Plus a Few Other Topical Questions.

Well – my mates would owe me a good bottle of red – had any of them taken the bet.

I’ve explained previously how we play this game – ‘write the JEP leader comment’.

We each try and predict and write what Jersey’s only newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post – commonly known simply as The Rag – will write in its leading editorial comment.

But, disappointingly, it’s become so easy; the fun is going out of it. On this occasion, we put into a folder our various takes on what The Rag would write following the publication of the Howard League report. And we did this some months ago.

I was right – well, in fact, we all were. With a little copying and pasting we could actually assemble the comment as it appeared this evening.


OK, I exaggerate a little – but only very slightly.

I won’t go into great detail now – as I will be writing a series of blogs on the Grand Prix system – the survivors – the Howard League report – and all of the startlingly shameless lies peddled by Frank Walker – and The Rag – in the coming weeks.

But tonight – I want to seek some feedback – some info – some contacts from the community – as I am immensely curious about a long-time boss of The Rag:

John Averty.

But before I express this curiosity – a few other points.

Check out Simon Bellwood’s blog – and do it tonight.

There is some dynamite information on it – which is exactly the kind of material which proves – as though more proof were needed – of what a pathological liar Frank Walker is – as anyone with a brain would attest after hearing his BBC Jersey interview this morning – in which he was given – metaphorically speaking – a comforting cuddle by Jersey’s answer to Rush Limbaugh – Roger Barra.

Also – dear readers – I’ll be doing a few more Jersey Election Specials in the coming days, as the second round of Jersey’s general election is rapidly approaching.

So please network and spread the word about the blog.

For the time being – please note two strong and obvious recommendations I make:



Ringsdore is a fully-fledged member of the Jersey Establishment Party – and would like Philip Ozouf to be Chief Minister. Nuff said.

Rob Duhamel has proven himself to be the most dithering, indecisive, ineffectual and time-wasting member in what is – quite possibly – the entire history of the States assembly.

And do not let us forget – were it not for the unreliability of this man – his untrustworthiness – which led to a tied vote – you would NOT now be paying tax on your food and your domestic energy costs.

The man’s a hopeless clown – quite in addition to being an enemy of the poor. He is one of the many who should be politically terminated.

And moving on to other matters – the events of last week – as referred to in my previous blog – continue to reverberate.

Not so much as an acknowledgment to my questions.

And yep – predictably – not one, single, solitary Jersey hack has taken up the cudgels in an effort to get the questions answered.

Also – a rapidly growing confirmation of my view that the attempt by the Jersey oligarchy to get rid of Jersey’s Chief Constable, Graham Power – in what is akin to a coup in a South American banana republic – will yet prove to be the most catastrophic blunder they’ve made.

So – plenty of very interesting subjects for us to explore in the coming days and weeks.

But – as is the case with most of the ever-growing catalogue of disasters which befall this community – all roads lead to the local media.

I’ll be applying some detailed, close, forensic analysis of the performance of The Rag in respect of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster soon.

But to give you a brief taster of just how “reliable” and “honest” The Rag is, consider this statement, in reference to me, which concludes their predictably cretinous leader comment today:

“The Senator can certainly be credited with launching an independent and insightful inquiry into youth justice, but just why it took him so long to form the impression that an unacceptable regime was being run on his watch remains an enduring mystery.”

Err – no John, Rob, Chris and Ben.

The enduring mystery is why all of you guys – stalwarts of The Rag – chose to report NONE of the evidence, documentation and other material which showed these failures – and worse – when I supplied you clowns with it – in September 2007?

And an “enduring mystery” is why – when I leaked you stooges the Sharp report in the year 2000 – you chose to print not one of the key – and previously unpublished – revelations in it.

There is – incidentally – a link to the Sharp report in my links list on the right. I suggest anyone who isn’t familiar with that document, should follow the link and read it – and then draw your own conclusions about the conduct of our establishment – and the concealing collusions of the Jersey Evening Post.

[Up-date: since this posting was written and published, my original Blogger account was shut down by Google following Google’s corrupt collusion with the Jersey government’s child-abuse cover-ups. Therefore the link to The Sharp Report is to be found here: –

But the plain fact is – as will be obvious to any thinking person – totally unacceptable and utterly unlawful practices were routinely inflicted on children in the care of the States of Jersey – for decades upon decades.

From at least 1945 – probably far earlier – the so-called child “protection” apparatus of Jersey has been a horrifying and catastrophic failure.

And – most certainly – some of that occurred on my ‘watch’.

But – you know, what distinguishes me – from the occupants of the approximately 140 political seats who have had a hand in child “protection” in Jersey from 1945 until I became involved in Health & Social Services?

The difference between me – and that huge number of political predecessors with responsibility for child protection – is that I alone became the very first – and so far only – politician involved in child protection in the island to identify the problem, speak out against it – and try and do something about it.

But in the deeply bizarre world of illogicity, lies, cover-ups, collusions and corruptions of Jersey’s media – of which there have been vast quantities – their “performance” in respect of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster stands out.

I mean – even by the wretched standards of The Rag – their position and conduct has been insupportable, unprofessional, immoral, unethical – and, frankly, barking mad in many instances.


Why should that be?

For many years, Jersey’s Chief Minister, Frank Walker, was the boss of the company which owned the Jersey Evening Post.

Many people considered – quite rightly – this gave him an immensely unhealthy amount of power.

To this complaint, Frank would always say: ‘I never tell the editor what should go in the paper.’

This oft-repeated assertion might be true – but given it comes from a man who humiliates himself almost on weekly basis by making utterly false and contradictory statements – we can’t be sure.

But I know what did happen vis-à-vis Frank’s influence.

He usually wouldn’t tell the editor what to do – instead he would tell his right-hand man, and general all-round thug – John Averty – what he wanted the paper to say – who, in turn told the editor – and low! So it happened.

John Averty was a Senator in the Jersey parliament some years ago; before my time. He retired from the assembly – though not politics, obviously – on being recruited by Frank – in order to run The Rag for him.

A man of some mystery to an awful lot of Jersey’s population – many of who, these days, will never have heard of him.

But be under no illusions – he was the power behind the editor’s throne at the Jersey Evening Post.

And under his “guidance” The Rag has slipped ever further into a quagmire of ethical bankruptcy, quite startling – even by the standards of Jersey’s wretched Fourth Estate.

And as the meticulously recorded and forensically documented history of the exposing of the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster will show when written – this episode is – without question – the second-worst stain on The Rag’s 118 year history.

The worst – in case you’re wondering what could be worse than playing a pro-active and deliberate role in the concealment of child abuse – being the Lord Haw-Haw style churning out of Nazi propaganda during the WW II occupation.

An activity which turned an immensely healthy profit for The Rag’s owners.

But why – in these times – in the year 2000 – in the year 2007 – in the year 2008 – should a “newspaper” – moreover the only newspaper on the island – take such a shockingly irrational, dishonest and immoral stance in respect of sexual crimes?

It’s mystifying – isn’t it?

So – to try and get to the bottom of this mystery – I want to explore some of the history – some of the key figures – of power and influence at The Rag.

And this is where you – dear readers – come into play.

We are starting with the mysterious John Averty.

Although an obscure figure to the average Jersey person – he will still be very well known – perhaps going back some decades – to a not insignificant number of Jersey men –  and women in particular.

And I ask this question – because I’ve been asked to ask it – by some constituents – does anyone out there have any enlightening material?

Anything which could shed some light on the obscure past of Mr Averty?

If so – you are not alone.

I repeat – you are not alone.

So – let that message go out – that we are beginning our examination of the festering reality of the Jersey Evening Post – AKA, The Rag – with one of its more mysterious and obscure figures – John Averty.

Feel free to contact me privately if you wish –

I think, perhaps, next time, we’ll take a close look at Rob Shipley – but for the time being – search your memories and experiences for any recollection of John Averty.

Like I said – you are not alone.


163 thoughts on “THE JERSEY EVENING POST

  1. Anonymous

    Vic college old boy. Commissioner jersey financial services. Director of modern hotels group. Then took over from de with guiton. Is this the guy

  2. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Ms Ringsdore

    The people of Jersey need more social-climbing out-of-time Thatcherites like you – about as much as they need second-coming of Frank Walker.

    I’m sure it is you who will be having the fun – with your de facto political party colleagues – Philip Ozouf, Allan McLean, Freddy Cohen – etc.

  3. Anonymous

    heard ms ringsdore on radio. Superficial so she was never going to get my vote. Arrogant also IMO

  4. Anonymous

    don’t know anything about john averty but think this whole cover up reeks of people in high places. Why else would they go to such lengths. They cab only bury their heads for so long and remember bully boy frank will be gone soon. Yeeeeeeeeees

  5. Anonymous

    her manifesto says call if you need transport to the town hall on election day ,but dont st helier no 1 need to vote at st james?

  6. Anonymous

    Give the woman credit where it is due she has openly shown she is a States Pratt. Obviously concerned enough to read Stuarts Blog. Now Ms Ringsdore don’t forget to report back will you, obviously the fire is getting a little too hot for you and your cronies in the Banana States the truth will out.

    Have fun, a strange statement, but I suppose you and your cronies regard child abuse as Fun. Well says it all doesnt’ it.

  7. Anonymous

    Dear Elector,
    This is the first time I have run for a local election.

    “And it will be your last.”

    I am 24 years old and run my own successful Marketing and Communications business.

    “And as vacuous as they come spoiled brat who has had all the advantages.”

    I was born in Jersey and went to Jersey College for Girls.

    I represented Jersey by taking part in the last leg of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

    “Just like all the young children even those from poor backgrounds got to go out on yachts with staff members of the children’s homes it must have been fun for them all.”

    In addition to this, I have taken part in the local Eisteddfod, Young Musician of the Year and represented Jersey with the Channel Islands Youth Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall.

    “The perfect credentials for election derrrr NOT!!!”

    After very careful consideration I have decided to put my name forward for Deputy of St Helier No 1 District.

    “Because you agree with the establishment that these abuses didn’t happen and even if they did the rich of the island have a right to abuse the poor.”

    I do not believe that any member of the States should be elected without the full support of the Islands electorate.
    “except the poor of course!”

    If elected, I would seek to improve communication in Jersey between you and the States.
    “except for anybody who wishes the truth to come out about the sexual and physical abuse and the poor of course!”

    I have worked closely with local politics over the last 6 years. I have followed the elections over the years, and now feel that it is time for me to make a stand.
    “And know most of their secrets but won’t divulge them on pain of being taken to the shores of jersey and my throat cat and my tong pulled out through the slit.”

    Jersey has so many issues that need to be dealt with. I do not promise to have all the answers, but I can promise you that I will do everything in my power to do my best for our Island.
    “but not for the poor people of the island only the rich and powerful.”

    I would seek to influence a far more open and transparent approach to government. I would strive to put people at the very heart of policy making and ensure that we have a strong and more diverse economy to help pay for our essential public services.
    “So more civil servants can lie and cheat and manipulate the public perceptions of what is true and what is spin.”

    I believe that government needs to lead by example and ensure that all its functions and services are efficiently and cost effectively delivered.
    “And if the current load of complete illiterate has-beens are anything to go by then we need change.”

    We need stronger control of public expenditure. A failure to control public expenditure will inevitably lead to the unacceptable prospect of rising taxes, which none of us want.

    If elected I would support the youth as they are our future. But I would also support small businesses locally.
    “except for anybody who wishes the truth to come out about the sexual and physical abuse and the poor of course!”

    In the current climate it is so important that we, as an island, protect local jobs; as we are very likely to be effected by the economic downturn in the UK.

    St Helier is my home, I live and work in our main Parish and want to give something back not only to the parish but to the whole Island.

    We need to achieve social and economic success in Jersey, and I believe I can help that to happen.

    I understand that you have a varied choice of candidates but ask you to consider trusting me with one of your votes on 26th November.
    “Social success like the continuation of the status quo at all costs.”

    Yours sincerely,

    Katy Ringsdore

  8. Zoompad

    “Have fun” seems to be a highly inappropriate comment to make to a person who is dedicated to supporting child abuse survivors. Katy Ringdore seems rather an immature person to be representing people in any capacity

  9. Anonymous

    I view the Leader in the rag as merely the ramblings of the editor -I think he really should refamilarise him with the terms OBJECTIVE and SUBJECTIVE.

    I happen to agree with most of the comments made by Stuart but not all, I could pen an objevtive review of recent events without stooping to critise the elected whistleblower, so why can’t a trained journalist!

    An outsider reading the local rag would probably asssume we only have about ten ‘politicians’ as most of them never appear in pront – what tehy hell do they do for theor 40k plus? Press a pour or contre button every second Tuesday?

  10. TonyTheProf

    I remember John Averty when he first got into the States as a very fresh young imaginative candidate topping the polls. As he moved more to membership of the establishment, his popularity declined. The same happened to John de Carteret and Vernon Tomes.

  11. Anonymous

    This Katy who is part of PR Jersey Ltd has the following statements on her website.

    “I am 24 years old and run my own successful Marketing and Communications business.
    After very careful consideration I have decided to put my name forward for Deputy of St Helier No 1 District”

    “After spending over 4 years with Channel 103 as a Broadcaster, Journalist, Sales Executive and Co-ordinator of Sponsorship and Promotions, she has decided to stand for Deputy in St Helier No 1 for the 2008 elections.”

    Not very good communications in anycase as I don’t have a clue who she really works for or what she does.

    Does she work for the Chief Ministers communications unit for example?

  12. Anonymous

    Somebody who only reads……. newspapers looks to me like an extremely near-sighted person who scorns eyeglasses.

    He is completely dependent on the prejudices and fashions of his times, since he never gets to see or hear anything else.

    And what a person thinks on his own without being stimulated by the thoughts and experiences of other people is even in the best case rather paltry and monotonous.

    There are only a few enlightened people with a lucid mind within a century. [And] We owe it to [these] few ……… that the people ….. [can] slowly extricate themselves from the ….. ignorance that had
    darken[s] life”…. (Einstein, 1954)

  13. Anonymous

    claiming to have represented Jersey by taking part in the clipper yacht race is a bit like me saying I represented Jersey by going clubbing in Ibiza for two weeks. The clipper race is a purely money making event organised by clipper ventures where punters with no sailing background, knowledge or expertise pay many thousands of pounds to go and have some “adventure”. as a sporting event it can go down in local history along with “Jerseyman concours Everest”!

  14. Anonymous

    Katy Ringsdore,

    I have a new name for her that I hope will stick.

    “VICTORIA SPONGE” sweet to the eye giving the appearance of substance but mostly hot air with a mere dusting of sugary substance.

  15. voiceforchildren


    Is there anything you could do to get Lenny Harper Blogging? indeed is there anything any of us could do to get him Blogging?
    I bet he has an opinon on the Rag!

    As for the rest of his knowledge about our oligarchy and it’s media, I really believe it could be a case of “we couldn’t handle the truth”

  16. Anonymous

    Hi Stuart, the following statement by Einstein is applicable today as it was when he wrote it. And, applies very much to what we are facing in our own struggle against the lies of the States of Jersey!

    “We must not conceal from ourselves that no improvement in the present depressing situation is possible without a severe struggle; for the handful of those who are really determined to do something is minute in comparison with the mass of the lukewarm and the misguided. And those who have an interest in keeping the machinery of….[lies] going are a very powerful body; they will stop at nothing to make public opinion subservient to their murderous ends”.
    (Albert Einstein, 1954)

  17. Anonymous

    From Katy Ringsdore’s company website:

    Let’s be Clear

    The Importance of PR…

    The media can influence the way its readers, listeners and viewers – who are ultimately your clients – make decisions.


    Yes this seems to be exactly the sort of politician Jersey is likely to elect simply because the JEP BBC 103 & CTV will tell them to.

  18. Zoompad

    I don’t think Lenny will or should blog, as he will need to testify against certain people and give evidence in court when the people who have abused children and peverted the course of justice are taken to court.

    It WILL happen, the people who have committed these crimes think that they can escape justice, they think that they are untouchable.

    It’s always a mistake to put yourself on so high a pedastal that you can’t see the ground any more. You see, what can happen is that you can have the rug pulled from underneath – it’s a bit like an earthquake, the big buildings don’t stand a chance if you get a large earthquake, it makes no difference how big the building is, down it comes, CRASH!

    Haut de la Garenne is being talked about all round the world, and it is causing massive embarressment. All sorts of other peculiar things are coming to light, all kinds of connections and intrigues and the scandal is not going to just fade away, it’s like a snowball, gathering momentum. Abuse survivors all over the UK are not happy about what happened at Haut de la Garenne, and are putting their heads together on this now. There are lots of us (shame on our country, there shouldn’t be any of us!) and we are all chatting away, looking here and there, working as a team and independantly, looking for the truth of what has been going on and what has been concealed. The abusers will certainly be brought to justice, and so will those who covered up for them.

    So Lenny can’t really blog – he’ll be needed as a key witness.

  19. Anonymous

    Beware she is out to influence peoples opinion in favour of the establishment. Has she been given pointers by her dad? I wouldn’t trust her at all. If she gets in Joe Public must be really stupid and will reap what they sow. Another one to add to the Phil Ozouf collection. Spin like mad say how great you are, how much you have achieved, how Jersey is a lovely place to live blah, blah,blah………………

  20. Anonymous

    Katy Ringsdore is a rather silly young woman who used to play records, chatter and dish out ice cream for Channel 103.
    If she gets elected she will be a fitting successor to Guy de Faye, another media personality, who’s life time greatest achievement was shooting Oscar live on Puffin’s Plaice.
    Silly people who are just voting fodder for Pip Ozouf et al or if they achieve Ministerial office are shamelessly manipulated by the civil service.

  21. Anonymous

    I would just ignore Victoria Sponge. Sorry I ment this Ringsdore thing. She is obviously looking for publicity. However, being ever so slighly thick, she’s got her self all in a tiz over those who are pro her extreme right facist politics (suprized she was’nt on the BNPs list) and, those against!.

    Kate dear, you want the JEPs site -not this one dear, we’re the oposition. Now run along and come back when you’ve grown up, there’s a good little thing. Sweet really!

  22. Anonymous

    Why the attack on Rob Duhamel?

    Surely it is Celia Scott-Warren who should not be voted for.
    She stabbed you in the back when you were Health Minister and she is related to Frank Walker.

  23. Anonymous

    How about you write your name when you leave a comment rather than signing on behalf of someone else – slightly childish I feel.

  24. Anonymous

    I really cant be bothered with the deputy elections, I don’t give a fig who gets in, I am sick of the paternalistic way this island is governed – it is a banana republic elected into power by a bunch of JEP and Daily Mail readers – I am not alone in this thought – 50% of the electorate don’t give a fig either…………If Philip Ozouf can get reelected after his economic growth strategy, If Freddie Cohen can single handledy dictate the style and build of my home, If Frank Walker with 500 votes can be chief minister, If Terry Le Main can beb taken seriously……….do you blame me?

  25. Anonymous

    You know Stuart, the more Walker et al protest. The more I believe that he/they are covering up not just for themselves but, for someone who has a great deal of power.

    I think we should be looking at who is pulling Walker’ strings? Because,it is becoming cristaline that other then you, there are others who are exerting extreme presure on him?

  26. Kaspar

    Hiya Stuart – not directly relevant I’m afraid – just wanted to pass the info on to you – it’s so bloody obvious listening to the opening speeches that the more people who hear them the better our chances – help us spread the word and all that.

    In an exercise of documentation, transparency, provision and future accountability we have recorded the St Mary hustings for everybody to listen to if they so wish. We will also provide a CD to anybody in St Mary who would like one to help make up their minds.

    Visit: and follow the links. The direct link is:

    Feel free to comment! Bit wobbly on some things, but overall pretty clear cut.

    I think that in this day and age this should be a basic parish provision. I asked during the senatorials if a podcast could be made, as the JEP only skimmed over things, but unfortunately this was not set up. We just have to take it in to our own hands for now.

    Extra info, technical, legal and otherwise:

    Here are the links again and a few words about why, etc

    We recorded the event, to allow all those who may be in poor health, have children, or simply couldn’t make it yesterday, the chance to hear the candidates answer the parishioners questions and present their policies for both the island and for the parish.

    This recording is completely unedited and the internet site where they are hosted is 100% secure.

    Candidates opening speeches:
    (Order: David Johnson, Daniel Wimberley, David Richardson)


    If anybody would like a copy of this on CD they can call us on 485455 and we will deliver one to their door as soon as possible.

    I hope it helps everybody make up their mind for whom they would like to vote for, and who will best work to represent all of their views and principles in the States.

    As far as I know this is a first – to make the complete hustings available online. I know that Radio and TV do at times during the Senatorials transmit live recordings, but it is not easy to hear the candidates after the event itself. This is a service which in todays day and age should be provided as a matter of course, and also serves to offer documentation, transparency and future accountability.

    As I said the recording is completely unedited, all of the candidates and the constable agreed to the event being recorded and that the recording could be distributed freely after the hustings. There are two very small breaks when I change the tape in my video camera. The recording comes with a creative commons license, you are free to copy and share this recording, but nobody is allowed to edit the recording before distribution, without prior permission. This way all the candidates have been fairly treated.

    Hope this helps!
    Best wishes,
    Kaspar Wimberley
    Any questions please call me on 482898

  27. jimbo

    I have been posting comments on the JEP site, only to have none printed. All I speak is the truth and they hate it, I even posted my Legal teams press release to them, they were not amused.


  28. Anonymous

    How about needing to stay anon in case the establishment target you as they have done throughout this episode. also childish me thinks.

  29. Anonymous

    Someone who has left a comment

    “How about you write your name when you leave a comment rather than signing on behalf of someone else – slightly childish I feel.”

    Anonymous go figure!!!

  30. Anonymous

    Katy Rigsdore,

    Katie, who has much in common with Ozouf and wants him as Chief Minister.

    Katie who has Mrs Frank Walker as her ‘friend’ on Facebook.
    – Mrs Walker not only being the Blank Frank’s Chief Olli Dolly but was who also worked for the Jersey Establishment’s second propogander outpost, BBC Radio Jersey.

    The island really is as incestuous as that. No ‘old boys club’ problems here eh Frank?

    Katie could not crawl further up the establishment backside if she tried. And by George is she trying.

    I didn’t thing JCG girls usually turned out to be so thick!

    Someone on her facebook Group has written:

    “go for it Katy! about time someone with their own mind was heard by the states, who knows the issues we all face and really wants to fix them”

    Another disturbingly writes of the Boygirl:

    “…it’s about time we had someone interested in helping the people and not just interested in lining their own pockets”

    Does this person know just who is behind Ringsdore??? The very same pocket-lining bastards she is hoping that Ringsdore will take on!

    How sadly deluded. How badly let down these girls will feel in the event that the boygirl gets in.

    You are already conning your friends Katy. Well done. Perfect credentials. Never mind, if you get in, and I hpe you don’t clearly, you can forget all those twats who supported you.

    You will have a new set of friends.

  31. Anonymous

    One would imagine young victoria sponge would be quite the paly, paly with Bright and shipley. Birds of a feather and all that.

  32. Anonymous

    “..someone… who knows the issues we all face…”

    I would invite you all to take a look at this link and see the photographs.

    She reaaallly looks like someone who knows the issues we all face….

    I always have terrible issues hob-nobing with celebs, sipping champers on my yacht or skiing in France etc

    We ALL face those issues. Don’t we?

    She is an out-of-touch, stuck-up, over-priveledged gob-shite.

    ..or so she comes across to me!

    A perfect CV for a future CM.

  33. Anonymous

    To be fair Katy Ringsdore is just like a huge number of States candidates and members.
    Having shown little or no interest in politics at all they suddenly realise that they might be well known and liked enough to make it into the States Chamber.
    The prospect of a second career or something not too arduous to do in their declining years is just too good to turn down so they have a punt.
    This accounts for the fact that most manifestos are ‘motherhood and apple pie’ and also for the vacuous blather that passes for debate in the Chamber.
    To my mind the best debates of the year are on the budget. A group of men and women, most of whom know nothing about public finance and care less, get together to discuss a detailed document rolled out by professionals in public finance.
    They might as well be discussing Norse sagas or quantum mechanics for all the intelligence and understanding most of them bring to the debate!
    The fruits of this can be seen in the mess that was made of GST, really how can a purchase tax not be inflationary?
    The looming disaster of ’20 means 20′ is another product of the fine ‘we are all individuals without policies or parties’ school of thought.
    But it allows the civil service to get on with running the island while glove puppets like Wendy Kinnard, Guy de Faye and Terry le Main* take the flack.
    *Don’t take this personally, there are at least another 30 in there that are equally as useless and manipulable as you!

  34. Senator Stuart Syvret

    A reader has submitted a comment which describes a certain person as a Nazi.

    I think that just going wee bit too far in the context of the comment.

    Perhaps if you’d like to re-submit with that reference removed, I could post it.


  35. Anonymous

    Anyway her chance of winning is remote, my money is on;

    Paul le Claire (Sitting Deputy)
    Judy Martin (Sitting Deputy)
    Trevor Pitman (Excellent performance in the Senatorial elections)

  36. Anonymous

    What are the prospects for Ringsdore being elected? St Helier no. 1 has three seats two of which are being defended by sitting deputies. I would have thought Trevor Pitman could also do well considering his senatorial result in St Helier.

    I’m wondering how her 103 “fame” will play out – Its the only reason I can see people voting for her.

  37. Anonymous

    Dear Stuart

    I feel compelled to write on behalf of all the victims of Jersey’s child abuse who have hit absolute rock bottom will the latest spates of relentless attacks from Walker/Perchard and the likes. I met one of the victims in town today and could not believe what I was seeing. She came across to me as one of the stronger victims but she was nothing more than an absolute emotional wreck, her face drawn and very tearful. She was not able to say much, from what I can gather she has had a complete breakdown and is under treatment from her doctor. So, is this their game plan, to keep picking and picking away at the victims until they have all crawled back into their dark hiding places where they have kept their secrets for decades and decades too scared to come out fearing that they would not be believed?

    Please, please if you have any information that can blow this whole thing wide open, I am begging you, if you have a conscience please come forward and help us before it is too late.


  38. Anonymous

    I reckon St Helier No 1 will be Martin, Pitman and Le Cornu. Le Claire’s a clown.

    But a very hard working clown.
    Anyway being a clown has not stopped; Guy de Faye, Terry le Main, James Reed, Peter Troy…

  39. Senator Stuart Syvret

    St. Helier No.1

    Nope – don’t agree with your key assertion.

    Yes Judy Martin – top of poll – without question.

    A great States member.

    Trevor Pitman is also well worth a punt.

    Look at it this way – the establishment would hate like hell to have him as a member.

    By way of contrast – I can see Nick – given his political views, actually being beneficial to the Establishment.

    You see – they need a few scary monsters – to frighten the populace into sticking with the status quo.

    It’s well-documented that I’ve had my personal – err – differences with Nick – but I try to set that aside.

    As I said in my Senatorial election postings – he is articulate and would be politically honest.

    But – although I’ve had my personal run-ins with Paul as well – as I said – one has to set aside old personal issues.

    Say what you will about Paul – but he is honest, reliable, what you see is what you get – and when elected, you know he won’t betray his election promises.

    He has also shown himself to not be lacking in courage when it comes to challenging the status quo.

    He – for example – has been one of the few States members to be committed to the cause of rooting-out child abuse and standing up for the survivors.

    So, if I lived in St. Helier No. 1 – I’d vote for him for that reason alone.


  40. Anonymous

    As far as I can tell, Katy Ringsdore is being vilified just for giving an honest answer to a question to which many of the candidates declined to provide responses in the rag’s questionnaire. A more cynical candidate might have chosen to lie. She should at least get credit for her honesty! The sort of mindless character assassination on a candidate that contributors here are engaging in does this blog and its cause no favours.

  41. Anonymous

    Senator, whatever you may think of me, I am truly horrified that you should bring my father into your firing line.

    He went to the same school as you, worked his way up through CTV as a cameraman into management before achieving substantial success at JT. All through his own hard work. If you and your supporters think those are reasons for criticism, I despair.
    Katy Ringsdore

  42. ratleskutle

    re your earlier post, stuart – you mentioned not having the time to look through the list of bnp members, and someone posted the names, but if you need to look for something all you have to do is hold down control and f and that will bring up a little search box, then you can enter “jersey” or whatever, and it will search through a list for you. can be very useful.

  43. Anonymous


    The JEP Frank and Averty may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but what have they got to do with the Occupation years? Not for the first time, you mention “the very healthy profit” made by the JEP during the war years. Not for the first time, I would ask you to substantiate this claim.

    As for the churning out of Nazi propaganda – who exactly at the JEP can you claim was responsible for this? The translators (if they were used)? The typesetters? the printers? All of these workers certainly had a choice between earning money to feed their families or not. And what could the management and owners have done to prevent the paper being printed? Throw themselves under the presses? Sabotage the presses? And wait for a week for another one to arrive from Heidelberg, before being deported?

    What you will notice if you study war issues, (while the lead type deteriorated over the years) is that the typesetters used the good stuff for the local announcements (weddings, sports news etc.) and the broken stuff for the Nazi news. Not much of a protest I agree, but all they could manage.

    Get back into the present Stuart, this fixation with the war-time JEP is just a load of nonsense.

  44. Les Dirouilles

    Please, please if you have any information that can blow this whole thing wide open, I am begging you, if you have a conscience please come forward and help us before it is too late.

    If you are worried about your or your families safety & your information is previously undisclosed confidential material or completely censored material of substantial political, diplomatic or ethical significance.

    Rather that do nothing you could do worse than go to which is a repository for information that newspapers etc. can’t or won’t publish.

    You can easily upload documents via a secure & encrypted server.

    If you google Wikileaks you can read about it before you go there e.g.

  45. Anonymous

    Before I make my comments, I think it would be relevant to outline my background. Coming from the UK and having worked in Europe and Australia, I spent 8 very happy years in Jersey and now live in the Middle East. I still keep up to date purely out of habit with Jersey affairs and have followed this blog for a while – it has often kept me amused. After the comments about Katy Ringsdore I do feel compelled to add my own point of view for the first time.
    Jersey is unique in many different ways and I often found it unfair when people told me I was living in a bubble – and it wasn’t the real world. 2 years on how right it was. Jersey for the majority, is a beautiful, safe island, with a great standard of living were the mediocre can become incredibly successful and to be honest what’s really wrong with that? Where in the world can you come unqualified from Glasgow – “for a season” in a little hotel and 2 years later be earning 20k+ in a bank? A few years ago 5 years quallies and basic admin experience guaranteed a well paid cushy number in a finance house, regardless of your actual financial experience. I am unsure if this will last forever but to those that do it – fair play and enjoy it while you can. On the downside Jersey does however create a breed of extremely arrogant individuals with a remarkable sense of their own self worth. Of course these people live everywhere in the world but you just tend to come across them more in Jersey. Katy – who I have never met, paints a picture of arrogance and superiority that could only be developed in the privileged upbringing of a spoilt Jersey Girl. Despite her lack of life experience, qualifications and general worldliness to equip her to guide Jersey through some of its toughest times (diversifying the economy, Obama’s threat to tax havens, riding the economic downturn and its impact on finance, controlling costs and inflation etc), she believes that entering a yacht race equips her for this role at 24 years of age. Most middle class kids in Jersey grow up in a bubble where they develop a self confidence and expectation that belies often their intelligence, experience and qualification. They then enter the world with a self-expectation that the world truly owes them a living – but by living in the bubble they very rarely get brought down to earth.
    Most of Jerseys politicians are not the sharpest tools in the box with little real world experience, but really what do they have to do? 90,000 people is a medium size town elsewhere in the world. This constant belief that Jersey represents on the world stage is pathetic. When you leave the bubble that only becomes so more apparent.
    So is it fair to mock Katy – when she sounds to me like a true Jersey girl for the times? I will leave you to decide.

  46. Zoompad


    Please tell your friend to come here for some support, tell her that there are loads of people who will support her, that people will believe her and not intimidate her and be kind to her.

    I know how important sites like this are – they are little oasises, it’s just so horrible to open your heart up to the abuse you suffered only to be told “We don’t believe you” and suffer even more abuse and intimidation, well, I know what happened to me and other people who were in the place I was in, all us survivors know what happened, please tell her to come here, we’ll support her.

  47. Zoompad

    Mocking Katy – It was fair, because she came here to mock us – but we’ve made out point now, perhaps we ought to call it a day? Otherwise, we’ll just be bullying, and we’re better than that.

  48. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Re Frank & Averty

    I think you conflate two issues.

    Frank and Averty were – of course – not involved with the Nazis.

    My reference to the Nazi occupation years was a point I have often made in passing – because it is an important indicator of the “ethos” and “integrity” of The Rag.

    Personally – if I were running the newspaper – and new the Nazis were landing – I’d have ordered staff to take sledge-hammers to the presses.

    Your point as to whether it was typesetters or the printers’ job to resist really isn’t the point. The Rag – as an operation – should have done the right thing.

    It didn’t.

    I also think you’re on very thin ice given your argument is pretty much along the lines of ‘well – these were only ordinary little people – who had to look after their families – what else could they do?’

    I think you’ll find the average Joe in the apparatus of the Shoah would have used similar excuses.

    The fact remains – the owners of The Rag – ultimately, the owners of the Guiton Group – came out of a period of utter horror for Europe and the world – having done really rather nicely for themselves.

    As Norman Le Brocq used to say to me – “you know in all of the European jurisdictions occupied in the war – the Channel Islands were the only places who had precisely the same ruling oligarchy in place – before, during and after the Nazi years.

    Strange, no?

    And The Rag was a part of that apparatus of “stability”.

    Perhaps I’d make far less of the issue – if the JEP were exhibiting anything remotely approaching civilised ethics? If maybe the underpinning philosophy of “anything to the greater power of the oligarchy” had been left behind?

    But – as is very – very – plain – the same ethical and intellectual stagnation grips The Rag to this very day.


  49. Senator Stuart Syvret

    Ms Ringsdore

    You have chosen to enter the political arena.

    It’s a tough old place – isn’t it?

    I actually think the information my readers – not me, incidentally – have submitted in comments is quite tame – at least those few I have let through. Believe me – there have been a number of far worse submissions.

    The fact is – this blog site is the only place in the realm of Jersey media were the true nature of your politics, your background – your political allies and associates – will have been frankly discussed.

    Should it upset you – I suggest you – especially as a Jersey journalist – really ought to try and imagine just what is like spending 18 years trying to do the right things – trying to speak the truth – trying to address the long-term interests of the community – only to constantly denigrated, oppressed, silenced, abused treated with colossal bias by all of the local media – for example the leader comment in The Rag the other day – and generally oppressed by the island’s poisonous oligarchy – and then come and tell me how tough things are.

    And in your case in particular – you cannot seriously expect to elicit sympathy – given that like so many of Jersey’s journalists – you’ve also taken the oligarchy’s money as a spin-doctor – precisely to oppress people like me and anyone else faintly perceived to be a threat to the status quo?

    How does it feel – to be on the receiving end – just for once?

    And unlike you – I don’t have an army of spin-doctor friends and colleagues to pitch-in on my side so, incidentally, tell them to not bother submitting “anonymous” comments posing as ordinary members of the public. Such is the degree of incompetence exhibited the grammar, syntax – and even some of the phrases are the same.

    Is it Glenn – perhaps? Thrashing away via his mountain of IP addresses?

    Or Phil Ozouf? Or Freddy Cohen?

    You may well get elected – but somehow, I really struggle to see you as ever being anything other than yet another piece of Right-wing, pro-greed lobby-fodder.


  50. Anonymous

    Yes, Simon Bellwood Blog, just read it, left a comment for him too.

    Stuart, you and Simon have really caused them some sort of sh*t.

    This is getting better than Big Brother.

  51. Anonymous

    Wow!!! Well done simon (There is a marked improvement in your writing)
    Tell feckless Frank if he does not meet with you, you will have no other choice but to leak it online and to the press, that should heat things up a bit

  52. Anonymous

    Despite the fact I disagree with most of what you say and believe that your time could be better spent actually taking on these problems rather than gossiping about them and encouraging the mad folk of this island, your blog makes bloody good bedtime reading. Keep the comments coming….

  53. Anonymous


    If you cared so much about fair reporting and politicians not using spin to get what they want, you wouldn’t have to delete so many comments on your Blog. We wouldn’t have to count on UK journalists having to apply pressure in order for you to given that document to the lady from the JEP in the royal square (I was there and I saw the whole sorry episode). You were in front of the national media for God sake! If you cared so much for the people of Jersey you would listen to ALL of us.

  54. Senator Stuart Syvret

    If you care to look – I have deleted remarkably few comments from this blog – and have only done so when readers have made legitimate observations if there was something – undeservedly – offensive about them.

    As you say – I was in Square – with half a dozen hacks.

    I used no spin – I openly and frankly said – in front of the media – I would be wasting my time giving copies of my statement to the local media.

    An open and unambiguous statement of my position – no spin – just a fact.

    However – I relented – and did give copies to the Jersey hacks as well – with tired resignation at the outcome.

    Sure enough – not one single Jersey media reported the key issues I had written – essentially, the same kind of crucial question I asked in my blog post ’37 Questions to Warcup & Gradwell’ – and in what is an immutable fact – to this day – not one single Jersey hack – not one single part of the main-stream Jersey media – has dealt with those key questions I raise.

    So – contemptuous of the local media? Damn right – and with every justification – year in and year out.

    BBC Jersey even reneged on a written agreement to have me and an opponent on Talk Back to thrash out the Howard League, Grand Prix issues.

    I’m sorry – but you just cannot be serious when you expect me to show any sympathy for this spineless load of clowns?

    Look – my career has been destroyed – pretty much by these people – because I have tried to do the right thing.

    I didn’t shy away from that consequence – I did what was right.

    Jersey hacks can’t even report on hard, factual, documentary evidence – when I’ve handed it to them on a plate.

    When I think of the average Jersey journalist it makes me wish I could be religious – so I could at least comfort myself with the thought of them burning in hell for all eternity.


  55. Anonymous


    Have just read the posting from the person who lived in Jersey and now lives in the middle east.

    How they echo my own sentiments (though I still live here) I could have written the same myself but not as well.

    What a perfect description of the “bubble mentality” that is Jersey.

    This may have been tolerated in the booming inflated 80′ and 90’s but I can’t help feel that a new world order is about to descend and Jersey with its Frank Walkers, Philip Ozoufs and Terry Le Sueur’s will be so far out of it. This island has no idea about what is about to hit it – independence – don’t make me laugh!

  56. Anonymous

    Zoompad is right as usual!Your friend is not alone or unsupported. When the news broke from HDLG in February, most of us survivors and witnesses went into meltdown. Many of us, possibly like your friend, have revisited long buried memories and given lengthy statements. This is a traumatic and exhausting experience but we did this in the hope that we would see justice done for us and for others who have suffered for decades.

    Last week’s crude whitewash attempt by Warcup and Gradwell was cruel and painful for us. For some like your friend it may have seemed like the end of hope.Some survivors may have felt abused all over again because what they have disclosed has now been doubted.

    Some of us are picking ourselves up and are more determined than ever that the truth must and will come out. The whitewash was very thin and most people can see right through it. Keep strong all of you and wait…………

  57. Anonymous

    Good point

    But unfortunately that wasn’t the impression left by all present. That evening I was taking a walk around the harbour and got taking to a chap from the Times ( the one who had to intervene to make you eventually relent). And it seemed to have left a bad impression to all present.

    Don’t get me wrong I have lived here all my life and know exactly how bad the JEP is. I would also like to see them burn too. But all hacks stick together and it looked like after that they were no longer “on your side”

  58. Simon Bellwood - The Whistleblower

    Stuart and All Readers,

    It would appear that the recent news from the State’s Comms Dept has driven some passion through the bones of y/our critics.

    Some of these people have been venting it on these blogs.

    Even in the face of the evidence presented there are still people who wish to criticise those who are trying to help people in need, or support and compassion.

    Rather than quench their thirst by asking for evidence they simply try and discredit what they do not know.

    Whether they agree with the how’s and the why’s, whether the agree with what is said at times, or not, they should ask themselves a few questions.

    When was the last time they selflessly went out of their way to help others less fortunate than themselves?

    When was the last time they looked in the mirror and said what can I do for someone else today?

    When was the last time anything I did paved the way for a better society tomorrow?

    I know this is water of a ducks back for you Stuart, but with over 100 comments with each posting, this is evidence in itself that Jersey needs you.

    I am very naive to politics, especially Jersey politics, but I have been of the view for the last year or so that every small, self governing island, needs a Stuart Syvret.

    Don’t stop, you are winning.


  59. Anonymous

    Hi Katy,

    I think I should point out a few things;

    1) Some of us post here because Stuart believes in free speech and allows posts unlike the JEP et al.

    2) You are trying to enter the States at a unique time when there is a high degree of political conflict.
    a) A large part of the population do not accept Terry le Sueur as a legitimate candidate for Chief Minister.
    b) Furthermore a lot view him as morally and politically bankrupt due to his failures as Finance Minister.
    c) Most of the people that he will appoint are viewed as failures by a large part of the population eg Cohen, Ozouf et al.
    d) Virtually everyone realises that he is going to be a three year Chief Minister with no chance of being returned for another term as a Senator.
    This will result in a repeat of the backbiting, power struggles, maladministration, failure and muddle that characterised the Walker years.
    All in all a recipe for disaster before the new House even meets for
    the first time.
    3) The conventional media are getting weaker and push button publishing like blogs are getting stronger. So unlike the old days when an establishment figure could rely on unchallenged puffery from friendly voices it is a lot harder.
    4) Have a chat with one of your media mates about structured attack and blog storm. Only a matter of time before they arrive in Jersey politics 😀
    5) Being in politics means that quite a few people will loathe you like poison. If you become a Deputy, get real and accept it just like Stuart and the rest do.

    That’s it,


  60. Anonymous

    “the owners of the Guiton Group – came out of a period of utter horror for Europe and the world – having done really rather nicely for themselves”.

    Again I would ask – please produce the figures to back up this assertion. You have made it three at least times, so you obviously have the evidence.

    Talking about evidence – how do you know the postings purporting to be from Katy Ringsdore were in fact from her? How do we know that they weren’t written by you or someone else to set her and/or her family up for some blog “treatment”?

  61. Anonymous

    oh Steuart,
    You and your cronies were soooo right about the last elections, so i doubt you will be right about these ones.
    To be fair I now vote for anyone you say not to – and so do lots of people i know.
    And to all those who reply with comments “Stuart was top of the polls… Stuart is the islands most popular…” etc I hate to tell you this but that was quite a while ago. Don’t believe me – then why doesn’t Stuart put his seat up for re-election?

  62. Anonymous

    Simon Bellwood has put a phone call (meesage) to Frank Walker on You Tube.

    Not sure how Frank can carry on saying that he has not been given any evidence.

    Seems like he doesnt want it!

  63. Anonymous

    Hi Also check out the latest interesting instalment on Simon’s blog…

    Its a recording of him telephoning Frank on his mobile….. incidentally his 5th attempt to contact to hand over ‘Evidence’!!

    JT alias Jersey Truth

  64. TonyTheProf

    I’d have to checkbut with my dim memory I think it was the Harrison family here in the war years, but they were ousted after the war in a boardroom coup d’etat.

    They had to print German orders so that the general public knew what they were, but it was the States who ratified them. Regarding news stories, they deliberately left in mistakes of grammar and spelling in anything the Germans (with a poor command of written English) submitted so that it would be clear what had been imposed on them.

    In my opinion, they were not really culbable, unlike the Aliens Officer Clifford Orange, and the Attorney-General Duret Aubin, both of whom acted extremely badly, Orange in particular being the dutiful quisling, cheefully compiling lists (for deportation, or of jews) for the Germans with efficiency.

    Churchill also acted badly, and wanted the Islanders not to get the red cross parcels in case the Germans took them – “let them rot” was his memorable comment on the plight of Islanders in 1944-1945. Not so “dear Channel Islanders” then!

  65. Zoompad

    In your last post you say
    “Look – my career has been destroyed – pretty much by these people – because I have tried to do the right thing.”

    After puttin down the violin and wiping away my tears of sadness, I found some advice for you…on your own blog in fact. In case you’ve forgotten, you told Katy Ringsdore earlier this evening “You have chosen to enter the political arena. It’s a tough old place – isn’t it?”

    Fair cop, guvner!”

    Don’t bother crying your crocodile tears for Stuart – he’ll be ok, he has a trade, and something even more important – a good name – the Bible says that is far more precious than gold. Us abuse survivors love Stuart because he’s listened to us and tried to help us. And before you start posting any nonsense, my fiancee also thinks that Stuart is wonderful! If anything happens to Stuart do you suppose he’ll want for support?

    What have you got, apart from money, what passes for you as security? Are you God, that you think you control your own destiny? You cling on to what you think you’ve got, even as it crumbles to dust! Proverbs 22v16 will surely come to pass. A change is coming, and wether it is good or bad depends on which side of the fence a person is on. Justice will come, is coming, and there is nothng you or anyone else can do to stop it.

  66. Zoompad

    “That evening I was taking a walk around the harbour and got taking to a chap from the Times ( the one who had to intervene to make you eventually relent)”

    That chap from the Times – his name, please?

  67. Disgusted of St.Helier

    I heard JK on the radio this morning explaining why Grand Prix had to be used!

    First they denied it was used at all, then they brushed it aside as no longer in use, and now they finally admit it was.

    Any wonder we don’t trust them when they change their tune like slimeballs?

  68. Limpet

    Averty somehow went from being the bright young hopeful who topped the senatorials in the late sixties to becoming Frank Walkers lapdog when he owned the JEP – don’t know how or why. However, one example:

    Some years ago, as owner, Frank wanted to get rid of the journalist’s perks – so he decided the easiest way was to sack all the journalists and then, knowing there were no alternatives for them, offered them to return to the JEP but with new inferior contracts – except that Frank went off to the Caribbean and left it to Averty to actually do the dirty.


  69. Anonymous

    Senator Syvret.

    You put names, addresses, telephone numbers and email contacts of BNP members on your blog.
    Whilst I share your disgust with the whole set up of that party, your readers must understand that it is a criminal offence to harass,intimidate and threaten others.
    There has already been an arson attack on a car in the UK and the victim was not even on the list.
    He just lived in the same road as a BNP member.

  70. Anonymous


    Anonymous said…
    Before I make my comments, I think it would be relevant to outline my background. Coming from the UK and having worked in Europe and Australia, I spent 8 very happy years in Jersey and now live in the Middle East. I still keep up to date purely out of habit with Jersey affairs and have followed this blog for a while – it has often kept me amused. After the comments about Katy Ringsdore I do feel compelled to add my own point of view for the first time.

    Being a Jersey-man living and working abroad for the last 40 odd years I was pleased that the person who wrote the above comment has managed to get over what I have been thinking for about 30 odd years now, Some of the people working in some of the banks in town would not get a job sweeping the roads here in Germany, I remember one lady at the customer support desk at my bank, Nat west Jersey who was one of the rudest people that I have ever had the misfortune to deal with, She remarked that my wife’s English was in her words “substandard” This women could not speak a second language at all, My wife speaks five languages other than her own…

    Bubble Land?
    cuckoo land, more like it.

  71. Anonymous

    Apparently, according to Rouge Element on PJ, the world is bored to tears with the truth and seeking justice for victims.

    Guess who looks more like a muppet?

  72. Anonymous


    I probably shouldn’t name names as this was not an article he wrote but conversation between him and me. He did not give permission to quote him. Besides, the point i was making was that Stu did himself no favours that day despite all the hard work he put in to his public statement.

    I spoke to him outside the carbuncle (he wasn’t just hanging around in the harbour)and the general view of a lot of the Hacks that day was less than positive.

  73. Anonymous

    All is not what you may think on this site. So how do we know she wrote the first one, that you thought was “mocking us”. I suspected she didn’t, which is why I tried the experiment.

    All is not what it seems to be on a lot of media outlets in Jersey.
    The Vile Rag frequently prints letters from obviously fake correspondents puffing the establishment view.
    The Vile Rag, Crap TV and Bollocks Radio and TV frequently just take press releases straight. No attempt is made to question the content.
    Everything fine at Greenfields, economy booming? Fine and dandy, print it up, the mushrooms will swallow it!

  74. Zoompad

    To Anonymous

    I don’t come to this blog to support Stuart – he doesn’t need me to support him, he’s strong and clever enough without anyone elses help – I come here to support the Jersey institutional child abuse survivors.

    I’m an institutional child abuse survivor myself, so I know how horrible these people are feeling. No-one in authority wanted to help me, they just covered it all up, like there did in all the other towns where institutional child abuse was happening. Other people will testify to the same thing.

    How dare you come here to mock all the people who have been through absolute hell – we feared for our lives in those cells. We were trapped and terrified. How dare you come here and play stupid games on this blog which Stuart has so very kindly dedicated to supporting the survivors! Some of these people are so traumatised that even now they are thinking of ending their lives! Don’t you care about that? You should, as when the Lord Jesus Christ – don’t mock, Stuart may not believe, but I certainly do, and many others of us do as well – when Jesus Christ comes back, what on earth are you going to say to him to explain your cruelty?

    You should think about that, you should think very carefully about that. You must be very brave, or very stupid, as I would not dare to mock God as you are doing.

  75. Anonymous

    Simon has had a response from FW and wants your suggestions on how to reply. FW is a RAT!!

  76. Anonymous

    The point that some commentators seem to be missing is that we, the great unwashed, are honest & probably naive in that we just don’t even consider the idea of using someone else’s name when writing a comment.

    We post anonymously because we haven’t subscribed to the protection on offer by the Jersey elite, we don’t seek to deceive but to merely have an uncensored voice at last.

  77. Anonymous


    I am delighted you keep going dipite all the set backs, and i partcular the recent elections, shame on the Jersy folk who voted for the ratpack, the stench of corruption will overwhelm them all.

    The reson for my contrabution is this: it apears that some sad folk are trying to take your focus on the child abuse away by posting silly childish name calling note on your site, we who suppot you and your effotts dont take any notice of them and i suggest yo udo the same, and keep your focus on the victims you are thier only hope of ensuring they remian i nthe puplic eye. the saddos who use your blog to insult you are unworthy of a responce, i am sure if you continue to show thier contrabuitions, ,but ignore them, they will soon get fed up , they dont have the brain power to keep it up.

    God bless you

    The Oak

  78. Anonymous

    Following the publication of The Howard League for Penal Reform’s report on Friday 14 November BBC Radio Jersey has been interviewing politicians and people connected with the welfare and well-being of children and young people in the island. ((Stuart we need you on there too!!!))

    I just went on-line to catch up with today’s interviews which I had missed and was informed =>

    “Sorry we cant bring you the programme you requested”

    I wanted to listen to the Joe Kennedy, Michael Bowyer and Chris Knight interviews but none of them are available.

    Did anyone hear them? Was something said which ‘the establishment’ dont want the general public to hear again (apart from those who heard them when they were broadcast earlier?)

    Is this yet more censorship????

    Paste link below in browser:

    JT alias Jersey truth

  79. Zoompad

    What we need is a van with a megaphone, like they use at election time, and just go round the streets shouting about media censorship about Haut de la Garrenne and Greenfields

    I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen for ages today and he asked me how I was getting on ect, he knows I’m a survivor, he said he’s following the HDLG story and realised something wierd is going on – and that’s in Staffordshire!

  80. Anonymous


    They all sound fine to me.

    Not everything is conspiracy!

    Unless Big Frank broke into your house and uninstalled all your media players to stop you listening to them 😛

  81. Anonymous

    Was Frank Walker one of John Avertys proposers when he stood for the states in the sixtys? And did he fund his campaigne?
    I believe he funded Ozoufs campaigne and didn’t he top the polls also.
    I would say he positions his puppets for his own gain, although he is going you can bet his spirit will live on.

  82. Anonymous

    Does any one know anything about a male child care officer working in Jersey who reasently killed himself? Hasn’t been anything in the news .

  83. Live in the Middle East

    Firstly I am quite surprised that two people took the time to agree with my previous comments – thank you, if I was back on the island I would now be beginning my campaign for Deputy.
    Jersey is for me an amazing and very special place, I still miss many things about it. Its biggest fault now is that it has failed to change with the modern world and I fear that the incredible quality of life will begin to be affected by outside forces some that were predictable and some not.
    From my memories most people live in Jersey on credit. A friend of mine is a single mother on 40k a year living in a 500k house. 2 kids, smokes, goes out, 2 holidays a year – where else in the world can you do that and how? Nowhere and credit.
    There is no way this economic meltdown will not ripple through Jersey. RBSI employs a 1000 people, its share price has fallen from 12 pounds to less than 50p, who really believes they wont be making any changes and it wont touch Jersey? When the wage reviews in finance will be less and the bonuses dry up – inflation though dropping in the UK will continue to rise as retailers try to keep their profits and disposable income will drop. This will then filter onto the high street hitting retailers already paying Oxford street rent, this in turn will lead to reducing staff numbers or closing and the cycle will continue.
    As Finance have to work towards more controlled margins – gone will be the 30k a year secretary jobs, 35k admin jobs and of course the related spending in the multitude of PR and advertising agencies. Then the knock on continues – the myriad of employment agencies to support a town with a workforce of 50,000 will suffer– I think you get the picture. Jersey will not collapse but it is in for tough times that few could picture a few years ago
    Throwing a million quid at tourism was a bit of a shocker. Tourism is dead on its feet – not because Jersey is not an amazing destination – I defy anyone to find a more beautiful place than St Ouens Bay on a late August evening – its just not worth the money. People came to Jersey in droves because they had little other choice or didn’t know any better – that was then – this is now. You can fly to Dubai for 300 pounds and stay in a brand new 5 star hotel for 60 pounds a night – and it’s a lot less feral than St Helier on a Saturday night. The reduction in the disposable income will hit the restaurants and bars that tick along outside their short 10 week season with little access to credit they will slowly disappear.
    As employment opportunities dry up in finance and with young couples having no chance of ever owning their own home people will be forced to move away in greater numbers than before – and less tax being paid by a smaller workforce and with the pension and health burden of an ageing population it is a recipe for disaster – if you don’t have a stash in the bank – which I believe Jersey doesn’t, I’m not sure what the future holds.
    Sorry if this paints a depressing picture – I certainly don’t have the answers – and nor should I imagine a 24 year old disc jockey.

  84. Anonymous

    No Zoompad! What we need is democracy! I understand where you are coming from but, lets be be Frank!

    You could have a thousand megaphones but, unless their is a democracy, you might as well have a thousand men dressed in SS uniforms for the good it will do! Get me?

  85. Anonymous


    re tonights rag…………
    Postal voting – Police Launch Investigation!

    A new ammendment to the Public Elections Law makes it an offence for a candidate or his/her representative to complete or assist a person to complete an application form to register as a postal or pre poll voter……….following a complaint from the greffe the SOJ are investigating a complaint that suggests there might have been a bit of assistance going on!!

    I seem to recall Shona Pitman raising this issue in the states, and her getting quite shirty when told that she would not be able to help a parishoner in difficulty to complete a postal application.

    As tonights article relates to Shona Pitmans and Geoff Southerns district, I can only ASSUME that they have been encouraging the electorate to get engaged politically and I just hope that they and any other candidate who has had the temerity to encourage the populace to engage politically have done so within the law.

    I am not going to suggest a big conspiracy theory to try and besmirch the JDA’s reputation = oh no – heaven forbid, lets leave that to the unbiased rag!

    Its an ass of a law, why is it there, and why are we taxpayers forking out for such an idiot badly worded piece of legislation…….more money down the drain…….. what is your take on this?

  86. Anonymous

    Stuart can you please tell me what day you will be giving your Christmas speech, whether it be inside the chambers or outside.
    I would like to arange a day off work

  87. Anonymous

    This is a message for Katy Ringsdore.

    Thankyou for contacting this blog, it’s a great treat to make contact with potential politicians.

    As we’re just chatting here, could you please tell us how you feel about the Haut de la garenne investigation.

    Do you think it’s right for the government and media to spend so much time and energy on harassing the whistleblowers?

    Has Lenny Harper been treated fairly?

    Is Jersey’s image more important than justice?

    How do you feel about the Bailiffs’ liberation day speech?

    Would you be prepared to apologise to abuse victims in your (prospective) role as a member of the instituition that allowed the abuse to go on for so long?

    Why haven’t you mentioned HDLG investigation in your election material? It’s one of the most important events in our modern history and is polarising the island like no other subject. I would have thought that a representitive of the people would have realised that or did you just decide not to bring it up?

    So like I say, nice to hear from you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    A. Voter

  88. Anonymous

    Does the pcc have any power over the local media?

    Because if they do, the one sided reporting and harassment of the whistleblowers could be reported as they seem to be trying to destabilise a criminal prosecution.

    It probably wouldn’t get to far but it would keep the story in the public eye and on record.

  89. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,

    Just cannot resist this little rant.

    I find it highly amusing that Katy Ringsdore actually believes that her clipper race experience gives her sports personality status.

    I wonder if my equestrian sporting activities in and out of the island over untold years should make me a sporting personality, now let’s see by comparison, nah, I don’t think so.

    Something not quite right here, but I have little doubt that the JEP would consider Katy to be more of a sporting personality than I am or was.

    I haven’t sat on a horse since 2002 when I went bush riding in Australia and am now partially disabled and aged, but given the right horse and doing six months training with it I could still go back in the ring and jump a grade A course and be competitive anywhere if I put my mind to it, obviously I don’t have the finances or facilities to do this, and I would actually rather help others in the sport these days.

    The clipper race as someone pointed out is a purely money making event organised by clipper ventures where punters with no sailing background, knowledge or expertise pay many thousands of pounds to go and have some “adventure”.

    I personally don’t consider this to be a true sporting event, and you cannot or should not be able to buy the title of sporting personality as this would be insulting to real sporting personalities such as Simon Lauren our Para-Equestrian Dressage rider and Simon has had to do everything the hard way, haven’t seen the States helping him financially as yet, and he is one of the best adverts for Jersey ever!

    A sporting personality is in my view someone who has actually trained to do a sport, represented their Parish/island or country, and actually loves the sport in question.

    I am a great believer in helping real sporting people, with this in mind I am giving Simon 75% of the royalties from my photographic book ‘Jersey Equestrian 1970’s Photos’ I would love to see Simon make it to the London Paralympics in 2012!

    I know I have gone slightly off topic here, but I feel so much more could be done in the island not only to promote tourism but help the local sports for our youngsters.

    I used to use my ponies for the disabled riders and take rides out from Multina Riding school with holiday makers, now most kids disabled or otherwise do not get the opportunity to get into the equestrian world, such a shame.

    I know when I used to take the kids on activities weeks from Le Quennavais School (for free) and they gained so much from being around the ponies, it was so good for them. Plus it put them on the right footing for their future, now there is so little for the youth in the island to do that it makes me angry inside.

    Through contact with animals children learn how to be responsible and in so many ways what love is in the true sense of the word.

    I have always tried to help those less fortunate than myself when in a position to do so. Such a shame that not more people do so for if they did we would end up with a much better society!

    Note: Great Blog Simon, you and Stuart will win in the end and the truth will win out!

  90. Anonymous

    Questions to Katy Rinsgsdore

    Hi Katy, I looked at your website but saw nothing on government reform and little on GST. I’d be grateful if you answer the following questions for me.

    1)Do you think Jersey is a fully functioning democracy?

    2)If no, what are the issues and how what reforms would you implement?

    3)I note you would remove GST from food but the impression that your manifesto suggests is that you are fundamentally pro GST- Is this true?

    Thank you.
    St Helier 1 Resident

  91. Anonymous

    Suicide of a child care worker-

    Can’t answer for sure but I am aware of someone who is grieving the loss of a person who was suspected of abuse.

    Cause of death- suicide

  92. Anonymous

    “Senator,your post appears crippled by your desperation”.

    does anyone really believe that a 24 year old would-be deputy would have the bottle to take on Stuart on his home turf?

    If the above post was actually written by KR, I’m a guernseyman!

  93. Anonymous

    re tonights rag…………
    Postal voting – Police Launch Investigation!

    = we will destroy the common scum anyway we can

  94. Kraków Crapaud

    Re: Sporting Peronalities,

    This is a difficult question, who is a sporting personality or more importantly a sporting ambassador.

    By pure coincedence I have just written a post of my experience as a disabled sportsman (amputee).

    I believe that people should never be limited by disability or the lack of money or by who they don’t know.

    I sincerely hope that my post Living in St Ouen – Fame & Misfortunewill give everyone who reads it a chance to reflect on us Disabled people who take part in sports.


  95. Anonymous

    “re tonights rag…………
    Postal voting – Police Launch Investigation!”

    I thought they’d given up investigating.
    Let’s just hope this investigation doesn’t cost too much money.
    Mind you if it does concern JDA members, i’m sure the funds will be found from somewhere.

  96. Anonymous

    Any reply to your 37 questions yet Stuart?

    They must be busy if they can’t find the time to answer a member of the government’s request for information.

  97. Anonymous

    And to all those who reply with comments “Stuart was top of the polls… Stuart is the islands most popular…” etc I hate to tell you this but that was quite a while ago. Don’t believe me – then why doesn’t Stuart put his seat up for re-election?

    Right.So your point is what exactly?

    “That was quite a while ago.” Well done you for noticing that very important fact.

    Listen carefully and I will explain how this thing called democracy works.

    We have elections where candidates are elected for A SET TERM OF OFFICE. That means that ALL those people who voted for Stuart want him to work for the island for a full term of office. When the next set of elections come around the candidate reapplies for their position.

    And election polls are simply factual evidence of a candidates popularity. So there really is no point in getting upset when others point out that Stuart has received more votes than the other states members. It’s the truth.

    I know that the truth can offend some people on this island but if keep saying it over and over you will get used to it.

  98. Anonymous


    When can we have more of your Deputy candidate analysis?

    (my parish is St Clement. What are your opinions of Gorst & Baudains, and the other 3?)


  99. Anonymous

    Radio Jersey Talkback today had three would be politicians standing for election in a district of St Brelade………….Sacre Bleu- I have to wonder that if this is the calibre of candidates in general is there any wonder the island is going down the pan!

    The in depth answers and insights given were not of the standard that I would expect from a would be politicians. in fact I was left with teh impression ‘ What a bunch of numpties’…………it is no wonder at all that 50% of those entitled to vote just do not bother!

    Stuart any idea if Radio Jersey will have you on to answer yor critics? If you do not getthe opportunity I intend to complain to the BBC as a disgruntled licence payer – I do not want a soundbite from you I expect you to be given airtime to state your position and how you see the way forward……………as a senior states member you should be accorded that privilege. Any personal issues the local employees of the BBC should be set aside

  100. Senator Stuart Syvret

    An Invite from BBC Radio Jersey?

    Nope – not a word.

    They have simply reneged on the written agreement to have me and an opponent in the studio to debate Grand Prix and Greenfields and the Howard Legaue report.

    You see – Big Frank is frightened of me – as are the rest of the clowns – because they know I’m right – and they’re wrong.

    So BBC Walker has to protect him and his allies from meaningful scrutiny – and in order to further boost the oligarchy – deny me the opportunity to actually speak about the situation in depth.

    So – yes, I think it would be a great idea if licence-fee payers did barrage BBC Jersey – and their bosses – with complaints.

    The actions and conduct of BBC Jersey have been wholly incompatible with the BBC Charter – and simply illegal, in that broadcasting media are required by law to be balanced.


  101. voiceforchildren


    I have to echo the comments of the anonymous poster dismayed with the calibre of the SB Deputy No1 candidates that have just been on talkback.

    I have left some comments about them on PJ. It is truly frightening one of them will be representing the ISLAND’S electorate.

    I would also encourage your commenter to send in a complaint about not allowing Stuart on to discuss the report from the HLPR.

    I have repeatedly e-mailed Matthew Price asking why this editorial decision was made and he has not replied. I have also complained the the BBC’s complaints department about the seemingly bias reporting from the BBC Jersey and the refusal of allowing Stuart to go on talkback.

    If you believe Stuart should be on Talkback you MUST put in a complaint to the BBC’s complaints department. They can ignore one or two complaints but the more complaints there are, the more they have to act on them.

    You could also try e-mailing Matthew Price and Denzil Dudley to ask them why this editorial decision was made.

  102. Anonymous

    After Talkback today…what a choice voters’ have in St. Brelades no. 1, eh? Each candidate more hopeless than the other. Some of their answers were pitiful; on Howard League, electoral reform etc. I understand that the candidates want to represent their parish/island, but if that is the standard of States members we are electing on Wednesday then it’s going to be 4 more years of the same old nonsense. It just reflects how completely out of depth some of our representatives are.

    Why does the BBC bother with such drivel? They may not be able to organise a proper debate but they sure can do comedy!

  103. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart,
    I just posted a comment on the times Have your say, if they publish it or not is debatable? But here is the comment I posted.

    Quote Comment:
    Now as a respectable journalist maybe you would consider asking the questions posted by Senator Stuart Syvret on his blog entry of the 12th of Novemeber 2008 ‘The Haute de la Garenne Investigation and Related Matters.

    As a Jersey resident I see the recent comments made by the new leaders of the States of Jersey Police as deeply disconcerting spin on behalf of the Jersey Banana Republic Government.

    The press conferences was carefully chosen by the Jersey establishment to create a diversionary media storm , timed to divert and distract attention away from the Howard League for Penal Reform, which is a report into youth justice and child custody practises in Jersey during comparatively recent years.

    I personally am not satisfied that no unexplained child deaths occurred at ‘Haut de la Garenne.’ Although obviously I pray that there were none.
    End Quote:

    I am about to send an email to the journalist who wrote this article and will send a cc of it to you. I just couldn’t fit my full comment into their little box.

  104. Anonymous

    The pinball wizard as Lundy was nick named for his fondness for bouncing children of walls and funiture around the children’s homes he was meant to be a carer off. Sack him NO??? put him in jail!!!

  105. Anonymous


    Re Mario Lundy, interesting the Belfast Telegraph have no qualms about publishing his name, no skittering about or obfuscation regarding quoting directly, note the quotation marks in their article, from Hansard.

    Well after all this is a bone fide serious newspaper and media outlet unlike Jersey Evening Pravda and Jersey State TV.

    This truly is a state run regime and democracy seems to be slowly dying away day after day like some terminal illness. States politicians seem to be content to let a bunch of rich halfwits ruin the island without question. Surely to God they must see what is going on and at least raise some questions???

    What we will be left with if islanders don’t wake up soon and elect people who have some integrity and perhaps as importantly intelligence does not bear thinking about.

  106. Anonymous

    Why the hell should you be on the radio to discuss these issues? You had a chance to make a difference when you were in charge, and you were sacked for bullying staff.

  107. voiceforchildren


    Perhaps our local BBC should think about changing their lawyers!

    Their lawyers (according to them) told them it was not “legally safe” to broadcast any names.

    The Belfast Telegraph’s lawyers must have told them it was “legally safe”.

    In your opinion is it now “legally safe” for our local media to quote the Belfast Telegraph?

  108. Senator Stuart Syvret

    I should go on the radio – because broadcast media – and the BBC in particular – are required to be balanced.

    During the past week – they have had 1 pro-children opinion – that of Simon Bellwood – and about seven pro-oligarchy opinions.

    Frank & Fiona’s friends at BBC Jersey are illegally excluding me – because they know that the oligarchy has no answer – and that in any in-depth, head-to-head debate on Grand Prix, Greenfields and the Howard League report – I would annihilate any of them.

    So Hamish, Denzil, Mathew et el are excluding me in order to protect their cocktail party friends.

    In fact, reading your comment – it looks like a Tel Boy special.

    Is that you, Tel?

    It has all the hallmarks: the dishonesty, the moral turpitude, the ignorance, the contempt towards the vulnerable – the gross inaccuracy.

    I was sacked – because people like Frank Walker and Philip Ozouf are too cowardly, spineless and fearful to act in the public interest.

    Were this not the case – they would have joined in with me in holding these lying, incompetent, ethically bankrupt and criminal senior civil servant to account.

    Instead the supposedly “business-like” Jersey oligarchy took their customary attitude – “what’s that, Mr Pollard – you mean that dreadful Syvret is actually expecting you to do some competent and effective work! – And stop lying!!! – And tell the truth about child protection failures!!!! – Doesn’t he realise – you’re only on £200,000 a year!!!!! – You can’t possibly be expected to do any work for that – let alone be honest and ethical as well!!!!!!”

    Look – which ever lying, cretinous, amoral scumbag wrote that comment – it is NOT bullying staff to require them to be law-abiding, effective, competent and ethical.

    But maybe you like many millions of pounds of tax-payers money being wasted on lying, idle, incompetent shysters – as the Jersey establishment has, in reality, always done?


  109. Anonymous

    Stuart…saw you in the street the other day sporting beige trousers and a short-sleeved shirt. It would seem that all this bogging is making you manifestly and monstrobly fat. Perhaps you need to dedicate your time to doing something more active and worthwhile rahter than blogging, then people like us would not have to put up with either your diatribe or rapidly approaching grotesque appearance. (don’t bother printing this…not that you would anyway!)

  110. Anonymous

    Have you ever considered you might be wrong, Stuart? I don’t just mean on this specific issue. Have you ever, in your life, thought you might be wrong, about anything?

  111. Anonymous

    I have just sent my complaint off to the B.B.C I think it will be one of many.
    Not allowing Stuart on the talk back programme. Is just unbelievable after all it was he that instigated the HOWARD REPORT in the first place.

  112. Anonymous

    Let it be clearly understood, then – Stuart isn’t a bully – he’s just the sort of person who calls anyone who dares to disagree with him a ‘lying, cretinous, amoral scumbag’. So that’s ok then.

  113. Anonymous

    To the person who saw Stuart in the street, and felt the need to make uncalled for (and totally unjustified) personal comments. I too saw Stuart in King Street a couple of weeks ago. I have never met him before, and he doesn’t know me. But I took the time to thank him for this blog, and to ask him to keep up his good work.

    Recognise that his interests in seeking justice should be your interests, and everyone other right thinking person in Jersey.

  114. Anonymous

    How sad Stuart when they are now resorting to personal insult. True reflection of a half wit, can think of nothing else to say in their defense.

    Changing the subject completely I have been reading through Hansard. Amazing isn’t it, the same people vote the same way all of the time. Can these elected represetatives not on some occasions think for themselves. Does it never really occurr to them that they are actually being paid to represent their consitituents not themselves. That is what happens when a government is failing, they go with the flow, hoping that they can keep their noses clean enough and for most of them that seem to have financial interest in other pies, use their salaries as pocket money, plus expenses on top.

    I have never been an advocate of party politics in Local Authority elections, however I think on Jersey a little party politics would not come amiss. Perhaps even if voting on key issues was done by confidential vote you may have a more realistic voting system. At present it seems like the majority of the Deputies and Senators are like puppets sitting on the fence waiting for carrots. It is a real shame that the electorate do not get to choose the next Chief Minister, think of the problems that would cause, more to the point “Who would be the winner?”

  115. Anonymous

    To the person who saw Stuart in the Street and doesn’t think what dont Stuart does is active and worthwhile.
    … are seriously mistaken. Stuart has done more for the abused than all the other politicians put together…EVER. This blog gives many of us, (abused and not abused) much hope and it is more encouraging than anything the establishment has EVER offered.
    Have you ever been abused? Do you care? Judging from you’re aloof and discriminatory tone….I doubt it.

  116. Anonymous

    To the immoral(yes), attractive(most probably NOT) and thin (dont think so!) blogger who posted this pathetic comment=>

    “”Stuart…saw you in the street the other day sporting beige trousers and a short-sleeved shirt. It would seem that all this bogging is making you manifestly and monstrobly fat. Perhaps you need to dedicate your time to doing something more active and worthwhile rahter than blogging, then people like us would not have to put up with either your diatribe or rapidly approaching grotesque appearance. (don’t bother printing this…not that you would anyway!)””

    Is that really the best you can do?? You are vile to criticise someone for how they look; did your mother never teach you beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

    You are wasting your time as no-one cares what you think. I feel sorry for you as you must have such a sad life and no conscience that you can criticise someone like Stuart (in case you are too ignorant to realise, he is a man with great moral conscience and integrity!).

    Please for the sake of YOUR conscience (look it up in a dictionary!) go and find something really worthwhile to do with your life, go and help others, go fight for what is right, then you will realise what a cretinous creature you have been!!

    JT alias Jersey Truth

  117. Zoompad

    Stuart, I don’t know if this info is of any use, but I’ve got some figures of all the children in care for 1965 and 1966. I felt concerned that the authorities in Jersey seem to be saying that they did not keep proper records, is that true? If it is, then it is absolute nonsense. Every child who was taken into care was accuratly recorded. If the paperwork on the children at Haut de la Garenne cannot be found, then it has either been lost or deliberatly destroyed.

    It’s no good the authorities just “re-assuring” people by saying that no evidence of suspicious deaths have been found at Haut de la Garenne, unless they can produce the paperwork of who was in the home and who was working at the home then people are not going to believe that nothing untoward happened.

  118. Senator Stuart Syvret

    To the person who left the comment which referred to the FBI – and dirt they may hold on certain New Labour figures.

    It’s a fascinating hypothesis – and one which is entirely plausible – given the otherwise inexplicable behaviour of the present UK government.

    However – I do try – regulalrly – to prevent this blog site descending into some kind of meta-conspiracy notice board.

    So – as a rule, I don’t post such material.

    Unless, of course, i have some kind of corroborative evidence for it.


  119. Anonymous

    If the records have been lost destroyed or never taken, surely this is easily traced back to the people who were in charge/getting paid to do this? Anyone, any ideas how to approach this?

  120. the bullying must stop

    Does anyone have a list of ex-cops booted out by Lenny Harper (or conveniently retired) in his clean up of the SOJP?
    After the ‘background checks’ comment on CI Forums, I’m wondering if JTM might be an ex (bent) cop which would explain why he is so against Lenny and eager for revenge.
    It’s just a theory at the moment, but it would explain a few things!

  121. Senator Stuart Syvret

    I’m asked, “Have I ever been wrong”? – And – “Isn’t it bullying to call people ‘lying, cretinous, amoral scumbags’”?

    Ever wrong? – Oh, for sure, loads of times.

    As I’ve made clear on this blog many times, I’m a fallible human being – and have never made any claims to embody some kind of perfection.

    But – a more pertinent question is – “have I considered the possibility that I might be wrong about Greenfields – and Les Chenes – and Grand Prix – and the criminality of the use of punitive and coercive solitary confinement against children?”

    You know – funnily enough – my answer to that question is also “yes”.

    I did indeed, consider all these questions – and have constantly reappraised my assessment – and taken independent, expert advice on all those issues.

    In fact I took a particularly critical view of these issues when I was first alerted to them by Simon Bellwood early last year.

    I did so because I did not know him – so here was a sacked civil servant, coming to me – and claiming that all of the highly paid, expert – supposedly professional – senior civil servant involved – from across at least three States departments – had been running a harmful, abusive – and thus criminal – regime against vulnerable children in care – for many years. And – moreover – that they then had set about oppressing Bellwood for opposing it.

    It was an extraordinary claim – which only a fool would take at face-value without some sceptical enquiry.

    And to my horror – everything Bellwood had claimed – staked-up – perfectly.

    And did so on the basis not of mere hearsay – but on the basis of extensive, documentary evidence – victim testimony – and external, professional, expert opinions.

    And yet more evidence has accrued since those days.

    Especially in respect of the scale and nature of the attempted cover-up – which, in fact, has been simply an unambiguous criminal offence; – a Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.

    The senior civil servants – and the politicians and Law Officers who joined in with them – were attempting to hide – to conceal – the sheer criminality of the Grand Prix regime – and similar policies which preceded it.

    So, to deal with the second question – I do not – and never have – called ‘everyone who disagrees with me a “lying, cretinous, amoral scumbag”’.

    But I do – in this specific case because – guess what – it’s true.

    True as in being beyond mere ‘opinion’ – and instead being a rock-solid fact – established on an irrefutable foundation of hard, documented evidence.

    People employed by the tax-payer – at vast expense – for their supposed expertise – in a subject as important as child protection – who are then proven to have been running a manifestly criminally abusive regime against vulnerable children for many years – who have then oppressed decent civil servants who spoke out against it – and then shown to have concealed and lied about that fact to the Minister – and then embarked upon a fully criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?

    Yes – Marnie Baudians, Mike Pollard, Bill Ogley, Steven Austin-Vautier, Phil Dennet, Linda Dodds, Madeline Davies, Mario Lundy, Joe Kennedy – all of them.

    They are proven to be “lying, cretinous, amoral scumbags” – each and every one – and shown on the evidence.

    You may not like such descriptions – but when such an assessment is a plain and obvious fact – it is one’s duty to say so.

    Especially when people like Walker, Shenton, Ozouf, Perchard etc are too spineless and pathetic to hold them to account.


  122. Linda Corby

    Reply to:
    Does anyone have a list of ex-cops booted out by Lenny Harper (or conveniently retired) in his clean up of the SOJP?
    After the ‘background checks’ comment on CI Forums, I’m wondering if JTM might be an ex (bent) cop which would explain why he is so against Lenny and eager for revenge.
    It’s just a theory at the moment, but it would explain a few things! End quote:

    Oh hell yea, lol, ask anyone (other than Roy Boschat) who has a recovery service, just phone around, lol.

    Obviously having run a Recovery Service for over 25years I do know exactly how things work, although I/we never participated in Roy Boschat’s Jersey Way , but won’t say any more than that here, like you never know when you might be called on as an expert on such things now do you?

    Tip: Motorbike cops, why do you think they were really disbanded? lol.

    I’ll give you one name for free, PC Sean Osmand, he is the one who was checking car number plates out for Roy Boschat. Here is the JEP link which names him

    We all know the AG decided it was not in the public interest to prosecute, usual BS, and in my opinion behaviour that actually is paramount to perverting the course of justice, which in itself is a criminal offence in which someone acts in a manner that in some way prevents justice being served on either themselves or on a third party.

  123. Zoompad

    In English, Canadian (see article 139 of Canadian Criminal Code) or Irish law, perversion of the course of justice is a criminal offence in which someone acts in a manner that in some way prevents justice being served on either themselves or on a third party. Perverting the course of justice is an offence in common law. It carries a theoretical maximum sentence of life imprisonment, although no sentence of more than 10 years has been handed down in the past one hundred years[where?].

    Perversion of the course of justice takes the form of one of three acts:

    * Fabrication or disposal of evidence
    * Intimidating a witness or juror
    * Threatening a witness or juror

    It is also criminal to conspire with another to pervert the course of justice and to intend to pervert the course of justice.

    Statutory versions of the offence exist in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. See, for example, Section 319 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW), [1] where the maximum penalty is 14 years imprisonment.

    Similar crimes include perjury, contempt of court and obstruction of justice.

    [edit] High-profile convictions

    * Lionel Murphy, Justice of the High Court of Australia (later reversed on appeal)
    * Jonathan Aitken
    * Jeffrey Archer
    * John Humble for the Wearside Jack hoax letters and tapes
    * Nadine Milroy-Sloan, who knowingly falsely accused Neil Hamilton of rape
    * Bruce Hyman, the only barrister in 800 years so convicted.

    [edit] See also

    * Obstruction of justice
    * Misprision of felony
    * Misprision of treason
    * Compounding a felony
    * Compounding treason
    * Embracery

    [edit] References

    * Perjury and Perversion of the Course of Justice Considered (PDF) – a primer on the legal details of the offence

    Retrieved from “”
    Categories: Common law | Crimes | Deception


    WOW! That is pretty serious crime and carries a really stiff penalty!

    No wonder they are so scared and coming here trying to intimidate us all!

  124. voiceforchildren


    You are correct they are very serious crimes. But when you have got a goverment that controls every move the police make it doesn’t matter how serious the crime is the real criminals won’t get brought to justice.

    I should hazard a guess if all involved were brought to account you’d have to shut Jersey down for lack of politicians and civil servants not in custody!!

  125. Senator Stuart Syvret

    The Pinball Wizard

    There is some confusion over which of the two, child-battering thugs in question – Tom Mckeon and Mario Lundy – was actually know as ‘The Pinball Wizard’.

    To be clear – that particular nickname was used to describe McKeon – not Lundy.

    I guess if it’s an epithet for Lundy you’re after – we could do no better than quote the words of one of his child victims – Ricky Tregaskis – presently doing 25 years for murder – who, from his cell, wrote in a letter to his sister –

    “I guess I have Mario Lundy to thank for teaching me my later life skills”.

    Those “skills” being, of course, a propensity for appalling violence – and an ingrained ‘understanding’ that violence was OK – was acceptable – and no one was really bothered if the strong battered the weak.

    That’s a pretty powerful message to get beaten – literally – into your head – as a 13 year old.

    Perhaps we should call Lundy “The Life Skills Teacher”?

    It seems somehow, appropriate – in all senses.


  126. Anonymous

    “Let it be clearly understood, then – Stuart isn’t a bully – he’s just the sort of person who calls anyone who dares to disagree with him a ‘lying, cretinous, amoral scumbag’. So that’s ok then”

    So when someone pretends that all is well with child welfare services on this island and they know it’s not, that isn’t lying to you then?

    When our chief minister, in a live interview, keeps insisting to Jeremy Paxman that he didn’t say what a news report has just showed him saying, that’s not cretinous either?

    And attacking the people trying to investigate child abuse cases is moral in your world as well?

    You are wrong. Stuart isn’t a bully he’s just standing up to them and they really can’t stand it. I can see it now….
    “It’s not fair! I always get my way. Why is Stuart doing this? He must be mad, let’s call him fatty that will teach him.”

  127. Anonymous

    Stop the press!

    Stuart Syvret is reported to have put on weight!

    I don’t know Stuart, how can you dare to show your face amongst the beautiful people of the states chamber?

    I mean when one stops to consider the beauty of Frank, the two terry’s and the mini chippendale that is PO(zouf) you can see the writers point. These men have obviously dedicated many years to achieving their levels of physical perfection.
    You must try harder.

    (just look at guy de faye if you want to see the effects of surrender to gluttony)

  128. Anonymous

    Alistair Darling has said today that the U.K. government will not bail out offshore bank accounts.

    So what will this do for confidence in our banking industry?

    The states cannot bail even one bank out, no matter what mad Frankie might say.

    If investors were to pull their money out en masse and gut the finance industry, what would the island do?

    Would our wealthy friends stay around to bail us out of economic collapse?

  129. donchais


    You know I back you and this site 100%. Can you help us out here, please!!!!!!!!!!

    This is not a joke. I’ve known this family for over 15 years. The institutional treatment of Frankie has been horrendous. He was sweet as child and has been locked away for far too long.

    Kindly take a minute and sign the petition.

    Thanks and lets get Frankie home for the holidays!

    After loosing all hope, Janette Vance wrote and set up the enclosed petition.

    The miracle we are asking for is that Governor Corzineapprove the Proposed Community placement and allow Frankie to have a home and receive humane treatment.

    If you find it in your heart to do so, we are asking that you… sign your name and add a comment of your choice even if the comment is just “Governor CorzineFree Frankie”.

    Help Frankie achieve his dream and express your feelings.

    Please forward the petition to all of yourfamily, friends and associates.

    Please ask them to send it to all of their family, friends and associates. Please help save Frankie—you can make a difference.

    Nerds help, if I messed up!

  130. Linda Corby

    Hi Stuart

    Have emailed you this link but thought your other readers might like to have it, lol.

    Nerd please can you re-post the link so people can click on it, my keyboard is playing up and cannot ctrl click right now.

    Feel free to republish the link the more the merrier.

    I know I am the first to get this news out, but I bet it won’t take the elite party long to get this film band it really is hot stuff!

    Have a lovely day one and all, Oh and yes I have signed the petition.

  131. Linda Corby

    Anonymous said…

    I just watched the trailer. Is it a spoof?


    The actual film is described as – An Uncensored Cutting Edge Adult Documentary

    The trailer is just extracts I believe.


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