Jersey’s Only “Newspaper” Reaches New Depths;

The Rag and Its Lies.

As regular readers will know, I’m rather busy with other matters at present – such as trying to stop Jersey’s toxic oligarchy having me jailed for exposing mass-murdering psychopaths – after they’d already been let off by Michael Birt – the new ‘Bailiff’. (He seems to have gotten into a bit of a habit there.)

Incidentally – my next court appearance is 2.00 pm – in the Magistrates’ Court – this Thursday, 27th August. I’m moving that the case be stayed – abandoned, basically – as an abuse of process.

And in making that application, I’ll have to explain a lot of evidence concerning the Jersey establishment’s various corruptions.

If you’re able – come along.

It could be quite entertaining – in the, perhaps forlorn, assumption I’ll be given a fair hearing.

So I don’t have time to undertake a detailed analysis of the contents of the Jersey Evening Post right now; later in the week, hopefully.

But – oh dear – I’ve seen some roiling rancid scum in the form of “news” stories in The Rag over the years – but during the last few days – they seem to have re-discovered their old, disgusting, selves.

It’s as though we were back in the 1950’s and 1960’s – and the Jersey Evening Post was waging its unremitting, fascistic war against Norman Le Brocq – in case he embarrassed them by gaining political influence – and asking questions about just how much money they took off the Nazis during the Occupation – in exchange for peddling Hitler’s garbage – rather like ‘Lord Haw Haw’.

Unfortunately, the bosses of The Rag didn’t join him on the gibbet – just too terribly embarrassing for the British establishment, you see?

But for those who are curious about the contents of The Rag – a few observations.

Two disgusting, foul, multiple child abusers have been convicted.

One has been sentenced.

The other awaits sentencing.

They were able to get away with it for decades – just as, indeed, were dozens of others; others who have not been brought to justice.

Doesn’t that gross structural, decades-old failure in Jersey’s child protection system make you worried?

Don’t you ask, “Could that still be going on?”

“Could it happen to my children?”

“How did the authorities fail so badly for so many decades?”

Yes – those questions – and many others like them – are what any thinking, decent person would be contemplating now.

But – as I remarked in my last posting – those are precisely the very questions The Rag and its bosses are desperate for the people of this island NOT to be thinking about.

Which is why we’ve had four days of desperate, panicking, lies and propaganda from The Rag.

Do you want to know just how the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster was able to happen; was able to be covered-up all those decades?

Read the last four editions of the Jersey Evening Post.

You’ll find your answer there.

There is no other newspaper in the respectable democratic world that would – at the successful conclusion of two major child abuse trials – produce four days of fulminating garbage – such rubbish as to be an insult to the intelligence – that focused on attempting to attack and smear THE cop who led the successful investigations.

As I said – later in the week we can undertake some detailed de-construction of the contents of The Rag’s recent output.

But should you wish for one or two quick illustrations of just how defective their ‘reporting’ is – just consider these points.

The Rag asserts – again and again – that “there were no child killings” – as though that were a proven, demonstrated fact.

It is not.

A misidentification of a single fragment of evidence – which is what the JEP clings to – like a drowning man – doesn’t make the rest of the questions go away.

Should you have the misfortune to read tonight’s Rag – look carefully for where it reports the other bone fragments?

Or, where it reports the 70 plus, children’s’ teeth?

Or – what about the mysterious lime-pits?

You see – contrary to the empty assertions of the Jersey Evening Post, and its efforts to brainwash you as though you were an idiot, the plain fact is that – we just don’t know if there were – or were not – child killings at HDLG.

As I wrote in response to a comment:

“As you know – a judge can only comment on what has been put before him.

And in these cases – as it will be in any others – it suited very well indeed the purposes of BOTH the prosecution AND the defence to heap doubt upon the possibility of child killings.

So one cannot expect the judge to comment on information, evidence, testimony or pleas that were NOT placed before him.

The reality is somewhat different concerning the possibility of killings.

Though The Rag repeatedly asserts – as though it were an established, proven bald fact – “there were no killings” – actually, in truth – we just don’t know.

Remember several human bone fragments were found – and about 75 children’s’ teeth – which had come from a number of different individuals.

And the lime-pits?

And the frequent lighting of massive bonfires at HDLG during the 1960s and 70s?

All remain utterly unexplained.

Certainly, the 5 page Political press-release issued by Gradwell and Weirdcop last year didn’t explain away these findings.

And in response to that press conference I wrote a blog posting, “37 Questions to Officers Warcup and Gradwell”, on Thursday 13th November, 2008.

I suggest anyone interested read that blog posting, which is in the archive.

Not one of the questions were answered.

Of particular importance in the posting were questions 22 to 37 – which deal with radionuclide testing of the teeth.

Whilst not an expert in that subject, I do know a little bit about it.

Gradwell and Warcup have simply refused to have those radionuclide tests carried out – quite falsely claiming it would cost too much.

I know of serious laboratories across Europe that would undertake the tests for a few thousand pounds – at most.

Why the mystifying refusal to undertake what are rudimentary tests which would give us some crucial information?

So – what it is true to say is that we do not know for sure there were child murders at HDLG post-1945 – and equally – we do not know for sure there weren’t – no matter how much the JEP may assert otherwise.

We just don’t know.

And The Rag knows perfectly well that both prosecution and defence had a shared interest in rubbishing the possibilities of child murders – an interest shared with The Rag.

When I think of that subject – my mind always goes back to those ’37 Questions’ – and why Weirdcop and Gradwell’s immense reluctance to answer any of them?

Especially, the reluctance to have that radionuclide testing undertaken?

So – child killings at HDLG?

I very much hope not.

But – contrary to the lies of The Rag – it, sadly, remains an open question.”

And in another comment I wrote today on a blog in the USA – where people are deeply sceptical about the “official” claims of the Jersey and British establishments:

“There were around 75 teeth recovered. The police said they came from a number of different individuals.

Many did not show the signs of wear you would expect, given the likely age of the children when the teeth “came out”.

Many of them had long roots still attached.

The forensic scientist they had looking at them at the time said of many of the teeth, “they could not have come out naturally.”

A point that has always deeply disturbed me is this. Following Lenny’s retirement – and the unlawful suspension of the Chief of Police, Graham Power – the “new management” of the Jersey police force have flatly refused to subject the teeth to radionuclide dating.

It is my understanding that a little, specific, radiocarbon dating was undertaken on some of the burnt bone fragments, but this proved inconclusive.

However, a more relevant set of tests would be to analyse the internal matrix of some of the teeth for the presence of novel radionuclides – or anthropogenic quantities of naturally occurring radionuclides – of the kind that were widely spread around the world – contaminating everyone – during the era of atmospheric nuclear weapons testing.

The Jersey oligarchy have tried to argue that these children’s’ teeth are old – from the Victorian era at the latest – but maybe hundreds, or even thousands of years older than that.

The concern many of us have is that the teeth may, in fact, originate from children who were living post-1945, and more easily testable, post-the early 1950’s due to the huge increase in nuclear bomb testing which began around then.

The analysis – and the issue it would resolve – is simple and clear.

You test those teeth; if there is no internal contamination – that is, within the tooth matrix – with radionuclides such as Plutonium, Strontium 90, or anthropogenic quantities of Carbon 14 – then the children were not living post 1945.

If such contaminations are discovered during the analysis – then the children those teeth came from were living post-1945 – or later. Not arguable. Period.

What – do we imagine – is the reason behind the profound reluctance of the Jersey and British authorities to have these tests undertaken?

I’ve written in detail about the bizarre conduct of the Jersey police in respect of these matters in a blog posting I did on the 13th November, 2008. Sorry, I’m no good at hyperlinks, but here’s the address:”

I’m sorry to have to write about these possibilities – and the shocking failures of the authorities to undertake every possible test – concerning the question of child killings.

But when confronted with The Rag’s repeated and desperate efforts to lie to the population of Jersey – and try and brainwash people into thinking that the possibility of any unexplained child deaths at HDLG had been disposed of – one has to keep on coming back to the truth.

Which is – we just don’t know for sure – one way or the other.

But we do know for sure – what we can see evidenced in the pages of the Jersey Evening Post – is that the authorities don’t want to undertake the necessary tests – and that the powers-that-be in Jersey are simply desperate to keep us distracted with their lunatic attacks on Lenny Harper.

In the hope that we forget about the real issues.

Such as – very, very serious child abusers convicted – decades too late – in what can only be seen as the grotesque, total, dishonest, unprofessional and disgusting decades-old failure of Jersey’s so-called child “protection” apparatus.

And the fact that a few, brave souls had said the system was rotten and broken.

And Jersey’s oligarchy – and its ‘house journal’, the JEP – dismissed them and sided with the abusers and concealers of abuse.

That the few were right.

And the powerful were wrong.

And how can we expect to begin protecting children properly here onwards – if there is still this crazed and fearful denial?

A refusal to come to terms with the truth?


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