Big Frank & Co –

You are the weakest link.

So, the people have spoken.

In my blog post of the 20th May I added a polling widget and asked the question ‘should Frank Walker face a vote of no-confidence?’ And notwithstanding several failed attempts to fiddle the poll – including by me, just in the interests of experimentation you understand – the Blogger poll seems to have been very robust.

So – what’s the verdict?

A total of 530 people voted.

There were 470 in favour of the proposition.

And there were 60 against.

Oh dear.

Doesn’t look too good for Frank & Co, does it?

And it is increasingly clear that the Jersey oligarchy know that the game is up.

Before going on to provide a snap-shot of the Jersey political situation, I’ll take a moment to examine our statistics.

88.68% of people voted in favour of the proposition against Frank.

That’s a pretty decisive margin – but how reliable is it?

Taking the 88.68% vote we can be 95% confident that the underlying population estimate – that being an extrapolation of opinion to the population as a whole – has a confidence interval between 86% and 91%.

Now – let us not make like politicians with our statistics. Readers of this blog expect honesty.

These poll figures could be utter crap.

There are several reasons why the figures might not be accurate. For example, it could be argued that the people who read my blog regularly would be heavily biased against Frank.

Questions could also be raised as to how many of the voters were based in Jersey?

Not that this point is of any consequence, as I – as I hope would most readers of this blog – regard myself as a citizen of the world. I would, for example, certainly use an opportunity to vote on a question posited in the USA to the effect: “Should Americans stop electing retards as Presidents?”

It could also be argued that the sample of opinion represented by the vote was ‘self-selecting’.

Nevertheless – it would be unwise to discount our poll. Not least because – as anyone even faintly familiar with the grass-roots opinions of Jersey people will tell you – 88% of the population wanting to be rid of Frank & Co. is about the right figure when assessed against word-of-mouth opinions.

So – a vote of no-confidence it is then.

I should get the report and proposition tabled sometime next week.

The procedures of the assembly – its standing orders – require that such a vote is tabled against the Chief Minister or the Council of Ministers as a whole.

Although this means that one must choose one target – or the other – in practice the different wording would produce the same effect. If a no-confidence vote were to succeed against Big Frank – the whole Council of Ministers falls. And, obviously, if the vote were to be carried against the Council- it falls – along with Walker.

So which wording to choose? Ah – decisions, decisions.

Actually – it isn’t a particularly taxing question.

The vote will be targeted against the Council of Ministers as a whole.


Because pretty much all of them deserve it.

And this is an important point – the no-confidence vote will not focus only on their catastrophic handling of the Jersey child abuse disaster – although, clearly, that will be an element.

It will focus upon the generality of the performance of this Council – and on the individual performances of the specific Ministers.

Pretty much all of which have been deficient – to a lesser or greater extent.

I won’t bore you with the details of these deficiencies right now – that can wait until the debate.

But what is the general diagnosis, right now, so far as the political landscape in Jersey is concerned?

Firstly – the reputation, standing and “popularity” of the political establishment of Jersey has never been lower.

Politicians in general are never popular at the best of times. But in Jersey today the political classes are beset with woes – most of them of their own making.

Let’s consider just a few.

There is, of course, the Jersey child abuse disaster – or, to quote Phil Bailhache, the “so-called child abuse scandal”.

Got that? “So-called.” And remember – this man is head of the Jersey judiciary – the judiciary which – in theory – will be dealing with all criminal and civil legal matters arising from this episode.

The vast majority of the clear and unambiguous child abuses – and gross failings of the system are historic. But not all.

And it is the handling of this issue and the response by the Jersey authorities to it which has been so catastrophically disastrous as to be beyond parody.

But as I said – it isn’t only the child abuse disaster which has finally caught up with the Jersey oligarchy.

The consequences of at least three decades of misrule are so numerous as to require a book to itemise. But just to briefly describe some of the problems.

Jersey has a cost-base at least equal to that of central London.

Over 10% of the population live in relative poverty according to EU definitions.

This is in an island which possesses the second-highest GDP per capita in Europe. A rich community then, at first glance. But one in which wealth distribution is appallingly deficient – to an extent that would make Margaret Thatcher’s Britain appear positively socialist by comparison.

Even a majority of ordinary people above that poverty threshold struggle desperately to make ends meet here.

The cost of the average family starter-home is now – astonishingly – over £500,000.

Our economy is essentially a mono-economy – with at least 80% of our GDP arising from the off-shore finance sector. We are, therefore, immensely vulnerable to economic melt-down.

Jersey’s ‘strategic reserve’ – our equivalent to a Sovereign Wealth Fund – if one could describe it as such – is not even equivalent to one year’s public sector expenditure.

We are burdened with manifestly un-payable pension scheme debts, running to hundreds of millions of pounds.

To the anger of most of the population we are still destroying the island’s environment with over-development.

And then we come to taxation. Where to begin?

The Jersey oligarchy has introduced a range of radical changes to the islands’ tax system; this as a result of EU pressure.

But – hey! Wouldn’t you know it – the changes brought in just so happen – by remarkable co-incidence – to make tax-dodging even easier for the local rich – like most States members now I come to mention it – and are even more regressive and burdensome upon ordinary people.

The flagship component of these policies being a Goods and Services Tax.

A tax not based upon the ability to pay – essentially, a kind of poll-tax which applies at full rate – even to such essentials as basic foodstuffs.

So, in pretty much every way, the anger of the public and the mood for change has never been greater.

The first round of Jersey’s general election is a mere five months away. These elections are – inevitably – going to be a night-of-the-long-knives as far as many existing members are concerned.

Any honest assessment of Jersey politics right now would have to conclude that at least two-thirds of the existing members are vulnerable to defeat.

Now, the average States member isn’t terribly bright. But as elections approach, a discernable animal survival instinct kicks-in. This is to be observed in the sudden welter of parliamentary questions, propositions and amendments from members who have been pretty somnolent for the previous two-and-a-half years.

Members who vanished days after getting elected – as inscrutably as Lord Lucan -suddenly reappear – manifested as radical and rebellious back-benchers.

But even this approach – clearly – isn’t going to save a number of them this time around, such is the public mood at present.

Now – against this already very grim backdrop – what do you think might be the worst conceivable – the most nightmarish – the most dreadful decision – the average member could be asked to make right now?

The vote in the island’s parliament that they would most hate to be confronted with?

The decision, the making of which causes them to wake at night in cold sweats?

Yep – you got it.

Who said politics isn’t fun?

The vote of no-confidence against Frank & his Council will be won by him, decisively; my proposition will be defeated.

But – Oh dear – those poor States members. For as well as already facing a metaphorical chain-sawing in the forthcoming elections in any event – they can now enter the political abattoir freighted with the terminal, crushing burden of having recently voted to keep in post the most hated political leader Jersey has ever had.

Doesn’t the prospect just give you a nice warm glow inside?

But setting aside the entertainment value – which one has to find in politics occasionally, or you’d go mad – there is a serious reason for proceeding in this way.

The condition of the polity in Jersey is even worse than one might imagine.

Even beset with a variety of profound and intractable problems as Jersey is – even having failed so publicly in something as fundamental as child protection – things are actually worse than this.

Even at times of crisis, politicians and governments strive to maintain the appearance of control; of governance; of actually having a grip on the destiny of the society they govern. Politics – especially in democratic societies – is a ‘confidence game’.

Every political leader knows that they must assume the cloak of authority, wisdom and serenity – no matter how cataclysmic the crisis erupting behind them.

The instant that façade of control is swept aside – the very moment the politicians are revealed to be thrashing around in blind panic – they’re finished.

So for all the confidence-man projections of people like Frank & Co – in reality a roiling mass of chaos underlies the veneer of good government.

And I will provide you with a striking and profound example of that at the end of this post.

I called this blog ‘Thoughts on the Microcosm’ because Jersey can be seen as just that – a microcosm of the industrialised world. And – as we all know – that world is imperilled in so many ways – just as is Jersey.

The great poet, W. B. Yeats wrote a poem ‘The Second Coming’ – from which I select a few lines here –

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,”

And –

“Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.”

And –

“And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

I’m not religious – but one doesn’t need to be.

The metaphor is striking.

“The centre cannot hold”.

It cannot hold in the industrialised world – and, with Jersey being ahead of the curve – it most certainly cannot hold here. Dispassionate observers might wish to watch Jersey – and take lessons from the errors, lack of wisdom, short-termism and hubris of its leaders.

Fascinatingly – even businessmen in Jersey can see this, to some extent, at least – and are profoundly worried.

Several of the people I know with serious business interests in Jersey have candidly said to me that Frank Walker is finished – that he should go – that he is an embarrassment to Jersey and a liability to its economy.

OK – the same people have also said to me they wouldn’t want me taking over in his place. But don’t worry boys – I wouldn’t touch it with the proverbial s**t house broom – now that all there is to assume responsibility for is a mangled heap of smoking wreckage.

But what is plain from these discussions is the degree of despair they feel when surveying the political landscape in Jersey – and trying to imagine who, from the conservative Right, could possibly take over?

They used to tremble in fear at the prospect of Phillip Ozouf becoming top-dog – a man who, in his rabid and juvenile market-fundamentalism could have been lifted straight from the Young Conservatives circa 1983.

But as is plain now – he has about as much chance of getting re-elected as Mike Vibert.

Which is to say – not a lot.

Terry Le Sueur, who will assume the mantel of Our Glorious Leader when Frank goes, is also seen as a profound liability. Deeply unpopular – and thus likely to foment even more political dissent amongst the usually quiescent Jersey population.

So who is left as possible candidates as Supreme Leader of the Jersey oligarchy?

There are the three up-and-coming Golden Boys of the Jersey establishment – Freddy Cohen, Ian Gorst and Alan MacLean.

Each three of these Jersey politicians comes with baggage – not least that when the next elections occur, they will have served only three years in office; not a great measure of experience or credibility, then.

Looking briefly at each:

Freddie Cohen has lost substantial amounts of popularity because of his decisions as Planning Minister – not to mention his predilection for Ozymandian over-development projects.

But being a shrewd operator, he is already laying the groundwork for his exit from Frank’s Council. During a TV interview just the other night, he said that if his master-plan for St. Helier’s Waterfront didn’t get approved by the States, he would resign as Minister.

Three birds with one stone.

He sheds the unpopular Planning portfolio – in order to attempt to rebuild some popularity; he gets out of a Council of Ministers which is manifestly in a state of utter chaos and disrepute – and he has an excuse to go – rather than being seen as a traitor to Frank.

Clever, no?

So what of Ian Gorst? A man palpably struggling to reconcile his supposed Christianity with his allegiance to the-devil-take-the-hindmost rabid materialism of Ozouf’s de facto political party – to which he is supposed to be loyal.

Then we have Alan – vote-for-me-for-GST-exemptions – MacLean; a man who made such a brazen betrayal of election promises as to be truly startling – even by Jersey standards. He is going to try his hand in the island-wide Senatorial election – in the hope that Jersey voters in general won’t notice his betrayal of his constituents in St. Helier number 2 district.

Perhaps, when writing his manifesto, he was gripped by a particularly severe form of the Orwellian parapraxia which seems to afflict Jersey politicians so frequently?

So there you have the Jersey establishment’s three Golden Boys.

Hardly confidence-inspiring is it?

So what, alas, do the money-men and oligarchs do to keep their show on the road?

You know – I’m really not sure there is anything to be done.

It had to happen sooner or later – after decades and decades of unopposed power – of greed – of shallow materialism – of naked self-interest – fate had to finally catch up with the Jersey oligarchy.

And so it has.

The Jersey establishment assert that my assessment of the present condition of politics here is exaggerated, over-blown and somehow extremist.

As I have so often in this blog, I invite readers to make their own assessment; come to their own conclusions.

I said earlier that I would supply you with a striking and profound example of the chaos – the dissolution – the “mere anarchy” – which Jersey politics has finally arrived at.

And I say – don’t take my word for it; think about this example – and judge for yourselves.

The Jersey Health & Social Services Minister, Senator Ben Shenton is the politician in Jersey with legal and political responsibly for child protection.

His assistant Minister, Senator Jimmy Perchard, has been given specific responsibility for Social Services – and its attendant child protection brief.

Both men have repeatedly – and pro-actively – and publicly – attacked the Police investigation into the Jersey child abuse disaster.

Now – ask yourselves a simple question:

In how many respectable democratic societies would you find THE politicians with political and legal responsibility for child protection – openly attacking a police investigation into child abuse?

You really just couldn’t make it up – tragically.

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold”.


22 thoughts on “THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!

  1. Anonymous


    IME, it is the norm for senior police officers to be influenced by the establishment and proactively avoid evidence. Here (Jersey) it seems to be different because Lenny Harper et alia are investigating resolutely and, at the same time, they have very solid evidence. But, bravo to the survivors … and you:) BTW, I am sure that there will be a few suicides amongst your oligarchy before the court case ends and the public inquiry begins.


  2. Anonymous

    Jersey tests confirm remains find

    3 hours ago

    Detectives investigating allegations of abuse at a former Jersey children’s home said new tests had proved “beyond doubt” that the remains of more than one child had been found.

    Expert examination of five teeth unearthed in a cellar at Haut de la Garenne over the last week revealed that most had come out after death and from at least two sources.

    Police have now recovered a total of 10 teeth and at least 30 charred human bone fragments, indicating that homicide had taken place with the victims’ bodies possibly cremated in a fireplace.

    Forensic tests on the latest dental finds revealed that most were “very unlikely to have come our naturally before death,” a police statement read.

    It added: “Additionally, there were two teeth which were the same in the five, which means that beyond doubt there were teeth from at least two children.”

    It confirms earlier tests completed on the first five teeth discovered in the underground chamber.

    The context of the finds suggests that the teeth were put in the cellar after the 1940s but detectives have yet to conclude how or why they came to be there.

    “Once again though, we must have concerns at the fact that in a children’s home where we have allegations of awful abuse, we are finding only the remains of children and not adults,” police on the island said.

    Of the bone fragments unearthed, tests have found that some were cut while others burnt.

    Speaking earlier this month, deputy chief officer Lenny Harper, who is in charge of the investigation, said: “A lot of bones appear to have some degree of burning to them, a number were found in and around where we believe was a fireplace in the cellar area.”


    Jim Browne (Survivor)

  3. Steve

    So,damned if they do and damned if they don’t!Looks like you’ve got them by the short n’ curlys Stuart.
    This just gets better by the minute.Also,with a huge upsurge in voting interest at the moment,we are likely to see fireworks and anarchy a plenty come the autumn.
    Can’t wait :>

  4. Anonymous

    Bring in on Senator, bring it on.

    For far too long a silent majority of honest & straightforward Jerseyfolk (howsoever defined) have lived under the tyrannical jackboot of amoral, self-serving, £££ worshippers.

    Time for some redress methinks…

    The real Arsenal of Democracy is a fertile soil, the fresh produce of which is the birthright of nations.
    — Sir Albert Howard

  5. Frank

    Governments all over the world have only two aims – power and survival . Easily manipulated people like Frank Walker , Tony Blair , George Bush become servants to this ‘ force ‘ . It is almost like a form of possession . How many times have you heard that people have changed when they come into positions of power . This is why .
    Governments do not care about their populaces – they could not care less and are helped out by the media and legal systems , which they always control . When its power is threatened , it attacks like a wild animal .Frank Walker is not trying to protect himself ,it is the nature of government he is trying to save.
    It won’t make a difference who is elected .It is the system of government that needs to be changed .All over the world ,in so called democratic elections , huge numbers of people vote for a tiny minority to tell them what to do .This is madness .We are giving our lives away to people who just don’t care .This is why the abuse went on for so long – the individuals who were in charge and ignored all the evidence just didn’t give a monkeys and still don’t .
    It will be interesting to see what happens after Lenny Harper retires . If the new police chief is a Yes Man to the status quo , I fear for the investigation.

  6. Anonymous

    All we need now is for the Rome inspired backstabbing which will happen when the police start knocking on the Oligarchs doors.

    Those who have nothing to hide but the knowledge of what others have done will turn on those who have done some of the most incredibly stupid small minded things politically and in some cases I would say that some of these rich s**t heads will have been up to their necks in both the abuses and the hiding of that abuse.

    They will be s**tting themselves about now and rightly so.

    I no you don’t want to take over from Frank & Co but I believe there would be great support for you if you did Stuart.

    The Island needs a leader who is honest and I know that there are very few of those on the island however, Apart from those 3 you mentioned is there anyone there that you think could do the job and gather a team of trusted likeminded people to fill the places of the rest of the council?

    If so could you let us know who you think would be good for the jobs and for Jersey’s people?

    Whatever the case Stuart you are a stalwart and we applaud your tenacity. Keep it up.

  7. Anonymous

    i have just heard that one of our politicians sent an email around joking about the child abuse investigation; making jokes about “coconuts”, etc. does anyone know who this is? because i’d like to see them resign for this.

  8. Anonymous

    Do you know if this is fact?

    “The letter in the JEP 29/05/08 criticising Harper and his investigation is a spoof planted by the JEP themselves. The supposed author does not exist nor does he live at the address given. Research and physical inspection confirm. The letter follows exactly the establishment and JEP party line on the issue of discrediting the Police investigation. These in-house letters appear from time to time and often with addresses in the UK.”

  9. Stuart Syvret

    Re Fake Letters & the Jersey Evening Post

    I’m not familiar with that particular letter – but I can most certainly confirm that the JEP letters pages are massively manipulated in a variety of ways. For example – the paper itself does not print an accurate reflection of the proportion of letters it receives.

    It prints a few anti-establishment letters – for appearances sake – but always makes sure the overwhelming opinion displayed in its letters pages is either pro-establishment – or irrelevant and diversionary from matters of real importance.

    I know this not least because JEP moles have told me so. And there is also the fact that very substantial numbers of letters The Rag refuses to print get forwarded on to me by their authors.

    Did you know that The Rag has actually refused to print letters from abuse survivors written in support of me?

    The letters pages of the JEP are also rigged by spin-doctor firms, who submit a load of letters on behalf of their clients using staff members, friends, family members – and not infrequently – ‘letters’ from completely invented people – but sent from real – but vacant addresses.

    A certain Jersey estate agent and his incompetent spin-doctor were very much in the habit of using this tactic.

    There is also a substantial amount of archive evidence – going back decades – of straightforward Pravda-type manipulation and controlling of the JEP letters page by The Rag – to suppress dissent and project a fake and manufactured false impression that every thing in the garden was rosy – and the generality of the Jersey population were entirely happy with their lot – and only a few anarcho-commie nutters ever complained.

    The JEP has always been simply an enemy of this community.

    If I were religious – I would be able to console myself with the thought that The Rag – its bosses and its owners – would all be sure to burn in hell.

    But sadly the rich and powerful always seem to win.


  10. Bertie

    “Who says politics isn’t fun”

    I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.

    WE all know these guys will stop at nothing to keep their roles in the states. They have too much to lose. The fact that they use OUR money to do it is what annoys me so much.

    Local Rag:

    That is a very interesting observation about the letter in the rag. I only noticed that the initial “A” was given instead of the whole name. I’ll go around to day to see if that is true.

  11. Res Nullius

    When the proposition to delay bringing in GST was defeated I admit to being irritated/annoyed/angry. However, on reflection the defeat was probably a very good thing. Any delay would have been until after the election.

    GST is now starting to bite and it hurts. Many businessmen I speak to are angry at the cost and red tape etc involved. The vote swing against the establishment is likely to be huge.

    If GST had been delayed until after the elections the swing may not have been so great.

    Voting against the delay may well have been a shot in the establishment foot. Politically, it would have been better to bring it in AFTER the elections.

    On your idea to bring a vote of no confidence against Frank & The Frankettes; brilliant Stuart, well done.

    I shall note with interest those who vote in favour of the establishment. Election day is approaching…

    Perhaps a ships mast erected in the Royal Square would be appropriate.

    A numer of politicians will be nailing their colours to it that day!

  12. Anonymous

    The anti Lenny Harper letter on 29/5 was an obvious Mr angry-from-Tunbridge-Wells rant and so typical of the rag’s viewpoint it was laughable, I personally think just by printing it they showed themselves up for where they sit on this whole saga and have just proved, without doubt everything you accuse them of is spot on. The real issue is being swamped by a mass witch-hunt on LH, who is doing a splendid job and needs encouragement. I was saddened to read (I think in the guardian) that this case has proved to be more stressful than working in the Falls area!

  13. Anonymous

    Morning all.

    This vote in 5 months time will get a better result in South Bloody Africa, The ballott boxes will have to be watched and counted in front of honest folk.

    As also said before from me, If there is to be court cases, they MUST be judged from a judge from the Mainland and not some idiot from the State of Jersey, Lawyers will be out to make a killing with survivors, so be very careful who you get as a legal team. I know that some survivors have made contact on the mainland to legal teams.

    This is the very best I found and they work for me and have done a great job on my case.

    Worth a bell.

    Jim Browne (Survivor)

  14. Anonymous

    Freedom must come
    and come soon

    We need to right so many wrongs

    words can heal many injustices

    action will be required for todays injustice

    a minimum wage, equal pay and yes respect for Jersey’s migrant workers

    A national monument to the Resistance movement

  15. Anonymous

    I think the Oligarchs are running out of credibility as well as the public’s gullibility.

    But still believe there are enough good people on Jersey to make the difference in an election and it maybe that those who are only now taking off their rose-colored spectacles.

    They are beginning see through the lie’s and misdirection’s of both the politicians, media and others who are playing “politrics” with the lives and laws of a land that they could see through those glasses believing every thing they saw and embracing it as fact.

    They are questioning themselves as to whether the way in which the political elite have behaved is tantamount to wanton criminality bordering on suicidal lunacy; I heard it said the other day.

    “They are so inept they don’t even realise that the news they are reading in the rag, which they are trying to get everyone to fall for they are falling for it themselves.”

    The criminal malevolence goes against everything they thought to have faith in and now are starting to identify the Oligarchs and familiars for what they really are, postulating malignancies sucking at all that lives around them in a glut of epic proportions while the rest of Jerseys honest hard working folk will suffer the consequences of the greed of a few.

    The rest of the world, outside the box so to speak is way ahead of their arrogance and false shame we ware react alight glasses with an age old natural polymer known as a bullsh*t filter, made up of elements called Probability, Likelihood and a smattering of cynicism. Oh yes and a very healthy portion of !!!FACT!!! The inescapable truth of a situation.

    We all have an understanding of how things work and the contempt that is bred through ignorance to the plight of those less fortunate; These Oligarchs will take you down any road that will suit them and their self indulgences and motivations.

    While contemplating the ill-fated tenure of Frank Walker my mind wandered like a fly on the wall wondering what must be going through his cranial vacuum.

    How must he be feeling?

    Is it time to fight or take flight?

    How far and deep will they look?

    What deal he is trying to make to grab at any chance of redemption that passes by who else could be the fall guy so he would get away from the indelible blame I suppose most of the others involved in it up to their necks will be feeling the same.

    Well Bloody Good you are a shameful example to show the world that you are ethically morally legally constitutionally redundant.

  16. Anonymous

    Has anyone got any news on the person who has been arrested on the mainland regarding the abuse in Jersey.

    News of this person is a wee bit slow at the moment, I wonder if he may be the one to blow the gaff on the rest of them???

    ‘I’m not going down for this by myself’

    I sure hope he opens his gob.

    Jim Browne (Survivor)

  17. Anonymous

    Third man arrested over child abuse claims at Jersey home

    * Matthew Taylor
    * The Guardian,
    * Saturday May 31 2008

    Detectives have arrested a third man in connection with allegations of abuse at a former children’s home in Jersey.

    The 45-year-old was detained in the UK over offences alleged to have taken place at the Haut de la Garenne home in the 1970s and 1980s. He was flown back to the island on Thursday and was being questioned at Jersey police headquarters.

    “The States of Jersey police can confirm that a third man has been arrested in connection with the ongoing historical abuse inquiry,” a spokeswoman said.

    Haut de la Garenne became the centre of a major investigation in February and since then more than 100 people have claimed they were abused at the site.

    Forensic teams uncovered a network of four secret underground chambers where 10 teeth and at least 30 charred human bone fragments have been found.

    Yesterday’s arrest came as detectives said new tests proved “beyond doubt” that these fragments belonged to more than one child. Experts say the teeth were put in the cellar after the 1940s but it is still unclear who they belonged to or how they got there.

    Tests to age the remains have also proved inconclusive, with estimates ranging from pre-second world war to as recent as the 1970s and 1980s.

    Police say they have identified around 70 suspects or “people of interest” who they want to question.

    Gordon Claude Wateridge, 76, originally from Croydon, south London, is charged with three offences of indecent assault on girls under 16, between 1969 and 1979.

    Another man has been arrested as part of the wider abuse inquiry. Claude Donnelly, 68, of St Brelade, is charged with raping and sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl in Jersey between 1971 and 1974. Neither man has entered a plea.


  18. Anonymous

    Undoubtedly 90% of the establsihment will be wiped out

    But we will have to be careful

    Their plan B will be alternative candidates….who make “progressive” statements but are as much part of the establishment as the present lot….it will be easy just for candidates to say they are opposed to this lot.

    Thats why issues such as attitude to War time grievances, minimum wage, rights to petition the Senate, inquiry into child abuse, respect for migrant workers etc must be “core” promises

    for anyone seeking election


  19. Krakow Crapaud

    While BBC radio Jerry shpeels out press releases concerning the “alleged historic child abuse” I don’t hold out much hope for fair elections.
    I could go so far as to predict the sudden appearance of ivestigative journalism once the names of any real candidates are known.
    Then the scare stories of how the finance industry will “pull the plug” if money worship is in any way threatened.
    Jersey, one of the most beautiful places on earth, a small island blessed with self government, what an opportunity to show the rest of the world how to live!
    G go
    O on
    V vote!

  20. Anonymous

    As result of other interactions in the UK, and a very long past experience as a researcher in this field I am beginning to have some serious misgivings as it is impossible for LH to overide his superiors. I have a suspicion that the police will prosecute the mild-moderate abusers – even the hard core, but will proactively avoid the ‘high ups’. As soon as I realised the apparent good guy was consulting with the ACPO I realised what could occur but avoided the fact of reality, which few are aware. LH certainly seems a proactive good cop, but …..? In that league it is impossible to beat the system. This means Stuart MUST think about what could be being avoided, but then again, what can he do about it? “Grappling with smoke?” I wouldn’t and couldn’t be a poltician, ever!


  21. Anonymous


    I am at Acton library and access appears to have been restored at some time since Sunday.

    I spoke to the IT worker who handles net filtering and he said the software was probably triggered automatically by certain key words, hence the temporary unavailability of the site. Then someone is supposed to investigate the site.

    Interestingly though, the the BNP website is available here.


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