A Readers’ Quiz.

Following the immense popularity of my last Readers Quiz, I’m going to offer you another teaser; another little ray of lightness and entertainment during these grim times and amidst the tedium of the elections.

Regular readers of this blog will have seen mention, from time-to-time, of a mysterious character known as “The Pinball Wizard”. I’ve mentioned this arcane figure occasionally – as have many readers. Indeed, one suggested that the identity of “The Pinball Wizard” be the subject of our next quiz, so here goes.

This time the questions are going to be a little more difficult than last time. I want readers to answer the following questions:

1: Who is “The Pinball Wizard”?

2: In which job did they earn the nickname?

3: Where & when did they earn the nickname?

4: Explain in detail just why the name “The Pinball Wizard” was applied to this person; how, exactly, did the person’s actions earn such an appropriately descriptive name?

5: What other possible – err – career embarrassments might afflict the individual concerned?

There are also bonus points available to anyone who experienced the actions of “The Pinball Wizard” first-hand – or witnessed such actions.

Should you want to contact me privately in connection with these issues, here is my e-mail address: st.syvret@gmail.com

There you go, readers – get your thinking-caps on!


108 thoughts on ““THE PINBALL WIZZARD”:

  1. Anonymous

    I think this person’s initials are TM and it is something to do with throwing children about when they misbehaved. It may be embarrassing due the department he worked in being 100% concerned with children. Also, don’t think he was the only one.

    Am I warm?

  2. Anonymous

    ‘The pinball wizard’ who would throw kids off the walls to see how far they would BOUNCE.

    Haut de la Garenne

    Social services and carer

  3. Stuart Syvret

    Hmm……Warm as toast already.

    It’s amazing how much knowledge is out there.

    Not sure about a HDLG connection – but hey – you may know better than me – nor the social services suggestion – but still – you’re getting very close already.

    Bouncing kids off walls is on the money. But there were other kinds of assault involved as well.

    So come on readers! You’ve got a lot of clues there to be working on!


  4. Anonymous

    He would get the heads of kids between his palms of his hands and slap them from side to side. like the flippers of a pinball machine….

  5. Anonymous


    As you know who it is, why don’t you stop this sick charade and just publish the name.

    I can’t believe that you are turning this subject into entertainment.

    I can only conclude that you really are “losing the plot”, or that this is just a cynical way of letting someone else name the culprit for legal reasons.

    Once named, what will we do then – put him in the back of a horse ‘n’ cart, parade him down King Street and throw tomatoes?

  6. Stuart Syvret

    It’s not a States member – so I won’t be posting any such suggestions.

    Yes – I do, indeed, know all about The Pinball Wizard – and a number of other, similar characters.

    Why not just name him? Because interaction with my readers is important – and such speculations have the very welcome effect of drawing out fresh information. Of which, any of it significant, I’ll relay to the States of Jersey Police – to add to their already bulging files.

    No – there is no legal reason whatsoever why I should want readers to name the name. What is published on this site is my responsibility – be it my words, or those of readers. Thus if a reader correctly names The Pinball Wizard – said individual would have to take me to court in any putative defamation action.

    I can guarantee – for a stone-fact – that in this case no such action will be forthcoming – because The Pinball Wizard knows I’d plead ‘fair comment’ and ‘justification’ – because it’s all true – and I could adduce a raft of witnesses.

    It is necessary to adopt this approach because, notwithstanding the stalwart effort of the States Police – we see that justice is being obstructed at every turn by Jersey’s profoundly dysfunctional prosecution and judicial system.

    So – ‘taken down the street in a cart’? No. What should happen is that The Pinball Wizard – and his accomplices – should be prosecuted, convicted – and sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment.

    Alas – in Jersey – little chance of that occurring.


  7. Kraków Crapaud

    Aha, so Batman meets the Joker once more. Will order triumph over chaos?
    Will justice be done! ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ coming soon at a waterfront cinema near you.

  8. Anonymous

    Stuart – “losing the plot”.

    I do not think so. That is what the ollies would like everyone to think. I believe that he has never been in so control of his psyche.

    Keep it up Stuart. I, for one, know and believe in your tactics.

    The sad thing is that the establishment think that they can get away without doing anything about the victims of abuse – they are the ones who have lost the plot, if they ever had it.

  9. Anonymous

    I can’t believe that you are turning this subject into entertainment.

    Stuart is not turning anything into entertainment it is the Establishment who have brought it this far and the prevaricated way in which they have acted throughout.

    I believe the quizzes add to this blog and even help to bring a little light relief to what is a subject that all the victims would have the world know in any and all ways possible.

    If a quiz has the effect of bringing more discourse and evidential facts or even jogs the memory of anyone who was subjected to the attentions of the Pinball Wizard then all the better.

    Keep um coming Stuart.

    Pay no attention to the false Babylon!!!

  10. Anonymous


    I assume these people are the husband and wife team who the AG refused to charge because their children gave them a reference.

    Enjoy and agree with most of your comments about the Jersey oligarchy – however cannot agree with your comment about Senator Perchard not being “terribly bright” – you give him too much credit,he’s a complete dimwit!

    Good Luck and I certainly shall not be voting for any sitting States member in the Senatorial elections.

  11. Anonymous

    Is it somebody in Education who recently retired and has been enjoying the Australian sunshine with his new wife?

  12. Anonymous

    Would it be the officer who had an affair with a colleague and embroiled his department in the whole seedy affair by getting staff to lie to his family?

  13. Stuart Syvret

    Ooh – what a wicked lot you are!

    So many – so close.

    No – it isn’t either of the two husband and wife child-battering “teams” – let off by Jersey’s Attorney General, William Bailhache.

    And – so far as I’m aware – they don’t work for Jersey Focus, a local mental health charity.

    That’s Anton Skinner – and he’s ‘going-down’ for different offences – for example, perverting the course of justice.

    But – a former civil servant – yep. I’ll concede that much.

    And “getting staff to lie to his family” in order to conceal his sexual affairs? Yep – you’re on the money there, too.

    And perhaps I’ll have to stop being so nasty to The Rag – that link kind of nails it – Although not in any direct, investigative sense. But – hey! With The Rag – it’s a start, OK?


  14. Stuart Syvret

    OK – a reader has successfully nailed out target.

    It is Tom McKeon, who – until his retirement around last Christmas – was the Chief Executive Officer of Jersey’s Education, Sport and Culture department.

    Yes – I know – insane, isn’t it?

    I’ll supply the gory details in my answering post.

    But in the mean time – come along! Many of the questions still need answering.

    You know you can do it. ;.)


  15. Stuart Syvret

    McKeon’s replacement – “A chip off the old block”?


    If only you knew how right you were. Hell – that’s dumb – you obviously do. ;.)


  16. Anonymous

    “I can’t believe that you are turning this subject into entertainment………

    Once named, what will we do then – put him in the back of a horse ‘n’ cart, parade him down King Street and throw tomatoes?”

    Great idea – anybody got a spare horse?

  17. Anonymous

    Tell us what his replacement has been up to?

    Surely Anton Skinner has resigned from Jersey Focus

  18. Anonymous

    The chip of the old block is Mike Pollard’s best mate

    His wife works for the Chief Minister and even though she isn’t computer literate she was graded higher than other colleagues with the same job description

  19. Anonymous


    The nickname -did it come from the kids or the staff?

    If the staff gave the title are they not culpable?

  20. Anonymous

    How ironic if you Stuart get charged with some trumped up piffle, I bet there would be no lengthy delay in getting you in the dock!

    I was listening to the States today – only with one ear though and heard them voting cash for some news staff in the leaglebeagle depo – I bet there is a big fat file with your name on it………sub titled’ How can we nail this little b******!

    I am so pleased that you are causing them grief, you are a thorn in the side of the olis, but far from being a prick!

  21. Anonymous

    To change the focus only because I have been meaning to ask for ages and have just remembered: Did the police investigative team ask the abuse victims to be interviewed under videotaped disclosure conditions – as is routine with abused children and rape victims? I do hope so. If not, why not?


  22. Anonymous

    News from the Jersey Evening Post
    Sex offenders ‘barred’ from Island schools

    By Andy Sibcy

    PEOPLE who have been caught downloading child pornography from the internet or who have convictions for paedophilia offences are ‘without exception’ barred from working with children in Jersey, the Education director said this morning.

    Tom McKeon spoke to reassure parents that his Department’s policy was black and white, and that people who behaved inappropriately were either not employed or were sacked.

    He said neither politicians nor senior Education civil servants could use ‘discretion’ to bypass the strict rules as appeared to have happened in the UK.

    The Education director said that he did not believe his Department was hindered by Jersey not yet having a sex offenders register.

    Mr McKeon said he was satisfied that ‘formal or informal’ channels existed for the police to be able warn them if officers believed that an applicant posed a risk to young people, whether they had a conviction or not.
    This article posted on January 13, 2006 at 12:00 am, filed under News.

  23. Stuart Syvret

    So – how far have we reached?

    No – it’s not Senator Mike Vibert – but I let his name through because he has been implacable in his support for these dreadful, criminal thugs – right from the get-go – when I first raised the issues last year.

    Mike Vibert – the man with a dozen careers – and each of them a failure.

    I’ll be so glad to see the back of him – he doesn’t have a prayer of getting re-elected – thank God.

    It was Vibert who – last year – led the lies that there was “nothing wrong with the “Grand Prix” system” of punitive and coercive solitary confinement by which vulnerable children were abused.

    But – not that you’d know this from any of the local media – even the establishment’s poodle, Andrew Williamson – could not defend the abusive practices which Mike -“moron” – Vibert defended so implacably.

    ‘Anton Skinner – resigned from Jersey Focus’! Come – come! – You’re letting the side down. This is Jersey, for Christ’s sake.

    On the contrary – far from Skinner resigning – Jersey Focus and associated people and organisations – have forced into constructive dismissal a highly trained, successful councillor – whose child happens to be one of the really messed-up victims of institutional abuse – as inflicted by the States of Jersey.

    You see – by being on “the wrong side” – the person’s position became untenable.

    No – people like Jersey Focus boss – Advocate Julian Clyde-Smith – would far prefer to keep child-abuse concealing, inadequate, contemptible, dysfunctional, idle, incompetent nutters like Anton Skinner in post – rather than the parent of a victim.

    Incidentally – some of you may have read my comment on Planet Jersey concerning the “Jurats”. In that comment I referred to a judge who sentenced “a prominent local business man” to 270 hours of community service – for conspiracy to import a shed-load of cocaine – the self-same judge – two weeks before – having sentenced a messed-up 19 year old to three years in jail for dealing ecstasy.

    Now – can we guess who the part-time judge was on both occasions?

    Yeah – it ain’t difficult is it?

    Julian Clyde-Smith.

    Boss of Jersey Focus – and – like the two husband and wife child-battering teams let off by Bill Bailhache – a “pillar of society, hard-line Catholic”.

    I guess when judgment day comes, a few Hail Mary’s will sort out all the toxic guilt?

    The “chip off the old block” – “investigating” – or more accurately persecuting – Simon Bellwood?

    Yep – one-and-the-same.

    Keep the info coming.


  24. voiceforchildren


    I believe the replacement is none other than…the one….the only MARIO (one of us is a liar) LUNDY!!!

    My son now has all the correspondance between Tom Mckeon and myself, and a little from MARIO (one of us is a liar) LUNDY.

    My son and my wife have now set up a blogsite (voiceforvictims.blogspot.com) They intend to stand up to the bullies and expose them for who and what they are.

    For reasons I am unable to go into, I can not tell our story but my son and wife can. I’m sure Tom McKeon, MARIO (one of us is a liar) Lundy, Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert, Rob Shipley, Chris Bright will be featuring proinantly among a few others.

    I am in no way suprised to learm McKeon is “the pinball wizard” but all said and done the buck stops at Senator Mike (GST28) Vibert.

    Will he stand up for any alleged victims of the pinball wizard or will he cover up for him? I know where my money is!!

  25. Anonymous

    This kind of ‘entertainment’ is very worrying Stuart.

    …very worrying for a lot of guilty bastards out there who really do deserve to sweat and hope and pray that their name will not come up.

    I love it.

    What is obvious here is that there are an awful lot of peple out there who hold an awful lot of information about an awful lot of people.

    What a fantastic way to weed it out.

    I hope it leads to fresh avenues for the police to explore.

    Hope you are considering the subject of your next quiz!

  26. Frank

    Is the ‘ Pinball Wizard ‘ nickname a reference to the Tommy film and the Uncle Ernie character , played by Keith Moon , whose song was ‘ Fiddle About ‘ .

  27. Anonymous

    “How ironic if you Stuart get charged with some trumped up piffle”

    No probs.

    Get a friendly polititian to have word with Billy BallAche. Well, it’s worked before hasn’t it?

  28. Anonymous

    ….pollard a toothbrush you are being too kind. A toilet brush is too good for that sh?t….

    Why do you say that – please expand on what you know. The island is reading with interest tonight?

  29. Anonymous

    Stuart, please don’t stop “turning it into entertainment”

    We institutional abuse survivors have suffered so much for so long. We are all in need of a bit of cheering up – especially at the expense of pedophiles and their protectors.

    It’s good therapy for child abuse victims to have a good laugh, apparently it is one of the best healing therapies that there is, along with music.

    Perhaps when the trial of these obnoxious creatures finally takes place, Newsnight might show them all being carted off to prison accompanied by the Benny Hill chase music.


  30. Anonymous

    “Once named, what will we do then – put him in the back of a horse ‘n’ cart, parade him down King Street and throw tomatoes?”

    I don’t think that is a very good idea. It would be such a waste of good food.


  31. Stuart Syvret

    Yes – as many readers and associates have remarked – a great vibe tonight. Everything is buzzing – computers, phones, PDA’s – funny-hand-shakes (not by me, obvioulsy) – the whole bit.

    My God – I don’t think I’ve had so much traffic in one night.

    Glad to have been of service, and hope today’s musings have been entertaining – as well as very constructive.

    Right – I’m knackered – and going to bed now, after checking whether my monster cat, Syd, has dug-up any poor moles. (That’s not a metaphor, by-the-way.)



  32. Stuart Syvret

    Had a cryptic message which I picked-up on my PDA.

    Said I had until 23.22 to get back on-line – in exchange for some information.

    Well – I didnt get to see your message in time – but I’ve got pretty close.

    I’ll stay on for 5 minutes if you wish to spill any beans.


  33. Stuart Syvret

    That should have been 22.33.

    Sorry – Syd did get another mole – he’s dumped the poor creature under my car.

    But if you’re still out there – I’ll be here for a few miniutes.


  34. Stuart Syvret

    So I didnt make it in time.

    Well – whatever.

    But if readers are serious about information – don’t mess me around.

    I’m over-worked as it is – without being jerked around by anonymous posters.

    If you have anything important to relay – then do so. If not – stop messing around.


  35. Stuart Syvret

    OK – I get the impression some information will be sent to me – via some medium or another.

    Well – let’s see the colour of your money in the next day or so.


  36. Anonymous


    While I have no problem with your general approach to things, indeed I have posted encouraging remarks here in the past, I thought I should point out where I think you are wrong on the Clyde-Smith sentencing matter.

    I am no great fan of C-S and have no knowledge of his dealings with Skinner etc so I am limiting my comments to the court business.

    C-S was the sitting judge in the businessman’s case but there were 5 Jurats, namely Jurats de Veulle, Bullen, Le Breton, Allo and Le Cornu.

    In theory at least, the Jurats decide the sentence and base it on the facts of the case and recomendations of the agencies such as the probation service – who administer community service.

    Only in the event of a tied vote does a judge get a casting vote on sentencing I think.

    As there were 5 Jurats this could not have happened so, theoretically at least, C-S’s involvement would have been simply to hand down the decision of the Jurats.

    The businessman, Bruce Gallichan, had pleaded guilty on the day before the trial and had grassed up his co-accused. The court has a policy of rewarding those who give evidence against their co-accused by a huge reduction in sentence in order to encourage people to give evidence.

    I quote what the court said in that case:-

    “Bruce Gallichan has a clean record and pleaded guilty, albeit on the eve of his trial; even so the Crown have made it clear that in the context of a conspiracy trial this plea was important simplifying the trial and saving public time and money. The Crown have accepted that he played a lesser and more passive role, but there is further mitigation which, in our view, enables us to deal with Bruce Gallichan on a wholly exceptional basis, and this is the fact that not only did he make a statement to the police giving them information about the role played by Richard McCann, but he had the undoubted courage, in the face of threats, to give evidence at the trial and this in open Court. Whilst accepting that threats were made for the purpose of sentencing Bruce Gallichan, we wish to make it clear that the other defendants have denied any involvement in such threats and we have not taken that into account at all in determining their own sentences.

    The Court wishes to make it clear that those who are prepared to act in this courageous way, exposing themselves and their families to the risk of harm, will be rewarded by the Courts because it is by such actions that this evil trade can be combated. We conclude therefore that taking into account not only the general mitigation available to Bruce Gallichan and the very exceptional references that were presented on his behalf, and what we regard as his courageous decision to give evidence against Richard McCann at the trial, we are going to spare him imprisonment.”

    It seems to me that the Jurats followed a recommendation by the Probation Service that he was suitable to do Community Service, and so rewarded his co-operation with a hugely more lenient sentence.

    The bottom line of my post is this, while I cannot comment on his behaviour in other asects of his life (Skinner, Focus etc), your critisism of C-S in that particular case is mis-placed unless there is some evidence to show that he had influenced the Jurats ‘because’ Gallichan was a businessman.

    I thought I should bring this up because, in my view, a bullet missing a target is a bullet wasted.

    Other than that, keep up the good work.

  37. Anonymous

    Frankly your pathetic little Blog and your actions therein are the biggest bar to anyone getting found guilty of any alleged crimes, and yes they are only alleged at this time.

    You accuse others of being little islanders yet you act like a judge and juror and the only source of truth in the Universe. Your sheer arrogance is a wonder to behold.

    Speak to any lawyer who acts as defence in criminal trials and they will advise you that what you are doing is giving them a perfect opportunity to get a trial dismissed as the chances of a fair trial are few and far between.

    With regards to the judiciary I have acted as a foreman of a jury and have been a litigant too many times to mention on a professional level and contrary to your libellous accusations I have found the judiciary on the island to be fair and astute in their judgments. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of you.

  38. Stuart Syvret

    Julian Clyde-Smith

    I do not know whether a ‘casting vote’ was required from J C-S on either of the two occasions.

    But that isn’t really the point; the presiding judge discuses a case with the Jurats before guilt or innocence is pronounced, and prior to sentencing.

    The fact is – Advocate Clyde-Smith played the key role – that of judge – in both cases.

    As I remarked on the Planet Jersey site – one of the “qualities” of a Jurat is to sit – without evincing any embarrassment – whilst the judge pronounces manifestly biased, classist sentences which vary wildly from case to case.

    Some variation in sentencing is to be expected and is quite proper, you say?

    Yes, I wouldn’t argue with that.

    But in this case you cite the fact that the sentencing of Gallichan took into account the fact that he had confessed and given the police intelligence.

    It has to be noted that he only confessed the day before trial.

    My 19 year-old constituent confessed fully and comprehensively – at the time of his arrest. Indeed – as was said in court – his co-operation was such that he effectively wrote his own indictment.

    Yes, he had a prior record – for petty, juvenile offences. But the offence, to which he confessed and received a three-year sentence, was for dealing ecstasy. A significantly less dangerous drug than cocaine, which Gallichan had been conspiring to import in very large quantities.

    And my constituent has the issues he has – through no small measure – the neglectful and appallingly abusive treatments he suffered at the hands of the States of Jersey when in child-custody.

    For example, the use of extended periods of solitary confinement on a punitive and coercive basis is banned by international convention even against adults.

    It is classified as torture.

    Around the age of 14, my constituent was held in solitary confinement – in the “pits” at Les Chennes – for two months – yes – two months.

    After a month of this he suffered a mental breakdown. The response of the authorities? To send “councillor” from CAMS to speak with him – for half-an-hour – once-a-week.

    But they still kept him in solitary for another month.

    A messed-up, damaged vulnerable child – tortured by the States of Jersey to the point of mental breakdown – gets 3 years for ecstasy.

    And a “prominent local business man” gets community service – for conspiracy to import a shed-load of coke.

    Go figure.


  39. Stuart Syvret

    My Pathetic Little Blog

    Hello Tom, Anton, Mario, Danny, Bill, Marnie, Phil, Mike, Joe – whoever.

    My blog may well be pathetic – but – hey! My readers like it – and I find it very therapeutic after having to deal with States members and senior civil servants.

    I most certainly agree that offences are “alleged” until proven in a proper, functioning, impartial and objective court.

    But we have rather a problem in that respect, don’t we?

    The Jersey judiciary is structurally incapable of meeting the test of appearing to be objective – frankly from the perspective of either side – the victims or the accused.

    And this fact has always been the case from the get-go – quite regardless of anything I may have written.

    Which is why I wrote to the Bailhache Brothers & Co last year – before I was even aware of the covert police investigation – pointing out the perceptions of conflict – and asking if they’d invite the Lord Chief Justice or whoever to appoint independent prosecutors and judges to deal with all of the inevitable judicial issues which would arise from the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.

    Naturally, this perfectly sensible question and recommendation received the expected haughty brush-off.

    Actually – I think you’ll find the “biggest bar” to anyone being found guilty is them not being charged or prosecuted in the first place.

    You Know?

    A bit like the child-battering couple who were let-off by Bill Bailhache – because their natural children said they were of good character.

    Or dodgy tow-truck operator who was bribing bent police officers – who Bill decides not to prosecute – because two politicians went and asked him not to.

    Which is rather why I have to drive forward with the exposures on this blog – because if left to the Bailhache Brothers and the rest of the oligarchy – most of these cases would sink without trace.

    The cohort of constituents I am representing has been treated appaling by society – by the States in many cases. Finally – these people need someone who will be on their side – without compromise.

    So I make no apologies for what appears on my pathetic little blog. After all – the many perpetrators have the entire might of the Jersey oligarchy on their side.

    So, I’m no judge or jury. It’s not my job to be “impartial”. It’s my job to be on the side of the survivors.

    Arrogant? Nah – I’m just an ordinary bloke. Contemptuous of the shower of spivs who rule us? – Yes, certainly; it’s a fair cop, go.

    You’re quite right when you suggest that defence lawyers always uses the “my client can’t get a fair trial” argument; indeed – they do so the length of the country each week. In 99% of cases such pleadings are dismissed as the nonsense they are.

    The sub judice rule only kicks-in at the moment of charging. So in the very unlikely event of the abusers and those who have perverted the course of justice – who I have named on this blog being charged – I’ll immediately remove all reference to them.

    You think the Jersey judiciary is “fair and astute”? Read my recent comments concerning the massive contrast in treatment received by my young constituent – and the “prominent local business man” who was conspiring to import a shed-load of coke.

    And that’s just one example.

    I could explain in great detail just how the magistrates – for years – have been in the habit of simply breaking the law themselves in their treatment of children who have offended.

    The administration of justice in Jersey is broken. Comprehensively knackered.

    And if any of our Glorious Leaders possessed any wisdom – they’d be facing up to that fact – changing things – before we are forced to change.


  40. Anonymous

    Lenny Harper: They’re still active politicians, yes. In fact, I’m not sure which one of them, but one of them made a comment that “Lenny Harper just doesn’t understand the way things are done in Jersey. He’s talking about corruption as if it’s a big city. But the type of corruption he’s investigating, a little corruption never did anybody any harm”.

    Sarah Ferguson on Planet jersey

    I don’t know where that comment came from – but it wasn’t from me. It is a fabrication from someone.


  41. Anonymous

    Following on from an earlier reference to De Niro’s “Travis Bickle” in Scorcese’s “Taxi Driver” – will the time come when a man “can take no more”?

    Considering today’s events in Finland, one can’t help wondering what’s in store for us here? There are too many guns in Jersey.

    Also, our Island’s punitive drug policy has ruined far more lives than will ever be acknowledged. SSS you describe just one unfortunate example.

  42. Stuart Syvret

    Lenny Harper

    I assume that Comment is from Sarah Ferguson, as it’s signed Sarah?

    Sarah – throughout this entire wretched episode – everything I have learned – either through my own endeavours or because of what I have been told – has proven to be correct.

    And everything I’ve been told has – throughout events – squared with the views Lenny Harper has expressed.

    If any “fabrication” has taken place on anyone’s part – I do not, for one instant, believe it is by Lenny.

    Maybe those precise words were not yours – but something very, very like that is known to have been said by a politician involved in the saga.

    Assuming that is Sarah – let me give you some advice – and I say this in all sincerity.

    The best thing you and Colin could do is be straight with the public. Say – as you have already said in your joint-statement – yes, we went to see the AG – but with hind-sight we can see it was an error of judgment. We had good intentions on behalf of our constituent – but we got it wrong in how we acted, and would not repeat such a mistake.

    Contrary to certain assertion – I have no interest in pursuing a vendetta against you or Colin – but I do want standards in public administration to be improved.

    I think you’d find the public a good deal more forgiving when faced with the honest admittance of errors.

    We are all human, after all; all fallible. We all make mistakes.

    I think most people recognise that fact – and are tolerant – if the errors are dealt with frankly.

    But the public don’t like B/S.


  43. Anonymous

    how can Lundy still have a job??????? If this is all known by the police why has he not at least been asked to take a leave of absence??????
    Has this Island gone Mad???????

    Makes you want to home school!!!!!

  44. Anonymous

    So tonight the rag has run with the headline COMPLAINT AGAINST LENNY HARPER REVIVED, I am surprised they have not included ha ha ha in brackets.

    We should not be surprised though should we? We should not be surprised that Elaine Byrnes piece fails to make any mention of the Ferguson/Egre/AG link even though it is an integral part of the story.( thanks to this blog!)

    Move on a few pages and we have the great news – New Homes on Discount Plan To Go On Sale Soon…….Goose Green Site Among Houses up to 35% Cheaper………..no linkage there to the duff plannig report and the risk of flooding……………and Dandara being thrown a life raft (pun intended) as if they needit! I actually wonder if Banks will lend against these properties if they are indeed likely to flood, also will insurers insure them – there could be mortgage problems ahead – especially in teh present climate!

    THE JERSEY EVENING POST has the nerve to claim it is ‘at the heart of island life’ when in truth it has failed this society miserably and so it goes on.

    It really is quite depressing, this island gets worse by the day…………….

  45. Anonymous

    What exactly has Mr Lundy done to receive such comments?
    Why is Mr Pollard called a toilet brush

    What gives you Stuart the right to chide another politician.
    You were the corporate parent for many years, you had the Bull Report. You rewarded Anton Skinner

    Misleading the public you were bang in the middle

    Now you sit and groan about inability to change. Do us favour resign and let somebody with a backbone come in and sort out your mess

  46. Anonymous

    with ref to sentencing of your constituent and ‘prominent business man’ that is an example of how white collar crime is dealt.

    Just think of it like this, St Helier Boy scholar steals apples thats theft, Victoria College Boy steals apple thats high jinks!

    The prominent business man could have ruined many lives with his drug trafficking episode, he could have been given a lesser custodial sentence in solitary, but that is not the Jersey Way!

    Your constituent gets a custodial, in an unfit prison, no councelling, no restorative justice and no help when he gets out………………Life Chances eh!

  47. Anonymous

    Found on the telegraphs website…

    Jersey’s government is a horror story

    There is always stiff competition for the title of unloveliest public figure of the week, but today we have a clear winner: Senator (how grand it sounds) Frank Walker, who rules Jersey as Chief Minister. The chief’s rule has coincided with the uncovering of perhaps one of the most appalling child abuse scandals in the history of our islands. He made it clear in a BBC interview on Monday that he doesn’t much like his colleague Senator Stuart Syvret, whom he beat for the post in 2005 and whom he recently had thrown out of his health post after a vote of no-confidence. This glorified town council has not prevented scandal, and possibly murder, occurring in its child care. Senator Walker, basking in his self-importance and clearly used to the politics of the stitch-up, radiated complacency and smugness when challenged on air by Senator Syvret, who blew the whistle on this horror. Jersey is insular in more ways than one. Will it remain insular enough, though, to tolerate such a banana-republic style of governance for much longer?

  48. Anonymous


    Three weeks ago you told the Jersey Care Leavers,and this blog’s readers, that as one-third of the Corporate Parent, you would be “confessing” to the States Police the next week. This would have been interesting, with regards to the other two-thirds.

    What happened? I presume they refused to arrest you.


  49. Anonymous

    “You mention the Bull report – and even more tellingly – and I still have these e-mails too – but I was alone – I mean completely alone – in the political sphere and so far as the senior Jersey civil service was concerned – in recognising what a damning document it was. And in the face of rabid, puce-faced fury from people like Vibert – I alone gave it to the JEP.”

    “If real justice prevailed in Jersey – which, alas, it doesn’t at present – Pollard, like Bill Ogley and Marnie Baudians – and a load of others would be going to jail for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.”

    Why did Dr Harvey leave?
    Why did you allow Mrs Swiatczk to be hounded from office by a mob of consultants.
    Why did you not act after the Fox inquest?

  50. Stuart Syvret

    Confessing to the Police.

    Two two-week States meetings got in the way. But that’s out the way now – so maybe later this week?

    I’ts a fair cop, Gov. An open and shut case.

    But as you say – profoundly problematic to the rest of the Corporate Parent – not least Mike Vibert – who is seeking re-election.

    But hell – you all know what my problem’s going to be?

    Bill Bailhache would only – very willingly, I’m sure – prosecute if it only affected me. But such is the profound damage which would arise from the States of Jersey being in the dock – I fear I won’t be able to get ‘done’.

    Kafkaesque or what?


  51. Anonymous

    More news from the Jersey Evening Bottompaper

    Wednesday 24th September

    UK to advise on abuse speech

    By Diane Simon

    A LAWYER representing some alleged victims in the major child abuse inquiry has asked UK Justice Secretary Jack Straw to comment on the Bailiff’s Liberation Day speech.

    Advocate Philip Sinel (pictured) has sent a copy of Sir Philip Bailhache’s speech – which was criticised in some quarters – to Mr Straw asking him if it was safe to assume locally that it represented the view of the Labour party in relation to the correct handling of the historical abuse inquiry.

    In his speech the Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache, talked about the ‘media frenzy’ sparked by the States police announcement in February that the human remains of a child had been unearthed at Haut de la Garenne. Those remains, it was later claimed, were not human but could have been a piece of coconut.

    In his speech, Sir Philip said: ‘All child abuse, wherever it happens, is scandalous, but it was the unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that was the real scandal. The simple truth is that we do not yet know what happened at Haut de la Garenne or in other places.’



  52. Stuart Syvret

    Though John Harvey never discussed with me directly his reasons for leaving – I very much got the impression that it was because he found the entrenched management establishment toxic, dishonest, unprincipled and unsafe.

    As I have written previously on this site – what happened to Lynne Swaitzck was quite wrong. But if you know anything at all about hospital consultants – you’ll know they are a law unto themselves. The bottom line is that things should never have reached that pitch – because the “professional” management should have done their job and averted it. For example, by showing some support for Lynne.

    Indeed – so clear and obvious was this fact that even Pollard and Ogley admitted post-event that it was a management failure.

    “Fox inquest”? Sorry, but I don’t know what you’re referring to. Maybe you’d like to elaborate to me in confidence?


  53. Anonymous

    Big full page article on Pure Adventure in last night’s rag was little more than an advert and yet more of the ollies promoting themselves…… and a way of deflecting attention away from the Puddleducks fiasco and Les Ormes valley destruction. By selling off parts of Pure Adventure and letting this lady have the name, they can carry on with their activities believing they’ve divorced themselves from the questionable history.

    We won’t forget.

    And the JEP? I’m **very** close to stopping buying the thing!

  54. Anonymous

    Surprise surprise, any cases involving the Sea Cadets place have been dropped for lack of evidence.
    Exactly what I suspected, and the same thing will happen to the rest of it.
    If it’s the victims word against the perp.s than no justice will ever come to pass.

  55. Anonymous

    I watched Gordon Bum Brown on TV this morning and I was nearly sick in my porrage.

    They all know about the cover up not only of Haut de la Garenne, but all the other abuse cover ups as well.

    I hate that term, “Historic Abuse”, because, you see, for some of us the abuse never actually stopped.

    I’m not an historic abuse survivor – I’m being abused right now.

    I’ve had to spend yet another morning tied to this computer, scanning in evidence, because I am part of a group of people who are taking the UK government to court for unlawful malicious vindictive persecution.

    I would much rather be living my life, what’s left of it – but they will not let me. So heigh ho! It’s off to court we go!


  56. Anonymous

    “Historic” is just spin to make it sound dead and buried. Fair enough that H dl G was decades ago, but Grand Prix was recent enough that it can’t really be described as “historic” without being a dead give away that you’re playing an active role in the ollies coverup system.

  57. Anonymous

    Don’t buy the paper you are lining the pockets of those in charge. It is highly biased with no real news coming through it. This should give you good enough reason for not buying it. If you want them to carry on taking your money and laughing behind your back carry on buying it! Don’t be stupid!! Use your brains and kick it into touch.

    As an aside maybe Ozouf is getting worried about bank accounts over here. He is looking in to getting some protection for bank account holders!! As I said before £35,000 protection in the UK jack sh!t over here. Ordinary people’s savings in Jersey Bank Accounts are at risk and don’t say you haven’t been warned! Maybe when an angry crowd is after the Council of Ministers for their money back will these clowns see the error of their ways, by then it will be too late for them. Money has a bad habit of making people see red.

  58. Anonymous

    I see that JTM is having a go again at Lenny Harper on his forum again. When will they get rid of JTM? He is ruining the forum and Adrian Walsh’s chance in the upcoming elections!

  59. Stuart Syvret

    Re Grand Prix

    Sorry – but you can’t have been following events too closely. It was I – following Simon Bellwood’s whistle-blowing – who publicaly condemned Grand Prix – and even went so far as to secure agreement with the Howard League for Penal Reform that they would accept an ivitation from me to come and report on Jersey’s child custody practices.

    I knew it was essential to bring in a reputable, indipendent organistion from outside Jersey – if we were to stand any chance at all of fighting-off the oligarchy’s cover-ups.

    So do pay attention.


  60. Anonymous

    Sorry Stuart, by “Grand Prix was recent enough that it can’t really be described as “historic” without being a dead give away that you’re playing an active role in the ollies coverup system.” I meant the JEP/CTV/BBC! It looked obvious to me as I wrote it, but I can see it’s a bit ambiguous. Ooooops

    I was having a go at the press for trying to pretend it was ALL years ago.

  61. Anonymous

    Don’t worry – I’m far to stingy to squander any money on cr*p like the JEP. I just read the online edition for free!


  62. Anonymous

    Craupaud in Exile.

    Sea Cadets cover up.

    What the F**k is going on.
    A young SJPman made accusations about what was going on in Sea Cadets….
    I was abused as a eleven year old at end of 1960s, I made a statement to SJP

    I know, I know, It was my fault after all, I WAS eleven, old enough to know what was going on, I should have listened to Jeff Le M. when he said to me ” Keep it to yourself, our little secret, NO ONE will believe you anyway.”….And you know what, he was right…

  63. voiceforchildren


    Hope you don’t mind but just another “having my say”. It is in response to a Mr.Gray’s letter to the rag on tonights edition of the online propoganda and b/sh-t.



    You evidentially did not see our Bailiffs speech on liberation day. He referred to any child abuse as “alleged” and went on to say “the real criminals were the outside media”.

    Similarly you couldn’t have seen or heard our chief ministers reponse to Senator Syvret when Senator Syvret said “Frank we are talking about dead children here” to which Frank replied something on the lines of “I know Stuart but you are trying to shaft Jersey internationally”

    So your comment “This would show that Jersey is a caring, compassionate Island” is complete fantasy. “Island of secrets” “Island of concealment an cover up” “A culture of fear” are I believe some of the the more apt words used by the international media to describe our “elected dictatorship

  64. Anonymous

    So the Sea Cadets are given a clean bill of help what a surprise! The first of a series of clean bills of health coming up I believe. Nothing ever happens in Jersey does it? everything is “life enriching” so carry on as before! No need to worry, no paedophiles live in Jersey, its all made up according to those in charge and the rag. Luckily more and more people no longer believe them anymore. Well done Stuart keep ramming it down the establishment’s throats you never know they might choke on it if your lucky….

  65. Anonymous

    Of course it was your fault you were abused at eleven years old! You should have known better! Same as me. The police were right to paint me as a hard boiled streetwise tramp in their erm, statement.

    Because, as we all know, the authorities are ALWAYS right! And children are always liars. Allegedly.

    GRRRR! These people are evil bas*ards. They fiddle with children, but they hate children! They call themselves “boylovers” ect on their vile websites, but they don’t love anyone or anything at all! They’re totally incapable of love and kindness!

    ps You know I’m being ironic, don’t you? Eleven year old children who are sexually active have obviously been raped, no matter how tough or streetwise they appear to be. According to the MET police definition of rape, if anyone has sex with a child under the age of 13 years old it is automatically classified as rape. No ifs and buts, that is what it is. Eleven year old children are not capable of giving informned consent to sexual intercourse.

    They really come it on this one, they have tried to pull that one with me. I’m not bloody having it though.


  66. jimbo

    Hi Stuart.

    Just going off the subject a minute, is there anymore news of what is happening in any of the homes, its all quiet here on the mainland, nothing is coming out, no news or pics, all we get it that soft git Gorden Brown and his party. Don’t let this scandal be buried like the rest of the scandals on the mainland, please heep us updated please.

    don’t forget to check out our new site too folks.



  67. Anonymous

    Stuart, can I ask a personal question? do you have any experiance of abuse yourself? I ask because you have shown so much courage that if you had and could share that with your followers openly then I think more may be able to come out knowing that there is a representative who really understands them?

  68. Pinguid

    intersting that when someone connected to the sea cadets AND who worked with Frank was caught downloading child porn he was let off with community service. Also interesting was the way it was reported in the rag – no mention of the chief ministers office or the senior nature of this character’s post.

  69. Stuart Syvret

    “Fox Inquest” and associated matters.

    A reader has indicated some knowledge of this – and other matters – but asks to reamain confidential.

    Please be assured that I never reveal the indentity sources.

    What this reader suggest sounds deeply concerning.

    They can cotact me privatly in total confidence.

    Details in the phone book.



  70. Anonymous


    The current issue of the Rag is beyond disgusting in the way it plays readers for complete fools.

    It, once again, shamelessly disregards the tragic reality of the numerous innocent abuse victims and avoids all mention of the verified remains of children discovered under HDLG, as if presuming no one really knows or remembers what was found. What an outrage!

    Like most battles, this is ONLY a contest of wills: in Jersey it is between the honest regular people and their greedy overlords. That means this issue with the dirty Rag comes down to which side has the greater will to prevail. That’s all.

    If enough citizens are truly on the side of justice, it could be quite easy to deal a tremendous blow to the JEP, far beyond what can be accomplished by a few people choosing not to purchase individual copies. Advertiser boycotts are easier and much more effective.

    The key to ALL the JEP’s power is advertising revenue. Without it, no dirty old RAG. That means no outlet for the Oli-LIES. Imagine that! It does not matter who owns it, because the elite are too greedy to run a disreputable newspaper for very long as a non-profit.

    Just agree upon a date for all who give a damn to show support for the abuse victims, and send a message of island-wide strength by simply botcotting all of their advertisers. It will be powerful if the participation is there, even if the boycott is for one day only.

    One boycott day every week might even close down the paper. It would certainly get the attention of the advertisers, who might find they lose more business advertising in the JEP than not advertising at all.

    The disgraceful editorial staff would all be scared to death because they have given up any pretense of practicing journalism, and could never find employment with any legitimate newspaper. Now that the rest of the world is aware of them, the JEP staff must know their paper is held in utter contempt by journalist peers.

    Civil rights groups in South Africa and the US have used the simplest economic boycotts to send very strong messages to government and business leaders without having to organise marches or protests. It has helped change entire societies, and does not require anyone to publicly stick a neck out. No one has to hold a meeting or even agree to any larger political agenda.

    Why not pick a date and try it?

  71. Anonymous

    More propaganda from the Jersey Evening Bogroll


    by Diane Simon

    By Diane Simon

    The police investigation into accusations of historical child abuse at the Jersey Sea Cadets has been abandoned.

    The States police confirmed this morning that their inquiry into allegations against individuals who have worked with the cadets had ended because of insufficient evidence. Former deputy police chief Lenny Harper wrote to the unit’s parent charity, the Marine Society and Sea Cadets, last month before he retired informing them of the decision. However, he said that should any further information or evidence come to light, it would be considered by the inquiry team.

    This part of the major inquiry followed the conviction of some officers at the Jersey Sea Cadet Unit in recent years for child-related offences. A police statement issued yesterday said that while the Jersey Sea Cadets were frequently referred to in connection with the historical abuse inquiry, it had not been the organisation that was under investigation.

    Jersey Sea Cadets commanding officer Rob Davison (pictured) said that the news of the investigation and the subsequent high media profile of the case had demoralised the staff and that they were relieved that it was now complete.

    That’s the gutter press version of events. What the truth is, who can tell?


  72. Advocatus Diaboli

    “Perhaps when the trial of these obnoxious creatures finally takes place, Newsnight might show them all being carted off to prison accompanied by the Benny Hill chase music.”


  73. Elaine

    Re: Anonymous;
    If enough citizens are truly on the side of justice, it could be quite easy to deal a tremendous blow to the JEP, far beyond what can be accomplished by a few people choosing not to purchase individual copies. Advertiser boycotts are easier and much more effective.

    I agree entirely, but the problem is getting to the vast amount of people who are not online. There are many, and some are wholly unaware of what is really going on. It has been their lifetime habit to buy the rag every day, and believe what they read in it, for many do not have access to outside media. If you could find a way to get to these people then I believe it could really work.

    I am no longer living in Jersey, but some of the things from Stuart’s blog I have sent by sms to friends in Jersey who do not have internet, and would not know how to use it if they did. They have been quite horrified at some of the information I have sent them. I really believe these are the people who need to know the truth, BEFORE the elections. Any ideas?

  74. Anonymous

    We could try to get on the telly. I’ve been on TalkSport a few times. I’ve tried to talk about child abuse and the secret family courts but it’s hard because the presenters are incredulous about what people like me tell them. Ian Collins let me speak and I heard him discussing what I told him with Chessy afterwards, but he didn’t believe me. He would have if I could have shown him my papers, but you can’t do that on the radio.

    I’m going to have another try to go on the radio, I find it very hard though, because when people don’t believe you it’s a massive emotional knock, it takes me a few days to get over it, it always upsets me so much because it’s like being abused all over again. But you have to get yourself up and face another knockdown. I think us survivors have to keep on trying to show people what they did to us. If the people from Haut de la Garenne went on the radio it would be very powerful, people would listen. I don’t think they will listen to me too much because everyone has forgotten about Staffordshire – just as they planned. That must not happen to the Jersey abuse survivors.


  75. 55142 votes wasted

    Did someone mention Goose Green earlier? Ideal homes?
    * flood worries
    * noise from Jersey Steel a field away
    * new JT mobile phone mast at Jersey Steel, blasting its ‘death rays’ to there and Sandybrook folks home.

    Can’t say I’d jump at the chance to blow a fortune moving there 🙂

  76. Anonymous

    There’s an anti-Lenny Harper letter in the rag tonight from a “B Riantz”.
    No such name in the phone book! OK, maybe not everyone has a landline these days, but I wonder if knocking on the door at 29 Belmont Rd would be fruitful?

  77. Anonymous

    Dandara are laughing all the way to the bank. They will sell these homes on to others who will be facing a risk of flooding. Will they get insurance is a good question to ask?

    Another blunder by the planning department. Nevermind it will only affect the plebs so no need to worry then. Money money money money…. lets keep the captilistic tread mill running at all costs. More taxes on the lower orders so that the rich can have an easy ride in Jersey. Aren’t we lucky to have all these rich people in Jersey! Lets get rid of all the local people so that the rich can hire cheap imported labour without all the attendent problems of employing local people, like a decent living wage etc.

    Will people see through this con going on here now. GST is just a taster of things to come….

  78. Anonymous

    Stuart may I suggest you get the potential candidates for the states onto your blog so we can cut them down to size. It would be good fun in these dark times to see who the bullshitters and spivs really are by their responses.

    Maybe we could have a spivometer or bullshitometer which could give everyone an idea of how the candidates are performing? What does everyone else think?

  79. Elaine

    Re; Zoompad

    i understand (or at least I try to understand, having not experienced such atrocities as you and many others have) and I certainly would never push your or anyone else to speak out publicly.

    It is a good idea, I know a few that text me say they heard ‘such and such on the radio’ so some people do listen. As for tv, if you can find a station that would report it, then it could do well, but which station would? None I think. Its only Sky news who has a continouis interest in investigative journalism for the people in Jersey.

    How about hiring a helicopter, and doing a mass leaflet drop island wide ha ha I’d love to do that!

    Anyway whatever, don’t ever give up, and don’t let them wear you down, thats exactly what they want.

  80. Anonymous

    1. Mario Lundy
    2. Deputy Head
    3. 1980’s Les Chenes
    4. Clearing room of furniture and bouncing the kids off the walls was a favourite pastime among others.
    5. Director of Education

    Crikie Gastrikes

  81. Anonymous

    Ironically it is the chiefs at education who give the orders when a child is brought to the attention of social workers at school and they have the power to take them away from the parents unlawfully, with no court orders etc…..so do they pick and choose their next victims i wonder?

  82. Anonymous

    Ironically it is the chiefs at education who give the orders when a child is brought to the attention of social workers at school and they have the power to take them away from the parents unlawfully, with no court orders etc…..so do they pick and choose their next victims i wonder?


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