The Official Response of the States of Jersey

Upon Learning of a Decade of Child Torture.

This is a very brief post – as its core subject matter is self-explanatory.

Very self-explanatory.

I reproduce below a vomit-inducing letter of “thanks” to the child-abusing  Maguires, written by the then President of the Jersey Education Committee – one Iris Le Feuvre.

Until 2005, Jersey had a Committee system of government, as opposed to a Ministerial system. And, until the late 1990’s, child protection responsibilities lay with the Education Committee, of which Iris Le Feuvre, a States member at that time, was the political boss.

After 10 years of child-torturing, the activities of the Maguires became too problematic – even for such scum-buckets as Anton Skinner, Geoff Spencer, and Marnie Baudains to carry on ignoring.

So in 1990, with reluctance they carried out an “internal” investigation into the matter – during which many of the Maguires’ atrocities were so well-evidenced and exposed as to transcend continuing disguise.

Iris Le Feuvre and her Education Committee received the resultant – albeit utterly lame and inadequate report – which had been authored by Skinner and the child rapist Geoff Spencer – and they decided the best way to avoid embarrassment all-round was to let Jane Maguire “retire” from running the Blanche Pierre group-home at Le Squez – and, instead, move to working in the ‘Family Development Centre’.

Le Feuvre, Skinner, Spencer and Baudains failed to inform the police of the abuses they had been covering up, but finally had been forced to confront. Instead the police only discovered the abuses eight years later – purely by happenstance.

And even though they tried to prosecute in 1998 – the atrocities were covered up then, in 1998 – by the child rapist Danny Wherry – and the child abuse concealer, Michael Birt.

But – eight years earlier – back in 1990 – the typical Jersey oligarchy ethical bankruptcy, arrogance, self-interest and hubris prevailed on the first occasion of betrayal.

And – for spending 10 years torturing, abusing and sexually molesting little children – the Maguires were rewarded with the following letter – from Iris Le Feuvre.

Read it and weep.


Iris Le Feuvre
President, Education Committee


26th July 1990

Mr. & Mrs A. Maguire
Flat 4, 80 St. Marks Road
St. Helier

Dear Mr & Mrs Maguire

On Wednesday the 25th July, 1990, the Education Committee was officially informed of your decision to retire as house parents of the group home, Le Squez.

The Committee recalled that you have been house parents to the children of the group home since 1980 and during the past ten years had cared for many children on our behalf.

Several members of the Committee, including myself, were already familiar with your excellent work during this time having served on the Children’s Sub-Committee, and have always been impressed with your total commitment to the children in your charge.

It is therefore with regret that we learn of your retirement. Although we fully appreciate that after ten years of extremely hard work for our children a change of direction and a rest from the 24 hour-a-day commitment you have shown over all these years was well deserved.

My Committee therefore asked that I write on behalf of every member to thank you for your many years of excellent service on behalf of the children in your charge and to wish you all the very best for your future. We were delighted to learn that Mrs. Maguire will continue to work for the Committee in our developing Family Centre service and therefore would not be losing your services all together.

Once again many thanks for your 110% commitment and hard work, the proof of which will live on in the children for whom you have shown much love and care.

All best wishes

Yours sincerely

J. M. Le Feuvre
President, Education Committee.

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