Jersey’s Only Newspaper

Mounts an all-out assault

On the rule of law

And established principles of jurisprudence.

Another day – another example of the stupidity, ignorance and frank criminality of the Jersey oligarchy.

I re-produce below this post the leader comment from the Jersey Evening Post of today, 4th August, 2008.

It makes for a remarkable and implacable contrast with the leader comment from The Times newspaper of last Friday. (See Friday’s blog)

This is a stark example of the type of propaganda by which the population of Jersey have been corralled and controlled for 800 years.

It is an approach which certainly worked, extremely effectively, for all that time; until, that is, about 20 years ago. But, whilst waning in its effectiveness, it still works reasonably well for the Jersey oligarchy. It helps them keep the rabble in-line, so their bosses & pay-masters can carry on minting it, with the prime function of this island continuing to be merely a piece of money-making apparatus to be used by the elites and their clients.

However, the kind of moronic garbage reproduced below, will ‘work’ on a certain traditional cohort, but, alas for the oligarchs, it no longer works on any thinking people – nor, particularly, the outside world.

And that much is so obvious, we have to ask how can a journal – in the year 2008 – be so tactically ignorant of just how absurd their stance appears to the real world – let alone of how embarrassing the sheer non-compatibility of its views are with basic, long-established principles of jurisprudence?

I don’t have time to provide a detailed, point-by-point analysis of the leader comment tonight – but I will do so tomorrow.

You may recollect I did just such an analysis of The Rag’s leader comment post-Williamson.

It was actually a very entertaining exercise – I mean real, laugh out loud, kind of amusement. So dishonest, so non-compatible with the facts, so absurd, so wicked and so full of lies was that JEP leader comment, that one could only regard it as an act of bleak self-parody on the part of The Rag.

Occasionally a few of the hacks who work there will speak to me privately and say things like “hey – we feel wounded by the stuff you write on your blog. OK, our bosses and subs are w**kers, but we’re just trying to do a good job under really difficult circumstances.”

Yeah. Right.

Another great inadequacy of Jersey “journalists” is that they think everyone else is some kind of retard; people who just don’t grasp what is going on. Like we just don’t know about “the bonuses” – the “performance” remuneration available – in several forms – to Jersey hacks who are pleasing to their bosses.

And it’s not only the hacks who have such “opportunities” to enjoy “performance related pay”. The oligarchy was always an equal opportunities employer when it came to buying those who would serve its ends.

For example, The Jersey Evening Post was, until a few years ago, owned by a local “company” called the Guiton Group.

How many Jersey voters – do you think – are aware of the fact that the Guiton Group funded the election campaigns of certain pro-establishment candidates?

Heavy stuff, no?

Mafioso kind of conduct.

By way of example, a former Deputy of St. Saviours had their election printing cost ‘dealt with’ on the Guiton Group’s account with the printers in question.

As I said, I’ll write a more detailed analysis, maybe tomorrow.

But in the mean time, just to illustrate the simple stupidity and ignorance of The Rag’s leader comment, consider:

The Rag – in all seriousness, condemns opinions which have it that the good administration of justice cannot be carried out successfully under the present, Jersey, arrangements.

The Jersey Evening Post – in all seriousness – attempts to argue that the any legal issues which arise from the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster can be dealt with locally – and that “attacks” which point out the manifest conflicts of interest which bedevil the so-called administration of justice in Jersey, just don’t require independent prosecutors & judges.

This argument of The Rag’s is so far removed from reality as to be laughable to anyone vaguely familiar with centuries of established jurisprudence which makes it clear that any judicial process must – I repeat, must – meet the test of the “appearance” of objectivity.

But perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised at such a simply ignorant, thick and unethical approach from a newspaper which has only ever been the house-journal and propaganda rag of the local gangsters.

The true feebleness of The Rag’s position is actually revealed in its own words when it says “we” have the “freedom” to “March to the beat of our own drum” in matters “of the rule of law.”


And there was me – thinking that not only did we have centuries of British case –law, but also the European Convention on Human Rights adopted by virtually all of Europe since World War II, as “the drum-beat” to which all respectable, civilised democracies in Europe marched.

Clearly, I’ve been mistaken. In Jersey-Evening-Post-world, the rudimentary standards of the good administration of justice – as followed by the rest of Western Europe – must be a load of misguided, anarchist nonsense – and that the Jersey oligarchy has, by way of contrast, got it right.

As I wrote in my last blog entry, ‘we are forced to witness and endure . . . the faintly deranged belief that it is the Jersey establishment which marches in step – and it is the rest of the civilised world which has got it wrong.’

So, reading today’s half-witted leader comment, we have to conclude that it’s QED – again.

Once more – it’s the Jersey oligarchy and its media which, supposedly, have the valid analysis – and it’s the rest of Western, European democracy which must, surely, have got it all wrong.

Even traditional, conservative, centre-right newspapers like The Times must have been infiltrated by a load of anarcho-commie fifth-columnists. I mean, how can it be otherwise, when the Jersey Evening Post takes a diametrically opposite view to that of The Times?

It couldn’t be, surely, that The Rag is wrong?!?

No, let us put such absurdities out of our minds.

And instead, let us wish the JEP hacks, subs and editors well; who could begrudge the rewords of hard work?

I do not doubt for one second that every, single penny of those “performance bonuses” have been well-earned.

Read the parallel universe nonsense from Jersey’s only “newspaper” below.

I’ll provide a more detailed de-construction later.


Jersey Evening Post, Leader Comment, 4th August 2008.

Pressure on an old relationship

WHY disturb Jersey’s relationship with Britain, which was established eight centuries ago and has been robust and satisfactory enough to survive not only massive social and political change but also the English Civil War and occupation by Nazi Germany?

Currently, the most satisfactory answer to this question must be that it would be foolish in the extreme to upset the status quo – unless, that is, such a dramatic change were forced upon us by unacceptable threats to our political, judicial or fiscal autonomy.

However, in spite of the manifest benefits of a situation which couples the protection offered by the ancient direct link with the Crown and freedom to march to the beat of our own drum in matters of taxation, public administration and the rule of law, two separate and inimical sets of forces have begun to push constitutional change and independence higher up the agenda – as described in the six-part News Focus series which begins today on these pages.

The investigation into child abuse at Haut de la Garenne has given those at home and abroad who object to the Island’s already high level of independence a new line of attack. Their insistence that UK judges and prosecutors must officiate when abuse cases come to court strikes at the heart of our right to operate an independent judicial system and therefore at one of the foundations of our constitutional position.

But if critics of autonomous Jersey are attempting to push the Island into the arms of the UK, others believe that constitutional realignment as far as full independence might eventually be necessary to protect not only ancient freedoms but also our ability to make a living. It is argued that if the UK government were to try to force fiscal changes fatal to the finance industry – perhaps to secure favour with its fellow EU states – the Island would be compelled to go it alone.

It is further argued that the increasing extent to which our government relates directly to other governments and international agencies without UK mediation shows that we are already extending our autonomy.

Moreover, although the idea of a break with the UK – even while retaining the Queen as Head of State – has in the recent past been seen as far-fetched, influential voices at the highest levels are now saying that impediments to full independence would be few and anything but insurmountable. It is also pointed out that, in the opinion of many authorities, the UK would not stand in the way of a constitutional separation.

The second interim report of the Constitution Review Group, chaired by the Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache, spelled out very clearly that an independent Jersey is no mere pipe dream. It remains to be seen whether the picture of the future that, by implication, this groundbreaking report described ultimately becomes reality.

Jersey Evening Post.

17 thoughts on “THE MAFIA SPEAKS.

  1. donchais

    Hi Stuart!

    The JEP is as big a joke as the current oilegarchy!

    (Oh yeah, feel free to use the new spelling!)

    Any word on Wateridge? Wasn’t he to appear today?

    What happens with his case is going to be the final litmus test, methinks.

  2. Anonymous


    It stinks. Again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again …………..

    Now Lenny has gone. can we feel that justice will even be tried to be done. I do not think so. God, almightly.

    I wish something would break, just to let them know that their ivory tower can be penetrated. I am not at all religious but I believe, this is my prayer = justice = join me, even if you do not pray, join me, lets join together in prayer.
    Let the truth be out.

  3. Anonymous

    If this was anywhere else in Europe the JEP office would have been burned down during the war (for collaboration) after the war (for collaboration)and stoned on numerous occassions since the war (for collaboration with the elite).

    The JEP is Jersey’s big Brother….dont bother to think we will do that for you and even better still we will tell you who to vote for at election time….

    Just what happended on the day after Liberation in the JEP offices when the NAZIs left the office (because thats where the Nazi joint editor was based)..

    After Liberation did we find out the JEP had all along been working with the Resistance Movement, Le Brocq and his colleagues…No instead lots of heart felt goodbyes to their Nazi friends

    Did the JEP ever apologies for this period in their history ????
    Did they F***

    Did the JEP celebrate the resistance movement
    did they F***

    Did the JEP help victimise and condem the resistance movement to the Nazis…
    You bet

    Did the JEP support the rich against the poor and oppose all progress laws including equal pay etc…you bet

    Its the JEP who have to come clean and that day is close at hand

    We are many they are few !

  4. corrupt camden council

    Hi Stuart,

    The UK government is very weak at the moment and it doesn’t suprise me that the jersey ‘influencial elite’ are making noises about their independence. Surely the Queen needs to intervene if the UK government won’t?

    This is a national scandal of great proportion which does very much involve constitutional issues – namely whether or not the ‘independent’ jersy ‘elite’ are actually fit to manage the islands affairs. Obviously they are not.

    The queen does still have some constitutional powers as she has signed various EU treaties and has to give her consent for acts of parliament to be passed.

    Perhaps we could all add our names to a petition requesting that she intervene and send it to her?

    I’m sure I speak for many when I say if you need our help just whistle.

    Take care

  5. Anonymous

    Really! The SOJ must believe that world wide public concern about the Haute de la Garenne story is all part of some insidious plot to destroy the island’s autonomy.

    A large measure of current global concern with Jersey’s government and judicial system is entirely due to the outrageous, callous behavior of the politicians and Bayleaf in response to the abuse.

    The more the elite and their minions at the JEP denigrate you, Simon Bellwood, Lenny Harper, and the free world press, the more demand will be brought to bear for outside intervention and oversight.

    What irony! The very concentrated and unquestioned power they sought to place so far above the justice they owed innocent children could actually be what they risk losing if the world continues to look on in horror and great suspicion.

    The following letter, published in The Guardian, should serve as a reminder to the “oilegarchy” and the JEP that the rest of the world sees the Jersey child abuse scandal through a very different lense:

    “The hierarchy of the states of Jersey appears to misunderstand the reasons for international concern about the apparent events at Haut de la Garenne (House of Horrors, August 2).

    The fact that it has allegedly been the scene of horrendous child abuse is something it shares with several communities in the UK and beyond, and for which it will receive empathy.

    However, the wish of senior figures in the government to bury the issue to avoid perceived international denigration or losing face is appalling. The criminal investigation needs full political and community cooperation, and subsequently a full, public and open inquiry needs to look at how this happened and guard against it being repeated.
    – Roy Grimwood
    Market Drayton, Shropshire”

    {Letter: Jersey and Openness
    This article appeared in the Guardian on Monday August 04 2008 on p29 of the Editorials & reply section}

  6. Anonymous

    Re The JEP

    I think Bailiache and co are not only out of touch with reality but also desperate if they think they can break away from the UK painlessly!

    Who will cover the financial burdens placed on the Island by the EU when the States no longer have Westminster to hide behind?

    Anyone familiar with the political and financial ideology underpinning the workings of the `European Union’ will know that the EU will be rubbing thier hands with glee the day that Phil announces Jersey’s independence from the UK!

    We already know who will burden Jersey’s financial contribution to the EU as a result of its independence! Not the rich, but the poor.

    Yes good old Phil, Bill & Ben will just implement other `VAT/GST’ related taxes (call them what you want) in order to safe-guard the profits of those who are in the island to avoid paying tax! After all, you cannot be a `tax haven’ if there are taxes to pay!

    So there you have it! Of couse Jersey could go it alone! But at what cost to the average man in the street!

    After all did’nt one of the wise ones state recently, something like ` you will not make the poor richer by making the rich poorer’.

    Similarly, surely Phil, Bill & Ben need a mandate from the Jersey people… a referendum/vote is normal in a democratic society!

    Perhaps they will find that throwing away our historic and very special eight hundred year relationship that we the Jersey people have enjoyed with the United Kingdom will not be that easy!

    Similarly, Phil, Bill & Ben have perhaps forgoten the possibility of armed resistence to such a treacherous act! Who will come to thier aid if this happened! Good old Westminster?

    Jersey people beware of false profits and despots they have a long history of leading their people to disaster!

    A very concerned and very angry Jerseyman!

  7. The Moving Finger

    I won’t buy that publication.
    IMO,a waste of paper resource.

    Occasionally I will look at a colleague’s copy, takes about a minute.

    BTW/What about those alleged fake letters, any more news on them?

    The establishment know that many voters are addicted to buying the paper and use its pages for their propaganda.

    Never mind a new supermarket, what about a replacement newspaper!??

  8. Krakow Crapaud

    Independance, the objectives?

    1. The unfettered political control of the Haut de la Garenne enquiry, the prosecution process & the police?

    2. Immunity to international opinion when doing business with countries which practice torture, commit genocide & allow no political opposition?

    It would be the darkest day of Jersey’s 800 years, a day of which no Jersey man or woman could be proud.


  9. Anonymous

    Do Jersey have a EU Minister???

    The special Protocol 3 relationship with Europe remains the best option for the Island??

    Should read: The special Protocol 3 relationship with Europe remains the best option for the Island’s Elite

  10. Tony Capuccino

    Hey Joysey boy, ya dirty rat, you disrespectin’ da family?

    Da Boss don’t like you given da family a bad name. We may have gotten up to some tricks over da years but nuttin’ like that bunch you is callin da Mafia. Mafia dey aint.

    Sure, we both make our dough screwin’ da locals for every penny but messin wid da bambino’s or providin’ an alibi for those who do ain’t our game pretty boy!!!

    Da boss wants you to know that there is a horses head wid your name on it if you associate us wid dem again. Dey got NO principles. Capite?

  11. Anonymous

    Now that I have had my eyes opened to just how badly run the island is, I’m more in favour of losing what remains of our supposed independence (we’re just puppets for the UK’s amusement really anyway). Might as well be part of the UK for once and for all! Can’t be any worse, can it?

  12. Anonymous

    Hello Stuart,

    I like many others have stoped reading the JEP, how people can work for it and maintain there dignity is beyond me

    On the question of Independance the EC would swallow Jersey within a year

    As a Jerseyman I am totally against any such move to break away “Great Britain” this Island would not exist today if it was not for GB holding out in 1940 it would be German colony

    A petition to the Queen is very nessasary on the following basis:

    1 Removel of the Bailiff and Atorney General [POSTS TO BECOME ELECTED POSITIONS]

    2 That any move to Independance is opposed by the people of Jersey

    3 If a proposal for Independace is unavoidable then a referendum must be held

    I am sure real Jerseymen and woman would fight very hard to maintain the current status of our Island

  13. Derek

    I would not claim to be in posession of the requisite skills needed to deconstruct the JEP’s leader comment (nor would i want to steal your thunder)…But do you mind if i have a short, sweet pop at this paragraph???

    “Currently, the most satisfactory answer to this question must be that it would be foolish in the extreme to upset the status quo – unless, that is, such a dramatic change were forced upon us by unacceptable threats to our political, judicial or fiscal autonomy.”

    Eh, what?
    Unnacceptable threats to political, judicial & fiscal autonomy….
    In other words “leave our feathered nest well alone or we’ll all **** off with the ball and no-one will get to play”


  14. Anonymous

    Care leaver pushing for Jersey inquiry

    Chris Simpson met with MP Quentin Davies to discuss the work of the Care Leavers Association.

    Published Date: 05 August 2008
    By Neil Graham

    Tuesday, 5.20pm – A MAN who grew up in care is helping to push for an independent enquiry into the Jersey care home allegations.
    Chris Simpson, 38, of Alford Street, Grantham, is an executive for the Care Leavers Association charity and spent 14 years in care.

    The charity is pushing the authorities to sanction an independent inquiry to look into alleged child abuse at the care home.

    In June Chris was invited to the House of Commons for the day to listen in as representatives from 60 different organisations discuss the situation in Jersey.

    Chris said: “It was a real eye-opener and a very emotional meeting. From my own time in care I recognised some of the things which were going on.

    “It is still an on-going issue and we don’t yet know how it is going to pan out.”

    The Care Leavers Association is a charity run by care leavers for care leavers and look to raise the profile of issues such as access to records and abuse in care.

    As part of his attempt to raise awareness of the charity and their work, Chris met with Grantham MP Quentin Davies last month.

    Chris said: “I spoke with him for about three quarters of an hour and he was very interested in the work we do.

    “He asked me about my own experiences and I told him about some of our most important subjects such as access to records.”

  15. Anonymous

    Hay Jersey boys and Girls

    whats it like to live in a dictatorship

    like Rumania in the sun before the wall came down

  16. Smokin Jo

    Hi Stuart

    God help us all if Jersey gains independence from the UK.

    Our leading politicians, local press and chums have made such a hash of things to date and embarrased themselves and the hardworking people of Jersey on a global scale. Can you imagine the sort of place Jersey would become if we gained independence?

    Here are just a handful of my visions:

    A chain of paedophile hotels would open to bolster the tourism industry;

    There would be no elections as the government would breed and mould generation after generation of new government. And knowing the truth about who is behind the crimes and cover up at HDLG, the breeding would start young;

    The poor would eventually be forced onto rations and would have to use the JEP as toilet roll (probably not a bad thing as it stands!);

    Travel to and from the island for the poor would be so expensive, they would have to swim.

    And you think I am joking???


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