Thank you.

Sorry to let you down again, but no big post tonight; I’m just too knackered.

As its only 12.48 AM, I thought I would get an early night – maybe even a bath – frankly, I stink right now – just have been too busy these sad days.

I try to be pretty liberal with comments on my blog, so you will see a couple that are very critical of my position and actions – though anonymous. Perhaps written by Jersey establishment spin-doctors? I believe these comments to be very wrong and misguided, but I just don’t have time to respond in writing just yet. But I will do when time permits – though not, perhaps, for a week or so. Higher priorities, ya know.

To the absolutely colossal number of e-mails, phone calls and supportive comments we have received – just – well, thanks.

I say ‘we’ because I am merely the front man – delivering the integrity, decency and bravery of many other people. If it were not for many of these people – I would not have discovered many of the awful facts.

I will, though, do a post during this Friday – to inform you of the significance and meaning of the forthcoming regional BBC documentary.



11 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. Anonymous

    RE: Walker press call fiasco – Watch full conference:

    It is a remarkable press conference in the way that it illustrates what one would potentially come up against if one were to dare voice an opinion against the Jersey Government.

    I love the lingering shot of the two heavies lurking in the background, after trying to wrestle Syvret’s chair away!

    Remarkable in the fact that Walker shows no self awareness and furthermore no adjustment in stance since the Newsnight interview. Remarkable too that it is played out in front of members of the national press.

    Also his reluctance to offer an apology to victims at this early stage – which I think would be a kind gesture before we go into what will probably be a painfully revealing and long investigation.He will wait and consider an apology after the enquiry!

  2. Anonymous

    Stuart, I’m not an establishment spin doctor, but I request to remain anonymous.

    I do have to say that you did not come out of the Thursday press conference well whereas Senator Walker did, in my opinion.

    All you were missing was a “Hello Mum” placard. For a media savvy person, it really was a disaster.

    He had every right to call his own conference, say what he had to say and you had no business being there. By all means respond, in your own press conference.

    I also disagree that you visiting Greenfields would be seen as “gladhanding staff”. You completely overlook the morale boosting effect that your presence could have had, if you had “got out” a bit more. If I had worked for your department, I would have appreciated the visit. I view your remote stance on this issue as a hugely wasted opportunity, for you in particular.

  3. Anonymous

    I was raped at 13 in a cheshire home run by the de la salle order.I knew a boy who went to jersey from there.

  4. Anonymous

    For the past three days I have read you are too knackered to post.If you don’t slow down and take time out to consider your position your enemies will keep you tired.Though you are gathering web support it is virtual only.Take a break,gather strength and return with a vengence.

  5. cyfrin

    You are the best politician Jersey has ever had. Thank you for dealing with this awful situation with integrity & honesty. Perhaps now you have total support from us islanders!

  6. TonyB

    Thank you for all your hard work, and for all your compassion towards those who have suffered. Rethinking in the light of what has come to light; I think the penitential tone of your Christmas speech was probably just what was needed.

    The Monsters Inside

    Who are the monsters inside?
    Shadows over our island fair
    Past crimes, buried, they hide
    In the darkness, had their lair

    Pity all the little children so
    Humiliation, abuse and pain
    Tried to tell what they know
    To deaf ears, spoke in vain

    Politicians bluster in denial
    But no weeping, no sorrow
    Making crude remarks vile
    Self interest for the morrow

    Healing calls for penitence
    End to falsehood and pretence

  7. Anonymous

    Can you explain to me why you’re promoting yourself as ‘the whistleblower’ when I’ve read that (1) the full police enquiry was underway, and had begun a huge campaign to bring forward witnesses, and (2) you were actually in charge of the Health Department for 8 years?

    I’m not an establishment spin-doctor but I’ll stay anonymous as I wouldn’t choose to be one of your enemies!

  8. Anonymous

    Here’s support for everything you’re doing, from someone who comes from Jersey and whose family has lived there for at least a dozen generations.

    With your support and vision we can provide decent and fair, competent, governance for the future. The state of Jersey right now is terrible, this national scrutiny is a force for good, bringing journalistic focus where it is sorely required.

  9. Anonymous

    Thank you Stuart, As a survivor of historic domestic violence in Jersey I notice similar structural failings. While adult abuse may appear less shocking than child abuse, it also ruins lives. I continue to be stalked and harassed today but my dealings with the various authorities -the police, the DV Unit, the refuge and Victim Support has been futile, only serving to churn things up further. I feel frustrated and let down by the system and I doubt my life will ever be ‘normal again’ in Jersey unless the perpetrator dies before I do. I know your focus and energy should rightly remain with children for now but please don’t end it there. My hope is that this enquiry will lead to a better system for all abuse victims and justice where it is long due. Thank you for highlighting institutional abuse in Jersey. I hope this is the start of the end of it for all victims.

  10. Anonymous

    No amount of spin is going to make this not look like a cover-up. I believe what has so far been uncovered is the tip of the icebergs. Keep up the good work Stuart.


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