On a TV Near You: Child Abuse – as Supported by the Jersey Oligarchy.

[UP-DATE – this brief posting was written & published on 28th March 2008 – and it remains an important record of that time – that brief time – a few months only – when we had turned the BBC – at national level only – away from blind-eying child-abuse & cover-ups – and had got the BBC to do some ethical, real journalism. Alas – and predictably – it didn’t last – and a matter of a few months later the BBC were active co-operants in the illegal suspension of Jersey’s good Police Chief Graham Power, Queen’s Police Medal, and the smearing of the child-abuse investigation. Another very important historic feature of this posting is the evidence it re-produces of Jersey’s senior civil service  mounting an anti-democratic assault against political authority and public power, and instead attacking the interests of vulnerable children and child-abuse victims.]

Tonight BBC Southwest regional television will show another “Inside Out” documentary which further examines the Jersey child abuse disaster.

A further, more extensive, examination of the issues can be seen in this Monday’s forthcoming Panorama documentary, which will be broadcast nationally.

Whilst I don’t know precisely what footage will be shown – I do know – very well – the subject matter.

Things are nearing the end now – the shackles will be closing upon the guilty – the truth will emerge during the coming weeks and months. As painful as it will all be for the victims – many of them will be able to move on with their lives.

I have come to know some of the victims interviewed in these BBC programs. I was able to establish contact with some of them last year. Through a process of networking and gradually gaining their trust I came to know what they had endured.

Watch these programs – listen to what these children suffered – absorb the full, awful horror of it.

These are the kind of experiences people were relaying to me throughout much of 2007 when I was working with the support of whistle-blowers, witnesses and many of the victims themselves. During the early part of last year I had no knowledge of the covert police investigation and neither, at that stage, did a number of the survivors.

But we knew the truth. And we battled accordingly.

The things described in these two films are appalling – in so many ways.

Yet the island’s parliament – which would have itself an effective, respectable legislature – knew of some of these abuses last year. Its members knew – because they received my response to the dismissal proposition against me – along with 14 appendices of evidence.

Even though Jersey’s Bailiff – chief judge and Speaker of our parliament – unlawfully and anti-democratically prevented this material from being officially published.

Nevertheless photocopies were distributed to States members. Amongst these appendices was the Report by Dylan Southern into the abuse episode you will see examined on television.

So watch these broadcasts – and reflect upon the fact that Jersey’s politicians knew of these abuses last year – next time you hear them proclaiming their undying commitment to child protection.

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of the unceasing political assaults made upon me by Jersey’s political establishment, its media – and the collection of shysters and spivs that comprises much of its “Business Community”.

Remember Brocken’s letter?

If you don’t have that to hand, read tonight’s Jersey Evening Post, where you will find another load of letters condemning me to the furthest pit of Hell for being rude about the Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache.

It is in such things observers can see – finally – the festering and utter decadence of the Jersey establishment. A microcosm of every kind of venality, ignorance, stupidity, moral turpitude and naked self-interest.

Unassailable power which is rotting this community from the top-down.

The Bailiff – let us remember – being the man who –

1: Unlawfully prevented my official comments from being published.

2: Unlawfully and undemocratically stopped me from giving a speech of empathy for the victims last December.

3: Unlawfully had me thrown out of the island’s parliament building a matter of days ago whilst I was in the middle of an interview with a French TV crew.

Short of torture or actual assassination – it is difficult to see what these decadent morons could visit upon me next.

But even though I was beyond caring a long time ago – if there are any of you resident in Jersey who still cling to the notion that some kind of redemption is possible for this island – remember these events.

Remember it – like I will remember listening to the victims; giving them secret reports which described their betrayal by Jersey’s authorities; accompanying them and watching them be interviewed by the BBC.

Trying to grasp the awful magnitude of what they went through – what they endured because of the inherent corruption and decadence of power in Jersey.

And trying to reconcile their suffering with the crushing hatred and oppressions visited upon people like Simon Bellwood and me as we fought for child protection.

Well, I’m sorry – I can’t write much more now. Like I said – things will be coming to the end soon.

Though sadly not for the Jersey oligarchy – which has some unique immunity to the consequences of its own evil failures.

I’ll be writing to Jack Straw in the next 24 hours. He is the UK Justice Secretary and has ultimate responsibility for the good administration of justice in Jersey. In theory he should take certain, clear actions – but don’t hold your breath.

As I said – the Jersey oligarchy seems to exist in some kind of computer game – where it has infinite lives and complete invulnerability to all weapons.

In the meantime, let me leave you with the e-mail I reproduce below.

Watch the films. Then when considering the suffering – and the betrayal by the Jersey authorities which permitted that suffering to go on so long – re-read this e-mail from one John Noel – Customs and Immigration officer and head of Jersey’s civil service association.

He was objecting to my condemnation of the kind of grotesque failings described in the films.

It isn’t unique – sadly – just another reflection of the fact that 95% of senior civil servants in Jersey labour under the delusion that the services exist to provide them with jobs – rather than to meet the needs of the community.

It says all you need to know, really, about the ethical bankruptcy of the Jersey oligarchy.

Remember the e-mail from Noel – as you contemplate the full horror of the suffering these children endured – as recounted  by them – in the TV programs.

—–Original Message—–
From: John Noel (Immigration)
Sent: 19 July 2007 09:45
To: Ian Crich
Cc: John Moulin
Subject: JEP 17.07.07

Dear Ian,

The comments attributed to Senator Syvret as published in the JEP on 17 July have caused great concern to the Staff Side of the Civil Service. A number of our members have expressed both their distress and anger that a Minister of the States should, if indeed that is the case, give vent in this way to his feelings about Civil Servants.

The Civil Service should be supported by and enjoy the public confidence of the Council of Ministers. Outbursts of this nature from a Minister do not help foster the good working relationship which needs to exist between the employer, the States of Jersey, and its employees. The Staff Side would therefore like to know what action the Council of Ministers proposes to take in the present situation.

Yours sincerely,


John Noel
Chairman Civil Service Staff Side

11 thoughts on “THE END APPROACHES.

  1. Anonymous

    I missed the inside out programme tonight and have looked for it on the BBC website. Would you have any idea where I could get to see it? I can’t find tonights programme anywhere on the BBC site and to the best of my knowledge it was not advertised locally, not that, that suprises me!

    Signed opressed

  2. Stuart Syvret

    From Stuart Syvret

    Re: Inside Out

    It was broadcast tonight. The half-hour Inside Out program consisted of three pieces; the third was the Jersey child abuse subject – yet again another exposure of the awful truth – not what Philip Bailhache referred to in his political interview with the Jersey Evening Post as a “barrage of Abuse.”

    Just the horrifying facts.

    I haven’t had time to check the website yet, but be assured, BBC UK will post it.

    And – amazingly – BBC Jersey did trail the program. Admittedly I haven’t had time to listen to much of their broadcasts, so couldn’t say how frequently it was trailed, but they certainly gave it loads on their radio broadcast tonight, just after the 5.00 news.

    They played some of the encounter with “Big Al McGuire”. It – and the film itself – was powerful stuff.

    Nationally, the BBC has been fantastic with all these horror stories. Maybe even BBC Jersey is belatedly waking-up?

    As I have said before, the Jersey media has been utterly appaling throughout this whole episode – and I mean over years. Only in, perhaps, two or three pieces have the totality of Jersey media done good stories – and even then, only in the last couple of weeks.

    Tonight’s BBC Jersey radio report was good.

    And, as I said previously, Channel Television did an extremely good piece on the barbarity of beating children.

    But carry on checking the BBC website. I have no doubt it will go up.

    And spread the word about Panorama this coming Monday.


  3. Anonymous

    “An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted.” – Arthur Miller (1915-2005)

  4. Anonymous

    On a personal note , please be aware that both British and French security services are probably monitoring this case closely as they would be very interested in any ‘ famous ‘ figures who might be involved.
    Re your comments that you don’t know what they will try and do next to you -the normal course of events is that you will be viciously attacked ,but once this hasn’t worked somebody will try and bargain with you.This could mean being offered something to remove you from the scene or suck you into the establishment.
    Hope you get some luck with Jack Straw but I am not holding my breath.

  5. Sigmund Fraud

    The Inside Out report can be found here at this URL:

    Watch the arrogance of this man and you will see the same arrogance displayed bye the Oligarchs on Jersey who show utter contempt for anyone who tries to spoil their little pervs paradise.

    Shame on anyone who does not stand up in Jersey and DEMAND that any inquiry held, does not contain anyone thought to be involved with the political cliche on the island or the other islands around Jersey. As well as anyone who are put into place by the British home office. We all know too well what happened to the Wales Inquiry which included luminaries, and hgh ranking masons as well as police and a certain building contractor who could still be in the House of Lords.

    Out them all now or we are destined to relive these atrocities over and over again…

  6. Anonymous

    How was that man and his wife allowed off the Island without going to jail, Cancer my arse.

    Bring them back and take them back to court, but saying that, I can see Frank and his Clan letting them all off and blaming the village idiot for all the abuse. How can these people sleep at night.
    People of Jersey, stand up for yourselves for God’s sake, chain yourselves to the Town Hall Gates in Protest, be proud people and get rid of those who are bent in YOUR Government.

    Make sure Stuart has plenty of backup in his fight, the more the better. I like Stuart have nothing against Masons or any group like that, as long as they stick to the Law, but in this case it looks like another big cover up like it was here on the mainland, but we still fight, we will never let it go. The internet is your way to get news off the Island so use it,

    Keep up the fight Stuart, don’t let the buggers beat you mate.

  7. Anonymous

    *Why* is Walker happy to publicise the Panorama programme?

    Also, there has been a rumour for many months that it will be ‘Sir’ Frank in the New Years honours. Due to him being the retiring first ever Chief Plonker. I suggest people contact the UK Government to stop any chance this travesty occurring.

    Come on UK press, there is plenty of ‘information’ to find on our beloved leaders.

  8. Anonymous

    The end cant come soon enough, i hope the whole island government crashes to the ground,and if that means taking the finance industry with it then so be it. We worked before they came we will work when they leave, i hope they take the majority of the english settler class with them , keep it up Stuart, when the time comes i personally will get off my arse to support you,

  9. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart, dont be suprised regarding Johns Noels Letter suporting Civil Servants and attacking you

    This so called Union is a Mickey Mouse outfit and only exists to rubber stamp Goverment Policy

    They are really a bad joke!!


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