Babble On Ian

Confusion of Tongues?

Confusion of Truth.   

One of Jersey’s independent journalists, Rico Sorda, continues his work on exposing the corruption that runs through the heart of governance in Jersey. Perhaps it isn’t so surprising after all, now that we can read so much of the evidence for how “The Jersey Way” is, and always has been so foully toxic, that the only sources of evidenced facts available to islanders, are the blogs – with not one of Jersey’s mainstream media – not even the BBC – actually addressing the real issues.
Mr. Sorda’s latest article, to which I have contributed a commentary on the conduct of Ian Le Marquand, can be read here:
In that current posting, Rico Sorda takes a close and full look at the quite remarkable transcript of the suspension meeting conducted by Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand, concerning Police Chief Graham Power and Dr. T. Brain – and the so-called “Operation Blast” files. Whilst so many of the assertions of Le Marquand were manifestly absurd at the time, they appear ever more fantastical and jaw-droppingly dishonest with each passing week, and as more evidence emerges.
Ian Le Marquand – like so many other a-moral, shallow, ruthlessly self-serving, dishonest and decadent prominent figures in Jersey society – imagines himself to be a good Christian. He is a regular at St. Paul’s Church in New Street – where the congregation are given to “speaking in tongues” – or babbling – in accordance with some Christian tradition.
Perhaps Ian le Marquand needs to set aside that practice, and just concentrate on English for a while? It doesn’t seem terribly likely that he is going to enjoy any great success in spreading the Word of God to other peoples via glossolalia  whilst he persists in spreading confusion and lies in his native language.
There can be no hope in mending the confusion of tongues – unless a start is made by speaking the truth. And there doesn’t appear to be much hope of that in the case of Ian Le Marquand, who may as well have been babbling during the suspension-hearings, so devoid of meaning – and estranged from the truth – were his words.

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