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Trying to Cover-Up Their Culpability

For the Death of Elizabeth Rourke.

Well – the gamble paid off.

The Jersey Evening Post has delivered the goods.

And a despicable and wretched picture of incompetence, governance failure, deceit, manipulation and brazen lies is revealed.

A person lost their life – needlessly.

It just doesn’t get any worse.

And in the implacable illumination of the facts – we can now see clearly that a number of senior management professionals – apparently completely uncontrite at having failed to protect the patient from danger – engaged – and still engage – in what was an unambiguous attempt to hide their culpability.

Just how more ethically bankrupt does it get – than having been largely responsible for the cascade of errors which culminated in a patient’s death – and then attempt to get a locum convicted for what was, in reality, your corporate manslaughter – and to then smear a respected Jersey Consultant as a ‘reserve’ scapegoat?

And then – as is plainly revealed in today’s Jersey Evening Post – even at this late stage – still attempt to avoid responsibility – and mislead the public who pay your wages – by telling unambiguous lies to the journalists of such breathtaking brazenness as to be scarcely credible?

It just doesn’t get any worse than this.

I expect – and I’m certain an awful lot of other people will expect – to learn on Monday morning of the immediate resignation of, at least, the following four individuals:

Mike Pollard.

Richard Lane.

Michala Clifford.

Richard Joualt.

There will be a good deal more to be written and said about this tragic subject – and what it says about Jersey’s public administration.

So I won’t go into great detail at present – let us hope the JEP can maintain this standard – at least as far as this story is concerned.

But just to spell out – a little more bluntly than the JEP – what it is we are confronted with.

H & SS employed a locum.

That employment structure and process was – and is – the responsibility of management.

Thus – all such issues as competency to practice – are the responsibility of management.

Management of a hospital is also responsible – in overall terms – for clinical governance issues; that is, the systems, processes and structures by which the clinical performance of the organisation and those who work within it are monitored and kept to a high standard.

At the very heart of all the above duties is the consideration of patient safety.

Therefore – the full and unambiguous expectation and duty upon the shoulders of the senior management team and its structures and procedures is – in the event of any notice or warnings being given to them – to take immediate steps to protect patients from those risks which have been reported.

I’ll just repeat that – “immediate steps”.

At least two unambiguous warnings were given to management – which expressed concerns about Dr. Moyano’s surgical competencies.

Not only did management fail to take immediate steps to remove the potential risk to patients – they failed to convey these warnings to other clinicians who may have found themselves working with Dr. Moyano.

For example – these official warnings were not conveyed to Dr. John Day.

Had the senior management team had in place an effective and competently run clinical governance structure and system of safeguards – none of the above errors would have occurred.

Elizabeth Rourke would still be alive.

Upon the tragic death of the patient – the gross incompetences and failings of the management systems would have been immediately apparent to that self-same group of senior managers.

Therefore – to deflect culpability and responsibility from themselves – they immediately set about the task of manufacturing a fake blame-trail.

The first, obvious, example of this process being the utterly extraordinary decision to place in charge of the ‘internal enquiry’ a man who had been a key actor in the incident himself. To have done this was such an extraordinary and unprecedented act as to have only one rational, explanation – namely, to ensure the enquiries of both the organisation and the police were directed down a certain path.

The above-actions have resulted in Dr. Moyano having had to stand trial for manslaughter.

And the vicious and ethically bankrupt smear-campaign engineered by management against Mr. Day.

As I said – there will be a good deal more said and written about this subject – and more detail to emerge.

For today – read the JEP – and fully absorb the gravity of what is described – and the shameless lies which were used in a futile attempt to mislead the journalists.


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