Jersey’s Public Authorities:

So Corrupt, they Protect Killers and Rapists
If that’s what it takes

To Protect their System.

Jersey readers may have seen that the island’s only “newspaper” – a journal with a more than passing interest in concealing serious crimes, as will come to be seen – reports the attempt by a rogue nurse to sue the States of Jersey – for the allegedly unjustified public interest disclosure of the fact he had serious rape allegations against him – and that colleagues – and subsequently the Police – had very compelling grounds for believing him to be a clinical serial-killer.

I exposed the nurse in question, after all other avenues had failed.

And every bit as important as it was to expose this man, who may have attempted to murder you – or may have murdered members of your family – it was as important to expose the stagnant, corrupted and dangerous system that had protected him – and failed to protect you.

That meant pointing out the fact that the original 1999 police investigation into the killer nurse had been improperly, prematurely abandoned by the police – and that instrumental in driving that cover-up, was Jersey’s prosecution function – the Attorney General.

Back then, in 1999, Michael Birt – currently the Bailiff.

Having the truth of this frightening and lethal scandal exposed, was catastrophic for Jersey’s traditional ruling establishment. All their false claims – of how Jersey’s systems of governance work well and can be relied upon to protect the public interest – were exposed as the lies they are. Individual oligarchy figures – like Birt himself – were finished.

Unless – of course – this disastrous turn of events could be “contained” – could be “managed” – could be “spun”.

What to do?

Only one feasible path that could succeed in “getting the lid back down” on the crises:

Discredit and trash the source.

So – after a wholly illegal massed police raid – carried out without a search-warrant – and without all relevant due process – Michael Birt’s close friend and ally – William Bailhache drove the political prosecution against me (in the process, misappropriating a vast amount of your money, in order to fund this spin-doctoring.)

In one “clever” stroke – the failed and corrupt Jersey prosecution system had protected itself – and painted me as the villain.

What could possibly go wrong?

The “perfect solution” to the “needs” of the Jersey oligarchy.

Guaranteed to salvage Mick Birt’s knighthood – and keep the whole corrupt show on the road, for a few more years.

What went wrong is this:

I argued public interest disclosure – as per the provisions in the law. Bailhache and Birt argued, “no – that defence has no merit – because the 1999 investigation was good – so you had no justification in criticising it.”

So that was the argument that the case hinged around: “was the public interest disclosure justified?” If the 1999 investigation was good – then the prosecution claimed, “no”. If the 1999 investigation was rubbish, then “yes”, my defence was achieved.

To cut a long story short, I and an expert witness for my defence, spent three months – with the full knowledge and acceptance of the prosecution and the court – working on the public interest disclosure defence.

The expert witness reports were submitted to the court as my defence case.

The reports were catastrophic for Jersey’s authorities.

Three days later – the prosecution – with the agreement of William Bailhache’s friend, magistrate Bridget Shaw – suddenly decided that the entire defence case was “no longer relevant”.

My entire defence case – after three months work – was suddenly ruled “inadmissible” – just as soon as the oligarchy received the expert witness reports – and realised they simply had no answer to them, and their case had collapsed.

So when reading in the Jersey media – about this poor, poor nurse – and how Jersey’s courts convicted me for exposing him – just understand what a corrupt, politicised process it was.

One which corruptly excluded the defence case – after three months work – just as soon as Jersey’s judicial claque realised they had no answer to the defence – and, worse yet, the expert witness reports had exposed the scandal to be even worse than originally feared.

It gets worse:

For even though I was expressly prevented from running the public interest disclosure case, examining the failures of the 1999 investigation – the judges nevertheless still allowed the prosecution to then proceed to base their case almost entirely on claims that the 1999 investigation was “good”.

Claims I had been expressly prevented from answering.

And in case that isn’t enough corruption for you – consider this:

Throughout the prosecution – and the subsequent appeal – Jersey’s judicial authorities were aware of the existence of a vital, key witness.  A person with compelling grounds for believing that they were one of the nurse’s attempted murder victims.

Jersey’s judicial authorities told the witness not to make themselves known to me.

That is perverting the course of justice.

I only became aware of the witness by happenstance, after the politicised and corrupt processes of Jersey’s courts had ended.

After becoming aware of the witness, I advised them to go to the police and give a statement about their experience at the hands of the nurse.

Notwithstanding this outrageous concealment – the courts refused to let me reopen the case – and imprisoned me.

Meanwhile – no doubt with great reluctance – the Police had to commission an expert witness of their own – to examine the medical notes of the concealed witness. The key conclusion of that expert was this:

“the possibility of foul play could not be completely excluded.”

In spite of convicting and imprisoning me for telling the truth and exposing the gross failures of their friends – and for trying to obtain a fair hearing – Jersey’s shabby excuse for a judiciary had to cover itself; it had to include – amongst all of the absurd and Kafkaesque condemnations of me – a little “insurance policy” – because the plain, public interest truth – concerning the nurse – is that stark and inescapable. Amidst all the verbiage – this is that “get-out” clause, by which the Jersey judiciary managed to face both ways: –

“[The nurse] should not be permitted to work in any capacity as a nurse in Jersey (or indeed elsewhere) and that there was evidence that, although now not working in a nursing environment, he was still interested in returning to such employment. It was clearly in the public interest that [the nurse] should not be able to work as a nurse in Jersey.”

Get an understanding of the full, evidenced nature of the scandal – upon scandal – by reading these three substantive articles.

Given just how far Jersey’s corrupt and dangerous authorities have dug themselves into this hole – we can have no expectation that the real public interest will be strenuously advanced in resisting the claim.


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