Children in Custody In Jersey:

Let us Prepare to Compare & Contrast.

In this post I want to take readers back to those days far & lost in the mists of time. Well, at least it seems like a lifetime ago.

Back to the first half of 2007, before I was sacked as Health & Social Services Minister.

During that period, a few good men and women had explained to me that what I thought was a moderately competent and sometimes ethical senior management structure, was, in fact, a boiling cauldron of lies, incompetence, self-interest, deceit, nepotism and ethical bankruptcy – about as toxic as one of the radioactive acid ponds at the Cap de la Hague nuclear reprocessing plant.

Amongst those few good men who contacted me was Simon Bellwood, the social worker who had been recruited from the UK to manage the child secure unit known as Greenfields. He had immediately recognised that the use of extended periods of coercive and punitive solitary confinement against children was harmful, abusive – not to mention simply illegal.

Naturally enough, Simon had set about changing this regime to something lawful and more constructive. However – this had the decided disadvantage of actually requiring senior managers such as Joe Kennedy, to actually do some work.

So Simon – in a very – very – well-documented conspiracy, was driven out of the work-place, put on “gardening-leave” for months – and eventually sacked.

At this stage, Simon was unknown to me, amongst the 2500 employees of H & SS. I didn’t know him from Adam. But, as I was the Minister, he drew his case – and the practices he had taken a stand against – to my attention.

Even though I have no qualifications in social work, child protection, human rights or the law – within about 20 seconds of beginning to read the so-called “Grand-Prix” document I could see that what it described was a manifestly unlawful, abusive and harmful regime.

So I took up Simon’s case with my senior managers and began to ask questions about the illegality of this solitary confinement regime, and how it had come to pass that Simon had been sacked?

This triggered two events; firstly, a tsunami of outrageous lies from the inter-departmental claque of senior civil servants responsible for the conspiracy to conceal the illegality of the system they had been so incompetently running, and secondly, a determined and ruthless campaign on their part to have me removed from Office as Minister.

It is true that there were other serious child “protection” failures from the 1990’s I was unearthing, which added to their motivation to remove me in an effort to maintain the culture of concealment. But so recent – and so extensively well-documented – was their conspiracy to oppress Bellwood, that naked panic gripped them. They simply had no choice other than to get rid of me as well.

With me not being a part of the establishment, the Jersey oligarchy politicians needed no second invitation to have me removed from the cabinet.

So – with that little bit of history explained, I think we should set about refreshing our memories as to what the Jersey oligarchy have said in the course of the last 18 months in their various attempts to defend the Grand-Prix system – and how they’ve striven mightily to hide the truth – namely that the very recent practices of imprisoning children in solitary confinement for long periods of time were abusive and unlawful.

Now – it just so happens I’ve kept meticulous records of the many and varied assertions made by Jersey oligarchy politicians, the senior civil servants they are terrified of – and the local media.

And I, for one, am very much looking forward to comparing & contrasting the above disgraceful and contemptible stinking effusion of lies, half-truths and gross incompetence with the forthcoming independent report.

I never thought I’d say this – but I’m almost disappointed that Frank Walker is departing from the States – and that Mike Vibert has been sacked by the voting public.

I am in the process of co-authoring a formal report on the recent solitary confinement regimes, which will be laid before the States assembly. This report will be drawing on the independent, professional, expert opinions of a number of individuals and organisations – the Howard League amongst them.

The report – which will be professionally reviewed – will be taking a very close look indeed at all of the documents produced by the Jersey oligarchy which relate to Grand Prix – and the even worse practices which preceded it in the 1990’s.

Assertions by civil servants.

Statements by politicians.

Reports and propositions put before the States assembly.

Biased local media comments.

Assertions made in the media by politicians and certain civil servants.


Reports by civil servants.

Basically, the entire, festering ethically and intellectually bankrupt dung-heap of disgraceful and despicable rubbish is going to be incinerated.

So, it’s such a pity that Mike Vibert & Frank Walker won’t be in the States assembly when my formal report is published.

But speaking of Big Frank – who could forget his disgraceful outburst captured on TV cameras when he was shouting abuse at me – and said “you’re just trying to shaft Jersey internationally”.

What isn’t known is that that was just one, brief example from the tirades of abuse he subjected me to that day. In a state of near-breakdown, he would simply carry on shouting at me – “you’re wrong! You’re wrong! Ha ha ha! You just wrong! We’ll see, when the truth comes out! You’re just wrong ha ha ha – so wrong! We’ll see! Mark my words! You’re wrong”.

The infamous TV clip was captured at lunch time, but what wasn’t captured was an earlier, frankly deranged, tirade as described above, which he subjected me to as we waited in the news room, in the presence of journalists, to pre-record a short piece for BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

But the truth was always a very malleable concept in Frank’s mind. Even as more – and yet more – evidence has emerged over the months that people like me and Bellwood were right about the abusive solitary confinement – and he, his oligarchy colleagues and their civil servants were wrong – he has continued to assert – in the teeth of all accumulating evidence – that he was right; that black is white.

Even in this October’s edition of a local jobs magazine, which carries an interview with Frank, he asserts that, “Jersey will be seen to have acted properly and appropriately in all respects.”

A remarkable assertion – that the Jersey authorities have acted correctly in ‘ALL’ respects.

Yet he makes this assertion – even though his own “independent” expert, Andrew Williamson, has all ready stated in his report that the solitary confinement regimes “were never acceptable.”

So let’s look forward to the publication of the Howard League report.

And then reflect upon why an approach to imprisoning children deemed utterly unacceptable in the UK report of 1990 into the so-called ‘Pindown’ practices – was able to persist – and be enthusiastically supported by Jersey civil servants and States members up until they were forced to change in October 2006?


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  1. Anonymous

    Stuart, who is calling the press release and wiho will be able to be present. As you called for the report, will you be there.

    I hope invitations have been extended to the real press not just the Jersey pseudos.

  2. Senator Stuart Syvret

    The Press-Conference is purely the work of the Howard League for Penal Reform.

    They are a deeply respected, non-politically aligned organisation.

    The timing of the release of their report, and of their press-conference has been a matter entirely for them.

    I would not expect to be involved in these proceedings, other then to, perhaps, watch and listen from the back of the room.

    It is important to understand that this is an independent organisation – who undertake their work as they see fit.

    I’m simply very grateful that they accepted my original invitation to come to Jersey and examine youth-justice and child-custody issues.

    I await their findings with interest.


  3. Anonymous

    You read it here first!

    While I do not want to detract from the importance of the Howard League Report I would like to point out the following.

    Property market

    A few weeks ago I started to point out the number and persistence of estate agent’s signs around the island.
    I suggested thet the Jersey property market may not be quite its old self and Al might be grateful for his States salary these days.
    Now Christine Herbert of the Vile Rag has pointed out that Terry and his bean counters are reporting lower receipts of stamp duty and expecting the situation to continue into next year.
    Also the banks are reporting much lower levels of new lending.
    Home thoughts on a crisis

    All along the Waterfront

    Pyjamas Perchard and Little Ben are starting to go badly off message on the Waterfront.
    Panic is beginning to seize some States members as they realise that the huge deal between the semiquango WEB and Harcourt has the possibility of bringing a large part of the island economy to its knees.
    The thing will be almost out of their control but they will be the ones to carry the electoral can if it goes wrong.
    What will the effect be of releasing thousands of square foot of shops and offices plus hundreds of apartments onto a possibly depressed property market in a few years time?
    It could blow the bottom out of quite a few island pensions as rates of return on those nice reliable property investments fall.
    Frank and Terry may not care as they will be well out of island politics by then but I should think Pip and Ben are not so confident.

    Waterfront warning

  4. Anonymous

    I look forward to the Howard League Report, it is important that its contents are made public. I was disapointed that the upex report into simons dismissal recieved so little attention. this report unlike williamson is a well written, authorative and entirely damming account of the chicanary,incompetence and deceit exhibited by the senior civil servants that you Stuart so rightly hold to account. I believe it is something that everyone should read
    has it been discussed in the states? Are politicians aware of it?
    when read in conjunction with the howard league report surely no fair minded person can think that what happened at greenfields and to simon bellwood was acceptable.
    could both these rreports be made available on your blog

  5. Anonymous

    Frank Walker’s legacy
    “Jersey will be seen to have acted properly and appropriately in all respects.”

    Suppose that includes the political decision to keep a chief officer at work despite a police investigation into his behaviour!

    Suppose it also includes detaining children without court orders

    Suppose it also includes the politically driven campaign to smear the reputation of a senior police officer

    Suppose it also includes the decision not to arrest certain suspects

    Suppose it also includes the decision to ignore international standards on the rights of children

    Suppose it also includes the inability to monitor known paedophiles locally

    Suppose it also includes the decision to allow an employee who was grooming a child to resign and return to the UK and not report the matter to the police

    Suppose it also includes the decision to withhold access to justice for the child victims

    Suppose it also includes the decision not to inspect children’s homes locally

    Suppose it also ignores the standard of evidence put forward by civil servants to remove S Bellwood from his job, career and profession

    This island is morally bankrupt and soon it may also be financially bankrupt

    Frank Walker’s political leadership stinks!

  6. Anonymous

    It is universally accepted that the Howard League for Penal Reform, to use your own words, ‘… are a deeply respected, non-politically aligned organisation’

    Senator Perchard, the assistant minister with resposibility for child protection, recently described the Howard League as a ‘presure group’ with ‘liberal’ tendencies.

    This is a callous attempt to discredit the Howard League in order to pre-emt their findigs which are likely to indicate gross failure and malpractice within the child protection service.

    Senator Perchard is not just ignorant .. he is also dangerous.


  7. Anonymous

    Sorry Stuart

    I got it wrong with regard to the full ‘Howard League Report’ – There is only a snippit of the report locally. Apologies


  8. Anonymous

    You know it’s a mark of how awful the situation is when the solitary confinement of children is one of the lesser charges on the list of offences that the states are trying to defend.

    Prolonged solitary confinement is generally viewed as torture when applied to adults.
    The damage that even a few days of isolation could have on the immature mind of a juvenile is too horrible to contemplate.

    Imagine how a child from your family would react to being taken from their home and driven to an instituition full of strangers where they are then placed in solitary confinement. Thereafter whenever they “misbehave” ,according to the rules of the establishment, they are sent back into solitary.

    Children who are removed from their families will become distressed. Children (not being adults) can often react immaturely and irrationally. I would love to hear the answer to this from someone who works in the childrens service, When has solitary confinement ever been shown to be therapeutic?

    There has never been any doubt that this practice took place at Greenfields, (the staff even printed leaflets to explain the system to the children). But f-rank and the gang are still trying to pretend that there was no problem. Surely they must have checked with their own lawyers?
    It seems like it’s just a heady mix of incompetence and the blind rage that follows the slightest criticism of how the island works.

    Here’s a hypothetical situation to ponder in the light of this example.
    How would our government react to someone who reported flaws in our financial regulatory practices?

  9. Anonymous

    “Jersey will be seen to have acted properly and appropriately in all respects.”

    Let’s look at a particular Crown Officer’s behaviour as well as Frank Walkers

    Let us not forget the Bailiff’s public and crass commentary on child abuse in the local media

    Let us also not forget his frankly astounding decision making which came to light via the Sharp report

    Let us not forget his decision to keep quiet about Roger Holland

    And he is allowed to retire and keep his Title – we are not amused

  10. Anonymous

    Fabulous, the report being released before the deputy elections. as you say, this report is not under the regimen of the establishment. they would not even dream of airing it until after they get their people in.

    Their spin quacks will be in a spin at the moment second guessing the morally bankrupt party response. ho ho ho. better than the ha, ha, ha that FW was threatening you with.

    You are right and always will be. Eat your words, suckers.

    How many of these rats are now getting nervous and will be trying to leave the good ship “establishment” at any time.

  11. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,

    I agree with what voiceforchildren said…

    This is something I wouldn’t mind getting on film!


    I would love a copy of this report personally!

    I have started up another blog and put your link in it at

    Hope it helps, take care and remember to have some fun!

  12. lara luke

    They wouldn t need to check with the lawyers, they are quite able to break the law with no redress for the victims and totally ignore the very laws that supposedley run the Island to suit their own agenda.

  13. TonyTheProf

    Ian Gorst raised the matter of the Bull report, and the independent oversight – also mentioned in the Williamson report – was still in the pipeline. I expect the Howard League will mention it as well. What is happening with the one independent onlooker you appointed, June Thoburn?

  14. Anonymous

    Obama takes the Presidency!

    It is almost certain that Mr Obama is to be the next President of the USA.
    Frank Walker as Chief Minister of Jersey and a Senior Statesman among the Leaders of the Free World should telephone him in the morning.
    Mr Obama has only experienced Senatorial office and will doubtless realise that he has a lot to learn from an experienced senior executive like Frank Walker.
    Jersey as an Established Democracy has a lot to offer in terms of advice to new born states that are only starting to get the hang of this voting thing!

  15. Kraków Crapaud

    I’m getting a bit confused because of the lack of news coming out of Jersey.
    I only can find out that the Howard League did a review in March/April with the following terms of reference:
    “To examine existing policies and procedures to safeguard the welfare and wellbeing of children in the penal system in Jersey and to make recommendations about how these may be improved”.
    Please could you clarify the what the report is about & the terms of reference.

  16. Anonymous

    President Obama is not a fan of tax havens.
    The American people voted in numbers unseen since 1908 and for a candidate who has stated that he wants to “share the wealth around”.

    The worlds economy is still balancing on the edge of a precipice as the damage that the banks and finance industry’s ‘shadow’ dealings come to light. The deals and debts that were hidden from public view by being routed through offshore companies.

    Isn’t it a good job that our leaders have decided to place all the eggs in such a strong basket?

  17. Anonymous


    Just wanted to offer a word of advice, about speaking in public places.

    It is a very good idea to always take your own portable recording device, a mobile phone will do the trick.

    That way, if anyone attempts to edit out parts of your speech, you have a raw unedited copy.

    I have found this to be extremely useful in all my dealings with people from the secret family courts aka wordtwisters and charlatons.


  18. Anonymous

    I am getting fed up with the JEP either not printing or else editing my comments to their articles. I know it’s off topic but here is my latest comment to Tuesday’s front page article:


    Media politician, Senator Perchard once again leaks rumours to the JEP and makes the front page, along with his double-act partner of ‘chuckle brother’ fame, Senator Shenton.

    In the article about the Waterfront, Senator Shenton states that WEB director, Stephen Izatt, failed to inform Frank Walker regarding the Harcourt lawsuit which led to Frank Walker misleading the States in the infamous Waterfront/Harcourt debate.

    This sounds to me that Senator Shenton has conveniently forgotten about the role of his assistant minister, Senator Perchard, in this affair
    As a director of WEB, Senator Perchard should have been aware of the law-suit. Not only was his Chairman self-evidently aware of it but the WEB board had discussed the then confidential PWC report, which refers directly to the Las Vegas lawsuit, at at a board meeting.

    Why then did Senator Perchard not correct Frank Walker in the States Debate? Why did he also mislead the assembly by vigorously defending Harcourt against the law suit claim.

    If anyone should have resigned in disgrace it should have been Senator Perchard. As a director of WEB it was his business to know these facts. ( I know that reading is problematic for Senator Perchard but he really must make more of an effort.)

    As it happens, he did resign a day or two latter but not for this reason. How fortunate for Senator Perchard that he was able to resign smelling of roses with his pride intact.

  19. Anonymous

    lara luke said…

    “They wouldn t need to check with the lawyers, they are quite able to break the law with no redress for the victims and totally ignore the very laws that supposedley run the Island to suit their own agenda”.

    Quite so Lara!- perhaps a classic example of “the establishment” protecting its own interests and controlling the local media must be the case of Danny Wherry?.

    The man has was arrested for the THIRD time on allegations of child abuse last week…and released until the AG “decides” if there is enough evidence to charge him.

    Danny Wherry is a former states police officer and until the time of his first arrest was a senior child care officer – believe it or not he is still employed by the states!.

    As a child abuse survivor I really have no faith in the legal system in Jersey and wonder if he is being protected to ensure his silence by bigger fish?.

  20. Anonymous

    Yes we are all getting wherry of the long wait for justice. If it gets dragged out long enough there will be no one left alive to prosecute. What happens then? Does everything get dropped due to lack of living suspects?

  21. Anonymous

    Wherry?..hes the guy at the same golf club as Lundy and the AG so I doubt it will be a speedy judicial process…William Bailhache/the Establishment seem to be dragging their heels and obstructing the investigating officers on this and every other aspect of the whole “historic” child abuse scandal!.

    Over 100 people have come foreward and claimed to be victims of some kind of abuse whilst in the Jersey care system – dont tell me they – are all attention seeking fantasists/liars/mentally unstable?.Can it be possible that the only convictions will be a former caretaker at HDLG and a guy who was in care there?

    How come weve not heard a peep from Lenny Harpers replacement-“handpicked” for the job eh?- he must be doing a lot of “behind the scenes suff”.

    When will the UK government step in and halt this farce?

    The Island is becoming a laughing stock!.

    Roll on Stuarts Xmas speech!!!

  22. Anonymous

    I know, but there are a lot of things going on right now. It may SEEM like nothing is happening, but people are busy networking – all the little groups all over Britain, Canada and America that I know of – I’m sure there are plenty that I am not even aware of – a lot of people are well aware of the horrible abuse that has taken place in Jersey, and they are also aware of the cover ups.

    Believe me, the child abuse at Jersey will not be covered over – too many people know about it, and they are telling their friends as well!

    When you feel tempted to get despondant, do as I do – get networking, either over the internet or down the pub, supermarket or whatever, just talk to people. I tell everyone I possibly can about Jersey, and I tell them to have a look at Stuarts blog and through the news archives. People should never underestimate the power of the grapevine – Marvin Gaye never did!

    These child abusers days are numbered – too many people know about it now, and the number of people who are getting enlightened is growing daily. There is even someone working on an album based on what happened at Jersey! So take heart – once the musicians start pitching in, things really get a shift on – remember Vietnam and Bob Dylan and all those guys? They couldn’t keep committing those government atrocities with Dylan and Dave Crosby writing all that great music and jeering and sneering at their thuggary! The pen is mightier than the sword, but the guitar is best of all, I reckon!


  23. Anonymous

    The main plan of the powers that be in all this abuse scandal is to stall and drag it out as long as humanly possible, so that the public get bored, pressure comes off them, a few more brown envelopes can circulate the building in Stopford Road, a few more leave the island…. and then there were none left…. mission accomplished and make sure you look after your wife and children, you never know who you crossed on the way to justice.

  24. Anonymous

    Perhaps the next votes can have a referendum to ask the public a simple yes or no to this question ‘should it be up to a jury in the court whether there is enough evidence to charge any persons connected with the historic and present day child abuse scandal?’

  25. Anonymous

    It isn’t just an abuse scandal – it is a infanticide scandal. Burnt childrens bones – not pieces of coconut – were found by the police at Haut de la Garenne, at the very least, the children who these bones once belonged to did not get a decent burial, it is not acceptable to dispose of human corpses by shoving them in the fireplace – if any of our relatives died and we decided to save money by chopping them up and putting them on the fire there would be pictures of us plastered over every newspaper in the country!

    Why would anyone want to dispose of a childs body in this ghastly way, unless there had been some evil circumstance as to the way the child had died?

    Murder is supposed to be a crime in Jersey, unless they have secretly changed the law books and given Social Services a James Bond style “licence to kill”, which I think is highly unlikely.

    This isn’t just about child abuse – it’s about murder. It should be a murder investigation, with as much media coverage as the McCanns got when their daughter went missing. These newspaper editors who are allowing the news to be supressed ought to think on, because it’s not putting them in a good light, to make all that hoo haa about Kate and Gerry McCann, and about Shannon Matthews, and yet hardly a whisper about why the British Government is tiptoeing round what looks very much like a mass murder of little children at Jersey. Stuff like that will not be forgotten at all, and we can all remember Lenny Harper’s complaints of harassment as he tried to conduct his investigation. Lenny ought to thank God that they didn’t make a Wicker Man while they were about it!!!


  26. Anonymous

    According to the British Press Association, the police have evidence the bodies — of children aged between 4 and 11 — were burned and attempts were made to conceal the bodies in the late 1960s to early ’70s.

    To date, a total of 65 milk teeth have been recovered from the cellars at Haut de la Garenne. Experts believe the teeth could only have come out after death because of their condition. CNN’s Phil Black reports from Jersey »

    Over 100 human bone fragments have been discovered at the site, with one piece identified as coming from a child’s leg and another from a child’s ear.


    I will be wearing two poppies this Remembrance Sunday – a red one, the normal one for all the soldiers who were killed in the wars, and a home made one, pink and blue, to remember all the little girls and boys who suffered institutional child abuse.

    If my twice medalled both world war hero Grandad was still alive I know that he would want me to do this, I know that he would be asking me to make him and his friends pink and blue poppies as well.

    I hope other people will do the same. You can use the stem of a normal remembrance poppy, just take the petal off and draw round it on a scrap of pink and blue paper, and fix the new petals on to the stem, it’s very easy to do.


  27. Senator Stuart Syvret


    Nope – Danny Wherry is not suspended – just as a significant number of other civil servants are not suspended, but should be.

    And I’m not juts speaking of actually abusers.

    Many current civil servants who clearly engaged in a variety of attempts to pervert the course of justice should be suspended.

    For example, Mike Pollard, his wife, Jane Pollard, Marnie Baudians, Phil Dennett, Madeleine Davies, Bill Ogley etc.

    But – for some mystifying reason – this collection of gangsters remain swallowing up your hard-earned taxes in exchange for concealing child abuse.


  28. Senator Stuart Syvret


    Firstly, could I just point out that the work of the Howard League has not involved examining such issues as possible child killings at HDLG, etc.

    It has, instead, taken a close look at contemporary – and near contemporary youth-justice and child custody practices in Jersey. I’m not sure of the time-period they’ve focused on, but I would guess it isn’t any older than the last 20 years, perhaps?

    Indeed, it was these type of issues which first caused me to become very concerned last year, before there was any suggestion of possible child deaths.

    Whilst the possibility of child deaths looks very grim indeed, we need to remember that ‘the jury’s still out’ as far as foul play in causing or concealing child deaths is concerned.

    We’ve yet to see a definitive Police or forensics report published.

    Personally – as I’ve said throughout this episode – I really hope there were no killings or concealed deaths.

    But we simply cannot ever achieve “closure” of this aspect of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster unless we get full transparency from the Police.

    I’ve asked them a number of questions on behalf of my constituents concerning the forensics – but I just cannot get an answer from the Police.

    For example, there are several different radionuclide tests which can be carried out on tooth enamel. Plutonium 239 – which isn’t destroyed by fire – has a half-life of 24,100 years.

    This particular isotope is of great significance in answering one question. Were the children those teeth came from living before – or after – 1945?

    Plutonium 239 is a man-made element and only became spread throughout the world’s atmosphere following the detonation of the first atom bombs.

    Therefore, if there are traces of internal contamination – within the teeth – by plutonium 239 – then those children were – definatively – living after 1945.

    Whilst, of course, such knowledge doesn’t determine identity, age, cause of death etc – it would at least dispose of one fundamental question – do these human remains come from very old bones – as some have suggested – or are they from the post-war era?

    Personally, if the Police Force could definatively confirm that all conceiveable such forensic tests have been carried out – and publish the full data – and it showed that the remains were from a pre-war era – I for one would be less concerned. Of course – without definitive dating – we still couldn’t tell if these remains came from children who may have died through foul play during, say, the 1930’s or whatever.

    But we could at least move forward in the acceptance that we weren’t dealing with post-war deaths, and therefore, all practicle work could focus fully on the very extensive cases of child abuse – of which we have many, living survivors who need real support and justice now.


  29. Anonymous

    Madaleine Davis has been suspended and has been for some time.
    As for the higher-ranking civil servants, forget it.
    It’s the higher-ranking officials that are probably overseeing the suspensions of the surfs, to save their own skin.
    With reference to local golfing conections,Madeleine Davis ,Terry le Main and friends have been known to have the occasional golfing weekend in France.
    You don’t think that is why he is trying to stop your Christmas speech?

  30. Anonymous

    I have been told that.
    Bridget Murphy was a secret agent working in 1960-90s for the Jersey establishment and now in retirement,
    she has a part time job phoning the phone-in for the establishment, It is also said that she has a “Red Telephone” with a direct line to Roger Bara so she can get on the phone in first…

  31. Anonymous


    It is the stone cold silence about the whole story that is so totally unacceptable. There has hardly been a peep out of the media.

    They have found human bones, they identified a piece of ear, a piece of infant limb and about 50 milk teeth which had been identified as not having fallen out naturally from a living child.

    What evidence did they have over Madelaine McCanns death? An odour picked up by a spaniels nose – a dog bark! Yet they were all over every front cover, and inside, every newspaper in the UK.

    I don’t know if there were children murdered at Haut de la Garenne or not, it seems highly likely to me, or else why would they attempt to hide all hese human remains? but I wasn’t there – but I was in that concrete hell in Lichfield, Staffordshire, and I realised how easy it would have been to get rid of me even then – I was absolutly terrified in that place, because I knew that those people could do anything they liked to me, who was there to stop them? I got out of that hell hole relatively unscathed, compared to what happened to other people, so I am going to wear that blue and pink poppy – and if anyone asks me why I’m wearing it, I’ll tell them about Haut de la Garenne, and how I’ve written to Jack Straw and other Parliamentarians and how they don’t seem to give a toss about institutional child abuse at all, judging by the deafening silence from them all.

    Incidentally Stuart, have you recieved a reply from Jack Straw, or are you still waiting for him to put pen to paper as well? Perhaps you ought to think about sending the poor chap a new Papermate for his Christmas box – it might be the just the motivation he needs to reply to these important questions we have asked him in our letters.


  32. voiceforchildren

    Well I can’t pretend to be horrified that Danny Wherry has not been suspended, that just appears to be “the Jersey way”.

    But please tell me he’s not employed anywhere that involves child wefare?

  33. Anonymous

    At least in part this inquiry is being overseen by the Home Office.

    If there was a strong possibility that there were children killed at Haut de la Garenne in the post war period and that the perpetrators could be prosecuted then the island authorities would have been told to get on with it in no uncertain manner.
    The UK does not mind the island authorities getting on with matters in their own way to a certain extent.
    The island has advantages to the UK in so far as huge balances are held in the sterling area here and it is a useful adjunct to the City of London so the loss of a small amount of tax revenue can be tolerated.
    However there are limits and London will intervene if the locals step too far out of line or become an embarrassment.
    That is why there are periodic calls for independence from establishment figures.

  34. Anonymous

    We are the Sultans of Spin!

    In a shameless piece of puffery to help the estate agents scrape a few pennies together for their post Crimbo skiing Crap TV have noted that the percentage of islanders that think the price of houses in the island might fall has dropped from 62% to 45%. Also a Jersey estate agent, Roger Trower thinks that the market is beginning to improve.
    Quelle surprise!
    Growing confidence in housing market

  35. Anonymous

    Magna Carta 1297

    “We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right”

  36. Anonymous

    One poisoned chalice coming up!

    Following his re-election as Deputy for St Ouen ‘Bongo’ Reed has expressed his desire to become Minister for Education.
    This is undoubtedly one of the more thankless jobs in Jersey’s government and was probably instrumental in finishing off the career of Mike Vibert.
    Quite a few people think that there is something wrong with the senior management team and there are the teachers and parents to keep happy as well.
    This is definitely a job for a smooth and confident operator who is looking for a permanent place in the public eye.
    Bongo has managed to keep out of trouble by maintaining the lowest of low profiles since he was elected so this will be a definite change of pace for him.
    Failure will almost certainly result in a contest at the next election against a well prepared opponent with plenty of ammo and a posse of angry parents more than ready to send him packing.

  37. Anonymous

    In the States of Jersey we are proud of delivering good services to the community.
    Do you want to join us in working for Jersey?
    Education Sport and Culture

    Chair and Vice Chair
    Early Years and Child Care Partnership

    I take it back looks like Madeleine Davies has been reinstated to her original position.
    Check out page 50 in the J E P tonight. You really could not make this up.
    Read carefully the job descriptions for these two positions

  38. Anonymous


    give me your email address and I will tell you if you do not work it out from the clues below.

    dont worry DW is not working with children any more……… as FW said “instead of suspending they have the option of moving disclosure suspects to other departments” within the states…….

    FW usually moves people in need of cover to the Chief Ministers department or planning but this time it is under Terry Le Sueur’s umbrella. The next clue is PH.

    Hey, you could not make it up.

  39. Anonymous

    VFC said…
    “Have I read this properley, Danny wherry is still employed by the States of Jersey? Please tell me he has been suspended?”

    Nooooo-of course not!
    Danny Wherry was arrested for the first time-(on allegations of child abuse)-a couple of years ago when he was a senior child care officer, working for the states.He was released after it was deemed that there was isufficient evidence to charge him!.

    According to a serving states police officer he was quickly moved-to avoid any further direct contact with children-onto a 2 year contract with the states building services!.

    That contract finished recently so I do hope this man has no further contact with children-that would be a real kick in the teeth for ALL survivors of abuse from HDLG.

  40. Anonymous

    Danny Wherry quickly and without questions, got moved from a States dept. looking after the care of children, to a States dept. looking after property, yes he is still a well paid civil servant.

  41. Anonymous

    What the f*** does he know about looking after property? If people are unable to do their jobs in the private sector they are got rid of, not moved elsewhere. However would he get a job in the private sector? I doubt he would get paid what he gets at the moment.

  42. Anonymous

    ABC of spin

    The classic way of spinning bad news is to
    (a) initially deny it ever happened.
    (b)Keep on denying for as long as possible or until your opponents produce undeniable eveidence.
    (c) Express sadness and regret at the recently discovered facts but point out that the incident(s) could not happen now and it took place quite a while ago so it’s probably too late to charge anyone.

  43. Anonymous

    “Danny Wherry quickly and without questions, got moved from a States dept. looking after the care of children”

    Does he have any qualifications in child care. I’m getting hacked off to see low qualified individuals in highly paid jobs
    Acting incompetently and at great cost to the public purse.

  44. Anonymous


    I understood that civil servants above a certain grade cannot stand for election without resigning and reapplying if unsuccesful.

    There seems to be breach of these rules for a particular candidate. Why is this allowed? Is the civil service policy altered for all states employees
    Care to comment on blatant cronyism rife in the civil service?

  45. Anonymous

    DW’s qualifications?

    Danny Wherry started working at HDLG when doing part of his police cadet training there -(a FACT that the states have always avoided mentioning!).

    After leaving the police force he started work at HDLG -as a states employee on a permanent basis-and worked his way up to become a very senior child care officer, before his first arrest two yeas ago.

    He has used his knowledge of police procedure and the Jersey care system to his advantage-most recently being last week when he declined to comment to all questions put to him,including his name!

    He has been arrested a total of THREE TIMES over allegations of child abuse.

    Do the investigating team believe hes guilty?-yes.

    Do I know for a fact hes guilty?-unfortunately for me yes.

    Will he be prosecuted?-of course not.

    Should survivors let this type of injustice ruin our lives?


  46. Anonymous

    I am reliably informed that Danny Wherry was officiating at St Martin Public Hall on election day.
    Unbelievable but true.

  47. Anonymous


    Wake up Mr Le Sueur…there’s a global recession of unimaginable proportion staring you right in the face.

    The ice cap is melting and our unsinkable finance industry is heading straight toward some wayward iceberg.

    The captain has lost his compass and our civil servant crew are having one hell of a no-expense-spared party.

    The guests have been given a free ride because their credit has run out – what with all those unfortunate law suits and all.

    And everyone is having a ball watching some cheap comedy side show – the celebrity Perchard /Shenton double act of ‘chuckle brothers’ fame are strutting their stuff on centre stage once again.

    This sure as hell is going to be a Titanic voyage to beat them all.

  48. Anonymous

    re One poisoned chalice coming up!
    If he wants to be a minister, why didn’t he stand in the senatorial elections. The existing members of the establishment party droned on at the husting about senior posts, leaders of the island and potential ministers, need experience etc. He knows he couldn’t cut the mustard on an island wide hustings. He has no chance of being able to present policy on something as complex and in the public eye as education.
    If the establishment are looking for a fall guy who will do what they say (beccause he’s not bright enough to think it up for himself) and who they can safely cut loose after he’s been massacred by the public then Deputy Reed might just get the job. Mind you if he does I can think of a St Ouennais who would be ideal to stand against him in 3 years time.

  49. Anonymous


    Only in Jersey eh?

    BBC Jersey on it website this morning tells us that the States Pension fund has fallen in value by £61m as a consequence of the global financial catastrophe.


    Further down the page Philip Ozouf says that all we need to do is boost our morale about Jerseys economic prospects.

    Oh well that all right then isn’t it. Lets just live in a world of pretend and make believe and everything will be alright.

    Philip do us all a favour and disappear down your rabbit hole back to Wonderland and let some intelligent and able people take the helm or we are all doomed!

  50. Anonymous

    Those in charge have to bullsh!t the rest of us that everything is ok or else they’d have mutiny on their hands Mr.Christenson. They will leave every go as far as possible, then when it is past the point of no return they will suddenly make excuses about being unaware that certain things happened, and that it was unforseen circumstances that conspired against them.

    If enough time elapses they may well be dead anyway so there will be no one to take it out on will there.

  51. Anonymous

    The Tide Is Turning Lyrics
    Artist:Roger Waters
    Album Radio chaos

    I used to think the world was flat
    Rarely threw my hat into the crowd
    I felt I had used up my quota of yearning
    Used to look in on the children at night
    In the glow of their Donald Duck light
    And frighten myself with the thought of my little ones burning
    But, oh, oh, oh, the tide is turning
    The tide is turning

    Satellite buzzing through the endless night
    Exclusive to moonshots and world title fights
    Jesus Christ, imagine what it must be earning
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  52. Anonymous

    On the turning away
    From the pale and downtrodden
    And the words they say
    Which we wont understand
    Dont accept that whats happening
    Is just a case of others suffering
    Or youll find that youre joining in
    The turning away

    Its a sin that somehow
    Light is changing to shadow
    And casting its shroud
    Over all we have known
    Unaware how the ranks have grown
    Driven on by a heart of stone
    We could find that were all alone
    In the dream of the proud

    On the wings of the night
    As the daytime is stirring
    Where the speechless unite
    In a silent accord
    Using words you will find are strange
    And mesmerized as they light the flame
    Feel the new wind of change
    On the wings of the night

    No more turning away
    From the weak and the weary
    No more turning away
    From the coldness inside
    Just a world that we all must share
    Its not enough just to stand and stare
    Is it only a dream that therell be
    No more turning away?

  53. voiceforchildren

    Thanks to whoever posted the link to Gil Blakwoods website.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Blakwood (not as a patient…………yet!) I have found him to be a man of great morals and integrity as well as intellect.

    I have discussed many subjects with him including many states policies. He has never shyed away from any subject or policy. He is very knowledgable and is not scared to call a spade a spade.

    I don’t think he will be welcomed with open arms by our establishment but god do we need somebody like him in the states.

  54. Anonymous

    “BBC Jersey on it website this morning tells us that the States Pension fund has fallen in value by £61m as a consequence of the global financial catastrophe”

    Is that the reason then? Nothing to do with how the money is invested?
    I have in front of me a copy of the last years report on the PECRS (states pension scheme).
    See if you can find a flaw in the strategy.

    Long Term Strategic Asset Allocation

    The Committee of Management ensures as far as possible that there will be sufficient assets in the Scheme to
    meet its liabilities. This requires a long term view, and a balance between assets which may be volatile but
    expected to generate higher returns over time (equities, for example) and assets which can be regarded as less
    volatile in terms of their capital value whilst producing lower returns (government bonds, for example). The
    fact that the Scheme’s liabilities increase in line with Jersey price inflation and the annual pay increases
    received by the members who are still working has to be built into the equation.
    It is commonly said that pension schemes can match the characteristics of their liabilities by holding
    government bonds, particularly index-linked bonds, and by doing so can minimise the risk of assets being
    insufficient to meet the liabilities. The Committee recognises this theoretical positin. However, there are
    currently no products on the market which are indexed to Jersey price inflation (which can be very different
    from UK RPI); UK index-linked gilts might reduce risk but not to the same extent as for UK pensin schemes.
    The Committee continues to review the impact on risk of holding all the Schemes assets in bonds and results
    of ongoing modelling show that the range of possible outcomes at Scheme valuations is still wide and
    contributions into the Scheme would have to be increased significantly. In short, the costs of the Scheme
    benefits would rise without much gain in terms of being certain of the Scheme’s funding position at any point
    in time. Clearly, putting 100% of assets into bonds would be an extreme move; and the Committee continues
    to monitor the balance it has to strike between managing risk and its associated cost.
    The Committee’s long term strategy based on professional advice remains that the assets should be close to
    one third in the risk reducing category with the remaining two thirds invested in return seeking assets.

  55. Anonymous

    How can this happen?
    Two fifteen year olds incarcerated at La Moye Prison
    No matter what they have done, they should not be mixing with paedophiles, drug dealers and god knows what else, in an adult detention centre.
    Where is amnesty international, Howard league for penal reform any one with a conscience?
    Stuart please find out what is happening with these children. I know they are having lessons at La Moye but what is happening to them after they have had contact with tutors from out side. If they are not mixing with the rest of the inmates they must be in solitary confinement

  56. Anonymous

    Yet another non politician

    I would like to be kind about Gil Blackwood but he is yet another excellent example of the Jersey non political politician.
    A worthy individual with a long record of honourable public service.
    But that is not enough by a long chalk.
    A Deputy needs experience of making speches, asking questions and making promises with their fingers crossed behind their back.
    Rolled up trouser legging, back scratching and stabbing are the normal stock in trade of the Hackers and Humphreys that run the island.
    Surviving in the States while retaining your integrity requires exceptional qualities!

  57. Advocatus Diaboli

    Hello Stuart, still needling the gabardine swine then? Well done that man!

    I’m looking forward to their predictable attempt to sabotage the Christmas speech. I trust you’ve been strengthening your voice.

    Any news about the odious Jack Straw trying to pass by on the other side?

  58. Anonymous

    So, Jersey Home Loans might be selling up.
    What does that mean for people who have bought mortgages from them?

  59. Anonymous

    I see Ryan Morrison of the Bridget Bullshit Corporation is plugging his moustach growing charity venture all over the internet.
    I would pay good money to charity or anybody sponsoring Denzil Dudley and Matthew price to grow a pair of balls between them. The BBC’s credibility is taking a dive world wide. Dudley and Price can only help it on it’s way down.

    Stuart why don’t you run a poll to see how much interest there is in these two growing a pair of balls between them? The charity could make a fortune.


  60. Anonymous


    Couldn’t help but notice comments about me in you blog. I only roll my trousers up while riding my bike.

    I’m looking forward to reading the Howard League report, but whatever it says, I don’t expect much action on it. Indeed it’s to try and change gloomy prognostications like that, that I’ve put myself forward for three years in the States. My main concern is not about public speaking (I’ve given hundreds of lectures, and some have stayed awake through them) but rather that the old guard are returned and that I’ll be completely ineffectual. That’s one reason that I’ve set myself two goals if elected that could hopefully cross “Party” lines – increase transparency in public life and try to get us demoted from the Premier League of boozers.

    Anyway, thanks for proposing me as a candidate. You were very helpful to me when I had a similar experience to Simon Bellwood after I raised concerns about public safety. I too was disciplined, and a very stressful time it was. However, with the help of JACS and the Data Protection law, I got a ton of information, which when pieced together exposed the gross chicanery of a few Senior Civil Servants, some of whose names keep appearing in your blog. You kindly buddied me to the disciplinary meeting, and I won’t repeat your earthy comments about what went on. My case was won after a tale was told of repeated untruths, altered documents, biased conduct, one manufactured document, and interference with the independence of an outside Consultant. At their request the whole meeting was recorded, so I made my own copy. Very interesting and condemnatory it is too. As I was told afterwards, as my case was won I had no right of appeal. And they never even bothered to produce a report, which is a shame as the recording was made to ensure it was accurate. And was there any come to them for this roguish behaviour? Of course not.

    All the best,

    Gil Blackwood

  61. Anonymous

    BBC is not the BBC we think it is.
    As one of the abused I have a number of times e-mailed the BBC with questions about HDLG, but all my e-mails have not been answered, also mails criticizing “The Establishment” were not answered anything that praises ” the establishment” gets a comment, same with JEP, I have had some fun in last six months e-mailing and betting what will be read out or not, Bridget gets her e-mails answered every time, although the JEP has cottoned on that I was not “The” Bridget.

  62. Anonymous

    Richard de la Haye
    St Brelade district no.2
    David de la Haye, brother of Richard .ex states member.
    Reg Jeune
    John le suer
    Carl Hinault
    Freddy Cohen
    MASONS and all in the same lodge, do you think if Richard gets in he will be next head of planning?
    The old boys network, this island is so corrupt.

  63. Anonymous


    I have just read the Gil Blackwood link. It is very reassuring to see that he views peoples rights are a fundamental principle regardless of their illnesses.

    What a contrast to the published JEP interview with another medical professional – who talked about herding cattle.

    I am also glad to see that he is campaigning for a freedom of information law. This will go a long way to getting public employees to act ethically.

  64. Anonymous

    This Danny Wherry if he is a qualified social worker, why hasn’t the Social Workers Council suspended him from the register.

    That will stop him working with kids locally and in the UK

    I understand any member of the public has the right to complain to the Council. They have a duty to protect the public from maverick professionals. The fact he wont answer police questions must surely be a breach of the professional code. Afterall why would a professional not do all within their power to help with a police investigation.

    I also trust the individuals in the Belwood debacle will also be reported to the Council for their behaviour, as exposed by the Upex report. Perjury, manufactured evidence and lies. Time to face the music surely

  65. Anonymous


    John Ellis. Former senator (Member of the States of Jersey) and President of the States defence committee, responsible for police.

    Frank Amy. Constable for Grouville parish. The position as head of the parish’s honorary police, is an elected member of the States of Jersey, the islands parliament.

    John Farley. Former deputy for St Helier (Deputies are also members of the States of Jersey.

    Don Filleul. Waterfront Enterprise Board Chairman, former president of the then States public works committee.

    Edwin Godel. Constable for St. Mary parish.

    Colin Goss. Contenier for St Peter parish. Conteniers, elected by parish assemblies, are operational heads of honorary police with exclusive powers of arrest.

    Carl Hinault. Constable for St. John parish, former president of the States planning and environmental committee.

    Reg Jeune OBE. President of the States policy and resources committee(Jersey’s “prime minister”) until 1996. Former Lloyds TSB Group director and TSB Channel Islands chairman.

    Stanley Le Cornu. Constable for St. Clement parish, former deputy for St Clement.

    Michael Payne. Aide-de-camp to Lieutenant-Governor ( Queens representative) of Jersey 1990-95. Former Hill Samuel Bank(Jersey)company director.

    Edward Potter. Jurat of the Royal Court.

    Brian Richardson. Former constable for Trinity Parish.

    Leonard Gower-Ross. Former chairman of Ross Gower Ltd, a London based insurance company with offices in Jersey and Guernsey.

    David Rothband. Former Contenier for St Helier parish.

    David Seal. Founder and former managing director of Jefferson Seal stockbrokers. Also, a director of Stannifer Hotels Group.

    Derek Seymour. A former director of the Seymour Hotels Group, which owns several hotels in Jersey.

    Peter Stoneman. Senior manager at UBS private banking subsidiary Cantrade when it was embroiled in a currency-dealing fraud.

    Charges against him were discontinued in 1997.

    Alfred Vibert. Former jurat of the Royal Court and honorary police officer.

    Richard Wade OBE. Former Managing Director of Jersey Electricity.

    Peter Walsh. Former Chamber of Commerce president, standing for election as senator in October 1999.

  66. Anonymous

    Danny Wherry doesnot work with children anymore, he has now been moved to dealing with property,(even though he has no, or minimal building experiance). So why should he be suspended? He is not a threat, or an embarrassment,yet!

  67. Anonymous

    On the States Assembly site
    The childrens strategy on childrens employment extract:

    The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1989. The Convention lays out minimum standards relating to children’s rights and has been signed by all our neighbours in the western world.

    Jersey, however, has not signed the Convention and it has been suggested, that by not signing, Jersey appears less committed to protecting the rights of children than is actually the case.

    Jersey does not currently fulfil all the requirements of the Convention

  68. Anonymous

    Who is saying or thinking what? Win yourself five lottery tickets.
    Page 25 of the j.e.p sat. 8th Nov.
    Frank Walker and Jean-Francois Legrand, president of the General Council of La Manche shaking on an agreement. Who is saying or thinking what?
    What was the agreement it is so insignificant and such a load of b******t spin
    Apparently they struck up a friendship and things grew from there.
    Check out the handshake, which knuckle is being pressed Ime sure there are plenty of MASONS out there that can tell us the significance of this meeting
    Send us your answers on a postcard and we will send you your five lottery tickets.

  69. Anonymous

    Danny Wherry doesnot work with children anymore, he has now been moved to dealing with property,(even though he has no, or minimal building experiance). So why should he be suspended? He is not a threat, or an embarrassment,yet!

    Erm, “Best Practice”…that’s reason enough mate, is it not?

  70. Anonymous

    sedi’Danny Wherry doesnot work with children anymore, he has now been moved to dealing with property,(even though he has no, or minimal building experiance). So why should he be suspended? He is not a threat, or an embarrassment,yet!’

    Not quite sure where youre going with that one?,but heres my take on it.

    Danny Wherrys’ continuing employment by the states- after being arrested on allegations of child abuse for the THIRD time-
    leads me to despair for any justice for survivors of abuse on the island.

    With undoubted scrutiny from many interested parties surely ‘best practice’ would lead the states to suspend him until he was cleared of any wrongdoing?.

    Can his superiors not see that by their hesitation to act they give out the message that they appear to be protecting Wherry-or are they so arrogant that the concerns of mere mortal taxpayers dont enter into their decision making process?.

    And regarding embarrassment and threat….be in NO doubt that Danny Wherry IS a threat to children-but it remains to be seen-if he is charged with any offences-whether the Jersey Establishment has to good manners to even blush at the cofirmation that they have protected a paedophile.

  71. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    Vile Rag 10/11/08 “Don’t Interfere in CI Affairs MPs are Told” “Law review counters call for UK action on abuse case”

    At first sight this headline might seem that there is a legitimate authority to this statement, however closer reading (and who the hell actually reads the JEP!!) shows that the “Law Review report” is in fact the Jersey and Guernsey Law Review whose editor is guess who? Well no prizes if you got it right – none other than Philip Ballsache.

    Surprise, surprise yet another attempt by Vile Rag to spin and support the establishment.

  72. Anonymous


    St Helier No 3 Deputy Hustings at First Tower School tomorrow night (Tuesday 11 November)at 7.30pm

    There doesn’t seem to be much publicity about this so perhaps those that read your blog might spread the news.

  73. Anonymous

    “Can his superiors not see that by their hesitation to act they give out the message that they appear to be protecting Wherry”

    If they can’t see it, we can – and when this whole saga is told PRORERLY ( without censorship and political shilly shallying) by the media, the rest of the world will see it as well!


  74. Anonymous

    “Of course he should have been suspended, just a bit of sarcasm, mate.”

    Sorry boss…sarcasm radar was on the blink – apologies!!!

  75. Anonymous

    perchard has already been on the radio saying that the HL report is erroneous and complaining that they did not get a copy first. If they had got the report it would by this time be full of lies and spin. Just like the FW foreword to the upex report

  76. Anonymous

    Stuart,are there any developments with Jack Straw or the UK government looking into the child abuse scandal?.

    There has not been any reporting by the islands media,which is no surprise,and the UK seems to have lost interest in the case.

    Whats the new officer in charge doing, still unpacking or busy settling into the islands golf scene?.I realise its not usual to keep the public informed of progress in any ongoing investigation but this is hardly ‘not in the publics interest’.

    If enough people ignore whats going on to cover up this abuse-(as the establishment want)- then the abusers and the powerful men who protect them will get off scot free and the cycle of abuse will continue.

    Everyone-please keep asking those awkward questions…and if we cant get answers from the states then ask the UK government.

  77. Anonymous

    I have no idea who or what is right on this subject but The Howard League report is unlikely to clarify anything about the past as the terms of reference are “To examine existing policies and procedures to safeguard the welfare and wellbeing of children in the penal system in Jersey and to make recommendations about how these may be improved.
    Director of the Howard League for Penal Reform, Frances Crook, said: “We hope that the review team we are sending can provide positive recommendations on what Jersey should do to be more in line with UK and international standards of child protection.
    “There is an opportunity now for Jersey not just to do things more like the mainland but actually far better, and we hope to encourage that.”


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