I thought regular readers of this blog might enjoy the Beckettitian black-humour of the latest tragic display by Jersey’s oligarchs.

Read it and weep.

From: Stuart Syvret
Sent: 18 March 2008 11:03
To: Bailiff of Jersey
Cc: Lieutenant Governor
Subject:Your Abuse of Power.


I was wondering – probably hopelessly, I know – if you could explain your actions in ordering the ushers of the States building to have me thrown out of a members’ room yesterday morning when I was in the middle of an interview with a French TV crew?

I don’t criticise the ushers – they were, let’s face it – “only obeying orders”. Speaking of which, I don’t imagine that the sheer embarrassment of your position will prevent you from attending the forthcoming ‘Liberation’ Day celebrations? No – I didn’t think so somehow.

The room in question was otherwise empty so no disturbance to any other member was occurring.

Let us remind ourselves – you are an un-elected official, appointed via an arcane process by the authorities in London – after “the taking of soundings” from certain select members of the Jersey oligarchy. In no way, shape or form are you accountable to the people of Jersey.

By what, then, deranged megalomania and arrogance do you presume to take to yourself the supposed “power” to dictate to elected representatives of the people of Jersey how they may use the rooms provided at taxpayers’ expense?

As is clear from your consistent political activities, you would have the world believe that the processes and habits of government in Jersey demonstrate it to be a modern, respectable and effectively functioning democracy.

Tell me, then – how many other western legislatures, do you suppose, would see an unelected and unaccountable mere public functionary like you delivering ex cathedra dictats – without any prior discussion or warning – to the effect that the elected members may not use their facilities as they see fit – unless they first obtain “permission” from you?

You won’t, obviously, know the answer to this question, so let me explain.

No respectable western legislature would tolerate such anti-democratic effrontery – such brazen personal and political interference with the activities of its members by an inconsequential apparatchik who possesses precisely zero public mandate.

Don’t misunderstand me – it made great television – couldn’t have planned it better even if I’d had the services of Frank’s spin doctors. As with your every utterance and action in this child abuse crisis – it served simply to re-enforce every point made by the victims and I in respect of the abuses and unaccountability of power in Jersey.

But – trying to look at it from the perspective of you and your fellow oligarchs – it just really let the side down – again.

What is remarkable is that you seem utterly incapable of ever learning from your errors. Remember when you had me illegally and unconstitutionally thrown out of the States assembly – for 6 months – and prevented me from saying as much as one word in my own defence – simply because I was doing my public duty by pointing out a straightforward act of brazen corruption by your Jersey establishment friend, former Senator Reg Jeune?

Phil – the Jersey establishment have clearly prevented this island’s polity from becoming a modern, functioning democracy – and it is you, actually, who are one of the principle causes of that stagnation.

Let me give you some advice, Phil; you are clearly a man out of his depth – and out of his era. Your dictatorial and paternalistic near-fascist approach to dealing with the polity is as out-of-place and bizarre as a dinosaur transported through time to stand blinking behind the bars of a zoo. You have repeatedly failed the island. You are simply an embarrassment and a liability to this community. You should – really – recognise ‘the game is up’ and resign whilst you could still leave office with a few tatty fragments of credibility behind which to conceal your various embarrassments.

Should you require further instruction in subjects you clearly find difficult – such as democracy, political discourse, accountability, free-speech, pluralism – and real support for abuse survivors – could I suggested you read my blog? Don’t worry – it’s free – and the people of Jersey, would, I’m sure, value the improvements such study might bring to your neo-Victorian posturings.


Senator Stuart Syvret.

Check It Out:

Senator Stuart Syvret
States of Jersey



  1. Anonymous

    I’m sure you are well aware he is not going to answer your e mail let alone any questions in it.

    Would it be against any protocol for you to publish his e mail address on here? Then a few of your supporters, like myself, could e mail him and ask for his reply.

  2. Benjamin Langlois

    Stuart Syvret,

    This is just another example of the establishment inadvertantly making a complete and utter fool out of themselves. As frustrating as I am sure this type of behaviour must be for you, please do not give in to them. Keep fighting the fight for good, and remember that you have tremendous support both here in Jersey and worldwide.

    I have been following your blog since mid-February, and have been both delighted at your bravery and frustrated at the camouflaged obstacles purposely left in your path. I have never commented here, but quite frankly this latest act by the establishment is so pathetic I could not resist!

    Out of interest, which French T.V. company were you filming with? I am sure the footage would be more than worthy of a place in my iPod.

  3. Alexandra

    PLEASE,don`t let yourself intimidate of such unfair “actions” ordered by “somebody” who seems to be afraid of presumably loosing his/their position !
    DEAR SENATOR SYVRET,-I agree with you,that such a treatment would NEVER BE TOLERATED in all western democratic countries of EUROPE.
    It makes me disappointed that these “well-educated” members of the JERSEY-oligarchy don`t want to reflect their own conduct and the consequences of that.
    do not to be discouraged by those trivial actions.
    This bailiff should feel ASHAME(!!)that he removed you out off the room of the States Building !
    Thoughts and best wishes to a
    straightforward SENATOR !!
    ALEXANDRA from Germany

  4. Sigmund

    Hi Stuart hope all is well with you and yours. Keep up your fine and most needed work, in times past I was abused most of that time and can tell you that if it wasn’t for genuine people like you victims and survivors of abuse we have it even worse.

    Keep fighting for what is right, as right will triumph over might and the plutocratic lip serviced Demonocracy and their minions, familiars will attack you however you have the indefatigable on your side.

    “The irresistible nature of truth that all it asked, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing.”


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