When Offering Policing, Prosecution & Judicial Services to Clients Just Wasn’t Enough!

The Ogier Group Added “Public Inquiry” Services to its Portfolio.

First written and posted on 29th August 2013, this posting remains a pivotal article in the history of the long battle to expose the British Establishment’s child-abuse cover-ups.

This article continues to be an important resource to child-abuse survivors, campaigners, serious journalists – and historians – of this ‘Worse-than-Watergate’ crises in British public administration. Those who want some insight into the hubris – the sheer brazenness – of high-level corruption will read below of the illegal suspension of a Police Chief – and how his legal challenge to that suspension came before a structurally corrupted court.

Jersey campaigners are some significant ways further along the curve of inevitability than other anti-child-abuse campaigners in Britain. The war for effective child-protection erupted here in 2007, as opposed to 2012 in the rest of the nation with the exposure of Savile. There’s a lot of experience here which campaigners nationwide can contemplate – can learn from. And the awful truth is – you couldn’t make it up.

No. Really – some things are actually beyond parody.

Are you ready for this? I’ve had to amend the comical-but-true parody “client-services-pitch” of the Jersey & City of London connected legal syndicate, The Ogier Group – because since I wrote it in August 2013, and described how Ogier provide “policing, prosecution and judiciary services” for clients – they’ve since added “public inquiry services” to their portfolio. No. Really.

You know – with hindsight it was foolish of me not to have foreseen the development and included it back then. The outcome was so, so predictable – in the parallel universe of “The Jersey Way”.

Yes – the Jersey “public inquiry” into decades of concealed child-abuse, the so-called “Committee of Inquiry” is – based in and running “hearings” in – the same office-block as the The Ogier Group.

Handy, no?

In a nutshell, what the following article describes is the wholly corrupt capture – by powerful private interests – of the entire “law-enforcement” system of a jurisdiction. Yes – as frighteningly implausible as some of the alleged child-abuse cover-ups across the nation may seem – here, in Jersey we can see – evidenced – the highest systems of “law-enforcement” – captured – and being permitted by Whitehall to run as a racketeering matrix – in plain sight.

The “law-firm” described here – and its senior figures, for example part-time lawyer / part-time judge Julian Clyde-Smith – have, in stages, and one way or another, captured the policing, prosecution, judicial & legislature functions of Jersey. And in a belt-and-braces type of “insurance-policy”, I suppose you’d call it – have also held close the so-called “public-inquiry” into decades of concealed child-abuse in the island.

So much so – the Jersey “public inquiry” – the Committee of Inquiry as it’s known – works out of the same office building as the criminally conflicted Ogier Group and expressly conflicted individuals such as lawyer / judge Julian Clyde-Smith.

What we see here is the illegal oppression of a Police Chief – and the illegal oppression of a leading opposition member of the legislature – via judicial corruption – for the purpose of shielding dangerous criminals. Judicial corruption – hiding in plain sight.

What follows is an historically important insight into the capture and corruption of actual Crown “criminal justice” and “judicial” functions by and for rich, powerful, influential and dangerous criminals. It’s happened – it’s evidenced – in Jersey. It has also happened in parts of the wider British judicial system – to the same purposes. You just haven’t woken up to it in the UK – yet.

You will.

Stuart Syvret – 4th September, 2015.

The Ogier Group

We deliver a flexible and understanding client-based approach to providing policing, prosecution, judiciary, and public inquiry services – for those occasions when mere traditional legal, trust-fund, corporate administration, litigation and private-client representation just isn’t enough!!!

By mistake I happened to hear the BBC Jersey news on the evening of the 29th August, 2013. I rarely listen to the BBC in Jersey, knowing through years of first-hand – and evidenced – experience just how biased and collusive with the local oligarchy the BBC in Jersey is.

I chanced upon Jersey’s Home Affairs Minister, Ian Le Marquand, being “interviewed” about his appointing of a lawyer from the Jersey law firm, The Ogier Group, as chairman of the newly created Jersey Police Authority – which has the, this-can-mean-whatever-you-want-it-to-mean, power of “ensuring the police are an effective force”.

The interview was simply jaw-dropping.

But even then, not as jaw-dropping as the underlying facts – and the public-interest issues arising. Not, of course, that a single one of them was addressed in the interview.

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand has “chosen” as chairman of the Jersey Police Authority, one Advocate Jonathan White – former partner at the law-firm The Ogier Group – and now Chairman of Jersey Finance Ltd. – A body with not unrelated interests to those of the Jersey Financial Services Commission – the Potemkin village “regulatory authority” that supposes to regulate Jersey’s profoundly lucrative off-shore finance industry.

The interviewer could have been scripted by States of Jersey spin-doctors. And let’s face it, probably was. For example – this is the BBC – which has in its possession a 94 page interim statement to the Wiltshire police by the unlawfully suspended Police Chief Graham Power. This document contains so many profoundly important issues – and raises so many serious public-interest matters – that it could keep a serious broad-sheet newspaper in detailed stories for months.

I know that the BBC have this document – because it was me who gave it to them, after I obtained it from sources.

And it isn’t even the only item of evidence available.

At the end of this posting I’ve included a number of links you can click on to read some of that evidence.

Thanks to me and other Jersey bloggers, such as Voice for Children and Rico Sorda, there is now more than sufficient evidence in the public domain to prove the suspension of Graham Power to have been an wholly illegal conspiracy. But you wouldn’t know that fact if you relied upon the BBC – who have, for what is now approaching two years, buried Graham Power’s interim statement. Worse – not only do they refuse to convey this important evidence to the public in defiance of the BBC Charter, they also continue to break the Broadcasting Act which requires “balance”, by continually peddling the kind of Jersey establishment spin they aired on the  evening of the 29th, whilst failing to cover the other side of the story.

But even without having the 94 page interim statement by the unlawfully suspended Police Chief actually in your possession, you would, would you not, still think of a number of startlingly obvious questions to ask of the politician who has just decided to vastly amplify the already appalling democratic deficit in Jersey by diminishing political accountability for the policing function and instead transferring a large amount of that power to private-sector – unaccountable – individuals?

Unaccountable individuals who will – unavoidably – have a variety of direct interests in the field of law-enforcement?

Questions like, for example, what governance-standards is the chairman of the JPA controlled by? Are they written down? Is there a very clear – explicit – as there should be, set of transparent processes for avoiding conflicts of interest?

If so, where are the declarations that should already be published – given the extant conflicts that entangle The Ogier Group?

Will the chairman and members of the JPA be required to publish a written declaration of interests?

What is actually meant by “effective policing”? For example – does “effective policing” mean not investigating decades of child-abuse cover-ups by Jersey’s authorities? Is such activity to be permanently deemed an “inefficient use of resources”?

Perhaps the JPA and its chairman will be able to decide that a more “effective” and “efficient” use of policing resources  – one that better meets the expectations and priorities of certain sections of the community – would be to carry out a few more massed raids and searches without search-warrants, against “trouble-making” opposition politicians?

Is the investigation of evidenced complaints of judicial corruption to be declared a “waste of time”, as opposed to, say, wondering around town in white helmets or posing with a bright game-show-host’s grin to impress little old ladies in the precinct, in an effort to show the plebs what “ real” policing is all about?

No? Well, how about asking, then, the Home Affairs Minister just what  the delimitations of the use of the public authority  conferred to the JPA will be – given that The Ogier Group have so kindly agreed to fund it – and run it from their actual offices? I think the sum he mentioned was £100,000 p/a. Hey, bonus for Ogier & clients! Is there anywhere else on the face of the planet where de facto control of the policing function gets bought for such a microscopic sum?

The BBC are not alone, of course; all of Jersey’s mainstream media – not least the Jersey Evening Post (Chief Executive, John Averty, also Deputy Chairman of the Jersey Financial Services Commission) – pursues the same agenda.

The blunt and plain ultra vires of the action against Graham Power – and thus against ordinary people in Jersey who ought to be able to rely upon objective policing for protection from the corrupt and criminal acts of the powerful – would have been clear to any respectable court of law.

Unfortunately, Jersey does not possess any respectable courts of law, the “judicial” function in Jersey being a flimsy and unconvincing Potemkin village. And to illustrate that fact, in the case of Mr Power, when he attempted to judicially review the unlawful suspension, the court was presided over by a part-time judge – and private-sector lawyer – one Advocate Julian Clyde-Smith.

That’s Julian Clyde-Smith – of the law-firm The Ogier Group – the same practice which spawned current Bailiff (London-appointed head of judiciary and legislature) Michael Birt – and current Attorney General (London appointed) Tim Le Cocq – who was representing the Jersey oligarchy against Police Chief Graham Power when Mr. Power  made the judicial review application.

The fact that Clyde-Smith and Le Cocq are friends – and were close colleagues at The Ogier Group, Le Cocq having been a partner at the firm before becoming one of the Queen’s Privateers via her “Letters Patent” – escaped, alas, their joint memory – and both failed to declare this conflicting factor during the “judicial” proceedings.

Sadly, the two “Jurats” (permanent Establishment “jurors”)  who sat with Clyde-Smith – Jill Clapham and John Le Breton – were no better at recall – both forgetting to declare very serious conflicts of interest. Well, Jurat Jill Clapham’s husband – Advocate Michael Clapham – was only with The Ogier Group for 31 years; easy to forget his and her close working and social relationship with other Ogier stalwarts, such as Le Cocq, Birt and Clyde-Smith, I guess.

And what of Jurat John Le Breton? Well – maybe having been the Vice-Principle of Victoria College – and having concealed child-abuse for over a decade – to the point of attempting to humiliate and intimidate certain victims into withdrawing their complaints – and then having to resign in utter disgrace – is the kind of thing that slips one’s mind – when you find yourself hearing a court-case brought by the Police Chief who’s been unlawfully suspended for trying to stop the cover-up of child-abuse?

Yes, I guess it must be pretty easy to forget such things – given that Le Breton’s memory fared no better when he was hearing the defamation case brought against the Jersey Evening Post (parent company, The Guiton Group – Chief Executive, John Averty) by Deputy Trevor Pitman – one of about four States members to seriously oppose the child-abuse cover-ups?

So – we have a good, fine, nationally respected Police Chief – who was plainly, and on the evidence, illegally suspended; illegally suspended because – unavoidably – an inescapable corollary of the investigation he was leading into decades of concealed child-abuse would be the exposure of what had previously passed for “policing”, “prosecution”, and “judicial” systems in Jersey as having utterly failed – and to have repeatedly betrayed the weak and vulnerable – and to be systemically unsafe and inimically counter to the public good.

Mr Power, when attempting to judicially review the illegal action against him, came up against The Ogier Group machine – part-time judge – Julian Clyde-Smith – Ogier; the man who appointed him to hear the case – Bailiff Michael Birt – Ogier; Solicitor General Tim Le Cocq – Ogier; Jurat Jill Clapham, husband Michael Clapham – Ogier. And in case that wasn’t enough – the child-abuse concealing Jurat John Le Breton in close support.

When listening to the performance of the BBC and Ian Le Marquand, my mind drifted to the FACAWS – the infamous “Friends At Court At Whitehall” – who protect and prop-up the criminal Jersey regime, and I felt, almost, a pang of pity for them. I could imagine them slumped – head-in-hands –  receiving the news of the latest barking-mad manifestation of crazed, drooling hubris from the Jersey red-necks and thinking, “Christ on a bike; is there no limit – no limit at all – to the folly of these clowns?”

For not content with having the Crown judicial function – and the Crown prosecution function – under the de facto private influence of private commercial businesses like The Ogier Group – the Jersey oligarchs have decided that they want Ogier to  – de facto – control the Crown police force as well.

You simply could not make it up.

The strategic control – the prioritisation – of “policing activity” has been placed into de facto private control. Now, deciding what constitutes “effective policing” will be determined by a member of the Ogier syndicate. What, with Bailiff Michael Birt heading the legislature and judiciary, Tim Le Cocq as Attorney General running the prosecution function, and Julian Clyde-Smith presiding as a judge – and now Michael White, through the Jersey Police Authority, directing the policing function  – that’s a pretty impressive portfolio of influence and power for The Ogier Group to offer putative clients – both corporate and private!

And it isn’t as though there was any effective complaints-mechanism against bad policing. The Jersey Police Complaints Authority was stood on its head – used by criminals – and manipulated into providing “cover” for the obstructions against Deputy Police Chief Lenny Harper, and then the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power. That same “complaints authority” then pro-actively colluded in covering-up the undisguised illegality of the “data protection” massed-raid, arrest and searching without a search-warrant conducted against me.
What were the real motivations for that action? Well – just as with the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power – there were multiple motivations; one or two “official” motives – for the spin-doctors to peddle publicly – and a variety of unofficial motives, which remain hidden, for the time-being,  from public discourse. The “official” motive for the policing action against me was that I was just too, too uncaring for the feelings of a clinical serial-killer – who had almost certainly been murdering my constituents.
The unofficial reasons for the oppression conducted against me? Well – there are so many, it’s hard to know where to begin. Just as with the “Problem” that was Police Chief Graham Power – I was causing so many “difficulties” – that a tactical nuclear destruction had, to the Jersey mafia, the seductions of a “perfect solution”.

All reasonably smart people can see that the oppression carried out against the Police Chief and me was the panicked and crazed reaction of a decadent, nakedly stagnant,  mutually-protecting – multi-culpable – establishment, rightly terrified of the many and various implications of the exposure of the decades of concealed child-abuse.

What isn’t known publicly – yet – is another very significant reason – actually, the main reason – for the Jersey oligarchy suppression of Graham Power, and of me.

Under the leadership of Graham Power, the States of Jersey Police Force were weeks – maybe a few months – away from concluding a major investigation and submitting a prosecution file to the Jersey Attorney General for charges of violent rape against an immensely powerful Jersey oligarchy figure (person “737 “, as “described”  by the Jersey “public-inquiry’s” helpful-to-criminals, abuser-concealment white-wash matrix.)

The charging and prosecution of the individual would have brought about the end of “The Jersey Way” – after centuries of unrestrained licence – and many other Jersey oligarchs would have fallen in his wake. He would have taken them down with him.

William Bailhache – the then (2008) Attorney General and sole prosecuting authority in Jersey – had to be protected by the oligarchy from the burden of, himself,  refusing to take the charges forward and of prosecuting the rapist. Not least because of several career-terminating examples of “dirt” – of “leverage” – of mutely-destructive-knowledge – held over the head of Bill Bailhache and his brother, former Bailiff, now Senator, Phil Bailhache.

Thus – the States of Jersey Police investigation into the rapist had to be “headed off at the pass”.

It had – simply had – to be terminated, before completion.

That was the primary motivation – above all others – behind the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power.

And – in a spin-doctor’s dream, it could be hidden  – completely hidden – behind the other real and serious scandal of the child-abuse cover-ups. Those who would – inevitably – and rightly – suspect that the Police Chief had been illegally suspended so as to sabotage the child-abuse investigations, would let their suspicions rest at that conclusion – without realising there were other, additional, motives.

In the weeks following the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power, I had detailed and harrowing discussions with victims of the rapist.

They were shattered – devastated – recognising correctly that the suspension of the Police Chief was geared to the protection of their attacker.
For those few months, I was the only public figure – the only representative they had – who was fighting for them. I took up their cause.
The actual Police Chief had been illegally suspended so as to protect the rapist. I was the last man standing in public office fighting for justice for the victims.

So – I had to be “terminated” too – just like  Graham Power.

Do you see where this is going?

The immensely powerful rapist’s legal representatives were the law-firm The Ogier Group.

There were many complementary motivations behind the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power – but the overarching – most pressing – of those motivations was the protection  of the powerful rapist.

Mr Power then attempted to judicially review the plainly illegal actions against him – and his case is heard by a court presided over by Advocate Julian Clyde-Smith – of The Ogier Group – the law-firm who are the representatives of the rapist.

Julian Clyde-Smith of The Ogier Group fails to declare that fact – and fails to recuse.

This is judicial corruption.

Later, I too attempted to bring a judicial review application, against the criminal oppressions conducted against me. That application too, was heard by Julian Clyde-Smith – who engaged in such undisguised actual bias and nutty corruption as to insist on hearing it at 7.00 a.m on a Monday morning, making certain very few people would be there to witness it. He then rescued the 7 Bedford Row lawyer, London appointed Solicitor General Howard Sharp – who did not know that courts could review executive actions – and Clyde-Smith ran the Jersey oligarchy case for Sharp.

Again – Advocate Julian Clyde-Smith of The Ogier Group was expressly and directly conflicted, for various reasons  but most obviously, he had a commercial involvement in legally representing the rapist – and I had been the last person in public authority left standing – for the victims – and had been illegally oppressed for so doing.

It was simply corrupt for Julian Clyde-Smith – of The Ogier Group – to have failed to declare that conflict of interests.

Naked – judicial – corruption. In Britain – in the 21st century.

You know, so breathtakingly corrupt are the Jersey judicial establishment, that throughout the entire campaign of “legal” oppression (which they continue  to conduct against me)  – they refused to give me legal aid funding – and refused, contra Article 6 of the ECHR, to give me a lawyer of my choice – a non-conflicted lawyer with a specialism in human rights and media law. Instead – they repeatedly tried to foist a lawyer of their choosing upon me. Obviously – not being a cretin – I rejected this manoeuvre.
Can you guess what happens next?
Yes. The lawyer the Jersey oligarchy tried to fit-me-up with was from The Ogier Group.
That’s The Ogier Group – the law-firm in the protection of whose immensely powerful and wealthy client – the rapist – I had been oppressed in the first place. But – hey – such moments were only a temporary perturbation in the customarily unruffled surface appearance of “The Jersey Way”. Now that the policing function too, has been placed under the influence of “our chaps” – to join the Crown prosecution function,  and the Crown judicial function – in this lucrative off-shore tax-shelter, never again will a senior police officer in Jersey be so foolish as to think it proper to investigate powerful rapists in the first place.
You may, rightly, find the facts above to be shocking – deeply shocking. You might ask, “well, that’s just so horrifying – frightening;  if you reported that – reported the conspiracy – to the States of Jersey Police, they’d have to investigate it?”

I have reported it – in extensive, detailed, written form – and given a signed statement – with supporting documentary evidence – in a police  interview – in front of a witness.

The response of the City of London Corporation’s police boss – now Jersey police boss –  the inadequate Mike Bowron?

He has simply refused – just flatly refused – at the outset – to even begin an investigation.

Not on the grounds that there isn’t evidence – nor serious lines of inquiry – nor compelling and highly credible witnesses to be interviewed. Rather,  he cowered from the entire subject – and rather than initiate an inquiry, he merely “asked a Jersey lawyer” whether the matters I raised constituted criminal offences? (They most clearly and unanswerably do.)

Unsurprisingly – the answer given by the “Jersey lawyer” was that the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power was not illegal – thus relieving the coward Bowron of the burden of having to do some serious and challenging policing.

Do you know who the Jersey lawyer was?

No. Neither do I.

I asked the States of Jersey Police Force – and they refused to disclose that information.

Apparently – it would be a “breach of the Data Protection Law” for them to identify their “legal advisers”  in this matter.

(Up-date: see the following extraordinary and farcical development, another example of politicised, fake, “policing” in Jersey:

Well, in the future, the policing function in Jersey won’t have to go to the inconvenience of “seeking legal advice”.

Henceforward, The Ogier syndicate will give them appropriate direction – before the police get themselves into a mess – by investigating the “wrong” crimes.

Stuart Syvret.



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