UK News Paper, the News of the World:

Exclusive Report on Jersey Child Abuse disaster.

Today’s edition of the News of the World, a UK newspaper, leads with an exclusive report on the States of Jersey Police investigation into child abuse in Jersey.

The paper’s sources have revealed to it the general conclusions of the specific investigation into abuses and murders committed over many decades at the infamous Haute de la Garrene children’s “home”.

The conclusions are truly appalling – though tragically, not a surprise to those of us familiar with the entire dreadful episode.

I reproduce the News of the World article in full below this brief post.

Can I again make a plea to anyone who had any bad experiences as a child in the Jersey institutions, and any witnesses – even if you heard something from a friend or relative who experienced cruelty, violence or sexual abuse – to please contact the police investigation team.

There are also dedicated help lines available for anyone who just needs to speak with someone about their experiences.

These are the important contact details:

The States of Jersey Police have worked closely with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. There is a dedicated operation for people to call in connection with anything that happened in Jersey. It is UK based and is open to anyone who may have been affected by child abuse in Jersey. The line is open between 9 am and midnight UK time.

NSPCC helpline:

If you are calling from the United Kingdom please use this number:

0800 169 1173

If you are calling from anywhere else in the world, please use this number:

+44 (0)20 7825 7489

The States of Jersey historic child abuse enquiry team can also be reached at a specific number:

0800 735 7777

The States of Jersey Police can also be contacted via e-mail at:

Should you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is:

The News of the World article, reproduced below – sadly – provides a succinct summation of what took place and the conclusions of the States of Jersey Police Force.

The article requires no explanation or elaboration from me.

Read it and weep.



Jersey home dossier to reveal children were murdered…then burnt
Exclusive by Lucy Panton

A SHOCK secret police report into the Jersey House of Hell children’s home reveals youngsters there WERE murdered then BURNED in a furnace to COVER UP the atrocities.

It’s feared island authorities may try to hush up the dossier on Haut de la Garenne orphanage but a source told us: “Officers on this case are in NO DOUBT what went on.”

Exclusive: Secret Police Dossier Reveals Horror of Jersey Hell Home.

All the Kiddie Killers Left were Burnt Bones and Teeth.

Innocent children WERE raped, murdered and their bodies then BURNT in a FURNACE at the Jersey House of Horrors, says a top-secret police report into the scandal.

News of the World investigation reveals cops have shocking new evidence of how the killings were COVERED UP at the Haut de la Garenne care home.

Our chilling revelations come as officers prepare to hand over their damning dossier from Britain’s biggest ever child abuse probe to the island’s States of Jersey authorities.

A total of 65 teeth and around 100 charred fragments of bones are all that remain of victims detectives believe were abused and killed before their tortured corpses were thrown into a fiery grave inside the house of hell.

But records of children who stayed at the home over past decades have been destroyed so police have an impossible task of putting names to their grim finds.

A source close to the four-month investigation told us: “There’s NO doubt in the minds of the detectives on this case that children WERE murdered in the home.

“Officers believe they have compelling evidence that youngsters’ bodies were burnt in the home’s furnace then the remains swept into the soil floor in the cellars—the area that became dubbed ‘the torture rooms’.


“The problem has been identifying the children that went missing over the years. No records were kept of who came and left that place.

“Kids were shipped to the home from all over the UK and were never heard of again.
“All the inquiry team have to go on is this grim collection of teeth and bone fragments and no names to match up to the remains.

“Because this investigation has seen so many twists and turns people seem to find it hard to accept that children WERE slaughtered and their deaths WERE covered up.”

Most of the dental remains discovered have been identified as children’s milk teeth. And we can reveal that among more than 100 bone fragments is a TIBIA from a child’s leg and what police believe is an “intact” ADENOID bone from the ear of an infant.

These were all retrieved from a fingertip search of the four cellars in the Home’s EAST WING.

Forensic teams also found STRANDS OF NYLON which they have concluded came from the head of a broom.

And, because those type of nylon brooms were only used in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the discovery helped officers to put a date on when the bones were swept into the soil floor.

Cops are now convinced that those charred bones and teeth were emptied from the bottom of the home’s industrial furnace—located away in the West Wing—when it was ripped out around that time to install oil-fired central heating.

Officers have spoken to builders who worked on renovations at the home but have been unable to discover what happened to the furnace after that. But they have taken samples from the chimney breast which was left behind.

Around that same time wooden floorboards were laid OVER the old soil floor in the east wing.

And it is there, within the hidden torture chambers just inches below, that the bones, a pair of shackles and children’s clothing were found.

Also in the underground rooms police discovered a large concrete bath with traces of blood. A builder has also given evidence that he was asked to dig two lime pits in the ground nearby around that period. Lime pits have often been used to destroy corpses.

So far 97 people have come forward to complain they were abused as children at Haut de la Garenne. Many have described being drugged, shackled, raped, flogged and held in a dark cellar for long periods.

Much of the clothing found at the scene is thought to date back to the 1960s and 1970s when youngsters had to make their own clothes and shoes in the care home work shop.

Cops now believe that whoever was responsible for removing the furnace KNEW that there were children’s remains inside. And they think it was moved while disgraced headmaster Colin Tilbrook was in charge of the place.

Tilbrook, now dead, has been described by former charges as being behind “some of the most horrific abuse” at the home.

We can reveal that cops now plan to quiz one of his closest aides who is still alive and living in the UK.

Tilbrook, who ran the home in the 1960s, died aged 62 in 1988 after suffering a heart attack in a public swimming pool. His foster daughter Tina Blee, 38, recently made an emotional visit to Haut de la Garenne to meet abuse victims and bravely told how SHE was raped by the monster every week as a child, after he took her in following his departure from Jersey.

She said: “I needed to come here to say sorry for what he’s done. If children were killed here I’m convinced he played a big part in it.

“He was more than capable of murder.”

This week police began a forensic examination inside a nearby World War II German bunker which victims say was used as a base for abusing children.

Six witnesses say they were sexually assaulted by staff at the squat brick building which houses a network of underground rooms and passages.

As that work starts, police have closed the doors on their detailed forensic hunt inside the hell home.

Lack of records still hampers police. But we can reveal that one mainland authority, Birmingham City Council, has presented the Jersey force with a list of children who were sent to the home but went missing.

Although four have now been tracked down, after a mammoth search one still remains unaccounted for.

Earlier this year we also uncovered allegations that pictures of BABIES being raped were taken in the care home and circulated by an international child porn ring.


Experts suspect the home was responsible for many of the seedy network’s 9,000 sick pictures, discovered in an infamous haul in Holland in the Nineties.

It was dubbed the Zandvoort stash, after the town where it was found—but the source studio was never uncovered.

Police said their latest intensive probe at Haut de la Garenne has produced more than 40 suspects.

Three men have already been charged with sex abuse offences as part of the inquiry. But now, despite the wealth of shocking detail uncovered by officers, there are fears the full truth about the House of Hell could be covered up yet again after the investigation boss, Jersey’s tough No2 top cop Lenny Harper, retires next month.

Haut de la Garenne’s abused former residents have repeatedly claimed that what happened was deliberately hushed up to avoid tarnishing Jersey’s reputation as a family-friendly tourist haven and to give politicians in London no excuse to try to exercise more control over the island.

Although Jersey is part of the British Isles and under the Queen’s rule, it has a separate government system and makes its own laws.

Jersey’s 53-member parliament has no political parties and its politicians, judges, policemen and business leaders come from a small elite—often linked by friendship or family.

In a separate case recently investigators were frustrated by the island’s legal authorities who refused to charge a couple accused of beating their foster children with cricket bats. Despite being told by lawyers and an honorary police officer who reviewed the case that there was sufficient evidence to go ahead, the charges were blocked at the 11th hour.

A police source said: “The argument for not charging this couple was that their natural children have said they’re of good character.

“The detailed statements of all the people who claim they were physically assaulted seem to count for nothing.”

The Haut de la Garenne file, along with several others, is now complete but is “being held up” by lawyers.

Our inside source added: “There’s a strong suspicion that the files are being held on to until Lenny Harper goes and a new team is in place.

“No one will be surprised if the truth about what happened in the care home never surfaces and once more the evidence gets swept under the carpet.”


  1. Anonymous

    Lenny Harper there are many good people who want you to stay and allready don’t trust the new cop!!!

    Im from Northumberland and We dont trust Him here!!!

  2. donchais


    Saw this article yesterday, but found no other media sources carrying it. I was afraid to publish anything as I didn’t feel there was any corroboration.

    Do you know if the article is true? Are you aware of the “secret” report? Why nothing from the BBC or other outlets?

    If it is true, it’s highly disturbing and, if true, are they holding it back til Lenny Harper is gone?

  3. Anonymous

    Naturally I was most unhappy that Mr. Oliver gave no assurances that fines would be collected – and that felons would pay the penalties of their crimes, so I immediately elected to take an official appeal to the Northumbria Police Authority (NPA) at the Gateshead Civic Centre. After lodging my appeal I was called to see Gateshead Supt. David Warcup on 5th August 1994 – he became most hostile when I expressed my fears regarding uncollected fines, he uttered words to the effect that I was the only one showing concern on this matter.

    Six days after seeing Supt Warcup I received a letter from Force Headquarters saying I had to take a medical, as a one had been arranged for me, this had been arranged without my knowledge or consent…….at that time adrenaline was flowing freely and I could not have felt fitter. It was blatantly obvious their plan was to “pension-me-off” at all costs. I tried to find out who was responsible for arranging this medical but my efforts were in vain, but I feel confident of pointing the accusing finger at Supt. David Warcup.

  4. Stuart Syvret


    Yes – it’s true.

    Judging from what the article says – I guess it’s extremely well-sourced.

    What it describes certainly fits – sadly – with my knowledge of the whole episode.

    The reason no other media will have run it yet as that the information was clearly only supplied to the News of the World. Which is why they’ve made a major, exclusive story on it.

    Expect the other media to follow it up in the coming days.

    Is the Jersey oligarchy trying to hold back until after Lenny’s gone?



  5. Anonymous

    But Stuart, on BBC Radio news this morning they have said that Lenny Harper has dismissed this News of the World article as inacurrate. In you reproducing it and trying to sell it on don’t you think you should wait until the Police have commented first?

  6. Anonymous

    My sources have already confirmed this, and more many months ago. This is just the tip of the ice berg there is other stuff which will so shock ordinary people that a hammer house of horrors film production would be seen as a picnic in the park by comparison.

    There are evil deeds going on in Jersey and always have been. Unfortunately, ordinary people are totally unaware of this, and believe all those in authority to be honest upright citizens. Just because they appear to be doesn’t mean they are! There are some who are so corrupt and warped that normality registers NOT on their lives or actions. They would make The Beast Of Jersey look a good guy in comparison to themselves and their deeds.

    I do hope this new guy isn’t establishment controlled or else we can forget the truth ever being revealed in Jersey. If he is tied in to certain organisations we are sadly in for a major cover up. I too have heard suspect reports with reference to Lenny Harper’s replacement.

    This will be confirmed when nothing of substance on child abuse in Jersey is released during his time in office. Secretive societies keep secrets for a reason.

  7. Stuart Syvret

    Re Accuracy of Story & BBC Jersey

    Firstly – try to apply a little imagination – and think of the kinds of pressure on Lenny Harper.

    Secondly – BBC Jersey – in contrast to the BBC nationally – has already proven itself to be desperate to join in with the culture of concealment. Just by way of a few examples – deliberately giving the least possible trailing to Andrew Brown’s first BBC regional TV piece on child abuse in Jersey; refusing to host a debate between me & Frank Walker prior to the dismissal action against me – on the quite extraordinary grounds that “the BBC didn’t host political debates – because they might influence the decision makers”; refusing to run stories on examples of evidence I gave them last year on certain Jersey child abuse issues; and Roger Barra & Denzil Dudley pro-actively attempting to get BBC South-West to spike Andrew Brown’s piece.

    So – can BBC Jersey be regarded as a trustworthy news source?


    On the contrary – in some respects they’re worse than The Rag.

    At least with the Jersey Evening Post we know we are dealing with a newspaper with one, overarching objective – namely to propagandise for the island’s oligarchy. Something it even carried on cheerfully – and very profitably – doing for the Nazis during the occupation. So we can hardly be surprised at the conduct of The Rag – which must be the most corrupt journal in the British Isles.

    But BBC Jersey – a branch of that great institution the British Broadcasting Corporation?

    BBC Jersey are beneath contempt.

    And whilst I’m on the subject of the Jersey oligarchy’s media – I’ve decided there just isn’t any point in speaking with the collection of shysters anymore – so don’t be surprised if I disappear from the local media; I just have far more important things to do with my time than confer underserved credibility on the local hacks by speaking to them.


  8. Stuart Syvret

    Re: News of the World story & accuracy.

    Further to my comment above concerning purported remarks made to BBC Jersey by the Police, it is precisely as I suspected.

    I gain the impression from the vibe on the grapevine that the Jersey police response to the NotW story has been to say they know nothing about the story, have not yet studied it, and cannot, therefore, offer any firm opinion as to its accuracy.

    And even if they could – they wouldn’t comment on a media piece like this in any event.

    So – it’s QED as far as BBC Jersey are concerned.

    A statement from the police to the effect they know nothing about the particular story, and cannot, therefore confirm or deny its accuracy- in the hands of BBC Jersey becomes “police deny accuracy of News of the World report”.

    Remember this particular episode – next time anyone questions my condemnation and contempt for BBC Jersey.

    They – repeatedly – demonstrate the veracity of assessment.


  9. Anonymous

    As always Stuart I agree with most of what you say; I just don’t trust news of the world’s spin of any story.

  10. Anonymous

    I agree, somebody was saying on Planet Jersey, that if this is a true account of whats been going on then why has the story been wasted on a paper like the News of the World? A paper with a better reputation would have had more impact.

  11. Anonymous

    Jersey care home abuse police believe children’s bodies were burned

    By Aislinn Simpson
    Last Updated: 7:10PM BST 13/07/2008
    Children at a Jersey care home were sexually assaulted, murdered and their bodies burned, a report summarising evidence of the abuse is expected to say.

    Forensic scientists searching the cellars have uncovered 65 milk teeth and up to 100 pieces of bone that appear to have been burned
    Detectives searching Haut de la Garenne are said to now have “compelling evidence” that children’s remains were thrown into a furnace to ensure the abuse did not come to light.

    It is claimed that the charred remains of the victims were then swept into the soil floors of four cellars under the house, where they lay undiscovered for decades.

    Forensic scientists searching the cellars, where victims have told them they were taken to be abused, have already uncovered 65 milk teeth and up to 100 pieces of bone that they say appear to have been burned. The bones include a piece of child’s tibia and several fragments identified as the bones of a child aged under 11.

    Article continuesadvertisement

    An intact adenoid bone, from the ear of a child, has also been found, it has been reported.

    Police are also examining strands of nylon recovered from the cellars, which they believe came from the head of a broom only used in the 1960s and 70s.

    If confirmed, this would add weight to the theory that the burned human remains were concealed in the cellars at around the same time.

    In the same “torture chambers”, police also found a stone bath, blood specks, a pair of shackles and chilling graffiti reading “IV BEEN BAD 4 YEARS & YEARS”. Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper said the bones gave further weight to the theory that murder was committed at the home, and that since bones were found in ash near an old fireplace, the bodies were probably burned.

    “There is no doubt that a child or children lie buried in that cellar,” he added.

    This week, a police source went further, saying: “There’s no doubt in the minds of the detectives on this case that children were murdered in the home.

    “Officers believe they have compelling evidence that bodies were burnt in the home’s furnace then the remains swept into the soil floor in the cellars.”

    But the source added that it had been a struggle to identify which children had gone missing from the home as there were no records kept of who came and went. “Kids were shipped to the home from all over the UK and were never heard of again,” he said.

    “All the inquiry team have to go on is this grim collection of teeth and bone fragments and no names to match up to the remains.”

    It is understood that a file containing all of the evidence gathered so far by the investigation – one of the biggest in the UK’s history – has been compiled as retiring DCO Harper prepares to hand over the case to his successor, David Warcup, the current Deputy Chief Constable of Northumbria.

    A list of 40 suspects – including 18 priority suspects – believed to be involved in the abuse of up to 100 victims over 40 years on Jersey has been drawn up and three men including a former warden of the home have been charged with sex offences.

    Although the search of the massive site of Haut de la Garenne which began in February has now been all but completed, police are continuing to trawl a nearby Second World War bunker for evidence after six witnesses came forward to say they were abused there as well.

  12. Frank

    Even though their methods are unorthodox the News of the World are normally reliable in their stories . Those who are able to read between the lines will know where we are going with this and as one of your commentators said this is the tip of the iceberg . I just hope the truth will out as they say .

    God rest their souls .

  13. Anonymous


    the news just gets more and more interesting doesnt it?

    How long can those incompetent, deceitful bastards remain in their post?

    Come on the people of Jersey – flex ypur muscles and get them out….

  14. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart.

    It don’t matter what paper gets the news out as long as it is out. Lenny don’t retire mate, stay just to finish this case off or the leeches will move in and cover it all up.

    I for one will be mailing The News of The World to chuck my bit in.

    They kept this secret because of the holiday season the bastards. Did the News of the World print our stories of what happend to us on the mainland, did they shite. They never charged people here either for crimes they committed, bastard masons, wait till they see my paperwork, which they will not print.

    As i says in the press, they are all close friends and family members that run Jersey, get shut of the lot of them and close that load of trash the JEP, the peoples comic.

    shit am I angry today.

    Jim Browne (Survivor & Bloody Fighter)

  15. Tom

    Everyone accepts that concealment (of paedophilia, child abuse, et al.)is the default setting of all institutions,and commercially ‘sensitive’ organisations.

    Let’s just accept that the JEP and the Beeb in Jersey is populated by limpet members of the glee club that have a genetic inability to see anything is wrong. Of course this will suddenly change should there be a clear out in the States. When this happens they will tell you they were always agitators for change and they could see the failures and faults.

    Churches, schools, families,in all countries, deny and conceal. Mainland Britain’s denial is just as prevalent. Here is an example of denial and non reporting of the facts about a member of “the establishment” which now appears 5 months after the trial in a surprising magazine. [To all those who have experienced abuse – extreme emotional triggers in this article start in the first paragraph]

    Spectator Magazine

    Google “Roger Took” + paedophile + trial. Find anything? Very little is the answer. Not on any broadcast news channel, hardly in any paper. Why not? Because he is Roger Took – “one of us.”

    There is nothing so powerful as those who wish not to see as this article so clearly demonstrates. And there is nothing so powerful as an ‘establishment’ that chooses to bury the truth.

    Keep battling

    The light and air already delivered to Jersey by your combined actions and bravery is having an immense effect on the authorities, and those who fear a knock on their door.

  16. Dan

    BBC Jersey is more comparable to a village tea party, than a proper news room.

    Here’s hoping that they may eventually have the guts to ask people difficult questions on real issues, and start earning their salaries.

  17. Anonymous

    The Telegraph do not quote the NOTW as their source. My guess, and it’s only a guess, is this: The police suspect someone may attempt to bury their report. Therefore they decide to leak it to ensure that their efforts were not in vain. The argument that this may prejudice a trial does not really wash if there is no intention of bringing a trial. Keep up the good work Stuart.

  18. Anonymous


    Once again, you are correct in predicting what the free world press will do next. This latest story was just now picked up by mainstream publications from UK to Australia, so it is no longer confined to the “News of the World.”

    Perhaps this sounds overly optimistic, but I do believe that no matter what the BBC is afraid to cover, this story is far, far too big, and much too compelling globally to be stopped.

    Even Lenny’s unfortunate departure cannot really prevent all of the intrepid professional journalists out there from doing their jobs, given the outside interest this story has already generated.

    Fortunately, there are still some very determined investigative journalists who either still work for independent media or are freelancers hoping for a major award winning scoop or best selling book expose. They do not all hold a cowardly allegiance to the politically connected BBC or to any corporate media conglomerates.

    Soon, the island will probably be crowded with them, and there will surely be at least one abuse “denier,” type, who will write an alternate story to present the elite in a whitewashed light, at the expense of the abuse victims.

    Be on the lookout for him, as I believe he is already in close contact with the ruling authorities! He will be given complete access to inside information at the highest levels of government.

    While there may always be competing theories on the reasons Jersey’s abuse patterns and cover-ups became so entrenched, I am convinced the role of a truly independent and professional press should not be overlooked.

    When the full tragic history of this scandal is writen, the BBC will either show it is part of the cover-up or not. My guess would be that the BBC is too scared of being identified as overly connected to the ologarch, a la the JEP, to continue with the current “minimisation” of HDLG, and will be compelled to preserve it’s own image by covering at least those facts which are already out in the mainstream.

    Given the public’s expectation that the BBC should take a leading investigative role in a story like this, there is probably already a strong undercurrent of controversy and insider scrutiny in London.

    The press should not be seen as always heroic as it is seldom primarily motivated by altruism, but in this case, it may be the most essential factor in finally ending the current cover-up. I, for one, believe there will be important books writen about the abuse investigation and wide-spread cover-up which will be read around the world.

    Even if exposing the truth does not result in the perfect criminal prosecution of all the guilty, the press should assist you in bringing some measure of emotional justice to those victims who were silenced for so long.

  19. Anonymous

    Slowly the cracks appear in the veneer or respectability that has until most recent times protected the high and mighty of the land of Jersey.

    Now we all know what these I hesitate to call them people as that debases all people, these are the worst kind of parasite imaginable, and a kin to the horrors of the evil portrayed in films the wicker man.

    It is widely believed in the UK population that those at the very top in jersey were actually involved with the abuses and this is not going to simply go away although another D-notice looks very likely.

    Lenny Harper’s leaving is the true barometer and should a MASONIC cop take over things will change for the worse, should a cop who doesn’t ask to many questions and is prepared to turn a blind eyes in certain directions be overseeing this tragic case then I am afraid it will get just as lost as the Wales abuses and Dunblane when its finally turned into a conspiracy theory.

    This must not be Lenny! Your morality and understanding of this case should compel you to see it through to the end. You are already a hero to thousands of victims all over the globe, please listen to your people Lenny they! We look to you for deliverance of justice the world will remember you Lenny But what for?

  20. JTM

    Lenny Harper has done an excellent job. We must pray his good work is not buried when his replacment takes over.

  21. Anonymous

    Lenny Harper retiring from his post should not derail this investigation – but will it?

    If you believe that it will it follows that he is the only honourable police man – can this be so?

    One can only hope that his successor will come into the investigation completley impartial and continue the good work of his colleague.

    People must remember the victims of this horror.- the truth must come out for all to move on, the people of Jersey want no more cover ups….the reputation of the island is secondry to what has gone before ………..generally people believe there have been cover ups but the authorities must not be allowed to cover up anything else….those days should be OVER for good – but are they????

  22. Stuart Syvret

    Re: BBC Jersey and Misleading Reporting.

    It so happened that I was listening to BBC Jersey radio this morning, and heard the assertion, which they were repeating from yesterday, that the Police had denied the accuracy of the story in the News of the World.

    What the police actually said was ‘there is no secret report which has been suppressed’.

    Of course there will be a report – how could there not be after all these months and months of painstaking investigation. It will not be a ‘secret’ report in the sense that it will remain within the police files – it will, of course, be handed to Jersey’s Attorney General.

    And the handing over of the report to Bill Bailhache will show that the police, note, have not suppressed anything.

    But as we can be cast-iron certain that Bill Bailhache will suppress the report once it comes to him – and it will, from that point become deeply secret – the News of the World story was right on the money.

    The subtleties and nuances of the police statement seemed bleeding obvious to me – and I’m a carpenter. Yet it all went completely over the heads of BBC Jersey.

    If I was a supposed journalist working there – I’d be ashamed at such ineptitude.

    Now – do we expect The Rag to do any better?


  23. donchais

    And JEP’s head is where???

    JEP Opinion – July 11

    IT was during the cold, wet and blustery month of February that the Island – and the world – began to hear about allegations of abuse and perhaps even murder at Haut de la Garenne, the former children’s home.

    Then, as now, the criminal investigation and bringing offenders to book were the matters of principal concern, but it soon became apparent that Jersey’s good name was also going to be dragged through the mud and that politics as well as criminality were going to loom large on the Haut de la Garenne front.

    Now, more than four months on, we have seen potentially gruesome evidence of what might have occurred at the home – or during its earlier incarnation as an industrial school. We have also seen a small number of people arraigned for alleged offences that have come to light during the investigation, but almost as many questions remain unanswered as when the international press corps descended on St Martin expecting bodies to be unearthed at any moment.

    With necessary confidentiality surrounding much of the evidence that has so far been collected and collated, Islanders and everyone else longing for a conclusion to the Haut de la Garenne case will have to wait for police and judicial processes to run their course. In spite of this, it is undoubtedly true that the investigation has just entered a new phase. Haut de la Garenne itself is about to be handed back to its administrators and new inquiries are focusing on a second site at a German bunker identified by some witnesses.

    However, from the Jersey point of view, another change of great importance is also discernible. Bizarre national and international press hysteria sought, in the earlier stages of the investigation, to show, in the face of so much evidence to the contrary, that child abuse was a problem peculiar to the Island and somehow connected to a broth of vague charges of secrecy linked to everything from the Occupation to the finance industry. This, mercifully, has abated.

    It is also true that the political battle provoked by Haut de la Garenne and its possible relevance to wider child care concerns is receding into the background. To emphasise again that the police investigation and not politicians’ agendas or shortcomings of presentation on the part of senior figures in the executive must be paramount, this is just as it should be.

  24. Anonymous

    I’m a bit confused here because some people say that the paid police should be given the power to charge-but this was taken away from the UK police in 1986 when the CPS was formed and the old Prosecuting Solicitor’s department abolished. Isn’t the local system comparable-the CPS is led by the DPP but he’s subject to the UK’s Attorney General-a political appointee but often a peer, not an elected MP. Here the Jersey Attorney general, also unelected heads up an organisation which listens to the police recommendation (and their legals adviser’s view). Any thoughts?

  25. Anonymous


    Is there any information on whether Warcup is being drafted in as a stooge of “The Brothers”? Someone they can rely on to do a cover up for them.

    This happened in the Public Enquiry into the North Wales Care Homes child abuse cases. The Head of the Enquiry, Waterhouse, was appointed because he was known to be “safe”. He delvered and kept quiet the names of very prominent people who were involved in child abuse there.

    From where I am and with my knowledge of matters masonic, the people of Jersey need to ensure that they shout long and loud for someone to be appointed to investigate who is known to be free from corrupt influences.

    The events of the past are truly horrific and I am certain that the News of the World would not publish this story without evidence to back it up. The way I read it, the source is within the Police there. The honest officers must be frustrated as well as the rest of us.

    Whatever happens, the sick bastards responsible must not get away with it.

    Mason Buster.

  26. Anonymous

    Jersey Oligarchs es plerumque avarus ego famulus bestia per haud moral substructio vel conscientia. They mos screw vos ex sulum conceivable vicus neque nec solvo insquequo they adepto quis they volo ut is est via of bastard.

    We are watching!!!

  27. Anonymous

    BBC Jersey are an absolute joke (actually, I wish it were not that serious).

    How HQ in London can permit such appalling dross to be broadcast on a daily basis, is beyond me.

    Genuine news items, licence-payer input & constructive criticism are routinely ignored by the intellectually challenged sychophants who “work” there.

    As a direct result, despite their clear “responsibilities” – Jersey’s population & culture are far poorer as a result.

    Oh for a clean sweep…

  28. Anonymous

    Stuart I hope you don’t mind me using this comments section of your blog just to let your many readers know that Lenny Harper left a personal message on the blog that was set up in support of him. It would be nice if anyone like myself who had not yet posted anything (I was saving it till closer to his retirement) would now perhaps like to leave their messages for him, as he has been good enough to take time out and post a message to us, his endeared supporters. The address is


  29. Anonymous

    Re: JTM, the Police and the News of the World

    Well said, Stuart! I agree that the Police seem to be engaging in a game of semantics. They were quick enough to discredit the Daily Mail article ‘so inaccurate, and misleading’ and yet no unequivocal denial of any facts here.

  30. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart

    I never put this message on your blog.

    So maybe you should only post comments that refer to peoples sign offs from genuine registered ones from now on?



    (The real one)

  31. Stuart Syvret

    Re: Comment from “JTM”.

    Readers will note I’ve removed the comment string which referred to the comment purportedly placed by JTM.

    As you can see below, the real JTM claims this was a misappropriation of his avatar.

    There is a tremendous difficulty in dealing with such issues – because I allow anonymous posting.

    I am determined to continue to allow people such a facility – but that means inevitably these issue can arise. .

    If readers wish to re-submit any comments concerning the accuracy of the News of the World vs. BBC Jersey – please do so without reference to JTM, and I’ll post them.


  32. Anonymous

    It’s a great shame that many of the abuser’s are now dead! The one former senetor (now dead) was not the sole child abuser among the Islands political elite!

    There are other’s too! Maybe the Police should also be digging deeply into members of the Anglican church on the Island! And in particilar into the activities of one former `vice dean’!

  33. Anonymous


    For yor blogger that wanted to know about the Rags circulation = as at end of 2007 – average daily was about 21k………..however to ascertain more accurate figures to end of 2007 ….. GOOGLE………ABC NEWSPAPERS……..and then search Channel Islands………..

    ABC is the Audit Bureau of Circulation………………they have to provide daily figures to this body to back up claims to would be advertisers………….jt

  34. Jason the Maverick

    Thanks Stuart, for the record I will only ever post under my account name.

    On the subject of the News of the World article, we discussed this in a lot of detail on Sunday.

    The child porn connection is very upsetting though, and on,212.0.html people have put some further links with regard to this suggestion which do have credibility. We also concluded that teeth can survive fire and the nylon brush idea was plausible.

    With regard to the statement from the Police, we know they would never tell the public anything about secret reports. So that statement again can be discarded. We did originally regard the NOTW article as sensational journalism though, but this is only because of the title of the paper itself.

    But following a proper look into the allegations within it, it is not easy to totally discard anything, and the paralysis of the Police to charge people is true.

    So as far as I am concerned , personally the article cannot be dismissed but then again until we know more, (which I am sure we will in the months to come) it cannot be authenticated either. So if people choose to believe the article or dismiss it. Neither view is really at fault at the moment.

  35. Anonymous

    Valid comment, but why single out the Anglican Church? Other trusted institutions are just as worthy of examination & exposure.

    Anyone else remember feeling “something was wrong” on coming round from an anaesthetic at our General Hospital in the
    1970’s? So much for a “recovery” room.


  36. Anonymous

    Further back in the ships rudder we have the Daily Snail…

    Jersey home children were ‘killed and burned’

    By Nick Mcdermott
    Last updated at 8:26 AM on 14th July 2008

    Children at a Jersey children’s home were sexually assaulted before being murdered and burned to cover the tracks, a report is expected to say.

    Detectives searching the site at Haut de la Garenne where the alleged abuse took place are believed to have uncovered ‘compelling evidence’ that victims’ remains were thrown into a furnace in an attempt to remove any evidence of foul play.

    Sources close to the investigation claim the charred remains were then swept into the soil floors of the home’s cellars where they were left undiscovered for decades.

    All that remain are 65 milk teeth and up to 100 pieces of bone fragments that appear to have been charred.

    Around 100 people have claimed that they were abused at the Haut de la Garenne home

    Among the slivers of bone is a tibia from a child’s leg and what forensic officers believe is an intact adenoid from the ear of a victim.

    Forensic teams have also found strands of nylon, which they believe comes from the head of a type of broom popular in the 1960s and 70s, which would coincide with the period the abuse is believed to have occurred.

    Most of these finds have been made in a fireplace in one of the underground chambers at the home where victims claim they were physically, sexually and emotionally abused.

    In the same ‘torture chamber’, police have so far discovered a stone bath, shackles, specks of dried blood, and scrawled graffiti reading ‘IV BEEN BAD 4 YEARS & YEARS’.

    A source close to the investigation told a Sunday newspaper: ‘There is no doubt in the minds of the detectives on this case that children were murdered in the home.

    ‘Officers believe they have compelling evidence that bodies were burnt in the home’s furnace then the remains swept into the soil floor in the cellars’

    With no records of which children came and went to the home, the team is now struggling to identify which youngsters had gone missing, possibly murdered.

    ‘Kids were shipped to the home from all over the UK and were never heard of again,’ the source said. ‘All the inquiry team have to go on is this grim collection of teeth and bone fragments and no names to match up to the remains.’

    Around 100 people have claimed that they were abused at the Haut de la Garenne home. Some talked of underground punishment rooms where they were drugged, raped and beaten.

    Earlier this month, the focus of the inquiry shifted to a second, as yet undisclosed, location believed to be elsewhere on the Channel island.

    Haut de la Garenne became the focus of Britain’s biggest abuse investigation after fragments of what was thought to be a child’s skull were found in February.

    Police excavated four secret underground chambers at the institution and found shackles, a large bloodstained bath and children’s teeth.

    Police said there are more than 40 suspects, and three men have been charged with sex abuse offences as part of the inquiry.

  37. Anonymous

    Re the Anglican church!

    I am only mentioning the Anglican church, and in particular one `Vice Dean’ (who by the way was also a member of the States of Jersey elite), as I know for `fact’ that he raped and sexually assaulted Island children!

    Similarly, I am now of the belief that he was part of a much wider paedophile ring!

  38. Anonymous

    The chicken’s are a Clucking!!!

    You are in: Home > News
    Social work consultant Andrew Williamson: Jersey must restore morale

    Staff morale shattered after allegations about past and present practice
    Posted: 15 July 2008 | Subscribe Online

    writes Mithran Samuel

    Senior Jersey officials must rebuild the confidence of frontline practitioners after a torrid year for children’s services, the author of a key report has told Community Care.

    UK social work consultant Andrew Williamson said the combination of the police inquiry into historic child abuse and allegations of poor current practice had sapped staff morale.

    “People at the frontline need to be confident and supported and properly trained,” he added.

    Williamson’s inquiry was commissioned after allegations that children were at risk in the care system – a charge he concluded was unfounded.

    However, he did call for significant reforms including the appointment of a children’s minister and inspections every two years.

    Williamson was convinced the Jersey government was “fully committed” to increasing external scrutiny of services, which he said was particularly important for small island communities.

    He refused to recommend a particular inspectorate – such as Ofsted – to take on the role, saying any organisation would need to be well versed in Jersey law and regulations.

  39. Anonymous

    Simon Bellwood was treated unfairly according to the independent report

    Anybody got a copy?
    Mr Kennedy is one lucky man – keeps his job and grade regardless

    Simon has lost his career, reputation, income and pension

    Justice eh

    See below

    Greenfields: Independent Inquiry

    A worker who lost his job at the Greenfields remand centre wasn’t treated fairly.

    That was the finding of an independent inquiry published on Tuesday afternoon.
    Simon Bellwood lost his job amid claims of abusive practices towards children in custody and bullying by senior staff.

    The Greenfields Centre was recently praised in a wide-ranging review of child protection in Jersey. The centre’s used for remanding young offenders awaiting trial. And in his report, Andrew Williamson called for its powers to be extended to allow the courts to grant custodial sentences at the facility.

    Although the standard of the centre itself’s been praised, the care provided within it’s been called into question. A worker at the home who lost his job last summer brought his case to an industrial tribunal earlier this year, claiming unfair dismissal. After he raised concerns about the way children were being treated at Greenfields.

    Simon Bellwood initially claimed he was subjected to bullying and intimidation by Joe Kennedy, who was his manager at Greenfields. But after less than three days of evidence heard by the industrial tribunal, the case was settled behind closed doors.

    The terms of that settlement weren’t made public at the time. But for his part of the bargain, Mr Bellwood had to publicly state he accepted he hadn’t lost his job for so-called whistleblowing.

    The inquiry investigating the circumstances of Mr Bellwood’s dismissal was led by Professor Robert Upex, a law professor at Surrey University. And its findings are being digested by the States Employment Board. That inquiry concluded correct procedures weren’t followed in the events that led up to him being removed from his post.

    Senator Mike Vibert from the States Employment Board told Channel Online: “What the Professor Upex report shows us is that we need to be better versed in the Jersey employment law. We need to train our managers and our human resources staff much better so they understand all the ramifications of the law because we weren’t good enough, we didn’t follow the law exactly and that’s something we must do in future.”

    Senator Vibert says there are now plans for a review of how probationary periods are used. That investigations into bullying and harassment should be carried out by trained professionals. And that managers should receive appropriate training to allow them to properly investigate bullying and harassment.

  40. Anonymous

    Is Joe Kennedy a mason, or does he know one? Its amazing how certain people are immune from anything whilst others get stitched up. This bloke is one bad dude from what I hear. How the hell can he evade getting the sack for what he has done? Its obviously ok to shag a member of staff and then get your bed partner promotion ahead of better people. Why is this allowed? I have had similar experiences on the states department I worked on. It was so blatent yet no one batted an eye lid! This is becoming so routine that it is expected to occur. What a sad society we live in.

    The whole thing over here stinks, people are covering their backs, and their buddies backs with such regularity that it is a joke. Why are people in authority immune from their bad deeds? Why are the innocent always stitched up. If I was Simon Bellwood I’d go to all out to sue the states and everyone involved in this cover up. I wouldn’t rest until my name was cleared. What has come out about these people in authority is appalling, maybe they operate above the law and can do what they like regardless of consequencies? Do they know the top brass? It sure looks like it!

  41. Anonymous

    Re the the Masons!

    As a former merchant banker in the Island I can assure you that as well as jersey’s governing elite, the banking fraternity is also riddled with this cancer!

    Many good men and women have been used as fall guy’s by the masonic banking scum in order to cover thier trail!

    To my knowledge, most if not all of Jersey’s merchant bank senior managment were masonic. I was approached by them, but refused the invitation. Needless to say that I too fell from grace!

    Funny is’nt it how a current reporter for CTV who had previously been a dealer for a merchant bank and, who had to resign after he was found to have been involved in trying to de-fraud the bank, landed on his feet at CTV!

    Obviously a member of something or other. `What’ I hear you say! Or something very similar!


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