Read the Views of Lenny Harper

As Published in the Guernsey Press.

“I DO not wish to get involved in any political arguments about the relative merits of the islands’ legal systems, nor do I wish to get involved in a slanging match with the chief minister, but there are a number of points in his letter which need challenging”, writes Lenny Harper.

“Firstly, I would challenge his view on the priorities of all those involved.

Although the two Home Affairs ministers in Jersey were unstinting in their support for the enquiry, the minister and his assistant who had responsibility for child welfare spent all of their time sniping at the enquiry from the sidelines and engaging in petty insults to officers involved by sending childish emails to States colleagues.

According to the journalist, David Rose, one of them leaked an official States email to him and one of them or the small band of politicians sympathetic to them, called the victims ‘people with criminal records and disturbed minds’.

Someone in the States leaked to the media that the enquiry had cost £6m. when in fact it was half that and the other half consisted of other departments claiming costs, including somewhere in the region of over £1m. for legal fees.

This is also in an environment where, in the presence of the Home Affairs minister, a senior politician tried to instruct me to remove the word, ‘victims’, from a press release as ‘nothing has been proved yet’.

The Home Affairs minister, as she has been throughout, was supportive of our stance and I refused.

Let me make it clear that only the two Home Affairs ministers have continually supported the investigation in public and in private.

The chief minister made whatever resources were needed available and stated so publicly early on. A number of politicians approached me privately and expressed support and thanks but for whatever reason did not feel they could do so publicly.

A small number could not disguise their hatred of what was being uncovered and did all they could to discredit us, even joining forces with a number of corrupt ex-cops and their associates.

The chief minister is also wide of the target when he states that it is not unusual for lawyers to join police investigation teams in the UK and Jersey.

Lawyers and police work together as investigators in serious fraud cases in both jurisdictions, such as the Serious Fraud Office. Police investigators work closely with CPS lawyers in the UK, but the lawyers are not investigators and only have a role in police stations in charge rooms.

However, that is not what was being asked by the Attorney General in Jersey. What he wanted was a blurring of the role between investigator and prosecutor. He wanted a lawyer sitting in the incident room where raw data in the form of intelligence and information was coming in.

This was nowhere near the stage where a file was being drawn up for submission for possible prosecution. This was a live police investigation where sensitive intelligence was being provided by victims highly suspicious of the legal establishment in Jersey.

Some of the intelligence provided contained allegations against members of the legal establishment. To have allowed one of the AG’s lawyers in the incident room would have totally destroyed the hard-earned confidence that the police had gained from the victims. If you are in any doubt about this ask some of the victims or their representatives.

Furthermore, as much of the material did not relate to pending prosecutions, it is debatable whether or not the AG and his staff had a right to even see it. That is why I took the stand I did.

I emphasise that I am not accusing the AG of any dubious motive. I have no evidence as to what his motivation was, nor why he thought it was proper to seek the arrangement he did. Only he knows that.

I did not leak my report to The Times newspaper and I do not know who did. I did not even speak to the paper. However, the article was accurate in everything it said about the report which I had written.

If the chief minister thinks that state of affairs shows a relationship based on trust and mutual aims to help victims, then he is looking at it from a different perspective from me and, I suspect, many others.

I note that the States of Jersey has said that the leaked memo was genuine. I can confirm that from what I saw. Someone, a politician I believe, said that the source of the leak was being investigated.

I hope that more effort is expended on investigating this leak than was when the States Police complained to the chief minister’s office of the leaking of an official email by Senator Perchard (the minister responsible for child protection) to Mr Rose, the anti-historical abuse investigation journalist.

Mr Rose admitted that Senator Perchard had leaked the email to him and we complained, but the allegation seems to have been buried without trace in the chief minister’s office.”

Lenny Harper
Former Chief Investigating Officer
Jersey Historical Child Abuse Enquiry.


  1. Anonymous

    That’s right, because the politicians don’t care. How else could there not be an uproar about this dreadful transparent injustice?

    It puts me in mind of a poem I knew as a little child:

    Don’t-Care didn’t care,
    Don’t-Care was wild.
    Don’t-Care stole plum and pear
    Like any beggar’s child.

    Don’t-Care was made to care,
    Don’t-Care was hung.
    Don’t-Care was put in the pot
    And boiled till he was done.


  2. Chris Close

    This smearing is quite common.

    First comes absolute denial and then use of as much resource as possible to dirty the name of the people making allegations(many of whom will have suffered issues relating to harm/self harm/substance misuse precisely because of the abuse).

    Then when people persevere, the messengers then come into the firing line because they cannot initially be smeared.

    This happened to me during the Shieldfield child abuse case where it was alleged Senior Newcastle officers were involved as well as Lawyers including a prominent QC who also had links to a similar set of allegations recently in Rookhope in County Durham and some of whom had links to North Wales……..

  3. Anonymous


    Chris Bright, Rob Shipley hang your heads in shame. It takes the Guernsey press to publish what the people of Jersey should hear and know.

    A challenge – we know you read this bog, I have it on good authority – will you publish both letters AND the GEP opinion? I think not!

    All you do is confirm the belief that you are in the pocket of the establishment and have no journalistic integrity at all.

  4. Frank

    This behaviour is not normal . As far as I can tell , there are two reasons for the behaviour of individual members of the oligarchy :

    1: They do have something to hide

    2: They are psychopaths i.e. they do not possess normal human emotions .In which case it is time to call for the ambulances and the strait jackets .

    Does anybody else have any good reasons . It would be good to hear from any psychiatrists who read this blog .

  5. Anonymous

    At the risk of being accused of nerdism by you nerdists out there, I’ve collated the relevant links for this incredible exchange of opinions, with a few Easter Eggs to brighten up your day.

    The original editorial from the GP.

    Frank Walker’s response to the editorial.

    Lenny Harper’s rebuttal of Frank Walker’s response.

    The GP’s editor’s response to Frank Walker’s criticism.

    PS If the mere ability to wrap some text in an A tag makes me a nerd, does that mean that being able to leak an email makes me a politician? You’re eroding my differentials, comrades…

  6. TonyTheProf

    I notice that all the decent news about Haut de La Garenne seems to be coming via Guernsey!It is significant that Lenny Harper chose to write a letter to their paper rather than the JEP, especially as they seem to have sorted out their own recent historic child abuse case without any of the squabbling that bedevilled Lenny in Jersey.

  7. voiceforchildren

    The Lenny Harper replacement has held his first press conference.

    As far as I see it, the victims of abuse trust Lenny Harper but do not trust our “ruling elite”.

    The replacement wants more victims to come forward, so how does he go about it? Disagree with Lenny Harper and agree with our “ruling elite”

    I am so very, very sorry to say, I think the writing is on the wall. This new chap appears to be a “team player”.

    I would also like to echo the anonymoous comment. Rob Shipley and Chris Bright hang your heads in shame.

  8. Anonymous

    Don’t be so defeatist!

    We all knew there would be another attempted cover up, and that these people gang up to try to get away with what they have done. We knew they would do that, it hasn’t come as a surprise because that is what they always do. We can’t give in now! I won’t, even if I’m the only person still shouting. I won’t be though!

    What I would like the answer to right now is why the BBC are not exactly busting a gut to publicise what is going on here. I would have thought thay would all be fighting each other to get Lenny Harper onto Panorama or Newsnight, so that the British public could hear how he was prevented from doing his job as an investigating policeman by agencies which should have been helping him. Also, I would very much ike to know who Alfred Legrand is, and why it is impossible to get any information on this BBC employee.


  9. Anonymous

    I take my hat off to the Guernsey Evening Press! Frank Walker is simply an ‘arse’. And that’s cracked.

    Changing the subject; The States of Jersey have recently approved the purchase of three green field sites, to be used for housing. We all know that agricultural land is of little value compared to building approved land. Can anyone say who owned these three green field sites before the States approved purchase? The rumours circulating, if true, leave me speechless.

    Keep up the good work Stuart – you are a good man indeed.

  10. jim browne

    Lenny my man, do you not think it is time you went to the News of The World with this story, get it out to the public Lenny. I would also think of writing a book too mate.

    Jersey is now beyond a joke, the government should not bow their heads in shame, they should take a 12 bore and blow off your bloody heads. I just can’t get this out of my head just how bad this government is, is Jersey a real place or something from a kids book, its just not real.

    So they now say that all alleged victims are Villains and soft in the head, well I’m a victim from Liverpool and I was a villain and soft in the head, and it was fuckin idiots like the Jersey Government who made me like that with my abuse, I was called a liar for years but I fought them all back and i am winning. Don’t seek revenge with violence because it is them who are sick in the head, laugh at them each time you see them and tell them that their day is comming, THEY JUMP AT EACH KNOCK ON THE DOOR.

    We are the strong while they are the weak, we are strong because we are still here to fight for justice and we will never give up.

    Stuart, is it possible to have a poll to see how many survivors use this blog please.

    Jim Browne (Survivor)

  11. Anonymous

    Never mind the BBC, CH4 would be a far better choice of broadcaster. But I doubt LH would do it.

  12. Anonymous

    “So focus on helping the survivors – they have been damaged for life”

    I am a survivor so I want to be listened to, not ignored.

    And what I want is for these bas*ards to be exposed. I want the abusers to be punished and I want those who defended them in positions of authority to be kicked out of their cushy, well paid, prestigious jobs.

    I don’t want Valium, or psychotherapy ect ect or the money for such “treatment”. I just want justice.

    And I’d also like an apology. A very deep, grovelling one. It doesn’t cost anything to say sorry.

    I would like the Government to explain why they allowed these Institutional abuses to take place, and why they are STILL covering things up. I would like to talk to Jack Straw face to face, I would like to read out loud to him the letters I wrote to him and his replies and I would say to him, “What do you mean by this Mr Straw? Why have you allowed a pedophile to contribute towards a 2005 Government consultation paper on children’s law, Mr Straw? Please explain that to me, Mr Straw!”

    That is what this survivor wants. And I won’t stop nagging until I get it either.


  13. Anonymous

    Unlike you, Jim, I didn’t get a police record (there but for the grace of God!) so they couldn’t call me a villian. They just called me a nutjob instead. They hate us survivors so much.


  14. Elaine

    Nerdism is fine by me. Thank you for the very intersting links. I have to say a big bravo! to the Guernsey Press for their fine reporting. They put the local rag to shame. As for Frank the *ank, shame on you. God sees all.

  15. Anonymous


    Noticed the rag’s electronic version for today did not carry the spun Guernsey Press story – so no opportunity to “have your say”.

    More protection of Walker and co. Think the sub headline in the paper version (which I read at work as I refuse to buy the garbage) was something like “Chief Minister demands apology from Guernsey Evening Press” typical establishment spin.

    Bright and Shipley as always a disgrace to journalism.

  16. Anonymous

    I know a little of what the JEP is like on the inside, and rest assured the ‘journos’ there are misguided ( I am being polite ) they know the ‘Jersey Way’ – they cannot be independant the culture/ set up is always to present issues in the Jersey way, they have to be fence sitters because of the nature/culture that actually is Jersey, to defer to those in power, to be aware of who owns what, who is related to whom, who can be demonised and who can be canonised – it is wrong but that is the way they do business, it is ingrained……..

    Consider that on an island 9×5, why is it we have had so few skeletons in our cupboards,until now, so few exposes of wrong doings by politicians and white collars……it has been this way for so long people actually beleive this veneer of respectability that is Jersey, this is hyper reality.

    Take heart, we live in a technological age and these people will be exposed, it is just going to take time…and look how far we have come, this train is not going to stop until we get to the end of the line…………it is a long journey – the truth will out, it can’t be stopped.

    It would just take one person on the inside to sell their story, on e person on the inside who is prepared to stand up and be counted.

    The Guernsey Press is run in a much more open way than the JEP, it is more tabloid in its approach, less deferential……..the JEP is culpabable in all of this, for heavens sake it was run by our chief minister until very recently……

    Spartacus please stand up and be counted………….

    Is there a Whistleblower out there who is prepared to divulge what is going on behind the scenes, someone on the inside who has a conscience.

    Dp we really suppose that our poiticians, all 53 of them are honourable men and women, eager for truth and justice to come out for justice to be done and seen to be done? Have we not heard on the grapevine of the backhanders to developers, the dodgy legislation passed swiftly, etc…….

    Do we really believe that the AG is merely asserting his authority for the greater good by appointing a UK legal representative to, amongst other duties, sit in on an interviews with a survivor. I don’t think so!…so why? What is the real motive?

    How was this person appointed, who does he know, what has he worked on previously…………..

    When are they going to realise that their game is nearly up?????

    I worry about SS because they are powerful and they are out to get him. I am plesed that the worlds press is out there because boy do we need them…………….

  17. Anonymous

    ” Frank said…
    This behaviour is not normal . As far as I can tell , there are two reasons for the behaviour of individual members of the oligarchy :
    1: They do have something to hide
    2: They are psychopaths i.e. they do not possess normal human emotions .In which case it is time to call for the ambulances and the strait jackets .
    Does anybody else have any good reasons .”

    Maybe the majority dont have anything to hide but suspect that there may be the odd rotten apple amongst them who does. they know that child abuse scandals have an element of the witch hunt about them and people start to beleive that the perpetrators are far more widespread then they actually are or were. they think that if anything gets out that the Island will be smeared excessively so they think if they cover up things a bit it will be all for the best for the Islands reputation. I think it is potential embarassment that motivates all this apalling media rubbish

  18. Anonymous

    Did you know senator syvret, that now you are being called mentally unstable apparently this source of information, which is from an x jurat and her husband who is an x consultant from the hospital.You really do have the hi echelons very nervous.

  19. Anonymous

    Nerds are cool!!!

    The problem the Olly’s have is that there are to many of them in the crap and even the people they would use as scapegoats know too much to use as scapegoats.

    Like the people that the AG arranged to be let off the hook.

    like the poxy 2 years the paedo cop got you know the one the same AG took on to the force even though he was fully aware that he was a convicted paedo.

    Time has made them loose site of those who are moles, familiars, and scapegoats because familiarity breeds contempt.

    Ha Ha Ha there is no way out!!! Don’t collect £200 pass go and go straight to jail…

  20. Anonymous


    An example from the Daily Mail of the seductive appeal of the establishment and how their crimes against children are marginalised and accepted.

    Roger Took Art Historian and ‘old boy’ type only uncovered because his brave wife was prepared to go public and shame him.

    If only those in Jersey responsible for child protection had her courage and integrity!


  21. Stuart Syvret

    Ex Jurat – and Her ex-Consultant Husband – Trying to Smear Me.

    Ooh – goody; a bit of fear! We’re obvioulsy having an effect.

    Go on – share their names with your fellow readers? You’re anonymous.


  22. Bean There

    Dear Frank Walker,

    I am one of the people of Jersey to which you referred in your letter to the Guernsey Press.

    I did not vote for you to be a Senator (not many did) and I certainly feel sick to my stomach that your arse-licking friends voted you into the top job.

    However, I can confirm that I do not want an apology from the Guernsey Press for what they wrote and think your demand for one would be comical if it were not meant to be serious. Please do not demand one on my behalf – you do not represent me.

    I would though very much appreciate hearing an apology from you, as the man who somehow got the big chair, to the people of Jersey.

    Firstly, please apologise on behalf of your colleagues, past and present, for the years of ineptitude and fiasco.

    Secondly, please apologise for being a complete embarrassment to the people of Jersey.

    Thank you

    Bean There

  23. Anonymous

    “Did you know senator syvret, that now you are being called mentally unstable apparently this source of information, which is from an x jurat and her husband who is an x consultant from the hospital.You really do have the hi echelons very nervous.”

    Anonymous, please could you let us all know who has made these allegations against Stuart, and why? Thanks.


  24. The Moving Finger

    Stuart, I know you like quoting Bob Dylan, but how about a bit of Lennon.
    This song has always remined me of both you and Jersey!

    Working Class Hero
    By John Lennon

    As soon as youre born they make you feel small
    By giving you no time instead of it all
    Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all
    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be
    They hurt you at home and they hit you at school
    They hate you if youre clever and they despise a fool
    Till youre so f****** crazy you cant follow their rules
    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be

    When they’ve tortured and scared you for twenty odd years
    Then they expect you to pick a career
    When you cant really function youre so full of fear
    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be

    Keep you doped with religion and sex and tv
    And you think youre so clever and classless and free
    But youre still f****** peasants as far as I can see
    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be

    Theres room at the top they are telling you still
    But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
    If you want to be like the folks on the hill
    A working class hero is something to be
    A working class hero is something to be

    If you want to be a hero well just follow me
    If you want to be a hero well just follow me

  25. Anonymous

    “Ex Jurat – and Her ex-Consultant Husband – Trying to Smear Me. “

    What with Stuart?

    I believe that there are certain private clubs where you have to pay for such a service. Enjoy the freebie while you can…

  26. Stuart Syvret

    Being “Smeared”.

    Nah – call me an old bore, but not my cup of tea, that kind of thing.

    I think you’ll have to look to our “upper-crust” social superiors for the – err – interesting sexual predilections.

    It’s all those nannies and Public School raggings, what does it – apparently.


  27. Stuart Syvret

    A Working Class Hero

    Nope – sorry; I don’t believe in personality politics. The concept of “heroes” is all very suspect. In fact, I think that Lennon may have been obliquely saying this in the song.

    But – John Lennon? Hmm…?

    You know – I’ve always been somewhat suspicious of the hype around him.

    That entire hippy, idealistic, for-the-masses pose?

    Wasn’t it just all spin?

    If not – why were he and Yoko so sickeningly materialistic?

    Why did she collect hundreds of fur coats?

    Wasn’t he racist and homophobic? Didn’t he call Brian Epstein a “fat Jew queer”?

    You see – never trust heroes. They’re always fallible; always human.

    But if it’s song-lyrics readers are interested in – feel free to submit those of your favourite artists. Within the bounds of reason I’ll print them if they’re germane.

    Yes, I’ve quoted Bob quite often – but my all-time favourite singer-song-writer is Tom Waits.

    Anyone else out there like Tom? Or any other the Great Miserable Bastards of Popular Music (an interest of mine)?


  28. Stuart Syvret

    Jersey Charter

    Have patience. Turning Jersey into a functioning democracy – after 800 years of being a kleptocracy – is no overnight project.

    I doubt Jersey Charter will launch this side of these elections. And – to be perfectly frank – I want Terry Le S, Pip Ozouf (in the unlikely event of him getting re-elected), Alan McL, John Le F – generally the rest of that Establishment Party gang – to have a clear run to helm of the ship of state – where they’ll be “in control” for the next few years.

    That way – as the apocalypse unfolds – as the hallucinated economy they are wedded to – as all the looming disasters of which they, and their like-minded predecessors, have been the authors – unfolds, I want there to be no doubt about just who was responsible for the mess.

    By then, perhaps, we’ll have a sensible, open, organization of people to finally sweep away the madness and greed – and try and pick up the pieces.


  29. Stuart Syvret

    Received a comment which I’m not allowing through. Now, Now – no wild allegations please.

    Provide me with some credible, evidential basis, and then I’ll take a good look at it.


  30. Anonymous

    I’ve been feeling very sad today (reading my newly acquired Social Services notes through has upset me a great deal) but you asked us what our favourite songs and singers are, well I like Justin Hayward from the Moody Blues (and we are going to see them soon, hooray!) and I like this song very much:








    Thank you for reminding me of niceness again.


  31. Anonymous


    Sorry to go off theme but im trying to bottom something thats been bugging me for weeks-id appreciate help or comments from any legal-eagles that read your blog.

    Being a simple lad I require a yes or no answer to my question….”If the AG did not declare himself conflicted in regard to the Danny Wherry case did the AG break the law?”.

    Mmmm..pass the 9 iron!

  32. Anonymous

    HdeLG -on Radio 4 Womans Hour this morning.

    There is a ‘listen again’ link if you go to the home page.


  33. Anonymous


    Could the Ex-Jurat be Dr Barbara Myles OBE I think her Husband did work at the A & E Dept at the General Hospital but it was some years ago?

  34. Anonymous

    So the best thing we can do is vote the establishment back in, for them to be at the helm of the sinking ship?

    No thanks, I’d rather have a change of captain – one who can swing us around the rocks and onto a safe course.

  35. Anonymous

    Have just listened to today’s Woman’s Hour. Congratulations to the two survivors who spoke so clearly and bravely (although I know they were nervous)about HDLG and their current situation.

    And as for you being “mentally unstable” Stuart, it is easy for people who want to avaid the truth to try to rubbish you. It is a wonder to me that anyone who has come out of the Jersey care system has any mental stability at all! All power to the Care Leavers Association.

  36. Anonymous

    “Jurat Barbara Myles, OBE” is she still a mole at the inquests and coroners office???

  37. voiceforchildren

    Re; change of captain. I agree, as the captain we have at the moment seems to spend too much time on the hand pump!!

    Never mind emptying the bloody bilges, get your crew in order!! You and your crew are about as much use as lighthouse in the desert!!

  38. Anonymous

    “Inquests and Coroners”

    If one had a need to hide some facts about a body or bodys and other medical records the office of Inquests and Coroners would be a great place to have a golf buddy or two!!!

  39. Anonymous

    Woman’s Hour – did not mean to imply you were in care Stuart. It amazes me that you have so much empathy for those of us who were though! Wanted to emphasise how rational survivors are despite all they have been through. This is not the way some people have tried to portray them!

  40. Anonymous

    off the thread a bit here but you once said that the health
    agreement with uk was going to go. What happens then. Where will jersey people to and what will be the extra cost. Why have we not heard Anthony more about it in press. Surely if that was true we would have been told or am I being too kind.

  41. Anonymous

    in the states debate today ken le Bruno talked about an insensitive email sent today from ben Shelton. Did you see this or do you know the content

  42. Anonymous


    From today’s rag (again no have your say option!)

    Childcare Report: Island is only half way there

    ALMOST half of the recommendations made six years ago by a British childcare expert about Jersey’s children’s services have yet to be adopted.

    In 2002 Dr Kathie Bull produced a major report criticising Jersey’s provision for children with behavioural difficulties and made 50 recommendations which the Island was asked to deal with. But six years on, 23 of the 50 suggestions have not yet been implemented.

    Senator Jim Perchard, assistant Minister for Health (pictured), who has responsibility for the children’s services, said that 16 recommendations had been completed by the Children’s Executive and 19 were still work in progress. A new report shows that a further 11 have been implemented by other agencies.

    ‘Obviously some recommendations are not a simple case of making a change overnight but take longer to implement. Only four recommendations have been unable to be actioned,’ said Senator Perchard. ‘Considerable process has been made against the Kathie Bull recommendations but there is still work to be done in this area. Alan William-son has proposed further changes to the Children’s Executive which are being considered.’

    Well haven’t we done well? Bearing in mind that this report will have been spun within an inch of its life the truth is probably more like Island is only 0.005% there.

    Why haven’t they asked Kathy Bull back to provide an independent review of the implementation of her recommendations?

    Silly me – she probably wouldn’t pass the Williamson test of “tell it how we want it”

    Even with the Williamson recommendations, it’s somewhat worrying to read that Perky Perchard (safe for another three years) states that following the Williamson report ” further changes to the Children’s Excutive are (only)being considered” (my brackets). Does that mean that a Minister for Children will also only ” be considered”. A bit more of cherry picking of an already rubbish report I suspect.

    Or am I being cynical?

  43. Anonymous

    Couldn’t possibly name the people that are trying to smear your reputation but I think a couple of your readers have already named them. As for the lady in question , yes I believe she is the mole in the inquests and coroners office.

  44. Res Nullius

    I see from the rag that Deputy Sarah Ferguson is standing for Senator in the next elections.

    Because of this (and the fact that she seems to do bugger all else in the States apart from take the money and vote on propositions) I have refered to my trusted speadsheet to see her pattern of voting.

    BEWARE. Ferguson ALWAYS votes with the Olly’s on the issues which matter to the public.


    A quick breakdown for the readers of how she voted on just some issues.

    GST – FOR

    To zero rate GST on food (original proposition as opposed to the pre-election proposition – AGAINST

    To zero rate GST on books and magazines – AGAINST

    To zero rate GST on childrens clothes – AGAINST

    To delay GST – AGAINST

    To dismiss Stuart Syvret as minister for H&SS – FOR

    Vote of no confidence in the Council of Ministers – AGAINST

  45. Anonymous

    “Couldn’t possibly name the people that are trying to smear your reputation but I think a couple of your readers have already named them. As for the lady in question, yes I believe she is the mole in the inquests and coroners office.”

    But you could whisper it directly into Stuart’s ear privately, couldn’t you? There’s no law against doing that, is there?

    Sorry to nag, but Stuart is working his socks off for us survivors, and he isn’t even one of us institutionally abused children, so we ought to all help him in every way that we possibly can, he’s put his neck on the line for all of us. Sorry if I come across as pushy, but you have to be pushy in order to survive, or you just get treated like a doormat.


  46. Anonymous

    It’s in the air! It has a tangibility of its own.

    It’s bigger and wider than most could imagine, however the fullness of time will reveal it all and many, many oligarchs will fall.

    An all new leadership made up from the good people of justice all those white collar workers who couldn’t say anything because they were to far down the chain to be told what’s going on but still were good at their jobs.

    All those people who no only to well what abuse is and have the perfect credentials and experience to setup an agency of their own on the island that deals specifically with any cases of abuse with its own whistleblowers team. Not a bunch of witch hunters either.

    And once again I personally can not see this happening unless Stuart is at the helm, and I know you may not wish to be in politics anymore and are most likely disillusioned by the whole political landscape, however when “They” have gone! Which one day will happen, the politics can then start afresh with a true idealist (Something that has died in our world today.)

    I do hope and pray that you decide to stay in politics and be the leader of your own first real democratic party on Jersey what a coop de ta and a final QED

  47. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…

    Being a simple lad I require a yes or no answer to my question….”If the AG did not declare himself conflicted in regard to the “former policeman” case did the AG break the law?”.

    Mmmm..pass the 9 iron!

    The simple answer has to be no. As you are obviously referring to the fact that these two people are members of the same golf club, it may be pertinent to point out that the club has around 1,000 members. The AG has not been playing much recently (somewhat busy one would imagine), but even when he did, it certainly wasn’t with the “former policeman”.


    Anonymous said…
    “Inquests and Coroners”

    If one had a need to hide some facts about a body or bodys and other medical records the office of Inquests and Coroners would be a great place to have a golf buddy or two!!!

    Thursday, 11 September, 2008

    It’s interesting that since Stuart pointed out that there were virtually no States members in the Masons, the conspiracy theorists have turned to golf clubs.

  48. Anonymous

    Ogley has reasently had his 5 year contract renewed, but will Pollard
    be as lucky next year, with the likes of Stuart’s sacking,ignoring the Sharp report, keeping quite on HDLG, and a new breed of politicians!

  49. Anonymous

    “The AG has not been playing much recently (somewhat busy one would imagine), but even when he did, it certainly wasn’t with the “former policeman”.”

    How on earth do you know that?

    Are you his caddy or do you just clean his balls?

  50. Stuart Syvret

    Attorney General William Bailhache, Golf & Freemasons

    A few brief responses.

    I didn’t say that they were “virtually no Freemasons in the States” – just that there are fewer than people imagine.

    Moving onto the Attorney General – surprisingly for a lawyer – he appears to be in state of total ignorance of the well-established jurisprudence which has it that “justice must not only be done – it must be seen to be done”.

    That there can not be even the merest suspicion of a conflict of interests.

    Whether he has ever plaid golf with Danny Wherry is not really the point – the fact is they are both members of the same golf club – and thus the potential for suspicion of a conflict of interests exists.

    But Bill is beset with such conflicts. For example – he imagines himself – and this really is utterly extraordinary – to not be conflicted when considering the McGuire case – even though he was the senior partner of the law firm which was supposed to be representing the victims at the time of the 1998 judicial cover-up.

    The survivors should have been effectively and competently represented.

    They weren’t.

    Big Bill was the senior partner.

    His firm failed these kids catastrophically.

    Therefore huge reputational stake in the McGuire case for William Bailhache.

    Ipso fact – not merely a ‘suspicion’ of a conflict of interest – but a clear and demonstrable conflict of interest.

    Yet he persists.

    It must be coming up for 6 months now he has had the Police files seeking the extradition of the McGuires sat – unactioned – on his desk.

    As I wrote some months ago – we are clearly moving into some kind of ‘end-game’.

    The Jersey oligarchy just cannot maintain these absurdities in the 21st century.

    But rather than face that fact – they’ve determined to go down with the ship.


  51. Res Nullius

    To lodge all power in one party and keep it there is to insure bad government and the sure and gradual deterioration of the public morals. – Mark Twain 1835 – 1910

    Oh, how little we have learned.

  52. Res Nullius

    …no country can be well governed unless its citizens as a body keep religiously before their minds that they are the guardians of the law and that the law officers are only the machinery for its execution, nothing more. – Mark Twain

    Don’t you just love this bloke!

  53. Olly Folly spotter

    Amusing foul-up on Channel Report the other night, a VT report seized up and we were left with a frozen frame of dear Frank on screen for a second or two.
    Cuts back to the sweethearts on the couch (including dear Christine who sat with Frank and some CTV representatives at the Uphoff funeral, and had her pic in the glossy JEP freebie mag the other day stood next to a certain Mr Ozouf – she’s an Olly Dolly it seems) and they apologised “for that problem”.

    A still shot of Frank, followed by “sorry about that problem”

    Made us laugh.

  54. Anonymous

    Thank you for getting the names of those that voted pour and contre read out today, I appreciated that and also you getting one over on the Bayleaf!

    If you have time could you sum up the debate on this site or Vue Des Isles?

    I would also like to see a link to Hansard on your site as I cant get toteh text all I sem to find is a list of how the assembly voted – How do I get the actual verbatum text!


  55. Res Nullius

    It would seem that a few new words and phrases are taking form on your blog Stuart and are certainly amusing me.

    Olly – a member of the oligarchs

    Olly Dolly – a non ministerial Olly cheerleader

    Olly Folly – yet another embarrasing cock up by an Olly or a collection of Olly’s

    I suppose and Olly Dolly Folly is self explanatory

    Any more would be appreciated. Little things amuse little minds my mum used to say!

    (she also said that I would laugh to see a pudding crawl. I still don’t get that one)

  56. Stuart Syvret

    Channel Television and the Oly-Dollies

    Yes – I too spotted that photograph of Mr & Mrs Ozouf in The Shiny Rag.

    Christina Moore is widely known – in mocking terms – as “Mrs Ozouf” – so rabidly did she begin social climbing with him and his gang the instant she took up the CTV job.

    The photo’s a nice confirmation, actually.

    But yes – her and Karin & Glenn Rankine – are all thick-as-thieves with Frank & Co; let’s face it, CTV is little more than an active component of the Jersey oligarchy.

    I simply stopped speaking to the local media some time ago – hopefully never will have need to again.

    CTV actually called me the other day – wanted to do an interview about the toxic ash dumping – which the Jersey oligarchy has decided is all just fine and dandy and requires no investigation.

    When ever any of the local hacks call me now and ask for some comment, my question to them is ‘why the hell would I want to speak to you clowns?’

    If you want a real laugh – consider this.

    One of the CTV Oly Dollies called me a couple of days ago – and quite innocently asked me if I had the phone number of Nick Palmer – a pro-environmental – therefore anti-establishment – candidate in the forthcoming Senatorial elections.

    I know – comical isn’t it? If it weren’t so pathetic it’d be an insult to the intelligence.

    It was utterly plain – within about 4 seconds of the telephone conversation beginning – that CTV were – on behalf of Frank & Co – spying; trying to discover if I was connected with Mr. Palmer – perhaps knew him as a friend? Whether I was scheming – in Ozouf fashion – covertly – in politically campaigning for Mr. Palmer.

    Possessing an IQ somewhat greater than a breeze-block, I immediately said “I haven’t a clue as to Mr. Palmer’s contact details (which is true) – and please don’t treat me like a bloody idiot by trying this subterfuge on me. If I am supporting or working with any candidate in the forthcoming elections – I will do so openly – not in covert Establishment Party fashion – as organised and managed by your friend Philip Ozouf.”

    I am aquatinted with Mr. Palmer, as it happens – but I don’t recollect having a conversation with him in – ooh – 14 years, maybe? He used to run Jersey Friends of the Earth, and I helped him in his battle against the incinerator.

    As it happens – I’ll certainly vote for him.

    Let’s face it – if Ozouf gets back in – we’re all doomed.


  57. Anonymous

    Stuart, whilst on the subject of CTV. If you ever want a detailed account on how to de-fraud a merchant bank (Hill something or other), and then get asked to leave (ever, ever so quitley) and then land a job at CTV as a reporter then why not ask CTV!

    There is someone there who (ever so shy that he is) would be able to give you the full details!

    What, I hear you all exclaime! Not another confirmation on how dirty buisness is, when its done the Jersey way!

    Close, very close indeed! But, perhaps Sherlock Holms is the key! Although his right hand man had no `son’ to my knowledge!

    Failing him, just ask Verity C. She knows everything about how to play dirty in Jersey!

    Hope you got my `abstract’!

    From excile

  58. Res Nullius

    If the Oly-dolly’s are doing the dirty work to find out about Nick Palmer and who his ‘friends’ might be, he must be a serious concern or threat to them.

    It is getting more interesting by the minute.

  59. Anonymous

    Have decided that Simon Bellwood is to be congratulated for ensuring that more Jersey folk get jobs in civil service as they are easier to nobble than outsiders! I wonder if the Personnel Departments have been instructed to vet applicants more thoroughly in future – wouldn’t it be great if an undercover investigator got inside…………….think I willstart a rumour………….that will realy shake em up!

  60. Anonymous

    It has taken six years to implement part of the Bull report recommendations.

    Which recommendations have been ignored and how in a none regulated service can the Minister feel that children are safe?

    We have over the last few months seen that the principles of the Childrens Law are ignored.

    Staff in the service are not necessarily trained or registered professionals

    Children are detained without court orders and isolation is used as amethod of control and restraint

    Where is the Minister for Health’s view on this shambles – too busy to put his service in order.

  61. Anonymous


    FW & TLeS will soon be spent forces & confined to an unglorious history. However, young Pozo the Clown has years of potential damage to the fabric of our society ahead of him. As the greatest enemy of an equitable & sustainable Jersey, who exactly does he represent?

  62. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…..

    Maguire’s case

    I would like you to know that the police said that they have no lawful power to bring the Maguire’s back to Jersey, it is legally impossible to get the extridition, so they are looking at alternative ways, so they can explore every possible live and flight to find a way to move this investigation forward..

    I mean what the hell is all that about. they say that it was all going ahead, and now they can’t?

    It’s aload of nonsence.. i wish the police would keep there mouths shut untill they really know whats going on before telling people one thing then changeing it the next.. do you have any idea what you are doing to our heads???

  63. Nick Palmer

    Re Stuarts mention of me in the “olly dolly” comments.
    Firstly, I’m not anti-establishment as such. I just think that quite a few in the “establishment” positions have the “wrong stuff” environmentally and economically (and often politically). If we had people with the “right stuff”, I would be pro-establishment. I’m not against “the system” or the “hierarchy”, I just think that some of the people holding the positions in that establishment have their moral, intellectual and environmental filters (or “graphic equalisers” if you would like a music based analogy) set in a rather unbalanced, distorted way. Thus, they give great weight to things which many would see as not very important and attach very little weight to things most would say were vital.

    As I’ve said elsewhere, a large part of our problem locally is people in positions of authority who allow themselves to get so full of themselves that they then try to enact their own ideas, based on their own personalities and foibles… Thus, a States Department, charged with handling waste, which has had a long history of its personnel favouring incineration will not change its stance even when the future-of-waste-recycling situation is changing rapidly against their favoured ideas. In an ideal world, the civil servants would be giving impartial advice and taking into account all factors to formulate their policy but this does not happen. Their personalities and prejudices, their gaps in knowledge, their failure to have sufficient foresight, all combine to give us our current crop of “Sir Humphreys” (from Yes, Minister). Unfortunately, too many of our current politicians do not always have the wider knowledge necessary to counter the arguments and steering of the Departments.

  64. Nick Palmer

    Further to the “olly dolly” comments. I suppose it’s always possible that the “ollys” check up on alliances etc but maybe not in this case.

    As Stuart says, we’ve barely had any contact in the last 18 years or so apart from when I was fighting the Public Services Department -oops- Committee when I used to live right next to the Bellozanne chimney.

    A manager (who certainly used to be keen on Philip Ozouf’s potential) at somewhere I worked was always asking me about Stuart as if he believed we were in cahoots and somehow he could glean information that might be useful – or maybe I just read too much into it!

    As far as the “olly dolly” phone calls from CTV go. What happened was this. I got a personal message from Planet Jersey (where I have been provided with an election “board”) sent by Judith at CTV. They wanted to arrange a time for the Senatorial candidates to be photographed in the Royal Square on Tuesday. Judith said she had been having trouble finding a contact for me
    “Dear Nick,

    Sorry to bother you again but I sent a message to you earlier regarding a photograph for Channel Television. Ijust thought I’d let you know that my email address is Judith.McNeela@channeltv.co.uk if you’d prefer to contact me outside this forum. I have had trouble trying to find a contact for you.

    Many thanks,”

    I don’t think this looks sinister.


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