Child Abuse in Jersey,

And the continuing suppression of the truth.

I wrote a brief post last night in which I drew your attention to yesterday’s editorial comment in the Jersey Evening Post – the island’s only newspaper – implacable mouth-piece of Jersey’s oligarchy – and enemy of this community.

Many people who read this blog are not based in Jersey.

I know that a number of concerned people, campaigners and journalists from around the world follow, with incredulity, the tragedy and farce of public administration in this island.

Though it was never my intention or wish to have written so much about the Jersey child abuse disaster on this site, that subject has come to dominate both my posts and reader’s comments, as can be seen when looking back over the last five months.

Many of the particular strands of the whole, wretched episode are complex, and difficult to fully comprehend in detail. But it is, in fact, quite easy to gain an accurate and well-founded understanding of what has taken place – and continues to take place – in Jersey.

In essence, there is a single, fundamental question which implacably confronts us in the Jersey child abuse disaster.

And, in essence, there is a single, fundamental answer to that question.

The question is this:

‘How can it have been possible for the culture of abuse to have continued for decades upon decades, for 98% of that abuse to have been concealed, and for the island’s establishment and its media to have succeeded in maintaining the culture of concealment until 2007?’

And the answer to that question is this:

‘All meaningful power in Jersey resides in the hands of a narrow, entrenched ruling elite who occupy and control the judiciary, big business, the prosecution service, the legislature, the executive and the local media – all of which unite in a common purpose when the status quo needs protecting.’

You consider this answer to be too paranoid to be credible?

A stark exhibit of evidence which shows the plain truth of the answer is to be observed in last night’s Jersey Evening Post leader comment – which they have, incidentally, now placed on their web site following my criticisms of their clear wish to keep the absurd screed out of national view.

Earlier in the post, I made the point that, in many ways, the fundamental problem continues to take place in Jersey. That we haven’t “moved on” from the central, cultural problem which enabled the depth and magnitude of the child abuse disaster.

And in the pathetic Andrew Williamson report – and the predictably dishonest editorial comment of The Rag – we see – tragically – the culture of concealment still, starkly displayed in the response of Jersey’s oligarchy.

Let us take a close look at the spin, omissions and sophistry of the comment on a stage-by-stage basis.

The comment begins thus:

“The investigation into child abuse at Haut de la Garenne involves offences allegedly committed many years ago.”

This assertion is a frankly embarrassing example of the transparent spin-campaign placed on events by the Jersey establishment.

Firstly, it names Haute de la Garenne in the first line – and then goes onto assert that the offences were committed “many years ago.”

The purpose of this spin is three-fold. Firstly – it seeks to maintain the focus on Haute de la Garenne – and thus continue the attempts by the Jersey establishment to divert and distract people from the fact – for it is a fact – that abuse was committed over a sustained period at a variety of other Jersey child institutions; for that is the true extent of the culture of child abuse.

Secondly, it again pushes the Jersey oligarchy spin that the abuse was committed “many years ago” – and therefore almost doesn’t matter – and because it was ‘all such a long time ago’ no parallels can be drawn between today’s child “protection” apparatus, and all the historic failures. But in truth, the problem – the culture of concealment – persists to the present day – as is proven by the JEP leader comment.

Thirdly – by making its assertion, The Rag further strives to distract people away from the real issue. How is this so? Because the Andrew Williamson report – and my response to it which form the subject matter of the comment – does not deal with Haute de la Garenne. The Williamson report covers only recent issues – indeed, in a stark illustration of just how worthless the Williamson report is – so recent he wouldn’t even deal in detail with the abusive “Grand Prix” regime which was only stopped 18 months ago – thanks to the brave efforts of Simon Bellwood, the whistle-blower – and which was one of the prime triggers of the whole controversy.

So, we have established that the very first line of the comment is calculatedly diversionary, irrelevant to the particular subject matter at hand and is an attempt to con people into thinking the abuse was all a long time ago – so ‘don’t worry, everything in the garden is rosy today.’

The Rag’s comment continues thus:

“In spite of this, the whole grim affair has cast a shadow over the Island’s child protection system.”

Again – and as already established above – the “grim affair” is not confined to only Haute de la Garenne. Though quite dreadful enough – if only we were dealing with just one institution – the controversy may have assumed lesser proportions. But instead, the extent and depth of the culture of child abuse which we are confronting – and the attendant culture of concealment – are the things which have caused the Jersey child abuse disaster to become – quite rightly – a matter of great interest to the national and international media.

‘Rightly’ – because, let’s face it – if the victims, the police and the campaigners were relying on the local media to convey the truth, we’d get nowhere. As reading The Rag’s comment proves.

The sentence quoted above is accurate in one respect – namely that a shadow has been cast over Jersey’s so-called child “protection” apparatus. And given the scale, persistence and extent of the child protection failures, the resultant shadow is vast and deep.

But in Jersey Evening Post world – it is the shadow that is the problem. But as any thinking person can see – the shadow, the controversy, are merely symptoms of the real problem; namely a multi-decade culture of contempt, disregard and cruelty – and worse – towards vulnerable children.

The JEP leader comment then states this:

“That shadow has been darkened by Senator Syvret’s insistence that the system has been failing and that children are still, or have recently been, in danger because of harsh regimes and institutional negligence.”

Firstly, let us observe again The Rag’s spin that ‘the shadow’ is the problem – rather than the persistent neglect, cruelty, battery and rape of vulnerable children.

And in the sentence quoted, they introduce me into their spin as a part of ‘the problem’. Clever, no? Could have been written by a spin-doctor – well, it was actually, but let us not be diverted by that. But such is the absence of subtlety; you could take this as an object lesson in ‘attack being the best form of defence.’

Let us also note that The Rag refers to “Senator Syvret’s insistence that the system has been failing”. Again – in this phraseology we see an embarrassingly obvious attempt to further depict me as a part of the problem, because of my “insistence”.

This also serves as yet further evidence of just how and why widespread child abuse could have persisted in Jersey for generations. In how many normal societies – just ask yourself – would a person campaigning on behalf of survivors be condemned for their “insistence” on carrying on their work for the vulnerable?

It just wouldn’t happen in any functioning, respectable democracy. And a couple of people at The Rag know this perfectly well – hence their pathetic attempt to get away with not posting their comment on their web site. They knew that real journalists and other observers would read the comment – and see immediately just how profoundly the Jersey Evening Post is a part of the culture of concealment.

There is also a more subtle, but even more ethically bankrupt, spin in the sentence quoted.

By stating that the continuing concerns are merely at my “insistence”, The Rag deliberately implies that the concerns which have been expressed, are just some kind of figment of my imagination; that there is no evidence to justify my concerns, and those of others.

Now – pay attention – this is yet another stark demonstration of the real problem in Jersey – the arrogance and hubris of the powerful – and their wish – and ability – to simply lie and conceal the truth.

For not only are my concerns, and those of other people, well-evidenced – but rather embarrassingly for the JEP, I have actually furnished them with significant parts of that evidence.

Now, can we guess how The Rag responded to the receipt of clear evidence for massive dysfunction in Jersey’s soi-disant child “protection” apparatus?

They chose to suppress that evidence.

As I have written previously, I leaked a copy of the Sharp report, a report into a major child abuse scandal at a Jersey school, to the Jersey Evening Post. I actually took it there in person and met with the journalist dealing with the story, the editor and the deputy editor to who I gave a copy of the document. From that day until this – they didn’t print a single key fact revealed in that report.

‘But’ – they will argue – I ‘gave them that report in the year 2000, and it dealt with a scandal which took place during the 1990’s’. ‘It isn’t’, The Rag will argue, ‘relevant to the question of recent or current child protection failures.’

To which there are two responses.

Firstly, to claim the issues revealed in the Sharp report are not relevant is simply wrong.

The JEP says that it is merely my “insistence” – “that children are still, or have recently been, in danger because of harsh regimes and institutional negligence.”
The gross, disgusting and systemic institutional failures – and those of several named individuals, as described in the Sharp report – is demonstrably of relevance to today’s concerns.

Not least because several of the senior civil servants who failed in that case remain working in an educational or social services environment. Can we – therefore –state with confidence that today’s child “protection” systems are reliable – as The Rag and Williamson would have us believe?

Clearly – no.

There is also an even more serious and profound reason as to why the Sharp report remains very – very – relevant today.

Because several present members of the judiciary played a role in the cover-up and concealment of that abuse episode during the 1990’s.

The very, self-same judiciary which is now insisting it can deal properly with child abuse court-cases.

So when the Jersey Evening Post claims that this evidence and the issues are irrelevant, we have to ask what most people would think?

What do you think? A judiciary who’s senior members are actors in the culture of concealment?


I don’t think so.

But we needn’t even use the Sharp report in our argument. Let us set it aside. A variety of other, more recent, evidence – evidence of “harsh regimes and institutional negligence” – has been furnished to The Rag throughout much of last year.

To cite just a few examples:

The report into the Blanche Pierre abuse episode – and the eventual, but corrupted, trial of the two perpetrators (who were tracked-down and door-stepped by BBC Panorama) – was supplied to the JEP – by me – last summer.

The case of the paedophile Martin Cougan who worked at the Heathfield children’s home – where he embarked upon an abusive relationship with a teenage resident. When management – the same management which exists today – discovered the abuse, they said to Cougan that he could just resign – and no more would be said about it, provided he left the island. A stark and recent example of the culture of concealment. And what does Williamson say of that episode – and several others like it? Nothing. So that is the worth of the Williamson report and the JEP’s support for it.

The Rag was also supplied with the so-called “Grand Prix” document – a policy which was such a stark example of institutionalised abuse that even Williamson said such practices were unacceptable and could never be condoned. Grand Prix was worse than the infamous Pindown policies of Staffordshire County Council in the 1980’s.

A four page initial legal opinion by Chris Callander of the Howard League for Penal Reform, in which he described the Grand Prix policy as unlawful. This document too was furnished to The Rag, by me, last year.

I also supplied them with written evidence – in the form of an e-mail – which proves that the letter sent to Frank Walker by the then Chair of the Jersey Child Protection Committee demanding my sacking – on the grounds that I was supposedly “undermining staff morale” by publicly stating that the child protection system in Jersey had failed – was, in fact, authored by the Directorate Manager of Social Services, Marnie Baudains. Who just happens to be the most culpable of the present senior civil servants for the catastrophic failures.

We will return to Ms Baudains, later.

The JEP comment then states:

“Exactly what happened at Haut de la Garenne has yet to be established, but it is to be hoped that the case will have nothing to do with what happens in present-day Jersey. Senator Syvret’s allegations, however, encompass the present as well as the past and it was imperative that their substance should be investigated independently, not only for the sake of young people potentially at risk but also to throw light on the condition of our child protection agencies.”

Again we see the clear spin – the attempted diversion of focusing again on Haute de la Garenne in order to down-play the significance of the more recent cases – merely some of which I described above as examples of evidence supplied to the Jersey Evening Post by me.

Yet again, we can observe a clear and calculated attempt to attack me and con people into believing that ‘there is no evidence’, when The Rag refers to my “allegations” –implying that there was no justification for such concerns – which were merely “allegations”.

As already described – this claim by the JEP is a straight-forward lie – given hard evidence; – evidence which was supplied to them by me.

Amusingly, The Rag then says that the “substance” of my concerns needed to be “investigated independently”.

I’ve already explained merely some of the evidenced substance for my concerns. So let us consider this wonderful phrase “investigated independently”.

Firstly – many of the concerns raised by me – and, indeed, other people – were not investigated at all – independently or otherwise. Huge tracts of the important issues are simply completely absent from the Williamson report. Just by way of example, consider the above-cited evidence. Where, in Williamson’s report is an investigation of those matters?


Which neatly takes us on to the question of the so-called “independence” of the “investigation”.

Mr. Williamson was commissioned by Frank Walker and his Chief Executive Bill Ogley. Bill Ogley being a close friend of Health & Social Services Chief Executive Mike Pollard – whose wife, Jane Pollard, works in a senior position in the States of Jersey Human Resources department.

Given this decidedly non-“independent” commissioning group, how can anyone possibly regard the Williamson report as an “independent” investigation?

And – you couldn’t make this up – Williamson, for the first half of his supposed investigation, worked out of Frank Walker’s office. Now that’s really “independent” – isn’t it? That arrangement was only changed under the threat of a proposition to the island’s parliament, brought by me, which would have had him removed from the Chief Minister’s department.

In fact – the stark absence of “independence” – and even of an “investigation” – provides us with a clear explanation for the abundant and appalling inadequacy of Williamson’s report.

The Rag next states:

“An inquiry to be conducted by UK expert Andrew Williamson was duly commissioned and has just reported on these matters of utmost importance.”

I suppose the law of averages means that the JEP can’t be wrong all the time – so they got this much correct when they describe these matters of the ‘utmost importance’.

Which makes it even more of a pity that The Rag and Big Frank’s factotums, like Williamson, should seek to suppress the truth.

Now working our way through the comment, we begin to get to some really interesting assertions when The Rag says:

“Mr Williamson, the former head of Devon Social Services, has concluded that no children in care in the Island are currently at risk, though he condemns detention practices that now appear to be things of the past. He has also concluded that although there is room to raise standards further – as there always will be in any organisation – the children’s service is moving forward and improving.”

First, let us observe the attempted neat footwork of the JEP when they try to quickly skate around the “detention practices” – which The Rag would have us forget now as “things of the past”.

The detention practices of which we speak were such things as described in the Grand Prix document – and involved the routine coercive and punitive use of solitary confinement against already vulnerable children.

Solitary confinement which could go on for weeks – even months.

One young man recently wrote to me explaining how he had been kept in isolation – and kept in a cell which only had a skylight – for 23 hours a day – for three weeks.

It was such practices that Simon Bellwood spoke out against – and got sacked for opposing. And which in turn led to me being sacked – because when Simon came to me, I believed him – and not my senior civil servants.

Another young man was kept in such conditions for two months.

Many others had similar experiences.

Yet it is this type of abuse – of utter barbarism – that the ‘great’ Mr. Williamson and the Jersey Evening Post would glibly dodge around without honestly confronting it.

Given merely some of the above-cited evidence – what, then, are we to make of Mr. Williamson’s assertion – repeated by the Jersey Evening Post – that “no children in care in the Island are currently at risk”.

The assertion by Williamson, and repeated uncritically by The Rag – is manifestly insupportable.

And this is another – implacable – illustration of the fact that the Jersey Evening Post is a part of the problem; is a part of the culture of concealment.

The island’s vulnerable children cannot be regarded as safe and at no risk – when you have a senior management cohort of the Jersey child protection apparatus who have repeatedly demonstrated themselves utterly incompetent, dangerously neglectful, happy to design and run manifestly criminally abusive regimes against children in custody, who oppress whistle-blowers, who engage in political actions against their Ministers – and who have demonstrably and repeatedly lied.

Would you trust a vulnerable child to services under that kind of management?

Mr. Williamson, Jersey’s establishment politicians – and the Jersey Evening Post clearly would.

99% of people wouldn’t even countenance the idea.

But the fact that the Jersey oligarchy would, explains starkly just how all these dreadful things were able to happen.

The utter invulnerability and complete lack of accountability of public administration in Jersey is displayed starkly by Williamson’s report and the JEP comment, in that both together are yet another example of how the culpable are protected by the establishment.

The Rag begins to move towards the end of its comment like this:

“No one is doubting that Senator Syvret is genuinely and deeply concerned about the welfare of children in care – though it remains very hard to account for his very limited direct contact with the service when it was his political responsibility. It is, however, extremely difficult to reconcile the criticisms he continues to level at the children’s service and its personnel with Mr Williamson’s findings.”

By this they refer to assertions – made by people like Marnie Baudains – that I had no contact with social services. In order to gauge just how reliable this woman’s assertions are, let us remember that she wrote the political letter which demanded my sacking – and – of particular relevance – oversaw and endorsed and supported the oppression and sacking of Simon Bellwood. The man who was objectiing to children being locked in cells for days and weeks and months at a stretch.

I couldn’t actually estimate the very significant number of meetings I took part in over the years when she – and other wonderful examples of Jersey social services, such as Anton Skinner – were present. This was routine at H & SS Committee meetings, and, actually, it is an illustration of just how utterly incompetent she is that she neither dealt with the institutional child abuse at places like Les Chennes and Greenfields, nor reported such system-failures to me.

And this is a person who is paid in excess of £100,000 per annum – plus vast final salary pension – by hard – pressed taxpayers – for her supposed “expertise” in social work and child protection.

Indeed – the irony is that I actually had a meeting with her and Anton Skinner, called at my insistence – which took place in Maison Le Pape – the social services headquarters – during which I had to draw to their attention a variety of manifest deficiencies and flaws in a recently up-dated Child Protection Handbook.

The rag then says that it is difficult to reconcile my concerns with Mr. Williamson’s findings. Another rare example of a correct and factual statement by the Jersey Evening Post. It is indeed difficult to reconcile my concerns with the Williamson report.

This is because my concerns happen to be factual, evidenced, supported by victim testimony, that of whistle-blowers and parents and by documentation. Unlike the Williamson report. So we can’t be surprised that it does not reconcile with the facts.

The comment then criticises my criticisms levelled at the personnel of the children’s service. This is a further example of spin – and which again illustrates the causes of the Jersey child abuse disaster.

Far from me being critical of frontline staff – the vast majority do an excellent job. Contrary to The Rag’s assertions – and as explained above, and in previous blog posts – my criticisms are of the senior management of Jersey’s child protection apparatus.

But can we be surprised at the persistence of the Jersey child abuse disaster – when people like Mr. Williamson, Jersey’s politicians and the island’s only newspaper – exhibit no understanding of the fact that a great deal of the examples of malpractice, incompetence, policy failures and dishonesty amongst senior management personnel – were actually drawn to my attention by a number of brave, whistle-blowing front-line staff. People who have exhibited a degree of integrity and professionalism that is utterly shaming of their managers, contrasting as it does with the evidenced cover-ups engaged in by their bosses.

We now come to the end of The Rag’s comment:

“The Senator is now saying that what we are witnessing is a substandard report that is ‘bland, wishy-washy, hopelessly compromising, inoffensive, weak and full of sophistry’ and that insufficient attention is being paid to past gross deficiencies.”

Note how they assert that I am “now” saying that the Williamson report is substandard – implying that I thought it was going to be great – and am only condemning it now because it didn’t say what I wanted it to say.

As I remarked on several occasions on past blog entries and in responses to comments – I ceased to have any faith in Mr. Williamson months ago – as did a number of the victims and their parents – when Mr. Williamson agreed to be wheeled out like a performing monkey by the Jersey oligarchy when they were desperate for a bit of spin when the international media storm was at its height.

My description of the Williamson report as quoted by The Rag is entirely accurate; indeed – it could easily and justifiably have been a good deal more blunt.

The JEP concludes by saying:

“It is up to Islanders to judge whether there is any substance in the former Health Minister’s claims or if it is merely another manifestation of his disdain for anything that can be connected with the establishment.”

It will forever be difficult for Islanders to judge for themselves just what the facts are – given the plain and rabid desire of the Jersey establishment – and its mouthpiece, the Jersey Evening Post – to con and lie to the people of this community.

As to my “disdain” for the Jersey establishment – given the facts explained in this post – and the very public child protection disaster, which has persisted for decades – and the pro-active and public assaults on the Police investigation by the local oligarchy – which, extrordinarily, includes public assualts on the Police by the present Minister for Social Services. In just how many etsblsihments do you find the politician responsable for child protection – attacking a Police investigation into child absue? I’m pretty confident that a significant majority of islanders share such “disdain” for the establishment.

It is difficult – isn’t it – to see how the public can accurately judge these most serious matters – when the island’s only newspaper gets furnished with hard, documentary evidence of child protection failures – and then suppresses the stories?

Like I’ve said many times before – if you want to really understand how these appalling child abuses can have persisted for decades – without being exposed – you need only look at the conduct of the Jersey Evening Post; – it is a fundamental part of the problem.

As our deconstruction of its leader comment demonstrates.

Actually – it’s been quite entertaining.

They’ve produced another classic screed of ignorant garbage of pre-Victorian standards in tonight’s comment. I think I’ll undertake the same exercise upon it. It really isn’t difficult.



  1. Anonymous


    I’ve heard this evening on BBC radio Jersey that the police are opening up another excavation site regarding the child abuse scandal.

    Sorry to be so pessimistic, but why bother? Even if they find something no one will be charged because according to the Balderdash brothers ‘it won’t be in the public interest’

    When will this ever end? When will the ordinary people of this island have truth, justice and honesty?

    I truly admire you for what you are doing – if only we had more like you this would be a better place.

  2. Anonymous

    Police in Jersey are to search a second site on the island as a part of their enquiry into historic child abuse.

    Haut de la Garenne, the former children’s care home in Jersey

    According to Sky News sources, intelligence and evidence gathered at the Haut de la Garenne former children’s home has lead police to Victoria Tower, a small defensive fort just a few hundred yards from the home.

    The fort is owned by Jersey’s National Trust and, according to their website, it is available for hire by campers.

    It is unfurnished inside but does have electricity, the website says.

    An official announcement on the new search is expected in the morning.

    The small police force has been searching the former home on the island’s east cost since February.

    They have now discovered 30 charred human bone fragments and 52 children’s milk teeth.

    All have been sent for analysis on the mainland.

    Some of the bones were found to have been cut and others burnt – an indication of possible homicide, say police.

    The finds were all made in four underground chambers located beneath the east wing of the 100-year-old building.

    They also discovered shackles, and a large trough-like bath.

    Police were led to the home and to the underground rooms after a number of people claimed to have been abused there.

    In February, they discovered what was initially thought to be the partial remains of a child’s skull.

    It later turned out to be nothing more than wood or part of a coconut.

    But the coverage lead to scores more people coming forward, each alleging abuse at the home.

    A number suggested homicide too. Police said there are more than 40 suspects.

    But to date, only three men have been charged in connection with alleged child abuse at Haut de la Garenne.

    Two more – a man and a woman – were arrested two weeks ago but later released without charge.

  3. Anonymous


    All power to you Stuart, go reveal the arrogant & ignorant establishment for exactly what it is…


    They know, we know, JUST GO…

  4. Anonymous

    Speaking of the JEP’s Haute de la Garenne spin, have you noticed how so many of the stories about the court appearances of people charged with abuse are being relegated to small side page paragraphs inside the paper?

  5. Anonymous

    Sky Newsx helicopter buzzing over Gorey for an hour or so yesterday -News conference at 10am today – I bet Ogley and others are in a spin this morning.

    I imagine they must be earning their fat salaries this year – do they get overtime – j’ai pense!

    Incidently the new search area was once a leper colony – not sure of dates – From time to time bunches of flowers are left there in memory of people……….I know because I walk it regularly………..I wondered why it was so unkempt this year.

  6. Anonymous

    sorry about my last question with the JEP link, I should have read your latest blog entry first!

  7. Anonymous

    I believe nothing of substance will come from this enquiry until those with vested interests are stopped from interfering.

    They could spend £60 million, but if those that have an influence say nothing is coming out as it isn’t in the public interest to know the truth, then guess what? Nothing will come out.

    I can’t believe NO ONE has been convicted yet. Will they all mysteriously be acquited through lack of evidence? The paper is very quiet on these people being interviewed and always puts their questioning in a very postive light, like an elderly couple etc…

    Those that have been abused deserve justice BUT are those in positions of authority going to give it to them? It is not looking promising at all.

    It is unbelievable to think that all this time, money and effort will achieve nothing! However I am beginning to think this will be the outcome. I do hope I’m am wrong for all those that have suffered at the hands of abusers whoever they are or were. No one should be above the law. A crime is a crime, it doesn’t matter who has committed it, or when, it needs to be pursued to the end.

  8. Anonymous

    Police investigating child-abuse claims on Channel Island of Jersey to search WWII bunker
    Published: July 9, 2008

    Police investigating claims of child abuse on the Channel Island of Jersey said Wednesday they planned to search a World War II German bunker on the island.
    Deputy police chief Lenny Harper said forensic investigators expected to find evidence of “serious sexual crimes” at the bunker.
    Police have spent months searching Haut de la Garenne, a former children’s home on Jersey, in connection with alleged abuse decades ago.
    More than 100 people claim they were abused by staff at the home, which closed in 1986.
    Police have excavated four underground chambers at the building and have found shackles, bone fragments, a bloodstained bath and dozens of children’s teeth.
    Three men have been charged with sex abuse, and police say they have more than 40 other suspects.
    Harper said six people had alleged that “residents from Haut de la Garenne were taken to the bunker by members of staff and abused there.”
    The Channel Islands between Britain and France are the only part of the British Isles occupied by Nazi Germany during World War II.

  9. Derek

    Any chance “Daft Frank” might sometime start his own blog, i think it would be great to read…would probably go something like this….

    09/07/08 – Today, tried to shaft Syvret and anyone else who interrupts my afternoon 40 winks…

    10/07/08 – Today, I shafted Jersey…

    11/07/08 – Today, met with bank manager, apperently i’m loaded…fancy that!
    ??/10/08 – Today, very lonely, all my mates, drinking/golfing/havana puffing buddies got shafted as they all lost their jobs!!!!

    Might be closer to the truth than you think Frankie-Boy…I’ll be the one stood pee-ing myself in the rain in Royal Square when (and not if) it happens!

  10. Anonymous


    This time justice really is coming. Remember that saying, “The darkest hour is just before dawn”. Why should anyone be surprised at the mad frantic efforts of these bad wicked men to escape long deserved justice?

    They are wriggling like fish on a river bank, and the more they wriggle the more the scales fall from the eyes of the people.

    Look at The Times this week. They are running a campaign about the secret family courts.

    You may wonder what that has to do with the Jersey child abuse enquiry.

    Jack Straw. Institutional child abuse. Cover ups.

    PLEASE, just read the Times this week, Camilla Cavendish, and put the pieces of the jigsaw together.


  11. Anonymous

    “I can’t believe NO ONE has been convicted yet. Will they all mysteriously be acquited through lack of evidence? “

    What was it Frank Walker said about the culprits feeling “the full force of Jersey law”?

  12. voiceforchildren

    Have just been on this is Jersey and read the “JEP Opinion”.

    It does allow you to “have your say” although it would appear nobody has used it.

    This I find impossible to believe. I am not going to waste my time writing anything as they almost never publish any of my comments, predominantly they are of an anti establishment nature.

    One can only assume nobody who has read the “JEP Opinion” feels strongly enough to comment on it, either that, or like me, knows it is a waste of time because they know it won’t get published.On the other hand hundreds of people might have written in and they just haven’t had the time to publish them yet?

    Might I suggest anybody who doesn’t think it would be a waste of time “having your say” does so. If CHRIS BRIGHT OR ROB SHIPLEY don’t see fit to publish it you could always publish it on here.

  13. Anonymous

    And so they will.

    Money is funny stuff. It can give a person a false sense of security.

    Remember what happened in France not so long ago?

    It’s hardly surprising they’re running round like rabid rabbits making mischief and threatening decent policemen like Lenny Harper with violence. They know what’s coming!


  14. Anonymous

    Lenny should be asked to stay on – I really feel that he would be committed enough to do this.

    They will not let him though, I believe.

    We will be lucky to get a good man/woman as his replacement.

  15. Tony Gallichan


    I commented, but as it wasn’t favourable to the report, it wasn’t published….my comment about how the JEP is considered a disgrace to journalism may not have gone down too well also, LOL…however, it’s true…In the UK the JEP is a shamefull thing, NOt a laughing stock.

  16. Anonymous

    Sniffer dogs trained to detect human remains have been sent into a Second World War bunker being searched as part of the Jersey child abuse investigation.
    Six witnesses told police they were abused at the isolated bunker less than a mile from the former children’s home Haut de la Garenne where the investigation has been focussed.
    The investigation shifted as police launched the first part of a detailed forensic search of the underground site after the witnesses, all former residents at the home, claimed they had been taken to the bunker by staff where they were subjected to abuse.
    The site overlooking the idyllic St Catherine’s Bay, was cordoned off as police made final preparations to release the dogs into the bunker.
    Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, from States of Jersey Police explained: “The allegation is that residents from Haut de la Garenne were taken to the bunker by members of staff and abused there.
    “We have an allegation of serious sexual crimes having taken place in the bunker. We are talking about six witness statements to us concerning the bunker. Six different witnesses and different incidents.”
    The bunker lies about 500 yards from the boundary of Haut de la Garenne.
    A squat, brick Victorian watchtower lies just yards from the underground military site which is situated near to a cliff edge.
    Police believe the bunker contains underground rooms which were used during the Second World War by the occupying German forces.
    Mr Harper said the Haut de la Garenne site remains a “potential homicide scene”. Police have sifted through more than 150 tons of debris during the course of the inquiry which has now been completed at the home.

  17. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart, I am (still) fascinated to know how you ACTUALLY KNOW that Marnie Baudains wrote the letter that Iris Le Feuvre signed?

    What evidence do you have? I’m not being flippant, I am genuinely interested. Every time you write “Marnie Baudains wrote the letter…” I think to myself “great detective work Stuart, but how the devil did you find that out?”

    Is it sub-judice? If not, please tell us how, if only to heap more embarassment on the alleged author.

    Like someone reading a crime novel, I am genuinely fascinated by how you came to the conclusion that MB wrote the ILF letter. You dangle the carrot, but never get to the denouement! Please, please, tell us how you figured it out? It’s better than Jack Higgins!

    It’s interesting to me because ILF says she wrote the letter. You say MB wrote it. One of you is lying. One of you must have some evidence. If it is you, please, please share it. I don’t think you appreciate how beneficial further embarassing revelations would be, as regards these alleged dirty tricks.

    If you keep saying “MB wrote it” without telling us how you came to that conclusion, then I can’t believe that she did write it. Sorry!

    If, for some arcane legal reason, you can’t tell us how, please could you do a short blog post stating “yes, I have evidence, but I can’t share it”. Thanks.

  18. Stuart Syvret

    Re: the Marnie Baudians Letter

    Yes, I have the evidence. I’ll think about whether I should post it, from a legal perspective – as it – and other material – forms part of the evidence for some of my formal complaints to the police of attempted Perversions of the Course of Justice.


  19. TonyTheProf

    “It later turned out to be nothing more than wood or part of a coconut”

    Not according to the forensic report, only the Daily Mail! The forensic team just said it might be wood rather than bone, it was too degraded to tell, and the team would need further tests to find out.

  20. Anonymous

    Re: the MB letter. Thanks for publishing my comment, and thanks for confirming that you do have some evidence.

    No need to publish that evidence now – in case it damages any case you are building – but it will be interesting to read about that evidence in the fullness of time. I can wait!

  21. Anonymous

    Don’t stop fighting for justice!

    Don’t give up hope. Please.

    We WILL get justice!

    They might win their little victories, but they’re just digging a deeper and deeper hole and they will fall into it.

    This investigation is too important for people to lose hope.

    Also, keep supporting the Jersey survivors in any way you can. These people have been through hell, I know what they’ve gone through, I know the terror of being totally isolated with pedophiles, locked up, it is very very frightening. I do not want a single one of them to be pushed over the edge, as so many other sexual abuse victims have been. I’m not making this up, they isolate these people and push them over the edge. I’ve had this done to me, it is evil. You go to the doctors and they do not give you contacts of any real helpful websites where there are real abuse survivors, they give you phony “help” which only goes to add you your distress and isolate you even more – you give up on any hope of finding any real help. That is what they do, they did it to me and so many other people, and I bet they are doing it to he Jersey survivors right now. It took me years to figure this out, and all the time they tried to get me on all sorts of crap, Prozac, sleeping tabs, the works, thank God I didn’t take them. I was saving the sleepers to commit suicide, thank God I didn’t go through with it!

    So don’t give up. Keep reaching out, you survivors, there IS real help for you, if you can’t find anywhere else keep coming here. And please keep fighting for us the people who didn’t get abused. Please don’t give up on us.


  22. Anonymous

    Jersey bunker search moves to trench
    Thursday, 10 Jul 2008 12:17
    Jersey police searching second world war bunker as part of child abuse inquiry begin operations at surrounding trench Printer friendly version
    Health In Focus Happy 60th birthday NHS Sixty years ago on July 5th the UK’s National Health Service came into effect, promising to provide people with “all medical, dental and nursing care” they need. Full Story
    Prostate cancer awareness
    Hospital superbugs
    HIV and Aids
    Police in Jersey searching a second world war bunker as part of their historic child abuse inquiry have begun forensic operations at a surrounding trench.

    The Victoria Tower bunker was identified yesterday as the second site the island’s police force would investigate after former children’s home Haut de la Garenne.

    “The forensic team has searched the trench around the bunker and hope to go into the bunker later today or tomorrow,” a statement on Thursday said.

    “There will be a detailed, fingertip forensic search. The team is optimistic that this will not be a long-term operation and officers are optimistic that the search will last days rather than weeks.”

    Yesterday the inquiry’s senior police officer, who is leading an investigation into hundreds of child abuse claims dating back to the 1960s, said six witnesses had come forward to say they had been abused at the bunker, which is half a mile from Haut de la Garenne.

    “The allegation is that residents from Haut de la Garenne were taken to the bunker by members of staff and abused there,” Lenny Harper explained.

    “We have an allegation of serious sexual crimes having taken place in the bunker.”

    Forensic investigators are still examining Haut de la Garenne, which was thrust into the limelight of the international media when fragments of what was believed to be a child’s skull were found there earlier this year.

    Since then 65 teeth have been found in the home’s cellars, although the skull fragments have yet to be verified as belonging to a child.

    Six people have been arrested in connection with their historical abuse inquiry, with former warden Gordon Wateridge among three people charged.

    He has been accused of sexually assaulting teenage girls in Jersey during the 1960s and 1970s.

    Claude James Donnelly made his latest court appearance over the historic abuse last month – when he reserved his plea to all charges – while a third man, Michael Aubin, has been accused of indecent assaults against boys.

    Mr Aubin is the only person to so far be charged directly in connection with alleged offences committed at Haut de la Garenne.

    A fourth man – believed to be a former police officer and care worker – was released without charge after being arrested earlier this month.

    Last month Jersey police were also forced to release two pensioners despite suspecting them of “grave and criminal assaults.

  23. Anonymous

    Breaking news:

    Friday July 11th

    New laws which come into force next week will allow UK police to bring charges against paedophiles and child abuses, even if the activity was legal in the country (Island) where the crime took place!

    Beware any Jersey paedophile travelling to the UK, as you can now be arrested there despite the States of Jersey attempt to pervert the course of justice!

    You can run but no longer hide!

  24. Anonymous

    While the current focus of attention is, rightly, on the unfolding child abuse scandal, Jersey’s public should be aware that the same underlying problems exist throughout Health & Social Services.

    The department is charged with caring for vulnerable adults: namely the elderly and the mentally ill.

    There have been several incidents of alleged abuse of vulnerable adults by staff in recent years, ranging from sexual and physical assault to negligence and neglect. In some cases the police have been involved, but prosecutions have been deemed to be “not in the public interest”. Far more often, however, reported incidents are investigated internally and hushed-up. Action against the perpetrators, if any, usually amounts to a transfer to a different part of the service.

    In at least one (very serious) instance the internal investigator was an individual personally involved in the incident under investigation. Effectively, they investigated themselves.

    Now I know it’s very easy to make anonymous allegations of this nature without providing evidence, and there is no reason to accept these assertions. However, ask yourself a simple question: why is no part of H&SS subject to regular, independent scrutiny by an appropriate professional organisation?

    To further make the point: all private care homes in Jersey are subject to statutory external inspection. Where standards of care are found to be sub-standard, they are obliged to rectify deficiencies and can be closed if they fail to comply. Equivalent H&SS facilities are exempt from statutory inspection.

    Ask why this should be so. The only logical answer is that the standards of care within H&SS establishments must be so unimpeachably high that inspection is unnecessary. Well, sadly, both common sense and the facts demonstrate otherwise.

    The plain truth is that H&SS management fear truly independent external inspection (of the sort that NHS services undergo) because most of them would be out of a job (or worse). The most they have had to deal with are limited and carefully managed investigations into by carefully-chosen outsiders. In at least one case, this turned out to be a personal friend of one of the individuals involved in the incident under investigation.

    The only way in which Jersey will get the “world class” health and social services its managers claim to provide is to implement a programme of regular, transparent and fully independent inspection by professional inspectors who show no fear or favour.

    In recent months, Stuart Syvret has been criticised for failing to visit H&SS facilities on a regular basis during his office as Health Minister. He has, quite correctly, responded that as a carpenter by training, such visits would amount to nothing more than glad-handing. The reality is that no politician without a background in health and social services can possibly form any meaningful conclusion by paying a brief and carefully shepherded visit to such facilities.

    It is the equivalent of kissing babies during electioneering: it looks good but achieves nothing.

    Where Stuart should be criticised – and I believe he accepts this – is his willingness to accept the word of senior managers at face value. In fact, the only meaningful act he could have performed as minister would have been to impose a regime of external inspection. In this he failed.

    The present incumbent has no excuse for failing to do so.

  25. Stuart Syvret

    Re: Problems within H & SS.

    Yes – sadly what you write here is true. Whilst H & SS has many excellent employees, who do a good, professional and ethical job, still sometimes things go wrong which really shouldn’t have, and, as you correctly observe – the instinctive response – especially at management level is to do all they can to minimise the scale and seriousness of the problem.

    Yes – again – you’re quite right – I was foolish and naive in many cases when trusting and taking at face value, senior management. I certainly learnt the hard way during last year just what a load of self-interested, unethical, lying shysters many of them are, or were.

    But as you say, I’m a carpenter; and likewise, most politicians in charge of any States department will be lay-people – with no professional knowledge or experience in the activities of the department.

    Your politicians – and therefore, you, the public – will therefore always be at the mercy of what they’re told – or not told, as the case often was – and the quality and ethical standards of the advice they receive.

    Given the above, there should be a reasonable expectation that politicians will be told the truth. Certainly, that is how I operated. As I said – probably foolishly.

    Those who didn’t like the tone of my e-mail correspondence with managers and other politicians during last year need to understand that any person publicly responsible for a £145 million health & social services department – would get very – very – pi**ed off as they start to learn what a load of lying, unethical BS they’ve been given by senior management.

    Especially in such a profoundly important field of work as child protection.

    As you correctly observe – H & SS should – must – become fully subject to external, statutory inspection. It isn’t at present, so yes, you could say I failed to achieve that. But in my defence, I would say that I always, throughout my time at H & SS, strongly believed in external inspection – and repeatedly pushed management to make it happen.

    Occasionally – we would get close to making some kind of arrangement, for example with CHI, or then the Health Care Commission – but always it would fade away and I’d be lied to – again – by officers giving me some cr*p as to why it just wasn’t possible to achieve it just yet. This kind of thing happened several times in my experience – the most recent being on the cusp of signing up with the UK inspectorate agency to come and undertake external, independent reviews of the hospital.

    The sabotaging of this last initiative was led by Mike Pollard.

    So, it’s true, I didn’t secure external inspection for the entire H & SS regime – but I certainly always wanted to – and every attempt to make it happen was pro-actively sabotaged by senior management.

    So – yes, I except your criticism – my error was to take at face value the often calculatedly dishonest cr*p spouted by management.

    Well – we live and learn.

    Never again.

    In the unlikely case of me ever being a Minister for a department again – I would make it abundantly clear – on day one – that all managers were required to be honest, frank and open with me. And any manager who was proven to have lied or concealed would face automatic dismissal.


  26. Anonymous

    I notice that some people are saying Lenny Harper has been “sacked” from the investigation.
    If I was him I would sue them.

  27. Anonymous

    One could not be expected you to do the job at the H&SS when those around you are standing in the way of any progress that may be of threat to the plutocratic status quo

    After all £145 million is quite some booty to be able to move decimal points around unnoticed? As for the majority of the hard working staff who actually do the walking and not just the talking.

    I would imagine it is the same in any large organisation where the assumed sophistication of those at the top from management up over give each other the customary internal pat on the back for how much they have saved by their manipulation of the figures, whether that be for beds in hospitals or medication for patients. And what Always suffers??? You got it Health Safety and Standards.

    When loss or profit is entrenched into the target driven care systems you may as well put a tap on islands taxes to pour direct into the coffers of those who have set the targets (Hmmmmmmmm?) Who then employ those below them to subtract and move the blocks of the pyramid to the customary places in order to suck of the cream before it’s returned to the plebs as services, wages, and a subsistence lifeline to those less fortunate?

    What do the majority of the people on Jersey get for their hard earned money to keep them going through their lives? Malfunctions! Malfeasance! Unbelievable ineptitude failures on a par with governance of third world dictatorships.

    Financial Irregularities! Corruption! From the very top, cascading down the rank to the bottom.

    And then below that, are the majority, the workers the people who get up early and work late to pay their taxes to the state in exchange for good governance.

    Government by the wealthy, controls the government for itself, and it will use any tactic and obstruction it can to maintain the density of the smokescreen.

    For beneath this veneer lays the wolf the hunter and the primeval cretin, their plastic smiles at the TV camera faces ash grey like their suits, reactalites darken as the light of inspection shines deep into the dark places they have created for themselves and others.

    I hope that those responsible are in their own private hell, I feel that this is time for change. Real change not just words. Everyone is sick of words and although I must use them in order to write this. It does actually take me to take the affirmative action.

    This ability seems to be lacking somewhat in the Jerseys authorities but it’s the same everywhere. Or is it more a case of the inaction is a more effective way of dealing with a problem and it cost less not to do something or to keep putting it off until its no longer talked about and people will then just accept it eventually as they will get used to it

    While those at the top live like kings. Not having to think about electricity bills or the cost of feeding your family taxing the car or child care fees.

    And would vote themselves out of a job anyway? How stupid does that sound, who would want the spyglass placed upon themselves more to the point, who wouldn’t want the police to keep digging?

    Who wouldn’t want some of the lesser management arrested and Why?

    Who would need to be able to deflect any complaints and inquiries about child abuses?

    The answer is obvious


    You have answered the question just by asking it.

    Now the hard bit! Getting others to open their eyes to the realities around them and dealing with the answers to the many problems the Jersey has been through the next easy bit. Vote them out!!! People in Jersey have got to have good leaders amongst them. They have just never been given the chance to prove themselves in the omnipresence of the oligarchs.

    Time to shine people of Jersey “V” Take back what is yours and defend it to the end.

    It’s your Jersey Not theirs.

  28. Anonymous

    These self serving b@stards are not interested in suffering, only what they can get for themselves.They don’t care who they abuse or what they do they take it as a game. They mess with people for fun and enjoyment content in the knowledge that there are others like them who will cover for them when needed.

    It is easy to abuse once you are in a position of authority, as you are in charge and can manipulate any outcome you want! No one believes children especially when they come out with horrific accounts of what has happened to them. No normal person would believe these stories because they are too extreme. These paedophilies know this and milk it for all its worth. They have no limits to their depravities especially when they know they are above the law. I strongly suspect certain people in authority were actively involved in child abuse for it to have been so well covered up for so long. There can be no other logical explaination for this. If any are still around the child abuse enquiry will founder, unless there are strong people like Stuart to expose these b@stards for what they really are, even if they are “respected” members of the community!

  29. Anonymous

    But do people really have the vote? How much vote rigging is there in this country?

    I had a postal vote, but I asked for my voting preferance to be ut back to ballot box, because of the corruption. They have ignored my request!

    No, I think direct action is the thing now. NOT through violence!!! there’s been enough of that against all of us already. Anyway, using physical violence against another man brutalises the person who is being violent.

    But there are plenty of non – violent perfectly legal ways to sort these corrupt, lawless rotton cabbages out.

    They are supposed to be the guardians of the law, but they do nothing but break the law.

    They are rotton, smelly cabbages and need putting on the compost heap.


  30. Anonymous

    The Williamson report is a disgusting abuse of power…….

    “No children at risk in Jersey” What a ludicrous statement! There is no way that anyone can make such a profoubd comment children are at risk all the time, not just being in care, but at home, and school everywhere, at least try to be realistic when making such a stupid statement.

    I am disgusted by what Mr Williamson has done to the current victims, he used them and persuaded them into coming forward AGAIN!! Having to re-tell their awful tales under a false promise that he was there to do something about it, when all he really wanted to do was ask them if they knew any children at risk at the moment, thus proving his point! Children are safe in Jersey. How dare he use people to his end, when they thought they were coming forward to help and make Jersey safer. Its the most disgusting abuse of power. Not only this but who the hell does he think he is, going into the homes in jersey ‘unannounced’ (of course he did) asking children directly about their lives there. What did he think he’d achieve!?! That a child who lived there and would be left there after he was gone would say, yes help me, and tell him all about it. More likely they would tell him exactly what he wanted to hear, because lets face it, it wouldn’t be him having to face the consequences, it would be the child who dared to speak. And where would Mr Williamson be? He would be long gone merrily cashing in his £50,000!! Please tell that the people of Jersey are not so naieve as to believe this cr*p!!


  31. Anonymous

    Hi Guys.

    Any news coming from the war time bunkers yet, have they started digging, have the dogs found anything ??????


  32. Stuart Syvret

    To ‘Anna’

    Anna I received your comment, but I won’t be publishing it because I think you put too much information in it which could lead some people to recognise your identity.

    I try to avoid placing commenters in that position.

    Whilst I appreciate your invitation to meet at your home – I never, ever do this. As a rule I have not visited constituents in their homes – even under normal circumstance.

    But it would be even more inappropriate in the context of the Jersey child abuse disaster.

    If you think there is anything specific I can do for you, or things you’d like me to know, get in touch privately and I’ll try & help as I have done for others.


  33. Anonymous

    I know for a fact that Williamson never interviewed any Child Protection Officers during his enquiry.

    When questioned about this by an officer, someone senior in Childcare replied – “he doesn’t need to – he can walk through an office and understand what is going on.”

  34. flicked bean

    Stuart, I hope you don’t mind me writing this here instead of battling it out on the forum (which I refuse to use) where someone is questioning this –

    IMHO anyone who goes to the police about something, even if there’s already a secret investigation in progress, can claim some degree of whistleblowing.

    But that’s not the claim, I believe, is it? The whistleblowing is in relation to the Jersey Childcare System in general, and the politics of THAT – not the criminal cases that the police are dealing with.

    I presume that people came to Stuart once he started his whistleblowing on the Civil Servants in charge of the system, and far from interfering, I am happy to assume he simply listened, gave support, and encouraged them to go to the police with their allegations. I would also imagine that he would only be driven to contact the police himself when he felt that there were matters that seriously needed investigating where the victims were unwilling to contact the police themselves.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I see no problem with anyone claiming that Stuart did indeed blow the proverbial whistle.

    I’m also getting a bit cheesed off with people claiming Stuart is doing anything for his own political ends. It’s quite obvious to me that he’s an extremely caring man who desperately tries to do all he can to help the victims. Fair enough, we all know his political position is against an “oligarchy” of soi-dissant (!) democratically elected dictators and their friends, and we know how much he has battled against the ruination and exploitation of the island and its people by a power elite, so who can blame him for gladly accepting any side-effects that upset the apple-cart as a consequence of their inadequacies coming to light?

    Fair play to the guy! Strikes me that the only people complaining are from the “stuff you, I’m alright” selfish side of the economic divide.

    I’m not hero-worshipping here, Stuart holds one or two views that I would beg to differ with, but I greatly admire him for the way he’s so tirelessly putting himself out, doing what he so earnestly believes in.

    Life is politics, politcs is life – everything around us is managed somehow, and that management is a political issue. You can’t say that someone following their beliefs is “politicising an issue” because it just *is* political to start with, whether you like it or not!

  35. Anonymous

    From Advocate Charles Thacker (president of the Law Society of Jersey).

    THE scheduling of the debate in the States Assembly on 15 July of a motion of censure on the Bailiff has prompted me to write as President of the Law Society of Jersey to express the high regard in which Sir Philip’s work as President of the Royal Court is generally held by the legal profession in the Island.

    During his term of office the volume of work dealt with by the Royal Court has expanded considerably and the cases coming before the Court nowadays are frequently of extreme complexity as is to be expected in an international finance centre.

    The judiciary under Sir Philip’s presidency have nonetheless given judgments which command respect and indeed admiration worldwide. The Royal Court continues, of course, to deal with general litigation which has no specific reference to financial services and the administration of justice in those cases too has been of a high quality.

    Sir Philip has also pioneered the use of information technology in the Courts and sought with considerable success to give the public greater access to the legal process through such technology.

    There are many aspects of the work of the Bailiff which extend beyond that of the Presidency of the Royal Court and as to which others can speak, but I hope my comments may be of assistance to the States Members in their deliberations on the motion of censure.

    Is it just me, or is the word
    “generally” in paragraph one, employed by such a high-ranking & thus “wise” word merchant, profoundly revealing?

  36. Anonymous

    Advocate Thacker – President of the Jersey Law Society has written to the JEP. His message is that the Bailiff is well respected by fellow lawyers

    This is his opinion and he’s entitled to it but please spare a thought for the Jersey public.

    It’s bad enough listening to the ‘great’ man misuse his office to meddle in politics without having to bear witness to brown nosing in public.


  37. Anonymous

    Surely the vote against the Bayleaf is all about whether his RECENT actions were wrong – not whether he’s been a thoroughly good egg for years beforehand. No amount of prior good works can excuse a fresh inexcusable action from the repercussions.

    Why must we put up with long dull speeches singing his praises, when it’s the recent fauxs pas (sic?) that are the real cause of no confidence?

  38. Anonymous

    Stuart….I cannot believe the saga continues as the same names keep coming to the fore highlighting those, past and present, who have contributed to the corruption and concealment within H&SS.

    Why on earth have members of staff not been suspended or arrested?

    Do members of the public not realise just how corrupt the service is…….being led by one of the most corrupt men on the island – one Mr Pollard – a liar and a cheat?

    Why is this man so teflon coated? I guess he must have something on other senior public servants.

    I believe in the past he narrowly missed having a vote of no confidence tabled against him by clinicians within the hospital.

    Instead he offered Lynne Swiatczak up for the slaughter.

    I understand that Lynne had organised for the Health CAre Commission to undertake a review of the hospital services but this was subsequently stopped by one Mr Pollard. Why was this……….I think we know why….

    Well now is the time to slaughter all those who have lied and concealed as they feathered their own nests at the expense of patient care, safety and quality.

    I am sure that I dont need to remind people who these people are….but hey I will because I think:

    Graham Jennings
    Mike Pollard
    Anton Skinner
    James Le Feuvre
    Anne Homer
    Angela Body
    Jenny Le Gallais
    Leslie Higgins
    Mark Littler
    Gloria Le Lievre
    Mike Tomkinson
    Marnie Baudains
    Ian Dyer
    Richard Lane

    This is to name but a few….believe me

    People of Jersey- most of these people are still employed.

    You need to ask yourselves if they should still be there?

    Afterall these people are costing the tax payers millions – and for what?

    It is certainly not for a world class service….


  39. Anonymous

    Advocate Thacker clearly has a fiscal world-view – guess we public should be hugely grateful that, as a secondary issue, an after-thought:

    “The Royal Court continues, of course, to deal with general litigation which has no specific reference to financial services and the administration of justice in those cases too has been of a high quality.”

  40. Anonymous


    Thanks for your interesting blog entry.

    Stuart why are these people still employed?

    Why is Mike Pollard, along with his senior management team still insitu?

    Why was a CHI/HCC review never completed if this requested by Lynne Swiatczak?

    I understand that an external review of the psychiatric was undertaken before Lynne Swiatczak was “ousted” – was this ever published? If not why not and who made that decision?

    I believe that there were several events which were reported to Mr Pollard, investigated and then left.

    Does this mean that Mr Pollard is the ulimate arbriter of all decisions in H&SS?

    If so what is the role of our politicians?

  41. Anonymous

    As I enter the last few weeks of my police service I think it is now time to say a huge and heartfelt “thank you” to all of you who have expressed their support on this and other blogs, to those many, many, more who have stopped myself and my family in the street, restaurants, and elsewhere, and to the dozens and dozens who have taken the time to write. Your comments and kind thoughts have made me feel very fortunate and humble, and has easily made up for the handful of people who, working to their own agenda, have twisted the truth, and far worse, denigrated those among you who have suffered so much. I will take away many happy memories of this island, not least the high calibre and integrity of those I have worked with in the force, as good as anywhere in the world,but most of all I will remember the overwhelming support and kindness of the mass of ordinary people in Jersey. I will miss you all. Thank you. Lenny.


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