Torture and battery of children?

Never mind – just so long as we’re all “polite” about it.

Sorry for not posting for a while; I often feel like I’m running out of steam.

Being a one-man opposition seems to have that effect.

I will, as I suggested, produce a detailed post on the “performance” of BBC Jersey soon. But I just haven’t had the time or energy to get around to it yet. And – to be honest – there are higher priorities than writing about these clowns everyday.

Some of you will have seen the BBC south-west regional television news at 6.30 this evening. It will still be viewable for some time on the BBC iPlayer site in case you missed it.

And don’t let anyone run away with the idea this redeems BBC Jersey – it most certainly doesn’t.

The BBC regional broadcast led with a piece concerning the appaling sexual abuse suffered by a number of children whilst in the “care” of the States of Jersey.

Readers will be familiar with the abuse episode in question; some of the story has been covered in earlier TV programs and has been referred to on this blog.

Following the broadcast this evening, I had a long telephone conversation with one of the abuse survivors amongst the many I have come to know, and whose story was featured in the piece.

What this particular victim – and all the others – went through was utterly appalling.

In my post, “Civil Servants and Accountability”, I wrote of reading some substantial files of evidence which were drawn to my attention last year by whistle-blowers.

I could only read a few pages at a time – before having to stand and walk around the large board-table in the room in an effort to re-compose myself.

Frequently – whilst reading the two substantial lever-arch files and a smaller ring-binder of evidence – I had to leave them and just stare out of the window down into the main road that runs by the Jersey General Hospital.

I stood there and trembled.

It was a profoundly strange moment – one I had never even rehearsed in my mind as a possibility. God knows, as one of a tiny handful of anti-establishment politicians in Jersey, I was cynical enough about the Jersey establishment – and its habits and venal betrayals of this community.

But nothing had prepared me for this.

Reading these catalogues of foul abuse against small, vulnerable children – discovering that some of them had been taken into “care” because their mother had died of cancer when they were little children – all my partisan political preconceptions fell away. This wasn’t an ‘establishment’ versus ‘anti-establishment’ epiphany.

Rather it was a truly bleak confrontation with the brute fact of human nature.

The horror of it all left me unable to do anything but shake my head at the base foulness which can be found in so many human beings.

Sadly – not a perception that has been weakened during the last eight months.

I don’t know what horrified me more – the fact that the abusers could behave in this way – or that the Jersey civil service could permit the abuse to continue for years – and then conceal it when it became too significant to ignore?

As I have written previously, the abusers were allowed to “retire” from running the group-home in question back in 1990.

It is quite appalling enough that the Police were not informed of the abuse at that time.

But – even more horrifyingly – as you can see in tonight’s broadcast – the abusers were allowed to keep one of the child victims in their “care” for a further two years.

She continued to suffer appallingly.

To spell it out; here we have Jersey Social Services – finally – in 1990 – the best part of a decade too late – accepting that two of their employees were committing monstrous abuses against little children. But instead of going to the Police – allowing one of the abusers to carry on working in a social services environment – and even worse – permitting them to keep a vulnerable orphaned child in their care for a further two years.

This particular victim speaks of her ordeal in tonight’s program.

I succeeded in stealing some of this evidence – the excellent 1999 report by Dylan Southern for example – not to mention the sickening letter of “thanks” written by Iris Le Feuvre to the two abusers who featured in tonight’s broadcast.

No doubt Jersey’s comically disgusting Data Protection Office will be looking to add this to their grounds for harassing me.

Nevertheless, I knew I had to make contact with the victims of the abuse episode in question.

I had to make contact with them and give them the documents I had stolen. If nothing else – they had a right to know the truth.

I didn’t know their contact details – but given the immense public controversy which was unfolding in Jersey, many other victims and whistle-blowers were making contact with me.

And it was through one of these survivors I was able to make contact with the Blanche Pierre victims.

Each time I met with any of them, I made certain to give them a photo-copy of the secret documents which described the truth of what had happened to them.

I knew – and they knew – the potential personal impact of reading these things. But they and I knew they had to have them and read them.

And, sure enough – it was a profoundly traumatic experience for some of them. As though it wasn’t already bad enough – that they had endured this abuse throughout their childhoods – to learn that the authorities who were supposed to be protecting them in fact betrayed them again – and then again – was almost too much to endure for some of them.

And that is not an exaggeration.

I can, though, say that many of them have noticeably grown in strength and confidence during these recent months.

Finally they are being listened to, believed, and treated as though they existed.

They are speaking to the national and international media; they are beginning to feel empowered; they are beginning to regain control of their lives.

In the coming weeks they will be establishing a Jersey branch of the UK Care Leavers Association. And I have no doubt that it is going to become a formidable force for the interests of abuse survivors.

Some of you may follow the Jersey Evening Post – or The Rag as it is more popularly know on these shores.

Check out tonight’s edition for a further illustration of what we are battling against in Jersey.

It contains two letters attacking me – the general theme of which is that I should be thrown out of politics because my “behaviour” towards Jersey establishment oligarchs has not been “polite”.

These letters are fairly typical of that which The Rag chooses to publish. Which is not, incidentally, an accurate representation of letters they receive. I know this because my JEP moles have told me so – quite in addition to receiving significant numbers of copies of letters sent to me by the public – following the JEP’s refusal to print them.

Apparently, it is simply insufferable that I should be describing my “esteemed colleagues” as ‘bloody idiots’ and generally exhibiting what the authors of the letters describe as:

“Petulant, self-centred, ill-mannered politics.”

Well – if “petulance” and being “ill-mannered” are the characteristics needed in an effort to prevent the battery and rape of children – as carried out at tax-payers’ expense – so be it.

If you didn’t see the broadcast tonight – check it out on the BBC iPlayer.

It is these victims – and many others like them – in whose name I have challenged the terribly, terribly “polite” world of “traditional” Jersey politics.

There is a saying to the effect that:

“People get the government they deserve.”

Let us – just for arguments sake – assume that the views of the authors of these letters represent a majority of Jersey opinion.

If that be the case – then this population is welcome to an establishment which will carry on concealing the rape, battery and torture of orphans.

But never mind – I’m sure they’ll be terribly, terribly “polite” about it all.



  1. Sigmund Fraud

    This is a story about four people named; everybody, somebody , anybody and nobody.

    There was an important job to be done and everybody was asked to do it.

    everybody was sure somebody would do it.

    Anybody could have done it, but nobody did it.

    Somebody got angry about that, because it was everybody’s job.

    Everybody thought anybody could do it, but nobody realised that everybody wouldn’t do it.

    It ended up that everybody blamed somebody when nobody did what anybody could have done.

    Kind of sums it up..

  2. Nancy

    There comes a time and a place where it becomes necessary to restate the obvious and few do so with such clarity and elegance as the philosopher Mary Midgley, this is a quote from her book ‘The Myths we live by’.
    “To begin, however, with the question of acts and consequences: it is interesting to note that some consequences are not just a matter of chance. Acts that are wrong in themselves can be expected to have bad effects of a particular kind that is not just accidental. Their badness follows from what is wrong in the act itself, so that there is a rational, conceptual link between them and their results. These consequences are a sign of what was wrong with the act in the first place…
    For instance, it is no accident that habitual and systematic lying, or habitual and systematic injustice, have bad effects in human life. These habits can be expected to destroy mutual trust and respect, not accidentally, but because accepting those consequences is part of the act. Acts of lying or injustice are themselves expressions of disrespect and untrustworthiness, so they unavoidably call for more of the same. “
    Don’t ever think that you’re on your own Stuart, we are right beside you all the way and Thank You for your strength, your determination and your sacrifices.
    Best Wishes,

  3. Anonymous

    Survivors of Jersey. Stand up and be proud, don’t hide away from these people, as the more you hide the more they are abusing you. It was not you fault.

    Stand along side Stuart and fight your Govenment, it was them who abused you, It Was not Your Fault.

    Don’t be ashamed to talk out in the open of what they did to you. It was not your fault.

    Every time you hide away from the truth, they are abusing you again. It was not your fault.

    I have worked with hundreds of survivors over the past years, and they all know now that it wasn’t their fault. Give the blame back to them, it does not belong to you, it belongs to them, them in power should have all the blame.

    Start a Jersey Survivors Group, if I have to I will fly over and show you how to do it, get your own website, get the news off the Island, if the Rag won’t do it, do it yourself. Remember that you are not just fighting for yourself, you are fighting for the young children comming up behind you, you can’t let it happen to them.

    Don’t leave Stuart to fight out of his corner alone, its not fair for one man to fight, he needs your help, he sure has it from here on the mainland if he needs it, don’t let them tread this man like sh*t he is fighting for you remember. It takes a very brave man to stand up and fight alone.

    I’m not ashamed of what happened to me whilst in care in Liverpool, I stand proud with my head held I, why you ask.

    If you wish to mail me, please do, I have nothing to hide.

    We have not had any news for some time now from Jersey about whats happening in the home, someone please update us.

    Keep up the fight and don’t allow them to brush it under the carpet.


  4. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart,-
    this is the best and most important information you wrote :
    That a group of care-home victims
    want to establish a Jersey branch of the “UK Care Leavers Association” !
    That`s great and a very good idea !
    This makes it total impossible for the ministers and senators on Mr.Walker`s side,
    to hope,that after a few months the public of Jersey will forget the whole big scandal
    about care-home children abuses!!
    It`s the best what the victims could do : to become a member of the “Care Leavers Association” and then start fighting ,-with the help of some lawyers,-and a courageous SENATOR,-
    well-known as STUART SYVRET,-
    for their rights to demand and receive money for their damages .
    Dear Stuart,you should know,that there are a lot of people standing behind you and behind the care-home victims !

  5. Anonymous

    “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.” – Unknown

  6. Tom

    Unfortunately this wretched subject happens in so many places. Nowhere is exempt. Wherever children are present, those with an unhealthy interest in them gather. And when abuse comes to light everyone is shocked, despite the ever present warning signs being visible. Parents do not want to believe for extraordinary reasons, teachers and administrators go deaf, dumb and blind for different reasons.

    Even the author of this next article suspected something but also did not speak at the time

    Following a meeting in July 2007 between former pupils who had been abused, and the Buckinghamshire Local Children Safeguarding Board, it was agreed that both schools Inspectorates, ISI and Ofsted, would for the first time be put in possession of all the information about actual and alleged abuse between 1962 and 2001. This would enable a credible welfare inspection to occur in November 2007. But during this inspection neither Inspectorate found anything on which to report. Neither reported on what the school had done, if anything, to ensure there is little or no likelihood of a repeat of abuse in similar circumstances.

    The only documents on which parents can gather any independent information about schools are these reports. There is nothing else. And here with these two reports the clock chimes thirteen. When this happens it causes one to question not just the thirteenth chime but all the preceding chimes. Given the failure of both Inspectorates to report on what has been done to avoid the systematic failures at this institution which caused misery for so many one has to question the reports produced for other schools. Of what value are they? None it seems on the subject of welfare on which they have a statutory obligation to report. This fails every child and every parent in Britain. But with the addiction to outsourcing parental responsibility to others from the police to the schools (ha!) few parents give a toss.

    And one then tells the Government and they turn a blind eye. Beverley Hughes refuses to see one of our number. She thinks he’s talking nonsense. She is in for a surprise.

  7. Anonymous

    Why is Anton Skinner still representing vulnerable people.

    He is practically living in Mike Pollard’s office at the moment.
    Busy getting getting the story straight.

    Just how much money did the tax payer have to shell out as his golden handshake when he got early retirement?

    We are so lucky to have people of such calibre and integrity running our services.

    Any chance of getting the handshake back?

  8. TonyB

    Not directly related to you, but on standards of reporting. Last Saturday’s JEP carried interview with retiring Constable of St Mary, Ken Le Brun, in which it stated that (a) all Constables would not be elected on the same day; (b) the term of office would be four years not three. Unless I’m on another planet, I remember the JEP reporting that (b) was thrown out of the States about a month ago. Don’t the editors read what they publish? This is Jersey journalism at its best!!!

  9. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart. Post on blog if you wish.

    John Ellis. Former senator (Member of the States of Jersey) and President of the States defence committee, responsible for police.
    Frank Amy. Constable for Grouville parish. The position as head of the parish’s honorary police, is an elected member of the States of Jersey, the islands parliament.
    John Farley. Former deputy for St Helier (Deputies are also members of the States of Jersey.
    Don Filleul. Waterfront Enterprise Board Chairman, former president of the then States public works committee.
    Edwin Godel. Constable for St. Mary parish.
    Colin Goss. Contenier for St Peter parish. Conteniers, elected by parish assemblies, are operational heads of honorary police with exclusive powers of arrest.
    Carl Hinault. Constable for St. John parish, former president of the States planning and environmental committee.
    Reg Jeune OBE. President of the States policy and resources committee(Jersey’s “prime minister”) until 1996. Former Lloyds TSB Group director and TSB Channel Islands chairman.
    Stanley Le Cornu. Constable for St. Clement parish, former deputy for St Clement.
    Michael Payne. Aide-de-camp to Lieutenant-Governor ( Queens representative) of Jersey 1990-95. Former Hill Samuel Bank(Jersey)company director.
    Edward Potter. Jurat of the Royal Court.
    Brian Richardson. Former constable for Trinity Parish.
    Leonard Gower-Ross. Former chairman of Ross Gower Ltd, a London based insurance company with offices in Jersey and Guernsey.
    David Rothband. Former Contenier for St Helier parish.
    David Seal. Founder and former managing director of Jefferson Seal stockbrokers. Also, a director of Stannifer Hotels Group.
    Derek Seymour. A former director of the Seymour Hotels Group, which owns several hotels in Jersey.
    Peter Stoneman. Senior manager at UBS private banking subsidiary Cantrade when it was embroiled in a currency-dealing fraud.
    Charges against him were discontinued in 1997.
    Alfred Vibert. Former jurat of the Royal Court and honorary police officer.
    Richard Wade OBE. Former Managing Director of Jersey Electricity.
    Peter Walsh. Former Chamber of Commerce president, standing for election as senator in October 1999.

  10. Anonymous

    Stuart, you may feel that you are running out of steam, but can I encourage you to keep posting, even if it is not daily?

    There are at least two of us who have been posting here who have managed to network with each other, and find that our experiences with trying to tell peop;le about how we were abused are very similar.

    There are loads of people who have been abused, not just at Jersey, but all over the UK. All these people need some way of getting together, because it is only when we unite and stand as a group that we will be heard.

    It is outrageous the way some people have tried to discredit the Jersey survivors. Even though over 100 people have come forward, I have seen certain websites denounce them as potential liars!

    We MUST unite all the survivors, because the abuse in ongoing! It won’t stop until the abuser network is fully exposed.

    The operation Ore investigation was a complete travesty. The Staffordshire Pindown investigation was likewise. They try to cover all these scandals up, and up till now they have succeeded. There are plenty of people who were victims of Staffordshire Pindown, myself included, who have never sees a sniff of anything like justice, despite the very vocal way I have complained about it over the years.

    Keep going, please. I know it’s hard going at times, but so many people are depending on you. Please don’t let go of us.



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