Things can hide in plain sight.

Some things are able to do so because of disguise;

Some are able to do so because of camouflaged invisibility;

Some are able to do so because we’re distracted to look in a different direction.

Right now, the boiling question of the moment is “did former British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath abuse children?” And what a question.

A profoundly important question, to be sure.

But is it the right question?

Is it the question which is most relevant in enabling us to gauge whether there has been a breakdown in the very rule-of-law in British society? A corporate failure by all arms of the state to properly carry out the most basic duties – such as protecting children from torture and rape, and deterring those who would commit such crimes?

The British state – the British establishment is – as history shows – one of the most resilient – perhaps the most ruthlessly survivalist – “establishment” in human history. Certainly, even in the immediate wake of 1066 – when the then English establishment had to bow to William the Conqueror when their front-man Harold lost – the “deal” was essentially a “regrettable” retrenchment of current investment-holdings; a realpolitik business deal – a kind of investor “hair-cut” faced up to by the English barons and their vassalage.

Ever since then – not least in the PR stunt – the secret deal amongst elites historically disguised as a “victory for ordinary people” – that was Magna Carta – the elite factions of the British Isles have known what side their bread was buttered. In spite of their occasional factional differences, the British elite have always known they must – ultimately – hang-together – or hang alone.

And it is that “culture” we still see so starkly at work in the continuing – and futile and bizarre – efforts to down-play the British establishment’s child-abuse atrocity.

An “establishment” largely formed by successive generations of people imbued with a sociopathicly brutal sense of entitlement does not found its longevity without utilising every conceivable and disgusting trick in the book. Knowledge is power – it’s-not-who-you-know – its-what-you-know-about-who-you-know – or, to use the more modern phrase, “having the dirt”.

So it isn’t at all difficult – is it – to understand the “utility” of vulnerable children to power – the immense “value” of that Currency-of-Concealment – it isn’t difficult to understand the political-economy of child-abuse?

Let’s not be foolish; the genuinely powerful, the cunning, the ruthless – never aspire to fame – never have done, not if their ambitions of wealth, power, tribal longevity could be secured by alternate means; safer means. Throughout history, the truly powerful have never wished to be “front-men” – kings, generals, presidents – the existence of who was always perilous, high-risk, and prone to being struck, like a lightning-conductor – but, rather to be those who have held the front-man’s leash. And to control your “front-man”, you need – you have always needed – “influence” – “leverage” – of one sort – or another. That is how power works.

Which is why, still today, even in the democratic era – perhaps especially in the democratic era – so many of our leaders, our politicians, are axiomatically unethical, unintelligent, low-calibre and inadequate? Leverage – dirt – income – every kind of “filter” – is so much more easily utilised – not least by corrupted and conflicted media-barons – in the modern age.

So when we look at those we’re supposed to regard as the most powerful in our society – prime ministers, perhaps – or senior judges – we should always ask ‘just what are the chances – the very remote, to be frank, chances – this person came to “power” – without being “owned” by – without being “indebted” to – some force, some power, or another?’

In reality, those chances are vanishingly remote. It would be today – as it has been throughout most of the history of organised society – frankly amazing if people come to power by “accident”.

So we, as a modern, educated, informed people, might wish to develop a clear understanding; knowing what we know – absorbing the lessons of history – we might want to ask ourselves, “ok, so traditionally power has been corrupted, been owned, but in our modern era, we want to see the reality of that at work; we need to see actual ‘agency’. So where do we look?”

And taking as a starting-point the present storm over whether former British Prime Minister, the late Ted Heath was a child-abuser, we can start to ask the important – the right – questions.

The first – and most important – of which is not ‘whether Heath is guilty of child-abuse’ – but, rather, ‘did the state apparatus act correctly – objectively – lawfully – in response to even the possibility that he may have been so guilty?’ And if it didn’t act objectively – act lawfully – to so much as investigate him, what state agencies made those decisions – the decisions to act unlawfully?

It is when we ask that question – and all the similar questions arising from the British child-abuse atrocity – for example, the similar questions about Savile – that we begin to defeat that which hides in plain sight. Only then do we start to ask the right questions.

I’ve been fighting a war for effective child-protection since 2006. Then, in Jersey, I was the Minister for Health & Social Services, and learnt the hard way how systems fail. I went public with my conclusion that Jersey’s entire child “protection” apparatus had failed when I answered a question in the Jersey parliament in July 2007.

But within hours of me giving that accurate, honest answer, I became subject to an illegal plot by Crown officers and senior civil servants to engineer my dismissal as Minister.

As extraordinary as this scenario may seem, we know it took place, because of a contemporaneous file-note written by the good Police Chief Graham Power QPM, who the Jersey Establishment crooks were foolish enough to attempt to suborn into their conspiracy. A key part of the Police Chief’s file-note says this: –

“BO (Bill Ogley) and the others were persistent and I was left with the clear impression that they were attempting to draw me, in my capacity as Chief of Police, into a civil service led attempt to remove a Minister from Office.”

But Police Chief Graham Power was, himself, in November 2008, subject to an wholly illegal suspension – an unambiguous criminal enterprise – a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice – involving multiple examples of ‘misconduct in public office’.

After that illegal suspension of the Jersey Police Chief was initiated by the Jersey authorities – with the full backing and endorsement of the London authorities, such as the Justice Department, the Home Office, the Crown – a UK Police Force – Wiltshire – was called-in to run what was a manifestly fake, trumped-up, corrupt “disciplinary investigation” against the good Police Chief Graham Power. In spite of taking two years, and consuming about £2 million – the Wiltshire Police “investigation” failed – failed wholly and remarkably – to find so much as one single thing – not even the smallest trivial negative conclusion they could offer-up – which had any chance at all of sticking as some kind of “disciplinary / conduct” charge in any objective, formal “hearing” against Mr Power.

So the Jersey establishment  – with the help of UK authorities, and agencies such as the Wiltshire Police Force – simply ran-down-the-clock – until Mr Power’s retirement date arrived, and all “disciplinary processes” thus automatically ended.

When Police Chief Graham Power was illegally suspended in November 2008 – we were in the era of “Pre-Savile” insofar as broad public knowledge of Savile’s crimes, and similar crimes of other established child-abusers were concerned.

But back in 2008, it still seemed to the British Establishment that if they could de-rail the Jersey child-abuse investigations, they could, somehow, keep the lid down on the whole nightmare decades of state-concealed child-abuse atrocities. They were wrong, of course – just as certain factions of the British state continue to be wrong in believing parts of the cover-ups could / can be maintained.

“In-the-frame” – in that 2008 Jersey Police investigation, were individuals such as Savile and Ted Heath. Let’s be clear – that’s not to say for sure, at that time, enough evidence was known to exist, so as to file charges and secure convictions. But those two suspects – and others like them – were “in-the-frame” at that time, in the sense that both were very regular and established visitors to Jersey – and against both, rumours and allegations of child-abuse had circulated on the island for years. The strong probability is that year 2008 investigation in Jersey would – sooner or later – maybe in 2009 or maybe 2010 – have closed-in on the living Savile – closed-in on the dead but pivotal Heath. And even if the Police hadn’t, I might well have done so, working – as I was most assuredly democratically doing – on behalf of my then constituents. But I too, like Graham Power, was illegally oppressed – arrested and prosecuted in 2009 for whistle-blowing and hounded out of the Jersey parliament by the island’s openly corrupt and politicised – UK-empowered – “judicial” system.

Jersey’s “judicial” and “prosecution” system is openly – openly – corrupt, politicised and directly conflicted; so much so – it hides in-plain-sight – just as Jimmy Savile did. 

Those year 2008 investigations on Jersey – by police – by politicians – into child-abuse cases and cover-ups that might have led to Savile  – and might have led to Heath – were unlawfully – were illegally – sabotaged.

And – as we now know – sabotaged by a set of public authorities that already knew of the allegations against Heath – and against Savile; knew of those allegations – yet wanted them covered-up. That is public authorities such as the Wiltshire Police Force – Whitehall – The Home Office – the security services – the Justice Department.  

This is what the seriousness of the allegations of child-abuse against former British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath come down to; not the question of whether he may have ultimately been innocent – but, rather, “whether the state and its agencies secretly knew of such allegations against him – and then participated in plainly illegal conspiracies to de-rail – and then discredit – investigations which were on a path which may have lead to claims of abuse against Heath being properly investigated?” 

The Wiltshire Police – following the illegal suspension of Jersey Police Chief Graham Power – became employed by the Jersey establishment to carry-out what transpired to be a fake, oppressive “disciplinary” review of Mr Power’s conduct. Yet the Wiltshire Police Force failed – failed throughout – and still, to this day – failed to declare the plain conflict of interest contaminating the Wiltshire Force; those extant conflicts of interest – such as burying abuse complaints involving Heath – and intimidating complainers – and doing “charge deals” with de facto  plea bargainers who might have  become so uppity as to name abusers and want them brought to trial; perhaps “name Heath as a child-abuser in court.” 

So, you’re wondering if the allegations of child-abuse against Ted Heath are true – are accurate? Actually, there’s a simpler – more basic and fundamental question you can ask first: –

“in the face of such allegations, does it appear that law-enforcement and other state agencies have acted unbiasedly – have acted lawfully – in investigating such claims?”

If the answer is plainly ‘no’ – and it is no – evidencedly – in respect of the Wiltshire Police Force and that organisation’s role in sabotaging the Jersey child-abuse investigations in which the likes of Savile and Heath were ‘in-the-frame’ – then we see an established fact – hiding in plain sight; a fact which does not require proof of Heath’s guilt in order to be damning.

What we see – in-plain-sight – are the highest and most powerful law-enforcement agencies of the British state being sufficiently terrified of even the possibility that Ted Heath might have been a child-abuser- engaging in illegal conspiracies to sabotage investigations which might have shown him to be so.

In so many ways, the cover-ups – especially at such high, state level – are now more serious – far more serious – for the British state – than would have been dealing properly with the abuse allegations at the time. 

And – worse yet – because of events in the secrecy-plagued, quasi-realm Crown-Dependency tax-shelter of Jersey  – from at least 2006 onwards – in which we saw unaccountable Crown and British government power being unlawfully utilised to cover-up child-abuse, rape, judicial-corruption, clinical serial-killing, and other serious crimes – the British polity faces its “Watergate” moment.

That moment – when the focus must – unavoidably – fall upon larger questions; not only questions of whether “did X  or Y crime occur? – and were those crimes committed by A or B powerful person?” – But, rather “were the authorities aware that X or Y crime might have occurred? – and that establishment individuals A and B were credible suspects?  And if so – did the relevant authorities investigate those alleged crimes – or – did they try to cover-up those alleged crimes?” 

Plainly – they strove – and still strive – to cover-up such alleged crimes.

To this day.

Even to the extent – now, at the time of me updating this article on  02.10.17 – the current situation is the Jersey the police wrote the most extraordinarily ultra vires and inaccurate of letters.

In 2017 – the police refuse to comply with human rights by at least  doing something as basic as take down a formal statement of criminal complaint. 

That is how bad things continue to be in Crown tax-haven Jersey. 

I am a witness  – and complainant – to the most serious of crimes. The “police-force” in Jersey – essentially little more than a gangster-enterprise since its illegal hi-jacking in November 2008 – refuses to even take a statement from me.

Not even a statement concerning what was  – almost certainly – the murder of key, public, witness – and survivor – Dannie Jarman: –


I’m pretty certain of who they got to do it – his methodology – the reason why toxicology reports at the “inquest” didn’t find anything – why he did it – how they got him to do it – and why they had to kill her.

Astoundingly – just amazingly – neither Philip Bailhache – nor William Bailhache – Bosses of the Crown-empowered de facto Jersey Camorra – both brothers with a decades-long involvement in the Blanch Pierre / Maguire child-abuse atrocity cover-up – neither of them were asked so much as one question – between them – about those crimes, by what pretended to be a child-abuse “public-inquiry” on Jersey.

Just – astounding. It was amazing – just jaw-dropping. I made a point of sitting in the public seats when both brothers were “questioned”. Undisguised – judicial corruption – in-plain-sight – in Britain – in the 21st century.

After they had both given “evidence” – with not so much as one question concerning their role in the Blanch Pierre / Maguire cover-up – I said out loud, “So – no questions to the Bailhaches about the role of Bailhache LaBesse / Applbey Global and the Maguire cover-up?”

The lawyers turned and looked at me – with understanding  – and pure – pure – hate.

Just hate.

It was written on all their faces.

They knew – at that moment – that I knew – just how remarkably corrupt they were all being.

And after all Dannie  had suffered – after all she had gone through – after the pain of re-visiting the abuse she endured  – after being an open witness to BBC Panorama – Dannie would have been open and unrestrained – rightly – in her public condemnation of the fake, corrupt Jersey “public-inquiry”.

Its startlingly brazen failure to ask so much as one – single – question – concerning what she and the other children suffered – to the two men – the Bailhache brothers – most centrally involved in the high-level cover-up of her attackers.

And that just wouldn’t do.

Not from such a credible – core – witness. A key survivor – such as Dannie.

It would not “fit-in” with the £24 million lawyer-and-spin-doctor plan to make what went on in Jersey “appear” as though there had been a credible “public-inquiry”.

So Dannie had to die.

One of the reasons I fear for my life – in addition to the actual death-threats – is because there’s not yet been the merest indication – in any way – that any relevant person making decisions in the responsible British power-apparatus  – has yet grasped the fact  that “the-game’s-over”; that the culture-of-concealment has crashed & burned.

I’m a distance runner; I take it seriously, and when un-injured I run a lot, including during the night with a head-torch. About 9:20 p.m. on a dark November night – in a very remote country lane, with only fields around it – suddenly a man in a suit and trench-coat stepped out from behind a granite wall at a field entrance. He waved me down – attempted to engaged in some trivial small-talk, saying “you’re Stuart Syvret aren’t you? How are things going for you now, eh?”

But he quickly lost his patience and snarled at me, “Look! Just what do expect to get out of all this?! You’ll never beat these men! What do want!? Or do you want more of the same?!”

I looked at this maggot – this capo from the British Camorra – ordered out to stand on my routine running route to try and intimidate and terrify me – I looked real close, into his eyes, put my face close to his, and said “fuck you, you turd” and resumed running.

There is a British establishment Camorra – a Cosa  Nostra – and – for a long time child-abuse – and the bargained concealment thereof – has been its weapon – its “Currency-of-Concealment”.

Ted Heath – Jimmy Savile – so many journalists – and all the rest – were its pawns.

The amazing spectacle of Jersey’s plainly fake “public-inquiry” into the island’s child-abuse cover-ups is –  in-and-of-itself – another core piece of the evidence.

The supposed “public-inquiry” into concealed child-abuse on tax-haven, Crown-Dependency, secrecy realm  Jersey was a fake – a fraudulent, embezzling, £24 million fake – that based itself in the offices of a conflicted law-firm, broke Human Rights laws, used centrally conflicted individuals as “evidence-gatherers”, failed to adhere to its “legislative-purpose”, had secret meetings with conflicted parties, failed to ask the obvious questions of witnesses involved in the cover-ups, refused to allow cross-examination – and intimidated and constructively-excluded core-witnesses – including me, THE core-witness from within the polity whose testimony would have been 100% on the side of child-abuse victims, survivors and whistle-blowers. 

The Chair of the fake, make-believe, corrupt Jersey child-abuse “public-inquiry” was UK judge, Frances Oldham QC.

Before the “inquiry’s” report was made public, I notified the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office that I intended to make a detailed, formal complaint against her. For all of the obvious – stark – reasons.

Before I’d even submitted the actual detailed formal complaint, the JCIO e-mailed back – a cut-&-paste contemptuous dismissal, telling me – essentially – to “fuck-off”.

I was not surprised. Nor even especially disappointed. After ten years of fighting the British Establishment child-abuse cover-up – I know what to expect.

And I know what the dynamite pieces of evidence look-like.

When a national regulatory agency – one as central to the very rule-of-law – as the judicial disciplinary agency – breaks all relevant administrative-law case-law – and its own “legislative-purpose” – and its own, declared public-policies – e.g. “three months to submit complaints” – you know you’re on to something – and the tide of history is with you.

The 2008 Jersey child-abuse investigations – had they not been illegally sabotaged – might – I say might – have exposed the dead Ted Heath – thus bringing some comfort to his alleged victims – and may have exposed – and charged – the then still living Jimmy Savile, who molested certain of my then constituents.

Did the very apparatus of the British state illegally obstruct and sabotage the investigation into possible cases of high-level child-abuse?


And it did so most starkly – undisguisably  – in 2008 – in tax-haven Jersey  – the secrecy realm of the British Camorra.

A liminal quasi-realm – where people like Savile – like Heath – could have preyed on their victims – outside of the UK rule-of-law.

Stuart Syvret


  1. Anon

    49sec clip from “Westminster’s Secret Service” BBC 1995


    With only little embarrassment, Tim Fortescue [CBE],Edward Heath’s Chief Whip from 1970-73 boasts about how the “dirt book” system was used as a means of control:

    ” For anyone with any sense who was in trouble would come to the whips and tell them the truth ………….. it might be erm erm a scandal involving small boys ……….. we would do everything we can because we would store up brownie points ……. and if I mean, that sounds a pretty,pretty nasty reason, but it’s one of the reasons because if we could get a chap out of trouble then,he will do as we ask forever more.”

    What he dryly refers to as “a scandal” is in fact CRIME, serious crime which party power and contacts can cover up

    Heath was replaced by Thatcher.
    Thatcher’s father was an alderman and town mayor. He was well known as an abuser of schoolgirls who worked in his shop.
    Thatcher’s inner circle seems to have consisted of a remarkable number of paedophiles. Was this an incredibly unlikely coincidence or did she choose people she could control with an iron grip?

  2. 1970's Jersey cover up of Heath & Savile?

    I have never met her but I get the impression that Linda Corby is a reasonably reliable person. She has never been elected in Jersey but has performed reasonable well in several election campaigns.

    Linda Corby has recently written the following on her blog under the title “Will The Jersey Police continue to cover up for Edward Heath?”:

    “As I reported to the Police back in the 1970’s seeing 11 children go out from Jersey on the Morning Cloud with Ted Heath, Jimmy Saville and a Jersey States Senator at the time, I was with another Jersey States member Senator Ralph Vibert, he told me later that day that only ten boys came back and I went to the Police with him to report this and ask for the matter to be investigated. Nothing was done Senator Ralph Vibert told me that nothing was being done and we could not take things further on instructions from above, I know the Police man who wanted to investigate stopped doing so being in fear of repercussions. Disgusting but true. I do not for a moment that the truth will ever come out now as there is still a continual cover up in the island and anything dirty will be swept up and shoved under the carpet. I speak openly about this as I will not be party to it,the abused deserve better, end of.


  3. Leigh LaFon

    You always seem to nail it, Stuart.

    Now, today, we hear that Wiltshire Police are to head the Ted Heath investigation, despite being investigated themselves for failing to properly investigate Heath allegations brought to their own department. According to recent tweets by Exaro News, the Heath investigations, which we now know have been ongoing for awhile, involve twelve different police departments. The number keep climbing.

    Is appointing Wilts a test of the stupidity of the public? A way for the powers that be to gage the willingness of the world to overlook the fact that Wiltshire is under investigation for its own failures to investigate Heath?

    Now, more than ever, the still-ignored evidence you provided to BBC Jersey, in the form of Chief Graham Power’s statement, must be seen by those who care about the rule of law and transparent governance.



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