A few, Brief Comments.

Before I get into the substance of this post readers may like to note that I will be doing a post everyday now in my coverage of the Jersey elections.

I may even get another post done this evening, other demands permitting.

So watch this space.

Below this post I reproduce a couple of very brief articles from the web-site of Community Care Magazine. They’ve clearly had sight of the Howard League report, and full articles appear in the paper edition of the magazine.

The report itself should be out this weekend – but in the mean time we can get a flavour of what’s in it from the Com-Care pieces.

As several of my perspicacious readers have pointed out – the oligarchy spin-campaign against the Howard League began at the start of this week – and the report isn’t even published yet.

I guess it’s a bit of that old rugby adage – about “getting your retaliation in first”.

We’ve heard the sounds of Jimmy Perchard squealing on BBC Jersey radio – and feeding another load of garbage to the listening public who he’s supposed to be representing.

I always knew Jimmy wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box – but I’ve actually been quite startled at just how stupid he really is.

Consider his attempts to spin against the Howard League report.

He holds up the Williamson report as though it were the last word on caring for children in custody.

In the same breath, tries to rubbish the report of the Howard League – because it correctly says that what I and Simon Bellwood were objecting to was, in fact, unlawful.

But it obviously hasn’t dawned on Jimmy (someone will have to break the news to him gently) that on this key point – the simple illegality of the punitive and coercive regimes of solitary confinement – the Howard League and Williamson reports do not contradict each-other.

Although weak, feeble and inadequate in oh so many ways – even the Williamson report couldn’t avoid saying this:

“However, to use single separation/isolation, the process whereby children are forcibly removed from association with others and confined to a room on their own as a punishment for misbehaviour, is clearly inappropriate and should never be sanctioned by any care regime.”

The Howard League come to exactly the same conclusion so far as this observation is concerned – except that they state the facts plainly and without the weasel-words of Williamson.

Actually – I’m beginning to wonder if Jimmy can actually read. Perhaps he just can’t comprehend any written English unless it’s in the form of a letter explaining the latest farming subsidies?

For example – on Tuesday I e-mailed him in these terms:

“Senator Perchard

Having just returned to Jersey from London – where I have been fighting for the rights of vulnerable children in Jersey in the teeth of opposition from people like you – I have listened to the interview you gave on BBC radio Jersey this morning.

I’d be grateful if I could have answers to a few questions.

Why do you continue to tell lies about me? For example, trotting-out the falsehood that my motivation is “making political capital” out of the situation?

Why are you and your Minister entirely happy to keep in employment a variety of senior – highly expensive – civil servants – who have – on an evidenced basis – lied and engaged in a variety of malfeasances?

How is it imagined that the claims of you and your Minister to have the welfare of children as your highest concern can be taken seriously, when you allow Joe Kennedy to return to work?

Likewise – how are you to be taken seriously when you will not so much as even suspend one, senior civil servant – even though Frank’s poodle – Williamson – said that the solitary confinement regimes which your officers enacted and covered-up were “never acceptable”?

Could you show me where you have registered an interest – in that you engaged in a very lucrative property transaction with one Joylyon Baker – the brother of Piers Baker – the man who had to resign in disgrace from Victoria College – and who described video footage of acts of child abuse as “teachers’ perks”?”

But – I just can’t get even the faintest response from him. Maybe I should telephone him and read him the e-mail over the phone?

You know, I’m sufficiently motivated to have a good, long chat with Jimmy about these issues that – get this – I’m even going to e-mail BBC Jersey and offer to do the Sunday phone-in with him.

And if he’s too cowardly – I’m happy to appear with Frank “you’re just trying to shaft Jersey internationally” Walker.

Perhaps Sunday the 26th October would be good? We’ll have had time to read and digest the Howard League report then

Of course – the exercise is futile – as last time I made such an offer to BBC Jersey to have a live debate program with Big Frank, they responded by saying “The BBC does not host political debates because it might influence decision-makers.”

Somehow, Denzil Dudley’s approach to programming has been missed by the BBC top-brass – who carry on broadcasting programs such as Question Time and Any Questions.

But – I guess one has to go through the motions of making the offer anyway. If nothing else I’ll get a good blog-post out of their absurd reply.

Anyway – have a read of the two, brief pieces from the Com-Care web site below whilst we await the publication of the Howard League report.

And as I said earlier, I’m going to do a post each day up to the elections – so carry-on checking the site – you might miss some of the excitement otherwise.



Report backs up complaints of sacked Jersey professional

Posted: 09 October 2008 | Subscribe Online

writes Maria Ahmed

It is more than a year since Community Care broke the story of how UK social worker Simon Bellwood was sacked from his job at a secure unit on Jersey after he criticised a policy of locking up children in solitary confinement.

At the time, Bellwood’s employers denied the claims, but an employment tribunal and an inquiry into his sacking earlier this year helped to vindicate him.

The strongest vindication yet will come in the findings of the Howard League for Penal Reform. The Jersey establishment can no longer deny abuses in their children’s system and must act on the evidence before them.

The full article is published in the 9 October edition of Community Care under the headline “Bellwood vindicated”

New Jersey revelations alleging abuse in Howard League report

Howard League calls for reform of Jersey’s secure practices

Posted: 07 October 2008 | Subscribe Online

writes Maria Ahmed

The Howard League for Penal Reform is expected to make fresh allegations about past abuse of children held in custody in Jersey, including being held in solitary confinement in cold rooms with concrete beds.

The “highly credible” evidence is expected in a report out soon from the League, which visited the island to investigate concerns first raised by UK social worker Simon Bellwood.

Abusive practices alleged

The charity’s report is likely to say that staff and young people alleged the existence of “abusive” practices going back many years. These include being held in isolation with little human contact for long periods.

It is also expected to criticise Jersey’s juvenile custody rate, which is higher than that in England and Wales and other European countries, despite the island’s small population and lack of comparable inner city problems.

Cases cited by the Howard League are understood to include children sent to custody for being found drunk, urinating in a public place and causing “malicious damage”.

Old boys network in Jersey

The report is likely to criticise “old boys’ networks” in the Jersey establishment, claiming this deters people from making complaints. It is expected to recommend a more effective whistleblowing policy, inspection of secure services by an external body such as Ofsted and the establishment of an independent prosecution service.
The findings follow a turbulent year for Jersey where a police investigation into historic child abuse at several institutions – unrelated to Simon Bellwood’s case – is continuing.

Simon Bellwood

Bellwood, who has settled his claim for unfair dismissal, said he hoped the Howard League report would “serve the interests of children rather than the political elite of Jersey”.

Bellwood was sacked from his post as manager at the Greenfields secure unit in Jersey last year after criticising the practice of placing children in solitary confinement. His case, first reported in Community Care, sparked several inquiries including the Howard League investigation this year.

• More on Jersey at:

34 thoughts on “THE HOWARD LEAGUE

  1. Anonymous

    Does any of our taxes go directly or indirectly to fund the “spindoctor”Glen Rankine?
    If not what possesses people like him to carry on their evil ways?
    Is it a few crumbs from his Masters table,makes him feel important and by association one of the gang?
    Little do they know they are used like the rest of us in the quest for power.
    Brown-nosers are disliked,and he sure has been snorting a bit too much of the Establishment for most peoples liking.
    I never was a a great one in conspiracy theories,but question also the BBC breakdown of their recording machinery at such a vital time.
    Only have to read the JEP coverings of the husting to end once and for all the face they spin for their political Masters.

  2. Anonymous

    Stuart – the following is a small piece of research on the Howard League for Penal Reform – no doubt Jimmy Perchard will be reading your blog and he may wish to enlighten himself on their research guidelines, following his disparaging remarks on local radio yesterday

    Howard League for Penal Reform – Charity Number 251926

    The Howard League for Penal Reform is the oldest penal reform charity in the UK.

    Core Principles
    The Howard League for Penal Reform is committed to conducting research for public benefit that respects the dignity, rights, safety and welfare of both its researchers and participants. High quality research depends upon the professional and ethical conduct of the researcher(s). To that end, those undertaking research on behalf of the Howard League for Penal Reform will be guided by a series of core principles. In conducting their work they will:
    • Advance knowledge about penal reform and its surrounding issues
    • Obtain freely given consent from their research participants and respect their participants’ wishes
    • Safeguard the interests of those involved in or affected by their work
    • Consider the consequences of their work for those whom they study and other interested parties
    • Ensure that all parties subject to penal measures are considered, irrespective of race, gender, age, sexual orientation or conviction

    Ethecial research guidelines
    • The Howard League for Penal Reform works for a safe society where fewer people are victims of crime
    • The Howard League for Penal Reform believes that offenders must make amends for what they have done and change their lives
    • The Howard League for Penal Reform believes that community sentences make a person take responsibility and live a law-abiding life in the community

    Ethical research must be rooted in ongoing reflection and discussion. This statement does not, therefore, provide a set of rules, adherence to which will, somehow, enable the researcher to bypass ethical choices or dilemmas. Instead, it offers guidance and principles to assist researchers make choices and decisions in their work in such a way that recognizes and respects the sometimes-conflicting interests of all those involved.

  3. Smokin Jo

    Roll up, roll up, place your bets here, right now! How many words, sentences, paragraphs or phrases will the JEP print of The Howard League’s report? And if they do print any, how many words, sentences, paragraphs or phrases will be edited to the JEP’s liking?

    Perhaps Mr Perchard would like to have a flutter on this 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    “The first use ……found for it [soul murder] is in a book written in 1832 about Kaspar Hauser, a nineteenth-century foundling who had been brought up from early childhood in a dark dungeon where he had been deprived of almost all human contact. his story became famous, and a book was written about him by a well-known German judge, Anselm von Fuerbach. Here is von Fuerbach’s indictment of those who kept the youth imprisoned for most of his seventeen years:

    ….. it is the iniquity perpetrated against ……. his spiritual nature which presents the most revolting aspect of the crime committed against him.
    An attempt, by artificial contrivances, to exclude a man from nature and from all intercourse with rational human beings …. to withdraw from him
    all the nourishment afforded by those spiritual substances which nature has appointed for food to the human mind, that it may grow and flourish …. such an attempt must [be] a highly criminal invasion of man’s most sacred and
    most peculiar property – the freedom and destiny of his soul …. Inasmuch as all the earlier part of [Kaspar’s] life was thus taken from him, he may be said to have been the subject of partial soul-murder [von Fuerbach, 1832, pp. 55-56].”


  5. Anonymous

    There was a letter in the jep (which i won’t be buying tomorrow) advising people not to use all their votes if one can’t be sure who to vote for.
    I would argue that every opportunity to vote should be used. So if you can’t decide on six people, vote for your preferred candidates and then add as many new names as you can.
    This accomplishes two objectives. One, it sends a message to the other states members that “you can be voted out of your clubhouse”. Two, this will stop establishment candidates sneaking in at the back of the pack. The ruling party supporters will all turn out to vote, that’s their strength. But they are in the minority and can be defeated if enough voters who are fed up with the corruption and ineptitude of frank and friends make an effort to block the ruling party candidates from getting in. And lets be honest, it doesn’t matter how little experience the new candidates have, if they think child abuse should be punished and corruption is wrong they will stand head and shoulders above most of the states members.

  6. Anonymous

    you have failed to answer this question Ryan

    Ryan Morrison said

    ‘Before we can safely broadcast such allegations we need to have them verified from at least two separate and independent sources.’

    From the original article

    The Police regard the allegations as well-evidenced and credible – and to that end, recently issued a Disclosure Notice to Lundy’s employers – the States – that he is under serious investigation for violent child abuse.

    So that doesn’t count?
    Let me get this straight.

    If the police in the UK informed the government that a Chief Officer of the Education department was under ‘serious investigation for violent child abuse’ the national BBC news would not report this until
    ‘ two people come forward to tell their story to the BBC, independently then we would have something to work from and report.’

  7. Anonymous

    That film, Casper, was based on his story, wasn’t it? Poor boy, why do people have to be cruel like this? It’s a sad world to be a child in.


  8. Anonymous

    Abused and Looked After Children as ‘Moral Dirt’: Child Abuse and Institutional Care in Historical Perspective

    This article argues that to provide adequate historical explanations for the maltreatment of children in institutional care it is necessary to ground the analysis fully in the context of the concept of child abuse and definition of childhood that existed at the time, something that many studies fail to do. Drawing primarily on the experience of the Irish industrial schools prior to the 1970s, while most commentators suggest that children were removed into care and treated cruelly because they were poor, there were also many children who entered the industrial schools who had been abused by their parents and welcomed being protected, and the community played a key role in supporting such actions. Children were treated harshly in the industrial schools not only due to their poverty but because they were victims of parental cruelty, which was perceived to have ‘contaminated’ their childhood ‘innocence’. They were treated as the moral dirt of a social order determined to prove its purity and subjected to ethnic cleansing. Prevention of such abuse today requires a radical reconstruction of the traditional status of children in care, while justice and healing for survivors necessitates full remembrance of the totality of the abuse they experienced, and that those responsible are made fully accountable.

    a1 Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of the West of England, Glenside Campus, Blackberry Hill, Bristol BS16 1DD email:

  9. Anonymous

    Re the 24th. Once these two have been sentenced that’s it! The Jersey police are focusing on the abuse, rape and torture that took place at HDG. And not (at the present time), the descovery of the remains of children!

    The JEP will try and print a scoop on this! However, the Police have told all or as many of us (the victims) as possible. So remember, you heard about long before the rag published it and it is from the SOJP!

  10. Anonymous

    We are told by the BBC in Jersey by Roger (This is my Phone in so; I shall talk over you, unless your name is Bridget (Can I sit on your knee Frank Walker) Murphy) Bara.
    That the BBC has not the budget to investigate The Historic Child abuse, and possible corruption in the States, in such a way that serious questions would be asked, we are told again and again that BBC Jersey haven’t the resources.
    Yet they can sent two journalists one of them being Roger Bara, all the way to Tanzania to report on a Cricket match .

  11. Anonymous

    There was an excellent bit on TV last night about the abuse and massacres in Darfur, Sudan. A UN guy involved (I think he was a very senior figure)in these types of investigations said that those who perpetrate these crimes will:-
    DENY them,
    if and when they come to people attention
    then they will MINIMISE them,
    and finally
    they will want these events to be FORGOTTEN.

    Classic statement should be on the front page of the JEP as worthy news, and exactly in my opinion what has been happening in Jersey.
    30-40 years of denial. I believe using the word “historic” in papers etc, or those in charge, minimises the impact of the events. Are we entering the forget about it stage? Time will tell.

  12. Anonymous

    “Are we entering the forget about it stage?”

    Not this time! Too many people know, this time.

    They’ve started persecuting Lenny Harper again, I see, but there’s a few of us here that know all about the unlawful malicious vindictive persecution that Mr Harper is going though, don’t we? (wink!)

    In the past, we might have believed the dirty lies they will no doubt make up about people like Mr Harper, we’ve all been treated like that – they virtually called me an eleven year old hooker rather than admitting that I had been abused by their scummy children’s services.

    We’ll be ready when the lies come out.

    So no, they won’t get away with it this time, we’re pretty united in out hatred of these evil devils.


  13. Anonymous

    “Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your silly bloggers are pointless and you are talking like losers. Ozouf is the winner, he will WIN next Wednesday. All you are doing is making matters worse because he will then go for revenge and make you suffer.

    Friday, 10 October, 2008″

    This was on the previous thread, and I’m putting it here as I thought you might all miss it. It sounds like a threat to me. Ozouf isn’t supposed to be using his position to make people suffer!

    I would very much like to know who this person is! He sounds a nasty piece of work, not to mention a coward.


  14. a whole spectrum of fun

    Zoompad, here are two facts :

    * that comment was made on several blogs at between 3am and 5am in the early hours of this morning

    * a couple of postings slating local blogs were made on a certain local forum, in the same time frame, by one “Jason The Maverick”

    Make of that what you will! Could be a total coincidence, of course :))

  15. Anonymous

    The Nellie Macon /Rankine row and Radio Jersey rubbishes you blog comment on counting votes.

    Where are you????

  16. Stuart Syvret

    Re: Where am I?

    I’m sorry not to be able to respond immediately, nor to every comment which gets made. I am pretty busy with a lot of important stuff.

    But as you ask – here goes.

    Nothing surprises me about Rankine and the oligarchs he loves to serve and crawl around. But as I’ve remarked previously – he is so extraordinarily stupid that – yes – it is entirely believable he would be so utterly dumb as threaten supporters of other candidates – even dumb enough to do it in public.

    It is said you can tell a lot about a man from the company he keeps. Rankine is spin-doctoring for Philip Ozouf and Alan MacLean. Nuff said, really.

    BBC Jersey has run pieces in which I have been attacked pretty much everyday this week – and, Christ, I’m not even a candidate!

    We’ve had Jimmy Perchard trying to smear me. One of the lawyers who organised the conference on child protection legislation – whinging about the fact that I sent his firm an e-mail in response to the invitation, in which I said of the ticket-price for the day of £175 ‘you’re having a laugh, right?’ The point I was making is that survivors are increasingly empowered – and able to absorb a lot of the legal issues for themselves. Yet the conference excluded them by its ludicrous cost. I don’t think I know a single survivor who could readily afford £175.

    And yes – the dodgy elections. I’m not suggesting that such things are widespread – but I’ve heard the suggestions from several different sources who participated in counts at several elections, and I believe them. For example, a wonderful old lady told me that in at least two of the elections the late, great Norman Le Brocq ran, votes for him were discounted. And think about it – just how insanely barking-mad and McCarthyite were the oligarchy campaigns against him.

    And this time?

    Desperate people do desperate things – and there is a very real chance the establishment could be take a real battering in these elections. Those who have grown used to being able to use Jersey as merely a piece of money-making apparatus will not give up such power without a fight.


  17. mjd

    zoompad, jason the maverick said on one forum at 4am today;

    There is a rumour now going around that Ozouf will win and will be in the top 3. If this does happen I think some of the venomous blogs had better tidy themselves up quickly, because I know some people are determined to find out the name of their owner(s).

    see how similar to it is to the commnet that was shown here

  18. Anonymous

    I suppose if the Jersey Establishment party lose all or most of the Senatorial seats then they will find this unsettling.
    But they will retain almost all of the Constables, as the seats are either not being contested or the battles are between two establishment figures.
    To lose control of the House and stop Terry le Sueur becoming Chief Minister would require a near earthquake in the Deputy elections with a lot of new faces.
    It could happen but the strange make up of the Jersey States and its byzantine electoral process makes this unlikely in my opinion.
    Anyway my advice would be to use all your votes and not to vote for any of the Malignant Seven 😀

  19. Anonymous

    Could someone please explain to me who will be paying for islanders specialist care if they need to be sent to the U.K.? I previously believed that surgeries, cancer treatments and so on were part of the reciprocal agreement. But obviously not as we are assured by ben shenton and mike pollard that we will still recieve treatment from the NHS.

    So who pays?
    It can’t be the NHS trust which provides the treatment as we are not U.K. taxpayers.

    For the same reason I dont see the department of health paying for our care.

    We (Jersey) don’t send large payment cheques to the NHS (do we?).

    As i say i always believed this was covered by the reciprocal agreement, so if i’m wrong how are these treatments paid for?

    Or will we find the answer after the elections?

    Maybe if enough people were to call the U.K. department of health on Monday on 0207 210 4850 we might get an answer.

  20. Anonymous

    Zoompad, Jason The Maverick was an ex-moderator and clown who was on a finance biased Jersey forum, who got some members like AHITS, Jersey Boy and Davros banned for putting an alternative point of view. Apparently he has now left that forum but his smell lingers on. The mods were constantly called in to bail him out of the mess he was getting himself in under the guise of people were upset by adverse (but I must say fair) comment on peoples jobs!!! Say no more about it.

  21. Anonymous

    You may be able to bring to book the politicians but, what can we do about Phil and Bill? Surely they too, in light of thier corrupt personalities have to go as well!

  22. Anonymous

    “Zoompad, Jason The Maverick was an ex-moderator and clown who was on a finance biased Jersey forum”

    I saw that forum and all the slanging match! So he was that juggling guy then, who did a show for the Queen and TV and children’s parties? I wasn’t sure about that, I thought he might just have poached that juggling guys name.


  23. Anonymous

    Whatever he was he was a laugh. I enjoyed his pandering to the finance crowd. I think he showed them in a bad light but thats their problem. Finance is now the centre of attention for everyone due to the collapse of the stock markets which I have predicted for many years now. People like JTM on that other forum poo-pooed this and were thinking Jersey would survive this little blip, and they work in finance. So much for their understanding of how things work I wouldn’t trust them with monopoly money.

  24. Anonymous

    Finance is going down lets get back to basics and a caring society, un-elect Ozouf and MacLean too rich, too detatched, too uninterested, too arrogant, too aloof, too establishment.

  25. Anonymous

    The Howard League for Penal Reform

    The Howard League for Penal Reform is the oldest penal reform charity in the UK. It was established in 1866 and is named after John Howard, one of the first prison reformers. The Howard League for Penal Reform is entirely independent of government and is funded by voluntary donations.


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