Can Warcup be far Behind?

The Effects of the Tipping-Point

Begin to Show.

Just a very brief posting – as regular readers will understand, I’m somewhat busy these days.

I really will do the long-promised next substantive posting tomorrow.


But in the mean time – some exciting and heartening news from the front-line of our war for ethics, competency, honesty and lawfulness.

Jersey’s senior civil service are – finally – about four decades too late – colliding with the reality of such notions as accountability.

Many readers will be familiar with the horrifying defects of the management of Jersey’s health & Social Services department.

The Chief Executive – Mike Pollard – helping to conceal child abuse.

A demonstrable liar and charlatan.

A disastrous failure at strategic management.

And pro-actively attempting to conceal his management team’s responsibility for the manslaughter of a patient.

Richard Lane – Consultant anaesthetist – and Jersey H & SS Medical Director.

Involved in the last hours of the life of Elizabeth Rourke – the patient unlawfully killed by H & SS.

Yet – the same man was then – as a willing participant – placed in charge – by Pollard – of the organisation’s internal case management of the suspension of a colleague, who they were trying to set-up as a scapegoat for the tragic death.

Bill Ogley – the Chief Executive to the States of Jersey.

Concealer of child abuse.

Concealer of corporate manslaughter.

Brazen – and proven – liar; the evidence for which I e-mailed to all States members on Thursday morning.

All – are finished.

David Warcup – acting Chief of Police.

He, too, must be finished – surely?

A politicised cop – who pro-actively engaged with the Jersey oligarchy’s efforts to conceal, spin and bury the truth concerning the child abuse investigation.

A senior police officer – who – along with the departed Gradwell – peddled lies to the national media – in conjunction with Frank Walker’s spin doctors – and, in doing so, strove to smear the work and reputations of good, fellow, senior police officers – such as Graham Power and Lenny Harper.

For decades, generations – centuries, even – the Jersey oligarchy has got away with such conduct – such “standards”.

The utter invulnerability – and sense of omnipotence imbued in the local power-structures has, seemingly, always been rapidly contagious to virtually anyone who joined “The Firm”.

But such unaccountability and arrogance breads hubris.

It is that which has – finally – initiated the end of the oligarchy.

At long-last, the powers-that-be in London are taking their legal and moral obligations seriously – and are beginning the over-due process or restoring good governance and the proper rule of law in Crown Dependencies like Jersey.

And in a futile effort to fend-off the inevitable remodelling of power which will be demanded by London – the bosses of “The Firm” here in Jersey are beginning to sacrifice the previously invulnerable, armour-plated senior players in the local apparatus.

Events which can only be of huge benefit to the public good.

But – it will not save the oligarchy; for such actions are too little – too late.

Expect the departure of the characters named above to be spun – to be played-out gradually in some cases – for there to be no immediate or dramatic announcements; for even some initial denials – before cosmetic reasons such as ‘compassionate’ grounds, ‘early retirement’, ‘ill-health’ – etc are used in an attempt to disguise the true reasons for their departure.

In the case of others, their departure may be altogether more sudden.

Can characters such as Attorney General William Bailhache be far behind on the departure list?

Now that the stables are – finally – getting cleaned?


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