comment is that the ‘system’ at La Moye was far less aggressive in terms of punishment for ‘bad’ behaviour and for more rewarding in terms of good behaviour. Removal of some basics like bedding for a child I find deplorable – even now I suspect it would drive me to despair.

    Only now do I start to understand what really is meant by the term ‘abuse’.

  7. Anonymous


    At least the managers at BA had the decency to resign and in the grand scheme of things they only lost a few bags and suitcases.

    Not so our esteemed public servants, who lost children and stole their childhoods.

    “Integrity is not a 90 percent thing, not a 95 percent thing; either you have it or you don’t.”

    Peter Scotese

  8. Anonymous


    I read the very sad comment on the la Moye experience.

    Did Jo Kennedy work at La Moye?

  9. Anonymous

    Il est plus facile un roi est cru qu’il est pour que les pauvres colportent la vérité, les français soutiennent les victms.

    bon pour vous sénateur Stuart Syvret..

  10. Anonymous


    Can you please tell me why there is NO news comong from the Island what so ever regarding the digging. The Media have stopped printing any news for the Island and we are once again left in the dark, is there something being covered up, has the Island been hit with a D-Notice to hide the information. Whilst there is no news, the public on the mainland are forgetting what has happened, we can’t allow this to happen, we need news to keep this case alive, come on Mr Harper give us some news or it will be buried like it has been on the mainland for years.

    Jim Browne

  11. Anonymous

    I have been reading your blog for a while now, the whole irland is corrupt, you wont beat these evil people with words, unless the people of Jersey rise up and vote with thier souls, you will get nowhere, the evil forces who yo uare up against are very powerfull, they know you wil lgo away, i ntime, when all your shouting falls o ndeaf ears. the island is lost to evil. may god protect you my friend. no one eles will

  12. Anonymous

    I presume that the Bailiff reads this blog. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to express to him my incredulity at his response, published in today’s JEP, to calls for his resignation over the “Holland” case.

    Mr Bailhache reminds us that he has served the Island for more than 30 years (for which service he receives a six figure salary).

    He admits that he may have made a few mistakes during this period, as though knowingly allowing a convicted paedophile to join the honorary police force was akin to forgetting to put the bins out. Mr Bailhache, this is not a trivial oversight, it is a monumental lapse of judgement.

    The Bailiff goes on to suggest that it is easy to be wise after the event. Mr Bailhache, we expect somebody in your position to exercise foresight, not hindsight.

    After all, how much wisdom is actually required to see that it was totally unacceptable to allow Holland to join the honorary police, given his conviction?

    Mr Bailhache, this is apparently the second time you have been involved with incidents of paedophiles in institutions for which you have some responsibility (the other being Victoria College)and have apparently failed to exercise sound judgement.

    It is simply unacceptable to pretend that 1992 was somehow a different age before the true nature of child abusers was known.

    Mr Bailhache, you need to explain yourself. My taxes pay your salary, I am a member of the public you claim to serve, and I no longer have confidence that you are up to the job.

  13. Anonymous


    For the Bailiff and his decision not to resign following his decision to allow a known paedophile to join the honorary police force.

    Thanks to you and your “considered opinion” a convicted paedophile was given the venner of respectability that is so useful for such behaviour

    With hindsight your decision would be different!

    Little was known!

    33 years public service

    No mention of Victoria College and your involvement

    You arrogant man – you shouldn’t have the choice. You should be sacked forthwith !

  14. Anonymous


    A previous correspondent infers this will blow over and be forgotten if we are not careful. This is of course what the establishment hope.

    In a recent article John Pilger said “ “The struggle of people against power,” wrote Milan Kundera, “ is the struggle of memory against forgetting.” ….there are those who prefer we celebrate a system of organised forgetting: of unbridled freedom for the few and obedience for the many; of socialism for the rich, and capitalism for the poor. They prefer that the demonstrable power of ordinary people is committed to what George Orwell called the memory hole.”

    To those who read your blog I say this:

    this may be the only chance you have to change things, don’t let it be forgotten, keep it alive, keep talking about it, add your comments to the blog, challenge people when they say they are bored or tired of it, you may never have this opportunity to make a difference again.

  15. Anonymous


    “Integrity is not a 90 percent thing, not a 95 percent thing; either you have it or you don’t.”

    The Bailiff ain’t got it!

  16. Anonymous


    Just read Daily Telegraph and Daily mail story – blood stained items found at Jersey Care Home.

    Perhaps tonights smug JEP headline of “Murder Inquiry Dropped” is a little premature.

  17. Anonymous

    What a week

    Simon Bellwood describes a situation in which a child is detained without a court order.

    Silence from the authorities

    Holland is jailed for two years
    That’s that then!
    Justice has been seen to be done, no further action required!

    The Bailiff told to resign by a distraught father of a victim.
    JEP headline: OAPs buss pass! The Bailiff’s feeble defence is reported on the second page.

    Jo Kennedy’s suspension goes on.
    Thought we were getting facts within two weeks!

    Anton Skinner still at Focus
    Never mind – he can always go to France and wait for everything to die down. While he’s there he could always look up old friends!

    The senior bunch of cronies in public service – Due a pay rise in a month’s time for the service to the public.

    Does the world have enough whitewash to keep up with the Jersey demands?

    Why are my taxes being used to pay for this mess?

    Surely to God somebody at a senior level is accountable?

    Are they all wise with hindsight so it wont happen again?

    The answer is no, the problems and facts are driven further underground. There is too much at stake for the bloatocrats

  18. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart.

    We got a little news on BBC last night regarding the finding of more blood stains on articles in the 4th basement, can anyone give us a bit more information as to what was found please.

    Jim Browne

  19. Anonymous

    I thought you might like to correct “Oppresed” in your post. I don’t expect this comment to be allowed through; this is pruely a pointer.

  20. Anonymous


    The Roger Holland case is very chilling.

    Holland not only abused children but he targeted children with learning disabilities.

    The Bailiff is still in post despite his role in the affair.
    He releases a press statement to explain his inability to act in the interests of the Island. I can only apologise to the families for this man. I have no legal training, I have never done any training in regard to child protection but I would not have allowed a convicted paedophile to join the police force nor do I think would anybody else.

    I am very concerned, this is not the first time that the Bailiff has made favourable decisions towards paedophiles. He demonstrated the same serious lack of judgement in the Victoria College case.

    Why is this not dealt with?
    Is his appointment agreed by the privy council in the UK?
    Can he not be reported to the law society and the police?
    Why is he still in post?

    I only hope he is not advising on the current events that are slowly unfolding.

    The Bailiff’s behaviour needs proper investigation before he is allowed to give any legal opinion in this Island ever again

    Lenny – take my advice don’t let him anywhere near your investigation.

  21. Anonymous


    Is there any regulation of lawyers in Jersey?

    In England and Wales they are covered by the Solicitors Regulation Authority England and Wales who regulate the conduct of solicitors, registered European lawyers, registered foreign lawyers and recognised bodies. Their code of conduct includes:

    “You must uphold the rule of law and the proper administration of justice.

    You must act with integrity.

    You must not behave in a way that is likely to diminish the trust the public places in you or the profession.

    You must provide a good standard of service to your clients.”

    If the Bailiff were subject to such regulation he would be in breach and would be struck off for poor professional practice.

    He should do the only honourable thing and RESIGN!

  22. Anonymous

    I really wish that ,-if any member of staff of the social service will read this,-
    they PLEASE should give theirself/themself the answers to following questions:

    1.If you are a loving mother of own children,
    -could you ever imagine yourself,
    that after a tragic car accident with your death,-
    it would be the best solution for your children,to spend the rest of their childhood in one of Jersey`s care-homes ….???!!

    2.Are you definetly sure , that “your” children will/would receive a better treatment there ?

    3.Do you think,that children,who lost their parents,and also children with problematic behaviour
    are less worth/have (a) less-none value as others ?

    Every member of social service staff should think about these questions …!!!
    A former-orphan.

  23. jim browne

    Hi Stuart.

    It don’t take a good speller tp piont out wrong doings mate, so take no notice of them whoo think they are better than us good folk, we do out talking with our MOUTHS and we are truthful when we speak.

    As I have said many times, how can you ‘Rock the Boat’ when so many of these pedo’s are all part of the crew, it does not matter who you turn too on the Island, I’m sure that that have all got something to hide from their past.

    The media don’t want to talk to us because they have been Gagged, I have sent an Email to EVERY newspaper in the country regarding my fight for justice, and not one of them has come back to me to ask me questions, I even had a press release printed from my Legal team, and they still never printed the story. Now I’m from Liverpool not Jersey, so why don’t they print it you ask, well thats easy to answer ‘Cover Up’ for the Insurance Companies, too many people in high places have shares in Lloyds and their shares will drop if they have to pay out Millions of pounds to Victims.

    Local cllr’s will not touch us with a shitty stick, they say they will, but thats the last you will hear from them. When are we going to get an MP with Ollicks to stand up in Parliment and shout out for us. We are promised the Earth but get nothing.

    It will be hard to crack the Jersey Mafia because they all know something about each other and they will not speak out for the victims because they will be made to be outcasts like yourself. Many people from Jersey read this blog, I say to you all, get off your arses and fight them back, you are many and they are so few. To the readers of the Jersey Govenment who read this, your time will come, you will never be forgotten for what you did and what you have covered up in the passed, you employed these Pedo’s and allowed them to carry on with their evil deeds.

    Yes I am out spoken and will be for the rest of my life for what was done to me and how my so called care’rs looked after me ‘Duty of Care’ they called it, what a joke.

    Government of Jersey, hold your hands up and admitt that your Child Protection Policy was a complete joke and was left in the bottom draw to rot. Why didn’t any of you stand up and support Stuart when he first brought this problem to light, you know why you didn’t, you didn’t want to loose your cushy jobs and Tar the good name of Jersey.

    Oh and regarding your fantastic beach, I ask you what was dumped on there, was it Toxic waste by any chance, as I read in our local paper that a young child died after playing on there for a few hours ?????. Ok her dad blamed the hospital because they never had the vital equipment to save her life. So how did she get Blood poisoning only four days on your beach??.

    Also why did your hospital not have the equipment to save this child. I’m sure your tax payer’s would like the answer to that.

    Keep up the fight Stuart.

    Jim Browne

  24. Anonymous

    When it comes down to it many victims of the care system have only that system to blame for any and all counts of misspelling, as it was down to the system not only to care for the victims needs but to see to it that they got an education.

    However as the previous post says it is not how you spell a word it is how you understand the words and act upon it when things go wrong.

    I am sorry that most of my education was patchy to say the least, but I was for to busy trying to think of ways to get out of being abused!! Again!! Sorry I was too small to stop my abusers. Sorry that those who were around to help were either too busy or too involved in the abuse and even taking part in it.

    One thing I find a completely abhorrent is that those who had the advantages of life look down upon the ill-educated and disadvantaged as if it was their own fault when it could not be more perspicacious that the more advantaged you are the more disadvantaged someone else is. That’s physics’ my friend.

    The British Bullshit Cooperation on Jersey Either have someone involved in the scandal of they have friends who know things about high BBC Oligarchs & their minions. I see many stabbing in the back that could happen.

    All empires fall into vacuous void left by the rot & evil of these people and those who support them now will have many questions to answer when the stabbing begins..

  25. Anonymous


    Jim Brown asked the question about life saving equipment.

    Jim for it to be any use, you need to have the skills to use it.

    A couple of years ago the hospital had another investigation into a drug error in the mental health services in which a person died.

    Resusitation techniques and equipment were part of this investigation.

    Lessons will be learnt!
    No blame culture?
    Closed club?

    Any reports been made public in this area?

  26. Steve

    I had to reply to your comments re grammar and St.Helier Boy’s School.I was a couple of years above you at school and remember you well.You had to put up with a lot from that dump so well done for all that you have done my freind over the years!
    I also agree with your comments about Mike Vibert.Together with many ‘teachers'(?)at that place he was a waste of space and spent most of his time avoiding teaching at all costs!
    If the local BBC lot think that they are some bastion of grammatical correctness then try to listen to their crap output for a day.Half of them can’t even read the news from a script let alone allow people to make valid comments which go counter to our beloved leaders warblings.
    Post Script:Please excuse any spelling mistakes.I blame me teachers!

  27. Sandor Ferenczi

    I apologise in advance in case I appear to be sneering …maybe I am but I’m sorry, I can’t help it.
    In response to the last post …the notion of QUALIFICATIONS is laughable. The notion of INSPECTIONS is also laughable.
    Let’s take Harold Shipman …how about him? A pretty good example of a FULLY QUALIFIED DOCTOR. You see, just as you get murderers in high places (…and murderers is what these child abusers are, by the way), you get paedophiles with lots and lots of lovely letters after their names.
    Very reassuring, those letters. Those qualifications.
    Qualifications that inspire trust. Qualifications that BUY trust. Qualifications that open the door TO ABUSE AND MURDER ANY CHILD YOU WISH TO VIOLATE WITH PROLONGED INSTITUTIONALISED ABUSE.
    Do qualifications reassure me? Do policies inspire confidence?
    No, they don’t. Do they inspire trust?
    I’m sorry. I think I was well aware of their fallability from about the age of 12. I just wonder when the rest of the world might catch on.

    Let’s not labour under the illusion that education makes people care about children, or even care about people.
    That’s just the sort of smoke screen that child abusers relish – and you have to admit it – it’s a pretty good one, isn’t it?

    Mind you, Harold Shipman was a saint compared to them – you see, he worked alone.

    The stuff in Jersey is all about GROUPS – many members of which have QUALIFICATIONS and POSITION.
    They have been involved in abusing children in groups for generations. GENERATIONS.
    Living with abusing behaviour and passing abusive behaviour down in families and other groups – whereby those born into that ‘family’ are blackmailed and forced into a culture of living in a dual reality of ‘normality’ (ie. smart suits – remember?) and abuse.

    A whole load of different questions need to be asked – but there are few with the courage to hold that conversation and maintain it.
    I hope we can do that here. Thanks for reading.

  28. Anonymous

    As author of the system in operation at La Moye I feel compelled to respond to the question “Did Jo Kennedy work at La Moye?”

    He did – for the entire time I was there as senior officer in the YOI. And for me, at that time, I have nothing but praise for the man. I can only speak of my own experiences but I found him fair, reasonable but firm enough to command the respect that the role needed. In fact I would go as far as to say that I found him inspiriational – but I am only one person and was slightly more mature than the average ‘con’ at the time.

    I can only hypothesise that people assumed the skills and methods did not transfer well – or more likely should not have been transferred at all.

    Whilst I hope the investigation is thorough – I also hope he is not used as the scapegoat to rest blame at the door of one man and once again brush things under the carpet.

  29. Anonymous

    Sorry if my typo causes any confusion….should have read

    “As author of the BLOG COMMENT on of the system in operation at La Moye…..”

    I was not the author of the system…that was JK & YOI staff.

  30. Anonymous

    Note to self – must proof read…

    another correction for the sake of clairty:

    “He did – for the entire time I was there as senior officer in the YOI”

    Should read:

    “He did – as senior officer in the YOI, for the entire time I was there”

    How a simple error can have such effect on the context of the information eh? Apologies all.


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